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Wesley Clair Mitchell papers, 1898-1953

Series VI: [M] Money, The Money Economy, and Economic History

2 Boxes: Boxes 34 and 35

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Box 34 1902 Apr 18; hol 1 p; examination; EH., 1902

Box 34 1902 [May ?]; hol 1 p; EH; examination., 1902

Box 34 1902 [?]; hol 1 p; EH; assignments., 1902

Box 34 Folder M34 [1908 ?] hol 2p.; M; course outline

Box 34 Folder M187 [1908 ?] hol 2p; M; course outline

Box 34 Folder M28 [1908 ?]; printed 14 p; bibliography - on money and monetary history and prices; from Harvard.

Box 34 Folder M30 [?]; hol 1 p; M; class assignments

Box 34 Folder M124 [?]; printed 4 p; bibliography on American economic history [from Harvard?]

Box 34 Folder M35 [1908 ?]; M:

Box 34 Course plans

Box 34 Development of monetary systems - ancient and medieval

Box 34 Coinage history

Box 34 16th century gold inflow

Box 34 Statistics

Box 34 England and gold standard

Box 34 Banking origins

Box 34 Colonial systems

Box 34 American monetary development - Revolution, Hamilton, U.S. 1801-47

Box 34 Sherman Act and panic of, 1893

Box 34 U.S., 1894-1907

Box 34 European development to, 1848

Box 34 U.S. and European developments 1848-70 and 1871-93

Box 34 Attached: gold

Box 34 Production statistics

Box 34 Quote by I. Hurwick on silver.

Box 34 1909 Aug - Dec; hol 1 p; M; class readings., 1909

Box 34 1909 Nov 19-Dec 6; hol 2 p; M; money and prices., 1909

Box 34 1916 May 8; hol 1 p; course lecture notes: Marshall on money., 1916 May

Box 34 1917 Jan 10; hol 2 p; Tp; 26th lecture; Marshall on money (used 1/17/17)., 1917

Box 34 1917 Jan 15; hol 1 p; Tp; Marshall on money (used l/l7/l7)., 1917

Box 34 1920 Jan 10; hol & carbon ms 5 p; "Growth of the Modern Factory System"; Talk to joint Board of Sanitary Control, New York City., 1920

Box 34 1920 Nov 23; hol 2 p; "Economic Organization and the Trade Union"; 2d lecture., 1920

Box 34 1922 Dec 26; carbon 7 p; discussion of J.C. Trautwine on WCM "Making Goods and Making Money", 1922

Box 34 1923 Jan 28; carbon ms; 5 p; "Uses Made of Honey and Leisure; suggestions for a Series of Investigations"., 1923

Box 34 1923 Nov 7; carbon ms 2 p; copy 2 p; review of A. Monroe's Monetary Theory before Adam Smith (published as "History of Theories")., 1923

Box 34 1923 Dec 15; carbon ms 6 p; "Preamble to the Plan of the National Monetary Association"; revision of draft written by Rovensky and Hastings., 1923

Box 34 1926 Feb 4; hol 5 p; ME; 1st lecture; course plans., 1926

Box 34 1926 Feb 9; hol 3 p; ME; money in antiquity and among aborigines, institutions; assignments., 1926

Box 34 1926 Feb 11; hol 1 p; ME; money in social behavior., 1926

Box 34 1926 Feb 15-16; hol & typed 22 p; ME; students' suggestions for seminar papers; by: J. Cornell, A. Achenstein, A. Pellman, D. McConnell, W. Kim, E. Taylor, M. Gilson [?], R. Jadoul, L. McMorris, P. Lean [?], H. Slade, S. Kuznets, I. Allen, J. Bane [?], H. Taylor, Cuttrell, R. Roby., 1926

Box 34 1926 Peb 16; hol 2 p; ME; money and social behavior; social sciences, habits., 1926

Box 34 1926 Feb 18;hol 5 p; ME; institutions in social life and their formation, habits, change., 1926

Box 34 1926 Feb 23; hol 1 p; ME; assignments., 1926

Box 34 1926 Mar 11; hol 1 p; ME; development of money economy., 1926

Box 34 1926 Mar 16; hol 5 p; ME; money economy and production and distribution, efficiency, invention and diffusion., 1926

Box 34 1926 Mar 18; hol 6 p; ME; evolution of money economy, cumulative process, inventions., 1926

