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Carnegie Endowment for International Peace New York and Washington Offices records, 1910-1954

Series VII: Projects

(72 boxes)

This series represents the files on the projects that were inititated, suported, and contributed to by all three divisions of the Endowment and its secretary's office.

See also Series III.B. Topical volumes.

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Subseries VII.A: Academy of International Law at the Hague

The Academy of International Law was installed in 1923 in the Hague Peace Palace donated by Carnegie in 1913. From 1923 to 1939 the Academy was held for two months every summer. The average annual attendance exceeded three hundred.The over six thousand students who attended represented sixty-two nationalities. The attendees included students, teachers, diplomats, and specialists in international affairs. A number of them went on scholarships offered by their governments. Some two hundred authorities (from forty different countries) on many different aspects of international law delivered the lectures. These lectures, comprising 363 courses, have been printed in 66 volumes and published under the title "Recueil des Cours".



Box 269 1948-1949

Box 269 Scholarship applications and correspondence

Box 269 1935-1938

Box 270 1938-1948

Box 270 Circulars and course descriptions

Subseries VII.B: Aid to Refugees, 1926, 1933-1948

Box 271 After World War One and during and after World War Two, the Endowment received requests from refugees and displaced persons to help them gain access to the United States. This file, in chronological order, contains a sampling of the requests and the Endowment's replies.

Subseries VII.C: American Academy of Arts and Letters, 1918-1922

This correspondence deals with various functions undertaken jointly by the Academy and the Division of Intercourse and Education. These functions were designed to promote friendship between the American, English, French and Italian peoples through the medium of commemorating the births of great figures in world literature.

Box 271 1918-1919 Jan, 1918-1919

Box 272 1919 Jan-1922, 1919

Subseries VII.D: American Library Association, 1925-1947

Box 272 1925-1927

Box 273 1929-1947

Subseries VII.E: American Library in Paris, 1923-1947

To fill the need for books and magazines among the soldiers, the American Library Association established the American Library in Paris. This wartime venture was so successful that in 1919 the American residents took over the small collection to start a library of their own. The library was incorporated according to the laws of the State of Delaware as a non-profit organization on May 20, 1920. The American Library Association established an endowment fund of $25,000 for the library. The re-organization of the library in 1946 was aided by funds contributed by the Carnegie Endowment.

Box 274 1923-1925 1941-1945, 1923-1925, 1941-1945

Box 275 1946-1947

Subseries VII.F: Armistice Day Programs, 1933-1939

Over the years the Endowment instigated and sponsored Armistice Day Programs throughout the United States. The emphasis was on mass meetings with well-known speakers to advocate peace. At the end of the 1930s much of the Endowments effort in these programs went towards sponsoring nation and world-wide radio programs.

Box 275 1933-1935

Box 276 1936-1939

Subseries VII.G: Atomic Energy Committee, 1945-1949

On December 10, 1945 the Trustees of the Endowment appointed a Committee on Atomic Energy consisting of some forty physical scientists, industrial engineers, political scientists, and trustees of the Endowment to study the possibility of the control of atomic energy as a weapon of destruction and the economic and social adjustments which May be required due to its discovery. Dr. James T. Shotwell was Chairman of the Committee. Five subcommittees were formed to deal with special problems. The Committee held five full meetings during 1945 and 1946.

Box 276 Members of the Committee

Box 276 Formation of the Committee

Box 276 Reports and meeting minutes

Box 277 Draft Convention

Box 277 Committee on Economics-Industrial uses of Atomic Energy

Box 277 Committee on Inspection and Control

Box 277 Committee on Inspection of Raw Materials

Box 277 Legal Committee

Box 277 Committee on Manufacturing

Organizations of Scientists

Box 278 General

Box 278 American Association of Scientific Workers

Box 278 Association of Cambridge Scientists

Box 278 Association of Los Alamos Scientists

Box 278 Association of Manhattan Project Scientists

Box 278 Association of Oak Ridge Scientists and Engineers

Box 278 Association of Pasadena Scientists

Box 278 Association of Philadelphia Scientists

Box 278 Atomic Energy Committee of California

Box 278 Atomic Scientists of Chicago

Box 278 Conferences

Box 278 Conference on "Problems of War and Peace in the Atomic Age" (verbatim transcript), 1946

