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Wesley Clair Mitchell papers, 1898-1953

Series IV: [P] Printed Materials not by WCM

9 Boxes: Boxes 16-24

C = Complimentary copies

AC = Autographed complimentary copies

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Box 16 M. Abranovitz - "Monopolistic Selling in a Changing Economy".

Box 16 J. Akerman - "Dynamische Wertprobleme".

Box 16 W. Aldrich - "The Stock Market from the Viewpoint of a Commercial Banker".

Box 16 E. Altschul - "Die Mathematik in der Wirtachaftsdynamik" (AC).

Box 16 American Association for the Advancement of Science - "The Association from 1891 to 1900"., 1891

Box 16 American Statistical Association - "Report of the Coma. for the Study of Price Research in Textiles".

Box 16 American Sugar Refining Company - "Annual Report, 1938".

Box 16 O. Anderson - "Is the Quantity Theory Statistically Demonstrable?"

J. Angell:

Box 16 "Reading List in Money and Banking" (1936 2 copies)

Box 16 "The Components of the Circular Velocity of Money" (AC)

Box 16 "The Factors Controlling Prices" (AC)

Box 16 "Exchange Depreciation, Foreign Trade and National Welfare" (AC).

Box 16 L. Ascher - "Variations in Price Relative Distributions".

Box 16 C. Ayres - "Moral Confusion in Economics"; "Fifty Years1 Developments in Ideas of Human Nature and Motivation".

Box 16 E.H.P.B. - "Memorandum on Development of Economic Studies at Oxford".

Box 16 J. Backman - Price Flexibility and Inflexibility".

Box 16 O. Baker - "Significance of Population Trends to American Agriculture".

C. Barnard:

Box 16 "What would you Say to the Seniors?"

Box 16 "Wind in Everyday affairs" (2 copies)

Box 16 "Riot of the Unemployed at Trenton N.J., 1935".

Box 16 G. Bell - "Relative Spheres of Private Business and Government".

Box 16 S. Bell - "Is this Where the Increase Goes?"

A. Berglund:

Box 16 "Industrial Price Policies and the Attributes of Industrial Prices

Box 16 "The Bicentenary of Burke" (London Times).

Box 16 F, Blue - "Automatic Regulation of Monopoly".

Box 16 Boas - "Manifesto on Freedom of Science".

Box 16 L. v. Bortkiewicz - "Zweck und Struktur einer Preisindexzahl".

Box 16 K. Brandt - "Junkers to the Fore Again" (AC).

Box 16 E. Brown and G. Shackle - "Statistics of Monetary Circulation in England and Wales 1913-37

Box 16 Bureau of Business Research (Harvard) - "Methods of Paying Salesmen and operating Expenses in the Wholesale Grocery Business', in 1918".

Box 16 W. Burgess - "Velocity of Bank Deposits".

Box 16 A.Burns - review of H.L. Moore's Synthetic Economics.

A.R. Burns:

Box 16 "First Phase of the National Industrial Recovery Act, 1933";

Box 16 "Industry Studies and the Nature of Competition".

Box 16 T. Burrow - "Social Issues Versus Reality"; "A Relative Concept of Consciousness".

Box 16 J. Burton - "Foreclosure of Property in Manhattan".

Business Historical Society:

Box 16 Bulletin, 10/35

Box 16 "Growth of Rigidity in Business".

Box 16 W. Camp - "Limitations of the Ricardian Theory of Rent".

Box 16 Canada, Dominion Bureau of Statistics - Chart: Employment in Canada, 1921-1935."

Box 16 Carnegie Corporation, Report of the President and Treasurer, 193S.

Box 16 Carr-Saunders - "Malthus and his Famous Book".

Box 16 T. Carver - "Diminishing Returns and Value (AC);"The Statie State and the Technology of Economic Reform" (AC).

Box 16 J. Carwell - rev. of M. Eastman's Stalin's Russia and the Crisis in Socialism."

Box 16 R, Chaddock -"Methods of Estimating Proportional Frequencies of Divorce".

Box 16 E. Chamberlin - " A bibliography on Monopolistic Competition".

Box 16 Chain Store Economic and Financial Research Bureau - "Thirty Year Cycle and Chain Stores" (AC - W. Baxter)

Box 16 E. Charles - "The Effect of Present Trends in Fertility and Mortality upon the Future Population of England and Wales and Upon its Age Composition".

J.M. Clark:

Box 16 "Economic Democracy in Relation to other Varieties" (rough draft)

Box 16 "Inductive Evidence on Marginal Productivity" (AC)

Box 16 "Economics and the National Recovery Administration" (AC)

Box 16 "Davenport's Economics"

Box 16 "The Theoretical Issues"

Box 16 "The Relation of Government to the Economy of the Future" (AC)

Box 16 "Problems of Price Control"

Box 16 "Toward a Concept of Workable Competition" (AC)

Box 16 Wesley C. Mitchell's Contribution to the Theory of Business Cycles" (AC)

Box 16 "The Relation between Statics and Dynamics" (AC).

