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Carnegie Endowment for International Peace New York and Washington Offices records, 1910-1954

Series II: Division of Economics of History, 1910-1930

(31 vols)

The Division of Economics and History was established at a conference in Berne, Switzerland called by the Endowment in August 1911. John Bates Clark, the Division's first director, led the conference. The participants considered the best methods "to promote a thorough and scientific investigation of the causes and the results of war." The conference resulted in a plan of investigation and an extensive list of topics for study. The aim of the studies was to reveal direct and indirect consequences of warfare.

The Berne participants, plus two additional members, formed a Committee of Research, the function of which was to select authors, to consult with these writers during the research and writing process, to read completed manuscripts, and to recommend worthy studies to the Endowment for publication. After the outbreak of World War I, the Division was forced to alter its program. The Division commissioned a series of studies dealing with topics of immediate importance in connection with the war.

In 1919 James Shotwell became General Editor of the proposed Economic and Social History of the World War. The Committee of Research was dissolved in September 1919 and was replaced by national Editorial Committees. In 1924 Shotwell was appointed Director of the Division. Soon after, the Economic and Social History of the World War series was brought to a conclusion, comprising about 150 volumes, and the Division shifted its focus from the study of war to the study of peace. During the second half of the 1920s the Division's publications included a series on the Paris Peace Conference, studies on Canadian-American relation (conferences on which the Division also organized), and several monographs on the contribution of economic competition to political conflict. (Source: Carnegie Endowment for International Peace: Summary of Organization and Work (Washington DC: CEIP, 1941), pp. 46-51.)

Files relating the Division's collaboration with other organizations and participation in specific projects can be found in Series VI and VII. Copies of some of the Division's publications can be found in Series VIII.

This series is indexed. (Indices are available in RBML.

Electronic versions of the indices are in preparation.)

Series II. is organized into the following subseries:

A. General correspondence

B. Economic and Social History of the World War

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Subseries II.A: General Correspondence, 1910-1922

(20 vols) disbound and in archival boxes (MsB)

Volume title: Division of Economics and History:

Box 355 Volume 3: 1910-1911

(Disbound and housed in archival box)

Box 356 Volume 4:, 1912

Box 357 Volume 5:, 1912

Box 358 Volume 6:, 1913

Box 359 Volume 7:, 1913

Box 360 Volume 8(A):, 1914

Box 361 Volume 8(B):, 1914

Box 362 Volume 9(A):, 1914

Box 363 Volume 9(B):, 1914

Box 364 Volume 10:, 1915

Box 365 Volume 11:, 1915

Box 366 Volume 12:, 1916

Box 367 Volume 13:, 1916

Box 368 Volume 14:, 1917

Box 369 Volume 14:, 1917

Box 369 Volume 15:, 1918

Box 370 Volume 16:, 1918

Box 371 Volume 17:, 1919

Box 372 Volume 18:, 1919

Box 373 Volume 19:, 1920

Box 374 Volume 20:, 1920

Box 375 Volume 21:, 1921

Box 376 Volume 22:, 1922

Subseries II.B: Economic and Social History of the World War, 1921-1930

(11 vols)

Volume title: Division of Economic History:

Box 377 Volume 23:, 1921

Box 378 Volume 24:, 1922

Box 379 Volume 25:, 1922

Box 380 Volume 26:, 1923

Box 381 Volume 27:, 1923

Box 382 Volume 28:, 1924

Box 383 Volume 29:, 1925

Box 383 Volume 30:, 1926

Box 384 Volume 31:, 1927

Box 384 Volume 32:, 1928

Box 384 Volume 33:, 1929-1930