Box 278 Dayton Association of Atomic Scientists

Box 278 Federation of American Scientists

Box 278 Estes Park Conference

Box 278 Federation of Atomic Scientists

Box 278 National Committee on Atomic Information

Box 278 Office for the study of the social aspects of atomic energy at the University of Chicago

Box 279 Rochester Section-Federation of American Scientists

Box 279 Rocket Research Group-Allegany Ballistics Laboratory

Box 279 Science Society of Washington

Box 279 Social Science Foundation-University of Denver

Alphabetical files

Box 279 A-C

Box 279 CEIP

Box 279 D-H

Box 279 International

Box 279 Alphabetical files (continued)

Box 280 J-M

Box 280 McMahon Committee

Box 280 N-O

Box 280 Office

Box 280 P

Box 280 Publicity

Box 280 R

Box 280 Radio

Box 280 S

Box 280 Shotwell, James

Box 280 Speeches and articles

Box 280 State Department

Box 280 T-U

Box 280 United Nations

Box 280 United States Chamber of Commerce

Box 280 United States Government

Box 280 V-Y

Subseries VII.H: Beyond Victory Radio Programs, 1943-1948

Box 281 The Beyond Victory Radio Program was a series of weekly broadcasts begun in 1943 under the combined auspices of the World Wide Broadcasting foundation and the Endowment to give Americans a clear and unbiased picture of postwar issues through discussions by speakers outstanding in their respective fields. The Office of War Information made use of "Beyond Victory" scripts in overseas broadcasts.

Subseries VII.I: Biblioteca Interamericana, 1916-1947

Box 281 The Endowment published the Spanish-language series "Biblioteca Interamericana" to increase the knowledge of United States history, literature, education, civics and economics in Latin America.

Subseries VII.J: Canadian American Relations, 1933-1948

In December 1933 the Director of the Division of Economics and History, James Shotwell, laid before the Trustees a porposed a study of Canadian-American relations; the Trustees approved the proposed study and gave Shotwell $10,000 that had been received from the Carnegie Corporation for the project. In 1935 the Division began the publication of the Canadian-American studies. 25 works were published. The Division also held 4 biennial conferences on Canadian-American Relations: June 1935; June 1937; June 1939; and June 1941.

Box 281 1933-1935

Box 282 1936-1948

Subseries VII.K: Chaplain, The, 1945-1947

Box 282 The General Commission on Army and Navy Chaplains and the Endowment collaborated in the inclusion of material on international affairs and organization in The Chaplain, a monthly journal (edition of 10,000 distributed free to all Protestant chaplains, representative Church people, theological school libraries, and editors of religious journals) published in cooperation with the National Council of the Service Men's League, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

Subseries VII.L: Chautauquas, 1915-1916

The name Chautauqua is taken from Chautauqua, New York, the place where Chautauqua Assembly, a name later changed to Chautauqua Institution was organized in 1874. The Institution conducted a series of lectures of entertainment, covering a period of several days or weeks, usually during the vacation or holiday season. The Chautauqua movement spread throughout the U.S.: there were more than 3,000 local organizations of this nature by 1915. The annual attendance at Chautauqua, New York, alone, included 3,500 students.

Correspondence concerns the lecturers and their topics.

Box 282 Albert T. Barrett

Box 282 Atherton Brownell

Box 283 Edward M. Earle

Box 283 J.C. Hall

Box 283 Hamilton Holt

Box 283 Hamilton Wright Mabie

Box 283 Spencer Miller, Jr.

Box 283 Charles Pearce

Box 283 Leland R. Robinson

Box 283 James L. Slayden

Box 283 James F. Stutesman

Box 283 Stephen S. Wise

Box 283 Reports on Chautauqua movement and its effectiveness

Subseries VII.M: Civil Aviation, 1944

Box 283 Civil Avaition, 1944

Subseries VII.N: Commission to study the organization of peace, 1940-1948

The Commission was an outgrowth of the American peace movement, owing its origin to the need for coordination of effort . The effort to coordinate the various elementsof the American peace movement into one great federal union in the National Peace Conference had failed to produce agreement on more than one major issue because of the difference of opinion on the question of pacifism. The Commission proposed to proceed by a wholly different line than that of a direct attack upon war itself. It concentrated rather upon the creation of adequate substitutes for war and the strengthening of the institutions of justice and fair dealing in international affairs. The Endowment helped support the Commission's publication and distribution programs and maintain the regional commissions.

