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Carnegie Endowment for International Peace New York and Washington Offices records, 1910-1954

Series VIII. CEIP Library

(13 boxes)

This series comprises an assortment of boooks, pamphlets, periodicals, and typescript reports that were kept in the Endowmen's Library. It includes publications that were sent to the Endowment and kept as reference material, as well as Endowment publications. Printed material can be found througout the other series of the records. This series does not represent the entire CEIP library. For more information on the CEIP library see I.G.

Series VIII. is organized into three subseries:

A. CEIP reports and publications

B. Other publications

C. Clippings re the Endowment

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Subseries VIII.A: CEIP reports and publications

Box 339 Addresses... in honor of American professors visiting Geneva... 1925 Sept, 1925

Box 339 Certificate of incorporation and by-laws of the Carnegie Endowment in Europe, Inc., 1923

Committee on atomic energy

Box 339 Advisory committee on atomic energy. I. General statetment. II. List of members of the advisory committee..., 1945

Box 339 Atomic energy, its future in power production., 1946

Box 339 Committee on inspection of raw materials. A conference report on international inspection of radioactive mineral production., 1946

Box 339 Legal sub-committee. Utilization and control of atomic energy, a draft convention…, 1946

Box 339 Problems of war and peace in the atomic age. Reports and discussion based on proceeedings of a joint conference., 1946

Box 340 Conference of leaders of American educational enterprises in Europe. Paris, 1948. Report. 1949.

Box 340 Conference on United Nations and Specialized Agency Documentation, Paris, 1948. Report. 1949. (English and French versions.)

Box 340 Dinner for the delegates...section Six of the second Pan-American Congress…, 1915

Division of economics and history.

Box 340 Confidential Memorandum and report on German Post-War Police.

Box 340 Preliminary report on researches of the United States Government bearing upon international economic relations. 1938 Nov, 1938

Box 340 Procès-verbaux de la conférence convoquée par la Division "Économie politique et histoire." Berne, aout 1911., 1911

Box 340 Shotwell, James. Memorandum on the preliminary plans for the economic history of the world war. 1920 May 5, 1920

Box 340 Suggestions to contributor to the economic history of the world war..., 1920

Division of intercourse and education

Box 340 Babcock, Earle. European Cooperation for Peace., 1933

Box 340 Beginnings of a Library of International Relations., 1931

Box 340 Bentley, F.H. The English speaking peoples in the post-war world., 1943

Box 340 Blaisdell, Donald C. The farmer's stake in world peace. 1935 1937, 1935, 1937

Box 340 Booth, Charles Douglas. Cooperation or chaos., 1936

Box 340 British and American Students Conference on International Affairs., 1931

Box 340 Butler, Nicholas Murray. The Carnegie Endowment-what it is and does., 1944

Box 340 Chambers, L.P. A charter for a free world., 1943

Box 340 Conference on the future policy in Europe of the Divison of Intercourse and Education. 1939 June, 1939

Box 340 Do you want prosperity and peace?, 1937

Box 340 Fisher, Edgar J. New thinking necessary for peace., 1937

Box 340 Hoare, Samuel, Pierrre Laval, and Cordell Hull. Italy and Ethiopia., 1935

Hubbard, Ursula P.

Box 340 A primer on the trade agreements. 1939 1940, 1939, 1940

Box 340 The United States and the League of Nations., 1937

Jones, Ann Heminway

Box 340 International Relations. A study course based on the International Mind Alcove Books., 1930

Box 340 International relatons Clubs, an informal report with practical suggestions for the use of the. 1941 Sept, 1941

Box 340 Motion pictures on foreign countries and on international relations. 19321936, 1941

Box 340 List of centros de relaciones internacionales…and List of international relations study groups., 1942

