Rare Book & Manuscript Library

John Schaffner papers, 1940-1989

Series III: Publishers, Agents, Etc.

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Subseries III.1: Publishers, Agents, Etc.

Box III.1 American

Box III.1 American Family

Box III.1 American Home

Box III.1 American Legion Magazine

Box III.1 American Mercury

Box III.1 Association Press

Box III.1 Banner Magazines

Box III.1 Barrows & Co.

Box III.1 Better Living

Box III.1 Bluebook

Box III.1 Bruce Publishing Co.

Box III.1 Canadian Broadcasting Co.

Box III.1 Canadian Home Journal

Box III.1 Caravan

Box III.1 Christian Herald

Box III.1 Christophers

Box III.1 Citadel Press

Box III.1 Collier's

Box III.1 Columbia Broadcasting System

Box III.1 Compact

Box III.1 Contests

Box III.1 Copyright forms

Box III.1 Corporal Dickenson Story

Box III.1 Crowell-Collier

Box III.1 Everywoman's Magazine

Box III.2 Faith Today

Box III.2 Family Circle

Box III.2 Family Life

Box III.2 Family Times

Box III.2 Family Weekly

Box III.2 Farm Journal

Box III.2 Faulconer, Mary (Photographer)

Box III.2 Fishing Waters of the World

Box III.2 Fleet Publishing Corp

Box III.2 Frank Wisbar Productions, Inc.

Box III.2 Genesis West

Box III.2 Gentry

Box III.2 Heath, A.M. & Co.

Box III.2 High Fidelity

Box III.2 Holland's

Box III.2 Home

Box III.2 Household Magazine

Box III.2 Interiors

Box III.2 Jester

Box III.2 Liberty

Box III.2 Liberty of Canada

Box III.2 Lincoln-Mercury Times

Box III.2 Little Brand Publications

Box III.2 Manhunt Magazine

Box III.2 Man's Day

Box III.2 Man's Magazine

Box III.2 Mercury Publications

Box III.2 Michael Shayne Mystery

Box III.2 Miscellaneous Markets

Box III.2 Montreal Standard

Box III.2 Narcotics Anonymous, Inc.

Box III.2 National Business

Box III.2 National Geographic

Box III.2 National Humane Review

Box III.2 National Writers Club

Box III.2 New magazines, etc.

Box III.2 New Story Magazine

Box III.2 New York University Press

Box III.2 North American Review

Box III.3 O'Connell, Janice (Television)

Box III.3 Orsborne Expedition

Box III.3 Ottenheimer, I. and M.

Box III.3 Otto Bernz, Co.

Box III.3 Park East

Box III.3 Poetry awards

Box III.3 Points

Box III.3 Preminger (Ingo Preminger Agency)

Box III.3 Quality

Box III.3 Rex

Box III.3 Roy Publishers

Box III.3 Script

Box III.3 Sindeil, Bernard (Sindell Agency)

Box III.3 Society of Author's Representatives, Inc.

Box III.3 Sterling Publishing Co., Inc.

Box III.3 Story

Box III.3 Story-a-Day

Box III.3 Suspense Magazine

Box III.3 Talent Associates Ltd.

Box III.3 Television (John Foreman - Ed Moser)

Box III.3 Television--MCA--Irving Paley

Box III.3 Television--MCA--New York and Hollywood

Box III.3 Theater production

Box III.3 Today's Family

Box III.3 Today's Woman

Box III.3 Tomorrow

Box III.3 Town Journal

Box III.3 True Story

Box III.3 Twayne Publishers

Box III.3 "21" Magazine

Box III.3 Venture

Box III.3 Weird Tales

Box III.3 Western Review

Box III.3 Why Not? Magazine Inc.

Box III.3 Wilfred Funk, Inc.

Box III.3 The Woman

Box III.3 Woman's Home Companion

Box III.3 Wyn, A.A., Inc.

Subseries III.2: Financial Records, 1948-1953

Additional financial records can be found in Series IX.

Box III.4 Financial Records, 1948-1951

Includes cancelled checks, checkbooks, ledgers, statements and receipts, and other bank records.

Box III.5 Financial Records, 1950-1953

Includes cancelled checks and other bank records.

Subseries III.3: Personal Papers, 1948-1960

Box III.6 Appointment Books, 1948-1951, undated, 5 Volumes

Four volumes, 1948-1951. Another volume can be used for any year, and the year is not identified in the volume. Appointment books for 1955-1980 can be found in Subseries IX.1 in boxes IX.7, IX.8, and IX.9.

Box III.6 Cable Information, 1950

Box III.6 Clients Lists, 1952, undated

Box III.6 Farrell, James (Lawyer), 1948-1951

Box III.6 Nantucket Cottage, 1952-1953

Box III.6 Personal Correspondence, 1960

Box III.6 Queens College, 1957-1959

Box III.6 Schaffner, John--Personal, 1959