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Lucie Brock-Broido Papers, 1965-2017, bulk 1981-2013

Series IV: Professional Materials, 1981-2017

This series contains materials related to Brock-Broido's participation in various "poetry gigs," or contracted work, which financially supplemented her career. Documents arranged in this series cover the administrative components of Brock-Broido's professional engagements, including invoices for readings and teaching jobs, publishing administration, royalties, and applications, acceptances, and rejections for monetary awards.

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Subseries IV.1: Readings and Speaking Engagements, 1984-2006, Includes CDs.

This subseries includes invitations, invoices, and promotional material related to Brock-Broido's poetry readings, guest lectures, and classroom appearances from the 1980s to 2010s.

Box 12 Folder 22-26 Readings and Speaking Engagements, 5 folders

Subseries IV.2: Publishing, 1981-2017

The bulk of this subseries contains Brock-Broido's documentation throughout the 1980s and 90s of submissions to, and subsequent acceptances and rejections from literary magazines and publishers. This subseries also includes Brock-Broido's royalties from Alfred A. Knopf for her poetry collections, invitations and invoices for writing included in anthologies, and documents regarding reissues of her books.

Box 12 Folder 27-29 Magazine Publication, 1981-1995, 3 folders

Submissions, acceptances, rejections, contracts, and editorial exchange related to poems published in magazines, loosely organized alphabetically by magazine title. Order preserved.

Box 13 Folder 1-6 Magazine Publication, 1981-1995, 6 folders

Box 13 Folder 7 Later Magazine Publication, 2001-2012

Miscellanous magazine publication submissions and editorial correspondence found in separate folders.

Box 13 Folder 8 Manuscript Submissions, 1982-1986

Submission of early manuscripts to publishing venues.

Box 13 Folder 9 Anthologies, 1989-2000

Includes solicitations, submissions, and invoices for poems included in various anthologies.

Box 13 Folder 10-12 Knopf Royalties, 1989-2017, 3 folders

Box 13 Folder 13 Paperback Reprints of Brock-Broido's Poetry Collections, 2005

Correspondence with publisher regarding paperback reprint of first three books.

Subseries IV.3: Teaching Employment, 1981-2011

This subseries includes Brock-Broido's search for teaching employment from 1981-1994, contracts for adjunct teaching positions, and material related to Brock-Broido's teaching roles outside of academia.

Box 13 Folder 14-17 Teaching Job Search , 1981-1994, 4 folders

Cover letters, resumes, applications, and correspondence with potential employers for teaching gigs from 1981 to 1994. Order preserved.

Box 13 Folder 18 Princeton Appointment, 1992-1994

Application, correspondence, and appoitnment for Lecturer in Creative Writing position at Princeton University.

Box 13 Folder 19 Assorted Teaching Appointments, 1997-2011

Box 13 Folder 20 Summer Workshops, 1992-1996

Box 13 Folder 21 Iowa-- 2002, 2002

Application, offer, and decline for position at the University of Iowa. Order preserved.

Subseries IV.4: Grants and Fellowships, 1982-1998

Applications, acceptances, rejections, and reports related to various creative fellowships and grants are located here.

Box 13 Folder 22-23 Bunting Application, 1982-1987, 2 folders

Box 13 Folder 24 NEA Applications, 1983-1984

Box 13 Folder 25 PEN/Revson Fellowship Nomination, 1989-1990

Box 13 Folder 26 Minton Fellowship Proposal, 1990

Box 13 Folder 27 Guggenheim Fellowship, 1996-1998

Box 13 Folder 28 George A and Eliza Gardner Foundation Application, 1997

Box 13 Folder 29-32 Assorted Fellowship Applications, 1983-1995, 4 folders

Subseries IV.5: Honors and Awards, 1988-2015

This subseries contains copies of Brock-Broidos awards and honors, correspondence with award committees, and submissions to awards and contests.

Box 13 Folder 33 Harvard University Certificate of Distinction in Teaching, 1988-1991

Box 13 Folder 34 Phi Beta Kappa Teaching Prize, 1991

Box 13 Folder 35 Joseph R. Levenson Memorial Teaching Prize, 1991

Box 13 Folder 36 Witter Byner Poetry Prize, 1996

Box 13 Folder 37 Massachusetts Book Award, 2005

Box 14 Folder 1 National Book Award, 2013

Box 14 Folder 2 Columbia University Presidential Award for Outstanding Teaching, 2013

Box 14 Folder 3 Kingsley Tufts Poetry Award, 2015

Box 14 Folder 4 Assorted Contest Submissions, 1985-1993

Subseries IV.6: Miscellanous, 1982-2006

This subseries contains a variety of documents Brock-Broido used for professional applications, including resumés, press clippings, and recommendation letters written for Brock-Broido by other writers, such as Stanley Kunitz, Charles Simic, and Cynthia Macdonald. Also included in this subseries are recommendations, introductions, and blurbs written by Brock-Broido for other writers. There is one folder containing miscellaneous professional material, which Brock-Broido organized and labeled "Poetry Gigs 1999-2006." Recommendations written by Brock-Broido for others have been restricted.

Box 14 Folder 5 Poetry Gigs 1999-2006, 1999-2006

Invoices from teaching gigs, publications, readings, and other engagements arranged in one envelope. Order preserved.

Box 14 Folder 6 Blurbs and Introductions

Box 14 Folder 7 Contest Judge, 1997-2004

Box 14 Folder 8 Commissioned Poetry, 1992

Box 14 Folder 9 Resumes

Box 14 Folder 10 Press, 1991-2001

Box 14 Folder 11 Recommendations Written for Brock-Broido, 1982-2010

Contains a floppy disk.

Box 24 Folder 10-11 Recommendations for Others, 1989-2011, 2 folders

Restricted until 2087

Professional recommendations written by Brock-Broido.