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Book Arts Ephemera collection, 1890-2019

Series IV: Portraits and Biographical

Prints, photographs, and articles about people connected with printing and the book arts

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Box IV.1 Abell, A. S.

Box IV.1 Acier, Francois d'

Box IV.1 Adams, Ansel

Box IV.1 Adler, Elmer

Box IV.1 Adler, Rose

Box IV.1 Aikens, Andrew

Box IV.1 Aitken, Robert

Box IV.1 Alauzet, Pierre

Box IV.1 Aldrich, Charles (1828-1908)

Box IV.1 Alexander, A. D.

Box IV.1 Alexander, George L.

Box IV.1 Alexander, H. W.

Box IV.1 Alexander, Michael R.

Box IV.1 Allen, Arthur

Box IV.1 Allison (1831-1904)

Box IV.1 Amman, Jost (or Aman) (1539-1591)

Box IV.1 Amerbach, Boniface

Box Flat box 42 Amerbach, Boniface

Box IV.1 Ames, Joseph (1689-1759)

Box IV.1 Amorettus, Andreas

Box IV.1 Anderson, Alexander (1775-1870)

Box IV.1 Anderson, Gregg

Box IV.1 Anderson, James

Box IV.1 Anderson, John

Box Flat box 42 Anderson, John

Box IV.1 Andre, Philip H.

Box IV.1 Andrew, John A.

Box IV.1 Andrews, E. R.

Box IV.1 Angelo, Valenti

Box IV.2 Arakelyan, J. J.

Box IV.2 Aretinus, Petrus

Box IV.2 Armitage, Merle

Box IV.2 Armstrong, Margaret Neilson (trade binding designer) (1867-1944)

Box IV.2 Arnesen, A. C.

Box IV.2 Arnold, M.

Box IV.2 Arnoldus, Francisc.

Box IV.2 Ashley, James M.

Box IV.2 Ashmead, John W.

Box IV.2 Ashmole, Elias (1617-1692)

Box IV.2 Asperne, James

Box IV.2 Atkins, John

Box IV.2 Audin, M. A.

Box IV.2 Austin-Leigh, R. A.

Box IV.2 Amery, Benjamin P.

Box IV.2 Avery, Henry

Box IV.2 Avery, Samuel P.

Box Flat box 42 Avery, Samuel P.

Box IV.2 Backus, John

Box IV.2 Badius Ascensius, Jodocus (1462-1535)

Box IV.2 Baer, George F.

Box IV.2 Bagford, John (1650-1716)

Box IV.2 Bailey, Francis

Box IV.2 Baker, Herbert

Box IV.2 Ball, B. J.

Box IV.2 Ball, Frank J.

Box IV.2 Ball, O. R.

Box IV.2 Ballard

Box IV.2 Ballet, André Victor

Box IV.2 Balsley, A. H.

Box IV.2 Bancroft

Box Flat box 42 Bancroft

Box IV.2 Bancroft, William Lyman

Box IV.2 Bank, Arnold

Box IV.2 Bannan, Benjamin

Box IV.3 Barber, Edward Wilmot

Box IV.3 Barber, John

Box IV.3 Barberi, G.

Box IV.3 Barbera, Gaspero

Box IV.3 Barhydt, Clarence

Box IV.3 Barhydt, Frank

Box IV.3 Barnard, Fred

Box IV.3 Barnhart, A. E.

Box IV.3 Barnhart, Arthur Middleton

Box IV.3 Barr, Albert J.

Box IV.3 Barr, Oliver J.

Box IV.3 Barrow, William J.

Box IV.3 Barrows, C. M.

Box IV.3 Barta, Louis

Box IV.3 Barth, Henry (1823-1907)

Box Flat box 42 Barth, Henry (1823-1907)

Box IV.3 Bartholdt, Richard

Box IV.3 Bartholomew, William Henry

Box IV.3 Bartlett, Edward E.

Box IV.3 Baskerville, John (1706-1775)

Box IV.3 Bates, William Horatio (1841-1918)

Box IV.3 Baudrier, Henri (1815-1884)

Box IV.3 Baudrier, Julien (1860-1915)

Box IV.3 Bauer, Andreas Friedrich

Box IV.3 Bauer, J. C.

Box IV.3 Bauer, Konrad F.

Box IV.3 Beardsley, Aubrey (1872-1898)

Box IV.3 Beaumarchais, Pierre Augustin Caron de (1732-1799)

Box IV.3 Beck, Cave (1623-1706)

Box IV.3 Becker, Rud. Zach

Box IV.3 Behrends, Julius

Box IV.3 Bell, Andrew (1726-1809)

Box IV.3 Bell, John (1745-1831)

Box Flat box 42 Bell, John (1745-1831)

Box IV.4 Bender, Albert M. (1866-1941)

Box IV.4 Benedict, George H.

Box IV.4 Benedict, Thomas E.

Box IV.4 Bennet, James E.

Box IV.4 Bennett, James Gordon (1841-1918)

Box Flat box 42 Bennett, James Gordon (1841-1918)

Box IV.4 Bennett, Paul A.

Box IV.4 Benny, Elmer

Box IV.4 Bensley, Thomas (d. 1833)

Box IV.4 Benton, Linn Boyd (1844-1932)

Box Flat box 42 Benton, Linn Boyd (1844-1932)

Box IV.4 Benton, Morris Fuller

Box IV.4 Benton, Morris Fuller, Jr.

Box IV.4 Benton, William E.

Box IV.4 Béranger

Box IV.4 Berger, Sanford Lionel

Box IV.4 Berker, J. F.

Box IV.4 Bernhard, Lucian

Box IV.4 Berry, Frank Belknap

Box IV.4 Berry, Gio. L.

Box IV.4 Berthiaume, Treffle (1849?-1915)

Box IV.4 Bertieri, Raffaello

Box IV.5 Bessarione, Cardinal

Box IV.5 Best, Harvey D.

Box IV.5 Bettinger, John S.

Box Flat box 43 Bettinger, John S.

Box IV.5 Bettoni, N.

Box IV.5 Bewick, Thomas (1753-1828)

Box IV.5 Bicknell, A. P.

Box IV.5 Bierce, Ambrose (1842-1914?)

Box IV.5 Bingham, A.

Box IV.5 Bingham, Fred L.

Box Flat box 43 Binney, Archibald (1763?-1838)

Box IV.5 Blackwood, William (1776-1834)

Box IV.5 Blades, G. R.

Box IV.5 Blades, William

Box IV.5 Blair, Francis Preston (1791-1876)

Box IV.5 Blair, John (of Edinburgh)

Box IV.5 Blakeley, D.

Box IV.5 Blanchard, Isaac H.

Box IV.5 Blaney, Charles W.

Box IV.5 Blum, Andre

Box IV.5 Blumenthal, Joseph

Box IV.5 Bodley, Thomas, Sir (1545?-1613?)

Box IV.5 Bodoni, Giambattista (1740-1813)

Box Flat box 43 Bodoni, Giambattista (1740-1813)

Box IV.6 Boniface, Amerbach Basil

Box IV.6 Bonner, Robert

Box IV.6 Borden, Joseph A.

Box IV.6 Bothwell, Herbert P.

Box IV.6 Boudan, Alexandre

Box Flat box 43 Boudan, Alexandre

Box IV.6 Bourdel, Joseph

Box IV.6 Bouton, J. W.

Box IV.6 Bouvier, John

Box IV.6 Bowell, MacKenzie, Sir (1823-1917)

Box IV.6 Bowles, Saml.

Box IV.6 Bowyer, William (1663-1737)

Box IV.6 Bowyer, William (1699-1777)

Box Flat box 43 Bowyer, William

Box IV.6 Boxhornius, Marcus Zverius

Box IV.6 Boydell, John (1719-1804)

Box Flat box 43 Boydell, John (1719-1804)

Box IV.6 Boyle, P. C.

Box IV.7 Bradford, Albert Green (1855-1921)

Box IV.7 Bradford, Thomas (1745-1838)

Box IV.7 Bradford, William (1663-1752)

Box IV.7 Bradford, William (1722-1791)

Box IV.7 Bradford, William (1759-1795)

Box Flat box 43 Bradford, William

Box IV.7 Bradford, William, Colonel

Box IV.7 Bradley, Will

Box IV.7 Brady, Peter J.

Box IV.7 Braille, Louis

Box Flat Box 43 Brandon, Charles H.

Box IV.7 Brandtjen, John

Box IV.7 Breitkopf, Ioh. Gottlob Immanuel (1719-1794)

Box IV.7 Brice, Andrew (1690-1773)

Box IV.7 Brickell, W. D.

