Rare Book & Manuscript Library

Lucie Brock-Broido Papers, 1965-2017, bulk 1981-2013

Series V: Personal and Biographical Materials, 1976-2017

This series contains material related to Brock-Broidio's personal and private life, including handwritten notes, medical records, documents regarding her cats, eulogies, daily planners, address books, and home renovation material.

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Subseries V.1: Handwritten Notes, 1992-2012

Box 14 Folder 12 "Lucie's", undated

Folder labeled "Lucie's" with handwritten notes and photographs. Order preserved.

Box 14 Folder 13-14 Trip to Ireland Notes, 1992

Handwritten notes and ephemera related to trip to Ireland.

Box 14 Folder 15 Notebook, 1994

Box 14 Folder 16 Annotated Poems, 1999

Box 14 Folder 17 Hand-drawn Map, undated

Handdrawn map with written directions to home in Cambridge.

Box 14 Folder 18-20 Annotated Astrological Chart, 1983, 3 folders

Includes Brock-Broido's multiple annotated zodiac charts, handmade astrological booklet with tarot cards, photographs, and notes. Contains "Birthday Poem" found among astrological material. Order of each folder preserved.

Box 14 Folder 21-25 Assorted Notes, 1999, 4 folders

Assorted notes written on loose sheets of papers, contains some Bruce Smith correspondence written on letters and envelopes. Order preserved. Majority of notes regarding relationship to the poet Bruce Smith, some letters from Smith included with handwritten commentary

Subseries V.2: Records, 1976-2017

This subseries contains some medical and legal records.

Box 14 Folder 26-27 Medical, General, 2000-2017, 2 folders

Box 14 Folder 28 Medical, Pyschiatric, 1976-2010

Box 14 Folder 29 Name Change Documents, 1982-2006

Contains legal documents finalizing Brock-Broido's first name change from "Lucie" to"Lucia," birth certificate, updated ID and passports.

Box 14 Folder 30 Subletter Document, 2009

Document written by Brock-Broido detailing a dispute with a subletter.

Subseries V.3: Cat Documents, 1992-2017

Brock-Broidio had a close bond with her cats and kept many of their veterinary documents, which are annotated, as well as photographs, condolence letters, and assorted notes describing their wellbeing.

Box 14 Folder 31 William Ernest Winkler, 2005-2006

Includes two folders related to Brock-Broido's long term cat, William, which contain condolesnces, photographs, and visit with a psychic after William's death in 2005. Order preserved.

Assorted, 1992-2017, 4 folders

Photographs, veterinary visits, and notes found throughout the archive that document Brock-Broido's cats lives, William and later cats.

Subseries V.4: Eulogies, 1988-2007

Box 14 Folder 36 Virginia Greenwald (mother), 1988-1999

Material related to Brock-Broido's mother, including a death certificate, living will, written eulogy, and some correspondence. Order preserved.

Box 14 Folder 37 Liam Rector, 2007

Includes euglogy and funeral program for poet Liam Rector.

Subseries V.5: Planners and Address Books, chronological, 1989-1998

This subseries contains multiple planners and address books which detail Brock-Broido's daily schedule and routine with some notes related to writing, publishing, and teaching.

Box 15 Folder 1-10 Planners and Address Books, chronological, 11 folders

Subseries V.6: Documentation of Home Renovation, 1991-2013

Brock-Broido accumulated a significant amount of material related to decorating and designing her home, which has been arranged in this subseries. One oversized tapestry catalog with extensive notes is stored separately in a flatbox.

Box 15 Folder 11-18 Documentation of Home Renovation, 8 folders

Box 16 Folder 1-5 Documentation of Home Renovation, 5 folders

Box 23 Folder 23 Documentation of Home Renovation