Box 340 Morrison-Bell, Clive. The European Tariff Walls Map., 1929

Box 340 Program for peace and prosperity., 1932

Box 340 Sayre, Francis Bowes. War or world trade which?, 1936

Box 340 Villard, Oswald G. Tariffs and economic disarmament., 1937

Box 340 Welles, Sumner. A peace for free peoples., 1943

Box 340 World conference on the textile industry., 1937

Division of International Law

Box 340 Constitution and by-laws of the American Institute of International Law. 1914 (In English and Spanish versions.), 1914

Box 340 Signatures, ratifications, adhesions and reservations to the conventions and declarations of the first and secoond Hague Peace Conferences., 1914

Box 341 Summary of discussion at the meeting... 1941 Jan 18, 1941

Box 341 Zeydel, Walter H. Annotation of the charter of the United Nations and statute of the international court of justice., 1947

Box 341 Eliot, Charles William. Recommendations… for the expenditure of money in China and Japan by the Carnegie endowment… or by other American endowments., 1913

Box 341 International economic conference, London, March, 1935., 1935

Box 341 International Relations Clubs News Bulletin. 1947 1948, 1947, 1948

Box 341 International visits of representative men. United States-Latin America. Instructions to Robert Bacon., 1913

Box 341 Lecture tour of Mr. Clarence A Phillips to Europe in the summer of 1931. Report., 1931

Box 341 Lists of libraries and Institutions in which the publications of the Carnegie Endowment are depositeed for free use. 1922 1926 1928, 1922, 1926, 1928

Box 341 Lists of publications of the Carnegie Endowment., 1916-1928

Box 341 Memorandum for the Information of the Board of Trustees in the semi-annual meeting Decmeber 16, 1918.

Office of the secretary

Box 341 Plan of annuities and insurance., 1922

Box 341 Plan to enable personnel of the Endowment to participate in the Teachers Insurance and Annuity Association of Ameri, ca. 1919

Box 341 Publications of the Endowment. Rules for marking printer's copy., 1914

Box 341 Officers for the year, 1916-1917

Box 341 Programs of dinners, etc.

Box 341 Requirements for appropriation. 1917 1918 1920, 1917, 1918, 1920

Box 341 Resolutions

Box 342 Root, Elihu and Nicholas Murray Butler. Problems confronting the Carnegie Endowment for International Peace., 1920

Box 342 Scott, James Brown. The development of modern diplomacy., 1921

Box 342 Special committee on policy appointed February16, 1925. Report as amended December 2, 1926., 1927

Box 342 Trustees. Statement. 1915 Feb, 1915

Box 342 Visit of American editorial writers to The Hague. August 7-12, 1927. Final programme. 1927, August 7-12, 1927, 1927

Box 342 Visit of American professors of international relations to The Hague. August 10-13, 1926. 1926, August 10-13, 1926, 1926

Subseries VIII.B: Other publications

Box 342 American Bar Association. 1. Section of International and Comparative Law. Neutrality and International Sanctions. 1936. 2. Committee for Peace and Law through United Nations. The progressive development of international law., 1947

Box 342 American Friends Service Committee. 1944 Volunteer Service Projects. 1944, 1944, 1944

Box 342 American Society of International Law. Program of twelfth annual meeting., 1921

Box 342 The American Student Endowment for Forcible International Peace

Box 342 American Youth Hostel. Knapsack., 1946

Box 342 Anti-complulsory Military Drill League. Open letter., 1925

Box 342 Andrew Carnegie, 1935-1919

Box 342 The Arbitrator. Journal of the International Arbitration League., March1949

Box 342 Association for International conciliation, American branch. Constitution and by-laws… undated & List of publications…no. 1. 1919, undated, 1919

Box 342 Ayala, Eusebio. Pacto antibelico (aprobado en sesion del 7 de agosto de 1929)…, 1929

Box 342 Barthel, Ernst. Deutchland-Frankreich., 1935

Box 342 Bauerle, Albert T. Peace by Force or Chaos., 1936

Box 342 Bonney, Thérèse. Europe's Children. Pictorial report., 1943

Box 342 Boorse, Henry A. Report on international scientific conferences held in England, July, 1946., 1946

Box 342 Bosch, Juan. Mujeres en la vida de hostos., 1939

Box 342 Bray, Dr. John F.L. A Plea for Gold., 1942

Box 342 Brinkman, Ray. Adequate Income for Endowment Fund Investments., 1940

Box 342 Bulow, Einar ValdeMarchAmerica Think!, 1941

Box 342 Butler, Nicholas Murrary. The world today.