Box 16 G. Clausing - "Reine und Realistische Nechsellagenlehre" (AC).

Box 17 R. Coats:

Box 17 "The Place of Statistics in National Administration

Box 17 Function and Organization of Statistics

Box 17 Scope and Method of the Dominion Bureau of Statistics".

Box 17 J. Cobb - "The Relations of Psychology and Social Science".

Box 17 S. Cobb - "Physiology, Psychiatry and the Inhibitions".

Box 17 M. Cohen - "Topics for Discussion in the Round Table on Generalization in the Social Sciences".

Box 17 Columbia University Council for Research in the Social Sciences - "Report of the Work of the CUCFRISS, 1925-38".

Box 17 Columbia University, School of Business Library - "Doctoral Dissertations, 1941".

C.R. Cooley:

Box 17 "Social Control in International Relations"

Box 17 "Political Economy and Social Process"

Box 17 "The Institutional Character of Pecuniary Valuation"

Box 17 "Valuation as a Social Process"

Box 17 "The Sphere of Pecuniary Valuation"

Box 17 "The Progress of Pecuniary Valuation" (AC)

Box 17 J. Cooper - "Birth Control".

M. Copeland:

Box 17 "An Estimate of Total Volume of Debits to Individual Accounts in the United States";

Box 17 "Desire, Choice and Purpose from a Natural-Evolutionary Standpoint" (AC).

Council on Foreign Relations:

Box 17 "The World's Gold Production Increases"

Box 17 "The Background of the European Crisis" (bibliography)

Box 17 "The Gold Payment Clause in Bonds"

Box 17 J. Cover - "Liquidation and Rehabilitation of the Consumer and Small Business"

Box 17 G.V. Cox - "The Relation of Stock Prices to Earnings" (AC).

Box 17 G.C. Cox - "The Gold Barometer"

Box 17 R. Craig - "Scientific Methods versus 'Hunch' in the Chief Executive's Office"

Box 17 W. Crik - "The Place of the Banking System in the Nation's Economic Life".

Box 17 A. Cutler - "The Ebb of Institutional Economics".

Box 17 G. Cutten - "Leisure".

Box 17 W. Daniels - "The Passing of the Old Economist".

Box 17 D. Davenport - "An Analysis of the Cost of Municipal and State Government".

Box 17 H. Davenport - "Fetter's Economic Principles"; "Doctrinal Tendencies Fetter, Flux, Seager, Carver" (AC).

Box 17 G. Davies - "Social Aspects of the Business Cycle"

Box 17 S. Davis - "Investment Decisions of Industry".

Box 17 E. Day - "Trends of Social Science".

Box 17 H. Dennison - "Management and the Business Cycle" (2 copies); also reproduction of chart for same.

Box 17 J. Dewey -"A New Social Science".

Box 17 Dirks and H. Staehle - "Retail Sales and Labor Income" (AC).

Box 17 E. Dodd - "Frequency Laws Showing Stability with Reference to the Geometric Mean and Other Means" (AC).

Box 17 R. Dodge - "Mental Engineering".

J. Dorfman:

Box 17 "Francis Lieber : German Scholar in America " (2 copies)

Box 17 "Joel Barlow: Trafficker in Trade and Letters"

Box 17 "Alexander Hamilton: Nation-Maker"

Box 17 "William Beach Lawrence: Apostle of Ricardo"

Box 17 "Henry Velhake".

Box 17 C.H. Douglas - "Money and the Price System".

P. Douglas:

Box 17 "An Estimate of the Growth of Capital in the United Kingdom, 1865-1309"

Box 17 "Smith's Theory of Value and Distribution"

Box 17 "Elasticity of Supply Determinant of Distribution"

Box 17 L. Dublin, E. Kopf, A. Lotka - "The Components of Death Curves".

Box 17 The Dynamics of Automobile Demand (S. Horner, C. Roos, V. Szeliski, A. Court, S. DuBrul)

Box 17 L. Edie and D. Weaver - "Velocity of Bank Deposits in England" (AC).

Box 17 T. Eliot - "The Relations Between Adam Smith and Benjamin Franklin Before 1776"

Box 17 E. Elkus - "Overhead Expense Increasing"

Box 17 C. Endres - "Edwin R. Seligman"

Box 17 R. Epstein - "Statistical Light on Profits, as Analyzed in Recent Literature"

Box 17 G. Evans - NBER press release on Business Incorporations in the United States, 1800-1945".

Box 17 S. Evans - "The Politician and Political Economy".

Box 18 S. Fabricant - "Corporate Earnings, 1929-31".

Box 18 Federal Council of Churches of Christ in America - "Human Nature and the Social Order".

Box 18 A, Feiler - "The Evolution of the Consumer".

Box 18 H. Feis - "What Determines the Volume of a Country's International Trade".


