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Book Arts Ephemera collection, 1890-2019

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Call No.: MS#1990
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Creator(s) Columbia University. Rare Book and Manuscript Library; American Type Founders Company Library
Title Book Arts Ephemera collection, 1890-2019
Physical Description 158.5 Linear Feet (1 mapcase drawer item, 59 flat boxes, 295 Ms Boxes = 28 (Series I: Book Clubs)+1(Series II: Designers)+10 (Series III: Illustrators)+49 (Series IV: Portraits and Biographical)+75 (Series V: Press) +2 (Series VI: Publishers)+ 130 (Series VII: Subjects) )
Language(s) English .
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Flat boxes are numbered in a single sequence throughout the collection; otherwise boxes in each series are numbered separately.


Scope and Contents

These files have been compiled by the Rare Book and Manuscript Library from its origin in 1930 through the present day. The material derives largely from gifts, and the occasional purchase; much of the subject file in particular is made of ephemera included in the American Type Founders, Co. Library, purchased in 1942. Prospectuses and information sent by fine presses and book artists are added to the relevant files in an ongoing fashion. The files cover subjects from the beginning of printing to the current day.

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You will need to make an appointment in advance to use this collection material in the Rare Book and Manuscript Library reading room. You can schedule an appointment once you've submitted your request through your Special Collections Research Account.

This collection is located on-site.


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Series I: Book Clubs

Box I.1 Aldine

Box I.1 Ampersand

Box I.1 Asia House

Box I.1 Barre

Box I.1 Baxter Society (Portland, Maine)

Box I.1 Bibliophile

Box I.1 Bohemian Club

Box I.1 Book Club of Western American Limited Editions

Box I.1 Book Collectors Club of Los Angeles

Box I.1 Book Collectors Packet

Box I.1 Book Find

Box I.1 Bookfellows

Box I.3 California

Box Flat Box 1 California

Box I.4 Carteret

Box I.4 Caxton

Box I.4 Century Association

Box I.4 Colonial Reprints

Box I.4 Columbia University Book Study Club

Box I.4 Columbiad

Box I.4 Double Crown Club

Box I.4 Elizabethan

Box I.4 First Edition

Box I.4 Folio Society

Box I.4 Gesellschaft der Bibliophilen

Box I.2 Grolier Club

Box Flat Box 1 Grolier Club

Box I.5 Grolier Club

Box I.6 Grolier Club

Box I.7 Grolier Club

Box I.8 Grolier Club

Box I.9 Grolier Club

Box I.10 Grolier Club

Box I.11 Grolier Club

Box I.12 Grolier Club

Box I.13 Grolier Club

Box I.14 Grolier Club

Box I.15 Heritage Club

Box I.15 Hroswitha Club

Box I.15 Imprint Society

Box I.15 Japan Society

Box I.16 Limited Editions

Box Flat Box 1 Limited Editions

Box I.17 Limited Editions

Box I.18 Limited Editions

Box I.19 Limited Editions

Box I.20 Limited Editions

Box I.21 Limited Editions

Box I.22 Limited Editions

Box I.31 Limited Editions

Box I.15 London Limited Editions

Box I.15 Lotos

Box I.15 Maximilian-Gesellschaft (Hamburg, Germany)

Box I.15 Odd Volumes

Box I.15 Oregon Book Society (Ashland, Oregon)

Box I.23 Rounce and Coffin

Box I.24 Rounce and Coffin

Box I.25 Rowfant

Box I.26 Rowfant

Box I.27 Rowfant

Box I.29 Rowfant

Box I.30 Rowfant

Box I.15 Roxburghe Club

Box I.15 Roxburghe Club of San Francisco

Box I.15 Sette of Odd Volumes

Box I.15 Sixtyfourmos

Box I.15 Société des Bibliophiles de Guyenne (Bordeaux, France)

Box I.15 Société Royale des Bibliophiles et Iconophiles de Belgique

Box I.15 Society of Scribes (New York)

Box I.15 Wynkyn de Worde Society

Box I.28 Zamorano

Series II: Designers

Book designers only

Box II.1 Armitage, Merle

Box II.1 Bourbeau, David

Box II.1 Carter, Will

Box Flat Box 1 Carter, Will

Box II.1 Federico, Gene

Box II.1 Glaser, Milton

See here for: Chwast, Seymour

Box II.1 Hammer, Victor

Box II.1 Meynell, Francis, Sir

Box II.1 Ruzicka, Rudolph

Box II.1 Spitzer, Moshe

Box II.1 Tallone, Alberto

Box II.1 Wilson, Adrian

Series III: Illustrators

Includes illustrators and book artists

Box III.1 Abbe, Elfriede

Box III.1 Ackerman, Rudolph (1764-1834)

Box Flat Box 2 Adams, J.A.

Box Flat Box 2 Aitken,Peter

Box III.1 Aldin, Cecil

Box III.1 Alken, Henry (fl. 1816-1831)

Box III.1 Anderson, Alexander (1775-1870)

Box Flat Box 2 Anderson, Alexander (1775-1870)

Box III.1 Anderson, Victor

Box Flat Box 2 Andrew, John

Box III.1 Angel, Marie

Box III.1 Angelo, Valenti

Box Flat Box 2 Anthony, A.V.S.

Box III.1 Appleton, L. H.

Box III.1 Artzybasheff, Boris

Box III.1 Audubon, John

Box Flat Box 2 Audubon, John

Box III.1 Austen, John

Box Flat Box 2 Balcom, L.L.

Box III.1 Ballet, André Victor

Box III.1 Baltazar (1949-)

Box III.1 Bank, Arnold

Box Flat Box 2 Barber, Alice

Box III.1 Barron, Susan

Box III.1 Bartolozzi, Francesco (1727-1815)

Box Flat Box 2 Bartolozzi, Francesco (1727-1815)

Box III.1 Barton, Carol

Box III.1 Baskin, Leonard

Box III.1 Basset (print publisher, Paris)

Box Flat Box 2 Basset (print publisher, Paris)

Box III.1 Bawden, Edward

Box III.1 Beard, Mark

Box III.1 Beardsley, Aubrey

Box Flat Box 2 Beardsley, Aubrey

Box III.1 Bee, Susan

Box III.1 Behn, Harry

Box III.1 Bewick, Thomas

Box III.1 Bissett, Bill

Box III.1 Blake, William

Box Flat Box 2 Blake, William

Box III.2 Bliss, Anna Campbell

Box III.2 Blocker, Mare

Box III.2 Bodmer, Karl

Box Flat Box 2 Bogart, J

Box III.2 Bohn, Hans

Box III.2 Bond, T. J.

Box Flat Box 3 Bookhout, E

Box Flat Box 3 Bowden, A.

Box III.2 Boydell, John (1719-1804)

Box Flat Box 3 Boydell, John (1719-1804)

Box III.2 Bracaval

Box Flat Box 3 Bradley,Will

Box III.2 Bragdon, Claude

Box Flat Box 3 Bragdon, Claude

Box III.2 Brangwyn, Frank, Sir (1867-1956)

Box Flat Box 3 Brangwyn, Frank, Sir (1867-1956)

Box III.2 Brock, Charles E.

Box Flat Box 3 Brown, Larmont

Box III.2 Browne, Hablot Knight (Phiz) (1815-1882)

Box III.2 Brunelleschi, M.

Box III.2 Buck, Samuel

Box III.2 Bunbury, Henry William (1750-1811)

Box III.2 Burney, Edward Francis (1760-1848)

Box III.2 Butler, Eugenia

Box III.2 Buys, Jacobus (1724-1801)

Box III.2 Calame, Alexandre (1810-1864)

Box Flat Box 3 Calame, Alexandre (1810-1864)

Box III.2 Callahan, Harry

Box III.2 Campbell, Ken

Box III.2 Carlègle

Box III.2 Carter, Frederick

Box III.2 Cassel, Lili

Box III.2 Catlin, George

see also: Pugin, Augustus Charles

Box III.2 Catlin, George

Box III.2 Chappell, Warren

Box III.2 Chapront

Box III.2 Charrière, Gérard

Box III.2 Choukhaeff, Vassili

Box Flat Box 3 Childs and Jocelyn

Box III.3 Christy, Howard Chandler

Box III.3 Clark, Larry

Box III.3 Clark, Willard

Box III.3 Cleland, T. M.

Box Flat Box 3 Cleland, T. M.

Box Flat Box 4 Clossan, W. B.

Box III.3 Cocteau, Jean

Box III.3 Coe, Lloyd

Box III.3 Colby, Sas

Box III.3 Cole, Timothy (1852-1931)

Box Flat Box 4 Cole, Timothy (1852-1931)

Box III.3 Cole, Walter

Box Flat Box 4 Collins, R.C.

Box III.3 Collyer, Joseph (1748-1827)

See here for: Parrish, Maxfield

Box III.3 Condo, George

Box III.3 Cone, Claribel

Box III.3 Cook, Gordon

Box III.3 Cook, Thomas (1744-1818)

See here for: Parrish, Maxfield

Box III.3 Corbould, Henry (1787-1844)

Box III.3 Craig, Edward Gordon

Box Flat Box 4 Craig, Edward Gordon

Box III.3 Crane, Walter (1845-1915)

Box Flat Box 4 Crane, Walter (1845-1915)

Box III.3 Cruikshank, George

Box III.3 Cruikshank, Isaac Robert (1789-1856)

Box Flat Box 4 Cruikshank, Isaac Robert (1789-1856)

Box III.3 Cruz, Ray

Box Flat Box 4 Cruz, Ray

Box Flat Box 4 Cullen, Charles

Box III.3 Currier & Ives

Box Flat Box 4 Currier & Ives

Box III.3 Daiber, Steven C.

Box III.3 Dali, Salvador

Box Flat Box 4 Dana, W. J.

Box III.3 D'Arbeloff, Natalia

Box III.3 Darley, Felix Octavius Carr (1822-1888)

Box III.3 Daumier, Honoré (1808-1879)

Box III.3 Davenport, Guy

Box III.3 David, Ismar

Box Flat Box 4 Davidson, H

Box Flat Box 4 Davis, John P.

Box III.3 De Pol, John (1913-)

Box III.3 De Srorkin, Philip

Box III.3 Debaines, Bounet

Box III.3 Decisy, Eugène

Box Flat Box 4 Decisy, Eugène

Box III.3 Denis, Maurice

Box Flat Box 4 Denis, Maurice

Box Flat Box 4 Denslow, W.W.

Box III.4 Dighton, Richard

Box III.4 Dine, Jim

Box III.4 Dollian, Guy

Box Flat Box 4 Dorn, Max

Box III.4 Dowd, D. B.

Box III.4 Downes

Box III.4 Drucker, Johanna

Box III.4 Dulac, Edmund

Box III.4 Dürer, Albrecht

Box Flat Box 4 Dürer, Albrecht

Box III.4 Dwiggins, W. A.

Box III.4 Eichenberg, Fritz

Box III.4 Eisen, Charles Dominique Joseph (1720-1778)

Box Flat Box 5 Ellis, Rowland C.

Box Flat Box 5 Evans, J. W.

Box III.4 Falké, Pierre

Box III.4 Fausler, I.

Box Flat Box 5 Filmer, J.

Box III.4 Fisher, Harrison

Box III.4 Flagg, James Montgomery

See also: Description sheet for Arthur S. Allen commercial typography collection

Box III.4 Flameng, Léopold (1831-1911)

Box III.4 Fletcher, Sidney E.

Box III.4 Floethe, Richard

Box III.4 Forster, Peter

Box III.4 Frasconi, Antonio

Box III.4 Frederick, Debby

Box Flat Box 5 French, Frank

Box III.4 Frost, Arthur Burdett (1851-1928)

Box Flat Box 5 Frost, Arthur Burdett (1851-1928)

Box III.4 Furniss, Harry (1854-1925)

Box III.4 Fuseli, Henry (1741-1825)

Box III.4 Gág, Wanda

Box III.4 Gainsborough, Thomas (1727-1788)

Box III.4 Ganso, Emil

Box III.4 Gellée, Claude (called Claude Lorrain) (1600-1682)

Box III.4 Ghandini, Alessandro

Box III.4 Gibson, Charles Dana (1867-1944)

Box Flat Box 5 Gibson, Charles Dana (1867-1944)

Box III.4 Gilkerson, William

Box III.4 Gill, Eric

Box III.4 Gilman, Anne

Box III.4 Girvin, Tim

Box III.4 Glad, Deanna

Box III.4 Goldyne, Joseph

Box III.4 Gooden, Stephen

Box III.4 Gordon, György

Box III.4 Gorey, Edward

Box III.4 Graham, John (1720-1775)

Box III.4 Graham, Rigby

Box III.4 Granda, Julio

Picture of Sherlock Holmes

Box III.4 Grassby, Percy

Box III.4 Gray, Félix de

Box III.4 Greenaway, Kat

Box Flat Box 5 Gress, Edmund G.

Box III.4 Gribbele, Vivien

Box III.4 Grignion, Charles (1754-1804)

See here for: Parrish, Maxfield

Box III.4 Gross, Elizabeth Ann

Box III.4 Gurschner, H.

Box Flat Box 5 Hagreen, Philip

Box Flat Box 5 Hainemann, E.

Box III.5 Hamilton, William (1751-1801)

Box Flat Box 5 Hans, Alfred

Box Flat Box 5 Harder, M.

Box Flat Box 5 Harley, J.

Box III.5 Harman, Barbara

Box III.5 Hasen, Burt

Box Flat Box 5 Heard T.

Box III.5 Hedouin, Pierre Edmond (1820-1889)

Box III.5 Heebner, Mary

Box III.5 Held, John

Box III.5 Helm, Robert

Box III.5 Hobson, Charles

Box III.5 Hockney, David

Box III.5 Hogarth, William (1697-1764)

Box III.5 Holiday, Henry

Box III.5 Horn, Roni

Box III.5 Hosking, Arthur N.

Box III.5 Howitt, Samuel (1765?-1822)

Box III.5 Hoyt, Shelley

Box III.5 Hullmandel, C. (lithographic publisher)

Box Flat Box 5 Hullmandel, C. (lithographic publisher)

Box III.5 Hunter, Constance

Box III.5 Hutchins, Edward E.

Box III.5 Inglish, Esther (calligrapher) (1574-1624)

Box III.5 Ireland, Samuel (d.1800)

Box III.5 Jacobs, Diane E.

Box III.5 Jacovleff, Alexandre

Box Flat Box 6 Jacovleff, Alexandre

Box III.5 Jacquemart, Jules (1837-1880)

Box III.5 Jary, Francis

Box Flat Box 6 Jary, Francis

Box III.5 Johannot, Tony (1803-1852)

Box Flat Box 6 Johnson, T.

Box Flat Box 6 Johnson, W. Parke

Box III.5 Jones, Dan Burne

Box Flat Box 6 Jurnling, Frederik

Box III.5 Kaloff, Dan

Box III.5 Karpelès, Andrée

Box Flat Box 6 Karst, Henry

Box III.5 Kent, Jane

Box III.5 Kent, Rockwell

Box III.5 Ketelhodt, Ines von

Box III.5 Killion, Tom

Box Flat Box 6 Kiltorn,S.S.

Box III.5 Kindersley, David

Box III.5 King, Gene

Box Flat Box 6 King, F.S.

Box III.5 King, Ron

Box Flat Box 6 Kingsley, Elbridge

Box Flat Box 6 Kitaj,R. B.

Box Flat Box 6 Koch, Rudolf

Box III.5 Kokoschka, Oskar

Box III.5 Kraft, Stephen

Box III.5 Kredel, Fritz

Box Flat Box 10 Kredel, Fritz

Box Flat Box 6 Kruell, G.

Box III.5 Kruger, Barbara

Box III.5 Krugman-Gurdus

Box III.6 Laborde, Charles

Box III.6 Lalauze, Adolphe (1838-1906)

Box III.6 Lami, Louis Eugène (1800-1890)

Box III.6 Landseer, Edwin, Sir (1802-1873)

Box III.6 Landseer, Thomas (1795-1880)

Box III.6 Lankes, Julius J.

Box Flat Box 6 Lankes, Julius J.