Box IV.7 Bright, William

Box IV.7 Bringhurst, Robert

Box IV.8 Bronson, Herman

Box IV.8 Brooks, Erastus

Box IV.8 Brooks, H. S.

Box IV.8 Brosamer, Hanns (16th century)

Box IV.8 Brough, John

Box IV.8 Brown, Austin H.

Box IV.8 Brown, George

Box IV.8 Brown, Martin B.

Box IV.8 Browne, Francis Fisher (1843-1913)

Box IV.8 Browne, Hablot Knight

Box Flat Box 43 Bruce, David

Box Flat Box 43 Bruce, David Jr.

Box IV.8 Bruce, David W.

Box IV.8 Bruce, George (1781-1859)

Box Flat Box 43 Bruce, George (1781-1859)

Box IV.8 Brune, Guillaume Marie-Anne (1763-1815)

Box IV.8 Brunet, Jacques Charles (1780-1876)

Box IV.8 Bry, Theodore de (or Theodore de Brie) (1528-1598)

Box IV.8 Bryan, William Jennings (1860-1925)

Box IV.8 Bryant, William Cullen (1794-1878)

Box IV.8 Brydges, Samuel Egerton (1762-1837)

Box IV.8 Buchanan, George (1506-1582?)

Box IV.8 Buchanan, William C.

Box IV.8 Budaeus, Guillelmus

Box IV.8 Bulifonius, Antonius

Box IV.9 Bullen, A. H.

Box IV.9 Bullen, Henry Lewis (1857-1938)

Box IV.10 Bulmer, William (1757-1830)

Box IV.10 Burr, Alfred E.

Box IV.10 Burr, George L.

Box IV.10 Byers, William N.

Box IV.10 Byram, Harry E.

Box IV.10 Calkins, Earnest Elmo

Box IV.10 Callahan, John

Box IV.10 Callot

Box IV.10 Cameron

Box IV.10 Cameron, J. R.

Box IV.10 Campbell, Andrew

Box IV.10 Campe, Julius (1792-1867)

Box IV.10 Campbell, Lewis D.

Box IV.10 Cannon, George Q.

Box IV.10 Capitain

Box IV.10 Capone, Charles Reginald

Box IV.10 Cappeller, William S.

Box IV.10 Carafa, Carlo Maria

Box IV.10 Carey, Matthew (1760-1839)

Box IV.10 Carr, Horace

Box IV.10 Cary, Melbert Brinckerhoff, Jr. (1892-1941)

Box IV.10 Caslon, Henry William

Box IV.10 Caslon, Henry William IV (1786-1850)

Box IV.10 Caslon, Sydney Herbert

Box IV.10 Caslon, William (1692-1766)

Box IV.10 Castaldi, Panfilo

Box IV.10 Castell, Heinrich IV, Graf zu

Box IV.10 Castellvetro, Giacopo

Box IV.11 Cave, Edward (1691-1754)

Box IV.11 Caxton, William (ca. 1422-1491)

Box IV.11 Celtes, Conrad (1459-1508)

Box IV.11 Cennini, Bernardo

Box Flat Box 44 Cennini, Bernardo

Box IV.11 Cerf, Bennett A.

Box IV.11 Chambers, William, Sir

Box IV.11 Chandler, John Green (1815-1879)

Box IV.11 Chandler, Harrison Tyler (1840-1912)

Box Flat Box 44 Chandler, Harrison Tyler (1840-1912)

Box IV.11 Chesneau, Henry

Box IV.11 Childs, George William

Box Flat Box 44 Childs, George William

Box IV.11 Christian, Arthur

Box IV.11 Cisneros, Francisco da, Cardinal (or Francisco Jiménez de Cisneros) (1436-1517)

Box IV.11 Clapp, A. M.

Box IV.11 Clapp, David (1806-1893)

Box IV.11 Clapp, John Cotton

Box IV.11 Clapp, William W.

Box Flat Box 44 Clarendon, Edward

Box IV.11 Clark, Robert D., Jr.

Box IV.11 Clarke, Bert.

Box IV.11 Clarkson, James A.

Box IV.11 Claye, Jules (1806-1866)

Box IV.11 Cleland, Thomas Maitland

Box Flat Box 44 Cleland, Thomas Maitland

Box IV.11 Clemens, Samuel Langhorne (1835-1910)

Box IV.11 Clephane, James O.

Box IV.11 Clerk, Robert

Box IV.12 Club, Printing House

Box IV.12 Clymer, George

Box IV.12 Cobb, Albert H.

Box IV.12 Cobden-Sanderson, Thomas James

Box IV.12 Cockerell, Douglas(1870-1945)

Box Flat Box 44 Cockerell, Douglas(1870-1945)

Box IV.12 Cockerell, Sydney Carlyle

Box IV.12 Cockerill, John A.

Box IV.12 Coffinberry, H. D.

Box IV.12 Cohen, Levy Emanuel

Box Flat Box 44 Cohen, Levy Emanuel

Box IV.12 Coignard, Jean-Baptiste, III (1717-1768)

Box Flat Box 44 Cohen, Levy Emanuel

Box IV.12 Coke, William

Box IV.12 Cole, Aschel N.

Box IV.12 Cole, Timothy

Box Flat Box 44 Cole, Timothy

Box IV.12 Coleman, William (1766-1829)

Box IV.12 Colin, Paul

Box IV.12 Collagan, Charles Hiram (1857-1928)

Box IV.12 Collette, Arcangiolo

Box IV.12 Collier, Allen (1863-1927)

Box IV.12 Collins, Alex. Washington

Box IV.12 Collins, John Martin

Box IV.12 Collins, Lewis (1797-1870)

Box IV.12 Comly, James M.

Box IV.12 Conkey, W. B.

Box IV.12 Conner, Charles S.

Box IV.12 Conner, James (1798-1861)

Box Flat Box 44 Conner, James (1798-1861)

Box IV.12 Conner, William C.

Box IV.12 Connor, Emily E.

Box IV.12 Constable, Archibald (1774-1827)

Box IV.12 Conté, Jacques-Nicolas (1755-1805)

Box IV.12 Coornhert, Diet. Volk.

Box Flat Box 45 Coornhert, Diet. Volk.

Box IV.12 Copland, Robert (fl. 1508-1548)

Box IV.12 Coronelli, Vincenzo (1650-1718)

Box IV.12 Cortelyou, P. C.

Box IV.12 Cosmus, Thomas C.

Box Flat Box 45 Costerus, Laurentius

Box IV.12 Cotta, Johann Friedrich, Freiherr Cotta von Cottendorf (1764-1832)

Box IV.12 Cotta, Johann Georg

Box IV.12 Cousin, Jean (16th century)

Box IV.13 Cowles, Edwin

Box IV.13 Crane, Zenas Marshal

Box IV.13 Craske, Charles

Box IV.13 Creuzevault, Henri (1905-1971)

Box IV.13 Crocker, Uriel

Box IV.13 Cross, Edward, Colonel

Box IV.13 Cruikshank, George (1792-1878)

Box IV.13 Culver, Lawrence A.

Box IV.13 Cummings, Amos J.

Box IV.13 Curmer, L.

Box IV.13 Currier, Everett R.

Box IV.13 Curtis, Cyrus H. K.

Box IV.13 Curtis, Edward S. (1868-1952)

Box IV.13 Curtis, Fred. B.

Box IV.13 Curtis, George William

Box Flat Box 45 Curtis, George William

Box IV.13 Curtis, William Elroy

Box IV.13 Cushing, Josiah Stearns (1854-1913)

Box IV.13 Daguerre, Louis Jacques Mandé

Box IV.13 Dahlstrom, Grant

Box IV.13 Dair, Carl

Box IV.13 Dalton, Michael (1800-1879)

Box Flat Box 45 Dalton, Michael (1800-1879)

Box IV.13 Dana, Charles A.

Box Flat Box 45 Dana, Charles A.

Box IV.13 Daniels, Malva Maurice

Box IV.13 Darley, F. O. C.

Box IV.13 Davis, James (18th century)

Box IV.13 Dawson, George

Box IV.13 Day, Ben

Box IV.13 Day, John (1522-1584)

Box IV.13 Defrees, John D.

Box IV.13 De la Fond

Box Flat Box 45 De la Fond

Box IV.13 Delaine, John

Box IV.13 Dellagana, B. & Co., Ltd.

Box IV.14 Dennison, E. W.

