Rare Book & Manuscript Library

John Schaffner papers, 1940-1989

Series IV: Miscellaneous Correspondence (1968 Gift)

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Box IV.1 A - Z, 1960

Box IV.2 A - Z, 1961

Box IV.3 A - C, 1962-1966

Box IV.4 D - H, 1962-1966

Box IV.5 I - M, 1962-1966

Box IV.6 N - R, 1962-1966

Box IV.7 S - Z, 1962-1966

Box IV.8 Accent

Box IV.8 Adventure

Box IV.8 Angas, Mary Mack, 1959-1960

Box IV.8 Anderson, Margaret

Box IV.8 Archdeacon, Sally, 1958-1961

Box IV.8 Armour, Richard, 1953-1957

Box IV.9 Armour, Richard, 1958-1962

Box IV.9 Armsby, Edward H.

Box IV.9 Arnold, Robert H.

Box IV.9 Augustine, Mrs. Caryl

Box IV.9 Aument, Carroll and Henrietta Sharp, 1956-1968

Box IV.9 Barret, Marvin and Mary Ellin, 1947-1964

Box IV.10 Barrows, Gwen H., 1963-1968

Box IV.10 Baum, William S

Box IV.10 Beal, Stephen

Box IV.10 Beller, Edwin A., 1957-1966

Box IV.10 Bertles, Stanley, 1959-1966

Box IV.10 Bertty, Nicholas, 1961-1965

Box IV.10 Berwick, Donald

Box IV.10 Biddle, Livingston, 1956-1962

Box IV.10 Black, Mrs. Isobel

Box IV.10 Blackwell, Harriet Gray, 1959-1968

Box IV.10 Bluebook

Box IV.10 Bon Appetit

Box IV.10 Borgese, Elisabeth H., 1959-1962

Box IV.11 Brand, Millen, 1958-1963

Box IV.11 Braun, David

Box IV.11 Brennan, Joseph Payoe

Box IV.11 Bried, Hedi, 1962-1964

Box IV.11 Bristol, Lee H, Jr., 1956-1964

Box IV.11 Brooke, Dr. James W., 1964-1968

Box IV.11 Brewer, William S., 1962-1965

Box IV.11 Brown, Betsy J.

