Rare Book & Manuscript Library

John Schaffner papers, 1940-1989

Series VIII

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Box VIII.1 Aaron, Sam, 1973

Box VIII.1 Aaron, Sam, 1974-1975

Box VIII.1 Atkin, Mary G., 1973-1976

Box VIII.1 Bacon, Margaret, 1970

Box VIII.1 Bacon, Margaret, 1971

Box VIII.1 Bacon, Margaret, 1972

Box VIII.1 Beard, James A., 1965

Box VIII.1 Beard, James A., 1966

Box VIII.1 Beard, James A., 1967

Box VIII.2 Beard, James A., 1968

Box VIII.2 Beard, James A., 1969

Box VIII.2 Beard, James A., 1970

Box VIII.2 Beard, James A., 1971

Box VIII.2 Beard, James A., 1972

Box VIII.2 Bender, Steven, 1974-1975

Box VIII.2 Bernhard, Robert, 1974-1975

Box VIII.2 Berthol, Roland, 1975-1976

Box VIII.3 Biddle, Livingston, 1970-1976

Box VIII.3 Borgese, Elizabeth Mann, 1970-1973

Box VIII.3 Bried, Heidi, 1970-1976

Box VIII.3 Brown, Philip S. (Estate of Helen Evans Brown), 1974-1976

Box VIII.3 Brown, Rebecca G., 1974-1976

Box VIII.3 Browne, Corinne, 1974-1976

Box VIII.3 Browning, Elizabeth Lowry, 1974-1976

Box VIII.3 Brownstein, Harriet, 1972-1973

Box VIII.3 Brownstein, Harriet, 1974-1975

Box VIII.3 Brownstein, Harriet, 1976

Box VIII.3 Bruce, Jeannette, 1970-1973

Box VIII.3 Bryher, 1955-1969

Box VIII.3 Bryher, 1970-1973

Box VIII.3 Cady, James Lowell

Box VIII.3 Campbell, E. Day, 1973-1976

Box VIII.3 Campbell, Meg, 1974-1976

Box VIII.4 Chaikin, Nancy, 1974-1975

Box VIII.4 Chaikin, Nancy, 1976

Box VIII.4 Chapin, Victor, 1974-1975

Box VIII.4 Chapin, Victor, 1976

Box VIII.4 Ciulla, A.J., 1970-1976

Box VIII.4 Ciulla, Sam, 1970-1976

Box VIII.4 Clairborne, Craig, 1972-1973

Box VIII.4 Cole, Lucretia, 1974-1975

Box VIII.4 Cole, Lucretia, 1976

Box VIII.4 Cooper, Elizabeth Ann, 1974-1976

Box VIII.5 Cope, Kathleen, 1973-1976

Box VIII.5 Copeland, Helen, 1972-1973

Box VIII.5 Copeland, Helen, 1974-1976

Box VIII.5 Corfmam, Eunice, 1974-1976

Box VIII.5 Creative Management Associates

Box VIII.5 Cummings, Richard, 1973-1975

Box VIII.5 Cummings, Richard, 1976

Box VIII.5 Curley, Daniel, 1973

Box VIII.5 Curley, Daniel, 1974-1976

Box VIII.5 Cusack, Isabel Langis, 1973

Box VIII.5 Cusack, Isabel Langis, 1974-1975

Box VIII.5 Cusack, Isabel Langis, 1976

Box VIII.6 Dannenbaum, Julie

Box VIII.6 Dannenbaum, Julie, 1970-1971

Box VIII.6 Dannenbaum, Julie, 1972-1973

Box VIII.6 Dannenbaum, Julie, 1974-1975

Box VIII.6 Dannenbaum, Julie, 1976

Box VIII.6 Davis, Nicholas, 1975-1976

Box VIII.6 DeBilio, Beth, 1971-1973

Box VIII.6 DeBilio, Beth, 1974-1976

Box VIII.6 DeRachewitz, Mary

Box VIII.6 DeRachewitz, Mary, 1970

Box VIII.6 DeRachewitz, Mary, 1971

Box VIII.6 DeRachewitz, Mary, 1972-1973

Box VIII.6 Dickson, Carol, 1974-1976

Box VIII.7 Eclov, Shirley, 1974-1976

Box VIII.7 Ehmann, James M., 1973-1976

Box VIII.7 Elman, Tex McDaniel, 1973-1976

Box VIII.7 Epley, Thomas, 1974-1976

