Rare Book & Manuscript Library

Lucie Brock-Broido Papers, 1965-2017, bulk 1981-2013

Series VI: Printed Materials, 1980-2017

This series contains Brock-Broido's accumulated print material, such as clippings, magazines, reproductions of literary texts, assorted ephemera, and a select number of print objects with significant personal value. The series also contains Brock-Broido's annotated books, as well as books inscribed to Brock-Broido by colleagues and friends. Published copies of Brock-Broido's own books are also located here.

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Subseries VI.1: Sources, 1980-2017

This subseries holds all print material found throughout the collection that does not specifically correlate to research for Brock-Broido's books. This includes marked magazine and newspaper clippings, printed web and encyclopedic entries, some unhoused writing by others, as well as content specific folders, such as "Angels & Lists & Things."

Box 16 Folder 6-14 Clippings, 1980-2017, 9 folders

Assorted newspaper clippings, magazines, related print materials, some drafts of poems, and some correspondence found in container labeled "clippings." Magazine pages are preserved to original open page. Order preserved.

Box 16 Folder 15-18 Resources, 2012-2015, 4 folders

Assorted printed literary texts, encyclopedic lists, and poems. Dates uknown. Some web pages are dated 2012, 2015.

Box 16 Folder 19 Cartooning, 1990

Box 16 Folder 20 Angels & Lists & Things, 1990

Box 16 Folder 21 The Lily Venders & George Stanley & Racism, 2015

Box 16 Folder 22 Mount Auburn Cemetery Information, 2017

Casket and burial information mount auburn cemetry .

Subseries VI.2: Ephemera, 1995-2001

Contains Susan Barron's "Labrynth of Time brochure," Brooklyn Museum postcard and brochure, Fountains Abbey brochure, 92nd St. Y pamphlet, wine bottle label, and Harvard commencement program.

Box 16 Folder 23 Ephemera

Subseries VI.3: Franz Wright's Copy of Stay, Illusion, 2014

Copy of Brock-Broido's Stay, Illusion with writing and drawings by Franz Wright on the inner pages. Labeled "one of Lucie's most treasured objects."

Box 16 Folder 24 Franz Wright's Copy of Stay, Illusion

Subseries VI.4: Annotated Manuscript by Bruce Smith, undated

Complete typescript manuscript by poet Brucie Smith with commentary and notes addressed to Brock-Broido.

Box 16 Folder 25 Annotated Manuscript by Bruce Smith

Subseries VI.5: Brock-Broido's Copy of The Master Letters of Emily Dickinson, 1990

Contains The Master Letters of Emily Dickinson edited by R.W. Franklin, Amherst College Press, 1986 with Brock-Broido's extensive annotations and notes.

Box 16 Folder 26 Brock-Broido's Copy of The Master Letters of Emily Dickinson

Subseries VI.6: Magazines Owned by Brock-Broido, 1999-2004

This subseries contains three complete magazines found throughout the collection. One copy of New York Magazine (2003), American Poet (1999) (Harry Ford memorial issue), and The Threepenny Review (2004). Complete issues of major publications, such as The New Yorker, The Nation, Boston Review, The New Republic, Harvard Review, and Poetry Magazine which featured Brock-Broido's work or reviews of her work were discarded. Copies of reviews of Brock-Broido's books can be found in the writing series.

Box 16 Folder 27 Magazines Owned by Brock-Broido, 1999-2004

Subseries VI.7: Books Owned by Brock-Broido, 1975-2017

This subseries contains complete editions of books owned by Brock Broidio, divided into two subcategories: annotated and inscribed.

Annotated Books, 1975-2017

Box 18 Adams, Henry. The Education of Henry Adams. Houghton Mifflin, 1961.

Box 18 Albert, Rafael. Concerning The Angels. City Lights Books, 1995.

Box 18 Barnes, Djuna. Nightwood. New Directions, 1961.

Box 18 Bender, Robert M., Squier, Charles L. The Sonnet: An Anthology. Simon & Schuster, 1987.

Box 18 Beum, Robert, Shapiro, Karl. A Prosody Handbook. Harper & Row, 1965.

Box 18 Blake, William. The Portable Blake. Edited by Alfred Kazin. The Viking Press, 1974.