Box IV.11 Brown, Esther

Box IV.11 Brown, Eugene, 1953-1958

Box IV.12 Brown, Helen Evans, 1948-1954

Box IV.13 Brown, Helen Evans, 1955-1962

Box IV.14 Brown, Jeff, 1953-1964

Box IV.14 Brown, Ned, 1950-1962

Box IV.14 Brucs, Jeannette, 1958-1962

Box IV.15 Bryant, Gertrude Thomson, 1955-1962

Box IV.15 Bundeff, Mrs. Mary A., 1963-1965

Box IV.15 Burch, Robert, 1955-1960

Box IV.15 Burke, Thomas, 1961-1966

Box IV.15 Byrd, Jerome J., 1958-1965

Box IV.15 Cabot, Robert, 1964-1965

Box IV.15 Callvert, Mrs. R. S., 1956-1960

Box IV.15 Campbell, Nancy V., 1956-1961

Box IV.15 Carmichael, Douglas, 1955-1961

Box IV.15 Carter, Alan F., 1951-1958

Box IV.16 Carter, Richard V., 1961-1966

Box IV.16 Carunungan, Celso Al, 1954-1961

Box IV.16 Cassell, Jean, 1958-1964

Box IV.16 Chang, Gertrude H., 1965-1968

Box IV.16 Chapin, Victor, 1951-1959

Box IV.16 Charles, George, 1961-1962

Box IV.17 Ciulla, A.J., 1950-1961

Box IV.17 Ciulla, Sam, 1949-1961

Box IV.17 Clark, William, 1964-1968

Box IV.17 Cogan, Mrs. Lee, 1958-1963

Box IV.17 Colpietro, Mrs. Julia, 1963-1964

Box IV.17 Colquitt, Edna, 1961-1963

Box IV.17 Contests, 1958-1960

Box IV.17 Conway, John Ashby

Box IV.17 Cooke, H.J., 1959-1962

Box IV.17 Cooper, Elizabeth Ann, 1949-1957

Box IV.18 Cooper Associates, Frank, 1960-1964

Box IV.18 Cooper, Frank (Ashley Famous), 1965-1967

Box IV.18 Cope, Mrs. Kathleen, 1964

Box IV.18 Corday, J. Michael, 1961-1968

Box IV.18 Coward, Tom Wheaton, 1961-1964

Box IV.18 Creekmore, Hubert, 1948-1954

Box IV.19 Creekmore, Hubert, 1955-1966

Box IV.19 Crump, Louise Eskrigge, 1949-1964

Box IV.20 Curley, Daniel, 1960-1962

Box IV.20 Currin, Elsie Corbitt

Box IV.20 Dahlberg, Gertrude, 1962-1966

Box IV.20 Davidson, Avram, 1956-1959

Box IV.20 Davis, Dorothy Mave, 1952-1960

Box IV.21 Deane, Shirley, 1959-1960

Box IV.21 Delfs, Annemarie, 1958-1960

Box IV.21 De Roulff, Patty, 1959-1968

Box IV.21 Des Champs, Grace, 1958-1961

Box IV.21 de Uribe, Irene, 1953-1961

Box IV.21 Discovery (Vance Boarjaily)

Box IV.21 Dodson, Owen, 1959-1965

Box IV.21 Donat, Alexander, 1960-1961

Box IV.21 Duke University Press

Box IV.21 Eichelberger, Mary Ann., 1960-1962

Box IV.21 Eilor, Mrs. Rocheen, 1959-1962

Box IV.21 Ellingson, Marnie, 1954-1957

Box IV.21 Elliot, Elisabeth (Lady Thindoid)

Box IV.21 Emory, Guy, 1950-1953

Box IV.22 Emory, Guy, 1954-1962

Box IV.22 Ettinger, Stan, 1962-1964

Box IV.22 Eugter, Carla, 1959-1962

Box IV.22 Evans, Ernestine, 1953-1966

Box IV.22 Exley, Fred, 1963-1964

Box IV.22 Farber, Dr. Maurice, 1959-1963

Box IV.22 Fekete, Irene, 1960-1964

Box IV.22 Fellowes-Gordon, Ian, 1953-1967

Box IV.23 Fitzpatrick, James T., 1963-1964

Box IV.23 Flanagan, J.R., 1961-1964

Box IV.23 Fogel, Ruby, 1962

Box IV.23 Friedberg, Judith, 1959-1960

Box IV.23 Furlaud, Alice, 1963-1966

Box IV.23 Gaiser, Carolyn, 1960-1965

Box IV.23 Garris, Jean, 1949-1965

Box IV.23 Gaynor, Donald R.