Box IV.14 Dennison, Henry

Box IV.14 Dent, Joseph Malaby (1849-1926)

Box IV.14 Dentu

Box IV.14 Desenne, Alexandre Joseph (1785-1827)

Box IV.14 Des Jardins, Benjamin

Box IV.14 De Tournes, Jean (1504-1564)

Box IV.14 De Thou, Jacques August

Box IV.14 DeVinne, Theodore Low (1828-1914)

Box Flat Box 45 DeVinne, Theodore Low (1828-1914)

Box IV.14 DeVries, John

Box Flat Box 45 Dickinson, Samuel Nelson

Box IV.14 Dickson, James (d. 1800)

Box IV.14 Didot, Ambroise Firmin (1790-1876)

Box IV.14 Didot, Firmin (1764-1836)

Box IV.14 Didot, Jules (1794-1871)

Box IV.14 Didot, Pierre (1761-1853)

Box Flat Box 45 Digby, Kenelm

Box IV.14 Dingley, Nelson, Jr.

Box IV.14 Dobell, Bertram (1842-1914)

Box IV.14 Dodge, Norman

Box IV.14 Dodge, Phillip

Box IV.14 Dolet, Estienne (1509-1546)

Box Flat Box 45 Dolet, Estienne (1509-1546)

Box IV.14 Donaldson, James (1751-1830)

Box IV.14 Donnelley, R. R. & Co.

Box IV.14 Donnelly, Samuel B.

Box IV.14 Doolittle, Amos (1754-1832)

Box IV.14 Dorri, Anton Francesco

Box IV.14 Doutre, E.

Box IV.14 Dove, J. Maury

Box IV.15 Drake, Alexander W.

Box IV.15 Dreer, Ferdinand J.

Box IV.15 Drummond, C. J.

Box IV.15 Dresser, Charles

Box IV.15 Duboc, William Albert

Box IV.15 Duff, Elmo

Box IV.15 DuFresne, Raphael Chicet

Box IV.15 Du Maurier, George (1834-1896)

Box IV.15 Duncan, H. M.

Box IV.15 Duncan, Harry

Box IV.15 Duncan, Raymond

Box IV.15 Dunlap, John

Box IV.15 Dunton, John (1659-1733)

Box IV.15 Dürer, Albrecht (1471-1528)

Box Flat Box 46 Dürer, Albrecht (1471-1528)

Box IV.15 Dutarte, Auguste Bernard

Box IV.15 Duyckinck, Evert Augustus

Box Flat Box 46 Duyckinck, Evert Augustus

Box IV.15 Dwiggins, W. A.

Box IV.15 Dytman, W. H.

Box IV.15 Earle, Homer P.

Box IV.15 Eastman, Charles G.

Box IV.15 Eberhard, Wolff

Box IV.15 Eberhart, John F.

Box IV.15 Edison, Thomas Alva (1847-1931)

Box IV.15 Egenolf, Christian (1519?-1598?)

Box Flat Box 46 Egenolf, Christian (1519?-1598?)

Box IV.15 Egle, W. H.

Box IV.15 Eilert, Ernest F.

Box IV.16 Elliott, Harrison

Box IV.16 Ellis, George H.

Box IV.16 Elwell, E. H.

Box IV.16 Elzevir, Daniel (or Elsevier) (1626-1680)

Box IV.16 Elzevir, Johannes (or Elsevier)

Box IV.16 Elzevir, Lodewijck (or Louis Elsevier) (1542-1617)

Box IV.16 Emery, Petrus

Box Flat Box 46 Emery, Petrus

Box IV.16 Emmons, Earl H.

Box IV.16 Endter, Georg (1564-1630)

Box IV.16 Endter, Johann Andreas (1625-1670)

Box IV.16 Endter, Wolfgang (1593-1659)

Box Flat Box 46 Endter, Wolfgang (1593-1659)

Box IV.16 Eney, Summerfield

Box IV.16 Engel-Hardt, Rudolf

Box IV.16 Engelmann, G.

Box IV.16 English, George Washington

Box IV.16 English, Thomas Dunn

Box IV.16 Enschede, Charles, Dr. (1855-1919)

Box IV.16 Enschede, Isaac (1681-1761)

Box IV.16 Enschede, Jean (1708-1781)

Box IV.16 Erasmus, Desiderius (1467-1536)

Box IV.16 Ericson, H. C.

Box IV.16 Ernst, Heinrich

Box IV.16 Erwin, Daniel P.

Box IV.16 Estienne, Henri

Box IV.16 Estienne, Robert (1503-1559

Box IV.16 Estill, John Holbrook

Box IV.16 Everson, James

Box IV.16 Fallon, John F.

Box IV.16 Faraday, Michael (1791-1867)

Box Flat Box 46 Faraday, Michael (1791-1867)

Box IV.16 Farmer, A. C.

Box IV.16 Farmer, Aaron D. (Connecticut type founder)

Box IV.16 Farmer, William Wallace

Box Flat Box 46 Farmer, William Wallace

Box IV.16 Farrar, Gilbert P.

Box IV.16 Fass, John

Box IV.16 Faulkner, George (1728-1775?)

Box IV.16 Faulkner, Thomas H.

Box IV.16 Faust, Johannes

Box IV.16 Faxon, William

Box IV.16 Fell, E. Lawrence

Box IV.16 Fell, John

Box Flat Box 46 Ferdinand, Prince of Paderborn

Box IV.16 Feyrabend, Sigismond

Box IV.16 Fields, James T. (1817-1881)

Box IV.16 Figgins, James, Sr.

Box IV.16 Filhol, Antoine Michel (1759-1812)

Box IV.16 Finlay, Albert W.

Box IV.16 Finley, J. H.

Box Flat Box 46 Finley, J. H.

Box IV.16 Finn, Joseph

Box IV.16 Fitch, William Stevenson

Box IV.16 Fitts, Thomas

Box IV.17 Flavius, Flavio

Box IV.17 Fleischer, Charles

Box IV.17 Fleischman, Joan Michael (1701-1768)

Box IV.17 Fleming, C. W.

Box IV.17 Flower, Edwin

Box IV.17 Flower, Walter

Box IV.17 Flynt, Roy Horton

Box IV.17 Forbes, William H.

Box IV.17 Force, Peter

Box Flat Box 47 Force, Peter

Box IV.17 Ford, Charles Henri

Box IV.17 Forney, J. W.

Box IV.17 Foss, C. M.

Box IV.17 Foster, John

Box IV.17 Foulis, A.

Box IV.17 Fournier, Pierre-Simon (1712-1768)

Box IV.17 Fowler, Edgar A.

Box IV.17 Fowler, George W.

Box IV.17 Fox, Richard K.

Box IV.17 Francis, Charles

Box IV.17 Francis, John M.

Box IV.17 Francis, John W.

Box IV.17 Franka, Emil

Box IV.17 Frankfort, Bauer

Box IV.18 Franklin, Benjamin (1706-1790)

Box Flat Box 47 Franklin, Benjamin (1706-1790)

Box IV.20 Franklin, Benjamin (1706-1790)

Box IV.19 Franklin, William

Box IV.19 Franklin, William Temple

Box IV.19 Franklin, Deborah Reed

Box IV.21 Frazer, James

Box Flat Box 48 Frazer, James

Box IV.21 Frazier, Julius Leroy

Box IV.21 Freneau, Philip Morin (1752-1832)

Box IV.21 Fréron, Elie-Catherine (1719-1776)

Box IV.21 Froben, John (1460-1527)

Box Flat Box 48 Froben, John (1460-1527)

Box IV.21 Fry

Box IV.21 Fugger, Huldric (1526-1584)

Box IV.21 Fuller, Henry Merrill

Box IV.21 Fuller, Levi K.

Box IV.21 Fuhrmann, Otto W.

Fust, Johann (fl. 1450-1466)

Box Flat Box 48 Fust, Johann (fl. 1450-1466)

Box IV.21 Gage, Harry L.

Box IV.21 Gaine, Hugh (1727-1807)

Box Flat Box 48 Gaine, Hugh (1727-1807)

Box IV.21 Gales, Joseph (1786-1861?)

Box Flat Box 48 Gales, Joseph (1786-1861?)

Box IV.21 Gallagher, William D.

Box IV.21 Gally, Merritt

Box Flat Box 48 Gally, Merritt

Box IV.21 Garamond, Claude

Box Flat Box 48 Garamond, Claude

Box IV.21 Gardiner, Robert S.

Box IV.21 Garnett, Porter

Box IV.21 Garrison, William Lloyd (1805-1879)

Box IV.21 Gears, Robert

Box IV.21 Ged, William

Box IV.21 Geer, Everett Selden (1850-1917)

Box IV.21 Genderle, Franz

Box IV.21 Gensch, Hermann

Box IV.21 Gent, Thomas (1724-1778)

Box IV.21 Gentry, Helen

Box IV.21 Gervaerts, Jasper

Box IV.22 Gilbert, Albert (1821-1873)

Box IV.22 Gilder, Richard Watson

Box Flat Box 49 Gilder, Richard Watson

Box IV.22 Gill, Eric

Box IV.22 Gillett, Fred

Box IV.22 Gillick, Joseph F.