Box 342 Caminiti. Reward: The Adventure of Veronka the Little Immigrant., 1936

Carnegie, Andrew

Box 343 Armaments and their results., 1909

Box 343 Arbitration., 1911

Box 343 The palace of peace., 1913

Box 343 Speech at the annual meeting of the Peace Society., 1910

Box 343 Carnegie, Colonel David. The I.L.O. in world affairs.

Box 343 Carnegie Hero Fund Commission. Report of the 32nd annual meeting. 1936 Jan, 1936

Box 343 China Institute. Report of the director. 1945 May, 1945

Box 343 Chirinos, Carlos Medinas. Nuevo Punto De Vista Para La Paz Universal., 1925

The Church Peace Union

Box 343 Record of twenty years: 1914-1934., 1935

Box 343 Report of the general secretary and auditors for the year 1936., 1937

Box 343 La Cité Universitaire de Paris., 1925

Box 343 The Cobden Club. Report for the year 1938., 1939

Box 343 Columbia Broadcasting System. CBS News on D-Day., 1945

Box 343 Commission to study the organization of peace. Statements, reports, clippings., 1946-1947

Box 343 The Consensus., April 1929

Box 343 Coulon, Madeleine. De graves événements dans le Barreau Roumain. (Les agissements racistes en Roumaine No.1)., 1937

Box 343 Council for Inter-American Cooperation, Inc. Inter-American services: a selected guide to available aids., 1946

Box 343 Cromie, Leonard J. Provisional Report on the Study of Demographic Problems., 1937

Box 343 Crozier, Alfred Owen. Nation of Nations., 1915

Box 343 d'Estournelles devait savoir..., 1915

Box 343 Dallex, V.Esquisse D'un Plan Pour Sortir De La Crise., 1935

Box 343 The Dawes Way: an international magazine., 1925

Box 343 The Declaration of the Federation of the World; a resolution., 1942

Box 343 Defaulted Debts of the Southern States of the USA., 1927

Box 343 Dennis, Alfred L.P. Stoking the fires of peace: the Carnegie Endowment has been busy since Christmas, 1910., 1921

Box 343 Dickinson, Edwin. What is wrong with International Law?, 1946

Box 343 Diourdievitch, Tched.. Vers L'Union Monétaire Balkanique (Towards A Balkan Monetary Union)., 1936

Box 344 Dominican Republic. Department of State for Foreign Relations. The candidacy of Rafeal L. Trujillo Molina and Stenio Vincent for the Nobel Peace Prize to be awarded in 1936., 1935

Box 344 Drucker, J.C.J. Some correspondence concerning a British Passport., 1918

Box 344 Dulles, John Foster. Statements and Addresses., 1945-1947

Box 344 Duncan, Ronald. The Complete Pacifist.

Box 344 Dutch Anti-War Council (Nederlandische anti-oorlog raad). Brochure., 1914

Box 344 Editorial Research Reports. The Briand proposal and arbitration., 1927

Box 344 Emery, Brooks. Mainsprings of world politics: America's power position., 1943

Box 344 L'Europe Nouvelle. 1926 Jan, 1926

Box 344 Filderman, W. Le problème de travail national et la crise du Barreau en Roumanie., 1937

Box 344 Fonck, René. Mes combats., 1920

Box 344 Founding of the National Roosevelt Library., 1947

Box 344 Figueira de Almeida, Theodoro. Diagram of a systematic plan for the solution of the war problems and for the assurance of the word's peace., 1924

Box 344 France. Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Diplomatic correspondence relating to reparations., 1923

Box 344 Genio latino., September -October 1941

Box 344 Good Reading: 1000 Books Briefly Described. 1938, 1000, 1938

Box 344 Gould, Frederick J. Educational prophets in Berlin., 1925

Gourevitch, Boris.