Box VIII.7 Ferrone, John, 1974-1976

Box VIII.7 Flanagan, Robert, 1974-1975

Box VIII.7 Flanagan, Robert, 1976

Box VIII.7 Freitag, George

Box VIII.7 Fritzhand, James, 1972-1973

Box VIII.7 Fritzhand, James, 1974-1975

Box VIII.7 Fritzhand, James, 1976

Box VIII.7 Gilchrist, Eleanor, 1974

Box VIII.7 Goldreich, Esther, 1975-1976

Box VIII.7 Goldreich, Gloria, 1973

Box VIII.7 Goldreich, Gloria, 1974

Box VIII.7 Goldreich, Gloria, 1975

Box VIII.7 Goldreich, Gloria, 1976

Box VIII.8 Gordon, Ethel, 1973

Box VIII.8 Gordon, Ethel, 1974

Box VIII.8 Gordon, Ethel, 1975

Box VIII.8 Gordon, Ethel, 1976

Box VIII.8 Gordon, Ian, 1974-1976

Box VIII.8 Graham, J.F., 1974-1976

Box VIII.8 Grant, Kay, 1974-1975

Box VIII.8 Graves, John, 1970

Box VIII.8 Graves, John, 1971

Box VIII.8 Graves, John, 1972

Box VIII.8 Graves, John, 1973

Box VIII.8 Graves, John, 1974

Box VIII.8 Graves, John, 1975-1976

Box VIII.8 Greenburg, Daniel, 1974-1976

Box VIII.9 Greer, Ben, 1973-1975

Box VIII.9 Greer, Ben, 1976

Box VIII.9 Grosser, Maurice, 1974-1976

Box VIII.9 Grossman, Alfred, 1974-1976

Box VIII.9 Gwaltney, Francis, 1970-1976

Box VIII.9 H, 1974

Box VIII.9 Habeeb, Virginia

Box VIII.9 Habeeb, Virginia, 1970

Box VIII.9 Habeeb, Virginia, 1971

Box VIII.9 Habeeb, Virginia, 1972-1973

Box VIII.9 Habeeb, Virginia, 1974-1976

Box VIII.9 Haponski, William, 1974-1975

Box VIII.9 Haponski, William, 1976

Box VIII.9 Hautzis, Esther, 1973

Box VIII.9 Hautzis, Esther, 1975-1976

Box VIII.10 Hayman, LeRoy, 1972-1973

Box VIII.10 Hayman, LeRoy, 1974-1975

Box VIII.10 Hayman, LeRoy, 1976

Box VIII.10 Heath Accounts, 1963

Box VIII.10 Heath Accounts, 1964

Box VIII.10 Heath Accounts, 1965

Box VIII.10 Heath Accounts, 1966

Box VIII.10 Heath Accounts, 1967

Box VIII.10 Heath Accounts, 1968

Box VIII.10 Heath Accounts, 1969

Box VIII.10 Heath Accounts, 1970

Box VIII.10 Heath, A.M. and Company, 1966 January-June

Box VIII.10 Heath, A.M. and Company, 1966 July-December

Box VIII.10 Heath, A.M. and Company, 1967 January-June

Box VIII.10 Heath, A.M. and Company, July-December

Box VIII.10 Heath, A.M. and Company, 1968 January-June

Box VIII.10 Heath, A.M. and Company, 1968 July-December

Box VIII.10 Heath, A.M. and Company, 1969 January-June

Box VIII.10 Heath, A.M. and Company, 1969 July-December

Box VIII.10 Heath, A.M. and Company, 1970

Box VIII.11 Hill, Helen and Perkins, Agnes, 1972-1973

Box VIII.11 Hill, Helen and Perkins, Agnes, 1974-1975

Box VIII.11 Hill, Helen; Perkins, Agnes and Helbig, Alethea, 1976

Box VIII.11 Hirschberg, Cornelius, 1972-1976

Box VIII.11 Hogan, Elizabeth, 1974-1976

Box VIII.11 Holladay, Sally, 1974-1976

Box VIII.11 Hopkins, Jeanette

Box VIII.11 Hopper, Millard, 1972-1975

Box VIII.11 Horch Accounts, 1965

Box VIII.11 Horch Accounts, 1966

Box VIII.11 Horch Accounts, 1967

Box VIII.11 Horch Accounts, 1968

Box VIII.11 Horch Accounts, 1969

