Rare Book & Manuscript Library

Book Arts Ephemera collection, 1890-2019

Series III: Illustrators

Includes illustrators and book artists

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Box III.1 Abbe, Elfriede

Box III.1 Ackerman, Rudolph (1764-1834)

Box Flat Box 2 Adams, J.A.

Box Flat Box 2 Aitken,Peter

Box III.1 Aldin, Cecil

Box III.1 Alken, Henry (fl. 1816-1831)

Box III.1 Anderson, Alexander (1775-1870)

Box Flat Box 2 Anderson, Alexander (1775-1870)

Box III.1 Anderson, Victor

Box Flat Box 2 Andrew, John

Box III.1 Angel, Marie

Box III.1 Angelo, Valenti

Box Flat Box 2 Anthony, A.V.S.

Box III.1 Appleton, L. H.

Box III.1 Artzybasheff, Boris

Box III.1 Audubon, John

Box Flat Box 2 Audubon, John

Box III.1 Austen, John

Box Flat Box 2 Balcom, L.L.

Box III.1 Ballet, André Victor

Box III.1 Baltazar (1949-)

Box III.1 Bank, Arnold

Box Flat Box 2 Barber, Alice

Box III.1 Barron, Susan

Box III.1 Bartolozzi, Francesco (1727-1815)

Box Flat Box 2 Bartolozzi, Francesco (1727-1815)

Box III.1 Barton, Carol

Box III.1 Baskin, Leonard

Box III.1 Basset (print publisher, Paris)

Box Flat Box 2 Basset (print publisher, Paris)

Box III.1 Bawden, Edward

Box III.1 Beard, Mark

Box III.1 Beardsley, Aubrey

Box Flat Box 2 Beardsley, Aubrey

Box III.1 Bee, Susan

Box III.1 Behn, Harry

Box III.1 Bewick, Thomas

Box III.1 Bissett, Bill

Box III.1 Blake, William

Box Flat Box 2 Blake, William

Box III.2 Bliss, Anna Campbell

Box III.2 Blocker, Mare

Box III.2 Bodmer, Karl

Box Flat Box 2 Bogart, J

Box III.2 Bohn, Hans

Box III.2 Bond, T. J.

Box Flat Box 3 Bookhout, E

Box Flat Box 3 Bowden, A.

Box III.2 Boydell, John (1719-1804)

Box Flat Box 3 Boydell, John (1719-1804)

Box III.2 Bracaval

Box Flat Box 3 Bradley,Will

Box III.2 Bragdon, Claude

Box Flat Box 3 Bragdon, Claude

Box III.2 Brangwyn, Frank, Sir (1867-1956)

Box Flat Box 3 Brangwyn, Frank, Sir (1867-1956)

Box III.2 Brock, Charles E.

Box Flat Box 3 Brown, Larmont

Box III.2 Browne, Hablot Knight (Phiz) (1815-1882)

Box III.2 Brunelleschi, M.

Box III.2 Buck, Samuel

Box III.2 Bunbury, Henry William (1750-1811)

Box III.2 Burney, Edward Francis (1760-1848)

Box III.2 Butler, Eugenia

Box III.2 Buys, Jacobus (1724-1801)

Box III.2 Calame, Alexandre (1810-1864)

Box Flat Box 3 Calame, Alexandre (1810-1864)

Box III.2 Callahan, Harry

Box III.2 Campbell, Ken

Box III.2 Carlègle

Box III.2 Carter, Frederick

Box III.2 Cassel, Lili

Box III.2 Catlin, George

see also: Pugin, Augustus Charles

Box III.2 Catlin, George

Box III.2 Chappell, Warren

Box III.2 Chapront

Box III.2 Charrière, Gérard

Box III.2 Choukhaeff, Vassili

Box Flat Box 3 Childs and Jocelyn

Box III.3 Christy, Howard Chandler

Box III.3 Clark, Larry

Box III.3 Clark, Willard

Box III.3 Cleland, T. M.