Box IV.23 Geison, Rose G., 1961-1965

Box IV.23 Gellert, Judith

Box IV.23 Gerson, Corinne, 1961-1965

Box IV.23 Giltz, Jean Wood, 1950-1966

Box IV.24 Godwin, James J., 1953-1968

Box IV.24 Goodwin, John, 1959-1963

Box IV.24 Gordon, Ellen, 1964-1965

Box IV.24 Gordon, Ian, 1956-1961

Box IV.24 Grady, Peter, 1961-1962

Box IV.24 Gray, Donald, 1962-1968

Box IV.24 Greene, Charles R., 1962-1966

Box IV.24 Greenwood, Helen, 1965-1968

Box IV.24 Grenier, Cynthia

Box IV.25 Griffn, Howard, 1961-1962

Box IV.25 Guldager, Carl, 1964-1967

Box IV.25 Guppy, Nicholas, 1959-1965

Box IV.25 Gwaltney, Francis Irby, 1951-1955

Box IV.25 Hall, Ben D., 1959-1966

Box IV.25 Hansen, A. Camilla, 1959-1960

Box IV.25 Harter, Matt, 1958-1967

Box IV.25 Hathaway, Cynthia, 1954-1955

Box IV.25 Headings, Lois, 1966-1968

Box IV.25 Heath, A.M. & Co., Ltd., 1953

Box IV.26 Heath, A.M. & Co., Ltd., 1954-1957

Box IV.27 Heath, A.M. & Co., Ltd., 1958-1961

Box IV.28 Henderson, Daniel, 1947-1955

Box IV.28 Hill, Elisabeth Starr, 1951-1961

Box IV.28 Hill & Knowlton

Box IV.28 Hillstrom, Wendell, 1963-1966

Box IV.28 Hoffman, Malcolm A., 1957-1960

Box IV.28 Holland, Henrietta Fort, 1955-1966

Box IV.28 Hopper, Millard (Laroy Street), 1950-1957

Box IV.29 Horch, Franz J., Associates, Inc., 1950-1957

Box IV.29 Hudson, Jean, 1959-1961

Box IV.29 Hume, Doris, 1953-1958

Box IV.29 Hunt, Jane, 1965-1968

Box IV.29 Irving, Leonard, 1960-1963

Box IV.30 Johnson, M. Elizabeth, 1965-1968

Box IV.30 Johnson, Fred, 1964-1966

Box IV.30 Johnstone, Ken, 1961-1966

Box IV.30 Jones, Sarah, 1962-1966

Box IV.30 Judd, Ann

Box IV.30 Kalter, Bella, 1961-1962

Box IV.30 Kaplan, Anne Bernays, 1958-1964

Box IV.30 Kaplan, Milton, 1953-1956

Box IV.30 Kassan, Roberta, 1964-1966

Box IV.30 Kearns, George, 1959-1963

Box IV.30 Kelder, Robert, 1958-1963

Box IV.30 Kelly, Neil, 1956-1963

Box IV.30 Kennedy, Anna and Douglas, 1949-1956

Box IV.31 Kirk, Lydia, 1951-1955

Box IV.31 Loenig, Helmut P., 1958-1962

Box IV.31 Kraus, Henry, 1965-1967

Box IV.31 Krim, Seymour, 1956=1960

Box IV.31 Kuhn, Irene, 1949-1960

Box IV.31 Kushner, Don, 1965-1967

Box IV.31 Kwoler, Constance, 1961-1962

Box IV.32 Lanci, Gabriel, 1961-1964

Box IV.32 Langis, Isabel, 1952-1961

Box IV.33 Lea, Henry Edward, 1963-1966

Box IV.33 Leisure Magazine

Box IV.33 Le Sueur, Joseph, 1956-1964

Box IV.33 Lewis, Brooks, 1965-1968

Box IV.33 Lewis, Rosemary Street, 1959-1961

Box IV.33 L'Heureux, John

Box IV.33 Lichelle, Robert, 1959-1961

Box IV.33 Lind, L.R.

Box IV.33 Lindsay, David R., 1955-1958

Box IV.33 Littlefield, Anne H., 1954-1956

Box IV.33 Littlefield, Thompson H., 1956-1963

Box IV.33 Loban, Ethel, 1955-1964

Box IV.33 Luchsinger, Charles R., 1959-1962

Box IV.33 Lukacs, John, 1965-1967

Box IV.34 Lyon, Jean, 1953-1960

Box IV.34 Lyons, Edward, 1950-1962

Box IV.34 Marion, Betty, 1959-1962

Box IV.34 McAllister, Bob, 1955-1962

Box IV.35 McCauley, Bill, 1965-1967

Box IV.35 McConnaughey, Suanne, 1953-1968

Box IV.35 McGavran, James Holt, 1954-1968

Box IV.35 Medoff, Mark, 1962-1964

Box IV.35 Micheau, Marie

Box IV.35 Michelson, Dr. Joseph P.