Box 283 1940-1942

Box 284 1942 July -1944 June, 1942

Box 285 1944 July -1947 May, 1944

Box 286 1947 June -1948, 1947

Subseries VII.O: Committee to Aid Czechoslovakia

Late in 1938 the Committee was formed in response to the urgent requests from organizations and individuals both in the United States and in Europe. The aim of the American Committee was to raise funds for the immediate relief of distress and the resettlement of refugees of all nationalities from the Sudetan area. Special contact was made with Jan Masaryk who came to the United States to speak for his country as a private individual. The Carnegie Endowment provided $6,000 for administrative expenses so that every dollar contributed would be expended to relieve suffering.

These files include correspondece regarding the study of relief needs, publicity material, concerning the Masaryk Institute, the American and Czech Red Cross, refugees, and the Czech Church. Other material includes press release, pamphlets, newspaper clippings, reports, statistical information, and curriculum vitae of Czech individuals.

Box 286 1938 Jan-Dec, 1938

Box 287 1938 Dec-1939 April, 1938

Box 288 1939 May -1940, 1939

Box 288 Press releases

Box 288 Clippings and printed matter

Subseries VII.P: Committee on International Economic Policy

The Committee on International Economic Policy grew out of a long-standing association between the International Chamber of Commerce and the Carnegie Endowment for International Peace. The Copenhagen Congress of the International Chamber held in June 1939 created a Committee for International Economic Reconstruction under the chairmanship of Mr. Thomas J. Watson who, in June 1944 took the initiative in forming the Committee on International Economic Policy in order to carry out the research plans of the International Committee under the new conditions created by World War II. The Committee's form and purposes were the subject of agreement between the Carnegie Endowment for International Peace and the International Chamber of Commerce. The Committee thus formed, under the chairmanship of Winthrop W. Aldrich, consisted of a group of United States citizens, drawn mainly from business and educational circles. It worked closely with such bodies as the Chamber of Commerce of the United States, the National Foreign Trade Council,and the United States Associates of the International Chamber.

General Correspondence, 1937-1949

Box 289 1937-1946 May, 1937-1946

Box 290 1946 June -1948 Sept, 1946

Box 291 1948 Oct-1949, 1948

Authors, 1944-1948

Box 291 Basch, Antonin "Industrial Property in Europe"

Box 291 Behrendt, Dr. Richard H. "Inter-American Economic Relation"

Box 291 Bidwell, Dr. Percy W. "A Commercial Policy for the United Nations"

Box 291 Condliffe, Dr. John B. "The International Economic Outlook" also "Exchange Stabilization"

Box 291 Davis, Dr. Joseph S. "International Commodity Agreements"

Box 292 Deperon, Paul "International Double Taxation"

Box 292 Fox, Melvin J. "Imports and Wages"

Box 292 Gerschenkron, Dr. Alexander "Economic Relations with the USSR"

Box 292 Gulick, Robert L. Jr. "Imports-the Gain from Trade"

Box 292 Letiche J.M. "The Reciprocal Trade Agreements in the World Economy"

Box 292 Reed, Philip D. "Reciprocal Trade Policy and European Recovery"

Box 292 Ridgeway, George "Merchants of Peace"

Box 292 Taylor, Amos E. "The Ten Per Cent Fallacy"

Box 292 Whidden, Dr. Howard P. "Preferences and Discriminations in International Trade"

Box 292 Young, Arthur "The Financial Reconstruction of China"

Specific Topics

The Anglo-American Financial Agreement

Box 292 1845-1946 Feb, 1845-1946

Box 293 1946 Mar-Dec, 1946

Box 293 Press releases, reports, clippings

Marshall Plan, 1947-1948

Box 293 1947-1948

Box 293 Press releases

Box 294 Publications and clippings

Box 294 Reciprocal Trade Program (RTA), 1943-1948

The Scherman Study (the relation of foreign trade to domestic economy), 1942-1945

Box 295 1943-1947

Box 295 Reports and data on industrial materials (imports)

Box 296 Reports and data... (cont.)

Box 297 World Trade Foundation, 1945-1946

Published materials, press releases, reports

Box 297 1944-1946

Box 298 1947-1948 undated, 1947-1948, undated

Subseries VII.Q: European Relief after World War I, 1916-1927, 1939

Box 298 Correspondence concerns the Endowment's activities in this field, including the reconstruction of the Library at Reims and buildings at Fargniers, France. Also see files on particular projects.