Box Flat Box 3 Cleland, T. M.

Box Flat Box 4 Clossan, W. B.

Box III.3 Cocteau, Jean

Box III.3 Coe, Lloyd

Box III.3 Colby, Sas

Box III.3 Cole, Timothy (1852-1931)

Box Flat Box 4 Cole, Timothy (1852-1931)

Box III.3 Cole, Walter

Box Flat Box 4 Collins, R.C.

Box III.3 Collyer, Joseph (1748-1827)

See here for: Parrish, Maxfield

Box III.3 Condo, George

Box III.3 Cone, Claribel

Box III.3 Cook, Gordon

Box III.3 Cook, Thomas (1744-1818)

See here for: Parrish, Maxfield

Box III.3 Corbould, Henry (1787-1844)

Box III.3 Craig, Edward Gordon

Box Flat Box 4 Craig, Edward Gordon

Box III.3 Crane, Walter (1845-1915)

Box Flat Box 4 Crane, Walter (1845-1915)

Box III.3 Cruikshank, George

Box III.3 Cruikshank, Isaac Robert (1789-1856)

Box Flat Box 4 Cruikshank, Isaac Robert (1789-1856)

Box III.3 Cruz, Ray

Box Flat Box 4 Cruz, Ray

Box Flat Box 4 Cullen, Charles

Box III.3 Currier & Ives

Box Flat Box 4 Currier & Ives

Box III.3 Daiber, Steven C.

Box III.3 Dali, Salvador

Box Flat Box 4 Dana, W. J.

Box III.3 D'Arbeloff, Natalia

Box III.3 Darley, Felix Octavius Carr (1822-1888)

Box III.3 Daumier, Honoré (1808-1879)

Box III.3 Davenport, Guy

Box III.3 David, Ismar

Box Flat Box 4 Davidson, H

Box Flat Box 4 Davis, John P.

Box III.3 De Pol, John (1913-)

Box III.3 De Srorkin, Philip

Box III.3 Debaines, Bounet

Box III.3 Decisy, Eugène

Box Flat Box 4 Decisy, Eugène

Box III.3 Denis, Maurice

Box Flat Box 4 Denis, Maurice

Box Flat Box 4 Denslow, W.W.

Box III.4 Dighton, Richard

Box III.4 Dine, Jim

Box III.4 Dollian, Guy

Box Flat Box 4 Dorn, Max

Box III.4 Dowd, D. B.

Box III.4 Downes

Box III.4 Drucker, Johanna

Box III.4 Dulac, Edmund

Box III.4 Dürer, Albrecht

Box Flat Box 4 Dürer, Albrecht

Box III.4 Dwiggins, W. A.

Box III.4 Eichenberg, Fritz

Box III.4 Eisen, Charles Dominique Joseph (1720-1778)

Box Flat Box 5 Ellis, Rowland C.

Box Flat Box 5 Evans, J. W.

Box III.4 Falké, Pierre

Box III.4 Fausler, I.

Box Flat Box 5 Filmer, J.

Box III.4 Fisher, Harrison

Box III.4 Flagg, James Montgomery

See also: Description sheet for Arthur S. Allen commercial typography collection

Box III.4 Flameng, Léopold (1831-1911)

Box III.4 Fletcher, Sidney E.