Box 18 Bloom, Harold. The Anxiety of Influence: A Theory of Poetry. Oxford University Press, 1975.

Box 18 Bly, Robert. Leap Poetry: An Idea with Poems and Translations. Beacon Press, 1975.

Box 18 Cacciatore, Vera. A Room in Rome. The Keats-Shelley Memorial Foundation, 1973.

Box 18 Calvino, Italo. The Baron in The Trees. Random House, 1959.

Box 18 Char, Rene. Selected Poems. Edited by Mary Ann Caws and Tina Jolas. New Directions, 1992.

Box 18 Clements, A.L. John Donne's Poetry. W.W. Norton & Company, 1966.

Box 18 Culler, Jonathan. Ferdinand de Saussure. Penguin Books, 1976.

Box 18 Eliot, T.S. Selected Poems. Harcourt, Brace & World, 1967.

Box 18 Emblem, D.L., Hall, Donald: A Writer's Reader. Fourth Edition. Little, Brown & Company, 1976.

Box 18 Follain, Jean, Jacob, Max, and Ponge, Francis. Dreaming The Mirage: Three French Prose Poets. White Pine Press, 2003.

Box 18 Frazer, James G. The Golden Bough: The Roots and Religion of Folklore. Avenel Books, 1981.

Box 18 Friedrich, Otto. Glenn Gould: A Life and Variations. Vintage Books, 1989.

Box 18 Genet, Jean. Our Lady of the Flowers. Grove Press, 1963.

Box 18 Graziano, Frank. Georg, Trakl: A Profile. Lobridge-Rhodes, 1983.

Box 18 Hall, Calvin S. A Primer of Freudian Psychology. The World Publishing Company, 1954.

Box 19 Heidegger. An Introduction to Metaphysics. Yale University Press, 1959.

Box 19 Hughes, Langston. The Collected Poems of Langston Hughes. Alfred A. Knopf Inc, 1994.

Box 19 Hugo, Richard. The Triggering Town. W & W Norton, 1979.

Box 19 Joyce, James. Ulysses. Vintage Books, 1961.

Box 19 Koch, Kenneth. Rose, where did you get that red? Teaching Great Poetry to Children. Vintage Books, 1974.

Box 19 Lorca, Frederico García.Three Tragedies. Translated by James Graham-Luján and Richard L. O'Connell. New Directions, 1955.

Box 19 Mallon, Thomas. A Book of One's Own: People and Their Diaries. Penguin Books, 1986.

Box 19 Nabokov, Vladimir. Speak, Memory. Capricorn Books, 1970.

Box 19 Nabokov, Vladimir. The Annotated Lolita. Edited by Alfred Appel, Jr. McGraw-Hill, 1970.

Box 19 Nietzsche, Friedrich. The Birth of Tragedy and The Case of Wagner. Vintage Books, 1967.

Box 19 Nietzsche, Friedrich. The Gay Science. Vintage Books, 1974.

Box 19 Peden, William. Twenty-Nine Stories. Second Edition. Houghton Mifflin, 1967.

Box 19 Rilke, Rainer Maria, Duino Elegies. Translated by J.B. Leishman and Stephen Spender. The Norton Library, 1963.

Box 19 Roussel, Raymond. How I Wrote Certain of My Books. Exact Change, 1995.

Box 19 Sebald, W.G. After Nature. Modern Library, 2003.

Box 19 Sebald, W.G. Austerlitz. Modern Library, 2001.

Box 19 Sebald, W.G. On The Natural History of Destruction, Modern Library, 2004.

Box 19 Sebald, W.G. The Emergence of Memory: Conversations with W.G. Sebald. Edited by Lynne Sharon Schwartz. Seven Stories Press, 2007.

Box 20 Strindberg, August. Miss Julie. Avon Books, 1965.

Box 20 Trakl, Georg. Poems and Prose: A Bilingual Edition. Translated by Alexander Stillmark. Northwestern University Press, 2005.

Box 20 Vendler, Helen. Part of Nature, Part of Us. Harvard University Press, 1980.

Box 20 Vendler, Helen. Wallace Stevens: Words Chose Out of Desire. University of Tennessee Press, 1984.