Box III.6 Laurie & Whittle (firm, London)

Box Flat Box 6 Laurie & Whittle (firm, London)

Box III.6 Lawrence, Jacob

Box III.6 Lawrence, Thomas, Sir (1769-1830)

Box III.6 Le Brocquy, Louis

Box III.6 Lear, Edward (1812-1888)

Box III.6 Lebedeff, Jean

Box III.6 Lebek, Johannes

Box III.6 Lederman, Stephanie Brody

Box III.6 Leech, John (1817-1864)

Box III.6 Leighton, Clare

Box III.6 Leighton, Frederic, Sir (1830-1896)

Box Flat Box 6 Leslie & Traver

Box III.6 Lewis, Allen

Box III.6 Linton, W. J.

Box Flat Box 6 Linton, W. J.

Box III.6 Loederer, Richard A.

Box III.6 Lorrain, Claude

Box III.6 Lovejoy, Margot

Box III.6 Maillol, Aristide

Box III.6 Malassis, Edmond

Box III.6 Malay, Joseph

Box III.6 Marc, Anton

Box III.6 Mark, Enid

Box Flat Box 6 Marsh, Henry

Box III.6 Martin, John (1789-1854)

Box III.6 Marty, A.-E.

Box Flat Box 10 Mayrhofer, Max and Joseph Hauber

Box III.6 Mazel

Box III.6 McCormick, Howard

Box III.6 McCurdy, Michael

Box III.6 McGillivray, Nora Lee

See also: Ms Coll Kent, Rockwell

Box III.6 Mckoy, Irwin

Box III.6 McPharlin, Paul

Box III.6 Meissonier, Jean-Louis Ernest (1813-1891)

Box Flat Box 7 Meltano

Box III.6 Meyer, Klaus

Box III.6 Miller, Hans Alexander

Box III.6 Minsky, Richard

Box III.6 Monnet, Charles

Box III.6 Morales-Zamorano, Francisco

Box III.6 Morath, Inge

Box III.6 Moreau, Jean Michel (called Moreau le Jeune) (1741-1814)

Box III.6 Moreau, Louis

Box Flat Box 7 Moreau, Louis

Box Flat Box 7 Morris, William

Box Flat Box 7 Morse, W. H.

Box III.6 Moser, Barry

Box III.6 Moyer, David

Box III.7 Mueller, Hans Alexander

Box Flat Box 7 Mueller, Hans Alexander

Box Flat Box 7 Muller, R.A.

Box III.7 Mundy, Michael

Box III.7 Munne, A.

Box III.7 Narotzky, Norman

Box III.7 Nast, Thomas (1840-1902)

Box III.7 Naudin, Bernard

Box III.7 Nees, Susan

Box III.7 Neiman, LeRoy

Box Flat Box 7 Neiman, LeRoy

Box Flat Box 7 Nichols, David

Box III.7 Nicholson, William (1872-1949)

Box Flat Box 7 Nicholson, William (1872-1949)

Box III.7 Nickel, Peter

Box III.7 Nix, Nelleke

Box III.7 Northcote, James (1746-1831)

Box Flat Box 7 Northcote, James (1746-1831)

Box III.7 Notman, William

Box III.7 Noury, Pierre

Box Flat Box 7 Noury, Pierre

Box III.7 Oberlé

Box Flat Box 7 Orr, N

Box III.7 Ostade, Adriaan van (1610-1685)

Box III.7 Paget-Fredericks

Box III.7 Parry, Nicholas

Box III.7 Pennell, Joseph

Box III.7 Perrichon, J.-L.

Box III.7 Perrier, Jean

See also: Book Arts Portraits & Biography

Box III.7 Petlin, Irving

Box III.7 Phillips, Tom

Box III.7 Picasso, Pablo

Box III.7 Pieck, Anton

Box III.7 Piper, Adrian

Box III.7 Piper, John

Box III.7 Pisano, Maria G.

Box III.7 Plimpton, Sarah

Box III.7 Pogany, Willy

Box III.7 Pondick, Rona

Box III.7 Porter, Robert Ker, Sir (1777-1842)

Box III.7 Potter, Beatrix

Box III.7 Poussin, Nicolas (1594-1665)

Box Flat Box 8 Powell, C.A.

Box III.7 Pugin, Augustus Charles (1762-1832)

See here for: Sendak, Maurice

Box Flat Box 8 Pugin, Augustus Charles (1762-1832)

Box Flat Box 8 Putnam, S. G.

Box III.7 Pyle, Howard (1853-1911)

Box Flat Box 8 Pyle, Howard (1853-1911)

Box III.7 Pyne, William Henry (1769-1843)

Box III.8 Rackham, Arthur

Box III.8 Rainer, Arnulf

Box III.8 Ramsden, F.

Box Flat Box 8 Ramsey, Mary

Box III.8 Raphael (1483-1520)

Box III.8 Reid, James

Box III.8 Reiner, Imre

Box III.8 Rembrandt Harmenszoon van Rijn (1606-1669)

Box Flat Box 8 Rembrandt Harmenszoon van Rijn (1606-1669)

Box Flat Box 8 Remington, Fredric

Box III.8 Revere, Paul (1735-1818)

Box III.8 Reynolds, Joshua, Sir (1723-1792)

Box III.8 Ricketts, Charles S.

Box Flat Box 8 Ricketts, Charles S.

Box III.8 Riley, Frank H.

Box Flat Box 8 Roberts

Box III.8 Robertson, Arthur

Box Flat Box 8 Robertson, Arthur

Box III.8 Robinson, William Heath

Box III.8 Rockwell, Norman

Box III.8 Romney, George (1734-1802)

Box III.8 Rosenberg, Maddy

Box III.8 Rosengarten

Box III.8 Rothchild, Judith

Box III.8 Rowlandson, Thomas (1756-1827)

Box III.8 Rubens, Peter Paul (1577-1640)

Box Flat Box 8 Russell & Richardson

Box III.8 Ruzicka, Rudolph

Box Flat Box 8 Ruzicka, Rudolph

Box III.8 Sainsbury, Hester

Box III.8 Salter, George

Box III.8 Samuels, Diane

Box III.8 Sanchez, Elizabeth

Box III.8 Sandford

Box III.8 Sandlin, David

Box III.8 Sartain, John (1808-1897)

Box III.8 Sauvage, S.

Box III.8 Schanilec, Gaylord

Box III.8 Schmied, F.

Box III.8 Schroeder, E. H. (lithographic publisher, Berlin)

Box Flat Box 8 Schroeder, E. H. (lithographic publisher, Berlin)

Box Flat Box 8 Schussler, T

Box Flat Box 8 Scott, N.W.

Box III.8 Serveau, Clément

Box Flat Box 9 Sesser, E. T. & W.G.

Box III.8 Seymour, Robert (ca. 1800-1836)

See also: Description sheet for Arthur S. Allen commercial typography collection

Box III.9 Shaefer, F. W.

Box Flat Box 9 Shaefer, F. W.

Box III.9 Shahn, Ben (1898-1969)

Box III.9 Shinohara, Keiji

Box III.9 Simpson, Alice

Box III.9 Simpson, Herbert W. (calligrapher)

Box III.9 Sloane, Eric

Box Flat Box 9 Smirke, Robert (1752-1845)

Box III.9 Smith, Charles W.

Box Flat Box 9 Smith, G.F.

Box III.9 Smith, Richard Shirley

Box Flat Box 9 Smithwick, G.

Box Flat Box 9 Southwick, J.G.

Box Flat Box 9 Snyder,H. M.

Box III.9 Solomon, Bernard

Box III.9 Sorman, Steven

Box Flat Box 9 Speer, J.

Box III.9 Standard, Paul

Box III.9 Stanlaws, Penrhyn

Box III.9 Steichen, Edward

Box III.9 Stein, Alan

Box III.9 Steinberg, Saul

Box Flat Box 9 Steinberg, Saul

Box III.9 Steiner, Hugo

Box III.9 Steinlen, Théophile Alexandre

Box III.9 Stone, Reynolds

Box III.9 Stones, Margaret

Box III.9 Stothard, Thomas (1755-1834)

Box III.9 Strand, Paul

Box III.9 Sutherland, Graham

Box III.9 Sutherland, Sophia

Box III.9 Sykes, Sandy

Box III.9 Szyk, Arthur

Box III.10 Taylor, Barnard

Box III.10 Teague, Walter D.

Box III.10 Teniers, David (1582-1649)

Box Flat Box 9 Teniers, David (1582-1649)

Box III.10 Tenniel, John

Box III.10 Thurston, John (1774-1822)

Box Flat Box 9 Tinkey, John

Box III.10 Tissot, J. James

Box III.10 Titian

Box III.10 Tiziano Vecelli (1477-1576)

Box III.10 Toulouse-Lautrec-Monfa, Henri Marie Raymond de

Box Flat Box 9 Toulouse-Lautrec-Monfa, Henri Marie Raymond de

Box III.10 Tourrier, Alfred H. (ca.1836-1892)

Box III.10 Tumarkin, Igael

Box III.10 Turner, Joseph M. W. (1775-1851)

Box III.10 Tuwaletstiwa, Judy

Box III.10 Tyson, Ian

Box III.10 Van Loon, Hendrik Willem

Box III.10 Van Vliet, Claire

Box Flat Box 9 Vanness

Box Flat Box 9 Varley, Robert

Box III.10 Vermeer, Johannes (1632-1675)

Box III.10 Veroni, Rai

Box Flat Box 9 Vertes, Marcel

Box III.10 Vinci, Leonardo da (1452-1519)

Box III.10 Vinkeles, Reinier (1741-1816)

See here for Dean, Mallette

Box III.10 Wagner, Friedrich (1803-1876)

Box III.10 Waitzkin, Stella

Box III.10 Walker, Sam

Box III.10 Walker, William (1729-1793)

See here for: Parrish, Maxfield; Penfield, Edward

Box III.10 Ward, Lynd

Box Flat Box 10 Washbish, Robert

Box III.10 Washburn, Stan

Box III.10 Weissenborn, Hellmuth

Box Flat Box 10 Wellington, F.H.

Box III.10 West, Benjamin (1738-1820)

See also: Book Arts Press Three Mountains Press

Box III.10 Westall, Richard (1765-1836)

Box III.10 Weston, Brett

Box III.10 Wheatley, Francis (1747-1801)

Box Flat Box 10 Wheatley, Francis (1747-1801)

Box Flat Box 10 Whitney, J.H.E.

Box III.10 Whistler, James A. McNeil

Box III.10 Wikstrom, Karin

Box III.10 Wiley, William T.

Box III.10 Wilkie, David, Sir (1785-1841)

Box Flat Box 10 Wilkie, David, Sir (1785-1841)

Box III.10 Williams, Jody

Box III.10 Williams, Jonathan

Box III.10 Wilson, Edward A.

Box Flat Box 10 Wolf, Henry

Box III.10 Woodward, George M. (d. 1809)

Box III.10 Wright, J. Buckland

Box III.10 Wyndham, Richard

Box III.10 Zebrowski, Ewa Monika

Series IV: Portraits and Biographical

Prints, photographs, and articles about people connected with printing and the book arts

Box IV.1 Abell, A. S.

Box IV.1 Acier, Francois d'

Box IV.1 Adams, Ansel

Box IV.1 Adler, Elmer

Box IV.1 Adler, Rose

Box IV.1 Aikens, Andrew

Box IV.1 Aitken, Robert

Box IV.1 Alauzet, Pierre

Box IV.1 Aldrich, Charles (1828-1908)

Box IV.1 Alexander, A. D.

Box IV.1 Alexander, George L.

Box IV.1 Alexander, H. W.

Box IV.1 Alexander, Michael R.

Box IV.1 Allen, Arthur

Box IV.1 Allison (1831-1904)

Box IV.1 Amman, Jost (or Aman) (1539-1591)

Box IV.1 Amerbach, Boniface

Box Flat box 42 Amerbach, Boniface

Box IV.1 Ames, Joseph (1689-1759)

Box IV.1 Amorettus, Andreas

Box IV.1 Anderson, Alexander (1775-1870)

Box IV.1 Anderson, Gregg

Box IV.1 Anderson, James

Box IV.1 Anderson, John

Box Flat box 42 Anderson, John

Box IV.1 Andre, Philip H.

Box IV.1 Andrew, John A.

Box IV.1 Andrews, E. R.

Box IV.1 Angelo, Valenti

Box IV.2 Arakelyan, J. J.

Box IV.2 Aretinus, Petrus

Box IV.2 Armitage, Merle

Box IV.2 Armstrong, Margaret Neilson (trade binding designer) (1867-1944)

Box IV.2 Arnesen, A. C.

Box IV.2 Arnold, M.

Box IV.2 Arnoldus, Francisc.

Box IV.2 Ashley, James M.

Box IV.2 Ashmead, John W.

Box IV.2 Ashmole, Elias (1617-1692)

Box IV.2 Asperne, James

Box IV.2 Atkins, John

Box IV.2 Audin, M. A.

Box IV.2 Austin-Leigh, R. A.

Box IV.2 Amery, Benjamin P.

Box IV.2 Avery, Henry

Box IV.2 Avery, Samuel P.

Box Flat box 42 Avery, Samuel P.

Box IV.2 Backus, John

Box IV.2 Badius Ascensius, Jodocus (1462-1535)

Box IV.2 Baer, George F.

Box IV.2 Bagford, John (1650-1716)

Box IV.2 Bailey, Francis

Box IV.2 Baker, Herbert

Box IV.2 Ball, B. J.

Box IV.2 Ball, Frank J.

Box IV.2 Ball, O. R.

Box IV.2 Ballard

Box IV.2 Ballet, André Victor

Box IV.2 Balsley, A. H.

Box IV.2 Bancroft

Box Flat box 42 Bancroft

Box IV.2 Bancroft, William Lyman

Box IV.2 Bank, Arnold

Box IV.2 Bannan, Benjamin

Box IV.3 Barber, Edward Wilmot

Box IV.3 Barber, John

Box IV.3 Barberi, G.

Box IV.3 Barbera, Gaspero

Box IV.3 Barhydt, Clarence

Box IV.3 Barhydt, Frank

Box IV.3 Barnard, Fred

Box IV.3 Barnhart, A. E.

Box IV.3 Barnhart, Arthur Middleton

Box IV.3 Barr, Albert J.

Box IV.3 Barr, Oliver J.

Box IV.3 Barrow, William J.

Box IV.3 Barrows, C. M.

Box IV.3 Barta, Louis

Box IV.3 Barth, Henry (1823-1907)

Box Flat box 42 Barth, Henry (1823-1907)

Box IV.3 Bartholdt, Richard

Box IV.3 Bartholomew, William Henry

Box IV.3 Bartlett, Edward E.

Box IV.3 Baskerville, John (1706-1775)

Box IV.3 Bates, William Horatio (1841-1918)

Box IV.3 Baudrier, Henri (1815-1884)

Box IV.3 Baudrier, Julien (1860-1915)

Box IV.3 Bauer, Andreas Friedrich

Box IV.3 Bauer, J. C.

Box IV.3 Bauer, Konrad F.

Box IV.3 Beardsley, Aubrey (1872-1898)

Box IV.3 Beaumarchais, Pierre Augustin Caron de (1732-1799)

Box IV.3 Beck, Cave (1623-1706)

Box IV.3 Becker, Rud. Zach

Box IV.3 Behrends, Julius

Box IV.3 Bell, Andrew (1726-1809)

Box IV.3 Bell, John (1745-1831)

Box Flat box 42 Bell, John (1745-1831)

Box IV.4 Bender, Albert M. (1866-1941)

Box IV.4 Benedict, George H.

Box IV.4 Benedict, Thomas E.

Box IV.4 Bennet, James E.

Box IV.4 Bennett, James Gordon (1841-1918)

Box Flat box 42 Bennett, James Gordon (1841-1918)

Box IV.4 Bennett, Paul A.

Box IV.4 Benny, Elmer

Box IV.4 Bensley, Thomas (d. 1833)

Box IV.4 Benton, Linn Boyd (1844-1932)

Box Flat box 42 Benton, Linn Boyd (1844-1932)

Box IV.4 Benton, Morris Fuller

Box IV.4 Benton, Morris Fuller, Jr.

Box IV.4 Benton, William E.

Box IV.4 Béranger

Box IV.4 Berger, Sanford Lionel

Box IV.4 Berker, J. F.