Box III.4 Floethe, Richard

Box III.4 Forster, Peter

Box III.4 Frasconi, Antonio

Box III.4 Frederick, Debby

Box Flat Box 5 French, Frank

Box III.4 Frost, Arthur Burdett (1851-1928)

Box Flat Box 5 Frost, Arthur Burdett (1851-1928)

Box III.4 Furniss, Harry (1854-1925)

Box III.4 Fuseli, Henry (1741-1825)

Box III.4 Gág, Wanda

Box III.4 Gainsborough, Thomas (1727-1788)

Box III.4 Ganso, Emil

Box III.4 Gellée, Claude (called Claude Lorrain) (1600-1682)

Box III.4 Ghandini, Alessandro

Box III.4 Gibson, Charles Dana (1867-1944)

Box Flat Box 5 Gibson, Charles Dana (1867-1944)

Box III.4 Gilkerson, William

Box III.4 Gill, Eric

Box III.4 Gilman, Anne

Box III.4 Girvin, Tim

Box III.4 Glad, Deanna

Box III.4 Goldyne, Joseph

Box III.4 Gooden, Stephen

Box III.4 Gordon, György

Box III.4 Gorey, Edward

Box III.4 Graham, John (1720-1775)

Box III.4 Graham, Rigby

Box III.4 Granda, Julio

Picture of Sherlock Holmes

Box III.4 Grassby, Percy

Box III.4 Gray, Félix de

Box III.4 Greenaway, Kat

Box Flat Box 5 Gress, Edmund G.

Box III.4 Gribbele, Vivien

Box III.4 Grignion, Charles (1754-1804)

See here for: Parrish, Maxfield

Box III.4 Gross, Elizabeth Ann

Box III.4 Gurschner, H.

Box Flat Box 5 Hagreen, Philip

Box Flat Box 5 Hainemann, E.

Box III.5 Hamilton, William (1751-1801)

Box Flat Box 5 Hans, Alfred

Box Flat Box 5 Harder, M.

Box Flat Box 5 Harley, J.

Box III.5 Harman, Barbara

Box III.5 Hasen, Burt

Box Flat Box 5 Heard T.

Box III.5 Hedouin, Pierre Edmond (1820-1889)

Box III.5 Heebner, Mary

Box III.5 Held, John

Box III.5 Helm, Robert

Box III.5 Hobson, Charles

Box III.5 Hockney, David

Box III.5 Hogarth, William (1697-1764)

Box III.5 Holiday, Henry

Box III.5 Horn, Roni

Box III.5 Hosking, Arthur N.

Box III.5 Howitt, Samuel (1765?-1822)

Box III.5 Hoyt, Shelley

Box III.5 Hullmandel, C. (lithographic publisher)

Box Flat Box 5 Hullmandel, C. (lithographic publisher)

Box III.5 Hunter, Constance

Box III.5 Hutchins, Edward E.

Box III.5 Inglish, Esther (calligrapher) (1574-1624)

Box III.5 Ireland, Samuel (d.1800)

Box III.5 Jacobs, Diane E.

Box III.5 Jacovleff, Alexandre

Box Flat Box 6 Jacovleff, Alexandre

Box III.5 Jacquemart, Jules (1837-1880)

Box III.5 Jary, Francis

Box Flat Box 6 Jary, Francis

Box III.5 Johannot, Tony (1803-1852)

Box Flat Box 6 Johnson, T.

Box Flat Box 6 Johnson, W. Parke

Box III.5 Jones, Dan Burne

Box Flat Box 6 Jurnling, Frederik

Box III.5 Kaloff, Dan

Box III.5 Karpelès, Andrée

Box Flat Box 6 Karst, Henry

Box III.5 Kent, Jane

Box III.5 Kent, Rockwell

Box III.5 Ketelhodt, Ines von

Box III.5 Killion, Tom

Box Flat Box 6 Kiltorn,S.S.

Box III.5 Kindersley, David

Box III.5 King, Gene

Box Flat Box 6 King, F.S.

Box III.5 King, Ron

Box Flat Box 6 Kingsley, Elbridge

Box Flat Box 6 Kitaj,R. B.

Box Flat Box 6 Koch, Rudolf

Box III.5 Kokoschka, Oskar

Box III.5 Kraft, Stephen

Box III.5 Kredel, Fritz

Box Flat Box 10 Kredel, Fritz

Box Flat Box 6 Kruell, G.