Box IV.35 Miller, Faith

Box IV.35 Miller, Floyd, 1952-1956

Box IV.35 Mitchell, Peter Todd, 1961-1962

Box IV.36 Montgomery, Harry N., 1960-1966

Box IV.36 Moore, Ward, 1954-1964

Box IV.36 Nadell, Aaron, 1958-1960

Box IV.36 Nagashima, Jiro

Box IV.36 Nelson, Donawayne, 1965-1967

Box IV.36 O'Brien, Lucy, 1960-1961

Box IV.36 Oppenheim, Garrett

Box IV.36 Packard, Robert

Box IV.36 Palmer, Dorothy Pascoe, 1960-1965

Box IV.36 Peters, Anne, 1958-1962

Box IV.36 Picton, James, 1961-1962

Box IV.36 Posten, James, 1958-1964

Box IV.36 Purdy, Carlisle and Doddo

Box IV.36 Pye, N.K., 1965-1966

Box IV.36 Quinn, William G., 1967-1968

Box IV.36 Rawlinson, James L., 1963-1967

Box IV.36 Reno, Raymond H., 1965-1967

Box IV.36 Richey, Elinor, 1963-1967

Box IV.36 Riefe, Alan, 1962-1966

Box IV.37 Robinson, Phyllis and Delphini, Fiscella, 1959-1961

Box IV.37 Rockefeller, James S., Jr., 1952-1957

Box IV.37 Ross, Frank, Jr., 1953-1957

Box IV.37 Rothberg, Abraham, 1956-1962

Box IV.37 Rourke, James, 1954-1960

Box IV.38 Sager, Gordon, 1961-1962

Box IV.38 Sales, 1948-1955

Box IV.38 Samuels, E. Kenneth, 1957-1960

Box IV.38 Sandberg, Helga

Box IV.38 Sander, Joseph, 1955-1958

Box IV.38 Sayre, Anne, 1955-1959

Box IV.38 Schmindeberg, Dr. Melitta, 1956-1960

Box IV.38 Schmidt, Walter R.

Box IV.38 Schmittroth, John

Box IV.38 Schoonmaker, Frank, 1956-1966

Box IV.38 Schrempp, Mrs. E.K., 1956-1959

Box IV.39 Seavey, Mark

Box IV.39 Seavy, Susan, 1953-1963

Box IV.39 Second Coming

Box IV.39 Seideman, Richard

Box IV.39 Seller, H. Richard, 1959-1962

Box IV.39 Selvon, Samuel, 1959-1964

Box IV.40 Sharon, Mary Bruce, 1952-1954

Box IV.40 Sharon, Henrietta Bruce (Mrs. Carroll Aument), 1953-1956

Box IV.40 Shattuck, Katharine, 1957-1964

Box IV.40 Sheppard-Jones, Elizabeth

Box IV.40 Sherman, Beatrix

Box IV.40 Shock Magazine

Box IV.40 Siegel, Doris, 1956-1961

Box IV.40 Simmons, Edwin H., 1958-1965

Box IV.40 Simpson, Howard R., 1957-1961

Box IV.40 Sloan, Helen, 1956-1957

Box IV.40 Smith, John Caswell, 1962-1966

Box IV.40 Smith, Joseph

Box IV.41 Spanier, Muriel, 1950-1961

Box IV.41 Stacy, Paul H., 1962-1966

Box IV.41 Star Weekly, 1954-1961

Box IV.41 Statements and Receipts, 1959-1960

Box IV.41 Stebbins, Elinor, 1958-1962

Box IV.41 Stephenson, Geneva

Box IV.41 Sterling, Helen

Box IV.41 Sterling, Pan

Box IV.41 Stevenson, Candice, 1957-1965

Box IV.41 Stuart, Floyd C.

Box IV.41 Talbot, Toby, 1957-1967

Box IV.42 Tanski, Richard

Box IV.42 Taylor, Mrs. Fred

Box IV.42 Teja, Mrs. J. Dhama

Box IV.42 Temianka, Henry, 1949-1966

Box IV.42 This Month

Box IV.42 Toklas, Alice B.

Box IV.42 Trimmer, Daniel

Box IV.42 Tumer, Barbara, 1952-1955

Box IV.42 Urbanite, The

Box IV.42 Value, Barbara

Box IV.42 Vawter, Ellen, 1955-1963

Box IV.42 Vincent, Hettie (Mrs. Hettie Nutbrown), 1961-1964

Box IV.42 Von Barnekow, Erik

Box IV.43 Walker, Joan (Television), 1957-1962

Box IV.43 Ward, Ralph, 1961-1966

Box IV.43 Watkins, Edmund, 1961-1962

Box IV.43 Webster, Harvey Curtis, 1960-1962

Box IV.43 Weekend Picture Magazine

Box IV.43 Welch, Helen L.

Box IV.43 West, John Foster

Box IV.43 White, Charles Corwin

Box IV.43 Williams, Brad, 1955-1962

Box IV.44 Woodyatt, Phillip, 1955-1962

Box IV.44 Woolcott, Barbara, 1955-1965

Box IV.44 Wright, Russel

Box IV.44 Wright, Thomas

Box IV.44 Wynn, Constance, 1950-1954

Box IV.44 Yeh, Mrs. M.H. (Hwa Yen), 1964-1965

Box IV.44 Zimmerman, Clyde, 1961-1962