Subseries VII.R: European Tariff Walls Map, 1929-1933

Box 298 The Endowment helped Sir Clive Morrison-Bell to distribute his map throughout the United States for display to interested groups.

Subseries VII.S: Films: "Made in USA" and others, 1927, 1937, 1944-1949

The film "Made in the USA" was produced under the auspices of the Committee on International Economic Policy in cooperation with the Endowment. It was made available to the International Relations Centers and other groups. A short film, it depicted the dependence of the US on other parts of the world for raw materials required in the manufacturing of a product deemed essential to the American way of life.

Box 298 1927 1937 1944-1946, 1927, 1937, 1944-1946

Box 299 1947-1949

Subseries VII.T: Inter-American Affairs, 1916-1949

One of the goals of the Division of Intercourse and Education was to help familiarize the people of the Americas with each other. In 1917 the Division established the review "Inter-America" that published English translations of articles from Spanish and Portuguese periodicals and Spanish translations of articles from American sources. The Division also sent a fortnightly summary of international events in Spanish (compiled originally only for the International Relations Clubs in Spanish-speaking countries) to over twelve hundred editors, teachers, lawyers, government officials, and librarians who requested it. In 1931 the Division cooperated with the Instituto Cultural Argentino-Norteamericano, which was organized in 1927 by Argentine citizens for the purpose of promoting understanding and contacts between the people of Argentina and the people of the United States.

These files include correspondence regarding general administration of Latin-American Affairs, financing, publications, scholastic aid, general policy, and meetings of various conferences and organizations; they also contain photographs, printed materials, and mimeographed matter.

Box 299 1916-1936

Box 300 1937-1943

Box 301 1944-1949

Publications, reports, proceedings, minutes, clippings

Box 301 1927-1941

Box 302 1942-1949

Subseries VII.U: International Conciliation, 1907-1947

International Conciliationwas the only periodical publication of the Division of Intercourse and Education; it was issued monthly with the exception of July and August . It was originally founded by the American Association for International Conciliation in 1907 and appeared under its imprint until July 1925 when that Association was dissolved and its activities assumed by the Endowment. Its contents included addresses on vital international questions by distinguished leaders of opinion of many countries, proceedings of international conferences, and texts of official treaties and statements. The publication was recognized as a reliable source of information for those who were interested in law, education, ethics, economics and government. International Conciliation was printed in editions of twenty-four thousand, the mailing list numbered twenty thousand, approximately half of which was in the United States and half in foreign countries.

Material in these files includes manuscripts, interoffice memoranda, reports on the USSR and the United Nations, and letters and reports of International Relations Clubs dating from when the clubs were under the auspices of the American Association for International Conciliation.

Box 303 1907-1923 May, 1907-1923

Box 304 1923 June -1935, 1923

Box 305 1936-1944

Box 306 1945-1947

Subseries VII.V: International Mind Alcoves, 1922-1946

To increase the material on international relations available to the American reading public the Endowment established International Mind Alcoves in selected American libraries in 1922. Alcoves were established in selected public libraries in small communities throughout the United States and in a number of State libraries. Each Alcove was sent a collection of books on international relations four times a year, until a total of approximately one hundred volumes had been distributed, at which time the library was dropped from the list and another added. The Endowment discontinued the systematic distribution of books to the International Mind Alcoves in 1948.

Box 306 1919-1946

Box 306 Photographs

Subseries VII.W: International Relations Centers, 1925-1948

These files on International Relations Centers are composed primarily of the reports sent to the Endowment by the various regional centers of peace organizations. These reports are summaries of the individual projects that were undertaken and developed through the different centers. The files also contain correspondence, photographs, pamphlets, mimeographed matter, radio scripts, and leaflets.

Box 306 1925-1941

Box 307 1942-1943 June, 1942-1943

Box 308 1943 July -1945 April, 1943

Box 309 1945 May -1948 undated, 1945, undated

Box 309 Photographs

Box 310 Publications, 1930-1935 1940-1947 undated, 1930-1935, 1940-1947, undated

Subseries VII.X: International Relations Clubs, 1927-1948

The International Relations Clubs were groups of students organized under the auspices of the Carnegie Endowment for International Peace in universities, colleges, and normal schools for the study of international relations. Two publications were issued by the Endowment for the IRC's: "The Fortnightly Summary of International Events" and a Spanish edition called the "Resumen. "

In January 1932 there were 384 active International Relations Clubs. There were clubs in every state of the Union, in the Philippines, and in Puerto Rico, and clubs in China, Japan, Iran, Australia, New Zealand, and the Union of South Africa, Canada, the British Isles, and Latin America. By 1947 there were 842 college clubs alone, offering guidance to approximately 25,000 to 30,000 students in international relations.