Box 34 1926 Kar 23 [& later]; hol 14 p; HE; evolution of money econony, economics and money economy - non causal science of behavior, classical economics and utility economics and money economy, statistical empirical work, summary and suggestions., 1926

Box 34 1926 Apr 4, 11, May 6; hol 3 p; ME; criticisms of money economy technical and welfare, consumers, use of netcresources., 1926

Box 34 1926 Apr 8; hol 4 p; ME; making and spending money, economic organizataion, business enterprise., 1926

Box 34 1926 Apr 13, 15; hol 6 p; ME; interdependence of businesses, system of prices, role of prices, money mechanism, equation of exchange and business psychology (used 4/8/26)., 1926

Box 34 1926 Apr 20; hol 3 p; ME; equation of exchange, secular price movements (used 4/15/26)., 1926

Box 34 1926 Apr 22; hol 3 p; ME; flow of money payments - income, business spendings, savings; guidance of economic activity, uncertainty (used 4/27/26)., 1926

Box 34 1926 Apr 27; hol 3 p; ME; business management and guidance - big business structure, technical advisors, lenders, consumers., 1926

Box 34 1926 Apr 29; hol 5 p; guidance - consumers, government, planlessness; money economy and production intereference - bankers, businessmen, farmers (G.Warren, H.L. Moore), war, foreign trade; overproduction, money economy and prices (used 4/27/26)., 1926

Box 34 1926 May 4; hol 5 p; ME; production limitation, overproduction, Pollak theory, disturbances in money econony (used 5/6/26)., 1926 May

Box 34 1926 May 6; hol 4 p; ME; overproduction, price determination, statistics, criticisms of money economy., 1926 May

Box 34 1926 May 11; hol 2 p; ME; summary and results, money econony and economic theory., 1926 May

Box 34 1926 May 13; hol 7 p; ME; behavior study and theory (used 5/11/26)., 1926 May

Box 34 1937 Jan 14; see 1/14/37A, 1937

Box 34 1937 Apr 22; hol 1 p; Seminar; functions of the enterprises., 1937

Box 34 1937 Fall; see Fall 1937 A., 1937, 1937

Box 34 1939 May 23; hol 6 p; Economic Theory Seminar; summary on imperialism., 1939 May

Box 34 1939 Oct 5; hol 16 p; "Money and Economic Activities"; lecture to Columbia banking seminar, 1939

Box 34 1941 Jan 6-Mar 31; hol 1 p; Economic Theory Seminar; assignments - seminar history of economic organisation., 1941

Box 34 1941 Mar 31; hol. 8 p; Seminar; money and economic behavior - summary of historical and analytical reports by class members., 1941

Box 34 1944 Sep 30; typed Us 11 p; copy 11 p; "Role of Money in Economic History"; talk to Economic History Association session; attached program and meeting information. undated notes (before 1913), 1944, undated

Box 34 Folder M22 Hol 3 p; price level changes and gold standard.

Box 34 Folder M23 Hol 3 p; money in U.S., 1907.

Box 34 Folder M24 Hol 5 p; foreign monetary systems.

Box 34 Folder M25 Hol 12 p; gold exchange standard in Philippines.

Box 34 Folder M26 Hol 2 p; gold exchange standard in Panama.

Box 34 Folder M27 Printed 8 p; table: -world gold and silver output 1893-1904.

Box 34 Folder M31 Hol 61 p: tables: paper money in Austria.

Box 34 Folder M32 [After 1906]; hol 9 p; money and price level changes, gold standard.

Box 34 Folder H36 Hol 7 p; gold standard in Mexico; attached- 2 clippings.

Box 34 Folder M37 Hol 3 p; changes in price level.

Box 34 Folder M33 Hol 1 p; price level changes.

Box 34 Folder M47 Hol 1 p; monetary demand for gold, gold and price level.

Box 34 Folder M45 Hol 3 p; business capital and price level.

Box 34 Folder M39 Hol 2 p; low prices - wholesalers and manufacturers.

Box 34 Folder M46 [1908 ?]; hol 64 p; role of prices, system of prices, money making, price system and wants, pecuniary viewpoint, technical exigencies, development of price systems and changes, index numbers, quantity theory, Laughlin, price making process, money and price level changes, gold production and stocks and demand; class assignments.

Box 34 Folder M49 Hol 1 p; money economy and price system.

Box 34 Folder M48 hol 6 p; M; monetary systems - U.S., evolution of, significance of money economy and leading features, price system, price statistics.

