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Lucie Brock-Broido Papers, 1965-2017, bulk 1981-2013

Series II: Teaching Material, 1982-2017

Brock-Broido was a Briggs-Copeland Lecturer at Harvard from 1988-1993 and directed the poetry concentration at Columbia School of the Arts from 1993-2018. The bulk of this series contains annotated reproductions of literary texts referenced in poetry seminars at these two universities. These seminars were conceptualized at Harvard and continued to evolve throughout Brock-Broido's nearly thirty years of teaching.

Drafts of Brock-Broido's master teaching "Anthology" are also located in this series.

Thesis evaluations, course rosters, recommendation letters, and assignments which include individual students' names have been restricted.

Applications for teaching jobs, adjunct appointments, contracts, and other administrative documents related to teaching employment are located in professional materials.

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Subseries II.1: Early Teaching Material, 1982-1987

This subseries contains notes, course planning, and syllabi used in Brock-Broido's pre-Harvard adjunct teaching positions.

Box 9 Folder 18-21 Course Planning, 1982-1987, 4 folders

Two full notebooks and some loose notes containing course planning, readings with marginilia, parts of a syllabi, and general planning for pre-Harvard adjunct positions.

Subseries II.2: Harvard University, 1987-1994

Brock-Broido's application, interview process, and acceptance of the Briggs-Copeland Lectureship is located here, as well as further departmental correspondence at Harvard. This subseries also includes Brock-Broido's original folders used for Harvard courses, which contain annotated reproductions of literary texts, notes, and assignments.

Box 9 Folder 22-23 Department Correspondence and Memos, 1987-1993, 2 folders

Includes Briggs-Copeland appointment correspondence, standard department memos, salary and expense reports.

Box 9 Folder 24 Course Descriptions, 1988-1993

Course Material, 1988-1993

Box 9 Folder 25 Handwritten Notes, 1990

Box 9 Folder 26-27 Prose Poems, 2 folders

Box 9 Folder 28-29 Instructions / Q&A Poems, 2 folders

Box 9 Folder 30-31 Letter Poems, 2 folders

Box 9 Folder 32 Self Portrait

Box 9 Folder 33 Redemptive in The Horrific

Box 9 Folder 34 Found Poems

Box 9 Folder 35-41 Pageantry, 7 folders

Box 10 Folder 1 HV's Summer Seminar ED

Box 10 Folder 2 Emily Dickinson Facsimiles

Box 10 Folder 3 George Trakl

Box 10 Folder 4-10 Radical Heat, 7 folders

Box 10 Folder 11 The Rejectionist

Box 24 Folder 1 "Three Things Assignment", 1992

Restricted until 2067

Box 10 Folder 12-14 Assorted, 3 folders

Miscellanous notes and literary texts found in unlabeled folders among harvard teaching material.

Box 24 Folder 2-3 Thesis Commentary, 1990-1992, 2 folders

Restricted until 2072

Box 24 Folder 4-5 Recommendation Letters, 1989-1994, 2 folders

Restricted until 2074

Subseries II.3: Columbia University, 1992-2017

This subseries contains departmental records and correspondence, course material, course descriptions, and teaching evaluations from students.

Box 10 Folder 15-16 Department Correspondence, 1992-2017, 2 folders

Includes position appointment process, salary notices, vision for poetry program, requests to the dean as poetry director.

Course Material, 1993-2017

Box 10 Folder 17-23 Pageantry: Fist Books as Architecture, 7 folders

Box 10 Folder 24 Plath & Rich

Box 10 Folder 25-26 The Two Ariels: Remaking of The Sylvia Plath Canon, 2 folders

Box 10 Folder 27-28 Assorted, 2 folders

Box 10 Folder 29-30 Course Descriptions, 1994-2008, 2 folders

Box 10 Folder 31 Course Evaluations, 2012-2014

Box 10 Folder 32 William Brock Broido Poetry Thesis Fellowship Flyer, 2005

Promotional material for "William Brock- Broido Poetry Thesis Fellowship"

Box 24 Folder 6 Thesis Commentary, 2001

Restricted until 2081

Box 24 Folder 7-8 Recommendation Letters, 1992-2011, 2 folders

Restricted until 2091

Subseries II.4: Anthologies

Brock-Broido taught an expansive survey of poetics for which she designed an "Anthology" that incorporated imagery, notations, commentary, and hundreds of poems organized into conceptual subcategories. Three different versions of the anthology, revised over several years, are contained in this subseries. The most recent titled, "Inevitably More, and More Trouble in Mind." The order of each anthology has been preserved.

Box 10 Folder 33-37 Anthology I, 5 folders

Box 11 Folder 1-5 Anthology II, 5 folders

Box 11 Folder 6-11 Anthology III, 6 folders

Subseries II.5: Course Rosters, 1994-2008

Restricted until 2068.

This subseries contains multiple course rosters, which Brock-Broidio annotated and designed with stamps and drawings. Because these rosters contain students' personal information, they have been restricted until 2068.

Box 24 Folder 9 Course rosters, 1994-2008