Box 310 1922-1926

Box 311 1927-1949

Box 311 General file, 1927-1948

Box 312 Sample letters, 1926-1928

Box 312 Sample club material

Box 312 Applications (with photographs when available), 1929

Box 312 General Information on Model Assembly of the League of Nations, 1927

Box 312 Lists of IRC, 1933-1940

Box 312 Maps

Box 312 Noticias de las Centros de Relaciones Internacionales, 1922 1934-1937, 1922, 1934-1937

Box 312 Photographs

Box 312 Printed matter, 1908 1925-1929 1934-1944, 1908, 1925-1929, 1934-1944

Box 313 Reports, bulletins, etc.

Subseries VII.Y: International Visits

Box 313 General file, 1930-1945

Box 313 Argentines, 1933

Box 313 Bonn, Dr. Moritz J., 1929

Box 313 Cambridge University Medical Society, 1926

Box 313 Craigmyle, Lord, 1932

Box 313 Cryan, Mrs. Amy, 1926-1927


Box 313 British Educators to the U.S., 1932

Box 313 Chilean Educators to the U.S., 1934

Box 313 U.S. Educators and Agriculturalists to South America, 1941

Box 313 Einstein, Louis, 1923-1924

Box 313 Gaede, Dr. William, 1946

Box 313 Interparliamentary Union members to the U.S. in, 1925

Box 313 Jackh, Dr. Ernst, 1930-1931


American journalists to Europe, 1927

Box 314 1926-1927 July, 1926-1927

Box 315 1927 Aug-Dec, 1927

British journalists to the U.S., 1928

Box 315 1928 Jan-Aug, 1928

Box 316 1928 Sept-Dec, 1928

Box 316 Publications, photographs, clippings

European journalists to the U.S. (1929)

Box 316 1928-1929 April, 1928-1929

Box 317 1929 May -Dec, 1929

Box 317 Publications and clippings

Box 317 U.S. journalists to the Orient, 1929

Box 318 Marley, Lord, 1936

Box 318 Mexican architects, 1931

Box 318 Morocco and Algiers, 1923

Box 318 Nelson, Dr. Ernesto, 1927

Box 318 Oehler, Richard, 1930

Box 318 Phillips, Mr. & Mrs. Clarence, 1931

Professors of Internal Law and Relations to Europe (1926)

Box 318 1925 Dec-1926, 1925

Box 319 1927

Box 319 Publications

Box 319 Romanians to the U.S. (1926)

Box 319 Tomlinson, John D., 1937

Box 319 Ulloa, Alberto, 1926-1949

Box 319 University of Puerto Rico Debating Team, 1930-1931

Subseries VII.Z: Library aid and special gifts of books

Box 319 American Book Center for War Devastated Libraries, 1945-1948

Box 320 American literary and historical books presented to British universities, 1926 1927 1936, 1926, 1927, 1936

Box 320 Anthens College (Greece), 1944-1947

Box 320 Charles University (Prague), 1926

Box 320 City of Tallinn (Estonia), 1929

Box 320 City of Tokyo, 1921

Box 320 Empire Parliamentary Association, 1944-1045

Box 320 Funk, E.M., 1926

Box 320 Hague Library at the Peace Palace, 1943-1947

Box 320 Konsullarakademie (Austria), 1931

Box 320 Library for American Studies in Italy, 1943

Box 320 Library of Congress (USA), 1943

Box 320 Meiji University LIbrary Committee, 1924

Box 320 National Library of Bogota, 1947-1938

Box 320 Pentre, Rhonda, South Wales, 1919

Box 320 Public Library in the Dominican Republic, 1935

Box 320 Reims (France), 1922-1923

Box 320 Spain, gift of 50 books to, 1942-1943

Box 320 Sydney (Australia) Department of Education, 1941

Box 320 Université de Strasbourg, 1921-1922

Box 320 University of California-gift of Latin-American studies book, 1943-1945

Box 320 University Library, Belgrade, 1919-1923 (Includes photographs.), 1919-1923

Box 321 University of Western Australia, 1920-1931

Box 321 Zentralbibliothek, Zurich, 1933

Subseries VII.AA: Louvain Library

The Carnegie Endowment made the initial contribution of $100,000 to the fund for the reconstruction of the Library of the University of Louvain, which was destroyed in World War I. The reconstuction was completed, but the structure was subsequently destroyed in the Second World War.