Box 34 Folder M50 Hol 1 p; assignments - price statistics.

Box 34 Folder M1151 [1908 ?]; hol 16 p; monetary system of the U.S. - currency elasticity, gold standard, Inquiry of 1896 attached - statistics, Fisher's velocity estimates., 1896

Box 34 Folder M170 Hol 1 p; E0; economic life of - ancient Egypt, Mesopotamia, Greece, Rome.

Box 34 Folder M171 Hol 8 p; EO; Mesopotamia.

Box 34 Folder M176 Hol 1 p; Merovingian's' gold and silver supply.

Box 34 Folder M172 Hol 3 p; EH; course plans.

Box 34 Folder M175 Hol 1 p; money economy in Middle Ages - Florence.

Box 34 Folder M173 hol 15 p; EH; 1st lecture; course plans, readings (ethnology and history)

Box 34 Folder M331 Hol 1 p; difficulties of coinage in Middle Ages.

Box 34 Folder M116 Hol 1 p; EH; dates of reigns of English kings, 1066-1603.

Box 34 Folder M120 Hol 13 p; EH; manorial system before 1056 in England., 1056

Box 34 Folder M117 Hol 17 p; towns in the Saxon period.

Box 34 Folder M122 Hol 7 p; EH; town life after 1066 in England., 1066

Box 34 Folder M105 Hol p; finances of Saxon and Norman periods.

Box 34 Folder M118 Hol 2 p; the .manorial system in England.

Box 34 Folder M119 Hol 10 p; EH; sources of knowledge on manorial systems.

Box 34 Folder M114 Hol 4 p EH; manorial systems - 11th to 13th centuries.

Box 34 Folder M108 Hol 17 p; EH; Black Death.

Box 34 Folder M179 Hol 1 p; Guild origins.

Box 34 Folder M109 Hol 16 p; EH; later development of towns and guilds.

Box 34 Folder M177 Hol 1 p; English borrowings.

Box 34 Folder M112 Hol 17 p; EH; commercial policy of Edward I and Edward III.

Box 34 Folder M107 Hol 7 p; EH; English trading companies.

Box 34 Folder M125 Hol 3 p; EH; Mercantilism.

Box 34 Folder M115 hol 28 p; EH; colonial system and mercantilism (with bibliography)

Box 34 Folder M106 Hol 5 p; EH; Mercantilism (with bibliography).

Box 34 Folder M110 Hol 11 p; EH; enclosures of 15th and 16th centuries.

Box 34 Folder M330 Hol 3 D; money economy and theory of money in 1549.

Box 34 Folder M113 Hol 7 p; SH; Elizabethan legislation.

Box 34 Folder M121 Hol 49 p; EH; social results of industrial and agricultural revolutions (with bibliography).

Box 34 Folder M123 hol 2 p; EH; assignments

Box 34 Folder M178 Hol 1 p; outline of history of money economy.

Box 34 Folder M102 Mimeograph 27 p; outline of history of European banking.

Box 34 Folder M104 [1921 or 1923]; hol 2 p; "Businessman and Economics".

Box 34 Folder M126 [1923 or 1924]; typed 34 p; "Money Economy and Economic Efficiency".

Box 34 Folder M174 [between 1923 and 1929]; carbon 2 p; excerpts copy 1 p; "World Monetary problem" talk on price stabilization to Joint Session of AEA and American Association for Labor Legislation., 1923

Box 34 Folder M103 [1925 or 1926?] carbon; 9 p; outline of introductory economics course on money economy., 1926?

Box 34 Folder M329 [after 1941]; typed and hol 5 p; "Notes on Marginal Analysis"; initialed AFB [Burns]

WCM notes on his reading; undated:

Box 34 Folder M130 Hol 1 p; contents of E. Allanison [?]; Report on Bimetalism in Europe.

Box 34 Folder M127 Hol 3 p; abstract of C. Andrews: history of Mark theory.

Box 34 Folder M52 Hol 11 p; abstracts and quotes by Aristotle: money.

Box 34 Folder M128 Hol 4 p; abstract of W. Ashley: origin of English manor.

Box 34 Folder M53 Hol 1 p; abstracts and statistics by Bonmation and H. Hayes: monetary reform 1696.