Box IV.4 Bernhard, Lucian

Box IV.4 Berry, Frank Belknap

Box IV.4 Berry, Gio. L.

Box IV.4 Berthiaume, Treffle (1849?-1915)

Box IV.4 Bertieri, Raffaello

Box IV.5 Bessarione, Cardinal

Box IV.5 Best, Harvey D.

Box IV.5 Bettinger, John S.

Box Flat box 43 Bettinger, John S.

Box IV.5 Bettoni, N.

Box IV.5 Bewick, Thomas (1753-1828)

Box IV.5 Bicknell, A. P.

Box IV.5 Bierce, Ambrose (1842-1914?)

Box IV.5 Bingham, A.

Box IV.5 Bingham, Fred L.

Box Flat box 43 Binney, Archibald (1763?-1838)

Box IV.5 Blackwood, William (1776-1834)

Box IV.5 Blades, G. R.

Box IV.5 Blades, William

Box IV.5 Blair, Francis Preston (1791-1876)

Box IV.5 Blair, John (of Edinburgh)

Box IV.5 Blakeley, D.

Box IV.5 Blanchard, Isaac H.

Box IV.5 Blaney, Charles W.

Box IV.5 Blum, Andre

Box IV.5 Blumenthal, Joseph

Box IV.5 Bodley, Thomas, Sir (1545?-1613?)

Box IV.5 Bodoni, Giambattista (1740-1813)

Box Flat box 43 Bodoni, Giambattista (1740-1813)

Box IV.6 Boniface, Amerbach Basil

Box IV.6 Bonner, Robert

Box IV.6 Borden, Joseph A.

Box IV.6 Bothwell, Herbert P.

Box IV.6 Boudan, Alexandre

Box Flat box 43 Boudan, Alexandre

Box IV.6 Bourdel, Joseph

Box IV.6 Bouton, J. W.

Box IV.6 Bouvier, John

Box IV.6 Bowell, MacKenzie, Sir (1823-1917)

Box IV.6 Bowles, Saml.

Box IV.6 Bowyer, William (1663-1737)

Box IV.6 Bowyer, William (1699-1777)

Box Flat box 43 Bowyer, William

Box IV.6 Boxhornius, Marcus Zverius

Box IV.6 Boydell, John (1719-1804)

Box Flat box 43 Boydell, John (1719-1804)

Box IV.6 Boyle, P. C.

Box IV.7 Bradford, Albert Green (1855-1921)

Box IV.7 Bradford, Thomas (1745-1838)

Box IV.7 Bradford, William (1663-1752)

Box IV.7 Bradford, William (1722-1791)

Box IV.7 Bradford, William (1759-1795)

Box Flat box 43 Bradford, William

Box IV.7 Bradford, William, Colonel

Box IV.7 Bradley, Will

Box IV.7 Brady, Peter J.

Box IV.7 Braille, Louis

Box Flat Box 43 Brandon, Charles H.

Box IV.7 Brandtjen, John

Box IV.7 Breitkopf, Ioh. Gottlob Immanuel (1719-1794)

Box IV.7 Brice, Andrew (1690-1773)

Box IV.7 Brickell, W. D.

Box IV.7 Bright, William

Box IV.7 Bringhurst, Robert

Box IV.8 Bronson, Herman

Box IV.8 Brooks, Erastus

Box IV.8 Brooks, H. S.

Box IV.8 Brosamer, Hanns (16th century)

Box IV.8 Brough, John

Box IV.8 Brown, Austin H.

Box IV.8 Brown, George

Box IV.8 Brown, Martin B.

Box IV.8 Browne, Francis Fisher (1843-1913)

Box IV.8 Browne, Hablot Knight

Box Flat Box 43 Bruce, David

Box Flat Box 43 Bruce, David Jr.

Box IV.8 Bruce, David W.

Box IV.8 Bruce, George (1781-1859)

Box Flat Box 43 Bruce, George (1781-1859)

Box IV.8 Brune, Guillaume Marie-Anne (1763-1815)

Box IV.8 Brunet, Jacques Charles (1780-1876)

Box IV.8 Bry, Theodore de (or Theodore de Brie) (1528-1598)

Box IV.8 Bryan, William Jennings (1860-1925)

Box IV.8 Bryant, William Cullen (1794-1878)

Box IV.8 Brydges, Samuel Egerton (1762-1837)

Box IV.8 Buchanan, George (1506-1582?)

Box IV.8 Buchanan, William C.

Box IV.8 Budaeus, Guillelmus

Box IV.8 Bulifonius, Antonius

Box IV.9 Bullen, A. H.

Box IV.9 Bullen, Henry Lewis (1857-1938)

Box IV.10 Bulmer, William (1757-1830)

Box IV.10 Burr, Alfred E.

Box IV.10 Burr, George L.

Box IV.10 Byers, William N.

Box IV.10 Byram, Harry E.

Box IV.10 Calkins, Earnest Elmo

Box IV.10 Callahan, John

Box IV.10 Callot

Box IV.10 Cameron

Box IV.10 Cameron, J. R.

Box IV.10 Campbell, Andrew

Box IV.10 Campe, Julius (1792-1867)

Box IV.10 Campbell, Lewis D.

Box IV.10 Cannon, George Q.

Box IV.10 Capitain

Box IV.10 Capone, Charles Reginald

Box IV.10 Cappeller, William S.

Box IV.10 Carafa, Carlo Maria

Box IV.10 Carey, Matthew (1760-1839)

Box IV.10 Carr, Horace

Box IV.10 Cary, Melbert Brinckerhoff, Jr. (1892-1941)

Box IV.10 Caslon, Henry William

Box IV.10 Caslon, Henry William IV (1786-1850)

Box IV.10 Caslon, Sydney Herbert

Box IV.10 Caslon, William (1692-1766)

Box IV.10 Castaldi, Panfilo

Box IV.10 Castell, Heinrich IV, Graf zu

Box IV.10 Castellvetro, Giacopo

Box IV.11 Cave, Edward (1691-1754)

Box IV.11 Caxton, William (ca. 1422-1491)

Box IV.11 Celtes, Conrad (1459-1508)

Box IV.11 Cennini, Bernardo

Box Flat Box 44 Cennini, Bernardo

Box IV.11 Cerf, Bennett A.

Box IV.11 Chambers, William, Sir

Box IV.11 Chandler, John Green (1815-1879)

Box IV.11 Chandler, Harrison Tyler (1840-1912)

Box Flat Box 44 Chandler, Harrison Tyler (1840-1912)

Box IV.11 Chesneau, Henry

Box IV.11 Childs, George William

Box Flat Box 44 Childs, George William

Box IV.11 Christian, Arthur

Box IV.11 Cisneros, Francisco da, Cardinal (or Francisco Jiménez de Cisneros) (1436-1517)

Box IV.11 Clapp, A. M.

Box IV.11 Clapp, David (1806-1893)

Box IV.11 Clapp, John Cotton

Box IV.11 Clapp, William W.

Box Flat Box 44 Clarendon, Edward

Box IV.11 Clark, Robert D., Jr.

Box IV.11 Clarke, Bert.

Box IV.11 Clarkson, James A.

Box IV.11 Claye, Jules (1806-1866)

Box IV.11 Cleland, Thomas Maitland

Box Flat Box 44 Cleland, Thomas Maitland

Box IV.11 Clemens, Samuel Langhorne (1835-1910)

Box IV.11 Clephane, James O.

Box IV.11 Clerk, Robert

Box IV.12 Club, Printing House

Box IV.12 Clymer, George

Box IV.12 Cobb, Albert H.

Box IV.12 Cobden-Sanderson, Thomas James

Box IV.12 Cockerell, Douglas(1870-1945)

Box Flat Box 44 Cockerell, Douglas(1870-1945)

Box IV.12 Cockerell, Sydney Carlyle

Box IV.12 Cockerill, John A.

Box IV.12 Coffinberry, H. D.

Box IV.12 Cohen, Levy Emanuel

Box Flat Box 44 Cohen, Levy Emanuel

Box IV.12 Coignard, Jean-Baptiste, III (1717-1768)

Box Flat Box 44 Cohen, Levy Emanuel

Box IV.12 Coke, William

Box IV.12 Cole, Aschel N.

Box IV.12 Cole, Timothy

Box Flat Box 44 Cole, Timothy

Box IV.12 Coleman, William (1766-1829)

Box IV.12 Colin, Paul

Box IV.12 Collagan, Charles Hiram (1857-1928)

Box IV.12 Collette, Arcangiolo

Box IV.12 Collier, Allen (1863-1927)

Box IV.12 Collins, Alex. Washington

Box IV.12 Collins, John Martin

Box IV.12 Collins, Lewis (1797-1870)

Box IV.12 Comly, James M.

Box IV.12 Conkey, W. B.

Box IV.12 Conner, Charles S.

Box IV.12 Conner, James (1798-1861)

Box Flat Box 44 Conner, James (1798-1861)

Box IV.12 Conner, William C.

Box IV.12 Connor, Emily E.

Box IV.12 Constable, Archibald (1774-1827)

Box IV.12 Conté, Jacques-Nicolas (1755-1805)

Box IV.12 Coornhert, Diet. Volk.

Box Flat Box 45 Coornhert, Diet. Volk.

Box IV.12 Copland, Robert (fl. 1508-1548)

Box IV.12 Coronelli, Vincenzo (1650-1718)

Box IV.12 Cortelyou, P. C.

Box IV.12 Cosmus, Thomas C.

Box Flat Box 45 Costerus, Laurentius

Box IV.12 Cotta, Johann Friedrich, Freiherr Cotta von Cottendorf (1764-1832)

Box IV.12 Cotta, Johann Georg

Box IV.12 Cousin, Jean (16th century)

Box IV.13 Cowles, Edwin

Box IV.13 Crane, Zenas Marshal

Box IV.13 Craske, Charles

Box IV.13 Creuzevault, Henri (1905-1971)

Box IV.13 Crocker, Uriel

Box IV.13 Cross, Edward, Colonel

Box IV.13 Cruikshank, George (1792-1878)

Box IV.13 Culver, Lawrence A.

Box IV.13 Cummings, Amos J.

Box IV.13 Curmer, L.

Box IV.13 Currier, Everett R.

Box IV.13 Curtis, Cyrus H. K.

Box IV.13 Curtis, Edward S. (1868-1952)

Box IV.13 Curtis, Fred. B.

Box IV.13 Curtis, George William

Box Flat Box 45 Curtis, George William

Box IV.13 Curtis, William Elroy

Box IV.13 Cushing, Josiah Stearns (1854-1913)

Box IV.13 Daguerre, Louis Jacques Mandé

Box IV.13 Dahlstrom, Grant

Box IV.13 Dair, Carl

Box IV.13 Dalton, Michael (1800-1879)

Box Flat Box 45 Dalton, Michael (1800-1879)

Box IV.13 Dana, Charles A.

Box Flat Box 45 Dana, Charles A.

Box IV.13 Daniels, Malva Maurice

Box IV.13 Darley, F. O. C.

Box IV.13 Davis, James (18th century)

Box IV.13 Dawson, George

Box IV.13 Day, Ben

Box IV.13 Day, John (1522-1584)

Box IV.13 Defrees, John D.

Box IV.13 De la Fond

Box Flat Box 45 De la Fond

Box IV.13 Delaine, John

Box IV.13 Dellagana, B. & Co., Ltd.

Box IV.14 Dennison, E. W.

Box IV.14 Dennison, Henry

Box IV.14 Dent, Joseph Malaby (1849-1926)

Box IV.14 Dentu

Box IV.14 Desenne, Alexandre Joseph (1785-1827)

Box IV.14 Des Jardins, Benjamin

Box IV.14 De Tournes, Jean (1504-1564)

Box IV.14 De Thou, Jacques August

Box IV.14 DeVinne, Theodore Low (1828-1914)

Box Flat Box 45 DeVinne, Theodore Low (1828-1914)

Box IV.14 DeVries, John

Box Flat Box 45 Dickinson, Samuel Nelson

Box IV.14 Dickson, James (d. 1800)

Box IV.14 Didot, Ambroise Firmin (1790-1876)

Box IV.14 Didot, Firmin (1764-1836)

Box IV.14 Didot, Jules (1794-1871)

Box IV.14 Didot, Pierre (1761-1853)

Box Flat Box 45 Digby, Kenelm

Box IV.14 Dingley, Nelson, Jr.

Box IV.14 Dobell, Bertram (1842-1914)

Box IV.14 Dodge, Norman

Box IV.14 Dodge, Phillip

Box IV.14 Dolet, Estienne (1509-1546)

Box Flat Box 45 Dolet, Estienne (1509-1546)

Box IV.14 Donaldson, James (1751-1830)

Box IV.14 Donnelley, R. R. & Co.

Box IV.14 Donnelly, Samuel B.

Box IV.14 Doolittle, Amos (1754-1832)

Box IV.14 Dorri, Anton Francesco

Box IV.14 Doutre, E.

Box IV.14 Dove, J. Maury

Box IV.15 Drake, Alexander W.

Box IV.15 Dreer, Ferdinand J.

Box IV.15 Drummond, C. J.

Box IV.15 Dresser, Charles

Box IV.15 Duboc, William Albert

Box IV.15 Duff, Elmo

Box IV.15 DuFresne, Raphael Chicet

Box IV.15 Du Maurier, George (1834-1896)

Box IV.15 Duncan, H. M.

Box IV.15 Duncan, Harry

Box IV.15 Duncan, Raymond

Box IV.15 Dunlap, John

Box IV.15 Dunton, John (1659-1733)

Box IV.15 Dürer, Albrecht (1471-1528)

Box Flat Box 46 Dürer, Albrecht (1471-1528)

Box IV.15 Dutarte, Auguste Bernard

Box IV.15 Duyckinck, Evert Augustus

Box Flat Box 46 Duyckinck, Evert Augustus

Box IV.15 Dwiggins, W. A.

Box IV.15 Dytman, W. H.

Box IV.15 Earle, Homer P.

Box IV.15 Eastman, Charles G.

Box IV.15 Eberhard, Wolff

Box IV.15 Eberhart, John F.

Box IV.15 Edison, Thomas Alva (1847-1931)

Box IV.15 Egenolf, Christian (1519?-1598?)

Box Flat Box 46 Egenolf, Christian (1519?-1598?)

Box IV.15 Egle, W. H.

Box IV.15 Eilert, Ernest F.

Box IV.16 Elliott, Harrison

Box IV.16 Ellis, George H.

Box IV.16 Elwell, E. H.

Box IV.16 Elzevir, Daniel (or Elsevier) (1626-1680)

Box IV.16 Elzevir, Johannes (or Elsevier)

Box IV.16 Elzevir, Lodewijck (or Louis Elsevier) (1542-1617)

Box IV.16 Emery, Petrus

Box Flat Box 46 Emery, Petrus

Box IV.16 Emmons, Earl H.

Box IV.16 Endter, Georg (1564-1630)

Box IV.16 Endter, Johann Andreas (1625-1670)

Box IV.16 Endter, Wolfgang (1593-1659)

Box Flat Box 46 Endter, Wolfgang (1593-1659)

Box IV.16 Eney, Summerfield

Box IV.16 Engel-Hardt, Rudolf

Box IV.16 Engelmann, G.

Box IV.16 English, George Washington

Box IV.16 English, Thomas Dunn

Box IV.16 Enschede, Charles, Dr. (1855-1919)

Box IV.16 Enschede, Isaac (1681-1761)

Box IV.16 Enschede, Jean (1708-1781)

Box IV.16 Erasmus, Desiderius (1467-1536)

Box IV.16 Ericson, H. C.

Box IV.16 Ernst, Heinrich

Box IV.16 Erwin, Daniel P.

Box IV.16 Estienne, Henri

Box IV.16 Estienne, Robert (1503-1559

Box IV.16 Estill, John Holbrook

Box IV.16 Everson, James

Box IV.16 Fallon, John F.

Box IV.16 Faraday, Michael (1791-1867)

Box Flat Box 46 Faraday, Michael (1791-1867)

Box IV.16 Farmer, A. C.

Box IV.16 Farmer, Aaron D. (Connecticut type founder)

Box IV.16 Farmer, William Wallace

Box Flat Box 46 Farmer, William Wallace

Box IV.16 Farrar, Gilbert P.