Box 344 The legal position of the refugees and stateless persons to whom the right of residence is refused in the West European Countries of refuge., 1939

Box 344 What can the United States do to defend human rights as the basic premise of social and international peace?, 1940

Box 344 Groupe Interparlementaire Suédois. Recueil De Documents., 1914

Box 345 Heller, Dr. Victor. Government price fixing and rationing in Austria during the War of 1914-1918., 1941

Box 345 Holland News., 1915-1919

Box 345 Heerfordt, C.F. An appeal to the European national in the U.S.A. 1935 & Esquisse d'un projet franco-scandinve concernant les "Articles Fondamentaux" de la constitution des "Etats-unis des Nations Européenes." 1929, 1935, 1929

Box 345 Inman, Samuel Guy. Caribbean Impressions., 1932

Box 345 Industrial Reorganization League. A policy of reconstruction to be implemented under the powers of an Industrail Reorganization (Enabling) Act.

Box 345 The International Arbitration League. Report for 1948.

Box 345 International Auxiliary Language Association (IALA). Variantes de le lingua internationale., 1947

Box 345 International Bureau of Education. Bulletin. 1932 April, 1932

International Chamber of Commerce Resolutions Posed at the Stockholm Congress Final report of the Trade Barriers Committee

Box 345 Conte, Roger. Report on international industrial ententes., 1927

Box 345 Final Report of the Trade Barriers Committee. 1927 April, 1927

Box 345 Resolutions passed atthe Stockholm Congress., 1927

Box 345 International Migration Service. Social Problems of Migrating Children., 1925

Box 345 Interparliamentary Union. American Group. 15th Annual meeting., 1918

Box 345 Jäckh, Ernst. America und Wir., 1929

Box 345 Journal of Bulgarian Chamber of Architects (with "Building principles of American and English libraries" by M. Demchevsky)., 1938

Box 345 Journal of Educational Sociology. 1946 Dec, 1946

Box 345 Handbook of International Relations

Box 345 The League of Nations (serial). 1919 May 3, 1920 Feb 10, 1919, May 3, 1920

Box 346 Liang, Yuen-Li. The Pact of Paris as envisaged by Mr. Stimson: its significance in international law., 1932

Box 346 A List of 774 books published for American Armed Forces Overseas

Box 346 Lorenz, Gabriel. Plan for International Organization for World Democracy.

Box 346 Luckau, Alma. The German Delegation at the Paris Peace Conference., 1941

Box 346 Lüdke, Hermann. Abraham Lincoln., 1928

Box 346 Macedonian Political Organizatons, Central Committee of the Union of the. Resolutions., 1925

Box 346 Maddox, D.C.. For God and Peace., 1937

Box 346 Marcovici-Cléja, Simon. A way out of the Palestine difficulty and a solution to the world Jewish problems., 1938

Box 346 Martin, Charles E. Professors go to school: a clinical study of international relations., 1927

Box 346 Mead, Edwin D. Peace trustees and the armament craze. In Unity (Magazine), Volume LSS, October 3, 1912

Box 346 Memoire présenté au nom de la population bulgare de la macédoine sous domination yougoslave., 1930

Box 346 Memorial dirijido al comité nobel de Parlamento Noruego en que se propone al Generalisimo Doctor Rafael Leonidas Trujillo Molina como candidato al Premio Nobel de la Paz., 1936

Box 346 Morgan, J.H. Dominion Status., 1929

Box 346 The Nation Associates. A request for the suspension of Argentina from the United Nations., 1946

Box 346 National Centre Group. The National Centre Policy of Action., 1932

Box 346 National League of Women Voters. Various publications., 1924-1925

Box 347 National student forum on the Paris pact. Various publicatons., 1931-1938