Box 34 Folder M81 hol 2 p; abstract of S. Breckenridge: Legal Tender

Box 34 Folder M54 hol 36 p; abstract of K. Bucher: Essays in Economic History

Box 34 Folder M55 hol 1 p; abstract of W. Carlile.: evolution of English gold standard

Box 34 Folder M56 Printed 1 p; review of W. Cole: The American Hope.

Box 34 Folder M57 Hol 1 p; quotes by J. Commons: earnings of organized labor 1897-1903.

Box 34 Folder M164 Typed 8 p; quotes by M. Copeland: making money and goods, money economy and economic reform.

Box 34 Folder M58 Hol 13 p; abstract of A. Courtois: French finances 1870-71.

Box 34 Folder M59 hol 4 p; quotes by Cunningham: 13th century use of money on manors, estate management, bookkeeping

Box 34 Folder M60 Hol 20 p; quotes and abstracts of M. Decker: Essay on the Causes of the Decline in Foreign Trade.

Box 34 Folder M82 Hol 15 p; abstract of A. De Viti de Marco: Moneta e Prezzi.

Box 34 Folder M61 hol 6 p; abstract of A. Doren: the guild merchant

Box 34 Folder M62 Hol 14 p; abstract of A. Ecengreuth [?]; medieval coining and monetary policy, prerogative of coinage.

Box 34 Folder M63 hol 91 p; abstract of R. Ehrenberg: Fuggers and other moneyed men, Florentians and other Italians, Genoese and Dutch and Spanish business men, money powers in 16th century, Antwerp, rise of Lyons, 16th century bourses, 1557-66 crisis, struggles and crises 1566-77, from Bas Zerbalter der Fugger, Geld Kapital und Credit.

Box 34 Folder M64 Hol 1 p; reference to W. Fite: "Theory of Democracy".

Box 34 Folder M65 Hol 7 p; abstracts of E. Foldes: "Beitrage zur Freage", "Beitrage zur statistik", "Literatur zur Freage".

Box 34 Folder M66 Hol 2 p; abstract of Forbes: "World's Rising Production of Gold and its Influence on Commodity prices."

Box 34 Folder M67 Hol 11 p; life and work of T. Gresham (J. Burgon).

Box 34 Folder M126 hol 13 p; abstract, of C. Gross: The Guild Merchant

Box 34 Folder M68 Hol 24 p; abstract of H. Grueber: Handbook of the Coins of Great Britain and Ireland in the British Museum.

Box 34 Folder M69 hol 20 p; abstract of J. Harris; Essay upon Money and Coins

Box 34 Folder M70 hol 14 p; abstract of W. Hasback History of the English Agricultural laborer

Box 34 Folder M71 Hol 4 p; abstract of Hearnes: pepper loan of 1640-41, assessment of wages 1562 act, middleman and domestic system, business organization in 17th century., 1562

Box 34 Folder M74 Hol 3 p; abstract of T. Hertzka: Wahrung und Handel.

Box 34 Folder M72 hol 2 p; abstract of B. Hildebrand:

Box 34 Folder M182 Hol 28 p; quotes by Keller: ancient Greece.

Box 35 Folder M73 hol 9 p; abstract of H. Koch

Box 35 Folder M73 hol 39 p; abstract of K. Kramer: Das Papiergeld in Oesterreich seit 1848 (see M74), 1848

Box 35 Folder M75 hol 52 p; abstracts of J.L. Laughlin: History of Bimetalism

Box 35 Folder M76 Hol 13 p; abstract of J. Law: value, origin of money, silver, own schemes, Scotland, land bank, Première Mémoire.

Box 35 Folder M77 Hol 8 p; abstracts of G. Leonhardt: Austrian monetary history 1848-66; bibliography.

Box 35 Folder M77 hol 33 p; abstracts of W. Lesigang: Austrian monetary history

Box 35 Folder M78 hol 17 p; abstracts of W. Lexis: Austrian paper money (see M77)

Box 35 Folder M79 hol 24 p; abstracts and quotes by J. Locke: "Considerations of the Consequences of Lowering Interest", "Observations on Coining of Silver Money", "Further Considerations of Raising the Value of Silver Money."

Box 35 Folder M80 Hol 27 p; abstract of A. Loria; Studi sul Valori della Moneta.

Box 35 Folder M83 Hol 12 p; abstracts of H. Macleod: Theory of Credit.

Box 35 Folder M84 hol 1 p; abstract of C. Menger:

Box 35 Folder M85 Hol 3 p; abstract of M. Muhlman: Stocks of Gold in the United States.