Box IV.22 Gilliss, Frank

Box Flat Box 49 Gilliss, Frank

Box IV.22 Gilliss, Walter (1855-1925)

Box Flat Box 49 Gillray, James (1757-1805)

Box IV.22 Gilman, Arthur S.

Box IV.22 Girard, André

Box IV.22 Giunta, Jacques (1486-1546)

Box IV.22 Givel, Gilberte

Box IV.22 Glossbrenner, A. M.

Box IV.22 Glissner, James Y.

Box IV.22 Goddard, William (1740-1817)

Box IV.22 Godkin, Edwin Lawrence (1831-1902)

Box IV.22 Goebel, Theodore

Box IV.22 Gooden, Stephen

Box IV.22 Goodspeed, George Talbot

Box IV.22 Goodwin, Albert Etherington (1872-1930)

Box IV.22 Gordon, George P. (1810-1878)

Box Flat Box 49 Gordon, George P. (1810-1878)

Box IV.22 Gorman, Edward

Box IV.23 Goudy, Frederic William (1865-1947)

Box Flat Box 49 Goudy, Frederic William (1865-1947)

Box IV.24 Goudy, Frederic William (1865-1947)

Box IV.25 Gove, Frank M.

Box IV.25 Grabhorn, Edwin

Box IV.25 Grabhorn, Jane Bissell (1911-1973)

Box IV.25 Grabhorn, Robert Arlie (1900-1973)

Box IV.25 Grafton, Richard

Box IV.25 Grasset, Eugène

Box IV.25 Greeley, Horace (1811-1872)

Box Flat Box 49 Greeley, Horace (1811-1872)

Box IV.25 Green, Bartholomew (1666-1732)

Box IV.25 Greenaway, Kate (1846-1901)

Box IV.25 Greene, Nathaniel

Box IV.25 Green, William S.

Box IV.25 Greistweit, Thomas E.

Box IV.25 Grenville, Thomas (1755-1846)

Box IV.25 Gress, Edmund G.

Box IV.25 Griegengach, A. E.

Box IV.25 Grierson, Flora

Box IV.25 Griffith, Arthur

Box IV.25 Griswold, Robert W.

Box IV.25 Grosjean-Maupin, H. (1836-1908)

Box IV.25 Grotius, Hugo (1583-1645)

Box IV.25 Guillon

Box IV.25 Guillotin, Joseph Ignace (1738-1814)

Box IV.25 Guppy, Henry

Box IV.25 Gustafson, David

Box IV.26 Gutenberg, Johann (ca. 1398-1468)

Box Flat Box 50 Gutenberg, Johann (ca. 1398-1468)

Box IV.27 Hachette, Georges (1838-1892)

Box IV.27 Haebler, Konrad

Box IV.27 Halford, E. W., Colonel

Box IV.27 Hall, Henry M.

Box IV.27 Halstead, Murat

Box IV.27 Hamilton, H. P.

Box IV.27 Hamilton, James Edward

Box IV.27 Hamlin, Milford M.

Box IV.27 Hammer, Victor

Box IV.27 Hammond, Harry

Box IV.27 Han, Ulrich

Box IV.27 Hankey, L. A.

Box IV.27 Hanson, W. G.

Box IV.27 Harding, W. W.

Box IV.27 Harding, Warren Gamaliel (1865-1923)

Box IV.27 Harper, Fletcher

Box IV.27 Harper, James (1795-1869)

Box IV.27 Harper & Bros.

Box Flat Box 51 Harper & Bros.

Box IV.27 Harris, Carroll T. (1891-1975)

Box IV.27 Harris, Joel Chandler (1848-1908)

Box IV.27 Harris, Josiah Albert (1808-1876)

Box IV.27 Harrison, Richard A.

Box IV.27 Hart, Francis

Box IV.27 Hart, George Eaton

Box IV.27 Hart, Horace

Box Flat Box 51 Hart, Horace

Box IV.27 Hart, James D. (1911-1990)

Box IV.27 Hart, Leo

Box IV.27 Harte, Francis Brett (1836-1902)

Box IV.27 Hartman, Fred J.

Box IV.27 Hartmann, Georg

Box IV.27 Hastings, Hugh

Box IV.27 Hatton, Frank (1846-1894)

Box IV.27 Hauten, Jan van

Box IV.27 Hauy, Rene Juste

Box Flat Box 51 Hauy, Rene Juste

Box IV.27 Hawks, Nelson C.

Box IV.27 Hazelip, N. W.

Box IV.27 Hearn, Lafcadio

Box IV.27 Hebb, George K.

Box IV.27 Hedberg, Axel

Box IV.27 Heiner, Henry

Box IV.27 Hempel, Henry Adolph

Box IV.27 Herbert, William

Box IV.27 Herrick, Rensselaer R.

Box IV.27 Heywang, Robert F.

Box IV.27 Hicks, Clinton Flower

Box IV.27 Hill, Rowland

Box IV.27 Hills, Henry

Box IV.27 Hilton, P. R.

Box IV.27 Hilton, Will

Box IV.27 Hines, Edward N

Box IV.28 Hoard, W. D.

Box IV.28 Hoch, E. W.

Box IV.28 Hoe, Peter Smith

Box IV.28 Hoe, Richard M.

Box Flat Box 51 Hoe, Richard M.

Box IV.28 Hoe, Richard March (1812-1896)

Box IV.28 Hoe, Robert (1839-1909)

Box IV.28 Hoepli, Ulrico

Box IV.28 Hoff, G. Whitney (Grace Whitney)

Box IV.28 Hoffman, Christian J.

Box IV.28 Hoffman, Richard J.

Box IV.28 Holbein, Hans (1497-1543)

Box IV.28 Holden, Charles W.

Box IV.28 Holden, George Parker

Box IV.28 Holme, Frank

Box IV.28 Holpein, Giovanni

Box Flat Box 51 Holpein, Giovanni

Box IV.28 Holst, M.

Box IV.28 Holt, Chauncey

Box IV.28 Holt, John (1721-1785)

Box IV.28 Horgan, Stephen Henry (1854-1941)

Box IV.28 Hornby, C. H. St. John (1867-1946)

Box IV.28 Horsley, H. L.

Box IV.28 Horsley, Roy

Box IV.28 Houghton, H. O.

Box IV.28 Houghton, H. O., Jr.

Box IV.28 Howe, Ed. W.

Box IV.28 Howell, Douglass Morse

Box IV.28 Howells, William Dean (1837-1920)

Box IV.29 Hubbard, Elbert

Box IV.29 Hubberton, John

Box IV.29 Huber, J. M.

Box IV.29 Hudson, Frederic

Box Flat Box 51 Hudson, Frederic

Box IV.29 Hudson, J. K.

Box IV.29 Huling, J. B.

Box IV.29 Hunt, William Holman

Box IV.29 Hunter, Dard

Box IV.29 Huntington, Henry Edwards (1850-1927)

Box Flat Box 51 Huntington, Henry Edwards (1850-1927)

Box IV.29 Hurlburt, W. H.

Box IV.29 Hürlimann, Bettina

Box IV.29 Hussey, George F.

Box IV.29 Hyde, Edward

Box Flat Box 51 International Typographical Union

Box IV.29 International Association of Printing House CraftsmenI

Box IV.29 Ipsen, Ludwig Sandoe (1840-1920)

Box IV.29 Ives, Frederic Eugene (1856-1937)

Box Flat Box 52 Ives, Frederic Eugene (1856-1937)

Box IV.29 Ivison, H.

Box IV.29 Jackson, Joseph

Box IV.29 Jacobi, Charles Thomas

Box IV.29 Janszoon, Laurens

Box IV.29 Jennings, Albert O.

Box IV.29 Jenson, Nicolas (1420-1481)

Box IV.29 Jerrold, Douglas

Box IV.29 Jewell, Marshall Henry

Box IV.29 Jewett, Charles Coffin (1816-1868)

Box IV.29 Johnson, H. T.

Box IV.29 Johnson, Henry Lewis

Box IV.29 Johnson, John

Box IV.29 Johnson, Lawrence

Box Flat Box 52 Johnson, Lawrence

Box IV.29 Johnson, Samuel Benjamin

Box IV.29 Johnston, William

Box IV.29 Jolles, Oscar

Box IV.29 Jones, George W.

Box IV.29 Jones, Henry (1838-1921)

Box IV.29 Jones, J. M. W.

Box IV.29 Jones, Richard (1564-1660)

Box IV.29 Jones, Thomas R.

Box IV.29 Jordan, George F.

