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John Schaffner papers, 1940-1989

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Call No.: MS#1119
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Creator(s) Schaffner, John V., -1983
Title John Schaffner papers, 1940-1989
Physical Description 102 linear feet (222 boxes)
Language(s) English .
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Correspondence is arranged: chronologically and alphabetically.



Archives of Schaffner's literary agency, including correspondence and financial records, 1948-1975. The material is divided into four sections, cataloged material; general correspondence; specific files with authors who were clients of the agency; and correspondence with other literary agents and editors, appointment books, and financial papers.

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You will need to make an appointment in advance to use this collection material in the Rare Book and Manuscript Library reading room. You can schedule an appointment once you've submitted your request through your Special Collections Research Account.

The following boxes are located off-site: Boxes I.1 - IX.29. You will need to request this material from the Rare Book and Manuscript Library at least three business days in advance to use the collection in the Rare Book and Manuscript Library reading room.

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Related Materials

For additional material related to Hubert Creekmore, see Speech Record #429 "Enjoyment of Poetry Program" April 5, 1959. A phonorecord of Creekmore reading his poetry.


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Ownership and Custodial History

Gift of John Schaffner, 1967-1983.

Gift of Timothy Schaffner, 1990.

Immediate Source of Acquisition

Source of acquisition--Schaffner, John. Method of acquisition--Gift; Date of acquisition--1967. Accession number--M-67.

Additional author's corr., contracts, and financial records, 1940-1988: Source of acquisition--Schaffner, Timothy. Method of acquisition--Gift; Date of acquisition--1990. Accession number--M-1990.

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Cataloged Christina Hilton Fenn 09/--/1989.

Additional author's corr., contracts, and financial records, 1940-1988 Processed VS 02/11/1991.

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2021-06-17 EAD document created by CCR.

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History / Biographical Note

Biographical / Historical

Literary agent. Schaffner operated a literary agency in New York City and as the literary agent of Alice B. Toklas, Santha Rama Rau, and Sheilah Graham.

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Cataloged Correspondence

Box 3 Bryher, Winifred

Box 1 Howes, Barbara

Box 2 Moore, Marianne

Box 2 Prokosch, Frederic

Box 2 Rama Rau, Santha

Box 2 Toklas, Alice B.

Series I: Alphabetical File

Box I.1 A (1949-1959) - B (1948-1955)

Box I.2 B (1956-1959) - C (1948-1956)

Box I.3 C, 1957-1959

Box I.3 D, 1948-1959

Box I.3 E, 1948-1959

Box I.4 F, 1948-1959

Box I.4 G, 1948-1959

Box I.5 H - J (1948-1959)

Box I.6 K - L (1948-1959)

Box I.7 M, 1948-1959

Box I.8 N - Q (1948-1959)

Box I.9 R, 1950-1959

Box I.9 S, 1948-1956

Box I.10 S (1957-1959) - U (1948-1959)

Box I.11 V (1948-1959) - W (1948-1954)

Box I.12 W (1955-1959) - Z (1948-1959)

Series II: Authors in the Schaffner Papers

Box II.1 Adams, Helen

Box II.1 Adatto, Jennie

Box II.1 Alexander, Robert

Box II.1 Ancker, Frances and Hope, Cynthia

Box II.1 Antrobus, Edmund

Box II.1 Antrobus, Grace

Box II.1 Archdeacon, Sally

Box II.1 Armbruster, M.E.

Box II.1 Armour, Richard

Box II.1 Ashdon, Oak

Box II.1 Austin, Isabel (Mrs. Hubert Childs)

Box II.2 Bacon, Edward

Box II.2 Bagby, Philip

Box II.2 Baker, Ruth

Box II.2 Baldwin, Martha

Box II.2 Balinska, Irena

Box II.2 Ballantine, Betty (Mrs. Chris Hogan)

Box II.2 Barker, Roland

Box II.2 Barlow, Joan (Mrs. Jerry Cook)

Box II.2 Barnard, C.B.

Box II.2 Barnes, Mrs. Donald E.

Box II.2 Barr, Stringfellow

Box II.2 Barrett, Lee

Box II.2 Barrington, Margaret (Mrs. Liam O'Flaherty)

Box II.2 Barze, Marguerite

Box II.2 Barzman-Brooks (tearsheets)

Box II.2 Barzman, Sol

Box II.2 Beals, Carleton

Box II.2 Beam, Philip

Box II.2 Beigel, Henry

Box II.2 Bell, Elise

Box II.3 Bennett, Jacob

Box II.3 Bentley, Frank

Box II.3 Benton, Ton

Box II.3 Bergen, Helen

Box II.3 Berns, Madelon

Box II.3 Betz, Eva

Box II.3 Blunt, Mr. and Mrs. Jerry

Box II.3 Borrie, Melville

Box II.3 Boulton, Laura

Box II.3 Boyer, Philip Jr. and Mildred

Box II.3 Bradford, Robert

Box II.3 Brand, Millen

Box II.3 Brennan, Joseph Payne

Box II.3 Breuer, Ursula

Box II.3 Breyfogle, William A.

Box II.3 Brosnac, Ethel

Box II.4 Brown, David

Box II.4 Brown, Edward Hoagland

Box II.4 Bryant, Gertrude Thomson

Box II.4 Buchanan, Marcia Darrah

Box II.4 Buntin, W.A.

Box II.4 Burch, Robert

Box II.4 Burnam, Tom

Box II.4 Butler, Ben Irvin

Box II.4 Butovich, Nicholas

Box II.4 Byrd, Malley

Box II.4 Campbell, Delight Scothorn

Box II.4 Campbell, Mrs. Ursula

Box II.4 Carlson, Oliver

Box II.4 Carpenter, Hattie

Box II.4 Caruso, Mrs. Dorothy (Estate of)

Box II.4 Castleton, Virginia (Mrs. Nathan Michail)

Box II.4 Chambliss, G.D.

Box II.4 Chapin, Frederick

Box II.4 Charak, Amy Prince

Box II.4 Chard, Mrs. Louise Cable

Box II.4 Churchill, Creighton

Box II.4 Clifford William

Box II.5 Codman, Florence

Box II.5 Cohen, Eddie

Box II.5 Colby, Fanny Sedgwick

Box II.5 Congdon, A. Kirby

Box II.5 Conklin, Groff

Box II.5 Cooper, Elizabeth Ann

Box II.5 Cooper, Gordon

Box II.5 Cooper, Otis

Box II.5 Corbett, Hugh

Box II.5 Corbitt, Elsie

Box II.5 Corliss, Allene

Box II.5 Cornelius, Margaret

Box II.5 Corsini, Rae Pierre (Marchesa Niccolo Corsini)

Box II.5 Cotton, Josephine

Box II.6 Cox, R.N.

Box II.6 Craft, Alice

Box II.6 Crane, Louise

Box II.6 Craven, J.L.

Box II.6 Crippen, Rodney Cuttleston

Box II.6 Cross, Joe A.

Box II.6 Crump, Louise Eskrigge

Box II.6 Cuneo, Jeannette

Box II.6 Curchack, Norma

Box II.6 Curtis, Edith Roelher

Box II.6 Curtler, Gertrude

Box II.6 D'Amelio, Nea

Box II.6 Damon, Charles

Box II.6 Daniel, Anita

Box II.7 Davidson, Kay

Box II.7 Davis, Fitzroy

Box II.7 Davis, Sydney

Box II.7 Day, Mrs. E. Stuart

Box II.7 Dean, Joseph

Box II.7 De Brown, Richard

Box II.7 De Lima, Sigrid

Box II.7 De Liso, Oscar

Box II.7 Dennis, Robert

Box II.7 De Polnay, Peter

Box II.7 de Roulf, Patty

Box II.7 Dharam, Morli A.

Box II.7 Dickinson, Joseph

Box II.7 Dixon, Doris

Box II.7 Dowd, H. Lawrence

Box II.7 Doyle, Barbara

Box II.7 du Caillaud, Helene

Box II.8 Dunlavy, John

Box II.8 Du Poy, Alix

Box II.8 Earley, A.

Box II.8 Eden, Dorothy

Box II.8 Edwards, Mrs. Ohla Edsall

Box II.8 Ehrilch, Arnold

Box II.8 Ellingson, Mamie

Box II.8 Ellis, Mrs. Charles (Norma Millay)

Box II.8 Erenyi, Zoltan

Box II.8 Eris, Alfred

Box II.8 Evans, Ernestine

Box II.8 Evans, Henry

Box II.9 Fairer, Elisabeth

Box II.9 Falk, Ray

Box II.9 Featherman, Karen

Box II.9 Felchin-Eppes, Mrs.

Box II.9 Feng, Doreen Yen Hung

Box II.9 Fernandez, Peter

Box II.9 Fogelquist, Helen

Box II.9 Ford, Kenneth

Box II.9 Franchere, Ruth

Box II.9 Frankenberg, Lloyd

Box II.9 Frazer, John

Box II.10 Gale, William

Box II.10 Garrison, Glenn

Box II.10 Garth, Charles

Box II.10 Gates, Georgia

Box II.10 Gayle, Margot

Box II.10 Gil, Norman

Box II.10 Gillett, Corrine

Box II.10 Glick, Harry

Box II.10 Godwin, James

Box II.10 Goepp, Mrs. Philip

Box II.10 Gohdes, Clarence

Box II.10 Goodnow, Mrs. John

Box II.10 Goolden, Barbara

Box II.10 Gordon, Ethel Edison

Box II.11 Gordon, Ian

Box II.11 Gordon, Richard

Box II.11 Graham, David

Box II.11 Graham, Elinor

Box II.11 Graham, Sheilah

Box II.11 Grant, Campbell

Box II.12 Graves, John

Box II.12 Gray, Peter

Box II.12 Greene, Charles Robertson

Box II.12 Greene, Emily

Box II.12 Greenwood, Helen

Box II.12 Greer, Dave

Box II.12 Griffin, Howard

Box II.12 Grossberg, Al

Box II.12 Grossberg, Elmer

Box II.12 Grosser, Maurice

Box II.12 Grossman, Alfred

Box II.12 Grove, J. Edgar

Box II.13 Guldager, Carl

Box II.13 Guppy, Nicholas

Box II.13 Hagen, Will

Box II.13 Halaby, Mrs. Andrew

Box II.13 Halsie, Effie

Box II.13 Hammit, Don R.

Box II.13 Handeland, Geraldine

Box II.13 Hardenbergh, Ann

Box II.13 Harrold, John

Box II.13 Harter, Marthe

Box II.14 Hathaway, Cynthia

Box II.14 Haviland, John

Box II.14 Hawkes, Alex

Box II.14 Haxton, Kenneth

Box II.14 Hayman, Anita

Box II.14 Hazzard, Dorothy

Box II.14 Hebard, Nancy

Box II.14 Hemphill, Mrs. W.D.

Box II.14 Hepburn, Ethel

Box II.14 Hering, Doris

Box II.14 Hershfield, Leo

Box II.15 Hine, Reginald

Box II.15 Hoecker, Virginia

Box II.15 Hoffman, Paul

Box II.15 Hogan, Betty

Box II.15 Holland, Henrietta Fort

Box II.15 Hopkins, Conrad

Box II.15 Horn, Ann

Box II.15 Horn, David

Box II.15 Horstman, Leonie (Lali)

Box II.15 Hosford, Robert

Box II.15 House, Frank

Box II.15 Howard, Mrs. Brett (Kate Walsh)

Box II.15 Hoxter, Curtis

Box II.15 Huber, John (Howard Rushmore)

Box II.15 Hudiburg, Edward

Box II.15 Hudson, James

Box II.15 Humez, Elizabeth Gleason

Box II.16 Ilton, Paul

Box II.16 Inchardi, J.

Box II.16 Irwin, Geraldine

Box II.16 Jackson, Douglas

Box II.16 Jacobson, Mr. and Mrs. Roy

Box II.16 Jason, Edward

Box II.16 Johnson, Hal and Grace

Box II.16 Johnson, James

Box II.16 Jones, Clare

Box II.16 Jones, Leslie Allen

Box II.16 Jones, W.B. and O'Riley, Richard J.

Box II.16 Joong, Fang

Box II.16 Joseph, Dr. Harry

Box II.16 Joyce, Walter

Box II.16 Kalnay, Francis

Box II.16 Kamien, Marcia

Box II.16 Kaplan, Milton

Box II.16 Karsell, Tom

Box II.17 Kassan, Roberta

Box II.17 Katibah, H.I.

Box II.17 Kaufman, Suzanne

Box II.17 Keith, Ian

Box II.17 Keith, Kurt

Box II.17 Kelly, Edward

Box II.17 Kelsch, John J.

Box II.17 Kempner, Robert

Box II.17 Kennedy, Ann

Box II.17 Kent, George

Box II.17 Kerr, Berrilla

Box II.17 Kiker, Douglas

Box II.18 Kilmer, Ada

Box II.18 Kircher, Ralf

Box II.18 Kirk, Lydia

Box II.18 Kirkland, Alexander

Box II.18 Klapper, Herbert

Box II.18 Knox, Charles F. Jr.

Box II.18 Koenig, Helmut

Box II.18 Kokjohn, Rev. J.E.

Box II.18 Kolker, Harriette

Box II.18 Krantz, Hazel

Box II.18 Krebs, Richard J. (Jan Valtin)

Box II.18 Kuhn, Rene

Box II.19 Laffal, Julius

Box II.19 Langis, Isabel

Box II.19 Lariar, Lawrence

Box II.19 Larsen, Ann Bridges

Box II.20 Lauber, Patricia

Box II.20 Lawson, Don

Box II.20 Lawson, H.L.

Box II.21 Leblanc, Georgette

Box II.21 Leighton, George

Box II.21 Lerman, Leo

Box II.21 Le Vino, Elsye

Box II.21 Liberman, Sally

Box II.21 Lichine, Alexis

Box II.21 Linehan, John

Box II.21 Link, Ruth

Box II.21 Lipman, Clayre and Michel

Box II.22 Littlefield, Anne

Box II.22 Lo Giudce, Philip

Box II.22 Lord, James

Box II.22 Loth, David

Box II.22 LoVoca, Phyllis Dee

Box II.22 Lowery, Margaret

Box II.22 Lubar, Robert and Patricia

Box II.22 Luchsinger, Chuck and Jack

Box II.22 Luisi, Gerard

Box II.22 Lyon, Jean

Box II.23 Lyons, Edward

Box II.23 McConnaughey, Susanne

Box II.23 MacDonald, David

Box II.23 MacDonald, Hobert

Box II.23 Macdougall, Allan Ross

Box II.23 McGehee, Edward

Box II.23 McGuinn, Dorothy

Box II.24 MacKentry, John (John Gilman)

Box II.24 MacKnight, Bob

Box II.24 McMullen, Richard

Box II.24 McNamara, Ed

Box II.24 McNamee, James

Box II.24 Magee, Marion

Box II.24 Magnes, William

Box II.24 Manard Catherine

Box II.24 Mandell, Sidney

Box II.24 Marder, Dan

Box II.24 Marion, Frances

Box II.24 Marsh, Michael

Box II.24 Martin, Thomas K.

Box II.25 Mason, John Forrest

Box II.25 May, Geoffrey

Box II.25 Meade, J.V.

