Rare Book & Manuscript Library

Wesley Clair Mitchell papers, 1898-1953

Series V: [P-WCM] Published Material by WCM

3 Boxes: Boxes 38-40

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Box 38 "Accountants and Economics with Reference to the Business Cycle" (1 copy).

Box 38 "Adams Smith is Pleased" (1 copy)

Box 38 Review of A. Aftalion's Les Crises Periodiques de Surproduction (1 copy)

Box 38 Review of M. Alberti's Verso la Crise (1 copy).

Box 38 "Americans All" (2 copies).

Box 38 "Annual Report of the Directors of Research of the NBER, Feb 4, 1929" (1 copy).

Box 38 "Are there Practical Steps toward an Industrial Equilibrium?" (1 copy). (same as below)

Box 38 "Bentham's Felicific Calculus" (5 copies).

Box 38 "Business Hazard in the Machine Tool Industry" (" copies).

Box 38 "Census of Cuba" (1 copy).

Box 38 "Chart of World Business" (1 copy).

Box 38 "Circulating Medium during the Civil War" (1 copy).

Box 38 "Commons on the Legal Foundations of Capitalism" (4 copies).

Box 38 "Cooperation in Solving Social Problems: the Contribution of the Social Sciences" (1 copy).

Box 38 Crisis of 1920 and the Problem of Controlling Business Cycles" (2 copies)., 1920

Box 38 "Critique of Index Numbers of the Prices of Stocks" (1 copy).

Box 38 "Economic Resources and their Employment" (1 copy).

Box 38 Review of H. Davenport's"Economics of Enterprise" (1 copy).

Box 38 "Economics, 1904-1909" (2 copies).

Box 38 "Economics in a Changing Social Order" (2 copies).

Box 38 "Engineering, Economics, and the Problem of Social 7iell-3eing: the Economises View" (1 copy).

Box 38 "Facts and Value in Economics" (55 copies).

Box 38 "Irving FisheB" (1867-1947)" (29 copies).

Box 38 Discussion of Fisher's "Best Form of Index Mumbers" (9 copies).

Box 38 Review of Fisher's Purchasing Power of Money (1 copy).

Box 38 Note on Second edition of Purchasing Power of iJoney (1 copy).

Box 38 Review of D. Friday's Profits, Wages, and Prices (6 copies).

Box 38 Address in honor of E. Gay, Dec 22, 1932 (1 copy)., 1932

Box 38 Review of Harvard University Committee on Economic Research's Review of Economic

Box 38 Statistics, Vol I (1 copy).

Box 38 Review of H. Hasting's Costs and Profits (1 copy).

Box 39 History of Prices during the War, Summary (5 copies).

Box 39 Review of C. Hobson's Export of Capital (1 copy).

Box 39 "How the statistical Output of Federal Bureaus -wight be Improved" (lc opy).

Box 39 Review of G. Hull's Industrial Depressions (1 copy).

Box 39 "Human Behavior and Economics" (3 copies).

Box 39 — "Industrial Equilibrium in a Business Economy " (1 copy).

Box 39 "Institutes for Research in the Social Sciences" (3 copies).

Box 39 "Intelligence and the Guidance of Economic Evolution" (1 copy).

Box 39 "International Pattern! in Business Cycles" (3 copies).

Box 39 Review of C. Jackson's Six Industrial Crises (1 copy).

Box 39 Review of C. Juglar's Brief History of Panics and their Periodical Occurrences in the United States (1 copy).

Box 39 Review of Knight's Risk, Uncertainty and Profit (1 copy).

Box 39 "J. Laurence Laughlin" (19 copies).

Box 39 Review of W. Layton's introduction to the Study of Prices (1 copy).

Box 39 Review of J. Magee's Money and Prices (l copy)

Box 39 "Making Goods and Making Money" (1 copy).

Box 39 "Making .Money and taking Goods" (2 copies).

Box 39 Making and Using of Index Numbers (1 copy).

Box 39 "Methods of Presenting Statistics of 7 pages" (1 copy).

Box 39 "Money and Credit in the Recovery Program, Introduction" (1 copy).

Box 39 "Money and Foreign Exchange after 1914" (3 copies).

Box 39 "National Bureau*s L'easures cf Cyclical Eehavior" (1 copy).

Box 39 "National Unity and Individual Liberties" (4 copies).

Box 39 "New Banking Measure in the United States" (1 copy).

Box 39 "New Gold and the Fall of Prices" (1 copy).

Box 39 "Introduction to Our Changing Social Order" (8 copies).

Box 39 Foreword to Essays in Social Economics in Honor of Jessica Elanche Peixotto (6 copies).

Box 39 Review of J. Peixotto's Getting and Spending at the Professional Standard of Living (5 copies).

Box 39 "Prices and Reconstruction" (1 copy).

Box 39 Public Relations of Science" (47 copies).

Box 40 "Rationality Econosdc Activity" (1 copy).

Box 40 "Real Issues - in the Quantity Theory Controversy" (1 copy).

Box 40 "Research Fellowships of the Social Science Research Council" (2 copies).

Box 40 Reviews of:

Box 40 M. Prager's Die Yi'ahrungs Bankrefora in den Vereinigten Staaten von Amerika.

Box 40 G. Peedrs Valics or the Science of Values.

Box 40 J. Curren's Francis A. Walker und seine Hauptsachlichsten Theorien.

Box 40 C. Steinbruck's Die Entwicklung der Preise des Stadtischen; und Ländichen Immobiliarbesitzes zu Halle und im Saalkreise

Box 40 I. DrenkoffTs Die Steuerverhaltnisse Bulgariens.

Box 40 Demuth's Th. v. Bernhardi: ein Beitrag zur Geschichte der Nationalokonogiie. (1 copy).

Box 40 "Robbins, The Great Depression" (4 copies).

Box 40 Review of D. E. Robertson's A Study of Industrial Fluctuation.

Box 40 Role of Money in Economic History" (15 copies)

Box 40 The Role of Money in Economic Theory" (a copy)

Box 40 "Role of Research in Economic Progress" (1 copy)

Box 40 "Henry Rogers Seager: 1870-1930" (5 copies).

Box 40 "Edwin Robert Anderson Seligman, 1861-l939 (13 copies)

Box 40 Review of H. Sewall's Theory of Value before Adam Smith (1 copy)

Box 40 "Science and the State of Mind"; Spanish translation (1 copy).

Box 40 "Sombart's Hochkapitalisaus" (1 copy).

Box 40 "Statistics and Government" (2 copies).

Box 40 Review of W. Taylor's Credit System (1 copy).

Box 40 "Thorstein Veblen, 1857-1929" (4 copies).

Box 40 "War prices in the United States" (1 copy)

Box 40 "Allyn Abbott Young" (1 copy)

Box 40 Review of R. Zon and W. Sparhawk's Forest Resources of the World.