Box VIII.11 Horch, Franz J. Associates, 1965

Box VIII.11 Horch, Franz J. Associates, 1966

Box VIII.11 Horch, Franz J. Associates, 1967

Box VIII.11 Horch, Franz J. Associates, 1968

Box VIII.11 Horch, Franz J. Associates, 1969

Box VIII.11 Horch, Franz J. Associates, 1970 January

Box VIII.11 Howes, Barbara, 1974-1975

Box VIII.11 Howes, Barbara, 1976

Box VIII.12 Hudson, James, 1972-1976

Box VIII.12 Huntsberry, William, 1972-1975

Box VIII.12 Huntsberry, William, 1976

Box VIII.12 Ipcar, Robert, 1971-1976

Box VIII.12 Jayme, William North, 1970-1976

Box VIII.12 Keith, John, 1975-1976

Box VIII.12 Kellerman, Jonathan, 1974-1976

Box VIII.12 Keville, Kathleen

Box VIII.12 King, Rufus, 1973

Box VIII.12 King, Rufus, 1974

Box VIII.12 King, Rufus, 1976

Box VIII.12 Kirk, Irina, 1973-1974

Box VIII.12 Kirk, Irina, 1975-1976

Box VIII.12 Kirk, Lydia, 1972-1973

Box VIII.13 Koffend, John, 1970

Box VIII.13 Koffend, John, 1973

Box VIII.13 Koffend, John, 1974-1975

Box VIII.13 Lauber, Patricia, 1975-1976

Box VIII.13 Lawson, Don, 1972-1973

Box VIII.13 Lawson, Don, 1974-1975

Box VIII.13 Lawson, James, 1970-1975

Box VIII.13 Lawson, John, 1972-1976

Box VIII.13 Leaman, Arthur, 1972-1976

Box VIII.13 Leinster, Colin, 1973-1976

Box VIII.13 Leonard, Liora, 1974-1976

Box VIII.13 LeVino, Elyse, 1972-1976

Box VIII.13 Lichello, Robert, 1975-1976

Box VIII.13 Lin, Florence, 1972-1974

Box VIII.13 Lin, Florence, 1975-1976

Box VIII.13 Lincke, Jack, 1975-1977

Box VIII.13 Littlefield, Anne, 1972-1973

Box VIII.13 Littlefield, Anne, 1974-1975

Box VIII.14 Macpherson, Kenneth and Lyon, Islay

Box VIII.14 Marder, Daniel, 1975-1977

Box VIII.14 Marett, Lynn

Box VIII.14 Mario, Thomas, 1970

Box VIII.14 Mario, Thomas, 1971

Box VIII.14 Mario, Thomas, 1972-1973

Box VIII.14 Mario, Thomas, 1974-1976

Box VIII.14 Maryschuk, Olga, 1975-1976

Box VIII.14 Massee, William, 1974-1976

Box VIII.14 McAleer, Neil, 1974-1976

Box VIII.14 McGahan, Jerry, 1974-1976

Box VIII.14 Meyer, Clarence, 1973-1974

Box VIII.14 Meyer, Clarence, 1975-1976

Box VIII.14 Meyer, David, 1973

Box VIII.14 Meyer, David, 1974-1976

Box VIII.14 Miller, Floyd, 1972-1974

Box VIII.14 Miller, Floyd, 1975-1976

Box VIII.15 O'Brien, Robert

Box VIII.15 O'Brien, Robert, 1970

Box VIII.15 O'Brien, Robert, 1971

Box VIII.15 O'Brien, Robert, 1972

Box VIII.15 O'Grady, Rohan, 1973

Box VIII.15 Olney, Richard, 1973

Box VIII.15 Olney, Richard, 1974

Box VIII.15 Olney, Richard, 1975

Box VIII.15 Olney, Richard, 1976

Box VIII.15 Parke, Gertrude, 1973-1976

Box VIII.15 Pease, George Sexton, 1975-1976

Box VIII.15 Pepin, Jacques, 1970-1976

Box VIII.16 Pepper, Choral, 1970-1976

Box VIII.16 Perkins, Agnes, 1975-1976

Box VIII.16 Perowne, Barry, 1974-1976

Box VIII.16 Pian, Canta Chou-po, 1972-1973

Box VIII.16 Platnick, Kenneth, 1972-1976

Box VIII.16 Podulka, Fran, 1974-1975