Box II.25 Meador, Frank

Box II.25 Melcarth, Edward

Box II.25 Menkel, Peggy and Thomas

Box II.25 Menken, Marie (Mrs. Willard Maas)

Box II.25 Michaels, Jane

Box II.25 Middlebrooks, Bill

Box II.25 Midyette, Joan

Box II.25 Miller, D'Arcy

Box II.26 Miller, Floyd

Box II.26 Miller, Townsend

Box II.26 Mitchell, Burroughs

Box II.26 Molinaro, Ursule (Mrs. Venable Herndon)

Box II.26 Montague, Kate Bigelow

Box II.27 Moore, Ruth

Box II.27 Moore, Ward

Box II.27 Moores, Frank

Box II.27 Morris, Jack

Box II.27 Morris, John

Box II.27 Morris, John and Adele

Box II.27 Morris, Robert L.

Box II.27 Mowrer, Lillian (Mrs. Edgar Ansel)

Box II.27 Mueller, Iris

Box II.27 Muller, Mary Thayer

Box II.27 Muskie, Edmund

Box II.28 Naeve, Lowell

Box II.28 Newton, David

Box II.28 Nielson, Uta

Box II.28 Nigro, Crystle

Box II.28 Noble, John F.

Box II.28 Noel, Penelope (Mrs. George Atkinson)

Box II.28 Norbury, Roberta

Box II.28 O'Connell, Jean and James

Box II.28 Ogden, H.G.

Box II.28 Oliver, Jim

Box II.28 Oppenheim, Garrett

Box II.28 Orel, Hal

Box II.28 Ormont, Arthur

Box II.28 O'Sullivan, J.D.

Box II.29 Packard, Robert

Box II.29 Paling, Valerie

Box II.29 Palmer, Dorothy

Box II.29 Park, Frances

Box II.29 Parker, Mary (Mrs. Holland Sherwood)

Box II.29 Parkhurst, Genevieve

Box II.29 Parrott, Ursula

Box II.29 Parry, Elsie A.

Box II.29 Paterson, Pat (Mrs. F.G. Vosburgh)

Box II.29 Pearson, Josephine

Box II.29 Perkins, Elizabeth Kell

Box II.30 Pettit, William E.

Box II.30 Philipson, Morris H.

Box II.30 Pierson, Eleanor

Box II.30 Pizer, Laurette

Box II.30 Plarr, Marion (Mrs. M. Barwell)

Box II.30 Poffet, Pierre

Box II.30 Powell, Richard E.

Box II.30 Prentice, H.M. (Mrs. Charles Prince)

Box II.30 Protitch, Ida

Box II.30 Provins, LeRoy

Box II.30 Pulsifer, Susan

Box II.30 Pultz, Constance

Box II.30 Putnam, Nina Wilcox

Box II.31 Radcliffe, Garnett

Box II.31 Rae, Catherine

Box II.31 Rama Rau, Santha

Box II.31 Reed, Dena

Box II.31 Reekie, Douglas

Box II.31 Remedios, Wency

Box II.31 Rhodes, William A.

Box II.31 Rice, Leon

Box II.31 Ridley, Mary Wells (Mrs. Walter Scott Holbrook)

Box II.31 Riefe, Alan

Box II.31 de Riencourt, A.

Box II.31 Ritter, Chris

Box II.32 Rockefeller, Pebble

Box II.32 Roditi, Edouard

Box II.32 Roedocker, Louise

Box II.32 Bogers, Mary Irma Duncan

Box II.32 Rolfe, Andrew T.

Box II.32 Romney, Mary (Mary Keegan and Jane Cobb)

Box II.32 Roscoe, George B.

Box II.32 Rosenblatt, Daniel

Box II.32 Ross, Frank Jr.

Box II.32 Rossant, Murray

Box II.32 Roth, Mrs. R.S.

Box II.32 Rubin, Larry

Box II.32 Rushmore, Howard

Box II.32 Rushmore, Robert

Box II.33 Russell, Beatrice

Box II.33 Russell, Jessyca

Box II.33 Ryan, John J .

Box II.33 St. Clair, Eric

Box II.34 St. Clair, Margaret

Box II.35 St. Gaudens, Paul

Box II.35 Samsell, Robert

Box II.35 Sander, Joseph

Box II.35 Sandoz, Edouard

Box II.35 Sanford, Loyala Lee

Box II.35 Saporiti, Piero

Box II.35 Sayerhaft, Stanley

Box II.35 Sayre, Anne

Box II.35 Scarborough, Forrest

Box II.35 Schafer, Roger

Box II.35 Schotte, Ursula

Box II.35 Schrempp, Mrs. Warren (Kelly O'Keefe)

Box II.36 Schwab, Johanna and Marcus, Olga

Box II.36 Sears, William R.

Box II.36 Seary, Susan

Box II.36 Seeley, Clinton

Box II.36 Seideman, Richard

Box II.36 Seller, H. Richard

Box II.36 Seroff, Victor

Box II.37 Sharon, Henrietta Bruce (Mrs. Carroll Aument)

Box II.37 Shelton, Frank

Box II.37 Sheplow, Samuel

Box II.37 Shirk, Kyra Petrovskaya

Box II.37 Shirley, Millard

Box II.37 Shoemaker, Eleanor

Box II.37 Sifton, Claire

Box II.37 Simon, Raymond

Box II.37 Slocombe, Lorna

Box II.37 Smith, William Gardner

Box II.37 Smithson, Sandra

Box II.38 Smythe, David

Box II.38 Spacarelli, Marcello

Box II.38 Spengler, Tom Jr.

Box II.38 Spier, Ursula R.

Box II.38 Spingarn, Lawrence

Box II.38 Stansbury, Edward

Box II.38 Stern, Lucille

Box II.38 Steuart, M.G.

Box II.38 Steuer, Arthur

Box II.38 Stevenson, David L.

Box II.38 Stuart, Jesse

Box II.38 Sullivan, Lucile

Box II.38 Sullivan, Markey

Box II.39 Summers, Hollis

Box II.39 Swayzee, Elizabeth

Box II.39 Tabori, Paul

Box II.39 Talbot, Beatrice Bill

Box II.39 Temianka, Henri

Box II.39 Thomas, Jack

Box II.39 Thomas, Margaret Loring

Box II.40 Toklas, Alice B.

Box II.40 Toughill, Frank

Box II.40 Townes, Robert Sherman

Box II.40 Treat, Ida (Mrs. Bergeret)

Box II.40 Treherne-Thomas, Mrs. M.W.

Box II.41 Troy, George

Box II.41 Tuggle, Mable Alice

Box II.41 Turner, Barbara

Box II.41 Turpin, Waters

Box II.41 Tyrnauer, Alfred

Box II.41 Umali, Nita (Mrs. Paul Bertholson)

Box II.41 Utley, Freda

Box II.41 Van Narvig, William

Box II.41 Veach, William Templeton

Box II.41 Vinal, Harold

Box II.41 Vining, Mrs. Lou Myrtis

Box II.41 Wadleigh, John W.

Box II.41 Waldron, Eli

Box II.41 Walker, Helene

Box II.41 Walton, E.V. (Mrs. Helen Scott)

Box II.41 Wambaugh, Dr. Sarah

Box II.41 Ward, Corky

Box II.41 Ward, John

Box II.41 Watkins, Edmund

Box II.41 Watson, Aura G.

Box II.41 Watt, Sholto

Box II.42 Waxburg, Joseph

Box II.42 Waxter, Peggy

Box II.42 Weatherly, Max

Box II.42 Webb, Todd

Box II.42 Weisbord, Marvin

Box II.43 Weiss, Morris

Box II.43 Welles, Paul B.

Box II.43 Welsh, John III

Box II.43 West, Anthony C.

Box II.43 Wheeler, H.R. (Stephen Richardson)

Box II.43 White, Charles Corwin

Box II.43 Whitelaw, Marjory

Box II.44 Whiting, Allen

Box II.44 Whiting, Betty

Box II.44 Whitt, Joseph

Box II.44 Willson and Benetti

Box II.44 Williams-Heller, Ann

Box II.44 Wilner, Ruth and Alfred

Box II.44 Winfield, Gilbert

Box II.44 Wolf, Charles Jr.

Box II.44 Wolfert, Jerry

Box II.44 Wood, M. Geer

Box II.44 Wood, Malcolm

Box II.45 Wright, Constance

Box II.45 Zerer, Elizabeth

Box II.45 Zern, Gordon and Joseph, Dr. Harry

Series III: Publishers, Agents, Etc.

Subseries III.1: Publishers, Agents, Etc.

Box III.1 American

Box III.1 American Family

Box III.1 American Home

Box III.1 American Legion Magazine

Box III.1 American Mercury

Box III.1 Association Press

Box III.1 Banner Magazines

Box III.1 Barrows & Co.

Box III.1 Better Living

Box III.1 Bluebook

Box III.1 Bruce Publishing Co.

Box III.1 Canadian Broadcasting Co.

Box III.1 Canadian Home Journal

Box III.1 Caravan

Box III.1 Christian Herald

Box III.1 Christophers

Box III.1 Citadel Press

Box III.1 Collier's

Box III.1 Columbia Broadcasting System

Box III.1 Compact

Box III.1 Contests

Box III.1 Copyright forms

Box III.1 Corporal Dickenson Story

Box III.1 Crowell-Collier

Box III.1 Everywoman's Magazine

Box III.2 Faith Today

Box III.2 Family Circle

Box III.2 Family Life

Box III.2 Family Times

Box III.2 Family Weekly

Box III.2 Farm Journal

Box III.2 Faulconer, Mary (Photographer)

Box III.2 Fishing Waters of the World

Box III.2 Fleet Publishing Corp

Box III.2 Frank Wisbar Productions, Inc.

Box III.2 Genesis West

Box III.2 Gentry

Box III.2 Heath, A.M. & Co.

Box III.2 High Fidelity

Box III.2 Holland's

Box III.2 Home

Box III.2 Household Magazine

Box III.2 Interiors

Box III.2 Jester

Box III.2 Liberty

Box III.2 Liberty of Canada

Box III.2 Lincoln-Mercury Times

Box III.2 Little Brand Publications

Box III.2 Manhunt Magazine

Box III.2 Man's Day

Box III.2 Man's Magazine

Box III.2 Mercury Publications

Box III.2 Michael Shayne Mystery

Box III.2 Miscellaneous Markets

Box III.2 Montreal Standard

Box III.2 Narcotics Anonymous, Inc.

Box III.2 National Business

Box III.2 National Geographic

Box III.2 National Humane Review

Box III.2 National Writers Club

Box III.2 New magazines, etc.

Box III.2 New Story Magazine

Box III.2 New York University Press

Box III.2 North American Review

Box III.3 O'Connell, Janice (Television)

Box III.3 Orsborne Expedition

Box III.3 Ottenheimer, I. and M.

Box III.3 Otto Bernz, Co.

Box III.3 Park East

Box III.3 Poetry awards

Box III.3 Points

Box III.3 Preminger (Ingo Preminger Agency)

Box III.3 Quality

Box III.3 Rex

Box III.3 Roy Publishers

Box III.3 Script

Box III.3 Sindeil, Bernard (Sindell Agency)

Box III.3 Society of Author's Representatives, Inc.

Box III.3 Sterling Publishing Co., Inc.

Box III.3 Story

Box III.3 Story-a-Day

Box III.3 Suspense Magazine

Box III.3 Talent Associates Ltd.

Box III.3 Television (John Foreman - Ed Moser)

Box III.3 Television--MCA--Irving Paley

Box III.3 Television--MCA--New York and Hollywood

Box III.3 Theater production

Box III.3 Today's Family

Box III.3 Today's Woman

Box III.3 Tomorrow

Box III.3 Town Journal

Box III.3 True Story

Box III.3 Twayne Publishers

Box III.3 "21" Magazine

Box III.3 Venture

Box III.3 Weird Tales

Box III.3 Western Review

Box III.3 Why Not? Magazine Inc.

Box III.3 Wilfred Funk, Inc.

Box III.3 The Woman

Box III.3 Woman's Home Companion

Box III.3 Wyn, A.A., Inc.

Subseries III.2: Financial Records, 1948-1953

Additional financial records can be found in Series IX.

Box III.4 Financial Records, 1948-1951

Includes cancelled checks, checkbooks, ledgers, statements and receipts, and other bank records.

Box III.5 Financial Records, 1950-1953

Includes cancelled checks and other bank records.

Subseries III.3: Personal Papers, 1948-1960

Box III.6 Appointment Books, 1948-1951, undated, 5 Volumes

Four volumes, 1948-1951. Another volume can be used for any year, and the year is not identified in the volume. Appointment books for 1955-1980 can be found in Subseries IX.1 in boxes IX.7, IX.8, and IX.9.

Box III.6 Cable Information, 1950

Box III.6 Clients Lists, 1952, undated

Box III.6 Farrell, James (Lawyer), 1948-1951

Box III.6 Nantucket Cottage, 1952-1953

Box III.6 Personal Correspondence, 1960

Box III.6 Queens College, 1957-1959

Box III.6 Schaffner, John--Personal, 1959

Series IV: Miscellaneous Correspondence (1968 Gift)

Box IV.1 A - Z, 1960

Box IV.2 A - Z, 1961

Box IV.3 A - C, 1962-1966

Box IV.4 D - H, 1962-1966

Box IV.5 I - M, 1962-1966

Box IV.6 N - R, 1962-1966

Box IV.7 S - Z, 1962-1966

Box IV.8 Accent

Box IV.8 Adventure

Box IV.8 Angas, Mary Mack, 1959-1960

Box IV.8 Anderson, Margaret

Box IV.8 Archdeacon, Sally, 1958-1961

Box IV.8 Armour, Richard, 1953-1957

Box IV.9 Armour, Richard, 1958-1962

Box IV.9 Armsby, Edward H.

Box IV.9 Arnold, Robert H.

Box IV.9 Augustine, Mrs. Caryl

Box IV.9 Aument, Carroll and Henrietta Sharp, 1956-1968

Box IV.9 Barret, Marvin and Mary Ellin, 1947-1964

Box IV.10 Barrows, Gwen H., 1963-1968

Box IV.10 Baum, William S

Box IV.10 Beal, Stephen

Box IV.10 Beller, Edwin A., 1957-1966

Box IV.10 Bertles, Stanley, 1959-1966

Box IV.10 Bertty, Nicholas, 1961-1965

Box IV.10 Berwick, Donald

Box IV.10 Biddle, Livingston, 1956-1962

Box IV.10 Black, Mrs. Isobel

Box IV.10 Blackwell, Harriet Gray, 1959-1968

Box IV.10 Bluebook

Box IV.10 Bon Appetit

Box IV.10 Borgese, Elisabeth H., 1959-1962

Box IV.11 Brand, Millen, 1958-1963

Box IV.11 Braun, David

Box IV.11 Brennan, Joseph Payoe

Box IV.11 Bried, Hedi, 1962-1964

Box IV.11 Bristol, Lee H, Jr., 1956-1964

Box IV.11 Brooke, Dr. James W., 1964-1968

Box IV.11 Brewer, William S., 1962-1965

Box IV.11 Brown, Betsy J.