Box 321 1918-1930 1940-1947, 1918-1930, 1940-1947

Box 321 Publications, photographs, clippings

Subseries VII.BB: Notes and Forecasts, 1947-1949

Box 321 Notes and Forecasts, a fortnightly mimeographed analysis of the major United Nations trends and activities, was developed by the Endowment at the request of a number of observers from organizations accredited to the United Nations who found it difficult to follow all the current developments in the different fields of activity. It provided information not easily available by utilizing a number of sources such as unpublished documents, conversations with members of delegations or the Secretariat, and research on specific topics. It also forecasted future developments within the United Nations. The newsletter was provided without charge as a service of the Endowment to officers and staff members of organizations concerned with the activities of the United Nations, libraries, colleges, editors, lecturers, broadcasters, the State Department, and the United Nations.

Subseries VII.CC: Orient

These files include correspondence and reports dealing with Endowment activities in the Orient and correspondence from individuals in the Orient informing CEIP of their activities.

Box 322 General correspondence, lectures, articles regarding the Orient, 1920 1929-1946, 1920, 1929-1946

Box 322 American School in Japan, 1927-1929

Box 322 American School in Tientsin, 1923

Box 322 Baja, Tiburcio C. (Philippines), 1944

Box 322 Butler message to Japan, 1930-1935

Box 322 Caracristi, Charles, 1942

Box 322 Chinese National Association of the Mass Education Movement, 1930

Box 322 Condliffe, J.B., 1930

Box 322 East and West Association, 1944-1947

Box 322 Greene, Jerome, 1930

Box 322 International library in Shanghai, 1930

Box 322 Investigation of civilian bombardment in China, 1937

Box 322 Japanese-American Citizen's League, 1944-1945

Box 322 Jessup, Phillip, 1942-1943

Box 322 Kawakami, K.K. (Japan), 1924

Box 322 Laboratory for Educational Research in China, 1925

Box 322 Lasker report-Oriental Influences on American Life, 1930

Box 322 Legendre, A.F., 1929

Box 323 Loomis, Francis, 1924-1925

Box 323 Miyazaki, M. (Japan), 1931

Box 323 Monroe, Paul, 1926

Box 323 Moore, Frederick, 1926

Box 323 Oka, Minoru (Japan), 1929

Box 323 Orr, Mark T., 1932 1946, 1932, 1946

Box 323 Pearson, Drew, 1924

Box 323 People's Foreign Relations Association of China, 1941

Box 323 Reports on conditions in China, 1924 1929 1930 1937, 1924, 1929, 1930, 1937

Box 323 Statements on the Sino-Japanese conflicts, 1931-1932

Box 323 Thomas, Elbert D., 1925

Box 322 Yuan, T.L. (China), 1935 1938, 1935, 1938

Subseries VII.DD: Rejected Projects, 1952

Box 323 A-L

Box 324 M-U

Box 324 University of Virginia-Institute of Public Affairs

Box 324 V-Z

Subseries VII.EE: Stresemann Memorial, 1930-1931, 1939

Box 324 On June 21, 1930 Dr. Julius Curtius, then German Minister of Foreign affairs, made a radio address from Berlin, which was broadcast throughout the United States. Dr. Curtius announced the intention of the German people to found a Peace Academy as a memorial to the late Dr. Gustav Stresemann. The Carnegie Endowment made a grant of 100,000 Reichmarks (ca. $25,000) as a contribution in support of this memorial.

Subseries VII.FF: United States Summer Schools, 1915

During the summer of 1915 courses in international affairs and relations were offered at forty-two universities, twenty colleges, and sixteen normal schools in the United States. The Endowment supported many of these programs.

Box 324 Baylor University

Box 324 City of Birmingham, Ala.