Box 347 Nederhold, W.L. Scapegoat., 1935

Box 347 New Commonwealth Quarterly. 1935 April -June, 1935

Box 347 New York State Department of Commerce. A Guide to State Services., 1946

Box 347 De Nordiske Interparlamentariske Grupper. Aarbog., 1919

Box 347 Nostrand, Howard Lee and Francis J. Brown. The role of colleges and universities in international understanding., 1949

Box 347 Nothomb, Pierre. Le people Belge et la guerre., 1914

Box 347 Organization Centrale Pour Une Paix Durable (The Central Organization for a Durable Peace). Various publications., 1916-1917

Box 348 Overseas News Agency. Newsletters., 1947

Box 348 Le Pacte de Paris. Pacte Briand-Kellogg., 1933

Box 348 The Palace of Peace (Album). (English and Dutch versions.)

Box 348 Pan American Institute of Havana (Instituto Panamericano del la Habana)., 1937

Box 348 Peace Conferences after the War? A series of questions and answers by th Nederlandsche Anti-oorlog Raad., 1916

Box 348 Pezet, Frederico Alfonso. Contrast in the development of nationality in Anglo America and Latin Ameri, ca. 1916

Box 348 Popescu, Aureliu Ion. Fundatiile Rockefeller si Carnegie din Statele-Unite ale Americii…, 1927

Box 348 Postwar Problems of the Pacific and World Organization., 1944

Box 348 Protocol for the pacific settlement of international disputes., 1925

Box 348 Reinsch, Paul. The Carnegie peace foundation., 1911

Box 348 Renunciation of war treaty, Paris August 27, 1928. The general pact for the renunciation of war. French and English texts of the pact as signed., 1928

Box 348 Research International. Quarterly appraisal of economic and political conditions in France. 1937 April -May, 1937

Box 348 Robinson, Leland Rex. International labor legislation and international trade., 1937

Box 348 Root, Elihu. Address at the joint meeting of the subsection on international law and the American Institute of International Law., 1915

Box 348 The Royal Institute of International Affairs. Various publications. 1936-1938 1945, 1936-1938, 1945

Box 348 Rueff, Jacques. La crise du capitalisme., 1925

Box 348 Ruhl, Arthur Brown. Seven million dollars worth of peace: how the Carnegie Endowment has been spend. In Survey geographic., 1924

Box 348 Russel, Nicholas. The Fog Signal., 1924

Box 348 Russian Zemstvos and Towns Relief Committee. The educational work of the Russian Zemstvos and Towns Relief Committee abroad & Financial report., 1929

Box 348 Sadler, G.T. The might of magnanimity.

Box 348 Salter, Arthur. How to secure practical results., 1927

Box 348 Samson, Elizabeth. World peace program., 1933

Box 348 Sarkar, B.K. Die 1. Entwicklung und welthwirtschaftliche Bedeutung des modernen Indien. 1931. 2. Economic planning for Bengal. 1933. 3. Accident insurance in comparative legislation and statistics., 1933

Box 348 Saunier, Baudry de. Comment Paris a été détruit en six heures., 1921

Box 349 Save Carl V. Ossietzky!, 1935

Box 349 Scholastic. 1925 Nov 14, 1925

Box 349 Schools for Overseas Administration

Box 349 Scott, James Brown. Judicial settlement of international disuputes. 1912 Nov, 1912

Box 349 Service Bureau for Women's Organizations. Annual report, 1946-1947

Shotwell, James T.

Box 349 With Charles Hackett. Addresses delivered at the Fletcher School of Law and Diplomacy., 1933

Box 349 The Challenge to Peace (article in Our World, December 1924)., 1924

Box 349 The Life of Woodrow Wilson: an outline for a course of study.