Box IV.29 Jordan, Peter

Box IV.29 Jost, Heinrich

Box IV.29 Juengling, Frederick (1846-1889)

Box IV.30 Karst, John (1836-1922)

Box IV.30 Kauffman, Samuel Hay

Box IV.30 Keimer, Samuel

Box IV.30 Keith, Adolphus B.

Box IV.30 Kellogg, Charles H.

Box IV.30 Kelly, William M.

Box IV.30 Kendall, George Wilkins

Box IV.30 Kenyon, Frederic George, Sir

Box IV.30 Kerber, Thielman

Box IV.30 Kibbes, H. S.

Box IV.30 Kincaid, Harrison R.

Box IV.30 King, Jesse Marion

Box IV.30 Kirgate, Thomas

Box IV.30 Kittredge, William A.

Box IV.30 Klenkens, Christian Heinrich

Box IV.30 Klingman, Albert L.

Box IV.31 Knapp, Thomas

Box IV.31 Knight, C. H.

Box IV.31 Kner, Emerich

Box IV.31 Knopf, Blanche W. (1894-1966)

Box IV.31 Koch, Paul

Box IV.31 Koch, Peter

Box IV.31 Koch, Rudolph (1876-1834)

Box Flat Box 52 Koch, Rudolph (1876-1834)

Box IV.31 Koenig, Friedrich (1774-1833)

Box Flat Box 52 Koenig, Friedrich (1774-1833)

Box IV.31 Kollock, Shepard, Jr.

Box IV.31 Koster, Laurens Janszoon (or Coster)

Box IV.31 Krimpen, Jan van (1892-1956)

Box IV.31 Kruell, Gustav

Box Flat Box 52 Kruell, Gustav

Box IV.31 Kyster, Anker

Box IV.31 Laboulaye, Edouard

Box Flat Box 52 Laboulaye, Edouard

Box IV.31 Lackington, James (1746-1815)

Box IV.31 Ladew, Augustus Philip (1811-1881)

Box Flat Box 52 Ladew, Augustus Philip (1811-1881)

Box IV.31 Ladvocat, P. F. C.

Box IV.31 Lahure, Charles

Box IV.31 Lanston, Tolbert (1844-1913)

Box IV.31 Lascaris, Joannis

Box IV.31 La Shelle, Kirke

Box IV.31 Lawson, T.

Box IV.31 Leach, Frank A.

Box IV.31 Le Camus

Box IV.31 Lee, H. G.

Box IV.31 Lee, James L.

Box IV.31 Lee, W. A.

Box IV.31 Leech, John S.

Box IV.31 Lehmann-Haupt, Hellmut

Box IV.31 Leidinger, Georg, Dr.

Box IV.31 Leigh, Robert Watson

Box IV.31 Leighton, Archibald, Jr.

Box IV.32 Lemercier, A.

Box IV.32 Lemercier, J. R.

Box IV.32 LeMercier, Pierre Augustin

Box Flat Box 52 LeMercier, Pierre Augustin

Box IV.32 LeMercier, Rose-Joseph

Box Flat Box 52 LeMercier, Rose-Joseph

Box IV.32 Leonard, Fredericus

Box Flat Box 53 Leonard, Fredericus

Box IV.32 Leroy, C.

Box IV.32 Leslie, Robert L., Dr.

Box IV.32 Lewis, A. L.

Box IV.32 Lewis, C. B.

Box IV.32 Lewis, Ellis

Box IV.32 Lewis, Walter

Box IV.32 Leybourn, Gulielmi

Box IV.32 Lienard and Son

Box IV.32 Lietke, William Ferdinand

Box IV.32 Lilly, Eli

Box IV.32 Lincoln, Abraham (1809-1865)

Box IV.32 Lindsay, James (1826-1879)

Box IV.32 Lindenmayer, Esaias

Box IV.32 Linton, W. J.

Box IV.32 Lippincott, J. B.

Box IV.32 Lipsius, Justus

Box IV.32 Little, Andrew (1829-1911)

Box IV.32 Little, Joseph J.

Box IV.32 Locke, David Ross

Box IV.32 Lockwood, H.

Box IV.32 Lombard, H. E.

Box IV.32 Lombardi, Alessandro

Box IV.32 Lontrel, Cyms H.

Box IV.32 Lord, George

Box IV.32 Los Rios, François de

Box IV.32 Loudon, Samuel (1727-1813)

Box IV.32 Lovejoy, Elijah Parish (1802-1837)

Box IV.32 Low Family (publishers 1795-1829)

Box IV.32 Lowndes, William Thomas

Box IV.33 Lucas, F.

Box Flat Box 53 Lucas, F.

Box IV.33 Ludlow Tyograph Company

Box IV.33 Lufft, Johannes

Box IV.33 Luse, A. P.

Box IV.33 Lutz

Box IV.33 Lyman, Nathan (1789-1872)

Box IV.33 Lyman, William E.

Box Flat Box 53 Lyman, William E.

Box IV.33 Lynch, James M.

Box IV.33 Lynch, Jim

Box IV.33 Lyon, James

Box IV.33 McBey, Marguerite Loeb

Box IV.33 McCaffrey, Frank

Box IV.33 McCallister, Bruce

Box IV.33 McClure, Alexander Kelly, Colonel

Box IV.33 McCormick, John

Box IV.33 McCoy, M. P.

Box IV.33 McFarland, Edwin C.

Box IV.33 McFarland, J. Horace

Box IV.33 Machlinia, William

Box IV.33 McIndoe, Jas. W.

Box IV.34 McKean, W. V.

Box IV.34 MacKellar, Thomas (1812-1899)

Box Flat Box 53 MacKellar, Thomas (1812-1899)

Box IV.34 MacKey, Charles W.

Box IV.34 McLaughlin, Frank

Box IV.34 M'Leester, Alexander

Box Flat Box 54 M'Leester, Alexander

Box IV.34 McLeister

Box IV.34 MacMillan, Daniel (1818-1857)

Box IV.34 McMurtrie, Douglas C.

Box IV.34 McPharlin, Paul

Box IV.34 McVickar, J. H.

Box IV.34 MacWade, Robert M.

Box IV.34 Maggs, B. D.

Box IV.34 Maley, Henry A.

Box IV.34 Mame, Alfred

Box IV.34 Manning, Daniel

Box IV.34 Manning, James Hilton (1854-1925)

Box IV.34 Manuzio, Aldus (and family of printers)

Box Flat Box 53 Manuzio, Aldus (and family of printers)

Box IV.34 Mappa, Adam Gerard

Box IV.34 Marchbanks, Hal

Box IV.34 Marcolini, Francesco

Box IV.34 Marcus, Stanley

Box IV.34 Marcy, C. D'W.

Box IV.34 Marder, C. C.

Box IV.34 Marder, John

Box Flat Box 53 Marder, John

Box IV.34 Marder, Walter S.

Box IV.34 Mardersteig, Giovanni

Box IV.34 Marielle, Jean

Box Flat Box 53 Marder, John

Box IV.34 Marinoni

Box IV.34 Marrastt, Normand

Box IV.34 Marsh, Fletcher Harper

Box IV.34 Martens, Thierry (ca.1446-1534)

Box IV.34 Marthens, John Francis (1830-1902)

Box IV.35 Master Printers' Club of Boston, Massachusetts

Box IV.35 Matthews, George E.

Box IV.35 Matthews, William (1822-1896)

Box IV.35 Mayr, Joanni Baptista

Box IV.35 Medina, José Toribio (1852-1940)

Box IV.35 Megill, Edward Landon (1850-1923)

Box IV.35 Megill, Linn S.

Box IV.35 Meisenbach, Georg (1841-1912()

Box IV.35 Melcher, Frederick Gershom

Box IV.35 Menamin, Robert S. (1833-1887)

Box IV.35 Menzel, Adolph von (1815-1905)

Box IV.35 Mercier, Pierre Augustin le

Box IV.35 Mergenthaler, Ottmar (1854-1899)

Box Flat Box 54 Mergenthaler, Ottmar (1854-1899)

Box IV.35 Metastase

Box IV.35 Meyers, B. F.

Box IV.35 Miera, A. C.

Box IV.35 Miliani, Pietro (1744-1817)

Box IV.35 Miller, William

Box IV.35 Mills, Charles Sumner

Box IV.35 Mills, Fred.

Box IV.1 Miscellaneous

Box Flat Box 60 Miscellaneous Group Portraits

Box IV.35 Mitau, Martin S.

Box IV.35 Mitchell, John

Box IV.35 Moerentorf, Adrienne Gras (wife of Jacques Moerentorf)

Box IV.35 Mohr, J. C. B. (1778-1854)

Box IV.35 Momoro, A. F. M.

Box IV.35 Montague, F. L.