Box 20 West, Nathanael. Miss Lonelyhearts & The Day of the Locust. New Directions, 1969.

Box 20 Wilheln, Hellmut. Eight Lectures on the I Ching. Translated by Cary F. Baynes. Princeton University Press, 1960.

Box 20 Williams, William Carlos. The Autobiography of William Carlos Williams. New Directions, 1967.

Box 20 Wordsworth, William. The Prelude. Edited by M.H. Adrams and Stephen Gill. W.W. Norton & Company, 1979.

Inscribed Books

Box 20 Bang, Mary Jo. Elegy. Graywolf, 2007.

Box 20 Bang, Mary Jo. Louise in Love. Grove Press, 2001.

Box 20 Bidart, Frank. Desire. Farrar, Straus, and Gioux, 1997.

Box 20 Bidart, Frank. Star Dust. Farrar, Straus, and Giroux, 2005.

Box 20 Black, Sophie Cabot. The Misunderstanding of Nature. Graywolf, 1994.

Two copies-- one signed to Brock-Broido and one signed to Ginger (Virginia Greenwald).

Box 20 Cole, Henri. Middle Earth. Farrar, Straus and Giroux, 2003.

Box 20 Digges, Deborah. Trapeze. Alfred A. Knopf, 2004.

Box 20 Heaney, Seamus. The Midnight Verdict. Gallery Books, 1993.

Box 20 Howe, Marie. The Kingdom of Ordinary Time.

Box 20 Metzger, Elizabeth. The Spirit Papers. University of Massachusetts Press, 2017.

Box 20 Rilke, Rainer Maria. The Unknown Rilke. Translated by Franz Wright. The FIELD Translation Series, 1983.

Box 20 Sarzotti, Jo. Mother Desert. Graywolf, 2012.

Box 20 Smith, Bruce. The Other Lover. The University of Chicago Press, 2000.

Box 20 Vendler, Helen. Coming of Age as A Poet. Harvard University Press, 2003.

Box 20 Vendler, Helen. Seamus Heaney. Harvard University Press, 1998

Box 20 Vender, Helen. The Given and The Made: Strategies of Poetic Redefinition. Harvard University Press, 1995.

Box 20 Wright, C.D. One Big Self. Copper Canyon Press, 2007.

Box 20 Wright, Charles. A Short History of the Shadow. Farrar, Straus, and Giroux, 2002.

Box 21 Wright, Franz. F/poems. Alfred A. Knopf, 2013.

Box 21 Wright, Franz. Kore. Black Pages, 2011.

Box 21 Wright, Franz. The Afterlife. Alfred A. Knopf, 2000.

Box 21 Wright, Franz. The Toy Throne. Tungsten Press, 2014.

Box 21 Wright, Franz. Wheeling Motel. Alfred A. Knopf, 2009.

Box 21 Roget's International Thesaurus. Third Edition. Thomas Y. Crowell Company, 1962.

Copy of "Runagate Runagate" by Robert E. Hayden inside.

Box 21 Artitsts' Books

Box 21 Eastman, Johnson. Painting America. Rizzoli International Publications, 1999.

Box 23 Scott, Judith. Bound & Unbound. Brooklyn Museum, 2014

Oversized. Housed in flatbox.

Subseries VI.8: Copies of Brock-Broido's Books, Chronolgical, 1988-2013

Box 21 Brock-Broido, Lucie. A Hunger. Alfred A. Knopf, 1988, 1988

Box 21 Brock-Broido, Lucie. The Master Letters. Alfred A. Knopf, 1995, 1995

Two copies, one with an alternate cover.

Box 21 Brock-Broido, Lucie. Trouble in Mind. Alfred A. Knopf, 1995, 2004

Two copies, hardback and paperback.

Box 21 James, Thomas. Letters to a Stranger. Introduction by Lucie Brock-Broido. Graywolf, 2008., 2008

Two copies with some notes inside.

Box 21 Brock-Broido, Lucie. Soul Keeping Company. Carcanet Press, 2010., 2010

Selected poems from Brock-Broido's first three poetry collections.

Box 21 Brock-Broido, Lucie. Stay, Illusion. Alfred A. Knopf, 2013., 2013

Two copies, one original and one with national book award finalist sticker.