Box IV.16 Fass, John

Box IV.16 Faulkner, George (1728-1775?)

Box IV.16 Faulkner, Thomas H.

Box IV.16 Faust, Johannes

Box IV.16 Faxon, William

Box IV.16 Fell, E. Lawrence

Box IV.16 Fell, John

Box Flat Box 46 Ferdinand, Prince of Paderborn

Box IV.16 Feyrabend, Sigismond

Box IV.16 Fields, James T. (1817-1881)

Box IV.16 Figgins, James, Sr.

Box IV.16 Filhol, Antoine Michel (1759-1812)

Box IV.16 Finlay, Albert W.

Box IV.16 Finley, J. H.

Box Flat Box 46 Finley, J. H.

Box IV.16 Finn, Joseph

Box IV.16 Fitch, William Stevenson

Box IV.16 Fitts, Thomas

Box IV.17 Flavius, Flavio

Box IV.17 Fleischer, Charles

Box IV.17 Fleischman, Joan Michael (1701-1768)

Box IV.17 Fleming, C. W.

Box IV.17 Flower, Edwin

Box IV.17 Flower, Walter

Box IV.17 Flynt, Roy Horton

Box IV.17 Forbes, William H.

Box IV.17 Force, Peter

Box Flat Box 47 Force, Peter

Box IV.17 Ford, Charles Henri

Box IV.17 Forney, J. W.

Box IV.17 Foss, C. M.

Box IV.17 Foster, John

Box IV.17 Foulis, A.

Box IV.17 Fournier, Pierre-Simon (1712-1768)

Box IV.17 Fowler, Edgar A.

Box IV.17 Fowler, George W.

Box IV.17 Fox, Richard K.

Box IV.17 Francis, Charles

Box IV.17 Francis, John M.

Box IV.17 Francis, John W.

Box IV.17 Franka, Emil

Box IV.17 Frankfort, Bauer

Box IV.18 Franklin, Benjamin (1706-1790)

Box Flat Box 47 Franklin, Benjamin (1706-1790)

Box IV.20 Franklin, Benjamin (1706-1790)

Box IV.19 Franklin, William

Box IV.19 Franklin, William Temple

Box IV.19 Franklin, Deborah Reed

Box IV.21 Frazer, James

Box Flat Box 48 Frazer, James

Box IV.21 Frazier, Julius Leroy

Box IV.21 Freneau, Philip Morin (1752-1832)

Box IV.21 Fréron, Elie-Catherine (1719-1776)

Box IV.21 Froben, John (1460-1527)

Box Flat Box 48 Froben, John (1460-1527)

Box IV.21 Fry

Box IV.21 Fugger, Huldric (1526-1584)

Box IV.21 Fuller, Henry Merrill

Box IV.21 Fuller, Levi K.

Box IV.21 Fuhrmann, Otto W.

Fust, Johann (fl. 1450-1466)

Box Flat Box 48 Fust, Johann (fl. 1450-1466)

Box IV.21 Gage, Harry L.

Box IV.21 Gaine, Hugh (1727-1807)

Box Flat Box 48 Gaine, Hugh (1727-1807)

Box IV.21 Gales, Joseph (1786-1861?)

Box Flat Box 48 Gales, Joseph (1786-1861?)

Box IV.21 Gallagher, William D.

Box IV.21 Gally, Merritt

Box Flat Box 48 Gally, Merritt

Box IV.21 Garamond, Claude

Box Flat Box 48 Garamond, Claude

Box IV.21 Gardiner, Robert S.

Box IV.21 Garnett, Porter

Box IV.21 Garrison, William Lloyd (1805-1879)

Box IV.21 Gears, Robert

Box IV.21 Ged, William

Box IV.21 Geer, Everett Selden (1850-1917)

Box IV.21 Genderle, Franz

Box IV.21 Gensch, Hermann

Box IV.21 Gent, Thomas (1724-1778)

Box IV.21 Gentry, Helen

Box IV.21 Gervaerts, Jasper

Box IV.22 Gilbert, Albert (1821-1873)

Box IV.22 Gilder, Richard Watson

Box Flat Box 49 Gilder, Richard Watson

Box IV.22 Gill, Eric

Box IV.22 Gillett, Fred

Box IV.22 Gillick, Joseph F.

Box IV.22 Gilliss, Frank

Box Flat Box 49 Gilliss, Frank

Box IV.22 Gilliss, Walter (1855-1925)

Box Flat Box 49 Gillray, James (1757-1805)

Box IV.22 Gilman, Arthur S.

Box IV.22 Girard, André

Box IV.22 Giunta, Jacques (1486-1546)

Box IV.22 Givel, Gilberte

Box IV.22 Glossbrenner, A. M.

Box IV.22 Glissner, James Y.

Box IV.22 Goddard, William (1740-1817)

Box IV.22 Godkin, Edwin Lawrence (1831-1902)

Box IV.22 Goebel, Theodore

Box IV.22 Gooden, Stephen

Box IV.22 Goodspeed, George Talbot

Box IV.22 Goodwin, Albert Etherington (1872-1930)

Box IV.22 Gordon, George P. (1810-1878)

Box Flat Box 49 Gordon, George P. (1810-1878)

Box IV.22 Gorman, Edward

Box IV.23 Goudy, Frederic William (1865-1947)

Box Flat Box 49 Goudy, Frederic William (1865-1947)

Box IV.24 Goudy, Frederic William (1865-1947)

Box IV.25 Gove, Frank M.

Box IV.25 Grabhorn, Edwin

Box IV.25 Grabhorn, Jane Bissell (1911-1973)

Box IV.25 Grabhorn, Robert Arlie (1900-1973)

Box IV.25 Grafton, Richard

Box IV.25 Grasset, Eugène

Box IV.25 Greeley, Horace (1811-1872)

Box Flat Box 49 Greeley, Horace (1811-1872)

Box IV.25 Green, Bartholomew (1666-1732)

Box IV.25 Greenaway, Kate (1846-1901)

Box IV.25 Greene, Nathaniel

Box IV.25 Green, William S.

Box IV.25 Greistweit, Thomas E.

Box IV.25 Grenville, Thomas (1755-1846)

Box IV.25 Gress, Edmund G.

Box IV.25 Griegengach, A. E.

Box IV.25 Grierson, Flora

Box IV.25 Griffith, Arthur

Box IV.25 Griswold, Robert W.

Box IV.25 Grosjean-Maupin, H. (1836-1908)

Box IV.25 Grotius, Hugo (1583-1645)

Box IV.25 Guillon

Box IV.25 Guillotin, Joseph Ignace (1738-1814)

Box IV.25 Guppy, Henry

Box IV.25 Gustafson, David

Box IV.26 Gutenberg, Johann (ca. 1398-1468)

Box Flat Box 50 Gutenberg, Johann (ca. 1398-1468)

Box IV.27 Hachette, Georges (1838-1892)

Box IV.27 Haebler, Konrad

Box IV.27 Halford, E. W., Colonel

Box IV.27 Hall, Henry M.

Box IV.27 Halstead, Murat

Box IV.27 Hamilton, H. P.

Box IV.27 Hamilton, James Edward

Box IV.27 Hamlin, Milford M.

Box IV.27 Hammer, Victor

Box IV.27 Hammond, Harry

Box IV.27 Han, Ulrich

Box IV.27 Hankey, L. A.

Box IV.27 Hanson, W. G.

Box IV.27 Harding, W. W.

Box IV.27 Harding, Warren Gamaliel (1865-1923)

Box IV.27 Harper, Fletcher

Box IV.27 Harper, James (1795-1869)

Box IV.27 Harper & Bros.

Box Flat Box 51 Harper & Bros.

Box IV.27 Harris, Carroll T. (1891-1975)

Box IV.27 Harris, Joel Chandler (1848-1908)

Box IV.27 Harris, Josiah Albert (1808-1876)

Box IV.27 Harrison, Richard A.

Box IV.27 Hart, Francis

Box IV.27 Hart, George Eaton

Box IV.27 Hart, Horace

Box Flat Box 51 Hart, Horace

Box IV.27 Hart, James D. (1911-1990)

Box IV.27 Hart, Leo

Box IV.27 Harte, Francis Brett (1836-1902)

Box IV.27 Hartman, Fred J.

Box IV.27 Hartmann, Georg

Box IV.27 Hastings, Hugh

Box IV.27 Hatton, Frank (1846-1894)

Box IV.27 Hauten, Jan van

Box IV.27 Hauy, Rene Juste

Box Flat Box 51 Hauy, Rene Juste

Box IV.27 Hawks, Nelson C.

Box IV.27 Hazelip, N. W.

Box IV.27 Hearn, Lafcadio

Box IV.27 Hebb, George K.

Box IV.27 Hedberg, Axel

Box IV.27 Heiner, Henry

Box IV.27 Hempel, Henry Adolph

Box IV.27 Herbert, William

Box IV.27 Herrick, Rensselaer R.

Box IV.27 Heywang, Robert F.

Box IV.27 Hicks, Clinton Flower

Box IV.27 Hill, Rowland

Box IV.27 Hills, Henry

Box IV.27 Hilton, P. R.

Box IV.27 Hilton, Will

Box IV.27 Hines, Edward N

Box IV.28 Hoard, W. D.

Box IV.28 Hoch, E. W.

Box IV.28 Hoe, Peter Smith

Box IV.28 Hoe, Richard M.

Box Flat Box 51 Hoe, Richard M.

Box IV.28 Hoe, Richard March (1812-1896)

Box IV.28 Hoe, Robert (1839-1909)

Box IV.28 Hoepli, Ulrico

Box IV.28 Hoff, G. Whitney (Grace Whitney)

Box IV.28 Hoffman, Christian J.

Box IV.28 Hoffman, Richard J.

Box IV.28 Holbein, Hans (1497-1543)

Box IV.28 Holden, Charles W.

Box IV.28 Holden, George Parker

Box IV.28 Holme, Frank

Box IV.28 Holpein, Giovanni

Box Flat Box 51 Holpein, Giovanni

Box IV.28 Holst, M.

Box IV.28 Holt, Chauncey

Box IV.28 Holt, John (1721-1785)

Box IV.28 Horgan, Stephen Henry (1854-1941)

Box IV.28 Hornby, C. H. St. John (1867-1946)

Box IV.28 Horsley, H. L.

Box IV.28 Horsley, Roy

Box IV.28 Houghton, H. O.

Box IV.28 Houghton, H. O., Jr.

Box IV.28 Howe, Ed. W.

Box IV.28 Howell, Douglass Morse

Box IV.28 Howells, William Dean (1837-1920)

Box IV.29 Hubbard, Elbert

Box IV.29 Hubberton, John

Box IV.29 Huber, J. M.

Box IV.29 Hudson, Frederic

Box Flat Box 51 Hudson, Frederic

Box IV.29 Hudson, J. K.

Box IV.29 Huling, J. B.

Box IV.29 Hunt, William Holman

Box IV.29 Hunter, Dard

Box IV.29 Huntington, Henry Edwards (1850-1927)

Box Flat Box 51 Huntington, Henry Edwards (1850-1927)

Box IV.29 Hurlburt, W. H.

Box IV.29 Hürlimann, Bettina

Box IV.29 Hussey, George F.

Box IV.29 Hyde, Edward

Box Flat Box 51 International Typographical Union

Box IV.29 International Association of Printing House CraftsmenI

Box IV.29 Ipsen, Ludwig Sandoe (1840-1920)

Box IV.29 Ives, Frederic Eugene (1856-1937)

Box Flat Box 52 Ives, Frederic Eugene (1856-1937)

Box IV.29 Ivison, H.

Box IV.29 Jackson, Joseph

Box IV.29 Jacobi, Charles Thomas

Box IV.29 Janszoon, Laurens

Box IV.29 Jennings, Albert O.

Box IV.29 Jenson, Nicolas (1420-1481)

Box IV.29 Jerrold, Douglas

Box IV.29 Jewell, Marshall Henry

Box IV.29 Jewett, Charles Coffin (1816-1868)

Box IV.29 Johnson, H. T.

Box IV.29 Johnson, Henry Lewis

Box IV.29 Johnson, John

Box IV.29 Johnson, Lawrence

Box Flat Box 52 Johnson, Lawrence

Box IV.29 Johnson, Samuel Benjamin

Box IV.29 Johnston, William

Box IV.29 Jolles, Oscar

Box IV.29 Jones, George W.

Box IV.29 Jones, Henry (1838-1921)

Box IV.29 Jones, J. M. W.

Box IV.29 Jones, Richard (1564-1660)

Box IV.29 Jones, Thomas R.

Box IV.29 Jordan, George F.

Box IV.29 Jordan, Peter

Box IV.29 Jost, Heinrich

Box IV.29 Juengling, Frederick (1846-1889)

Box IV.30 Karst, John (1836-1922)

Box IV.30 Kauffman, Samuel Hay

Box IV.30 Keimer, Samuel

Box IV.30 Keith, Adolphus B.

Box IV.30 Kellogg, Charles H.

Box IV.30 Kelly, William M.

Box IV.30 Kendall, George Wilkins

Box IV.30 Kenyon, Frederic George, Sir

Box IV.30 Kerber, Thielman

Box IV.30 Kibbes, H. S.

Box IV.30 Kincaid, Harrison R.

Box IV.30 King, Jesse Marion

Box IV.30 Kirgate, Thomas

Box IV.30 Kittredge, William A.

Box IV.30 Klenkens, Christian Heinrich

Box IV.30 Klingman, Albert L.

Box IV.31 Knapp, Thomas

Box IV.31 Knight, C. H.

Box IV.31 Kner, Emerich

Box IV.31 Knopf, Blanche W. (1894-1966)

Box IV.31 Koch, Paul

Box IV.31 Koch, Peter

Box IV.31 Koch, Rudolph (1876-1834)

Box Flat Box 52 Koch, Rudolph (1876-1834)

Box IV.31 Koenig, Friedrich (1774-1833)

Box Flat Box 52 Koenig, Friedrich (1774-1833)

Box IV.31 Kollock, Shepard, Jr.

Box IV.31 Koster, Laurens Janszoon (or Coster)

Box IV.31 Krimpen, Jan van (1892-1956)

Box IV.31 Kruell, Gustav

Box Flat Box 52 Kruell, Gustav

Box IV.31 Kyster, Anker

Box IV.31 Laboulaye, Edouard

Box Flat Box 52 Laboulaye, Edouard

Box IV.31 Lackington, James (1746-1815)

Box IV.31 Ladew, Augustus Philip (1811-1881)

Box Flat Box 52 Ladew, Augustus Philip (1811-1881)

Box IV.31 Ladvocat, P. F. C.

Box IV.31 Lahure, Charles

Box IV.31 Lanston, Tolbert (1844-1913)

Box IV.31 Lascaris, Joannis

Box IV.31 La Shelle, Kirke

Box IV.31 Lawson, T.

Box IV.31 Leach, Frank A.

Box IV.31 Le Camus

Box IV.31 Lee, H. G.

Box IV.31 Lee, James L.

Box IV.31 Lee, W. A.

Box IV.31 Leech, John S.

Box IV.31 Lehmann-Haupt, Hellmut

Box IV.31 Leidinger, Georg, Dr.

Box IV.31 Leigh, Robert Watson

Box IV.31 Leighton, Archibald, Jr.

Box IV.32 Lemercier, A.

Box IV.32 Lemercier, J. R.

Box IV.32 LeMercier, Pierre Augustin

Box Flat Box 52 LeMercier, Pierre Augustin

Box IV.32 LeMercier, Rose-Joseph

Box Flat Box 52 LeMercier, Rose-Joseph

Box IV.32 Leonard, Fredericus

Box Flat Box 53 Leonard, Fredericus

Box IV.32 Leroy, C.

Box IV.32 Leslie, Robert L., Dr.

Box IV.32 Lewis, A. L.

Box IV.32 Lewis, C. B.

Box IV.32 Lewis, Ellis

Box IV.32 Lewis, Walter

Box IV.32 Leybourn, Gulielmi

Box IV.32 Lienard and Son

Box IV.32 Lietke, William Ferdinand

Box IV.32 Lilly, Eli

Box IV.32 Lincoln, Abraham (1809-1865)

Box IV.32 Lindsay, James (1826-1879)

Box IV.32 Lindenmayer, Esaias

Box IV.32 Linton, W. J.