Box IV.35 Montanus, Arias

Box IV.35 Montgomery, James

Box IV.35 Montyon

Box IV.35 Moon, James

Box IV.35 Moore, Barbara

Box IV.35 Moore, Ely (1798-1860)

Box IV.35 Moore, Willis L.

Box IV.36 Moran, Benjamin (1820-1886)

Box IV.36 Mordaunt, E. J.

Box IV.36 Morehouse, Cornelius S.

Box IV.36 Moretus, Balthasar (1571-1641)

Box IV.36 Moretus, Jan (1543-1610)

Box IV.36 Moretus, Jan (1576-1618)

Box IV.36 Mori, Gustave

Box IV.36 Morison, Stanley

Box Flat Box 54 Morison, Stanley

Box IV.36 Morris, George P.

Box IV.36 Morris, William (1834-1896)

Box Flat Box 54 Morris, William (1834-1896)

Box IV.36 Morrison, J. C.

Box IV.36 Morse, Samuel Finley Breese (1791-1872)

Box IV.36 Morwitz, E.

Box IV.36 Mosher, Thomas B.

Box IV.36 Moss, John C.

Box IV.36 Moutardier, Lysias (1795-1858)

Box IV.36 Moxon, Joseph (1627-1691)

Box IV.36 Mueller, Hans Alexander

Box IV.36 Muguet, François

Box Flat Box 54 Muguet, François

Box IV.36 Muller, P. R. D.

Box IV.36 Munro, George

Box IV.36 Munsell, J.

Box IV.36 Munsey, Frank (1854-1925)

Box IV.36 Murdock, William E.

Box IV.36 Murphy, J. T.

Box IV.36 Murray, Charles R.

Box IV.36 Murray, John (1778-1843)

Box IV.36 Mylius, Arnoldus

Box IV.36 Nagahisa, Motogi

Box IV.36 Nash, John Henry

Box IV.36 Nash Building (San Francisco)

Box IV.36 Naylor, T. E.

Box IV.37 Nelson, Robert Wickham (1851-1926)

Box Flat Box 54 Nelson, Robert Wickham (1851-1926)

Box IV.37 New York Club of Printing House Craftsmen

Box IV.37 Newton, A. Edward

Box IV.37 Nichols, David

Box IV.37 Nichols, John (1745-1826)

Box Flat Box 55 Nichols, John (1745-1826)

Box IV.37 Nichols, Thomas P.

Box IV.37 Nicklin, T. G.

Box IV.37 Nieuwenhuijzen, Jan

Box Flat Box 55 Nieuwenhuijzen, Jan

Box IV.37 Nijhoff, Is. A.

Box IV.37 Nijhoff, Martinus

Box IV.37 Nijhoff, P.

Box IV.37 Niner, John Clarence

Box IV.37 Nisard, E.

Box IV.37 Normand, Maurice

Box IV.37 North, Ernest Dressel

Box IV.37 Noyes, Edward Follensbee

Box IV.37 O'Brien, Charles J.

Box IV.37 Ochs, Adolf

Box IV.37 O'Donnell, J. H.

Box IV.37 Ogilvy, John

Box IV.37 Oliver

Box IV.37 Olmsted, Duncan Houx

Box IV.37 Olschki, Leo S.

Box IV.37 Oomkens, Jan

Box Flat Box 55 Oomkens, Jan

Box IV.37 Oporinus, Johannes (1507-1568)

Box IV.37 Orchard, Alfred Somerset

Box IV.37 Orchard, Samuel

Box IV.37 Orcutt, William Dana

Box IV.37 O'Reilly, John Boyle

Box IV.37 Orr, Louis Herbert

Box IV.37 Ortelius, Abraham

Box IV.38 Osborn, Thomas A.

Box IV.38 Ostrander, John G.

Box IV.38 O'Sullivan, John

Box IV.38 Oswald, John Clyde

Box Flat Box 55 Oswald, John Clyde

Box IV.38 Otis, Harrison Gray

Box IV.38 Ottendorfer, Oswald

Box IV.38 Overhage, Paul

Box IV.38 Oxford University Press

Box IV.38 Page, William Hamilton (1829-1906)

Box IV.38 Pagnerre

Box IV.38 Paine, Thomas (1737-1809)

Box IV.38 Pakard, George E. (1875-1933)

Box IV.38 Palmer, Frank

Box IV.38 Panckoucke, Charles-Joseph (1736-1798)

Box IV.38 Panckoucke, Charles-Louis-Fleury (1780-1844)

Box IV.38 Pantinus, Peter

Box IV.38 Parker, Wadsworth Aschen

Box IV.38 Parkhill, C. L. D.

Box Flat Box 55 Parkhill, C. L. D.

Box IV.38 Parkhill, S. J.

Box IV.38 Partridge, Benjamin F.

Box IV.38 Partridge, Frank J.

Box IV.38 Pasco, W. W.

Box IV.38 Pasvolsky, Michael

Box IV.38 Paton, George (1721-1807)

Box IV.38 Paulus, Charles

Box IV.38 Paulus Manutius (1512-1574)

Box IV.39 Peacock, E. R.

Box IV.39 Peck, George W.

Box IV.39 Peignot, Charles

Box IV.39 Peignot, Etienne-Gabriel (1767-1849)

Box IV.39 Pelouze, Edmund (1765-1846)

Box IV.39 Pelouze, Edward Craige

Box IV.39 Pelouze, Henry Lafayette (1832-1896)

Box IV.39 Pendleton, Louis

Box IV.39 Pennell, Joseph (1860-1926)

Box IV.39 Perkins, Jacob (1766-1849)

Box IV.39 Peters, C. J.

Box IV.39 Peters, G. E.

Box IV.39 Peterson, Hugo D. E.

Box IV.39 Petit, Jean

Box IV.39 Petri, Sebastian Henric (1546-1627)

Box IV.39 Petty, Benjamin

Box IV.39 Peyton, Charles T.

Box IV.39 Pfaff, W.

Box IV.39 Phemister, Alexander C. (1829-1894)

Box IV.39 Phillips (director of Chilean publication Zig Zag ca. 1905)

Box IV.39 Phinney, F. D.

Box IV.39 Phinney, John S.

Box IV.39 Phinney, Joseph Warren (1848-1934)

Box Flat Box 55 Phinney, Joseph Warren (1848-1934)

Box IV.39 Piatt, Don

Box IV.39 Pickering, T.

Box IV.39 Pierce, James Appleton (1856-1915)

Box IV.39 Pierpont, F. H.

Box IV.39 Pierre, George G.

Box IV.40 Pilgrims (Massachusetts 1620)

Box IV.40 Pinkham, C. A.

Box IV.40 Piranesi, Giambattista

Box IV.40 Piroli, Tommaso

Box IV.40 Pitt, William, 1st earl of Chatham (1708-1778)

Box IV.40 Plantin, Christopher (1514-1589)

Box Flat Box 55 Plantin, Christopher (1514-1589)

Box IV.40 Platts, Nettie E., Mrs.

Box IV.40 Playfair, William

Box IV.40 Playford, Johannis

Box IV.40 Polhemus, A. L.

Box IV.40 Pomba, Luigi

Box IV.40 Poore, Benjamin Perley (1820-1889)

Box IV.40 Porter, William T.

Box IV.40 Portielje, G.

Box IV.40 Potier, L. (1806-1880)

Box IV.40 Poulson

Box IV.40 Powell, Lawrence Clark

Box IV.40 Powell, Roger

Box IV.40 Prang, Louis

Box IV.40 Prault, P.

Box IV.40 Prescott, William Blair

Box IV.40 Preston, William (1742-1818)

Box IV.40 Price, John Edward

Box IV.40 Price, W. P.

Box IV.40 Priscianese, Francesco

Box IV.40 Pritchard, J. C.

Box IV.40 Proctor, J. T. R.

Box IV.40 Proudhon, Pierre Joseph (1809-1865)

Box IV.40 Pulitzer, Joseph

Box Flat Box 55 Pulitzer, Joseph

Box IV.40 Pulitzer, Ralph

Box IV.40 Purcell, William

Box IV.40 Putnam, George Haven

Box IV.40 Putnam, George Palmer (1814-1872)

Box IV.40 Pynson, Richard (1448-1529)

Box IV.40 Quaritch, Bernard Alfred

Box IV.40 Quentin, J. A. A. F.

Box IV.40 Quérard, Joseph-Marie (1797-1865)

Box IV.40 Quinn, John (1870-1924)

Box IV.40 Raasch, Louis W.

Box IV.40 Radcliffe, B. Walter, Sr.