Box VIII.16 Podulka, Fran, 1976

Box VIII.16 Powers, Marcella

Box VIII.16 Prokosch, Frederic, 1973-1974

Box VIII.16 Prokosch, Frederic, 1976

Box VIII.16 Rae, Katherine

Box VIII.16 Rae, Katherine, 1970-1973

Box VIII.16 Rattray, Everett, 1974-1975

Box VIII.16 Regnier, Nita, 1974-1976

Box VIII.16 Rhode, Irma, 1974-1976

Box VIII.16 Rieger, Shay, 1974-1976

Box VIII.16 Robbins, Anna Roe, 1974-1976

Box VIII.17 Rosenberg, Sammy, 1975-1976

Box VIII.17 Russell, Beatrice, 1970-1975

Box VIII.17 Sabath, Barney, to 1976

Box VIII.17 Sanders, D.G., 1975-1976

Box VIII.17 Sayre, Anne, 1972-1973

Box VIII.17 Sayre, Anne, 1974-1975

Box VIII.17 Sayre, Anne, 1976

Box VIII.17 Sayre, Anne

Box VIII.17 Sayre, David, 1970-1976

Box VIII.17 Scarborough, Forrest

Box VIII.17 Schloss, Edith, 1970-1975

Box VIII.17 Schneider, Frederick (Estate of)

Box VIII.17 Schneiderman, Roberta, 1974-1976

Box VIII.17 Schrampp, Beta K., 1974-1976

Box VIII.17 Schwab, Calvin and Tippy, 1975-1976

Box VIII.17 Seavy, Susan, 1974-1976

Box VIII.18 Sheaffer, Louis, 1974-1975

Box VIII.18 Sheaffer, Louis, 1976

Box VIII.18 Simmons, Charles, 1970-1975

Box VIII.18 Simpson, Howard R., 1974-1975

Box VIII.18 Simpson, Howard R., 1976

Box VIII.18 Spanier, Muriel, 1974-1976

Box VIII.18 Spanos, John and Anna, 1973-1975

Box VIII.18 Spanos, John and Anna, 1976

Box VIII.18 Spitzer, E.S., 1971

Box VIII.18 Sprinkel, Steven, 1973-1974

Box VIII.19 T, 1973

Box VIII.19 T, 1974

Box VIII.19 T, 1975

Box VIII.19 T, 1976

Box VIII.19 Taylor, William Douglas

Box VIII.19 Teitel, Jay, 1973-1976

Box VIII.19 Teitel, Jay, 1976

Box VIII.19 Thaler, Susan, 1974-1975

Box VIII.19 Thaler, Susan, 1976

Box VIII.19 Think, 1958

Box VIII.19 Thompson, Virgil, 1975-1976

Box VIII.19 Treanor, Karen, 1975-1976

Box VIII.19 U, 1971

Box VIII.19 U, 1972-1973

Box VIII.19 Ungerer, Miriam, 1972-1973

Box VIII.19 Ungerer, Miriam, 1974-1975

Box VIII.19 Ungerer, Miriam, 1976

Box VIII.19 V, 1972-1973

Box VIII.19 V, 1974-1976

Box VIII.19 Vachss, Andrew, 1970-1973

Box VIII.19 Vachss, Andrew, 1974-1975

Box VIII.20 Vardamis, Frances Diem, 1975-1976

Box VIII.20 Varela, Rita, 1971-1972

Box VIII.20 Varela, Rita, 1973

Box VIII.20 Varela, Rita, 1974-1975

Box VIII.20 Varela, Rita, 1976

Box VIII.20 W, 1973

Box VIII.20 W, 1974-1975

Box VIII.20 W, 1976

Box VIII.20 Ward, Ralph T.

Box VIII.20 Webb, Leland, 1974-1976

Box VIII.20 Welch, Galbraith, 1973-1976

Box VIII.20 West, Anthony C., 1971-1975

Box VIII.21 Williams, Brad, 1973

Box VIII.21 Williams, Brad, 1974-1976

Box VIII.21 Williams, Lawrence, 1972-1975

Box VIII.21 Wilson, José, 1972-1975

Box VIII.21 Winthrop, Joan, 1973-1974

Box VIII.21 Winthrop, Joan, 1975-1976

Box VIII.21 Wolff, Renate, 1974-1975

Box VIII.21 Wood, Malcom, 1975-1976

Box VIII.21 Wright, Constance, 1974-1976

Box VIII.21 Ziller, Eugene, 1974-1976