Box IV.32 Lippincott, J. B.

Box IV.32 Lipsius, Justus

Box IV.32 Little, Andrew (1829-1911)

Box IV.32 Little, Joseph J.

Box IV.32 Locke, David Ross

Box IV.32 Lockwood, H.

Box IV.32 Lombard, H. E.

Box IV.32 Lombardi, Alessandro

Box IV.32 Lontrel, Cyms H.

Box IV.32 Lord, George

Box IV.32 Los Rios, François de

Box IV.32 Loudon, Samuel (1727-1813)

Box IV.32 Lovejoy, Elijah Parish (1802-1837)

Box IV.32 Low Family (publishers 1795-1829)

Box IV.32 Lowndes, William Thomas

Box IV.33 Lucas, F.

Box Flat Box 53 Lucas, F.

Box IV.33 Ludlow Tyograph Company

Box IV.33 Lufft, Johannes

Box IV.33 Luse, A. P.

Box IV.33 Lutz

Box IV.33 Lyman, Nathan (1789-1872)

Box IV.33 Lyman, William E.

Box Flat Box 53 Lyman, William E.

Box IV.33 Lynch, James M.

Box IV.33 Lynch, Jim

Box IV.33 Lyon, James

Box IV.33 McBey, Marguerite Loeb

Box IV.33 McCaffrey, Frank

Box IV.33 McCallister, Bruce

Box IV.33 McClure, Alexander Kelly, Colonel

Box IV.33 McCormick, John

Box IV.33 McCoy, M. P.

Box IV.33 McFarland, Edwin C.

Box IV.33 McFarland, J. Horace

Box IV.33 Machlinia, William

Box IV.33 McIndoe, Jas. W.

Box IV.34 McKean, W. V.

Box IV.34 MacKellar, Thomas (1812-1899)

Box Flat Box 53 MacKellar, Thomas (1812-1899)

Box IV.34 MacKey, Charles W.

Box IV.34 McLaughlin, Frank

Box IV.34 M'Leester, Alexander

Box Flat Box 54 M'Leester, Alexander

Box IV.34 McLeister

Box IV.34 MacMillan, Daniel (1818-1857)

Box IV.34 McMurtrie, Douglas C.

Box IV.34 McPharlin, Paul

Box IV.34 McVickar, J. H.

Box IV.34 MacWade, Robert M.

Box IV.34 Maggs, B. D.

Box IV.34 Maley, Henry A.

Box IV.34 Mame, Alfred

Box IV.34 Manning, Daniel

Box IV.34 Manning, James Hilton (1854-1925)

Box IV.34 Manuzio, Aldus (and family of printers)

Box Flat Box 53 Manuzio, Aldus (and family of printers)

Box IV.34 Mappa, Adam Gerard

Box IV.34 Marchbanks, Hal

Box IV.34 Marcolini, Francesco

Box IV.34 Marcus, Stanley

Box IV.34 Marcy, C. D'W.

Box IV.34 Marder, C. C.

Box IV.34 Marder, John

Box Flat Box 53 Marder, John

Box IV.34 Marder, Walter S.

Box IV.34 Mardersteig, Giovanni

Box IV.34 Marielle, Jean

Box Flat Box 53 Marder, John

Box IV.34 Marinoni

Box IV.34 Marrastt, Normand

Box IV.34 Marsh, Fletcher Harper

Box IV.34 Martens, Thierry (ca.1446-1534)

Box IV.34 Marthens, John Francis (1830-1902)

Box IV.35 Master Printers' Club of Boston, Massachusetts

Box IV.35 Matthews, George E.

Box IV.35 Matthews, William (1822-1896)

Box IV.35 Mayr, Joanni Baptista

Box IV.35 Medina, José Toribio (1852-1940)

Box IV.35 Megill, Edward Landon (1850-1923)

Box IV.35 Megill, Linn S.

Box IV.35 Meisenbach, Georg (1841-1912()

Box IV.35 Melcher, Frederick Gershom

Box IV.35 Menamin, Robert S. (1833-1887)

Box IV.35 Menzel, Adolph von (1815-1905)

Box IV.35 Mercier, Pierre Augustin le

Box IV.35 Mergenthaler, Ottmar (1854-1899)

Box Flat Box 54 Mergenthaler, Ottmar (1854-1899)

Box IV.35 Metastase

Box IV.35 Meyers, B. F.

Box IV.35 Miera, A. C.

Box IV.35 Miliani, Pietro (1744-1817)

Box IV.35 Miller, William

Box IV.35 Mills, Charles Sumner

Box IV.35 Mills, Fred.

Box IV.1 Miscellaneous

Box Flat Box 60 Miscellaneous Group Portraits

Box IV.35 Mitau, Martin S.

Box IV.35 Mitchell, John

Box IV.35 Moerentorf, Adrienne Gras (wife of Jacques Moerentorf)

Box IV.35 Mohr, J. C. B. (1778-1854)

Box IV.35 Momoro, A. F. M.

Box IV.35 Montague, F. L.

Box IV.35 Montanus, Arias

Box IV.35 Montgomery, James

Box IV.35 Montyon

Box IV.35 Moon, James

Box IV.35 Moore, Barbara

Box IV.35 Moore, Ely (1798-1860)

Box IV.35 Moore, Willis L.

Box IV.36 Moran, Benjamin (1820-1886)

Box IV.36 Mordaunt, E. J.

Box IV.36 Morehouse, Cornelius S.

Box IV.36 Moretus, Balthasar (1571-1641)

Box IV.36 Moretus, Jan (1543-1610)

Box IV.36 Moretus, Jan (1576-1618)

Box IV.36 Mori, Gustave

Box IV.36 Morison, Stanley

Box Flat Box 54 Morison, Stanley

Box IV.36 Morris, George P.

Box IV.36 Morris, William (1834-1896)

Box Flat Box 54 Morris, William (1834-1896)

Box IV.36 Morrison, J. C.

Box IV.36 Morse, Samuel Finley Breese (1791-1872)

Box IV.36 Morwitz, E.

Box IV.36 Mosher, Thomas B.

Box IV.36 Moss, John C.

Box IV.36 Moutardier, Lysias (1795-1858)

Box IV.36 Moxon, Joseph (1627-1691)

Box IV.36 Mueller, Hans Alexander

Box IV.36 Muguet, François

Box Flat Box 54 Muguet, François

Box IV.36 Muller, P. R. D.

Box IV.36 Munro, George

Box IV.36 Munsell, J.

Box IV.36 Munsey, Frank (1854-1925)

Box IV.36 Murdock, William E.

Box IV.36 Murphy, J. T.

Box IV.36 Murray, Charles R.

Box IV.36 Murray, John (1778-1843)

Box IV.36 Mylius, Arnoldus

Box IV.36 Nagahisa, Motogi

Box IV.36 Nash, John Henry

Box IV.36 Nash Building (San Francisco)

Box IV.36 Naylor, T. E.

Box IV.37 Nelson, Robert Wickham (1851-1926)

Box Flat Box 54 Nelson, Robert Wickham (1851-1926)

Box IV.37 New York Club of Printing House Craftsmen

Box IV.37 Newton, A. Edward

Box IV.37 Nichols, David

Box IV.37 Nichols, John (1745-1826)

Box Flat Box 55 Nichols, John (1745-1826)

Box IV.37 Nichols, Thomas P.

Box IV.37 Nicklin, T. G.

Box IV.37 Nieuwenhuijzen, Jan

Box Flat Box 55 Nieuwenhuijzen, Jan

Box IV.37 Nijhoff, Is. A.

Box IV.37 Nijhoff, Martinus

Box IV.37 Nijhoff, P.

Box IV.37 Niner, John Clarence

Box IV.37 Nisard, E.

Box IV.37 Normand, Maurice

Box IV.37 North, Ernest Dressel

Box IV.37 Noyes, Edward Follensbee

Box IV.37 O'Brien, Charles J.

Box IV.37 Ochs, Adolf

Box IV.37 O'Donnell, J. H.

Box IV.37 Ogilvy, John

Box IV.37 Oliver

Box IV.37 Olmsted, Duncan Houx

Box IV.37 Olschki, Leo S.

Box IV.37 Oomkens, Jan

Box Flat Box 55 Oomkens, Jan

Box IV.37 Oporinus, Johannes (1507-1568)

Box IV.37 Orchard, Alfred Somerset

Box IV.37 Orchard, Samuel

Box IV.37 Orcutt, William Dana

Box IV.37 O'Reilly, John Boyle

Box IV.37 Orr, Louis Herbert

Box IV.37 Ortelius, Abraham

Box IV.38 Osborn, Thomas A.

Box IV.38 Ostrander, John G.

Box IV.38 O'Sullivan, John

Box IV.38 Oswald, John Clyde

Box Flat Box 55 Oswald, John Clyde

Box IV.38 Otis, Harrison Gray

Box IV.38 Ottendorfer, Oswald

Box IV.38 Overhage, Paul

Box IV.38 Oxford University Press

Box IV.38 Page, William Hamilton (1829-1906)

Box IV.38 Pagnerre

Box IV.38 Paine, Thomas (1737-1809)

Box IV.38 Pakard, George E. (1875-1933)

Box IV.38 Palmer, Frank

Box IV.38 Panckoucke, Charles-Joseph (1736-1798)

Box IV.38 Panckoucke, Charles-Louis-Fleury (1780-1844)

Box IV.38 Pantinus, Peter

Box IV.38 Parker, Wadsworth Aschen

Box IV.38 Parkhill, C. L. D.

Box Flat Box 55 Parkhill, C. L. D.

Box IV.38 Parkhill, S. J.

Box IV.38 Partridge, Benjamin F.

Box IV.38 Partridge, Frank J.

Box IV.38 Pasco, W. W.

Box IV.38 Pasvolsky, Michael

Box IV.38 Paton, George (1721-1807)

Box IV.38 Paulus, Charles

Box IV.38 Paulus Manutius (1512-1574)

Box IV.39 Peacock, E. R.

Box IV.39 Peck, George W.

Box IV.39 Peignot, Charles

Box IV.39 Peignot, Etienne-Gabriel (1767-1849)

Box IV.39 Pelouze, Edmund (1765-1846)

Box IV.39 Pelouze, Edward Craige

Box IV.39 Pelouze, Henry Lafayette (1832-1896)

Box IV.39 Pendleton, Louis

Box IV.39 Pennell, Joseph (1860-1926)

Box IV.39 Perkins, Jacob (1766-1849)

Box IV.39 Peters, C. J.

Box IV.39 Peters, G. E.

Box IV.39 Peterson, Hugo D. E.

Box IV.39 Petit, Jean

Box IV.39 Petri, Sebastian Henric (1546-1627)

Box IV.39 Petty, Benjamin

Box IV.39 Peyton, Charles T.

Box IV.39 Pfaff, W.

Box IV.39 Phemister, Alexander C. (1829-1894)

Box IV.39 Phillips (director of Chilean publication Zig Zag ca. 1905)

Box IV.39 Phinney, F. D.

Box IV.39 Phinney, John S.

Box IV.39 Phinney, Joseph Warren (1848-1934)

Box Flat Box 55 Phinney, Joseph Warren (1848-1934)

Box IV.39 Piatt, Don

Box IV.39 Pickering, T.

Box IV.39 Pierce, James Appleton (1856-1915)

Box IV.39 Pierpont, F. H.

Box IV.39 Pierre, George G.

Box IV.40 Pilgrims (Massachusetts 1620)

Box IV.40 Pinkham, C. A.

Box IV.40 Piranesi, Giambattista

Box IV.40 Piroli, Tommaso

Box IV.40 Pitt, William, 1st earl of Chatham (1708-1778)

Box IV.40 Plantin, Christopher (1514-1589)

Box Flat Box 55 Plantin, Christopher (1514-1589)

Box IV.40 Platts, Nettie E., Mrs.

Box IV.40 Playfair, William

Box IV.40 Playford, Johannis

Box IV.40 Polhemus, A. L.

Box IV.40 Pomba, Luigi

Box IV.40 Poore, Benjamin Perley (1820-1889)

Box IV.40 Porter, William T.

Box IV.40 Portielje, G.

Box IV.40 Potier, L. (1806-1880)

Box IV.40 Poulson

Box IV.40 Powell, Lawrence Clark

Box IV.40 Powell, Roger

Box IV.40 Prang, Louis

Box IV.40 Prault, P.

Box IV.40 Prescott, William Blair

Box IV.40 Preston, William (1742-1818)

Box IV.40 Price, John Edward

Box IV.40 Price, W. P.

Box IV.40 Priscianese, Francesco

Box IV.40 Pritchard, J. C.

Box IV.40 Proctor, J. T. R.

Box IV.40 Proudhon, Pierre Joseph (1809-1865)

Box IV.40 Pulitzer, Joseph

Box Flat Box 55 Pulitzer, Joseph

Box IV.40 Pulitzer, Ralph

Box IV.40 Purcell, William

Box IV.40 Putnam, George Haven

Box IV.40 Putnam, George Palmer (1814-1872)

Box IV.40 Pynson, Richard (1448-1529)

Box IV.40 Quaritch, Bernard Alfred

Box IV.40 Quentin, J. A. A. F.

Box IV.40 Quérard, Joseph-Marie (1797-1865)

Box IV.40 Quinn, John (1870-1924)

Box IV.40 Raasch, Louis W.

Box IV.40 Radcliffe, B. Walter, Sr.

Box IV.40 Raikes, Robert

Box IV.41 Rand, Paul

Box IV.41 Ransom, Harry Huntt (1909-1976)

Box IV.41 Ranza, Giovanni Antonio

Box IV.41 Raphelengius, Franciscus (1539-1597)

Box IV.41 Ratdolt, Erhard (ca.1447-ca.1527)

Box IV.41 Rawson, Elijah

Box IV.41 Raymond, Henry Jarvis

Box Flat Box 55 Raymond, Henry Jarvis

Box IV.41 Raymond, Marcius D. (1833-1911)

Box IV.41 Read, W. B.

Box IV.41 Redfield, R. H.

Box IV.41 Redpath, Sal

Box IV.41 Reed, Charles, Sir (1819-1881)

Box IV.41 Reed, Talbot Baines

Box Flat Box 56 Reed, Talbot Baines

Box IV.41 Reed, W. B.

Box IV.41 Reeves, John (1752-1829)

Box Flat Box 56 Reeves, John (1752-1829)

Box IV.41 Regan, James L.

Box IV.41 Reimer, Georg Andres (1776-1842)

Box IV.41 Remington, T. B.

Box IV.41 Renker, Urmin

Box IV.41 Renaudot, Théophraste

Box IV.41 Renkel, William A.

Box IV.41 Retan, A. E.

Box IV.41 Reton, John Theodore

Box Flat Box 56 Reton, John Theodore

Box IV.41 Rhead, Louis

Box IV.41 Rice, Harvey

Box IV.41 Richard, Gabriel, Father

Box IV.41 Richardson, Samuel (1689-1771)

Box Flat Box 56 Richardson, Samuel (1689-1771)

Box IV.41 Richardson, Warren

Box IV.41 Riddell, J. R.

Box IV.41 Ridge, R. R.

Box IV.41 Ringler, F. A.

Box IV.41 Ripon, Matthew W.

Box IV.41 Riqueur-Lainé, Adolphe

Box IV.41 Ritchie, Ward

Box IV.41 Ritter, G.

Box IV.41 Rivington, James (1724-1802)

Box Flat Box 56 Rivington, James (1724-1802)

Box IV.41 Robert, George F.

Box IV.41 Roberts, Ellis H.

Box IV.41 Robinson, James S.

Box IV.41 Robinson, Warren J.

Box IV.41 Robinson, William H., Ltd.

Box IV.41 Robson, Stuart

Box IV.41 Rockwell, Horace T. (1838-1902)

Box IV.41 Rockwood, George G.

Box Flat Box 56 Rockwood, George G.

Box IV.41 Roe, Herman

Box IV.42 Rogers, Bruce (1870-1957)

Box IV.42 Rogers, J. R.