Box III.5 Kruger, Barbara

Box III.5 Krugman-Gurdus

Box III.6 Laborde, Charles

Box III.6 Lalauze, Adolphe (1838-1906)

Box III.6 Lami, Louis Eugène (1800-1890)

Box III.6 Landseer, Edwin, Sir (1802-1873)

Box III.6 Landseer, Thomas (1795-1880)

Box III.6 Lankes, Julius J.

Box Flat Box 6 Lankes, Julius J.

Box III.6 Laurie & Whittle (firm, London)

Box Flat Box 6 Laurie & Whittle (firm, London)

Box III.6 Lawrence, Jacob

Box III.6 Lawrence, Thomas, Sir (1769-1830)

Box III.6 Le Brocquy, Louis

Box III.6 Lear, Edward (1812-1888)

Box III.6 Lebedeff, Jean

Box III.6 Lebek, Johannes

Box III.6 Lederman, Stephanie Brody

Box III.6 Leech, John (1817-1864)

Box III.6 Leighton, Clare

Box III.6 Leighton, Frederic, Sir (1830-1896)

Box Flat Box 6 Leslie & Traver

Box III.6 Lewis, Allen

Box III.6 Linton, W. J.

Box Flat Box 6 Linton, W. J.

Box III.6 Loederer, Richard A.

Box III.6 Lorrain, Claude

Box III.6 Lovejoy, Margot

Box III.6 Maillol, Aristide

Box III.6 Malassis, Edmond

Box III.6 Malay, Joseph

Box III.6 Marc, Anton

Box III.6 Mark, Enid

Box Flat Box 6 Marsh, Henry

Box III.6 Martin, John (1789-1854)

Box III.6 Marty, A.-E.

Box Flat Box 10 Mayrhofer, Max and Joseph Hauber

Box III.6 Mazel

Box III.6 McCormick, Howard

Box III.6 McCurdy, Michael

Box III.6 McGillivray, Nora Lee

See also: Ms Coll Kent, Rockwell

Box III.6 Mckoy, Irwin

Box III.6 McPharlin, Paul

Box III.6 Meissonier, Jean-Louis Ernest (1813-1891)

Box Flat Box 7 Meltano

Box III.6 Meyer, Klaus

Box III.6 Miller, Hans Alexander

Box III.6 Minsky, Richard

Box III.6 Monnet, Charles

Box III.6 Morales-Zamorano, Francisco

Box III.6 Morath, Inge

Box III.6 Moreau, Jean Michel (called Moreau le Jeune) (1741-1814)

Box III.6 Moreau, Louis

Box Flat Box 7 Moreau, Louis

Box Flat Box 7 Morris, William

Box Flat Box 7 Morse, W. H.

Box III.6 Moser, Barry

Box III.6 Moyer, David

Box III.7 Mueller, Hans Alexander

Box Flat Box 7 Mueller, Hans Alexander

Box Flat Box 7 Muller, R.A.

Box III.7 Mundy, Michael

Box III.7 Munne, A.

Box III.7 Narotzky, Norman

Box III.7 Nast, Thomas (1840-1902)

Box III.7 Naudin, Bernard

Box III.7 Nees, Susan

Box III.7 Neiman, LeRoy

Box Flat Box 7 Neiman, LeRoy

Box Flat Box 7 Nichols, David

Box III.7 Nicholson, William (1872-1949)

Box Flat Box 7 Nicholson, William (1872-1949)

Box III.7 Nickel, Peter

Box III.7 Nix, Nelleke

Box III.7 Northcote, James (1746-1831)

Box Flat Box 7 Northcote, James (1746-1831)

Box III.7 Notman, William

Box III.7 Noury, Pierre

Box Flat Box 7 Noury, Pierre

Box III.7 Oberlé

Box Flat Box 7 Orr, N

Box III.7 Ostade, Adriaan van (1610-1685)

Box III.7 Paget-Fredericks

Box III.7 Parry, Nicholas

Box III.7 Pennell, Joseph

Box III.7 Perrichon, J.-L.