Box IV.11 Brown, Esther

Box IV.11 Brown, Eugene, 1953-1958

Box IV.12 Brown, Helen Evans, 1948-1954

Box IV.13 Brown, Helen Evans, 1955-1962

Box IV.14 Brown, Jeff, 1953-1964

Box IV.14 Brown, Ned, 1950-1962

Box IV.14 Brucs, Jeannette, 1958-1962

Box IV.15 Bryant, Gertrude Thomson, 1955-1962

Box IV.15 Bundeff, Mrs. Mary A., 1963-1965

Box IV.15 Burch, Robert, 1955-1960

Box IV.15 Burke, Thomas, 1961-1966

Box IV.15 Byrd, Jerome J., 1958-1965

Box IV.15 Cabot, Robert, 1964-1965

Box IV.15 Callvert, Mrs. R. S., 1956-1960

Box IV.15 Campbell, Nancy V., 1956-1961

Box IV.15 Carmichael, Douglas, 1955-1961

Box IV.15 Carter, Alan F., 1951-1958

Box IV.16 Carter, Richard V., 1961-1966

Box IV.16 Carunungan, Celso Al, 1954-1961

Box IV.16 Cassell, Jean, 1958-1964

Box IV.16 Chang, Gertrude H., 1965-1968

Box IV.16 Chapin, Victor, 1951-1959

Box IV.16 Charles, George, 1961-1962

Box IV.17 Ciulla, A.J., 1950-1961

Box IV.17 Ciulla, Sam, 1949-1961

Box IV.17 Clark, William, 1964-1968

Box IV.17 Cogan, Mrs. Lee, 1958-1963

Box IV.17 Colpietro, Mrs. Julia, 1963-1964

Box IV.17 Colquitt, Edna, 1961-1963

Box IV.17 Contests, 1958-1960

Box IV.17 Conway, John Ashby

Box IV.17 Cooke, H.J., 1959-1962

Box IV.17 Cooper, Elizabeth Ann, 1949-1957

Box IV.18 Cooper Associates, Frank, 1960-1964

Box IV.18 Cooper, Frank (Ashley Famous), 1965-1967

Box IV.18 Cope, Mrs. Kathleen, 1964

Box IV.18 Corday, J. Michael, 1961-1968

Box IV.18 Coward, Tom Wheaton, 1961-1964

Box IV.18 Creekmore, Hubert, 1948-1954

Box IV.19 Creekmore, Hubert, 1955-1966

Box IV.19 Crump, Louise Eskrigge, 1949-1964

Box IV.20 Curley, Daniel, 1960-1962

Box IV.20 Currin, Elsie Corbitt

Box IV.20 Dahlberg, Gertrude, 1962-1966

Box IV.20 Davidson, Avram, 1956-1959

Box IV.20 Davis, Dorothy Mave, 1952-1960

Box IV.21 Deane, Shirley, 1959-1960

Box IV.21 Delfs, Annemarie, 1958-1960

Box IV.21 De Roulff, Patty, 1959-1968

Box IV.21 Des Champs, Grace, 1958-1961

Box IV.21 de Uribe, Irene, 1953-1961

Box IV.21 Discovery (Vance Boarjaily)

Box IV.21 Dodson, Owen, 1959-1965

Box IV.21 Donat, Alexander, 1960-1961

Box IV.21 Duke University Press

Box IV.21 Eichelberger, Mary Ann., 1960-1962

Box IV.21 Eilor, Mrs. Rocheen, 1959-1962

Box IV.21 Ellingson, Marnie, 1954-1957

Box IV.21 Elliot, Elisabeth (Lady Thindoid)

Box IV.21 Emory, Guy, 1950-1953

Box IV.22 Emory, Guy, 1954-1962

Box IV.22 Ettinger, Stan, 1962-1964

Box IV.22 Eugter, Carla, 1959-1962

Box IV.22 Evans, Ernestine, 1953-1966

Box IV.22 Exley, Fred, 1963-1964

Box IV.22 Farber, Dr. Maurice, 1959-1963

Box IV.22 Fekete, Irene, 1960-1964

Box IV.22 Fellowes-Gordon, Ian, 1953-1967

Box IV.23 Fitzpatrick, James T., 1963-1964

Box IV.23 Flanagan, J.R., 1961-1964

Box IV.23 Fogel, Ruby, 1962

Box IV.23 Friedberg, Judith, 1959-1960

Box IV.23 Furlaud, Alice, 1963-1966

Box IV.23 Gaiser, Carolyn, 1960-1965

Box IV.23 Garris, Jean, 1949-1965

Box IV.23 Gaynor, Donald R.

Box IV.23 Geison, Rose G., 1961-1965

Box IV.23 Gellert, Judith

Box IV.23 Gerson, Corinne, 1961-1965

Box IV.23 Giltz, Jean Wood, 1950-1966

Box IV.24 Godwin, James J., 1953-1968

Box IV.24 Goodwin, John, 1959-1963

Box IV.24 Gordon, Ellen, 1964-1965

Box IV.24 Gordon, Ian, 1956-1961

Box IV.24 Grady, Peter, 1961-1962

Box IV.24 Gray, Donald, 1962-1968

Box IV.24 Greene, Charles R., 1962-1966

Box IV.24 Greenwood, Helen, 1965-1968

Box IV.24 Grenier, Cynthia

Box IV.25 Griffn, Howard, 1961-1962

Box IV.25 Guldager, Carl, 1964-1967

Box IV.25 Guppy, Nicholas, 1959-1965

Box IV.25 Gwaltney, Francis Irby, 1951-1955

Box IV.25 Hall, Ben D., 1959-1966

Box IV.25 Hansen, A. Camilla, 1959-1960

Box IV.25 Harter, Matt, 1958-1967

Box IV.25 Hathaway, Cynthia, 1954-1955

Box IV.25 Headings, Lois, 1966-1968

Box IV.25 Heath, A.M. & Co., Ltd., 1953

Box IV.26 Heath, A.M. & Co., Ltd., 1954-1957

Box IV.27 Heath, A.M. & Co., Ltd., 1958-1961

Box IV.28 Henderson, Daniel, 1947-1955

Box IV.28 Hill, Elisabeth Starr, 1951-1961

Box IV.28 Hill & Knowlton

Box IV.28 Hillstrom, Wendell, 1963-1966

Box IV.28 Hoffman, Malcolm A., 1957-1960

Box IV.28 Holland, Henrietta Fort, 1955-1966

Box IV.28 Hopper, Millard (Laroy Street), 1950-1957

Box IV.29 Horch, Franz J., Associates, Inc., 1950-1957

Box IV.29 Hudson, Jean, 1959-1961

Box IV.29 Hume, Doris, 1953-1958

Box IV.29 Hunt, Jane, 1965-1968

Box IV.29 Irving, Leonard, 1960-1963

Box IV.30 Johnson, M. Elizabeth, 1965-1968

Box IV.30 Johnson, Fred, 1964-1966

Box IV.30 Johnstone, Ken, 1961-1966

Box IV.30 Jones, Sarah, 1962-1966

Box IV.30 Judd, Ann

Box IV.30 Kalter, Bella, 1961-1962

Box IV.30 Kaplan, Anne Bernays, 1958-1964

Box IV.30 Kaplan, Milton, 1953-1956

Box IV.30 Kassan, Roberta, 1964-1966

Box IV.30 Kearns, George, 1959-1963

Box IV.30 Kelder, Robert, 1958-1963

Box IV.30 Kelly, Neil, 1956-1963

Box IV.30 Kennedy, Anna and Douglas, 1949-1956

Box IV.31 Kirk, Lydia, 1951-1955

Box IV.31 Loenig, Helmut P., 1958-1962

Box IV.31 Kraus, Henry, 1965-1967

Box IV.31 Krim, Seymour, 1956=1960

Box IV.31 Kuhn, Irene, 1949-1960

Box IV.31 Kushner, Don, 1965-1967

Box IV.31 Kwoler, Constance, 1961-1962

Box IV.32 Lanci, Gabriel, 1961-1964

Box IV.32 Langis, Isabel, 1952-1961

Box IV.33 Lea, Henry Edward, 1963-1966

Box IV.33 Leisure Magazine

Box IV.33 Le Sueur, Joseph, 1956-1964

Box IV.33 Lewis, Brooks, 1965-1968

Box IV.33 Lewis, Rosemary Street, 1959-1961

Box IV.33 L'Heureux, John

Box IV.33 Lichelle, Robert, 1959-1961

Box IV.33 Lind, L.R.

Box IV.33 Lindsay, David R., 1955-1958

Box IV.33 Littlefield, Anne H., 1954-1956

Box IV.33 Littlefield, Thompson H., 1956-1963

Box IV.33 Loban, Ethel, 1955-1964

Box IV.33 Luchsinger, Charles R., 1959-1962

Box IV.33 Lukacs, John, 1965-1967

Box IV.34 Lyon, Jean, 1953-1960

Box IV.34 Lyons, Edward, 1950-1962

Box IV.34 Marion, Betty, 1959-1962

Box IV.34 McAllister, Bob, 1955-1962

Box IV.35 McCauley, Bill, 1965-1967

Box IV.35 McConnaughey, Suanne, 1953-1968

Box IV.35 McGavran, James Holt, 1954-1968

Box IV.35 Medoff, Mark, 1962-1964

Box IV.35 Micheau, Marie

Box IV.35 Michelson, Dr. Joseph P.

Box IV.35 Miller, Faith

Box IV.35 Miller, Floyd, 1952-1956

Box IV.35 Mitchell, Peter Todd, 1961-1962

Box IV.36 Montgomery, Harry N., 1960-1966

Box IV.36 Moore, Ward, 1954-1964

Box IV.36 Nadell, Aaron, 1958-1960

Box IV.36 Nagashima, Jiro

Box IV.36 Nelson, Donawayne, 1965-1967

Box IV.36 O'Brien, Lucy, 1960-1961

Box IV.36 Oppenheim, Garrett

Box IV.36 Packard, Robert

Box IV.36 Palmer, Dorothy Pascoe, 1960-1965

Box IV.36 Peters, Anne, 1958-1962

Box IV.36 Picton, James, 1961-1962

Box IV.36 Posten, James, 1958-1964

Box IV.36 Purdy, Carlisle and Doddo

Box IV.36 Pye, N.K., 1965-1966

Box IV.36 Quinn, William G., 1967-1968

Box IV.36 Rawlinson, James L., 1963-1967

Box IV.36 Reno, Raymond H., 1965-1967

Box IV.36 Richey, Elinor, 1963-1967

Box IV.36 Riefe, Alan, 1962-1966

Box IV.37 Robinson, Phyllis and Delphini, Fiscella, 1959-1961

Box IV.37 Rockefeller, James S., Jr., 1952-1957

Box IV.37 Ross, Frank, Jr., 1953-1957

Box IV.37 Rothberg, Abraham, 1956-1962

Box IV.37 Rourke, James, 1954-1960

Box IV.38 Sager, Gordon, 1961-1962

Box IV.38 Sales, 1948-1955

Box IV.38 Samuels, E. Kenneth, 1957-1960

Box IV.38 Sandberg, Helga

Box IV.38 Sander, Joseph, 1955-1958

Box IV.38 Sayre, Anne, 1955-1959

Box IV.38 Schmindeberg, Dr. Melitta, 1956-1960

Box IV.38 Schmidt, Walter R.

Box IV.38 Schmittroth, John

Box IV.38 Schoonmaker, Frank, 1956-1966

Box IV.38 Schrempp, Mrs. E.K., 1956-1959

Box IV.39 Seavey, Mark

Box IV.39 Seavy, Susan, 1953-1963

Box IV.39 Second Coming

Box IV.39 Seideman, Richard

Box IV.39 Seller, H. Richard, 1959-1962

Box IV.39 Selvon, Samuel, 1959-1964

Box IV.40 Sharon, Mary Bruce, 1952-1954

Box IV.40 Sharon, Henrietta Bruce (Mrs. Carroll Aument), 1953-1956

Box IV.40 Shattuck, Katharine, 1957-1964

Box IV.40 Sheppard-Jones, Elizabeth

Box IV.40 Sherman, Beatrix

Box IV.40 Shock Magazine

Box IV.40 Siegel, Doris, 1956-1961

Box IV.40 Simmons, Edwin H., 1958-1965

Box IV.40 Simpson, Howard R., 1957-1961

Box IV.40 Sloan, Helen, 1956-1957

Box IV.40 Smith, John Caswell, 1962-1966

Box IV.40 Smith, Joseph

Box IV.41 Spanier, Muriel, 1950-1961

Box IV.41 Stacy, Paul H., 1962-1966

Box IV.41 Star Weekly, 1954-1961

Box IV.41 Statements and Receipts, 1959-1960

Box IV.41 Stebbins, Elinor, 1958-1962

Box IV.41 Stephenson, Geneva

Box IV.41 Sterling, Helen

Box IV.41 Sterling, Pan

Box IV.41 Stevenson, Candice, 1957-1965

Box IV.41 Stuart, Floyd C.

Box IV.41 Talbot, Toby, 1957-1967

Box IV.42 Tanski, Richard

Box IV.42 Taylor, Mrs. Fred

Box IV.42 Teja, Mrs. J. Dhama

Box IV.42 Temianka, Henry, 1949-1966

Box IV.42 This Month

Box IV.42 Toklas, Alice B.

Box IV.42 Trimmer, Daniel

Box IV.42 Tumer, Barbara, 1952-1955

Box IV.42 Urbanite, The

Box IV.42 Value, Barbara

Box IV.42 Vawter, Ellen, 1955-1963

Box IV.42 Vincent, Hettie (Mrs. Hettie Nutbrown), 1961-1964

Box IV.42 Von Barnekow, Erik

Box IV.43 Walker, Joan (Television), 1957-1962

Box IV.43 Ward, Ralph, 1961-1966

Box IV.43 Watkins, Edmund, 1961-1962

Box IV.43 Webster, Harvey Curtis, 1960-1962

Box IV.43 Weekend Picture Magazine

Box IV.43 Welch, Helen L.

Box IV.43 West, John Foster

Box IV.43 White, Charles Corwin

Box IV.43 Williams, Brad, 1955-1962

Box IV.44 Woodyatt, Phillip, 1955-1962

Box IV.44 Woolcott, Barbara, 1955-1965

Box IV.44 Wright, Russel

Box IV.44 Wright, Thomas

Box IV.44 Wynn, Constance, 1950-1954

Box IV.44 Yeh, Mrs. M.H. (Hwa Yen), 1964-1965

Box IV.44 Zimmerman, Clyde, 1961-1962

Series V: 1969 Gift

Box V.1 A, 1967

Box V.1 Appletion Century Crofts

Box V.1 Athill, Diana, 1958-1960

Box V.1 Audience

Box V.1 Audience Magazine

Box V.1 Aware Magazine

Box V.1 B

Box V.1 Bataille, Marie-Louise, 1967

Box V.1 Beachcomber Magazine

Box V.1 Beard, James A., 1954-1959, 5 folders

Box V.2 Bernays, Anne

Box V.2 Boston Spectator

Box V.2 Brennan, Joseph Payne

Box V.2 Bried, Hedi

Box V.2 Bristol, Lee H., Jr.

Box V.2 Brown, Helen Evans, 1963-1966, 2 folders

Box V.2 Browne, Gordon, 1960-1968

Box V.2 C, 1967

Box V.2 Cady, James Lowell, 1960-1963

Box V.2 Carter, James Lowell, 1959-1969

Box V.2 Clipper Magazine

Box V.2 Contact

Box V.2 Coronet

Box V.2 Country Beautiful

Box V.2 Coven 13

Box V.3 D, 1967

Box V.3 Davidson, Bernice ( Cornelia Haas), 1962-1968

Box V.3 Disney, Walt

Box V.3 E, 1967

Box V.3 Eclov, Shirley Pfoutz, 1953-1960

Box V.3 Erwin, Carol

Box V.3 Escapade

Box V.3 Evans, Ernestine

Box V.3 F, 1967

Box V.3 Farber, Maurice L.