Box IV.42 Rogers, John Gerham (1793-1851)

Box IV.42 Rogers, John Kimball

Box Flat Box 56 Rogers, John Kimball

Box IV.42 Rogers, Richard Edward Elmore

Box IV.42 Rogers, William Allen

Box IV.42 Rojankovsky, Feodor

Box IV.42 Roleau, Curtis E.

Box IV.42 Rollins, Carl Parington

Box IV.42 Ronaldson, James (1768-1841)

Box Flat Box 56 Ronaldson, James (1768-1841)

Box IV.42 Ronaldson, Richard

Box Flat Box 56 Ronaldson, Richard

Box IV.42 Rooker, Thomas N.

Box IV.42 Roosevelt, Theodore (1858-1919)

Box IV.42 Roper, Abel

Box IV.42 Rose, William L. (1826-1913)

Box IV.42 Rosenthal, Samuel

Box IV.42 Rosenwald, Lessing J.

Box IV.42 Rothwell, Andrew

Box IV.42 Rouse, Leon H.

Box IV.42 Rowland, H. W.

Box IV.42 Rowlandson, Thomas (1756-1827)

Box IV.42 Roxburghe, John, Duke of

Box IV.42 Royle, John

Box IV.42 Royle, Vernon

Box IV.42 Rubel, Ira Washington

Box IV.42 Rubens, Franciscus

Box IV.42 Rubeus, Io Antonius

Box IV.42 Rudge, William Edwin

Box Flat Box 56 Rudge, William Edwin

Box IV.42 Rupertus, Jacob

Box IV.42 Ruskin, John (1819-1900)

Box IV.42 Russell, William Howard

Box IV.42 Ruxton, Phillip

Box IV.42 Ruzicka, Rudolph

Box IV.42 Ryan, John

Box IV.42 Saint-Georges, M. de

Box IV.42 St. John, James A.

Box Flat Box 56 St. John, James A.

Box IV.42 Salter, George

Box IV.42 Sametz, Emma

Box IV.42 Sanby, Alfred H.

Box IV.42 Sauer, Christopher (1694-1758)

Box IV.42 Sawyer, Henry N.

Box IV.43 Schatvet, Einar

Box IV.43 Schelhorn, Io. Georg.

Box IV.43 Schenk, Peter

Box IV.43 Schierbeek, Roelof Jacob (1778-1835)

Box IV.43 Schiller, Albert

Box Flat Box 57 Schiller, Albert

Box IV.43 Schlecter, William F.

Box IV.43 Schmied, F. L.

Box IV.43 Schoffer, Johann (ca.1456-1531)

Box IV.43 Schoffer, Peter

Box Flat Box 57 Schoffer, Peter

Box IV.43 Scholderer, Victor

Box IV.43 Schraubstadter, Carl (1827-1897)

Box Flat Box 57 Schraubstadter, Carl (1827-1897)

Box IV.43 Schraubstadter, Oswald

Box IV.43 Schraubstadter, William A.

Box IV.43 Schuetz, Adolph

Box IV.43 Scott, Josiah B.

Box IV.43 Scott, Marsden G. (ca.1865-1923)

Box IV.43 Scribner, B. F.

Box IV.43 Scribner, Charles

Box IV.43 Scriver, Peter

Box IV.43 Scudder, Wilbur Stephen (1859-1932)

Box IV.43 Seaton, William Winston

Box IV.43 Selden, John (1584-1654)

Box IV.43 Senefelder, Aloysius (1771-1834)

Box Flat Box 57 Senefelder, Aloysius (1771-1834)

Box IV.43 Sequoya

Box IV.43 Settergren, Albert G.

Box IV.43 Sessler, Charles

Box IV.43 Sewell, John

Box IV.43 Shadinger, Roy O.

Box IV.43 Shahn, Ben

Box IV.43 Shanks, P. M.

Box IV.43 Shaw, Paul

Box IV.43 Sheinkman, Philip

Box IV.43 Sheldon, Gilbert (1598-1677)

Box IV.43 Shelley, C. C.

Box IV.43 Shelmerdine, J. M.

Box IV.43 Shepard, Clara J.

Box IV.43 Shepard, Henry Olendorf

Box Flat Box 57 Shepard, Henry Olendorf

Box IV.43 Sherman, Frank

Box IV.43 Shillaber, Benjamin Penhallow (1814-1890)

Box IV.43 Shortt, C. W.

Box IV.44 Siebold, George B.

Box IV.44 Siebold, John H.

Box IV.44 Silvestri, Giovanni (1778-1855)

Box IV.44 Simon, Pierre Guillaume (1722-1787)

Box IV.44 Simon, Oliver

Box IV.44 Singerly, W. M.

Box IV.44 Sipe, Dorsey W.

Box IV.44 Smellie, Alexander

Box IV.44 Smellie, William (1740-1795)

Box IV.44 Smith (of Smith and Porter)

Box IV.44 Smith, Asa Dodge, Reverend

Box IV.44 Smith, C. H.

Box IV.44 Smith, Frederick L.

Box IV.44 Smith, George Frederick (1786-1854)

Box Flat Box 57 Smith, George Frederick (1786-1854)

Box IV.44 Smith, John F.

Box IV.44 Smith, Martin S.

Box IV.44 Smith, Morris H.

Box IV.44 Smith, Orlando Jay, Major (1842-1908)

Box IV.44 Smith, Richard (1821-1894)

Box Flat Box 58 Smith, Richard (1821-1894)

Box IV.44 Smith, Roswell

Box IV.44 Smith, Stanfield

Box IV.44 Smith, Thomas W.

Box IV.44 Smith, William C.

Box IV.45 Sobota, Jan and Jarmila

Box IV.45 Sochets, Genevieve

Box IV.45 Southworth, A. E.

Box IV.45 Sower, Christopher

Box IV.45 Sower, David and Sower family

Box IV.45 Spenser, Edmund (1552-1599)

Box IV.45 Squire, Ephraim George

Box Flat Box 58 Stanhope, Charles

Box IV.45 Stephanoff, Vasil

Box IV.45 Stephens, Brad

Box IV.45 Stephens, Lon B.

Box IV.45 Stettiner, Louis

Box IV.45 Stettiner, Martin

Box IV.45 Stevens, Edward F.

Box IV.45 Stevens, Fred C.

Box IV.45 Stockdale, Percival

Box IV.45 Stone, Edward L. (1864-1938)

Box IV.45 Stone, Herbert Stuart

Box IV.45 Stone, William L.

Box IV.45 Stone, Wilbur Macey

Box IV.45 Stovel, John (1858-1923)

Box IV.45 Strahan, William (1715-1785)

Box Flat Box 58 Strahan, William (1715-1785)

Box IV.45 Stricker, Thomas Perry

Box IV.45 Struck, Hermann

Box IV.45 Sturmius, Joannes

Box IV.45 Suitor

Box IV.45 Sulpke, C. G.

Box IV.45 Suttings, Charles A.

Box IV.45 Swan, Joseph W.

Box IV.45 Sweynheym

Box IV.45 Symons, A. J. A.

Box IV.45 Szyk, Arthur

Box IV.46 Taft, Charles Phelps

Box IV.46 Tansey, Joe

Box IV.46 Tauber, Johann Daniel

Box IV.46 Taylor, Bayard

Box Flat Box 58 Taylor, Bayard

Box IV.46 Taylor, Charles H., General (1846-1921)

Box IV.46 Taylor, Douglas

Box IV.46 Taylor, John (1742-1829)

Box IV.46 Taylor, John Herbert

Box IV.46 Taylor, Richard

Box IV.46 Tegge, G. G.

Box IV.46 Terrebasse, Alfred Humbert de

Box IV.46 Terrebasse, Louis Alfred Jacquier de (1801-1871)

Box IV.46 Thanner, Jacobus (1448-1528)

Box IV.46 Thenot, J. P.

Box IV.46 Thiboust, Claude Louis (1667-1737)

Box IV.46 Thomas, Isaiah (1749-1831)

Box Flat Box 58 Thomas, Isaiah (1749-1831)

Box IV.46 Thomas, Peter

Box IV.46 Thompson, Benjamin (1847-1919)

Box IV.46 Thompson, Benjamin F.

Box IV.46 Thompson, John H.

Box IV.46 Thompson, John R.

Box IV.46 Thompson, William Tappan (1812-1882)

Box IV.46 Thoms, Robert

Box IV.46 Thorburn, Grant

Box IV.46 Tiemann, Walter

Box IV.46 Tilloch, Alexander

Box IV.46 Todd, Thomas

Box IV.46 Tofft, Andrew

Box IV.46 Torre, Carolina de la

Box IV.46 Tory, Geoffroy (ca.1480-1533)

Box IV.46 Tracy, Edward A.

Box IV.46 Trautz, Georges (1808-1879)

Box IV.46 Trow, John Fowler

Box IV.46 Trumbull, John

Box IV.46 Truscott, George Wyatt, Sir

Box IV.46 Truss, Darwin W.

Box IV.46 Tucker, Stephen D.

Box IV.46 Turner, Aaron B.

Box IV.46 Tuttle, Charles E.

Box IV.46 Tutrone, Domenick

Box IV.46 Tyndall

Box Flat Box 59 Tyndall

Box IV.47 Unger, Johann Frederick (1750-1804)

Box Flat Box 61 Unidentified portraits

Box Flat Box 62 Unidentified portraits

Box IV.47 United Typothetae of America

Box IV.47 Unwin, Edward

Box IV.47 Updike, Daniel Berkeley

Box IV.47 Valiant, J. W.

Box IV.47 Vallardi, Francesco

Box IV.47 Van Cott, Cornelius

Box IV.47 Vandercook, R. O.

Box IV.47 Van Dillen, I.

Box IV.47 Van Horn, Robert T.

Box IV.47 Van Liesvelt, Jacob

Box IV.47 Verbruggen, Johannes Wilhelmus

Box IV.47 Vildósola, Carlos Silva (Carlos Silva Vildósola)

Box IV.47 Vincent, Jacques

Box Flat Box 59 Vincent, Jacques

Box IV.47 Vitré, Antonius

Box IV.47 Vojvodick, Victor A.

Box IV.47 Vollard, Ambroise (1867-1939)

Box IV.47 Vollbehr

Box IV.47 Volpato

Box IV.47 Volpi, Giannantonio

Box IV.47 Wachs, Gerald N.

Box IV.47 Waggoner, Clark

Box IV.47 Waldo, Robert V.

Box IV.47 Walker, Emery

Box IV.47 Walker, William

Box IV.47 Walpole, Horace, 4th Earl of Orford (1717-1797)

Box IV.47 Walsh, Patrick

Box IV.47 Walter, Mr.

Box IV.47 Walters, John

Box IV.47 Wappler, Christian Friedrich

Box IV.47 Ward, William

Box IV.47 Warde, Beatrice

Box IV.47 Washburne, Elihu B.

Box IV.47 Washington, George (1732-1799)

Box IV.47 Waters, Peter (binder)

Box IV.47 Watkins, George T.

Box IV.47 Watson, David (1821-1901)

Box IV.47 Watson, Edward Malcolm (1846-1908)

Box IV.47 Watson, John S.

Box IV.47 Watterson, Henry

Box Flat Box 59 Watterson, Henry

Box IV.48 Weatherly, Sidney Martin

Box IV.48 Webster, A. A.

Box IV.48 Webster, C. C.

Box IV.48 Webster, George W.

Box IV.48 Webster, Noah (1758-1843)

Box IV.48 Wechel, Christian and Andreas

Box IV.48 Wedel, Benjamin

Box IV.48 Weed, Thurlow (1797-1882)

Box IV.48 Weinstein, Gregory

Box IV.48 Weiss, E. R.

Box IV.48 Weitenkampf, F.

Box IV.48 Wells, Carolyn

Box IV.48 Wells, Charles (1822-1885)

Box Flat Box 59 Wells, Charles (1822-1885)

Box IV.48 Wells, Darius (1800-1875)

Box Flat Box 59 Wells, Darius (1800-1875)

Box IV.48 Wells, David A.

Box IV.48 Wells, Heber

Box IV.48 Wells, Lester

Box IV.48 Wendell, Cornelius

Box IV.48 Werner, Nicholas Joseph

Box IV.48 West, Benjamin (1738-1820)

Box IV.48 Westermann, Georg (1810-1879)

Box IV.48 Wheble, John

Box IV.48 Whitcomb, H. C.

Box IV.48 White, Newell Q.

Box IV.48 White, William Allen

Box Flat Box 59 White, William Allen

Box IV.48 Whiting, E. K.

Box IV.48 Whitman, Walt (1819-1892)

Box Flat Box 59 Whitman, Walt (1819-1892)

Box IV.48 Whittaker, George

Box IV.48 Wiemeler, Ignata

Box IV.48 Wier, Mrs.

Box IV.48 Wilcox, Michael

Box IV.48 Wilke, William H.

Box IV.48 Wilkes, George

Box IV.48 Williams, Barney

Box IV.48 Williams, D.

Box IV.48 Willis, Nathaniel Parker (1806-1867)

Box IV.48 Willis, Richard Storrs

Box IV.48 Willoughby, Lou F.

Box IV.48 Wilson, Adrian

Box IV.48 Wilson, Alexander

Box IV.48 Wilson, Carroll A. (1886-1947)

Box IV.48 Wilson, David

Box IV.48 Wilson, John

Box IV.48 Wilson, W. Ross

Box IV.49 Wimble, Frederick Thomas (1846-1936

Box IV.49 Winship, George Parker

Box IV.49 Winslow, Edward (1595-1655)

Box IV.49 Wittmann, Charles-Léon

Box IV.49 Woerner, A.

Box IV.49 Wolfe, Reginald (or Reyner Wolfe) (d.1573)

Box IV.49 Wolfenden, Richard

Box IV.49 Wollenberg, Leah (1906-1990)

Box IV.49 Wood, Frank

Box IV.49 Woodfall, William (1746-1803)

Box IV.49 Woods, Nicholas

Box IV.49 Woodworth, Samuel

Box IV.49 Worde, Wynkyn, de

Box IV.49 Wright, A. J.

Box IV.49 Wright, George G.

Box IV.49 Wright, John

Box IV.49 Wright, Preston W.

Box IV.49 Wyman, Charles

Box IV.49 Wyman, L. A.

Box IV.49 Yervant, Hrateh

Box IV.49 Young, F. A.

Box IV.49 Young, John Russel

Box IV.49 Young, William

Box IV.49 Zainer, Günther (d.1478)

Box IV.49 Zanichelli, Nicola

Box IV.49 Zapf, Hermann

Box IV.49 Zenger, John Peter (1697-1746)

Box IV.49 Zimmer, Otto E.

Box IV.49 Zurenus, Johann

Series V: Press

Includes announcements, prospectuses, order forms, and materials about fine and historical presses

Box V.1 Abattoir Editions

University of Nebraska at Omaha, Omaha, Nebraska

Box V.1 Acme

Seattle, Washington

Box V.1 Adagio Press -- Bahr, Leonard F.

Harper Woods, Michigan

Box V.1 Albondocani Press -- Ferguson, William

New York ; Cambridge, Massachusetts

Box V.1 Alcestis Press -- Latimer, J. Ronald Lane

New York

Box V.1 Alcuin Press

Campden, Gloucestershire, England

Box V.1 Alden Press


Box V.1 Aldine Press


Box Flat Box 12 Aldine Press


Box V.1 Aldus Printers Inc.

New York

Box V.1 Alembic Press

Marcham, Nr. Abingdon, Oxfordshire, England

Box V.1 Alibi Press -- Baughman, Roland O.

San Marino, California

Box V.1 Aliquando Press

Toronto, Ontario

Box V.1 Allen Press -- Allen, Lewis and Dorothy

Hillsborough, California ; Kentfield, California ; Cagnes-sur-Mer, France

Box Flat Box 12 Allen Press -- Allen, Lewis and Dorothy

Hillsborough, California ; Kentfield, California ; Cagnes-sur-Mer, France

Box V.1 Allenholme Press

Wylam, Northumberland, England

Box V.1 Alternative Press

Grindstone City

Box V.2 Amaranth Press

San Francisco

Box V.2 Amargi Press

Box V.2 American Institute of Architects, Press of

See here for: Goodhue, Bertram Grosvenor

New York

Box V.2 American Type Founders, Inc.