Box III.7 Perrier, Jean

See also: Book Arts Portraits & Biography

Box III.7 Petlin, Irving

Box III.7 Phillips, Tom

Box III.7 Picasso, Pablo

Box III.7 Pieck, Anton

Box III.7 Piper, Adrian

Box III.7 Piper, John

Box III.7 Pisano, Maria G.

Box III.7 Plimpton, Sarah

Box III.7 Pogany, Willy

Box III.7 Pondick, Rona

Box III.7 Porter, Robert Ker, Sir (1777-1842)

Box III.7 Potter, Beatrix

Box III.7 Poussin, Nicolas (1594-1665)

Box Flat Box 8 Powell, C.A.

Box III.7 Pugin, Augustus Charles (1762-1832)

See here for: Sendak, Maurice

Box Flat Box 8 Pugin, Augustus Charles (1762-1832)

Box Flat Box 8 Putnam, S. G.

Box III.7 Pyle, Howard (1853-1911)

Box Flat Box 8 Pyle, Howard (1853-1911)

Box III.7 Pyne, William Henry (1769-1843)

Box III.8 Rackham, Arthur

Box III.8 Rainer, Arnulf

Box III.8 Ramsden, F.

Box Flat Box 8 Ramsey, Mary

Box III.8 Raphael (1483-1520)

Box III.8 Reid, James

Box III.8 Reiner, Imre

Box III.8 Rembrandt Harmenszoon van Rijn (1606-1669)

Box Flat Box 8 Rembrandt Harmenszoon van Rijn (1606-1669)

Box Flat Box 8 Remington, Fredric

Box III.8 Revere, Paul (1735-1818)

Box III.8 Reynolds, Joshua, Sir (1723-1792)

Box III.8 Ricketts, Charles S.

Box Flat Box 8 Ricketts, Charles S.

Box III.8 Riley, Frank H.

Box Flat Box 8 Roberts

Box III.8 Robertson, Arthur

Box Flat Box 8 Robertson, Arthur

Box III.8 Robinson, William Heath

Box III.8 Rockwell, Norman

Box III.8 Romney, George (1734-1802)

Box III.8 Rosenberg, Maddy

Box III.8 Rosengarten

Box III.8 Rothchild, Judith

Box III.8 Rowlandson, Thomas (1756-1827)

Box III.8 Rubens, Peter Paul (1577-1640)

Box Flat Box 8 Russell & Richardson

Box III.8 Ruzicka, Rudolph

Box Flat Box 8 Ruzicka, Rudolph

Box III.8 Sainsbury, Hester

Box III.8 Salter, George

Box III.8 Samuels, Diane

Box III.8 Sanchez, Elizabeth

Box III.8 Sandford

Box III.8 Sandlin, David

Box III.8 Sartain, John (1808-1897)

Box III.8 Sauvage, S.

Box III.8 Schanilec, Gaylord

Box III.8 Schmied, F.

Box III.8 Schroeder, E. H. (lithographic publisher, Berlin)

Box Flat Box 8 Schroeder, E. H. (lithographic publisher, Berlin)

Box Flat Box 8 Schussler, T

Box Flat Box 8 Scott, N.W.

Box III.8 Serveau, Clément

Box Flat Box 9 Sesser, E. T. & W.G.

Box III.8 Seymour, Robert (ca. 1800-1836)

See also: Description sheet for Arthur S. Allen commercial typography collection

Box III.9 Shaefer, F. W.

Box Flat Box 9 Shaefer, F. W.

Box III.9 Shahn, Ben (1898-1969)

Box III.9 Shinohara, Keiji

Box III.9 Simpson, Alice

Box III.9 Simpson, Herbert W. (calligrapher)

Box III.9 Sloane, Eric

Box Flat Box 9 Smirke, Robert (1752-1845)

Box III.9 Smith, Charles W.