Box 324 Butler College

Box 324 University of California

Box 324 University of Colorado

Box 324 Dartmouth College

Box 324 Delaware College

Box 324 University of Denver

Box 324 DePauw University

Box 324 Drake University

Box 324 East Central State Normal (Oklahoma)

Box 324 Fairmount College

Box 324 Fayetteville, Arkansas

Box 324 University of Florida

Box 324 University of Georgia

Box 324 University of Illinois

Box 324 Indiana University

Box 324 University of Kansas

Box 325 Lincoln Memorial University

Box 325 Manual Training High School, Kansas City, Missouri

Box 325 Mercer University

Box 325 Michigan State Normal College

Box 325 University of Mississippi

Box 325 University of Missouri

Box 325 Missouri State Normal School

Box 325 University of Montana

Box 325 University of North Dakota

Box 325 North Texas State Normal College

Box 325 University of Oregon

Box 325 Pacific Unitarian School for the Ministry

Box 325 University of Pennsylvania

Box 325 Rutgers College

Box 325 University of Southern California

Box 325 Stanford University

Box 325 State Normal School, California

Box 325 State Normal School, Noth Dakota

Box 325 State Normal School, West Virginia

Box 325 State Teachers College, Colorado

Box 325 University of Texas

Box 325 University of Vermont

Box 325 University of Virginia

Box 325 State College of Washington

Box 325 West Texas State Normal College

Box 325 West Virginia University

Box 325 Winona State Normal School

Box 325 Wooster Academy, Ohio

Box 325 University of Wyoming

Subseries VII.GG: Vatican Library, 1926-1937

The Endowment cooperated with the Vatican Library to catalog and classify its imanuscripts, incunabula, and printed books. After a general survey of this project had been made and a plan of re-organization outlined by United States librarians in consultation with Vatican authorities, several members of the staff of the Vatican Library spent time in the United States to become familiar with modern methods of library science.

The files include letters and detailed reports of Dr. William Bishop, Cardinal Tisserant, Cardinal Gasquet, Cardinal Mercadi, and Cardinal Ambraeda, as well as general correspondence.

Box 325 1926-1930

Box 326 1931-1948

Subseries VII.HH: Visiting Carnegie Professors, 1927-1947

The Division of Intercourse and Education appointed distinguished scholars to visit and to lecture at educational institutions in a country or countries other than their own as representatives of the Endowment. The purpose of the visits was to strengthen the bonds of intellectual and scholarly understanding and friendship between the various countries. No formal program was prescribed by the Endowment; the actual plans for the professorship were, in most cases, made by correspondence directly between the visitors and the authorities of the institutions he visited.See also Series I.N. Green cover reports (Box 105) for Visiting professors' reports.

General file

Box 326 1926-1936

Box 327 1937-1948

Individual Professors

An asterik denotes the presence of the report on the individual's visit.