Box IV.40 Raikes, Robert

Box IV.41 Rand, Paul

Box IV.41 Ransom, Harry Huntt (1909-1976)

Box IV.41 Ranza, Giovanni Antonio

Box IV.41 Raphelengius, Franciscus (1539-1597)

Box IV.41 Ratdolt, Erhard (ca.1447-ca.1527)

Box IV.41 Rawson, Elijah

Box IV.41 Raymond, Henry Jarvis

Box Flat Box 55 Raymond, Henry Jarvis

Box IV.41 Raymond, Marcius D. (1833-1911)

Box IV.41 Read, W. B.

Box IV.41 Redfield, R. H.

Box IV.41 Redpath, Sal

Box IV.41 Reed, Charles, Sir (1819-1881)

Box IV.41 Reed, Talbot Baines

Box Flat Box 56 Reed, Talbot Baines

Box IV.41 Reed, W. B.

Box IV.41 Reeves, John (1752-1829)

Box Flat Box 56 Reeves, John (1752-1829)

Box IV.41 Regan, James L.

Box IV.41 Reimer, Georg Andres (1776-1842)

Box IV.41 Remington, T. B.

Box IV.41 Renker, Urmin

Box IV.41 Renaudot, Théophraste

Box IV.41 Renkel, William A.

Box IV.41 Retan, A. E.

Box IV.41 Reton, John Theodore

Box Flat Box 56 Reton, John Theodore

Box IV.41 Rhead, Louis

Box IV.41 Rice, Harvey

Box IV.41 Richard, Gabriel, Father

Box IV.41 Richardson, Samuel (1689-1771)

Box Flat Box 56 Richardson, Samuel (1689-1771)

Box IV.41 Richardson, Warren

Box IV.41 Riddell, J. R.

Box IV.41 Ridge, R. R.

Box IV.41 Ringler, F. A.

Box IV.41 Ripon, Matthew W.

Box IV.41 Riqueur-Lainé, Adolphe

Box IV.41 Ritchie, Ward

Box IV.41 Ritter, G.

Box IV.41 Rivington, James (1724-1802)

Box Flat Box 56 Rivington, James (1724-1802)

Box IV.41 Robert, George F.

Box IV.41 Roberts, Ellis H.

Box IV.41 Robinson, James S.

Box IV.41 Robinson, Warren J.

Box IV.41 Robinson, William H., Ltd.

Box IV.41 Robson, Stuart

Box IV.41 Rockwell, Horace T. (1838-1902)

Box IV.41 Rockwood, George G.

Box Flat Box 56 Rockwood, George G.

Box IV.41 Roe, Herman

Box IV.42 Rogers, Bruce (1870-1957)

Box IV.42 Rogers, J. R.

Box IV.42 Rogers, John Gerham (1793-1851)

Box IV.42 Rogers, John Kimball

Box Flat Box 56 Rogers, John Kimball

Box IV.42 Rogers, Richard Edward Elmore

Box IV.42 Rogers, William Allen

Box IV.42 Rojankovsky, Feodor

Box IV.42 Roleau, Curtis E.

Box IV.42 Rollins, Carl Parington

Box IV.42 Ronaldson, James (1768-1841)

Box Flat Box 56 Ronaldson, James (1768-1841)

Box IV.42 Ronaldson, Richard

Box Flat Box 56 Ronaldson, Richard

Box IV.42 Rooker, Thomas N.

Box IV.42 Roosevelt, Theodore (1858-1919)

Box IV.42 Roper, Abel

Box IV.42 Rose, William L. (1826-1913)

Box IV.42 Rosenthal, Samuel

Box IV.42 Rosenwald, Lessing J.

Box IV.42 Rothwell, Andrew

Box IV.42 Rouse, Leon H.

Box IV.42 Rowland, H. W.

Box IV.42 Rowlandson, Thomas (1756-1827)

Box IV.42 Roxburghe, John, Duke of

Box IV.42 Royle, John

Box IV.42 Royle, Vernon

Box IV.42 Rubel, Ira Washington

Box IV.42 Rubens, Franciscus

Box IV.42 Rubeus, Io Antonius

Box IV.42 Rudge, William Edwin

Box Flat Box 56 Rudge, William Edwin

Box IV.42 Rupertus, Jacob

Box IV.42 Ruskin, John (1819-1900)

Box IV.42 Russell, William Howard

Box IV.42 Ruxton, Phillip

Box IV.42 Ruzicka, Rudolph

Box IV.42 Ryan, John

Box IV.42 Saint-Georges, M. de

Box IV.42 St. John, James A.

Box Flat Box 56 St. John, James A.

Box IV.42 Salter, George

Box IV.42 Sametz, Emma

Box IV.42 Sanby, Alfred H.

Box IV.42 Sauer, Christopher (1694-1758)

Box IV.42 Sawyer, Henry N.

Box IV.43 Schatvet, Einar

Box IV.43 Schelhorn, Io. Georg.

Box IV.43 Schenk, Peter

Box IV.43 Schierbeek, Roelof Jacob (1778-1835)

Box IV.43 Schiller, Albert

Box Flat Box 57 Schiller, Albert

Box IV.43 Schlecter, William F.

Box IV.43 Schmied, F. L.

Box IV.43 Schoffer, Johann (ca.1456-1531)

Box IV.43 Schoffer, Peter

Box Flat Box 57 Schoffer, Peter

Box IV.43 Scholderer, Victor

Box IV.43 Schraubstadter, Carl (1827-1897)

Box Flat Box 57 Schraubstadter, Carl (1827-1897)

Box IV.43 Schraubstadter, Oswald

Box IV.43 Schraubstadter, William A.

Box IV.43 Schuetz, Adolph

Box IV.43 Scott, Josiah B.

Box IV.43 Scott, Marsden G. (ca.1865-1923)

Box IV.43 Scribner, B. F.

Box IV.43 Scribner, Charles

Box IV.43 Scriver, Peter

Box IV.43 Scudder, Wilbur Stephen (1859-1932)

Box IV.43 Seaton, William Winston

Box IV.43 Selden, John (1584-1654)

Box IV.43 Senefelder, Aloysius (1771-1834)

Box Flat Box 57 Senefelder, Aloysius (1771-1834)

Box IV.43 Sequoya

Box IV.43 Settergren, Albert G.

Box IV.43 Sessler, Charles

Box IV.43 Sewell, John

Box IV.43 Shadinger, Roy O.

Box IV.43 Shahn, Ben

Box IV.43 Shanks, P. M.

Box IV.43 Shaw, Paul

Box IV.43 Sheinkman, Philip

Box IV.43 Sheldon, Gilbert (1598-1677)

Box IV.43 Shelley, C. C.

Box IV.43 Shelmerdine, J. M.

Box IV.43 Shepard, Clara J.

Box IV.43 Shepard, Henry Olendorf

Box Flat Box 57 Shepard, Henry Olendorf

Box IV.43 Sherman, Frank

Box IV.43 Shillaber, Benjamin Penhallow (1814-1890)

Box IV.43 Shortt, C. W.

Box IV.44 Siebold, George B.

Box IV.44 Siebold, John H.

Box IV.44 Silvestri, Giovanni (1778-1855)

Box IV.44 Simon, Pierre Guillaume (1722-1787)

Box IV.44 Simon, Oliver

Box IV.44 Singerly, W. M.

Box IV.44 Sipe, Dorsey W.

Box IV.44 Smellie, Alexander

Box IV.44 Smellie, William (1740-1795)

Box IV.44 Smith (of Smith and Porter)

Box IV.44 Smith, Asa Dodge, Reverend

Box IV.44 Smith, C. H.

Box IV.44 Smith, Frederick L.

Box IV.44 Smith, George Frederick (1786-1854)

Box Flat Box 57 Smith, George Frederick (1786-1854)

Box IV.44 Smith, John F.

Box IV.44 Smith, Martin S.

Box IV.44 Smith, Morris H.

Box IV.44 Smith, Orlando Jay, Major (1842-1908)

Box IV.44 Smith, Richard (1821-1894)

Box Flat Box 58 Smith, Richard (1821-1894)

Box IV.44 Smith, Roswell

Box IV.44 Smith, Stanfield

Box IV.44 Smith, Thomas W.

Box IV.44 Smith, William C.

Box IV.45 Sobota, Jan and Jarmila

Box IV.45 Sochets, Genevieve

Box IV.45 Southworth, A. E.

Box IV.45 Sower, Christopher

Box IV.45 Sower, David and Sower family

Box IV.45 Spenser, Edmund (1552-1599)

Box IV.45 Squire, Ephraim George

Box Flat Box 58 Stanhope, Charles

Box IV.45 Stephanoff, Vasil

Box IV.45 Stephens, Brad

Box IV.45 Stephens, Lon B.

Box IV.45 Stettiner, Louis

Box IV.45 Stettiner, Martin

Box IV.45 Stevens, Edward F.

