Rare Book & Manuscript Library

Book Arts Ephemera collection, 1890-2019

Series I: Book Clubs

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Box I.1 Aldine

Box I.1 Ampersand

Box I.1 Asia House

Box I.1 Barre

Box I.1 Baxter Society (Portland, Maine)

Box I.1 Bibliophile

Box I.1 Bohemian Club

Box I.1 Book Club of Western American Limited Editions

Box I.1 Book Collectors Club of Los Angeles

Box I.1 Book Collectors Packet

Box I.1 Book Find

Box I.1 Bookfellows

Box I.3 California

Box Flat Box 1 California

Box I.4 Carteret

Box I.4 Caxton

Box I.4 Century Association

Box I.4 Colonial Reprints

Box I.4 Columbia University Book Study Club

Box I.4 Columbiad

Box I.4 Double Crown Club

Box I.4 Elizabethan

Box I.4 First Edition

Box I.4 Folio Society

Box I.4 Gesellschaft der Bibliophilen

Box I.2 Grolier Club

Box Flat Box 1 Grolier Club

Box I.5 Grolier Club

Box I.6 Grolier Club

Box I.7 Grolier Club

Box I.8 Grolier Club

Box I.9 Grolier Club

Box I.10 Grolier Club

Box I.11 Grolier Club

Box I.12 Grolier Club

Box I.13 Grolier Club

Box I.14 Grolier Club

Box I.15 Heritage Club

Box I.15 Hroswitha Club

Box I.15 Imprint Society

Box I.15 Japan Society

Box I.16 Limited Editions

Box Flat Box 1 Limited Editions

Box I.17 Limited Editions

Box I.18 Limited Editions

Box I.19 Limited Editions

Box I.20 Limited Editions

Box I.21 Limited Editions

Box I.22 Limited Editions

Box I.31 Limited Editions

Box I.15 London Limited Editions

Box I.15 Lotos

Box I.15 Maximilian-Gesellschaft (Hamburg, Germany)

Box I.15 Odd Volumes

Box I.15 Oregon Book Society (Ashland, Oregon)

Box I.23 Rounce and Coffin

Box I.24 Rounce and Coffin

Box I.25 Rowfant

Box I.26 Rowfant

Box I.27 Rowfant

Box I.29 Rowfant

Box I.30 Rowfant

Box I.15 Roxburghe Club

Box I.15 Roxburghe Club of San Francisco

Box I.15 Sette of Odd Volumes

Box I.15 Sixtyfourmos

Box I.15 Société des Bibliophiles de Guyenne (Bordeaux, France)

Box I.15 Société Royale des Bibliophiles et Iconophiles de Belgique

Box I.15 Society of Scribes (New York)

Box I.15 Wynkyn de Worde Society

Box I.28 Zamorano