Jersey City, New Jersey

Box V.2 Amor Fati

Austin, Texas

Box V.2 Ampersand Press -- Dahlstrom, Grant

Pasadena, California

Box V.2 Ampersand, Stamperia

Verona, Italy

Box V.2 Amphora Press -- Mann, Elizabeth ; Williams, Mary Thornhill

Baltimore, Maryland

Box V.2 Anachronic Editions

Winter Haven, Florida

Box V. Anagram Press

Box V.2 Anderson, Gregg

SEE ALSO: Grey Bow Press ; Portraits & Biography Series

Various locations and presses

Box V.2 Angel Alley Press -- Grover, Edwin Osgood

Winter Park, Florida

Box V.2 Angelica Press

Brooklyn, New York

Box V.2 Angelo, Valenti (typographer, printer)

Box V.2 Anita Press

Box V.2 Antilope, Les Editions de l'

Lyon, France

Box V.2 Anvil Press -- Victor Hammer and associates

Lexington, Kentucky

Box V.2 Apiary Press

Smith College, Northampton, Massachusetts

Box V.2 Appletree Alley Press

Lewisburg, Pennsylvania

Box V.2 Archetype Press -- Bentley, Wilder

Berkeley, California

Box V.2 Aralia Press

Department of English, West Chester University, West Chester, Pennsylvania

Box V.2 Aries Press -- Kellogg, Spencer, Jr.

Eden, New York

Box V.2 Arif Press

Box Flat Box 12 Arion Press -- Hoyem, Andrew

San Francisco

Box V.2 Artichoke Press

See here for: Clark, Jonathan

Mountain View, California

Box V.2 Arundel Press

Los Angeles

Box V.2 Ascham, Roger

Mississauga, Ontario, Canada

Box V.2 Ashantilly Press

Darien, Georgia

Box V.2 Ashenden Press -- Hornby, C. H. St. John

Ashendene, Herefordshire, England ; London

Box Flat Box 12 Ashenden Press -- Hornby, C. H. St. John

Ashendene, Herefordshire, England ; London

Box V.2 Ashlar Press -- Heckscher, August and Maurice

Glen Head, New York

Box V.2 Ashling Press

County Clare, Ireland

Box V.2 Attic House Press

Box V.2 Audin Press

Lyon, France

Box V.2 Auerhahn Press

San Francisco

Box V.2 Avalun Press

Dresden, Germany

Box V.3 Bache, Benjamin Franklin


Box V.3 Baine, John

Edinburgh, Scotland

Box V.3 Ballou, Robert O.

Chicago ; New York

Box V.3 Bancroft Library Press

Berkeley, California

Box V.3 Banyan Press -- Fredericks, Claude ; Saul, Milton

New York ; Pawlet, Vermont

Box V.3 Barbarian Press

Mission, British Columbia, Canada

Box V.76 Barbarian Press

Box V.3 Barn Collections Press

Iowa City, Iowa

Box V.3 Bartlett, Alfred


Box V.3 Bartlett Orr Press

New York

Box V.3 Basilisk Press -- Garry, Charlene


Box Flat Box 12 Basilisk Press -- Garry, Charlene


Box V.3 Bear Press

Bayreuth, Germany

Box V.3 Beaumont Press -- Beaumont, Cyril W.


Box V.3 Benn, Ernest, Ltd.


Box V.5 Bennett, Paul A.

Box V.3 Bentley Press -- Bentley, Wilder

SEE ALSO: Archetype Press

Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

Box V.6 Berkeley Press -- Annable, Irving K.


Box V.6 Berliner, Harold, printer

Nevada City, California

Box V.6 Between Hours Press -- Grauer, Ben

Box V.6 Bevan, Charles (Charles Bevan Press)

St. Louis, Missouri

Box Flat Box 12 Beucke, Werner

Box V.6 Bibliographical Press -- Leffingwell, Russell

New Haven, Connecticut

Box Flat Box 12 Bibliographical Press -- Leffingwell, Russell

New Haven, Connecticut

Box V.6 Bibliographical Society of America

Box V.6 Bieler Press -- Lang, Gerald

Poynette, Wisconsin

Box V.6 Bird & Bull Press -- Morris, Henry

North Hills, Pennsylvania

Box V.76 Bird & Bull Press

Box Flat Box 11 Bird & Bull Press -- Morris, Henry

North Hills, Pennsylvania

Box V.6 Bitchy Buddha Press

Berkeley, California

Box V.6 Bits Press

Cleveland, Ohio

Box V.7 Black Cat Press -- Forgue, Norman W.


Box V.7 Black Light Press

Wellington, New Zealand

Box V.7 Black Mack Press -- McDonald, Thomas W.

Madison, Wisconsin

Box V.7 Black Pennell Press

See here for: Grian-aig Press, Signet Press; Rae, Thomas

Box V.7 Black Rock Press

Box V.7 Black Rose Press

Madison, Wisconsin

Box V.7 Black Sparrow Press

Los Angeles

Box V.7 Black Stone Press

San Francisco

Box V.7 Black Vine Press -- Seeger, Harold ; Kennedy, Lawton ; Sperisen, Albert

San Francisco

Box V.7 Blackwell's Rare Books

Box V.7 Bloodroot Press

Ann Arbor, Michigan

Box V.7 Blue Moon Press

Glastonbury, Connecticut

Box V.7 Blue Ox Press -- McPharlin, Paul

Troy, Michigan

Box V.7 Blue Wind Press

Berkeley, California

Box V.7 Bombshelter Press

Hermosa Beach, California

Box V.4 Book Arts Press

See here for illustrators: Charlot, Jean (1898-) Fahrner, Barbara

Columbia University, School of Library Service, New York ; University of Virginia, Charlottesville, Virginia

Box Flat Box 11 Book Arts Press

Columbia University, School of Library Service, New York ; University of Virginia, Charlottesville, Virginia

Box V.7 Book Club of California

San Francisco

Box V.7 Book Works


Box V.7 Bowles, J. M. ; Rogers, Bruce

Indianapolis, Indiana

Box Flat Box 11 Boston Type Foundry

Box Flat Box 11 Bradley, Will

Box V.7 Bremer Presse -- Wiegand, Willi

Munich, Germany

Box Flat Box 11 Bremer Presse -- Wiegand, Willi

Munich, Germany

Box V.7 Bridge Press

Saxtons River, Vermont

Box V.76 Bridge Press

Box V.7 Brighton Press

San Diego, California

Box V.7 Bromer, Anne and David

Watertown, Massachusetts

Box V.7 Brontδ Press

Box V.7 Brooding Heron Press

Waldron Island, Washington

Box V.7 Buckner Press

Santa Barbara, California

Box V.7 Bullnettle Press

Tuscaloosa, Alabama

Box Flat Box 11 Byrd, William

Richmond, Virginia

Box V.8 Caddis Case Press

Greeley, Colorado

Box V.8 Caliban Press

Canton, New York

Box V.8 Calliopea Press

Box V.8 Camberwell Press


Box V.8 Cantina Press -- Kennedy, Ruth and Clarence

Northampton, Massachusetts

Box V.8 Cape & Company

Box V.8 Capricorn Press

Santa Barbara, California

Box V.8 Caradoc Press -- Webb, H. G. and Hesba


Box V.8 Careless Press -- Corell, J. F.

Mt. Washington, Massachusetts

Box V.8 Carr Press (The Printing Press) -- Carr, Horace

Cleveland, Ohio

Box V.8 Carriage House Press

Brookline, Massachusetts

Box Flat Box 13 Caslon

Box V.8 Castle Hill Press

Blackwell's Rare Books, Oxford, England

Box V.8 Castle Press -- Dahlstrom, Grant

Pasadena, California

Box V.8 Cave, Roderick

Box V.8 Cayucos Press

Monterey, California

Box V.8 Cayuga Press

Ithaca, New York

Box V.9 Cedar Tree Press -- Capon, Charles R.


Box V.9 Centaur Press


Box V.9 Centaur Press -- Wilson, Adrian

San Francisco

Box V.9 Chama Press

Dallas, Texas

Box V.9 Chamberlain Press -- Chamberlain, Sarah

Easthampton, Massachusetts ; Portland, Oregon

Box V.9 Chapel Press

Williamstown, Vermont

Box V.9 Chax Press

Tucson, Arizona

Box V.9 Cheloniidae Press

Box V.9 Cheney, William M.

Los Angeles

Box V.9 Cherryburn Press -- Middleton, R. Hunter


Box V.9 Cheshire House -- Chrysler, Walter P.

SEE ALSO: Georgian Press

New York

Box V.9 Chevington Press

Box V.9 Chilmark Press

Box V.9 Chimaera Press

Kent, England

Box Flat Box 13 Chimaera Press

Kent, England

Box V.9 Chiswick Press -- Jacobi, Charles T. ; Whittingham, Charles


Box V.9 Chiswick Polytechnic Press -- Tarr, J. C.

Middlesex, England

Box V.9 Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints

Salt Lake City, Utah

Box V.9 Church Street Press

Parry Sound, Ontario

Box V.9 Churchmouse Press -- Cowles, Thomas and Barbara

Orinda, California

Box V.9 Circle Press

Guildford, Surrey, England

Box Flat Box 13 Circle Press

Guildford, Surrey, England

Box Flat Box 13 Claesz, Hendrik

Box V.10 Clarion Publishing

Neatham Mill, Holybourne, Alton, Hants, England

Box V.10 Clarke Press


Box V.10 Cleland Press -- Cleland, T. M.

SEE ALSO: description sheet for Arthur S. Allen Commercial Typography Collection

New York

Box V.10 Cleverdon, Douglas

Bristol, England

Box V.10 Cloister Press -- Lewis, Walter

Heaton Mersey, England

Box V.10 Close-Grip Press

University, Alabama

Box V.11 Coffee House Press

Minneapolis, Minnesota

Box V.11 Colish Press -- Colish, A.

Mount Vernon, New York

Box Flat Box 13 Colish Press -- Colish, A.

Mount Vernon, New York

Box V.11 Colophon -- Adler, Elmer

SEE ALSO: Pynson Printers

New York

Box V.11 Colt Press

San Francisco

Box Flat Box 13 Composing Room

Box V.11 Conde Nast Press -- Nast, Conde

Greenwich, Connecticut

Box V.11 Conjunctions

Santa Barbara, California

Box V.11 Copeland and Day Press


Box V.12 Coq d'Or Press

Box V.12 Coromandel Express -- Paris

Box V.12 Corycian Press

Iowa City, Iowa

Box V.12 Coulouma α Argenteuil -- Barthelemy, H.


Box Flat Box 13 Coulouma α Argenteuil -- Barthelemy, H.


Box V.12 Country Life Press


Box V.12 Countryman Press -- Orton, Vrest

Weston, Vermont

Box V.12 Covici, Friede

Box V.12 Cranach Presse -- Kessler, Harry, Graf

Weimar, Germany

Box V.12 Cranbrook Press -- Miller, Edward Alonzo

Bloomfield Hills, Michigan

Box V.12 Cranium Press

San Francisco

Box V.13 Cresset Press -- Cohen, Dennis M. ; Myers, A. I.


Box Flat Box 13 Cresset Press -- Cohen, Dennis M. ; Myers, A. I.


Box V.13 CTL Presse


Box V.13 Cuala Press -- Yeats, Elizabeth Corbet

See here for Dun Emer Press

Dublin and Dundrum, Ireland

Box Flat Box 13 Cuala Press -- Yeats, Elizabeth Corbet

Dublin and Dundrum, Ireland

Box V.13 Cuckoo Hill Press -- Chambers, David

Pinner, Middlesex, England

Box V.13 Cummington Press -- Frazier, Katharine ; Duncan, Harry

Cummington, Massachusetts

Box V.13 Cuneo Press

Chicago ; Philadelphia

Box Flat Box 13 Cuneo Press

Chicago ; Philadelphia

Box V.13 Currier Press -- Currier, Everett

New York

Box V.14 Curwen Press -- Curwen, Harold ; Simon, Oliver


Box V.14 Cygnet Press

Cambridge, Massachusetts

Box V.14 Dalrymple Press

Box V.14 Dandelion Press

Box V.14 Daniel Press -- Daniel, Charles Henry Olive

Frome and Oxford, England

Box V.14 Dawson, Muir, Press of

Los Angeles

Box V.14 Delos Press

Birmingham, England

Box V.14 Dent, J. M., & Sons


Box V.14 Depping, Edition (Im Mandragora-Verlag Mⁿnster)

Mⁿnster, Germany

Box V.14 Derrydale Press -- Connett, Eugene V.

New York

Box V.15 Desert Rose Press

San Jose, New Mexico

Box V.15 De Vinne Press -- De Vinne, Theodore Low

New York

Box V.15 Dial Press -- MacVeagh, Lincoln

New York

Box V.15 Diamant Press -- Diamant, E. M.

New York

Box V.15 Diapure Press

Cleveland, Ohio

Box V.15 Dieu Donne Press and Paper

New York

Box V.15 Dim Gray Bar Press

New York

Box V.15 Dog Rose Press

Box V.15 Doggerel Press

Santa Barbara, California

Box Flat Box 13 Doggerel Press

Santa Barbara, California

Box V.15 Dogwood Press -- McCaffrey, Frank

Seattle, Washington

Box V.15 Dolmen Press

Dublin, Ireland

Box V.15 Domesday Press -- Hornby, George

Meriden, Connecticut

Box V.15 Dominicans of Summit Press

Summit, New Jersey

Box V.15 Dorn, Max ; Harwerth, Willi

Offenbach a. M., Germany

Box V.16 Double Elephant Press

New York

Box Flat Box 13 Double Elephant Press

New York

Box V.16 Dov Press

Washington, D. C.

Box V.16 Doves Press -- Cobden-Sanderson, Thomas James ; Walder, Emery

Hammersmith, England

Box V.16 Driftwind Press -- Coates, Walter J. ; Cook, W. Paul

East Calais and North Montpelier, Vermont

Box V.16 Dropmore Press -- Carlow, Viscount ; Kemsley, V. ; Shanks, E. ; Sibley, G. R. G. ; Meglaughlin, R. B. ; Clifton, W. J. P.


Box V.16 Dryad Press

Leicester and London, England

Box V.16 Duensing, Paul Hayden

Box V.16 Duncan & Gladstone

Austin, Texas

Box V.16 Dunn Press -- Dunn, Harvey Hopkins

New York ; Philadelphia

Box V.16 Dunster House Press

Cambridge, Massachusetts

Box V.17 Dwiggins, W. A., independent printer and illustrator

Box V.17 Ear-say Books

Box V.17 Ebenezer Press -- Clarke, Graham

Boughton Monchelsea, Maidstone, Kent, England

Box V.17 Ecco Press

Hopewell, New Jersey

Box V.17 Eckardt, W. V., letterer

New York

Box V.17 Edizioni La Ginestra

Cortona, Italy

Box V.17 Ehrhardt, Eugene, typographer

St. Louis, Missouri

Box V.17 Elder Press -- Elder, Paul

San Francisco

Box V.17 Elephant's Foot Press

Peoria, Illinois

Box V.17 Elizabeth Press

New Rochelle, New York

Box V.17 Ellinger, Carlton D., designer

New York

Box V.17 Ellis Press Co. Inc. -- Ellis, George H.


Box V.17 Elm Press

Box V.17 Elmete Press

Barkston Ash, Yorkshire, England

Box V.17 Elmtree Press

Box V.17 Elston Press -- Conwell, Clarke

New Rochelle, New York

Box V.17 Elysian Press

Box V.17 Elysium Press

North Pomfret, Vermont

Box V.18 Emanon Press

Princeton Junction, New Jersey

Box V.18 Engdahl Typography -- Engdahl, Lee and Mayona

Vineburg, California

Box V.18 Enschede Press -- Enschede, Johann

Haarlem, Netherlands

Box Flat Box 13 Enschede Press -- Enschede, Johann

Haarlem, Netherlands

Box V.18 Eragny Press -- Pissarro, Lucien and Esther

Epping and London, England

Box V.18 Ernst Ludwig Presse -- Kleukens, Ch. H. (Kunstlerkolonie)

Darmstadt, Deutschland

Box V.18 Eskew, William

Portsmouth, Ohio

Box V.18 Essex House Press -- Ashbee, C. R. ; Coomaraswamy, A. K., Dr.