Box V.3 First Person

Box V.3 Freeman, Helen, 1963-1969

Box V.3 French, William

Box V.3 Furland, Alice

Box V.3 G, 1967

Box V.3 Garbarrini, Allan

Box V.3 Gardner, Mary

Box V.3 Goepp, Ada, 1964-1969

Box V.3 Good Housekeeping

Box V.3 Goodman, Leo

Box V.4 Gordon, Ian, 1962-1968

Box V.4 Graves, John, 1952-1958

Box V.4 Gwaltney. Francis Irbey, 1956-1964

Box V.5 H, 1967

Box V.5 Haber, James, 1964-1965

Box V.5 Hail, Larence Sargent, 1956-1964

Box V.5 Hanlon, John

Box V.5 Harbert, John

Box V.5 Haring, Firth, 1963-1965

Box V.5 Hathaway, Cynthia, 1956-1963

Box V.5 Haulenbeeck, A. L., 1959-1965

Box V.5 Hautzig, Esther, 1961-1968

Box V.5 Hazzard, Dorothy

Box V.5 Hearst Magazine

Box V.5 Heavener, Theodore, 1964-1965

Box V.5 Heber, Mary H.

Box V.5 Henderson, Daniel S.

Box V.5 Hershman, Mrs. Dorothy J.

Box V.5 Hillary, Judith

Box V.5 Hirschberg

Box V.5 Holland, Henrietta Fort, 1958-1963

Box V.5 Hollander, Helen, 1962-1968

Box V.5 Holt, John Dominis

Box V.5 Hopper, Millard, 1958-1963

Box V.5 Howard, Brett, 1963-1968

Box V.6 Hubbard, Loyola Lee, 1963

Box V.6 Hugh French Agency

Box V.6 Hume, Doris

Box V.6 Huntsberry, W.E., 1957-1959

Box V.6 I, 1967

Box V.6 Iberica

Box V.6 Ives Washburn Inc.

Box V.6 J, 1967

Box V.6 K, 1967

Box V.6 Kalechosfsky, Roberta, 1966-1969

Box V.6 Kokjohn, Josephe

Box V.6 Kronholtz, Jane

Box V.6 L, 1967

Box V.6 Ladies Home Journal

Box V.7 M, 1967

Box V.7 MacKenzie, Jan

Box V.7 Meade, Walter, 1960-1965

Box V.7 Mitchell, Burroughs and Helen, 1958-1963

Box V.7 N, 1967

Box V.7 O, 1967

Box V.7 Oberon Press

Box V.7 Oblensky, Inc.

Box V.7 P, 1967

Box V.7 Pageant Press

Box V.7 Parade

Box V.7 Paul Small Artists

Box V.7 Phillips, R. Hart

Box V.7 Plant, Richard

Box V.7 Pomeroy, Ralph

Box V.7 Popular Library

Box V.7 Popular Publications

Box V.7 R, 1967

Box V.7 The Racine Press

Box V.7 Readers and Writers

Box V.7 The Reporter

Box V.7 The Ridge Press

Box V.7 Rinehart & Company, Inc.

Box V.7 Rogue

Box V.7 Ryan, John J., 1962-1969

Box V.8 S, 1968

Box V.8 Saga

Box V.8 Samples, Ruhl M.

Box V.8 Saturday Evening Post

Box V.8 Savory, Teo, 1965-1969

Box V.8 Schrempp, Beth

Box V.8 Sharon, Henrietta Bruce

Box V.8 Show Magazine

Box V.8 Siegel, Jerome S., Associates

Box V.8 Simmons, Charles, 1960-1964

Box V.8 Simpson, Howard R., 1962-1964

Box V.8 Society of Authors Representatives, 1960-1961

Box V.8 Swayzee, Elizabeth L.

Box V.9 T, 1967

Box V.9 Tate, David

Box V.9 This Week

Box V.9 Town & Country

Box V.9 Treat, Ida, 1962-1967

Box V.9 Troy, George, 1962-1969

Box V.9 Turner, Barbara, 1962-1967

Box V.9 Turner, Barbara


Box V.9 V, 1967

Box V.9 Vallotton, Annie

Box V.9 W, 1967

Box V.9 Welch, Mary Scott

Box V.9 Wheeler, Thomas

Box V.9 Williams, Annie Laurie, Inc.

Box V.9 Wilton, Norman

Box V.9 Winship, Newton

Box V.9 Wood, Malcolm, 1955-1967

Box V.9 Wynn, Constance, 1955-1967

Box V.9 XYZ, 1967

Series VI: 1972 Gift

Box VI.1 Abelson, Ann

Box VI.1 Adler, James

Box VI.1 Armour, Richard, 1963, 1965

Box VI.1 Blum, Gary Devon, 1964-1969

Box VI.1 Brown, Eugene S., 1959, 1965-1969

Box VI.1 Cavallaro, Ann, 1970

Box VI.1 Corrigan, Faith

Box VI.1 Danforth, Kenneth, 1962-1969

Box VI.1 Derrick, Neil

Box VI.1 Deschamps, Adams H. (Anick DeChamplain)

Box VI.1 Fontsere, Helen

Box VI.1 Gordon, Ethel Edison, 1961, 1963

Box VI.1 Gourse, Leslie

Box VI.1 Greer, David

Box VI.1 Hart, Maxine

Box VI.1 Harvor, Beth

Box VI.2 Hazzard, Dorothy

Box VI.2 A.M. Heath Accounts, 1954-1957

Box VI.2 A.M. Heath Accounts, 1958

Box VI.2 A.M. Heath Accounts, 1959

Box VI.2 A.M. Heath Accounts, 1960

Box VI.2 A.M. Heath Accounts, 1961

Box VI.2 A.M. Heath Accounts, 1962

Box VI.2 A.M. Heath, 1962

Box VI.2 A.M. Heath, 1963

Box VI.2 A.M. Heath, 1964

Box VI.2 A.M. Heath, 1965 January-June

Box VI.2 A.M. Heath, 1965 July-December

Box VI.2 Hershman, Dorothy J .

Box VI.2 James, Laurie, 1968-1969

Box VI.2 James, Laurie, 1970-1971

Box VI.2 Kotker, Zane, 1969

Box VI.2 Kotker, Zane, 1970

Box VI.2 Kraus, Harold, 1970

Box VI.3 Lukas, Mary, 1971

Box VI.3 Lynch, Donald, 1970-1972

Box VI.3 Maas, Jeannette P., 1970

Box VI.3 Mahan, Patte Wheaton

Box VI.3 Mahan, Patte Wheaton, 1971

Box VI.3 Marks, Edward

Box VI.3 May, Nathanie Clifford

Box VI.3 Mazoué, JoAnn

Box VI.3 Miller, Janet Maurer, 1970

Box VI.3 Morris, Robert L.

Box VI.3 Moscoso-Gongora, Peter, 1970-1971

Box VI.3 Peck, Judith, 1970

Box VI.3 Price, Raye Carleson (Mrs. Richard S.)

Box VI.3 Price, Raye Carleson, 1970

Box VI.3 Roberts, Carey

Box VI.3 Scott, Elizabeth M.

Box VI.3 Shearer, Stephen

Box VI.3 Smith, Ethel Sabin, 1970-1971

Box VI.3 S.A.R, 1962

Box VI.3 S.A.R, 1963

Box VI.3 S.A.R, 1964

Box VI.3 Taylor, Chet

Box VI.3 Taylor, Lucy

Box VI.3 Temianka, Henri, 1970

Box VI.3 Thayer, Mary Muller, 1970

Box VI.3 Veasie, Mrs. Isabel W.

Series VII: 1976 Gift

Box VII.1 A, 1968-1969, 1970, 1971, 1972

Box VII.1 Aaron, Sam, 1954-1969, 1970, 1971, 1972

Box VII.1 Abelson, Ann, 1970

Box VII.1 Alfred Hitchcock's Mystery Magazine

Box VII.1 And/Or Press

Box VII.1 Armour, Richard, 1966-1969, 1970, 1971-1972

Box VII.1 Army times

Box VII.1 Athill, Diana, 1964-1969, 1970-1971

Box VII.1 Atlantic Monthly, 1952-1969

Box VII.1 Audience Magazine

Box VII.1 Avon Publishing Co.

Box VII.2 B, 1968-1969, 1970, 1971, 1972

Box VII.2 Bacon, Margaret, 1966-1969

Box VII.2 Balakian, Anne, 1972

Box VII.2 Balakian, Nona

Box VII.2 Balakian, Nona, 1970-1971, 1972

Box VII.2 Banford, Martin, 1972-1973

Box VII.2 Baralini, Helen, 1973-1975

Box VII.2 Barnard, Curtis B., 1963-1969

Box VII.2 Barnard, Curtis B., 1970-1973

Box VII.3 Bartle, Annette

Box VII.3 Barzman, Sol, 1968-1969

Box VII.3 Barzman, Sol, 1970

Box VII.3 Barzman, Sol, 1971

Box VII.3 Barzman, Sol, 1972

Box VII.3 Beard, James A., 1960

Box VII.3 Beard, James A., 1961

Box VII.3 Beard, James A., 1962

Box VII.3 Beard, James A., 1963

Box VII.3 Beard, James A., 1964

Box VII.3 Bender, Steven, 1972-1973

Box VII.3 Benson, Elizabeth Polk, 1970

Box VII.3 Benson, Elizabeth Polk, 1971-1975

Box VII.3 Bermath, Ursula, 1972-1974

Box VII.3 Bernhard, Robert, 1972-1973

Box VII.4 Biancolli, Louis, 1964-1966

Box VII.4 Biancolli, Louis, 1967

Box VII.4 Biancolli, Louis, 1968

Box VII.4 Biancolli, Louis, 1969

Box VII.4 Biancolli, Louis, 1970

Box VII.4 Biancolli, Louis, 1971-1973

Box VII.4 Biddle, Livingston, 1963-1969

Box VII.4 Blackman, Sheldon, 1972-1975

Box VII.4 Bond, James D., 1974-1975

Box VII.4 Borgese, Elizabeth Mann, 1963-1965

Box VII.5 Borgese, Elizabeth Mann, 1966-1967

Box VII.5 Borgese, Elizabeth Mann, 1968-1969

Box VII.5 Bried, Hedi, 1969

Box VII.5 Brown, Betsy, 1970-1973

Box VII.5 Brown, Philip S. (Estate of Helen Evans Brown), 1967-1969, 1970-1973

Box VII.5 Brown, Rebecca Gilson, 1970

Box VII.5 Brown, Rebecca Gilson, 1971

Box VII.5 Brown, Townsend II, 1972-1973

Box VII.5 Brown, Townsend II, 1974-1975

Box VII.5 Browne, Corinne, 1972-1973

Box VII.5 Browne, Gordon, 1971-1973

Box VII.5 Browning, Mrs. Elizabeth L., 1961-1962, 1962-1967

Box VII.5 Browning, Mrs. Elizabeth L., 1968-1969

Box VII.5 Browning, Mrs. Elizabeth L., 1970

Box VII.5 Browning, Mrs. Elizabeth L., 1971

Box VII.5 Browning, Mrs. Elizabeth L., 1972-1973

Box VII.6 Bryngelson, Mary Ellen, 1970-1973

Box VII.6 Bruce, Jeanette, 1963-1968, 1969

Box VII.6 Bruning, H.F., 1970-1971

Box VII.6 Burch, Robert U., 1961-1969

Box VII.6 Burch, Robert U., 1970-1973

Box VII.6 C, 1967-1969

Box VII.6 C, 1971

Box VII.6 C, 1972

Box VII.6 C, 1973

Box VII.7 Callvert, Mrs. R.S., 1961-1962, 1962-1968, 1968-1969

Box VII.7 Campbell, Meg, 1970, 1971, 1972-1973

Box VII.7 Carrick, Virginia B.

Box VII.7 Carter, Bedford Forrest

Box VII.7 Carter, Richard, 1971-1972

Box VII.7 Carunungan, Celso Al

Box VII.7 Cavalier Magazine

Box VII.7 Cenac, Winston, 1970

Box VII.7 Census of Business

Box VII.7 Chaikin, Nancy (Mrs. Marvin Chaikin), 1960-1961, 1962, 1962-1967, 1968, 1969

Box VII.7 Chaikin, Nancy (Mrs. Marvin Chaikin), 1972-1973

Box VII.7 Channel Press

Box VII.7 Chanticleer Press

Box VII.7 Chapin, Victor

Box VII.7 Chapin, Victor, 1960-1962

Box VII.7 Chapin, Victor, 1963-1969

Box VII.7 Chapin, Victor, 1970-1973

Box VII.8 Charm

Box VII.8 Charter House

Box VII.8 Chelsea

Box VII.8 Chilton Co.

Box VII.8 Ciulla, A.J., 1962-1969

Box VII.8 Ciulla, Sam F., 1962-1963, 1968-1969

Box VII.8 Claiborne, Craig, 1959-1966

Box VII.8 Claiborne, Craig, 1967-1969

Box VII.8 Claiborne, Craig, 1970

Box VII.8 Claiborne, Craig, 1971

Box VII.8 Codman, Florence, 1960-1966, 1969-1969

Box VII.8 Cohen, Hy, 1966-1969

Box VII.8 Cole, Lucretia, 1972

Box VII.8 Cole, Lucretia, 1973

Box VII.8 Collier Books (Crowell-Collier Corp.)

Box VII.9 Conaway, Ray

Box VII.9 Conaway, Ray, 1970

Box VII.9 Conaway, Ray, 1971

Box VII.9 Conaway, Ray, 1972-1973

Box VII.9 Conaway, Ray, 1974-1975

Box VII.9 Constable and Co. Ltd.

Box VII.9 Cooper, Elizabeth Ann, 1961-1964

Box VII.9 Cooper, Elizabeth Ann, 1965-1969

Box VII.9 Cooper, Elizabeth Ann, 1970

Box VII.9 Cooper, Elizabeth Ann, 1971

Box VII.9 Cooper, Elizabeth Ann, 1972-1973

Box VII.10 Cooper, Frank Agency

Box VII.10 Copeland, Helen, 1963-1966

Box VII.10 Copeland, Helen, 1967-1969

Box VII.10 Copeland, Helen, 1970

Box VII.10 Copeland, Helen, 1971

Box VII.10 Corfman, Eunice, 1963-1966

Box VII.10 Corfman, Eunice, 1967-1969

Box VII.10 Corfman, Eunice, 1970

Box VII.10 Corfman, Eunice, 1971

Box VII.10 Corfman, Eunice, 1972-1973

Box VII.10 Corrigan, Faith, 1970-1972

Box VII.10 Crayder, Dorothy, 1961-1969

Box VII.10 Crayder, Dorothy, 1972-1973

Box VII.10 Criterion Books

Box VII.10 The Critic

Box VII.10 Crowell-Collier

Box VII.11 Curley, Daniel, 1963-1964

Box VII.11 Curley, Daniel, 1965-1967

Box VII.11 Curley, Daniel, 1968-1969

Box VII.11 Curley, Daniel, 1970

Box VII.11 Curley, Daniel, 1971

Box VII.11 Curley, Daniel, 1972

Box VII.11 Curtis Books

Box VII.11 Curtis, Richard, 1970-1973

Box VII.11 Cusack, Isabel Langis, 1962-1969

Box VII.11 Cusack, Isabel Langis, 1970-1972

Box VII.12 D, 1968-1969

Box VII.12 D, 1970

Box VII.12 D, 1971

Box VII.12 D, 1972

Box VII.12 D, 1973

Box VII.12 Danzig, Naomi, 1970-1972

Box VII.12 Davis, Fitzroy

Box VII.12 Davis, Fitzroy, 1970-1972

Box VII.12 Davis, Howard, 1965-1969

Box VII.12 Davis, Howard, 1970-1971

Box VII.12 Davis, Howard, 1972

Box VII.12 DeForest, Michael, 1972

Box VII.12 DeJaegher, Raymond J. (Rev.)