Box 18 "Price Economics versus Welfare Economics: Contemporary Opinion"

Box 18 "Price Economics versus Welfare Economics"

Box 18 "Interest Theories, Old and New"

Box 18 "Value and the Larger Economics" (AC)

Box 18 "Davenport's Competitive Economics"

Box 18 "Relations Between Rent and Interest"

I. Fisher:

Box 18 "Economics of Accountancy"

Box 18 "Are Savings income?" (C)

Box 18 "Note on a Short-Gut Method for Calculating Distributed Lags" (C)

Box 18 "Edgeworth's Papers Relating to Political Economy"

Box 18 "Arthur Twining Kadley"

Box 18 "The Impatience Theory of Interest";

Box 18 "Precedents for Defining Capital"

Box 18 W. Fisher - "Statement of Objectives of the Committee on Prices in the Bituminous Coal Industry".

Box 18 M. Florinsky - "France and the War Debts" (AC).

Box 18 E. Flügge - "'Institutionalismus'" in der Nationalokonomie der Vereinigten Staaten" (AC)

Box 18 A. Flux - "National Income"

Food Research Institute:

Box 18 "List of Contributions to Books and Professional Journals 1921-35"

Box 18 "Publications, 1923-38"

Box 18 G. Ford - "Some Trends and Problems of the Social Sciences".

Box 18 R. Fosdick - "We are Living in Two Centuries"

Box 18 W.T. Foster - "The Circuit Flow of Money".

L. Frank:

Box 18 "An Institutional Analysis of the Law" (C)

Box 18 "Mental Security"

Box 18 "Where is Progressive Education Going in Human Relationships" (C)

Box 18 "Society as the Patient" (AC)

Box 18 "The Emancipation of Economics"

Box 18 "Management of Tensions" (C)

Box 18 "Social Planning and Individual Ideals (C)

Box 18 "Locus of Experience"

Box 18 "Causation: an Episode in the History of Thought" (C);

Box 18 "Structure, Function and Growth" (C);

Box 18 "Problem of Learning" (C);

Box 18 "Development of Science" (C); review of Scott Nearing's The Next Step (AC with note);

Box 18 "Social Problems";

Box 18 "Cultural Coercion and Individual, Distortion";

Box 18 "Cultural Control and Physiological Autonomy";

Box 18 "Dilemma of Leadership" (C);

Box 18 "Freedom for the Personality" (C)

Box 18 "Science and Culture" (C)

Box 18 "Time Perspectives" (C)

Box 18 What is Social Order?" (AC)

Box 18 Review of Frank's Emergence of Personality

Box 18 "Conserving our Human Heritage"

Box 18 "Significance of Industrial Integration" (AC)

Box 18 "Social Order and Psychiatry" (C)

Box 18 Article on managerial policy (Bulletin of the Taylor Society (AC with note)

Box 18 "Long Term Price Trends"

Box 18 "Personality and Rank Order " (C)

Box 18 Bibliography (1938)

Box 18 Foreword to Problems of Ageing (also J. Dewey's Introduction)

Box 18 R . Freund - "Farmpreisindizes in den Vereinigten Staaten von Amerika" (AC).

D. Friday:

Box 18 "The War and the Supply of Capital";

Box 18 "Maintaining Productive Output - A Problem in Reconstruction";

Box 18 "Taxable Income of the United States";

Box 18 "Accumulation of Capital";

Box 18 "Incomes during Business Depression".

Box 18 Milton Friedman - review of O. Altman's'' Saving, Investment, and National Income.

Box 18 R. Frisch - "Sur un Problème d'économie Pure" (AC).

Box 18 H. Fuller - "Looking Backward".

E. Gay:

Box 18 "Interest";

Box 18 "Social Psychology and National Policy"

Box 18 "Rhythm of History"

Box 18 "Tasks of Economic History"

Box 18 "Economics and History in the American University of the Future"

Box 18 A. Gayer - "British Share Prices, 1811-1850".

Box 18 General Motors Corporation - annual Report, 1933.

E. Ginzberg:

Box 18 "Notes on the Reconstruction of Economic Theory"

Box 18 "Economics in Transition" (AC)

Box 18 "Economic Research" (AC)

Box 18 "Economics of British Neutrality During the American Civil War".

Box 18 C. Goodrich and Sol Davison - "The Wage-Earner in the Westward Movement, II

C. Goodrich:

Box 18 "Effect of the War on the Position of Labor" (AC);

Box 18 "Program of the International Labor Organization".

Box 18 J. Grantham - "Wholesale Price Movements of Paper in Chicago, January 1, 1913 to June 30, 1922"., January 1, 1913

Box 18 Great Britain, Permanent Consultive Committee on Official Statistics Guide to Current Official Statistics (1922).

Box 18 H. Gregory - review of M. Sadleir's Strange Life of Lady Blessington.

Box 18 H. Grossman - "Evolutionist Revolt Against Classical Economics" (AC).

Box 18 C. Grove - review of R. Fisher's Statistical Methods for Research Workers (AC)

Box 18 Gulick - "Vienna Taxes Since 1918" (AC).

Box 19 Haberler -"National Income, Savings and Investment" (WCM note).


Box 19 "Balance of International Payments of the United States in 1927";

Box 19 "Balance of International Payments of the United States in 1926".

Box 19 L. Hamburger - "Opmerkingen over het Beloop van het Algemeene Prysniveau in den Groothandel der Laatste 150 Jaren" (AC).