Box 35 Folder M86 hol 25 p; abstract of A. Nagel:

Box 35 Folder M86 hol 5 p; abstract of P. Pacher:

Box 35 Folder M185 Hol 1 p; reference to E.T. Powell: Evolution of the Money Market.

Box 35 Folder M87 Hol 1 p; abstract of L. Price: prices in 16th and 17th centuries.

Box 35 Folder M88 Hol 1 p; abstract of R. Prothers: corn laws.

Box 35 Folder M89 Hol 10 p; abstract of Ruding: coinage history.

Box 35 Folder M192 Typed 1 p; quote by S. Slichter: competition and money making.

Box 35 Folder M90 Hol 3 p; abstract and quotes by Vi. Shaw: Mercantilist maxims, gold-silver ratio and coinage before 1492.

Box 35 Folder M91 Hol 7 p; abstracts of Sieveking: medieval barter and expenses and investment, Commenda, Venetian trade and banking, early companies.

Box 35 Folder M92 Hol 6 p; statistics by A.; gold and silver production 1492-1875.

Box 35 Folder M93 Hol 16 p; abstract of T. Tooke: currency principle, History of Prices.

Box 35 Folder M94 Hol 16 p; abstract of A. Toynbee: Lectures on the Industrial Revolution in England.

Box 35 Folder M95 Hol 6 p; abstract of Unwin: 12th and l7th Century London oligarchy and early guilds, guild prevalence.

Box 35 Folder M96 Hol 23 p; abstract of R. Vaughan: Discourse on Coin and Coining.

Box 35 Folder M98 Hol 23 p; abstracts of A. Wagner: Russian paper money, inconvertible paper money theory (see M75).

Box 35 Folder M99 hol 15 p; abstract of G. Wiebe:

Box 35 Folder M99 Hol 22 p; abstracts by Wieser: Austrian paper money (see M84).

Box 35 Folder M100 hol 3 p; abstract of A. Youngman: Standard Oil, and Morgan, Harriman Kuhn-Loeb groups

Box 35 Folder M97 hol 2 p; abstracts of S. Ross, L. Merriam, Fetter, J.B. Clark: money as standard of deferred payment

Box 35 Folder M101 hol p ; abstracts of Montesquieu, J. Stewart, Hume, Arthur Young, J. Wheatley: quantity theory of money

Box 35 Folder M181 hol 2 p; abstracts of Bucher, Cunningham, E. Meyer: economic life of Greece and Rome

Box 35 Folder M204 Hol 31 p; abstracts of Rodbertus, Bucher, Beloch, E. Meyer, Diehl, Lamprecht: economic development of ancient times.

Box 35 Folder M183 hol 12 p; abstract of E. Simcox [?], J. Hittall: ancient Egypt

Box 35 Folder M184 Hol 1 p; notes for historical material on money economy; bibliography and notes [for book?]

Box 35 Folder M189 Hol 1 p; references to Bernheim and Langlois: psychology and history study.

Following are WCM notes and Ms for proposed book on the money economy.

Box 35 Folder M332 Hol 1 p; Chapter I - outline - growth of money economy.

Box 35 Folder M333 hol 1 p; Chapter I; money economy and capitalism - Somber, Hobson, Veblen

Box 35 Folder M334 hol 2 p; Chapter II; "Development of the Money Economy"; references to E. Meyer, L. Friedlander, L. Magnus, J. Frieze.

Box 35 Folder M335 Hol 1 p; Chapter XI; "Evaluation of the Money Economy".

Box 35 Folder M336 hol 37 p; collection of notes and mss accompanying above book material; on:

Box 35 Hedonism

Box 35 Economic theory and money economy

Box 35 Money and economic theory

Box 35 Economic rationality

Box 35 Consumers' surplus (Marshall, Patten)

Box 35 levels of analysis

Box 35 Valuation consistency (J.B. Clark, Edgeworth)

Box 35 Pecuniary logic and interests and material wellbeing

Box 35 Medieval economics history

Box 35 Institutions (Veblen)

Box 35 Critique and problems of economic theory

Box 35 Method

Box 35 Utility

Box 35 Money economy and conduct

Box 35 Economic laws (J. Dewey)

Box 35 Fabians and Benthamites

Box 35 Pure and institutional theory

Box 35 Clipping on national

Box 35 Bankruptcy