Box VII.12 Denver Quarterly

Box VII.12 Derrick, Neil, 1970-1972

Box VII.12 Dickson, Carol S., 1972-1973

Box VII.12 Dmitroff, Olga, 1971-1972

Box VII.12 Dorman, Sonya, 1960-1962, 1964

Box VII.12 Dorman, Sonya, 1965-1966

Box VII.13 Dorman, Sonya, 1967-1968

Box VII.13 Dorman, Sonya, 1969

Box VII.13 Dorman, Sonya, 1970

Box VII.13 Dorman, Sonya, 1971

Box VII.13 Doubleday and Co., Inc.

Box VII.13 Dunlop, Richard, 1961

Box VII.13 Dunlop, Richard, 1962-1964

Box VII.13 Dunlop, Richard, 1965

Box VII.14 Dunlop, Richard, 1966-1967

Box VII.14 Dunlop, Richard, 1968-1969

Box VII.14 Dunlop, Richard, 1970

Box VII.14 Dunlop, Richard, 1971

Box VII.14 Dunlop, Richard, 1972-1973

Box VII.14 E, 1968-1969

Box VII.14 E, 1970

Box VII.14 E, 1971

Box VII.14 E, 1972

Box VII.14 Eclov, Shirley Pfoutz, 1961

Box VII.14 Eclov, Shirley Pfoutz, 1962

Box VII.15 Eclov, Shirley Pfoutz, 1964-1966

Box VII.15 Eclov, Shirley Pfoutz, 1967-1969

Box VII.15 Eclov, Shirley Pfoutz, 1970-1971

Box VII.15 Eclov, Shirley Pfoutz, 1972-1973

Box VII.15 Eder, James, 1972-1973

Box VII.15 Eder, James, 1974-1975

Box VII.15 Ehmann, James Morgan, 1971-1973

Box VII.15 Elias, Bob, 1972-1973

Box VII.15 Elias, Bob, 1974-1975

Box VII.15 Ellington, Marnie, 1961-1968

Box VII.15 Ellington, Marnie, 1969

Box VII.15 Ellington, Marnie, 1970-1971

Box VII.15 Ellington, Marnie, 1972-1973

Box VII.16 Encylopedia Brittanica

Box VII.16 Engel, Lehman, 1962-1966

Box VII.16 Engel, Lehman, 1967-1969

Box VII.16 Engel, Lehman, 1970-1973

Box VII.16 Engle, Katherine (Torak), 1962, 1967-1969

Box VII.16 Engle, Katherine (Torak), 1970-1972

Box VII.16 Englund, Steven L ., 1971-1973

Box VII.16 Espy, Hilda Cole, 1971

Box VII.16 Espy, Hilda Cole, 1972-1973

Box VII.16 Eye

Box VII.16 F, 1968-1969

Box VII.16 F, 1970

Box VII.16 F, 1971

Box VII.16 F, 1972

Box VII.16 Farrar, Straus, and Young

Box VII.17 Fell, Frederick, Inc.

Box VII.17 Ferrone, John

Box VII.17 Ferrone, John, 1970-1973

Box VII.17 Fields, Arthur

Box VII.17 Fisele, Barbara and Brendy, Harriett

Box VII.17 Flanagan, Robert

Box VII.17 Flanagan, Robert, 1971-1972

Box VII.17 Flanagan, Robert, 1972-1973

Box VII.17 Flayderman, Phillip C., 1965-1969

Box VII.17 Flayderman, Phillip C., 1970, 1971-1972

Box VII.17 Fleet Publishing

Box VII.17 Flint, Einar P., 1970-1971, 1972

Box VII.17 Franchere, Ruth, 1964-1969

Box VII.17 Franchere, Ruth, 1970-1971

Box VII.17 Franchere, Ruth, 1972

Box VII.17 Friedlow, Claire, 1971-1973

Box VII.17 Friedman, Roger, 1973-1974

Box VII.17 Fritzhand, James

Box VII.17 Fritzhand, James, 1970

Box VII.17 Fritzhand, James, 1971

Box VII.17 Fuller, Nathan

Box VII.17 Funk and Wagnals Co.

Box VII.18 G, 1968-1969

Box VII.18 G, 1970

Box VII.18 G, 1971

Box VII.18 G, 1972

Box VII.18 Gallery

Box VII.18 Gallimard

Box VII.18 Gambit

Box VII.18 Garrison, Peter

Box VII.18 Garrison, Peter, 1970-1972

Box VII.18 Gelb, Norman, 1970-1973

Box VII.18 Gentlemen's Quarterly

Box VII.18 Ghosts

Box VII.18 C.R. Gibson Co.

Box VII.18 Gilchrist, Eleanor, 1970-1971

Box VII.18 Gilchrist, Eleanor, 1972-1973

Box VII.18 Giloane, Ziva D., 1971-1972

Box VII.18 Glassner, Dr. Morton

Box VII.18 Goldfarb, Robert--Agent, 1964

Box VII.18 Goldfarb, Robert--CMA, 1965

Box VII.18 Goldfarb, Robert, 1966-1969

Box VII.18 Goldreich, Gloria, 1963-1966

Box VII.18 Goldreich, Gloria, 1967-1969

Box VII.19 Goldreich, Gloria, 1970

Box VII.19 Goldreich, Gloria, 1971

Box VII.19 Goldreich, Gloria, 1972

Box VII.19 Good Food

Box VII.19 Gordon, Ethel Edison, 1964-1966

Box VII.19 Gordon, Ethel Edison, 1967-1968

Box VII.19 Gordon, Ethel Edison, 1969

Box VII.19 Gordon, Ethel Edison, 1970

Box VII.19 Gordon, Ethel Edison, 1971

Box VII.19 Gordon, Ethel Edison, 1972

Box VII.19 Gould, John, 1973-1975

Box VII.19 Gourse, Leslie, 1970-1972

Box VII.20 Graham, Elinor, 1964-1969

Box VII.20 Graham, Sheilah

Box VII.20 Grant, Campbell, 1965-1969

Box VII.20 Grant, Kay, 1972-1973

Box VII.20 Graves, John, 1961, 1968-1969

Box VII.20 Greenberg, Daniel S., 1964-1965, 1968-1969

Box VII.20 Greenberg, Daniel S., 1970

Box VII.20 Greenberg, Daniel S., 1971

Box VII.20 Greenberg, Daniel S., 1972-1973

Box VII.20 Greenberg, Jack, 1960-1969

Box VII.20 Grindley, John

Box VII.20 Grindley, John, 1970-1971

Box VII.20 Grindley, John, 1972-1973

Box VII.21 Grosser, Maurice, 1961, 1965, 1968-1969

Box VII.21 Grosser, Maurice, 1970-1973

Box VII.21 Grossman, Alfred, 1956-1958, 1962-1964

Box VII.21 Grossman, Alfred, 1965-1969

Box VII.21 Grossman, Alfred, 1970

Box VII.21 Grossman, Alfred, 1971-1973

Box VII.21 Groveman, Joseph E.

Box VII.21 Gwalthey, Francis Irby, 1965, 1968-1969

Box VII.22 H, 1968-1969

Box VII.22 H, 1970

Box VII.22 H, 1971

Box VII.22 H, 1972

Box VII.22 Haig, Roberta, 1963, 1968-1969

Box VII.22 Haig, Roberta, 1970-1973

Box VII.22 Haponski, William C., 1972-1973

Box VII.22 Harris, John Stephan, 1972-1973

Box VII.22 Harris, John Stephan, 1972-1973

Box VII.22 Harris, John Stephan, 1974-1975

Box VII.22 Hart, Maxine, 1970-1972

Box VII.22 Harvor, Beth, 1970

Box VII.22 Harvor, Beth, 1971

Box VII.22 Hathaway, Cynthia

Box VII.22 Haulenbeek, Alfred W.

Box VII.22 Hautzig, Esther, 1962-1963, 1966

Box VII.23 Hautzig, Esther, 1967

Box VII.23 Hautzig, Esther, 1968

Box VII.23 Hautzig, Esther, 1969

Box VII.23 Hautzig, Esther, 1970

Box VII.23 Hautzig, Esther, 1971

Box VII.23 Hautzig, Esther, 1972

Box VII.23 Hayman, LeRoy

Box VII.23 Hayman, LeRoy, 1970-1971

Box VII.24 Hill and Wang Inc.

Box VII.24 Hillman Books and Periodicals

Box VII.24 Hilton Carte Blanche

Box VII.24 Hirschberg, Cornelius, 1963-1964, 1966

Box VII.24 Hirschberg, Cornelius, 1967-1969

Box VII.24 Hirschberg, Cornelius, 1970-1971

Box VII.24 Hirst, Albert

Box VII.24 Hoffman, T.W., Jr.

Box VII.24 Hogan, Elizabeth, 1967-1969

Box VII.24 Hogan, Elizabeth, 1970

Box VII.24 Hogan, Elizabeth, 1971

Box VII.24 Hogan, Elizabeth, 1972-1973

Box VII.24 Holahan, Susan, 1973-1974

Box VII.24 Holladay, Sally G., 1972-1973

Box VII.24 Hope, Marjorie, 1972

Box VII.24 Hopper, Millard, 1964-1969

Box VII.24 Hopper, Millard, 1970

Box VII.24 Hopper, Millard, 1971

Box VII.25 Horch--Statements

Box VII.25 Horch--Statements, 1958

Box VII.25 Franz J. Horch, Assoc., 1958

Box VII.25 Horch Associates, 1959

Box VII.25 Horch Associates--Accounts, 1959

Box VII.25 Horch Associates--Accounts, 1960

Box VII.25 Horch Associates, 1960

Box VII.25 Horch Associates, 1961

Box VII.25 Horch Associates, 1961

Box VII.25 Horch Associates, 1962

Box VII.25 Horch Associates, 1962

Box VII.25 Horch Associates, 1963

Box VII.25 Horch Associates, 1963

Box VII.25 Horch Associates, 1964

Box VII.25 Horch Associates, 1964

Box VII.25 Horizon

Box VII.25 Howard, Willing

Box VII.25 Howes, Barbara, 1960-1966

Box VII.26 Howes, Barbara, 1967-1969

Box VII.26 Howes, Barbara, 1970

Box VII.26 Howes, Barbara, 1971

Box VII.26 Howes, Barbara, 1972-1973

Box VII.26 Hruska, Donna, 1972

Box VII.26 Hudson Institute

Box VII.26 Hudson, James, 1969

Box VII.26 Hudson, James, 1970-1971

Box VII.26 Huntsberry, William E., 1960-1964

Box VII.26 Huntsberry, William E., 1970-1971

Box VII.27 I, 1968-1969

Box VII.27 I, 1970

Box VII.27 I, 1971

Box VII.27 Ingenue

Box VII.27 J, 1967-1969

Box VII.27 J, 1970

Box VII.27 J, 1971

Box VII.27 J, 1972

Box VII.27 Jarrow Press

Box VII.27 Jayme, William North

Box VII.27 Jerrard, Margot

Box VII.27 Jerrard, Margot, 1970-1971

Box VII.27 Jerrard, Margot, 1972-1975

Box VII.27 Johns, Andrew and Barnett, Ron

Box VII.27 Johnson, James F ., 1964-1969

Box VII.27 Johnson, James F ., 1970-1973

Box VII.27 Johnson, William D., 1966-1969

Box VII.27 Johnson, William D., 1970-1972

Box VII.27 Joyce, Walter, 1963-1969

Box VII.27 K, 1968-1969

Box VII.27 K, 1970

Box VII.27 K, 1971

Box VII.27 K, 1972

Box VII.27 Kaigai, Hyoron SHA

Box VII.27 Kaplan, Milton, 1964-1969

Box VII.27 Katz, Herbert, 1971-1972

Box VII.27 Katz, Mrs. Relli, 1963-1969

Box VII.27 Katz, Relli, 1970-1974

Box VII.27 Katz, Shlomo, 1973-1974

Box VII.28 Kearns, George, 1970-1971

Box VII.28 Kellerman, Jonathan and Elias, Bob, 1972-1973

Box VII.28 Kemper, Ben

Box VII.28 Kennedy, Dr. Doris, 1972-1973

Box VII.28 Kenyon Review

Box VII.28 Kerouac, Jan and Lash, John

Box VII.28 Khan, Ismith, 1959-1961, 1966

Box VII.28 Khan, Ismith, 1967-1969

Box VII.28 Khan, Ismith, 1970-1971

Box VII.28 Kidde, Katherine, 1970-1972

Box VII.28 Kiker, Douglas, 1962, 1968-1969

Box VII.28 King, Rufus, 1971

Box VII.28 King, Rufus, 1972

Box VII.29 Kirk, Lydia, 1958-1959

Box VII.29 Kirk, Lydia, 1970-1971

Box VII.29 Klinger, Stella, 1972-1973

Box VII.29 Kluger, Marilyn

Box VII.29 Kluger, Marilyn, 1970

Box VII.29 Kluger, Marilyn, 1971

Box VII.29 Kluger, Marilyn, 1972

Box VII.29 Koffend, John B.

Box VII.29 Kramer, Dale, 1966-1968

Box VII.29 Kubin, Irene, 1970-1973

Box VII.29 L, 1968-1969

Box VII.29 L, 1970

Box VII.29 L, 1971

Box VII.29 L, 1972

Box VII.29 Lauber, Patricia, 1964-1969

Box VII.29 Lauber, Patricia, 1970-1974

Box VII.30 Lawson, Don, 1961-1963

Box VII.30 Lawson, Don, 1964-1966

Box VII.30 Lawson, Don, 1967-1969

Box VII.30 Lawson, Don, 1970

Box VII.30 Lawson, Don, 1971

Box VII.30 Lawson, H.L., 1961-169

Box VII.30 Lawson, H.L., 1970-1972

Box VII.30 Lawson, James T., 1969

Box VII.30 Lawson, John, 1965-1969

Box VII.30 Lawson, John, 1970-1971

Box VII.31 Leaman, Arthur

Box VII.31 Leaman, Arthur, 1970-1971

Box VII.31 Leaton, Anne, 1971-1973

Box VII.31 Leaton, Anne, 1974-1975

Box VII.31 LeVino, Elsie, 1964-1969

Box VII.31 Life

Box VII.31 Lin, Florence, 1970-1971

Box VII.31 The Lion

Box VII.31 Lion Books

Box VII.31 Listening Library

Box VII.31 Littlefield, Anne H., 1962-1967

Box VII.31 Liveright

Box VII.31 London International Press

Box VII.31 Lo Giudice, Philip

Box VII.31 Longmans, Green, and Go.

Box VII.31 Look Magazine

Box VII.31 Loth, David, 1971

Box VII.31 Ludman, Barbara, 1973

Box VII.31 Lyons, Barbara, 1970-1972

Box VII.31 M, 1968-1969

Box VII.31 M, 1970

Box VII.31 M, 1971

Box VII.31 M, 1972

Box VII.32 Madsen, Rex, 1972-1975

Box VII.32 Harder, Daniel, 1971-1974

Box VII.32 Mario, Thomas, 1966-1969

Box VII.32 Mayer, Kay, 1973

Box VII.32 M.D. Magazine

Box VII.32 M.D. Publications

Box VII.32 Meade, J.V.