E. Hamilton:

Box 19 "La Monnai en Castille, 1501-1650" (AC)

Box 19 "Imports of American Gold and Silver into Spain, 1503-1660" (AC);

Box 19 "Foundation of the Bank of Spain" (AC);

Box 19 "Growth of Rigidity in Business During the Eighteenth Century" (AC);

Box 19 "Profit Inflation and the Industrial Revolution 1751-1800" (AC).

A. Harris:

Box 19 "Negro Population in Minneapolis (AC);

Box 19 "Economic Evolution: Dialectical and Darwinian";

Box 19 "Types of Institutionalism".

Box 19 R. Harrod - "An Essay in Dynamic Theory" (AC).

von Hayek:

Box 19 Foreword to H. Gossen's Entwick der Gesetze des Menschlichen Verkehrs :

Box 19 "Trend of Economic Thinking" (AC);

Box 19 "Paradox of Saving" (AC);

Box 19 "Zur Problenstellung der Zinstheorie" (AC);

Box 19 "Bemerkungen zum Zurechnungsproblem" (AC);

Box 19 "Friedrich Freiherr v. Wieser";

Box 19 "Economics and Knowledge" (ACO.

M. Heilperin:

Box 19 "Money Internationalism and its Crisis11 ,. (AC);

Box 19 "Les Insituts de Conjoncture Economique dans leur Rapports avec 1'evolution Contemporaine et de la Realite et de la Theorie Economiques" (AC).

Box 19 "Henry Rogers Seager" (S. Lindsay, H. Hoogland, C. Gulick).

Box 19 W. Hickernell - "Index of 10 Commodities-.--, Monthly, 1815-60 in the New York Wholesale Markets"

Box 19 H. Higgs - advertisements for Bibliography of Economics; Volume I, 1751-1775.

N. Himes:

Box 19 "Birth Control Handbills";

Box 19 "Charles Knowlton's Revolutionary Influence on the English Birth-Rate".

Box 19 G. Holmes - "Consumers' Fancies" (AC).

Box 19 H. Holt and C. Neill - "World Depression and the Fall in Commodity Prices in Relation to Gold and Central Bank Policies".

Box 19 H. Hotelling - "Recent Improvements in Statistical Inference".

Box 19 S. Howard - "Public Utility Rate and Depreciation Bases".

Box 19 J. Hoxsey - "Writing Down Assets and Writing off Losses".

H. Hoyt:

Box 19 "Economic Function of the Common Law";

Box 19 "Industrial America - The End of a Thousand-Year Cycle" (AC).

Box 19 J. Hubbard - "Hoarding and the Expansion of Currency in Circulation".

Box 19 E. Huntington - "The Role of Mathematics in Congressional Apportionment" (also W. Willcox's article of the same title).

Box 19 H. Innis - "The Penetrative Powers of the Price System" (AC).

Box 19 Institut für Konjunkturforschung - "Die Deutschen Einzelhandelsumsatze in Kurven und Zahlen".

International Labor Office:

Box 19 "Report on Methods of statistics of Wages and Hours of Labor"

Box 19 "Report on Systems of Classification of Industries and Occupations".

Box 19 International Nickel Company - Annual Report, 1933.

Box 19 International Scientific Committee on Price History -"Chairman's Report on English Navy Stores".

Box 19 International Statistical Institute - proposed revision of statutes; lists of members, Oct 1947 Mar 1948., 1947

W. Jaffe:

Box 19 "Leon Walras' Theory of Capital Accumulation";

Box 19 "Evolution of the Institutions of Productions".

H. Kallen:

Box 19 "Fundamental Objectives of Business Management: Responsibility";

Box 19 "Political Science as Psychology" (AC).

Box 19 V. Kazakevich - "End of Plant Expnasion in American Manufacturing Industries" (AC)

Box 19 J. M. Keynes - "A Self-Adjusting Economic System?"

Box 19 C. Keyser - "Vilfredo Federico Damaso Pareto".

W. King:

Box 19 "Net Volume of Saving in the United States" (AC);

Box 19 "Wage Rates in the General Welfare";

Box 19 "Why Monetary Inflation cannot Continue Indefinitely";

Box 19 Advertisement for The Keys to Prosperity.


Box 19 "Statics und Dynaiaik" (AC)

Box 19 "Statics and Dynamics" (mimeographed).

Box 19 L. Kotany - "A Theory of Profit an- Interest" (AC).

Box 19 A. Kovacs - "le Probleme de la Statistique Nationaliste".

Box 19 J. Kuczynski - "Die Entwicklung der Lohne in Franreich und Belgien, 1895-1933".

Box 19 R.R. Kuczynski - London Times obituary.

S. Kuznets:

Box 19 "Static and Dynamic Economics";

Box 19 "Monetary Business Cycle Theory in Germany";

Box 19 On Moving Correlation of Time Sequences".

Box 20 L. Lachman:

Box 20 "Uncertainty and Liquidity Preference";

Box 20 "Investment and Costs of Production";

Box 20 "Social and Political Revolutions".