Box 327 Adams, Randolph G., 1928-1929

Box 327 Altamira y Crevea, Rafael, 1937-1945

Box 327 Ames, Sir Herbert, 1937-1938

Box 328 Arnaud, Leopold, 1942-1943

Box 328 Averardi, Bruno, 1929

Box 328 Barlow, Samuel, 1943

Box 328 Barrows, David P., 1927

Box 328 Bemis, Samuel Flagg*, 1936-1941

Box 328 Blakeslee, George H., 1927

Box 328 Bogert, Marson T., 1927-1932

Booth, Charles, 1932-1938

Box 328 1932-1934

Box 329 1935-1938

Box 329 Bouniatian, Mentor, 1938

Box 329 Calhoun, George M., 1927

Box 329 Castillejo, Jose*, 1937-1942

Box 329 Chamberlain, Sir Austen, 1931

Box 329 Chevrillon, Andre, 1929

Box 329 Coffman, Louis D., 1931

Box 329 Cole, Percival R., 1929-1936

Box 329 Coulter, Charles W., 1929

Coudenhove-Kalergi, Count, 1941-1944

Box 329 1941

Box 330 1942-1944

Box 330 Cybichowski, Sigismund, 1929-1938

Box 330 Dávila, Carlos, 1939

Box 330 Delgado, Carlos, 1932-1933

Box 330 Dengler, Paul*, 1932-1938

Box 331 Digeon, M., 1939

Box 331 Duniway, Clyde, 1929-1931

Box 331 Dutcher, George M., 1929-1930

Box 331 Encinas Franco, Jose Antonio, 1936-1938

Box 331 Fation, Guillaume*, 1935

Box 331 Faust, Albert*, 1932-1933

Box 331 Ford, Walter, 1929

Box 331 Garner, James, 1929

Box 331 Geshkoff, Theodore, 1931-1938

Box 331 Greig, John Y.T., 1929-1930

Box 331 Hadley, Arthur, 1927

Box 332 Hanke, Lewis, 1938-1939

Box 332 Hanotaux, Gabriel, 1923

Box 332 Harlow, S. Ralph, 1937-1938

Box 332 Hayden, J.R., 1930-1931

Box 332 Heyrovsky, Jaroslav, 1932-1933

Box 332 Hilka, Alfons, 1930

Box 332 Hill, David, 1927

Box 332 Jackh, Ernst, 1926-1930 1944-1945, 1926-1930, 1944-1945

Box 332 Kilpatrick, William, 1929

Box 332 Knickerbocker, William, 1935-1936

Box 332 Lacour-Gayet, Robert*, 1943-1945

Box 333 Labaree, Leonard W., 1929-1930

Box 333 Lafronte, Viteri, 1945

Box 333 de Lanux, Pierre, 1938-1939

Box 333 Listowel, Judith, 1937

Box 333 Llewellyn, Karl L., 1929

Box 333 Lodge, Oliver, 1943

Loewenstein, Hubertus*

Box 333 1936-1944

Box 334 1945-1948

Box 334 Lojendio, Ignacio, 1943-1947

Box 334 Macchioro, Vittorio, 1930

Box 334 Magill, Rosewell, 1936-1937

Box 334 Martin, Charles E., 1928-1931

Box 334 McBride, George, 1929-1938

Box 334 McGuire, Constantine*, 1941

Box 334 McGuire, Martin, 1941

Box 334 McMurry, Donald L.*, 1932-1933

Box 335 Mears, Eliot G.*, 1929-1932

Box 335 Mills, Richard C., 1929-1931

Box 335 Mims, Edwin, 1935-1939

Box 335 Molyneaux, Peter, 1941

Box 335 Montague, William, 1927

Box 335 Montenegro, Ernesto, 1939

Box 335 Morgenstern, Oskar, 1937-1938

Box 335 Mowat, R.B., 1941

Box 335 Munro, Dana G., 1934-1936

Box 335 Muzzey, David S.*, 1936-1937

Box 335 Nakaseko, Rokuro*, 1929

Box 335 Nevins, Allan*, 1941-1944

Box 336 O'Gorman, Edmundo, 1941-1942

Box 336 Ozaki, Yukio, 1931

Box 336 Padilla, Guillermo, 1943-1944

Box 336 Paish, George, 1936-1937

Box 336 Peers, E. Allison, 1938-1943

Box 336 Pelenyi, John, 1941

Box 336 Politis, Nicolas, 1941

Box 336 Porter, Livingstone, 1930

Box 336 Pratt, Julius, 1937-1938

Box 336 Raestad, Arnold, 1933

Box 336 Ravignani, D. Emilio, 1937

Box 336 Rojas, Ricardo, 1930

Box 336 Sadler, Michael, 1929

Box 337 Samuel, Herbert, 1933

Box 337 Schlesinger, Arthur M., 1933

Box 337 Schneider, Herbert W., 1935

Sforza, Carlo*, 1929-1943

Box 337 1929-1941

Box 338 1942-1943

Box 338 Shepherd, William R., 1932

Box 338 Siegfried, Andre, 1934-1935

Box 338 Slosson, Preston*, 1931-1939

Box 338 Slusser, Herbert, 1929-1930

Box 338 Stuart, Graham H., 1929

Box 338 Sturtevant, Alfred H., 1932-1933

Box 338 Suzzallo, Henry, 1928-1929

Box 338 Teleki, Paul, 1936

Box 338 Tello, Julio C., 1928

Box 338 Thompson, Walter, 1930-1932

Box 338 Tinker, Edward, 1941-1945

Box 339 Twentyman, Arthur E., 1929-1931

Box 339 Villard, Leonie*, 1936-1937

Box 339 de Villers, C.G., 1934-1935

Box 339 Wachtel, Joseph, 1942-1943

Box 339 Williams, Jessie*, 1935-1936

Box 339 Wright, Ernest H., 1942-1943

Box 339 Zeissl, Hermann, 1942-1943