Box VII.32 Meade, Walter, 1964, 1966-1969

Box VII.32 Melcarth, Edward, 1964-1969

Box VII.32 Men's Bazaar

Box VII.32 Meras, Phyllis, 1970-1971

Box VII.32 Meredith Press

Box VII.32 Messner, Julian, Inc.

Box VII.32 Meyer, Clarence

Box VII.32 Meyer, David, 1965-1969

Box VII.32 Meyer, David, 1970

Box VII.32 Meyer, David, 1971-1972

Box VII.33 Mc, 1971

Box VII.33 MCA, Inc.

Box VII.33 McCall Publishing, 1970

Box VII.33 McCormack, Kenneth, 1969-1972

Box VII.33 McCully, Helen, 1963-1966

Box VII.33 McCully, Helen, 1967-1969

Box VII.33 McCully, Helen, 1970

Box VII.33 McCully, Helen, 1971-1973

Box VII.33 McDonald, Robert

Box VII.33 McDuff, Lawrence, 1972-1974

Box VII.33 McGavran, Fred J .

Box VII.33 McGee, David, 1966-1969

Box VII.33 McClean's Magazine

Box VII.34 Miller, Elizabeth, 1972-1974

Box VII.34 Miller, Floyd, 1962-1964

Box VII.34 Miller, Floyd, 1963-1964

Box VII.34 Miller, Floyd, 1965-1966

Box VII.34 Miller, Floyd, 1967-1968

Box VII.34 Miller, Floyd, 1969

Box VII.34 Miller, Floyd, 1970-1971

Box VII.35 Miller, Robin

Box VII.35 Miller, Townsend, 1964-1965

Box VII.35 Miller, Townsend, 1966-1969

Box VII.35 Miller, Townsend, 1970-1971

Box VII.35 Miller, Townsend, 1972-1975

Box VII.35 Mizrachi, Nan, 1970

Box VII.35 Mizrachi, Nan, 1972-1974

Box VII.35 Montague, Mrs. Kate Bigelow, 1965-1969

Box VII.35 Moore, Marianne

Box VII.35 Moore, Ruth M., 1958-1969

Box VII.35 More

Box VII.35 Morss, (Mrs.) Alison

Box VII.35 Morss, (Mrs.) Alison, 1971-1972

Box VII.35 Mysing, Blanche T.

Box VII.36 N, 1968-1969

Box VII.36 N, 1970

Box VII.36 N, 1971

Box VII.36 N, 1972-1973

Box VII.36 Nathan, Paul

Box VII.36 Nautilus Books

Box VII.36 New Worlds

Box VII.36 New World Writing (Lippincott)

Box VII.36 New York Graphic Society

Box VII.36 Newman, Carroll

Box VII.36 Newman, Carroll, 1970-1972

Box VII.36 Newton, David, 1957-1969

Box VII.36 Nimeh, Frances Drake, 1973-1975

Box VII.36 Nugget

Box VII.36 O, 1967-1969

Box VII.36 O, 1970-1971

Box VII.36 O'Connell, Jean and James, 1964-1969

Box VII.36 Odhams Press, Ltd.

Box VII.36 O'Grady, Rohan (Mrs. F.S. Skinner), 1966-1969

Box VII.36 O'Grady, Rohan (Mrs. F.S. Skinner), 1972

Box VII.36 Olney, Richard I.

Box VII.36 Olney, Richard I., 1970

Box VII.36 Olney, Richard I., 1971

Box VII.36 Olney, Richard I., 1972

Box VII.37 O'Neill, Martin

Box VII.37 O'Neill, Martin, 1970-1971

Box VII.37 O'Neill, Martin, 1972-1975

Box VII.37 P, 1962-1969

Box VII.37 P, 1970

Box VII.37 P, 1972-1973

Box VII.37 Pageant

Box VII.37 Paperback Library

Box VII.37 Paris, Elizabeth

Box VII.37 Parr, Wallace B., 1971-1973

Box VII.37 Peck, James, 1961-1969

Box VII.37 Peck, James, 1970-1975

Box VII.37 Peck, Paula, 1961-1965

Box VII.37 Peck, Paula, 1966-1969

Box VII.37 Pepin, Jacques

Box VII.37 Perlse

Box VII.37 Perowne, Barry, 1972-1973

Box VII.37 Peters, Roberta

Box VII.38 Phillips, Bernard, 1965-1969

Box VII.38 Phillips, Bernard, 1970-1973

Box VII.38 Plant, Richard

Box VII.38 Platnick, Kenneth B., 1963-1969

Box VII.38 Platnick, Kenneth B., 1970

Box VII.38 Platnick, Kenneth B., 1971

Box VII.38 Poducka, Fran, 1972-1973

Box VII.38 Preston, Charles

Box VII.38 Price, Eugene L.

Box VII.38 Q, 1967-1969

Box VII.38 Quark

Box VII.38 The Quarterly Review

Box VII.39 R, 1968-1969

Box VII.39 R, 1970

Box VII.39 R, 1971

Box VII.39 R, 1972

Box VII.39 Rattay, Everett, 1970-1973

Box VII.39 Ray, David, 1971-1972

Box VII.39 Regency Books

Box VII.39 Regnier, Nita

Box VII.39 Regnier, Nita, 1970

Box VII.39 Regnier, Nita, 1971-1972

Box VII.39 Richet, Elinor, 1974-1975

Box VII.39 Rieger, Shay, 1970-1971

Box VII.39 Rieger, Shay, 1972-1973

Box VII.39 Robbins, Ann Roe, 1962-1965

Box VII.39 Robbins, Ann Roe, 1966-1968

Box VII.39 Robbins, Ann Roe, 1969

Box VII.39 Robbins, Ann Roe, 1970-1973

Box VII.40 Rockefelller, Pebble

Box VII.40 Roedocker, Louise, 1964-1965, 1968-1969

Box VII.40 Roedocker, Robert, 1969

Box VII.40 Rofheart, Martha

Box VII.40 Rofheart, Martha, 1970-1971

Box VII.40 Rofheart, Martha, 1972

Box VII.40 Rosenberg, Abraham, 1971-1974

Box VII.40 Ross, Frank, Jr ., 1961-1964

Box VII.40 Ross, Frank, Jr ., 1965-1966

Box VII.40 Ross, Frank, Jr ., 1967-1968

Box VII.41 Ross, Frank, Jr ., 1969

Box VII.41 Ross, Frank, Jr ., 1970

Box VII.41 Ross, Frank, Jr ., 1971

Box VII.41 Ross, Frank, Jr ., 1972

Box VII.41 Rost, Maximilian, 1973-1974

Box VII.41 Rubin, Larry, 1961-1966

Box VII.41 Russell, Beatrice, 1965-1969

Box VII.41 S, 1967-1969

Box VII.41 S, 1970

Box VII.41 S, 1971

Box VII.41 S, 1972

Box VII.42 Sa'adah, Mounir

Box VII.42 Sabath, Bernard

Box VII.42 Sander, Joseph L.

Box VII.42 Sander, Joseph L., 1970-1975

Box VII.42 Sayre, Anne, 1960, 1968-1969

Box VII.42 Sayre, Anne, 1970

Box VII.42 Scarborough, Forrest, 1963-1966

Box VII.42 Scarborough, Forrest, 1970-1971

Box VII.42 (Schloss) Burckhardt, Edith

Box VII.42 Screen Gems

Box VII.42 Seavy, Susan, 1964-1968

Box VII.42 Seavy, Susan, 1970-1973

Box VII.43 Shattuck, Katherine, 1965-1968

Box VII.43 Scheaffner, Louis

Box VII.43 Sheldon, Michael, 1964-1968

Box VII.43 Sheldon, Michael, 1969

Box VII.43 Sheldon, Michael, 1970-1973

Box VII.43 Siegel, Doris, 1962-1969

Box VII.43 Siegel, Doris, 1970

Box VII.43 Siegel, Doris, 1972-1975

Box VII.43 The Sign

Box VII.43 Simmons, Charles, 1965-1966

Box VII.43 Simmons, Charles, 1967-1969

Box VII.43 Simpson, Howard R., 1965, 1968-1969

Box VII.43 Simpson, Howard R., 1970

Box VII.43 Simpson, Howard R., 1971

Box VII.43 Simpson, Howard R., 1972-1973

Box VII.43 16 Magazine

Box VII.44 Skilton, Dan, 1972-1973

Box VII.44 Skilton, Dan, 1974-1975

Box VII.44 Smith, Linda S., 1973-1974

Box VII.44 Smithson, Sandra (Sister Marit Crucis), 1971-1975

Box VII.44 Smythe, David M., 1973-1975

Box VII.44 S.A.R., 1965-1966

Box VII.44 S.A.R., 1967

Box VII.44 S.A.R., 1968-1969

Box VII.44 S.A.R., 1970

Box VII.44 Spader, Margaret, 1970-1973

Box VII.44 Spanier, Muriel, 1962-1969

Box VII.44 Spanier, Muriel, 1970-1973

Box VII.44 Statements and Receipts, 1963

Box VII.44 Statements and Receipts, 1964

Box VII.45 Statements and Receipts, 1965

Box VII.45 Statements and Receipts, 1966

Box VII.45 Story Magazine

Box VII.45 Straight Arrow Press

Box VII.45 Stuart, Gene Strickland, 1970-1973

Box VII.45 Stuart, Malcolm, 1970

Box VII.45 Sughrue, Jane, 1963-1968

Box VII.45 Surmain, Andre, 1960-1966, 1968

Box VII.45 Surmain, Andre, 1972-1973

Box VII.45 Swan, Gladys

Box VII.45 Swan, Gladys, 1970-1971

Box VII.45 Swan, Gladys, 1972-1975

Box VII.45 T, 1968-1969

Box VII.45 T, 1970

Box VII.45 T, 1971

Box VII.45 T, 1972

Box VII.46 Tarshis and Weisen

Box VII.46 Temlanka, Henri

Box VII.46 Terrell, Carroll

Box VII.46 Thaler, J., 1971-1973

Box VII.46 Today

Box VII.46 Townes, Robert Sherman

Box VII.46 True, 1961-1966

Box VII.46 Trullinger, James, 1971-1972

Box VII.46 Tyrka, Hilary, 1970-1975

Box VII.46 U, 1967-1969

Box VII.46 Uribe, Irene

Box VII.46 V, 1968-1969

Box VII.46 V, 1970

Box VII.46 V, 1971

Box VII.46 Veach, William B. Templeton

Box VII.46 Veazie, Isabel, 1973-1974

Box VII.46 Venture Magazine

Box VII.46 Vinson, J. William

Box VII.46 Vivienne (Lapham/Della Grotta)

Box VII.47 W, 1967-1969

Box VII.47 W, 1970

Box VII.47 W, 1971

Box VII.47 W, 1972

Box VII.47 Ward, Ralph, 1960-1971

Box VII.47 Ward, Ralph, 1972

Box VII.47 Ward, Ralph, 1973

Box VII.47 Washington Square Press

Box VII.47 Webb, Leland, 1963, 1968-1969

Box VII.47 Webb, Leland, 1970

Box VII.47 Webb, Leland, 1972-1973

Box VII.47 Weisbord, Marvin, 1963, 1965

Box VII.48 Weisbord, Marvin, 1969

Box VII.48 Weisbord, Marvin, 1970

Box VII.48 Weisbord, Marvin, 1971-1973

Box VII.48 Welch, Mrs. Mary Scott, 1965-1968

Box VII.48 West, Anthony C., 1963-1965

Box VII.48 West, Anthony C., 1966-1969

Box VII.48 West, Anthony C., 1970

Box VII.48 Westminster Press

Box VII.49 Whitehurst, D. G. (Roy Santana)

Box VII.49 Wilk, Melvin, 1964-1967

Box VII.49 Wilk, Melvin, 1970-1971

Box VII.49 Wilk, Melvin, 1972

Box VII.49 Willard, Charlotte, 1971-1973

Box VII.49 Williams, Brad, 1963, 1968-1969

Box VII.49 Williams, Brad, 1970-1971

Box VII.49 Williams, Brad, 1972

Box VII.49 Williams, Lawrence, 1966-1969

Box VII.49 Williams, Lawrence, 1970

Box VII.49 Williams, Lawrence, 1971

Box VII.49 Wilson, Jose

Box VII.49 Wilson, Jose

Box VII.49 Wilson, Jose, 1970-1971

Box VII.49 Winston, John Co.