Box 20 H. Laidler - "Incentives under Capitalism and Socialism".

Box 20 S. Lamprecht - "John Locke and His Essay" (also Woodbridge's "Spinoza")

Box 20 B. Landheer - "Sociology".

Box 20 O. Lange review of P. Sweezy's Theory of Capitalist Development.

Box 20 I. Langmuir - "Science, Common Sense and Decency".

Y. Leong:

Box 20 "An Estimate of the Volume of Deposit Currency in the United States";

Box 20 "Money in Circulation in the United States".

W. Leontief:

Box 20 "Studien uber de Elastizitat des Angebots" (AC) (2 copies);

Box 20 "Interrelation of Prices, Output, Savings and Investment" (C).

S. Lewisohn:

Box 20 "Wage Policies and National Productivity";

Box 20 "Psychology in Economics"

Box 20 Lexington Trust Fund - Semi-Annual Report, November 1937 April 1938., 1937 April

Box 20 S, Lindsay - "Henry Rogers Seager".

K. Llewellyn:

Box 20 "Legal Tradition and Social Science Method - a Realist's Critique";

Box 20 "The Effect of Legal Institutions upon Economics".

Box 20 J. Loeb - "Freedom of Will and War".

A. Lotke:

Box 20 "The Geographic Distribution of Intrinsic Natural Increase in the United States";

Box 20 "Modern Trends in the Birth Rate".

A. Lowe

Box 20 "The Trend in World Economics (C);

Box 20 "On some Theoretical Considerations of the Meaning of Trend" (AC) (in pamphlet of reports).

Box 20 I. Lublin - "Economic Costs of Retail Distribution".

G. Lundberg:

Box 20 "Quantitative Methods in Social Psychology" (C);

Box 20 "The Failure of the Social Sciences" (C).

Box 20 P. Luzzatto-Fegiz - "Occupational Evaluation of a Generation."

Box 20 L. Lyon and T. Rassieur - "Price Responsiveness" (AC).

Box 20 F.R.M. -"Knowledge and Wisdom"" (A./.A.S. Bulletin).

Box 20 A. Macallum - "On the Urgency of Research on the Great Portal of Disease in the Body".

Box 20 A. MacDonald - "Anthropology of modern Civilized Man" (AC).


Box 20 "On the Meaning of the Marginal Product" (C);

Box 20 "Interest as cost and capitalization Factor".

R. Maclver:

Box 20 "Is Sociology a Natural Science?";

Box 20 "The Magic Chart" (New York Times, 2/38) (from R. Tucker).

J., Marschak:

Box 20 "Income Inequality and Demand Studies";

Box 20 "Substanzverluste";

Box 20 "Wicksell's Two Interest Rates".

Box 20 J. Marschak and W. Lederer - "Grossenordnangen des deutschen Geldsystems".

A. Marget:

Box 20 "Relation Between the Velocity of Circulation of Money and the Velocity of Circulation of Goods1" (C) (2 copies, one in German);

Box 20 "Statistical Measureaent of the 'Velocity of Circulation of Goods'" (C).

Box 20 J. Martin - "Income Payments to Individuals by States, 1929-39"

G. May:

Box 20 testimony before Federal Trade Commission in Newsprint hearings, 1913 (also capital and profit figures from the Economist), 1913

Box 20 "Influence of Accounting on the Development of an Economy" (2 copies);

Box 20 "Improvement in Financial Accounts";

Box 20 "Growth and Incidence of Taxation" (C).

J, Mayer:

Box 20 "Toward a Science of Society0 (AC);

Box 20 "Pseudo-Scientific Economic Doctrine" (AC);

Box 20 "Comparative Value and Human Behavior" (AC).

Box 20 Mauldon - "Use and Abuse of Statistics" (AC).

Box 20 L. MacAdoo-Triggs - Review of L. Ward's Pure Sociology.

Box 20 H. McKenna - address on monetary policy and the Midland Bank (AC).

H. Mendershousen:

Box 20 "Methods of Computing and Eliminating Changing Seasonal Fluctuations" (AC)

Box 20 "Elimination of Seasonal Fluctuations in the Building Industry" (AC).

Box 20 Metropolitan Life Insurance Company - "Families on Relief and the Birth Rate".


Box 20 "Price data and Problems of Price Research";

Box 20 "Economics in a Time of Change" (AC).

Box 20 O. Mills - "Economic Planning".

Box 20 N. Mirkowich - "Economics of John A. Hobson".

L. Meses:

Box 20 "Interventionismus"

Box 20 "Sozialliberalismus"

Box 21 H.L. Moore - "A Moving Equilibrium of Demand and Supply".

O. Morganstern:

Box 21 "Offene Probleme der Kosten- und Ertragstheorie" (AC);

Box 21 "Friedrich von Wieser" (AC).

Box 21 G. Morrow - "Ethics of the Wealth of Nations".

Box 21 H. Moulton - "Commercial 3anking and Capital Formation".

Box 21 V. Mund - "Monopolistic Competition Theory and Public Price Policy".