Box Flat Box 9 Smith, G.F.

Box III.9 Smith, Richard Shirley

Box Flat Box 9 Smithwick, G.

Box Flat Box 9 Southwick, J.G.

Box Flat Box 9 Snyder,H. M.

Box III.9 Solomon, Bernard

Box III.9 Sorman, Steven

Box Flat Box 9 Speer, J.

Box III.9 Standard, Paul

Box III.9 Stanlaws, Penrhyn

Box III.9 Steichen, Edward

Box III.9 Stein, Alan

Box III.9 Steinberg, Saul

Box Flat Box 9 Steinberg, Saul

Box III.9 Steiner, Hugo

Box III.9 Steinlen, Théophile Alexandre

Box III.9 Stone, Reynolds

Box III.9 Stones, Margaret

Box III.9 Stothard, Thomas (1755-1834)

Box III.9 Strand, Paul

Box III.9 Sutherland, Graham

Box III.9 Sutherland, Sophia

Box III.9 Sykes, Sandy

Box III.9 Szyk, Arthur

Box III.10 Taylor, Barnard

Box III.10 Teague, Walter D.

Box III.10 Teniers, David (1582-1649)

Box Flat Box 9 Teniers, David (1582-1649)

Box III.10 Tenniel, John

Box III.10 Thurston, John (1774-1822)

Box Flat Box 9 Tinkey, John

Box III.10 Tissot, J. James

Box III.10 Titian

Box III.10 Tiziano Vecelli (1477-1576)

Box III.10 Toulouse-Lautrec-Monfa, Henri Marie Raymond de

Box Flat Box 9 Toulouse-Lautrec-Monfa, Henri Marie Raymond de

Box III.10 Tourrier, Alfred H. (ca.1836-1892)

Box III.10 Tumarkin, Igael

Box III.10 Turner, Joseph M. W. (1775-1851)

Box III.10 Tuwaletstiwa, Judy

Box III.10 Tyson, Ian

Box III.10 Van Loon, Hendrik Willem

Box III.10 Van Vliet, Claire

Box Flat Box 9 Vanness

Box Flat Box 9 Varley, Robert

Box III.10 Vermeer, Johannes (1632-1675)

Box III.10 Veroni, Rai

Box Flat Box 9 Vertes, Marcel

Box III.10 Vinci, Leonardo da (1452-1519)

Box III.10 Vinkeles, Reinier (1741-1816)

See here for Dean, Mallette

Box III.10 Wagner, Friedrich (1803-1876)

Box III.10 Waitzkin, Stella

Box III.10 Walker, Sam

Box III.10 Walker, William (1729-1793)

See here for: Parrish, Maxfield; Penfield, Edward

Box III.10 Ward, Lynd

Box Flat Box 10 Washbish, Robert

Box III.10 Washburn, Stan

Box III.10 Weissenborn, Hellmuth

Box Flat Box 10 Wellington, F.H.

Box III.10 West, Benjamin (1738-1820)

See also: Book Arts Press Three Mountains Press

Box III.10 Westall, Richard (1765-1836)

Box III.10 Weston, Brett

Box III.10 Wheatley, Francis (1747-1801)

Box Flat Box 10 Wheatley, Francis (1747-1801)

Box Flat Box 10 Whitney, J.H.E.

Box III.10 Whistler, James A. McNeil

Box III.10 Wikstrom, Karin

Box III.10 Wiley, William T.

Box III.10 Wilkie, David, Sir (1785-1841)

Box Flat Box 10 Wilkie, David, Sir (1785-1841)

Box III.10 Williams, Jody

Box III.10 Williams, Jonathan

Box III.10 Wilson, Edward A.

Box Flat Box 10 Wolf, Henry

Box III.10 Woodward, George M. (d. 1809)

Box III.10 Wright, J. Buckland

Box III.10 Wyndham, Richard

Box III.10 Zebrowski, Ewa Monika