Box VII.50 Wolcott, Mary

Box VII.50 Wolff, Renate Christine, 1971-1973

Box VII.50 Woman's Almanac

Box VII.50 Wood, Malcolm, 1944-1966

Box VII.50 Wood, Malcolm, 1967-1969

Box VII.50 Wood, Malcolm, 1970-1971

Box VII.50 Wood, Malcolm, 1971-1973

Box VII.50 World Magazine

Box VII.50 Wright Magazine

Box VII.50 Wright, Constance, 1962, 1965

Box VII.50 Wright, Constance, 1970

Box VII.50 Wright, Constance, 1971

Box VII.50 Wright, Constance, 1972-1973

Box VII.50 X-Y-Z, 1967-1969

Box VII.50 Zern, Gordon, 1959-1967

Box VII.50 Zern, Gordon, 1970-1971

Box VII.50 Ziller, Eugene, 1958, 1968-1969

Box VII.50 Ziller, Eugene, 1970-1975

Series VIII

Box VIII.1 Aaron, Sam, 1973

Box VIII.1 Aaron, Sam, 1974-1975

Box VIII.1 Atkin, Mary G., 1973-1976

Box VIII.1 Bacon, Margaret, 1970

Box VIII.1 Bacon, Margaret, 1971

Box VIII.1 Bacon, Margaret, 1972

Box VIII.1 Beard, James A., 1965

Box VIII.1 Beard, James A., 1966

Box VIII.1 Beard, James A., 1967

Box VIII.2 Beard, James A., 1968

Box VIII.2 Beard, James A., 1969

Box VIII.2 Beard, James A., 1970

Box VIII.2 Beard, James A., 1971

Box VIII.2 Beard, James A., 1972

Box VIII.2 Bender, Steven, 1974-1975

Box VIII.2 Bernhard, Robert, 1974-1975

Box VIII.2 Berthol, Roland, 1975-1976

Box VIII.3 Biddle, Livingston, 1970-1976

Box VIII.3 Borgese, Elizabeth Mann, 1970-1973

Box VIII.3 Bried, Heidi, 1970-1976

Box VIII.3 Brown, Philip S. (Estate of Helen Evans Brown), 1974-1976

Box VIII.3 Brown, Rebecca G., 1974-1976

Box VIII.3 Browne, Corinne, 1974-1976

Box VIII.3 Browning, Elizabeth Lowry, 1974-1976

Box VIII.3 Brownstein, Harriet, 1972-1973

Box VIII.3 Brownstein, Harriet, 1974-1975

Box VIII.3 Brownstein, Harriet, 1976

Box VIII.3 Bruce, Jeannette, 1970-1973

Box VIII.3 Bryher, 1955-1969

Box VIII.3 Bryher, 1970-1973

Box VIII.3 Cady, James Lowell

Box VIII.3 Campbell, E. Day, 1973-1976

Box VIII.3 Campbell, Meg, 1974-1976

Box VIII.4 Chaikin, Nancy, 1974-1975

Box VIII.4 Chaikin, Nancy, 1976

Box VIII.4 Chapin, Victor, 1974-1975

Box VIII.4 Chapin, Victor, 1976

Box VIII.4 Ciulla, A.J., 1970-1976

Box VIII.4 Ciulla, Sam, 1970-1976

Box VIII.4 Clairborne, Craig, 1972-1973

Box VIII.4 Cole, Lucretia, 1974-1975

Box VIII.4 Cole, Lucretia, 1976

Box VIII.4 Cooper, Elizabeth Ann, 1974-1976

Box VIII.5 Cope, Kathleen, 1973-1976

Box VIII.5 Copeland, Helen, 1972-1973

Box VIII.5 Copeland, Helen, 1974-1976

Box VIII.5 Corfmam, Eunice, 1974-1976

Box VIII.5 Creative Management Associates

Box VIII.5 Cummings, Richard, 1973-1975

Box VIII.5 Cummings, Richard, 1976

Box VIII.5 Curley, Daniel, 1973

Box VIII.5 Curley, Daniel, 1974-1976

Box VIII.5 Cusack, Isabel Langis, 1973

Box VIII.5 Cusack, Isabel Langis, 1974-1975

Box VIII.5 Cusack, Isabel Langis, 1976

Box VIII.6 Dannenbaum, Julie

Box VIII.6 Dannenbaum, Julie, 1970-1971

Box VIII.6 Dannenbaum, Julie, 1972-1973

Box VIII.6 Dannenbaum, Julie, 1974-1975

Box VIII.6 Dannenbaum, Julie, 1976

Box VIII.6 Davis, Nicholas, 1975-1976

Box VIII.6 DeBilio, Beth, 1971-1973

Box VIII.6 DeBilio, Beth, 1974-1976

Box VIII.6 DeRachewitz, Mary

Box VIII.6 DeRachewitz, Mary, 1970

Box VIII.6 DeRachewitz, Mary, 1971

Box VIII.6 DeRachewitz, Mary, 1972-1973

Box VIII.6 Dickson, Carol, 1974-1976

Box VIII.7 Eclov, Shirley, 1974-1976

Box VIII.7 Ehmann, James M., 1973-1976

Box VIII.7 Elman, Tex McDaniel, 1973-1976

Box VIII.7 Epley, Thomas, 1974-1976

Box VIII.7 Ferrone, John, 1974-1976

Box VIII.7 Flanagan, Robert, 1974-1975

Box VIII.7 Flanagan, Robert, 1976

Box VIII.7 Freitag, George

Box VIII.7 Fritzhand, James, 1972-1973

Box VIII.7 Fritzhand, James, 1974-1975

Box VIII.7 Fritzhand, James, 1976

Box VIII.7 Gilchrist, Eleanor, 1974

Box VIII.7 Goldreich, Esther, 1975-1976

Box VIII.7 Goldreich, Gloria, 1973

Box VIII.7 Goldreich, Gloria, 1974

Box VIII.7 Goldreich, Gloria, 1975

Box VIII.7 Goldreich, Gloria, 1976

Box VIII.8 Gordon, Ethel, 1973

Box VIII.8 Gordon, Ethel, 1974

Box VIII.8 Gordon, Ethel, 1975

Box VIII.8 Gordon, Ethel, 1976

Box VIII.8 Gordon, Ian, 1974-1976

Box VIII.8 Graham, J.F., 1974-1976

Box VIII.8 Grant, Kay, 1974-1975

Box VIII.8 Graves, John, 1970

Box VIII.8 Graves, John, 1971

Box VIII.8 Graves, John, 1972

Box VIII.8 Graves, John, 1973

Box VIII.8 Graves, John, 1974

Box VIII.8 Graves, John, 1975-1976

Box VIII.8 Greenburg, Daniel, 1974-1976

Box VIII.9 Greer, Ben, 1973-1975

Box VIII.9 Greer, Ben, 1976

Box VIII.9 Grosser, Maurice, 1974-1976

Box VIII.9 Grossman, Alfred, 1974-1976

Box VIII.9 Gwaltney, Francis, 1970-1976

Box VIII.9 H, 1974

Box VIII.9 Habeeb, Virginia

Box VIII.9 Habeeb, Virginia, 1970

Box VIII.9 Habeeb, Virginia, 1971

Box VIII.9 Habeeb, Virginia, 1972-1973

Box VIII.9 Habeeb, Virginia, 1974-1976

Box VIII.9 Haponski, William, 1974-1975

Box VIII.9 Haponski, William, 1976

Box VIII.9 Hautzis, Esther, 1973

Box VIII.9 Hautzis, Esther, 1975-1976

Box VIII.10 Hayman, LeRoy, 1972-1973

Box VIII.10 Hayman, LeRoy, 1974-1975

Box VIII.10 Hayman, LeRoy, 1976

Box VIII.10 Heath Accounts, 1963

Box VIII.10 Heath Accounts, 1964

Box VIII.10 Heath Accounts, 1965

Box VIII.10 Heath Accounts, 1966

Box VIII.10 Heath Accounts, 1967

Box VIII.10 Heath Accounts, 1968

Box VIII.10 Heath Accounts, 1969

Box VIII.10 Heath Accounts, 1970

Box VIII.10 Heath, A.M. and Company, 1966 January-June

Box VIII.10 Heath, A.M. and Company, 1966 July-December

Box VIII.10 Heath, A.M. and Company, 1967 January-June

Box VIII.10 Heath, A.M. and Company, July-December

Box VIII.10 Heath, A.M. and Company, 1968 January-June

Box VIII.10 Heath, A.M. and Company, 1968 July-December

Box VIII.10 Heath, A.M. and Company, 1969 January-June

Box VIII.10 Heath, A.M. and Company, 1969 July-December

Box VIII.10 Heath, A.M. and Company, 1970

Box VIII.11 Hill, Helen and Perkins, Agnes, 1972-1973

Box VIII.11 Hill, Helen and Perkins, Agnes, 1974-1975

Box VIII.11 Hill, Helen; Perkins, Agnes and Helbig, Alethea, 1976

Box VIII.11 Hirschberg, Cornelius, 1972-1976

Box VIII.11 Hogan, Elizabeth, 1974-1976

Box VIII.11 Holladay, Sally, 1974-1976

Box VIII.11 Hopkins, Jeanette

Box VIII.11 Hopper, Millard, 1972-1975

Box VIII.11 Horch Accounts, 1965

Box VIII.11 Horch Accounts, 1966

Box VIII.11 Horch Accounts, 1967

Box VIII.11 Horch Accounts, 1968

Box VIII.11 Horch Accounts, 1969

Box VIII.11 Horch, Franz J. Associates, 1965

Box VIII.11 Horch, Franz J. Associates, 1966

Box VIII.11 Horch, Franz J. Associates, 1967

Box VIII.11 Horch, Franz J. Associates, 1968

Box VIII.11 Horch, Franz J. Associates, 1969

Box VIII.11 Horch, Franz J. Associates, 1970 January

Box VIII.11 Howes, Barbara, 1974-1975

Box VIII.11 Howes, Barbara, 1976

Box VIII.12 Hudson, James, 1972-1976

Box VIII.12 Huntsberry, William, 1972-1975

Box VIII.12 Huntsberry, William, 1976

Box VIII.12 Ipcar, Robert, 1971-1976

Box VIII.12 Jayme, William North, 1970-1976

Box VIII.12 Keith, John, 1975-1976

Box VIII.12 Kellerman, Jonathan, 1974-1976

Box VIII.12 Keville, Kathleen

Box VIII.12 King, Rufus, 1973

Box VIII.12 King, Rufus, 1974

Box VIII.12 King, Rufus, 1976

Box VIII.12 Kirk, Irina, 1973-1974

Box VIII.12 Kirk, Irina, 1975-1976

Box VIII.12 Kirk, Lydia, 1972-1973

Box VIII.13 Koffend, John, 1970

Box VIII.13 Koffend, John, 1973

Box VIII.13 Koffend, John, 1974-1975

Box VIII.13 Lauber, Patricia, 1975-1976

Box VIII.13 Lawson, Don, 1972-1973

Box VIII.13 Lawson, Don, 1974-1975

Box VIII.13 Lawson, James, 1970-1975

Box VIII.13 Lawson, John, 1972-1976

Box VIII.13 Leaman, Arthur, 1972-1976

Box VIII.13 Leinster, Colin, 1973-1976

Box VIII.13 Leonard, Liora, 1974-1976

Box VIII.13 LeVino, Elyse, 1972-1976

Box VIII.13 Lichello, Robert, 1975-1976

Box VIII.13 Lin, Florence, 1972-1974

Box VIII.13 Lin, Florence, 1975-1976

Box VIII.13 Lincke, Jack, 1975-1977

Box VIII.13 Littlefield, Anne, 1972-1973

Box VIII.13 Littlefield, Anne, 1974-1975

Box VIII.14 Macpherson, Kenneth and Lyon, Islay

Box VIII.14 Marder, Daniel, 1975-1977

Box VIII.14 Marett, Lynn

Box VIII.14 Mario, Thomas, 1970

Box VIII.14 Mario, Thomas, 1971

Box VIII.14 Mario, Thomas, 1972-1973

Box VIII.14 Mario, Thomas, 1974-1976

Box VIII.14 Maryschuk, Olga, 1975-1976

Box VIII.14 Massee, William, 1974-1976

Box VIII.14 McAleer, Neil, 1974-1976

Box VIII.14 McGahan, Jerry, 1974-1976

Box VIII.14 Meyer, Clarence, 1973-1974

Box VIII.14 Meyer, Clarence, 1975-1976

Box VIII.14 Meyer, David, 1973

Box VIII.14 Meyer, David, 1974-1976

Box VIII.14 Miller, Floyd, 1972-1974

Box VIII.14 Miller, Floyd, 1975-1976

Box VIII.15 O'Brien, Robert

Box VIII.15 O'Brien, Robert, 1970

Box VIII.15 O'Brien, Robert, 1971

Box VIII.15 O'Brien, Robert, 1972

Box VIII.15 O'Grady, Rohan, 1973

Box VIII.15 Olney, Richard, 1973

Box VIII.15 Olney, Richard, 1974

Box VIII.15 Olney, Richard, 1975

Box VIII.15 Olney, Richard, 1976

Box VIII.15 Parke, Gertrude, 1973-1976

Box VIII.15 Pease, George Sexton, 1975-1976

Box VIII.15 Pepin, Jacques, 1970-1976

Box VIII.16 Pepper, Choral, 1970-1976

Box VIII.16 Perkins, Agnes, 1975-1976

Box VIII.16 Perowne, Barry, 1974-1976

Box VIII.16 Pian, Canta Chou-po, 1972-1973

Box VIII.16 Platnick, Kenneth, 1972-1976

Box VIII.16 Podulka, Fran, 1974-1975

Box VIII.16 Podulka, Fran, 1976

Box VIII.16 Powers, Marcella

Box VIII.16 Prokosch, Frederic, 1973-1974

Box VIII.16 Prokosch, Frederic, 1976

Box VIII.16 Rae, Katherine

Box VIII.16 Rae, Katherine, 1970-1973

Box VIII.16 Rattray, Everett, 1974-1975

Box VIII.16 Regnier, Nita, 1974-1976

Box VIII.16 Rhode, Irma, 1974-1976

Box VIII.16 Rieger, Shay, 1974-1976

Box VIII.16 Robbins, Anna Roe, 1974-1976

Box VIII.17 Rosenberg, Sammy, 1975-1976

Box VIII.17 Russell, Beatrice, 1970-1975

Box VIII.17 Sabath, Barney, to 1976

Box VIII.17 Sanders, D.G., 1975-1976

Box VIII.17 Sayre, Anne, 1972-1973

Box VIII.17 Sayre, Anne, 1974-1975

Box VIII.17 Sayre, Anne, 1976

Box VIII.17 Sayre, Anne

Box VIII.17 Sayre, David, 1970-1976

Box VIII.17 Scarborough, Forrest

Box VIII.17 Schloss, Edith, 1970-1975

Box VIII.17 Schneider, Frederick (Estate of)

Box VIII.17 Schneiderman, Roberta, 1974-1976

Box VIII.17 Schrampp, Beta K., 1974-1976

Box VIII.17 Schwab, Calvin and Tippy, 1975-1976

Box VIII.17 Seavy, Susan, 1974-1976

Box VIII.18 Sheaffer, Louis, 1974-1975

Box VIII.18 Sheaffer, Louis, 1976

Box VIII.18 Simmons, Charles, 1970-1975

Box VIII.18 Simpson, Howard R., 1974-1975

Box VIII.18 Simpson, Howard R., 1976

Box VIII.18 Spanier, Muriel, 1974-1976

Box VIII.18 Spanos, John and Anna, 1973-1975

Box VIII.18 Spanos, John and Anna, 1976

Box VIII.18 Spitzer, E.S., 1971

Box VIII.18 Sprinkel, Steven, 1973-1974

Box VIII.19 T, 1973

Box VIII.19 T, 1974

Box VIII.19 T, 1975

Box VIII.19 T, 1976

Box VIII.19 Taylor, William Douglas

Box VIII.19 Teitel, Jay, 1973-1976

Box VIII.19 Teitel, Jay, 1976

Box VIII.19 Thaler, Susan, 1974-1975

Box VIII.19 Thaler, Susan, 1976

Box VIII.19 Think, 1958

Box VIII.19 Thompson, Virgil, 1975-1976

Box VIII.19 Treanor, Karen, 1975-1976

Box VIII.19 U, 1971

Box VIII.19 U, 1972-1973

Box VIII.19 Ungerer, Miriam, 1972-1973

Box VIII.19 Ungerer, Miriam, 1974-1975

Box VIII.19 Ungerer, Miriam, 1976

Box VIII.19 V, 1972-1973

Box VIII.19 V, 1974-1976

Box VIII.19 Vachss, Andrew, 1970-1973

Box VIII.19 Vachss, Andrew, 1974-1975

Box VIII.20 Vardamis, Frances Diem, 1975-1976

Box VIII.20 Varela, Rita, 1971-1972

Box VIII.20 Varela, Rita, 1973

Box VIII.20 Varela, Rita, 1974-1975

Box VIII.20 Varela, Rita, 1976

Box VIII.20 W, 1973

Box VIII.20 W, 1974-1975

Box VIII.20 W, 1976

Box VIII.20 Ward, Ralph T.

Box VIII.20 Webb, Leland, 1974-1976

Box VIII.20 Welch, Galbraith, 1973-1976

Box VIII.20 West, Anthony C., 1971-1975

Box VIII.21 Williams, Brad, 1973

Box VIII.21 Williams, Brad, 1974-1976

Box VIII.21 Williams, Lawrence, 1972-1975

Box VIII.21 Wilson, José, 1972-1975

Box VIII.21 Winthrop, Joan, 1973-1974

Box VIII.21 Winthrop, Joan, 1975-1976

Box VIII.21 Wolff, Renate, 1974-1975

Box VIII.21 Wood, Malcom, 1975-1976

Box VIII.21 Wright, Constance, 1974-1976

Box VIII.21 Ziller, Eugene, 1974-1976

Series IX

Subseries IX.1: Account Books and Appointment Books, 1947-1988

Appointment books for 1948-1951, and one undated appointment book, can be found in Box III.6 in Subseries III.3. There are also additional financial records for 1948-1953 in Subseries III.2.