Box 21 N. Murray - "Trend of Prices" (AC).

A. Muste:

Box 21 "Open Letter to Dr. Einstein - II".

Box 21 National Bureau of Economic Research - "Uses of National Bureau Publications and materials";

Box 21 "Conference on Price Research, 1935".

Box 21 National Committee to Keep Prices Down - "A Statement of Principles"

Box 21 National Distribution Conference - "Expenses of Doing Business".

Box 21 National Retail Hardware Association - "Hardware store Survey; a Study of Margin Expense Profit" (1926 and 1927 editions)., 1927

Box 21 J, Nef - "James Laurence Laughlin".

Box 21 H. Neisser - General Overproduction" (AC).

J. Normano:

Box 21 "Spirit of American Economics";

Box 21 "Social Utopias in American History" (AC).

Box 21 Northwestern University - various ads for publications.

Box 21 P. Nortman - review of Macaulay's Some Theoretical Problems Suggested by the Movements of Interest Rates, Bond Yields and Stock Prices in the United States since 1856.

Box 21 J. D. Norton - "A Prospectus for the Connecticut Committee" (draft).

Box 21 J.P. Norton - "Stocks as an Investment when Prices are Rising".

Box 21 C. Noyes - "Social Philosophers and Social Planning".

W. Ogburn:

Box 21 "The Great Man versus Social Forces";

Box 21 "The Psychological Basis for the Economic Interpretation of History";

Box 21 "Bias, Psychoanalysis, and the Subjective in Relation to the Social Sciences" (note by Ogburn);

Box 21 "Our Times".

Box 21 W. Ogburn and D. Thomas - "Influence of the Business Cycle on Certain Social Conditions".

Box 21 R. Opie - "Frank William Taussig".

Box 21 H. Oshima - "Veblen on Japan" (AC).

Box 21 K. Parsons - "John R. Commons* Point of View" (AC).

Box 21 H. Person - "Evolution of Industrial Engineering".

Box 21 G. Pirou - contents list of L'Utile Marginale and Les Theories de l'Equilibre Economique.

Box 21 Pollak Foundation for Economic Research - Pollak Prize Essays" (1927) (R. Souter, Olmstead, C. Bickerdike, V. Novogilov).

Box 21 Population Association of America - 2 copies of Population Literature (7/20/35 and 10/20/35).

Box 21 "Population and Social Planning" (G. Tugwell, Osborne, T. Woofter, Reeves, Notestein and C. Kiser).

G. Preinreich:

Box 21 "Economic Life of Industrial Equipment" (C);

Box 21 "Practice of Depreciation" (C).

Box 21 G. Putnam - "Unit Costs as a Guiding Factor in Buying Operations".

Box 21 S. Rice - Motives in Radicalism and Social Reform" (AC).

Box 21 Richter - "Bearing of Historical Analogy on Predictions as to the Future of General Commodity Prices".

Robert Morris Associates:

Box 21 Monthly Bulletin, August 1937 (C - A. Wall);, August 1937

Box 21 "Special Trend Study in Behavior of Corporate Proportions; no. l, Meat Packers 1917-36" (AC-?).

Box 21 B. H. Robertson - "Theories of Banking Policy" (AC).

Box 21 L. Robinson - "Are Present Forms of Financial Statements Satisfactory?" (C - R. McCrea).

Box 21 Ross - "On Generalization from Limited Social Data".

Box 21 G. Roulleau - "Vitesse de Circulation de Diverses Formes du Stock Monetaire".

Box 21 B, Ruml - "Recent Trends in Social Science".

Box 21 Russell Sage Foundation Library - "The New Leisure, Its Significance and Use"(bibliography).

Box 21 J. Ryan - "Human Sterilization".

Box 21 W. Salent - "Inflationary Gap" (with, discussion by M. Friedman).

Box 21 P. Samuelson - "Professor Pigou's Employment and Equilibrium".

Box 21 Sauvaire-Jourdan - review of A. Aftalion's Des Crises Periodigues de Surproduction.

J. Schapiro:

Box 21 "John Stuart Mill, Pioneer of Democratic Liberalism in England" (AC);

Box 21 "Utilitarianism and the Foundation of English Liberalism" (AC).

Box 21 A. Schlesinger - "What then is the American, this New Man?"

H. Schultz:

Box 21 "Statistical Law of Demand" (AC);

Box 21 "Der Sinn der Statistischen Nachfragekurgen" (AC);

Box 21 "Interrelations of Demand, Price and Income"

Box 21 Advertisement for Theory and Measurement of Demand.

Box 21 R. Schultz and R. McFarland - "Industrial Psychology in the Soviet Union".

Box 22 E.B. Schumpeter - "English Prices and Public Finance, 1660-1822".

J. Schumpeter:

Box 22 "Eine Dynamische Theorie des Kapitalzinses" (AC);

Box 22 "Edgeworth und die neuere Wirtschatfstheorie" (AC);

Box 22 "Eugene von Bohm-Bawerk" (AC);

Box 22 "Zue Einf uhrung der folgendea Arbeit Knutfiicksells" (AC);

Box 22 "Gustav V. Schaoller und die Probleme von Heute" (AC).