Box 349 Sun Yat-Sen and Maurice William., 1932

Box 349 Survey of the Study of International Relations and Foreign Affairs in the United States., 1933

Box 349 Social Science Research Council. Report of the director of the program of research in international relations for 1931., 1932

Box 349 Société Anonyme des Hydroglisseurs de Lambert. Press kit

Box 349 Sol, January A Scheme for World Peace., 1924

Box 349 Soto, J. de. Conceptions francaises de la sécurité dans le pacifique., 1947

Box 349 Stensgard, Erling. America laeger krigens saar. (Work of the Carnegie Endowment for International Peace.), 1923

Box 349 Supplemental list: Suits between States decided by the Supreme Court of the United States since June 10, 1918., 1939

Box 349 Supreme Headquarters Allied Expeditionary force. (G-5 Division). Military Government Germany: Technical manual for education and religious affairs., 1945

Box 349 The Tenth Fortune Round Table on Demobilizing the War Economy., 1941

Box 349 The Textile Industry in the USA., 1937

Box 350 Tseng-Tsiang, Dom Pierre-Celestin Lou, O.S.B. 1.Les solennites de l'ordination sacerdotale du R.P. Dom... 1935. 2. L'invasion et l'occupation de la Mandchourie del la Doctrine Catholique par les écrits du Cardinal Mercier..., 1937

Box 350 La Turquie Kamaliste., 1937

Box 350 Union Interparlementaire (Interperliamentary Union). Various publications., 1915-1920

Box 350 Union of Soviet Socialist Republics. Constitution

Box 350 United Nations. Various publications., 1944-1946

Box 350 United States. Chamber of Commerce. Releases., 1944

Box 350 United States. Congress. House. Committee on the judiciary. …Carnegie endowment for international peace… Report. (To accompany H.R. 1314)., 1912

Box 350 United States. Congress. Senate. Committee on foreign relation. General pact for the renunciation of war. Hearings…70th Congress, 2nd session, on the general pact signed at Paris August 27, 1928., 1928

Box 350 United States. State Department. Office of Educational Exchanges. Various., 1946

Box 350 United States. War Department. Public Relations Divisions. Press releases., 1947

Box 350 The Universal Christian Conference on Life and Work

Box 350 The University of Chicago Round Table. Gandhi's Life and Death: Its Meaning for Mankind. Radio discussion., 1948

Box 350 The Unofficial Ambassadors., 1932

Box 350 Uschkureit, G.A. The age of the holy spirit., 1929

Box 350 Volkerbund und Volkerrecht. 1936 Dec, 1936

Box 350 Watters, Hilda M. International Relations for Secondary Schools., 1944

Box 350 Wavrinsky, Edvard. Den Svenska Riksdagens Interparlamentariska Grupp 1892-1917., 1917

Box 351 Whaley-Eaton Service. American letter., 1947

Box 351 Wilson, Nathaniel. In the matter of the appeal of the Carnegie endowment for international peace for the action of the Board of Personal tax appraisers… (Statement and Brief for Appellant)., 1918

Box 351 Wolff, Marguerite. The Institute for Foreign Public Law and International Law in Berling., 1927

Box 351 World Alliance for Combating Anti Semitism. J'accuse!, 1933

Box 351 World Associationn of Girl Guides and Girl Scouts. Seventh biennial report., 1942

Box 351 World Economic Conference. Reports., 1927

Box 351 World Federal Union. Various., 1938-1939

Box 351 The World Trade Foundation of America. 1. Community Project (Prepared for presentation to: Carnegie Corporation). 1946. 2. On utilizing the agricultural series by Blackwell Smith., 1946

Box 351 World Understanding Foundation. Chinese Unit. Architectural plans.

Box 351 World's Permanent Industrial Exposition, Inc. Proposals

Box 351 Wright, Joseph F. America and the Brotherhood of Nations., 1925

Box 351 Yale Institute of International Studies. Report 1945-1946., 1947

Box 351 Zeitschrift fur Politik., 1934

Subseries VIII.C: Clippings re the Endowment

Box 351 Other publications and articles on the endowment can be found throughout this series.