Box IV.45 Stevens, Fred C.

Box IV.45 Stockdale, Percival

Box IV.45 Stone, Edward L. (1864-1938)

Box IV.45 Stone, Herbert Stuart

Box IV.45 Stone, William L.

Box IV.45 Stone, Wilbur Macey

Box IV.45 Stovel, John (1858-1923)

Box IV.45 Strahan, William (1715-1785)

Box Flat Box 58 Strahan, William (1715-1785)

Box IV.45 Stricker, Thomas Perry

Box IV.45 Struck, Hermann

Box IV.45 Sturmius, Joannes

Box IV.45 Suitor

Box IV.45 Sulpke, C. G.

Box IV.45 Suttings, Charles A.

Box IV.45 Swan, Joseph W.

Box IV.45 Sweynheym

Box IV.45 Symons, A. J. A.

Box IV.45 Szyk, Arthur

Box IV.46 Taft, Charles Phelps

Box IV.46 Tansey, Joe

Box IV.46 Tauber, Johann Daniel

Box IV.46 Taylor, Bayard

Box Flat Box 58 Taylor, Bayard

Box IV.46 Taylor, Charles H., General (1846-1921)

Box IV.46 Taylor, Douglas

Box IV.46 Taylor, John (1742-1829)

Box IV.46 Taylor, John Herbert

Box IV.46 Taylor, Richard

Box IV.46 Tegge, G. G.

Box IV.46 Terrebasse, Alfred Humbert de

Box IV.46 Terrebasse, Louis Alfred Jacquier de (1801-1871)

Box IV.46 Thanner, Jacobus (1448-1528)

Box IV.46 Thenot, J. P.

Box IV.46 Thiboust, Claude Louis (1667-1737)

Box IV.46 Thomas, Isaiah (1749-1831)

Box Flat Box 58 Thomas, Isaiah (1749-1831)

Box IV.46 Thomas, Peter

Box IV.46 Thompson, Benjamin (1847-1919)

Box IV.46 Thompson, Benjamin F.

Box IV.46 Thompson, John H.

Box IV.46 Thompson, John R.

Box IV.46 Thompson, William Tappan (1812-1882)

Box IV.46 Thoms, Robert

Box IV.46 Thorburn, Grant

Box IV.46 Tiemann, Walter

Box IV.46 Tilloch, Alexander

Box IV.46 Todd, Thomas

Box IV.46 Tofft, Andrew

Box IV.46 Torre, Carolina de la

Box IV.46 Tory, Geoffroy (ca.1480-1533)

Box IV.46 Tracy, Edward A.

Box IV.46 Trautz, Georges (1808-1879)

Box IV.46 Trow, John Fowler

Box IV.46 Trumbull, John

Box IV.46 Truscott, George Wyatt, Sir

Box IV.46 Truss, Darwin W.

Box IV.46 Tucker, Stephen D.

Box IV.46 Turner, Aaron B.

Box IV.46 Tuttle, Charles E.

Box IV.46 Tutrone, Domenick

Box IV.46 Tyndall

Box Flat Box 59 Tyndall

Box IV.47 Unger, Johann Frederick (1750-1804)

Box Flat Box 61 Unidentified portraits

Box Flat Box 62 Unidentified portraits

Box IV.47 United Typothetae of America

Box IV.47 Unwin, Edward

Box IV.47 Updike, Daniel Berkeley

Box IV.47 Valiant, J. W.

Box IV.47 Vallardi, Francesco

Box IV.47 Van Cott, Cornelius

Box IV.47 Vandercook, R. O.

Box IV.47 Van Dillen, I.

Box IV.47 Van Horn, Robert T.

Box IV.47 Van Liesvelt, Jacob

Box IV.47 Verbruggen, Johannes Wilhelmus

Box IV.47 Vildósola, Carlos Silva (Carlos Silva Vildósola)

Box IV.47 Vincent, Jacques

Box Flat Box 59 Vincent, Jacques

Box IV.47 Vitré, Antonius

Box IV.47 Vojvodick, Victor A.

Box IV.47 Vollard, Ambroise (1867-1939)

Box IV.47 Vollbehr

Box IV.47 Volpato

Box IV.47 Volpi, Giannantonio

Box IV.47 Wachs, Gerald N.

Box IV.47 Waggoner, Clark

Box IV.47 Waldo, Robert V.

Box IV.47 Walker, Emery

Box IV.47 Walker, William

Box IV.47 Walpole, Horace, 4th Earl of Orford (1717-1797)

Box IV.47 Walsh, Patrick

Box IV.47 Walter, Mr.

Box IV.47 Walters, John

Box IV.47 Wappler, Christian Friedrich

Box IV.47 Ward, William

Box IV.47 Warde, Beatrice

Box IV.47 Washburne, Elihu B.

Box IV.47 Washington, George (1732-1799)

Box IV.47 Waters, Peter (binder)

Box IV.47 Watkins, George T.

Box IV.47 Watson, David (1821-1901)

Box IV.47 Watson, Edward Malcolm (1846-1908)

Box IV.47 Watson, John S.

Box IV.47 Watterson, Henry

Box Flat Box 59 Watterson, Henry

Box IV.48 Weatherly, Sidney Martin

Box IV.48 Webster, A. A.

Box IV.48 Webster, C. C.

Box IV.48 Webster, George W.

Box IV.48 Webster, Noah (1758-1843)

Box IV.48 Wechel, Christian and Andreas

Box IV.48 Wedel, Benjamin

Box IV.48 Weed, Thurlow (1797-1882)

Box IV.48 Weinstein, Gregory

Box IV.48 Weiss, E. R.

Box IV.48 Weitenkampf, F.

Box IV.48 Wells, Carolyn

Box IV.48 Wells, Charles (1822-1885)

Box Flat Box 59 Wells, Charles (1822-1885)

Box IV.48 Wells, Darius (1800-1875)

Box Flat Box 59 Wells, Darius (1800-1875)

Box IV.48 Wells, David A.

Box IV.48 Wells, Heber

Box IV.48 Wells, Lester

Box IV.48 Wendell, Cornelius

Box IV.48 Werner, Nicholas Joseph

Box IV.48 West, Benjamin (1738-1820)

Box IV.48 Westermann, Georg (1810-1879)

Box IV.48 Wheble, John

Box IV.48 Whitcomb, H. C.

Box IV.48 White, Newell Q.

Box IV.48 White, William Allen

Box Flat Box 59 White, William Allen

Box IV.48 Whiting, E. K.

Box IV.48 Whitman, Walt (1819-1892)

Box Flat Box 59 Whitman, Walt (1819-1892)

Box IV.48 Whittaker, George

Box IV.48 Wiemeler, Ignata

Box IV.48 Wier, Mrs.

Box IV.48 Wilcox, Michael

Box IV.48 Wilke, William H.

Box IV.48 Wilkes, George

Box IV.48 Williams, Barney

Box IV.48 Williams, D.

Box IV.48 Willis, Nathaniel Parker (1806-1867)

Box IV.48 Willis, Richard Storrs

Box IV.48 Willoughby, Lou F.

Box IV.48 Wilson, Adrian

Box IV.48 Wilson, Alexander

Box IV.48 Wilson, Carroll A. (1886-1947)

Box IV.48 Wilson, David

Box IV.48 Wilson, John

Box IV.48 Wilson, W. Ross

Box IV.49 Wimble, Frederick Thomas (1846-1936

Box IV.49 Winship, George Parker

Box IV.49 Winslow, Edward (1595-1655)

Box IV.49 Wittmann, Charles-Léon

Box IV.49 Woerner, A.

Box IV.49 Wolfe, Reginald (or Reyner Wolfe) (d.1573)

Box IV.49 Wolfenden, Richard

Box IV.49 Wollenberg, Leah (1906-1990)

Box IV.49 Wood, Frank

Box IV.49 Woodfall, William (1746-1803)

Box IV.49 Woods, Nicholas

Box IV.49 Woodworth, Samuel

Box IV.49 Worde, Wynkyn, de

Box IV.49 Wright, A. J.

Box IV.49 Wright, George G.

Box IV.49 Wright, John

Box IV.49 Wright, Preston W.

Box IV.49 Wyman, Charles

Box IV.49 Wyman, L. A.

Box IV.49 Yervant, Hrateh

Box IV.49 Young, F. A.

Box IV.49 Young, John Russel

Box IV.49 Young, William

Box IV.49 Zainer, Günther (d.1478)

Box IV.49 Zanichelli, Nicola

Box IV.49 Zapf, Hermann

Box IV.49 Zenger, John Peter (1697-1746)

Box IV.49 Zimmer, Otto E.

Box IV.49 Zurenus, Johann