Box 22 A. Schweitzer - "Foundation of Pure Economics" (C).

Box 22 R. Scoon - "Professor Robbins1 Definition of Economics".

Box 22 H. Seager - "Economics".

H. Secrist:

Box 22 "Uniformities of the Competitive System Observed through Quantitative Studies";

Box 22 "Stock Turnover in Retail Clothing Stores";

Box 22 "A Business Barometer for Retailers";

Box 22 "Amounts Sold per Full Time Salesmen in Retail Clothing Stores" (C);

Box 22 "Competition in the Retail Distribution of Clothing" (C).

Box 22 V. Simkhovitch - "Approaches to History" (I - VI) (AC).

K. Simpson:

Box 22 "Statistical Analysis of the Relation between Cost and Price" (AC - Simpson and "J. Rorty);

Box 22 "Re-examination of the Doctrine of Comparitive Costs" (AC)

Box 22 C. Slocombe - "Profits, Prices, and Cages'' (AC) (WCM note onW. Bingham, L. Schafner, Fisher and Hanna).

Box 22 E. Slutsky - "Ueber Stochastiche Asymptoten und Grezwerte" (AC)

Box 22 T.V. Smith - "Fundamental Objectives of Business Management - Growth".

Box 22 Social Science Research Council - "Map Suggesting the Field of Research in Industrial Relations".

C. Snyder:

Box 22 "What Mainly Determines the Prices of Commodities?";

Box 22 "Capital Supplies and National bell-Being" (AC);

Box 22 "Turnover of Deposits a Measure of Business Activity";

Box 22 "Influence of the Interest Rate on the Business Cycle";

Box 22 "Structure and Inertia of Prices".

Box 22 A. Sokoloff - "Zwei Beitrage zur Themrie der Umlaufsgeschwindigkeit des Qeldes" (AC).

Box 22 W. Sombart - "Der kapitalistische Unternehmer" (AC).

Box 22 P. Sorokin - "Leaders of Labor and Radical Movements in the United States and Foreign Countries".

Box 22 G. Soule - "Accumulation of Capital".

Box 22 G. Soule and E. Lindeman - review of J. Hobson1s Free Thought in the Social Sciences.

R. Souter:

Box 22 "Land, Capital, and Opportunity Cost" (AC);

Box 22 "Modern monopoly as the Gentleaan Crook" (AC).

Box 23 J. Spengler - "Population Movements, Employment, and Income".

A. Spiethoff:

Box 23 "Gustav von Schmoller und die anschauliche Theorie der Volkwirtschaft" (AC)

Box 23 "Die Allgemeine Voiks?/irtsschaftslehre als geschichtliche Theorie. Die V.irtschaf tstile. "

Box 23 H. Staehle - "Die Analyse von Nachfragekurven ia ihrer Bedeutung fur die Konjunkturforschung" (AC).

Box 23 Standard Bank of South Africa - "The Agricultural Position".

Box 23 J. Sternberg - "Trend of Long Term Debts in the United States, 1934-37".

K. Stephens:

Box 23 "Zur heueren KapitalthEorie" (AC);

Box 23 "Zur Problematik der Zinstheorie" (AC).

Box 23 W. Stevens - "Unfair Competition" (AC).

Box 23 N.I. Stone - "Labor Efficiency in Good Times and Bad".

Box 23 S. Stratton - "Preliminary Report of a Program for Research on the Price Structure and Pricing Policies of the Iron and Steel Industries".

Box 23 T. Suranyi-Unger - "Der Gemeinwert" (AC).

Box 23 H. Taylor - "Teaching of Economics in Germany" (AC).

E. Thorndike:

Box 23 "Science and Values" (2 copies, one typewritten);

Box 23 "Trains of Thought".

Box 23 L. Thurstone - "Attitudes Can Be Measured".

G. Tintner:

Box 23 "Theory of Choice under Subjective Risk and Uncertainty";

Box 23 "Non-static Theory of Choice";

Box 23 "Maximization of Utility Over Time".

Box 23 J. Trautwine - "business - Ancient and Jodern".

Box 23 L. Truesdell - "Growth of Urban Population in the United States of America".

Box 23 R, Tucker - "Essential Historical Facts about 'Sensitive1 and Administered Prices".

R. Tugwell:

Box 23 "Economics ar*d Ethics";

Box 23 "Human Nature and Social Economy";

Box 23 "Hunan Nature in Economic Theory";

Box 23 "Life and Work of Simon Nelson Patten".

Box 23 Union Carbide and Carbon Corporation - Annual Report, 1938.

Union of Soviet Socialist Republics:

Box 23 "Recensenent general de I'Union des Republiques Socialistes Sovietiques en 1926"

Box 23 "Constitution of the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics".

United States. Department of Agriculture. Bureau of Agricultural Economics

Box 23 "Livestock on Farms, January 1 ,1367-1919"

Box 23 "Special Report on Revised Estimates of United States Cotton Acreage" and Yield, 1866-1931" (1933).