Box IX.1 Account Books, 1947-1950

[Manuscript log]

Box IX.1 Account Books, 1950

General ledger

Box IX.1 Account Books, 1950-1952

Cash book

Box IX.1 Account Books, 1950-1954

[Manuscript log]

Box IX.1 Account Books, 1950-1954

Box IX.5 Account Books, 1950-1955, Oversized

Box IX.1 Account Books, 1954-1955

Box IX.1 Account Books, 1954-1957

[Manuscript log]

Box IX.2 Account Books, 1954-1959

Box IX.2 Account Books, 1956-1957

Box IX.2 Account Books, 1956-1958

Box IX.2 Account Books, 1957-1958

[Manuscript log]

Box IX.5 Account Books, 1957-1961, Oversized

Box IX.2 Account Books, 1958-1960

[Manuscript log]

Box IX.2 Account Books, 1959-1961

Box IX.2 Account Books, 1959-1962

Box IX.3 Account Books, 1960-1963

[Manuscript log]

Box IX.5 Account Books, 1961-1964, Oversized

Box IX.3 Account Books, 1962-1964

Box IX.3 Account Books, 1963-1966

Box IX.3 Account Books, 1963-1969

[Manuscript log]

Box IX.6 Account Books, 1964-1968, Oversized

Box IX.3 Account Books, 1965-1967

Box IX.3 Account Books, 1966-1968

Box IX.4 Account Books, 1968-1971

Box IX.6 Account Books, 1968-1971, Oversized

Box IX.6 Account Books, 1971-1974

Box IX.4 Account Books, 1972

Box IX.4 Account Books, 1973

Box IX.4 Account Books, 1974

Box IX.4 Account Books, 1975

Box IX.7 Appointment Books, 1955-1962

Box IX.8 Appointment Books, 1963-1970

Box IX.9 Appointment Books, 1971-1980

Box IX.10 Daily Income Account, 1981-1988, 8 Volumes

Subseries IX.2: Author Files

Box IX.11 Armour, Richard, 1976-1978

Box IX.11 Armstrong-Hawley, Louise, 1977-1980

Box IX.11 Bacon, Margaret Hope, 1977-1980

Box IX.11 Balakian, Nona, 1974-1976

Box IX.11 Beard, James A., 1973

Box IX.11 Beard, James A., 1974

Box IX.11 Beard, James A., 1975

Box IX.12 Beard, James A., 1976

Box IX.12 Beard, James A., 1977

Box IX.12 Bedell, Madelon, 1972-1978

Box IX.12 Bernhard, Robert, 1976-1980

Box IX.12 Biancolli, Louis, 1977-1978

Box IX.12 Claiborne, Craig, 1976

Box IX.12 Copyright

Box IX.12 Creekmore, Hubert--Estate of, 1967

Box IX.12 Creekmore, Hubert--Estate of, 1968-1985

Box IX.13 Creekraore, Hubert--Memorial Evening Miscellaneous, 1967

Box IX.13 Creekmore, Hubert--Estate Record, 1966-1972

Box IX.13 Curley, Daniel, 1977-1980

Box IX.13 Cusack, Isabel L., 1977-1980

Box IX.13 Doolittle, Hild, 1976-1988

Box IX.13 Dorman, Sonya, 1979-1980

Box IX.13 Dunlop, Richard, 1974-1975

Box IX.14 Fowler, Robert, 1977-1978

Box IX.14 Fowler, Robert, 1979-1980

Box IX.14 Goldreich, Gloria, 1977-1978

Box IX.14 Hautzig, Esther, 1979

Box IX.14 Hawkes, Alex D., 1973-1983

Box IX.14 Kingston, Maxine H., 1973-1975

Box IX.14 Kingston, Maxine H., 1976

Box IX.14 Kingston, Maxine H., 1977

Box IX.14 Kingston, Maxine H., 1978

Box IX.14 Knaus, William A., 1976-1978

Box IX.14 Krebs - Valtin Estate of, 1964-1969

Box IX.14 Lawson, Donald, 1976

Box IX.14 Lawson, Donald, 1977-1978

Box IX.14 Lawson, Donald, 1979-1980

Box IX.14 Lawson, James, 1976-1978

Box IX.15 MacDougall, Allan Ross, 1963-1976

Box IX.15 Mario, Thomas, 1977-1978

Box IX.15 Miller, Floyd, 1977-1978

Box IX.15 O'Brien, Robert C., 1973-1978

Box IX.15 O'Connell, Jean and James, 1973-1978

Box IX.15 O'Grady, Rohan, 1974-1977

Box IX.15 Owenshi, Susan and Richard, 1974-1979

Box IX.15 Pease, George Sexton, 1977

Box IX.15 Penon, Agustin (Austin), 1958-1966

Box IX.15 Penon, Austin

Box IX.15 Perowne, Barry, 1977-1978

Box IX.15 Platnick, Kenneth, 1977-1981

Box IX.15 Padulka, Fran, 1977-1978

Box IX.15 Prokosch, Frederic, 1977-1980

Box IX.16 Pyramid Books, 1955-1977

Box IX.16 Quill, Michael, 1973

Box IX.16 Quinlan, Ann, 1975

Box IX.16 Quirk, Lawrence, 1977-1978

Box IX.16 Rawlings, Paul, 1978

Box IX.16 Rawlinson, James, 1970-1973

Box IX.16 Read, Patricia, 1974-1976

Box IX.16 Regnier, Nita, 1977-1978

Box IX.16 Riehl, Jerry, 1979-1981

Box IX.16 Roan, Carol, 1977-1978

Box IX.16 Robin, Peggy, 1979-1981

Box IX.16 Rofheart, Martha, 1973

Box IX.16 Rofheart, Martha, 1974

Box IX.16 Rofheart, Martha, 1975

Box IX.16 Rofheart, Martha, 1976

Box IX.16 Rofheart, Martha, 1977

Box IX.16 Rofheart, Martha, 1978-1980

Box IX.16 Rosenberg, Sammy, 1977-1978

Box IX.16 Ross, Frank, 1973

Box IX.16 Ross, Frank, 1975

Box IX.17 Ross, Frank, 1976

Box IX.17 Ross, Frank, 1977

Box IX.17 Rothbart, Heyman, 1972-1974

Box IX.17 Rush, Benjamin, 1977-1978

Box IX.17 Rush, Peter, 1978-1987

Box IX.17 Schrempp, Elizabeth K. (Katherine Court), 1977-1978

Box IX.17 Swift, Edward, 1977-1978

Box IX.17 Swift, Edward, 1979-1980

Box IX.17 Tanning, Dorothea, 1975-1978

Box IX.17 Targ, Ros, 1975-1976

Box IX.17 Thaler, Susan, 1977-1978

Box IX.17 Uglick, Lynn, 1974

Box IX.17 Unger, David, 1977

Box IX.17 Unger, Philip

Box IX.17 Unger, Stuart, 1977

Box IX.17 United Artists Corp., 1974

Box IX.17 United States Government, 1955-1958

Box IX.17 University of Illinois Press, 1978

Box IX.17 Urizen Books Inc., 1977-1978

Box IX.17 Usher, Gary Lee, 1975

Box IX.17 Ursul, Gordon, 1975

Box IX.17 Utke, Beth, 1975

Box IX.17 Vachss, Andrew, 1976-1978

Box IX.17 Varela, Rita, 1977-1978

Box IX.17 Wagenaar, Theo, 1976-1981

Box IX.17 Warfeld, Ted, 1981-

Subseries IX.3: Contract Files, 1940-1989

Box IX.18 Amster, L. J.

Box IX.18 Armour, Richard

Box IX.18 Athill, Diana

Box IX.18 Atkin, Mary

Box IX.18 Bacon, Margaret

Box IX.18 Balakian, Anna

Box IX.18 Balakian, Nona

Box IX.18 Barrett, Marvin G.

Box IX.18 Barzman, Sol

Box IX.18 Beaufort, John

Box IX.18 Bedell, Madelon

Box IX.18 Bender, Steven

Box IX.18 Bernays Kaplan, Anne

Box IX.18 Bernhard, Robert

Box IX.18 Biancolli, Louis and Peters, R.

Box IX.18 Biddle Jr., Livingston

Box IX.18 Borgese, Elisabeth Mann

Box IX.18 Bortin, George and Lundgren V.

Box IX.18 Bried, Hedi

Box IX.18 Bristol, Lee

Box IX.18 Browne, Corinne

Box IX.18 Browning, Elizabeth

Box IX.18 Brownlee, Harriet

Box IX.18 Bruce, Jeannette

Box IX.19 Carter, Alan

Box IX.19 Carter, Walter

Box IX.19 Cavin, Ruth

Box IX.19 Chaikin, Nancy

Box IX.19 Chapin, Victor

Box IX.19 Christopher, Nicholas

Box IX.19 Conley, Jane

Box IX.19 Cooper, Elizabeth Ann

Box IX.19 Copeland, Helen

Box IX.19 Corfman, Eunice L.

Box IX.19 Crayder, Dorothy

Box IX.19 Creekmore, Hubert

Box IX.19 Curley, Daniel

Box IX.20 Dalton, Martina

Box IX.20 Danforth, Kenneth

Box IX.20 Dannenbaum, Julie

Box IX.20 deBilio, Beth

Box IX.20 de Rachelwiltz, Mary Pound

Box IX.20 Dorman, Sonya

Box IX.20 Doyle, Roger

Box IX.20 Dunlop, Richard

Box IX.20 Emery, Guy

Box IX.20 Ellingson, Mamie

Box IX.20 Engel, Lehman

Box IX.20 Engle, Katherine

Box IX.20 Flanagan, Robert

Box IX.20 Fowler, Robert

Box IX.20 Franchere, Rath

Box IX.20 Fritzhand, James

Box IX.21 Gaiser , Carolyn

Box IX.21 Goldreich and Ipcar

Box IX.21 Goldreich, Gloria

Box IX.22 Gordon, Ethel Edison

Box IX.22 Gordon, Ian

Box IX.22 Graham, Sheilah

Box IX.22 Graves, John

Box IX.22 Greenberg, Daniel S.

Box IX.22 Greer, Ben

Box IX.22 Grindley, John

Box IX.22 Grosser, Maurice

Box IX.22 Grossman, Alfred

Box IX.22 Gwaltney, Francis Irby

Box IX.22 Habeeb, Virginia

Box IX.23 Haponski and McCabe

Box IX.23 Haponski, William

Box IX.23 Harvor, Beth

Box IX.23 Hawkes, Alex D.

Box IX.23 Hawley, Louise A.

Box IX.23 Hayman, LeRoy

Box IX.23 Hegstrom, Constance L.

Box IX.23 Hill and Perkins

Box IX.23 Hill, Elizabeth S.

Box IX.23 Hirschberg, Cornelius

Box IX.23 Hoffman, Curtis

Box IX.23 Hogan, Elizabeth and Curtis R.

Box IX.23 Hogan, Elizabeth and Goodman, Leo

Box IX.23 Hopper, Millard

Box IX.24 Howes, Barbara

Box IX.24 Hudiburg, Edward

Box IX.24 Hume, Doris

Box IX.24 Huntsberry, William E.

Box IX.24 Inciardi, Mortimer J.

Box IX.24 Isett, Twtla G.

Box IX.24 Ivens, Dorothy

Box IX.24 Johnson, Eric

Box IX.24 Kellerman, Jonathan

Box IX.24 Kennedy, Douglas

Box IX.24 Khan, Ismith

Box IX.24 Kiker, Douglas

Box IX.24 King, Rufus

Box IX.24 Kingston, John

Box IX.24 Kirk, Irina

Box IX.24 Kirk, Lydia

Box IX.24 Klavan, Laurence

Box IX.24 Kluger, Marilyn

Box IX.24 Knaus, William A.

Box IX.25 Koffend, J.B. and Englund, S.L.

Box IX.25 Kramer, Dale

Box IX.25 Krebs, Richard

Box IX.25 Langis Cusack, Isabel

Box IX.25 Lauber, Patricia

Box IX.25 Lawson, H.L.

Box IX.25 Lawson, James

Box IX.25 Leaman, Arthur and Wilson, Jose

Box IX.25 Leaton, Anne

Box IX.25 Leinster, Colin

Box IX.25 Lewis, Alec

Box IX.25 Lichello, Robert

Box IX.25 Lin, Florence

Box IX.25 Littlefield, Anne

Box IX.25 Lockhart, Ron

Box IX.26 McAllister, Robert

Box IX.26 McConnaughey, Susanne K.

Box IX.26 McCully, Helen

Box IX.26 McDowell, David

Box IX.26 Mario, Thomas

Box IX.26 Massee, William E.

Box IX.26 May, Geoffrey

Box IX.26 Meyer, Clarence

Box IX.26 Miller, Floyd

Box IX.26 Miller, Townsend

Box IX.26 Moore, Ward

Box IX.26 Morrow, Linda

Box IX.26 Nuwert, Hank

Box IX.26 O'Connell, Jean S.

Box IX.26 O'Grady, Rohan (June Skinner)

Box IX.26 Olney, Richard

Box IX.26 O'Neill, Martin

Box IX.27 Parke, Gertrude

Box IX.27 Peck, James

Box IX.27 Peck, Paula

Box IX.27 Perowne, Barry (Philip Atkey)

Box IX.27 Pfoutz, Shirley Eclov

Box IX.27 Phillips, Bernard

Box IX.27 Pian, Canta Chao-Po

Box IX.27 Platnick, Kenneth

Box IX.27 Playboy Host and Bar Book (Revised)

Box IX.27 Podulka, Fran

Box IX.27 Powell, James

Box IX.27 Prokosch, Frederic

Box IX.27 Rhode, Irma

Box IX.27 Rieger, Shay

Box IX.27 Robbins, Ann Roe

Box IX.27 Rofheart, Martha

Box IX.28 Rofheart, Martha

Box IX.28 Ross Jr., Frank

Box IX.28 Sander, Joseph

Box IX.28 Sanders, D. G.

Box IX.28 Sayre, Anne

Box IX.28 Schrempp, Elizabeth (Katherine Court)

Box IX.28 Schloss, Edith

Box IX.28 Seavy, Susan

Box IX.28 Seiffert, Dorothy

Box IX.28 Selvon, Samuel

Box IX.28 Sheaffer, Louis

Box IX.28 Siegel, Doris

Box IX.28 Simmons, Charles

Box IX.28 Simpson, Howard R.

Box IX.28 Spanos, Anna and John

Box IX.28 Stuart, Eugene

Box IX.28 Summers, Hollis

Box IX.28 Swift, Edward

Box IX.29 Treat, Ida

Box IX.29 Troy, George

Box IX.29 Ungerer, Miriam

Box IX.29 Ward, Ralph T.

Box IX.29 Weatherly, Max

Box IX.29 Webb, Leland

Box IX.29 Weisbord, Marvin

Box IX.29 Weissman, Dick

Box IX.29 Welch, Mary Scott

Box IX.29 West, Anthony C.

Box IX.29 Whitlatch, John

Box IX.29 Widner, Ellis and Carter, Walter

Box IX.29 Willard, Charlotte

Box IX.29 Williams, Brad

Box IX.29 Williams, Lawrence

Box IX.29 Wilson, Jose

Box IX.29 Winthrop, Joan

Box IX.29 Wollman, Jane

Box IX.29 Wood, Malcolm

Box IX.29 Wright, Constance

Box IX.29 Wurzer, Karl

Box IX.29 Ziller, Eugene