Box 23 "Revised Estimate of Oats Acefage, Yield, and Production, 1866-1929"(1934)

Box 23 "Revised Estimates of Potato Acreage Yield per Acre, and Production, 1866-1929" (1935).

Box 23 "Revised Estimate of Wheat Acreage, Yield and Production, 1866-1934" (1934 1937).

Box 23 Bureau of Markets and Crop Estimates - "Survey of the Retail Trade; Operating Expenses and Profits".

Box 23 Department of Commerce. Business and Advisory Planning Council - "Notes on Existing Series of Data"

Bureau of the Census:

Box 23 "Occupational Trends in the United States: 1370 to 1930"., 1370

Box 23 "Types of Fauiilies in the United States".

Bureau of Foreign and Domestic Commerce

Box 23 "National Income, 1929-36".

Box 23 "Balance of International Payments of the United States in 1935".

Box 23 "United States Balance of International Payments, January-June 1936".

Box 23 "Sources of Current Trade Statistics".

Box 23 "Foreign Investments in the United States".

Box 23 Federal Reserve Board - "Prices in the United States and Abroad, 1919-23".

Box 23 Department of Labor. Division of Labor Standards - "Out of Crisis, Opportunity!"

Box 23 Treasury Department. Bureau of Internal Revenue - "Statistics of Income for 1935".

Bureau of Mines, National Research Project, Works Project Administration:

Box 23 "Mechanization Trends in lietal and Nonaetal Mining as Indicated by Sales of Underground Loading Equipment".

Box 23 "Small Scale Placer Mines".

Box 23 [?] - "Distribution of the Labor Force ofl the United States, 1910-1943 and Summaries of Post-War Civilian Employment Estimate Obtained from Employers and Labor Leaders"., 1910-1943

Box 23 United States Steel Corporation - Annual Report, 1933.

Box 24 "University of Chicago - "Memorandum Concerning the Field of Social Thought"

University of Illinois Bulletins:

Box 24 "Seasonal and Cyclical Movements of the Loans and Investments of Chicago Banks";

Box 24 "Operating and Earning Power Ratios of Electric Companies";

Box 24 "Standard Financial Ratios for the Public Utility Industry";

Box 24 "Determination of Secular Trends";

Box 24 "Methods of analyzing Business Data".

Box 24 University of Pittsburgh - chart: Pittsburgh business activity, 1884-1938.

Box 24 H.G. Villard- "Will the French Race Become Extinct?"

Box 24 J. Viner - "Who Paid for the War?"

Box 24 L. Volin - "Henry Carter Adams: Critic of Laissez-Faire".

Box 24 D. Wallace - Market Control in the Ainrm'num Industry, table of contents.

Box 24 J. Wallace and M. Vallace - "From the Master Cabinetmakers to Woodworking Machinery".

Box 24 G. Wallas - review of B. Webb's My Apprenticeship.

Box 24 W. Wallis and M. Friedman -"Empirical Derivation of Indifference Functions".

R. Warren:

Box 24 "Money and Sovereignty";

Box 24 "Capitalist and the Social Structure".

Box 24 G. Catkins - "Measureiaent of Concomitance of Variation".

Box 24 D. Weinberger - "Weiser".

Box 24 D. Weintraub - "Effects of Current and Prospective Technological Developments upon Capital Formation".

Box 24 Welfare Council of New York City - "Expenditures for Outdoor Relief in New York City".

Box 24 W. Westermann - "Greek Exploitation of Egypt" (AC).

Box 24 Weyerheeuser Forest Products - "Booms and Depressions since 1775" (chart).

Box 24 C. Whitney - "Exchange and Price Stabilization".

Box 24 J. Whyte - "Economic Influences of the Literature of the Nineteenth Century" (AC).

Box 24 W. Willcox - "Note on the Chronology of Statistical Societies".

Box 24 Williams - "Economic Situation in Europe".

Box 24 H. Williams - "Nation's Income".

Box 24 E. Wilson - "Pareto versus Marshall".

A. Winakor:

Box 24 "Maintenance of Working Capital of Industrial Corporations by Conversion of Fixed Assets

Box 24 "Wisconsin Farm Prices, 1341 to 1933"., 1341

Box 24 H. Wolkind - "Construction Trends in The United States 1937 and 1933", 1937

Box 24 J. Woodward - "Insurance and Human Behavior"

H. Working:

Box 24 "Differential Price Behavior as a Subject for Commodity Price Analysis";

Box 24 "What about Wheat Prices?"

Box 24 "Yardsticks of Business Practice".

Box 24 R. Yerkes - "Role of Psychology in the War".

A. Young:

Box 24 "Economics and War";

Box 24 "Some limitations of the Value Concept";

Box 24 "Depreciation and Rate Control" (AC);

Box 24 "Trend of Prices";

Box 24 "Trend of Economics";

Box 24 "Sherman Act and the New Anti-Trust Legislation" (AC).

Box 24 [?] - Charts on investment (photostats).

Box 24 [?] - Income and budget studies of Chicago (tables and graphs).