London and Chipping Campden, England

Box Flat Box 13 Essex House Press -- Ashbee, C. R. ; Coomaraswamy, A. K., Dr.

London and Chipping Campden, England

Box V.19 Eucalyptus Press -- Mills College, Oakland, California

Box V.19 Eugrammia Press


Box V.19 Ex Ophidia

Cottondale, Alabama

Box V.19 Flying Paper Press

Minneapolis, Minnesota

Box V.19 Evans-Winter-Hebb, Inc.

Detroit, Michigan

Box V.19 Fairfax Press

York, England

Box V.19 Fanfare Press -- Gill, Eric, artwork and designs


Box V.19 Fanfrolico Press -- Lindsay, Jack ; Stephensen, P. R.


Box V.19 Fastcard Press -- Evans


Box V.19 Feathered Serpent Press

San Rafael, California

Box V.19 Feicke Printing -- Earhart, John F.

Cincinnati, Ohio

Box V.19 Fine Book Circle

Birmingham, Michigan

Box V.19 Firefly Press

Somerville, Massachusetts

Box V.19 Fitz Gerald, Vincent

New York

Box V.19 [Five by Eight] 5 x 8 Press

Huntington Park, New Jersey

Box V.19 Five Seasons Press

Box V.19 Fleece Press

Wakefield, England

Box Flat Box 13 Fleece Press

Wakefield, England

Box V.19 Fleuron Press -- Braverman, L. A.

Cincinnati, Ohio

Box V.19 Fleuron Limited -- Simon, Oliver ; Morison, Stanley


Box V.19 Flockophobic Press

New York

Box V.19 Flying Fish Press

Berkeley, California

Box V.19 Flying Paper Press

Minneapolis, Minnesota

Box V.19 Folio Society -- Ede, Charles ; Sandford, Christopher ; Bott, A. J.


Box V.19 Flying Sugar Press


Box V.19 Foolscap Press

Berkeley, California

Box V.20 Fortune Press


Box V.20 Foster, John


Box V.20 Foulis Archive Press

Glasgow, Scotland

Box V.20 Fountain Press -- Wells, James R. ; Adams, Elbridge L.

New York

Box V.20 Four Winds Press

Box V.20 Fournier le Jeune

Box V.20 Francis Press -- Francis, Charles

New York

Box V.20 Franklin, Benjamin

Box Flat Box 14 Franklin, Benjamin

Box V.20 Franklin Printing Company -- Kittredge, William A. (art director)


Box V.20 Fraser Press -- Fraser, Gordon

Bedford, England

Box V.20 Froben

Tübingen, Germany

Box V.20 Fulcrum Press -- Churchill, George


Box V.20 Fulcrum Press

Kill Devil Hills, North Carolina

Box V.21 Furrow Press

Brooklyn, New York

Box V.21 Fürsteneck, Haus zum -- Koch, Paul ; Arnold, Fritz

Frankfurt am Main, Germany

Box Flat Box 14 Fürsteneck, Haus zum -- Koch, Paul ; Arnold, Fritz

Frankfurt am Main, Germany

Box V.21 Gaberbocchus Press

Box V.21 Galisteo Press

Galisteo, New Mexico

Box V.21 Garamond Press

Walton on Thames, Surrey, England

Box V.21 Garden Press -- Frey, Edward

Chappaqua, New York

Box V.21 Garrett Press -- Garrett, Carl

New York

Box V.21 Gehenna Press

See here for Colin, Paul Emile, illustrator

Northampton, Massachusetts

Box Flat Box 14 Gehenna Press

See here for Colin, Paul Emile, illustrator

Northampton, Massachusetts

Box V.21 Gemelli Press

Farmington, Georgia

Box V.22 Gentry, Helen

San Francisco

Box V.22 Georgian Press -- Ellis, Richard W.

Westport, Connecticut

Box V.25 Ghost Pony Press

Madison, Wisconsin

Box V.25 Gill, Eric (designer and illustrator)

Box V.25 Ginn and Company, Publishers

Boston ; New York ; Chicago ; London

Box V.25 Girs Press

West Chesterfield, New Hampshire

Box Flat Box 14 Giunta, Lucantonio


Box V.25 Glad Hand Press

Jones, Robert M.

Box V.25 Godine, David R.

Brookline, Massachusetts

Box V.25 Golden Cockerel Press -- Taylor, H. M. ; Gibbings, Robert

Waltham Saint Lawrence, England

Box V.26 Golden Compasses Press

Box V.26 Golden Cross Press -- Thompson, Edmund

New York

Box V.26 Golden Dog Press -- Waldie, Kemp ; Britt, Ralph

Toronto, Canada

Box V.26 Golden Eagle Press -- Jacobs, S. A.


Box V.26 Golden Hind Press -- Rushmore, Arthur and Edna

Madison, New Jersey

Box V.26 Golden Quill Press

Francestown, New Hampshire

Box V.26 Good Book Press

SEE ALSO: Thomas, Peter and Donna

Santa Cruz, California

Box V.26 Gorgas Oak Press

Typographic Laboratory, Graduate School of Library Service, University of Alabama, University, Alabama

Box V.26 Gosden Head Ltd.

New York

Box V.23 Goudy, Frederick W. (type designer and printer)

SEE ALSO: description sheet for Arthur S. Allen Commercial Tyography Collection, Portraits and biblio. See here for Village Press

New York ; Marlboro, New York

Box Flat Box 14 Goudy, Frederick W. (type designer and printer)

New York ; Marlboro, New York

Box V.24 Goudy, Frederick W. (type designer and printer)

New York ; Marlboro, New York

Box V.27 Grabhorn Press -- Grabhorn, Edwin and Robert

See here for: Studio Press

San Francisco

Box Flat Box 14 Grabhorn Press -- Grabhorn, Edwin and Robert

See here for: Studio Press

San Francisco

Box V.26 Grace Hoper Press

Box V.26 Granary Books

New York

Box V.26 Graphic Arts Company -- Johnson, Henry Lewis


Box V.26 Grassby, Percy


Box V.26 Gravesend Press -- Hammer, Jacob

Lexington, Kentucky

Box V.26 Gray Shingle Press -- Schmalholz, Roy, Mabel, and Jane

Indianapolis, Indiana

Box V.26 Grayhound Press -- Mathews, Alister

London and Winchester, England

Box V.28 Green Gables

Santa Cruz, California

Box V.28 Greenhood, David (designer)

San Francisco

Box V.28 Greenhouse Review Press

Santa Cruz, California

Box V.28 Greenwood Press

San Francisco

Box V.28 Gregynog Press

San Francisco

Box V.28 Gregynog Press -- Maynard, Robert Ashwin

Newton, England

Box Flat Box 14 Gregynog Press -- Maynard, Robert Ashwin

Newton, England

Box V.28 Grenfell Press

New York

Box V.28 Grey Bow Press -- Anderson, Gregg ; Baughman, R. O.

SEE ALSO: Anderson, Gregg, Alibi Press, and Huntington Library Press

Pasadena, California

Box V.28 Grey Spider Press

Sedro-Woolley, Washington

Box V.28 Gruver Press -- Gruver, Arthur C.

Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

Box V.28 Gunther, Thomas

See here for: Edition Galerie Auf Zeit


Box V.29 Haddon Craftsmen -- Ellis, Richard

1 specimen (tribute to F. W. Goudy)

Camden, New Jersey

Box V.29 Haftel, Charles ; Roters, Carl G. (designers)

New York

Box V.29 Halcyon Press -- Stols, A. A. M.

Maastricht, Holland

Box V.29 Halty Ferguson Publishing Co.

Box V.29 Hammer, Jacob and Victor (printing and designing)

SEE ALSO: Anvil Press, Stamperia del Santuccio

Lexington, Kentucky

Box V.29 Hammer Creek Press -- Fass, John S.

New York

Box V.29 Hand and Flower Press

Aldington, England

Box V.29 Hanuman Books

New York

Box V.29 Hapgood, Grace and Theodore

Watertown, Massachusetts

Box V.30 Harbor Press -- Wood, Roland A. ; Fass, John S.

New York

Box V.30 Harper & Brothers

New York

Box V.30 Harrison of Paris -- Harrison, Barbara ; Wheeler, Monroe


Box V.31 Hart, Francis

Box V.31 Hart, Leo

Rochester, New York

Box V.30 Hart, Ruth and James D.

See here for Charlot, Jean (1898-), Illustrator

Box V.31 Harwerth, Willi (designer)

Box V.31 Haslewood Books -- Etchells, Frederick ; Macdonald, Hugh


Box V.31 Haworth Press

Halifax, England

Box V.31 Hawthorn House -- Thompson, Edmund B.

Windham, Connecticut

Box V.31 Haybarn Press

Milwood, New York

Box V.31 Haymarket Press -- Smith, Halton and Truscott


Box V.32 Heintzemann, Carl H.


Box V.32 Heritage Press -- Macy, George

New York

Box V.32 Hermetic Press

Box V.32 Heron Press

Williamsburgh, Massachusetts

Box V.32 Hertzog, Carl

Box V.32 Heyeck Press

Woodside, California

Box V.32 High House Press -- Masters, James E.

Shaftesbury, England

Box V.32 Highton, Alexander G., Inc.

Newark, New Jersey ; New York

Box V.32 Hildreth, E. L., & Co.

Brattleboro, Vermont ; New York

Box V.32 Hill Press

Baltimore, Maryland

Box V.32 Hippogryph Press


Box V.32 Hobby Horse Press

Box V.32 Hobby House Press -- Botts, MacDowell

Pottstown, Pennsylvania

Box V.32 Hoffman, Richard

Los Angeles

Box Flat Box 14 Hoffman, Richard

Los Angeles

Box V.32 Hogarth Press -- Woolf, Leonard and Virginia

1 folder of catalogues


Box Flat Box 14 Holiday House

Box V.32 Holiday Press


Box V.32 Holt, Henry, and Company, publishers

New York

Box V.32 Hoper, Grace

Aptos, California

Box V.32 Hornung, C. P.

New York

Box V.32 Horse & Buggy Press

Raleigh, North Carolina

Box V.33 Hours Press -- Cunard, Nancy

Chapelle-Reanville, France

Box V.33 Howling at the Moon Press

Jenks, Oklahoma

Box V.33 Huckleberry Press

Incline Village, Nevada

Box V.33 Humphries, Bruce, Inc.


Box V.33 Hunter, Dard, Press

Chillicothe, Ohio

Box V.33 Huntington Press

New York

Box V.33 Huntington Library Press -- Baughman, Roland O.

SEE ALSO: Alibi Press, Grey Bow Press

San Marino, California

Box V.33 Hutchinson, Bradley

Austin, Texas

Box V.33 Hyperion-Verlag -- Weber, Hans von

Munich, Germany

Box V.33 Ichiyama, Dennis Y.

Purdue University, West Lafayette, Indiana

Box V.33 Imprimerie Nationale


Box V.33 Imprint Society (printing out at various presses)

Barre, Massachusetts

Box V.33 Inanna Press -- Cummins, Maureen

Box V.33 Incline Press

Oldham, Lancashire

Box V.33 Indian Mountain Press

New York

Box V.33 Inkwell Press

Box V.33 Inky Parrot Press

See also: Previous Parrot Press

Oxford, England

Box V.33 Iron Bear Press

San Diego, California

Box V.33 Isis Press

Amherst, Massachusetts

Box V.33 Ives Street Press

Mount Carmel, Connecticut

Box V.34 Janicolo


Box V.35 Janus Press -- Van Vliet, Claire


Box Flat Box 15 Janus Press -- Van Vliet, Claire


Box V.34 Jaquish, O. W. (designer and printer)

New York

Box V.34 Jerusalem Print Workshop


Box V.34 Johnnycake Press

New York

Box V.34 Johnson, Charles Everett, Company

Chicago, Illinois

Box Flat Box 15 Johnson, John

Box V.34 Johnson, Joseph (designer)

New York

Box V.34 Josephy, Robert S. (designer)

New York

Box Flat Box 15 Jost,Heinrich

Box V.34 Jou, Louis (printer and publisher)


Box V.34 Journalism Laboratory Press

Washington and Lee University, Lexington, Virginia

Box V.34 Jubilee Press

Oak Park, Illinois

Box V.34 Jungle Garden Press

Fairfax, California

Box V.34 Juniper Press

Burradoo, New South Wales, Australia

Box V.34 Juniper von Pfitzer Press

See here for: Shibui printing

San Francisco

Box V.34 Junto -- Goodman, Julius

Grosse Pointe, Michigan

Box V.34 Just for Fun Press

Santa Cruz, California

Box V.34 Kairos Press

Austin, Texas

Box V.34 Kaldewey Press

Poestenkill, New York

Box V.34 Kalkhoff Company

New York

Box V.34 Kallemeyn Press

New York

Box V.34 Karuba Press

San Francisco

Box V.34 Kat Ran Press

Florence, Massachusetts

Box V.34 Keepsake Press

Box V.34 Kelly-Winterton Press

Jamaica, New York

Box V.34 Kelmscott Press -- Morris, William

Hammersmith, England

Box Flat Box 15 Kelmscott Press -- Morris, William

Hammersmith, England

Box V.34 Kemble Club

San Francisco

Box V.36 Kennedy, Clarence

Northampton, Massachusetts

Box V.36 Kennedy, Lawton

San Francisco

Box V.36 Kennedy, Robert Lawrence

Box V.36 Kingfisher Press

Box V.36 Kingsport Press

Box V.36 Kirgate Press -- Buddy, Lewis, III

Canton, Pennsylvania

Box V.36 Klingspor Typefoundry -- Klingspor, Karl Hermann

Offenbach, Germany

Box V.36 Knickerbocker Press

see here for Green, William, Inc.

New York

Box V.36 Knopf, Alfred A. (publisher)

New York

Box V.36 Koch, Paul (designer and printer)

SEE ALSO: Stamperia del Santuccio

Florence, Italy ; Offenbach am Main, Germany

Box V.36 Koch, Peter

Berkeley, California

Box Flat Box 15 Koch,Paul

Box V.36 Koch, Rudolf (designer and typographer)

Offenbach am Main, Germany

Box Flat Box 15 Koch, Rudolf (designer and typographer)

Offenbach am Main, Germany

Box V.36 Kristensen, Poul

Herning, Denmark

Box V.36 Kuboaa

New York

Box V.38 Laboratory Press -- Garnett, Porter ; Gage, Henry L.

Carnegie Institute of Technology, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

Box Flat Box 15 Laboratory Press -- Garnett, Porter ; Gage, Henry L.

Carnegie Institute of Technology, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

Box V.78 Laboratory Press -- Garnett, Porter ; Gage, Henry L.

Carnegie Institute of Technology, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

Box V.37 Labyrinth Editions

Torrance, California

Box V.37 Lakeside Press -- Donnelley, R. R., and Sons


Box Flat Box 16 Lakeside Press -- Donnelley, R. R., and Sons


Box Flat Box 16 Lanckisch, Friedrich, heirs of

Leipzig and Frankfurt, Germany

Box V.37 Land Marks Press

Huntington Woods, Michigan

Box V.37 Larkspur Press

Monterey, Kentucky

Box V.37 Latin Press


Box V.39 Lawton & Kennedy

Box V.39 Laymen's Committee of the Presbyterian Church

New York

Box V.39 Leadenhall Press -- Field & Tuer


Box V.39 Legacy Press

Tuscaloosa, Alabama

Box V.39 Lesser, Samuel E. (typographer, Leo Hart Co.)

East Orange, New Jersey ; Rochester, New York

Box V.39 Libanus Press

Marlborough, Wiltshire, England

Box V.39 Libra Press

Altadena, California

Box V.39 Libros San Cristobal

Antigua, Guatemala

Box V.39 Lieberman, Ben

Herity Press

Box V.39 Light of Day

Northampton, Massachusetts

Box V.39 Lime Kiln Press -- Everson, William (Brother Antoninus)

University of California at Santa Cruz, Santa Cruz, California

Box Flat Box 16 Lime Kiln Press -- Everson, William (Brother Antoninus)

University of California at Santa Cruz, Santa Cruz, California

Box V.39 Lime Rock Press

Salisbury, Connecticut

Box V.39 Lincoln Printing Co.


Box V.39 Literary House Press

Washington College, Chestertown, Maryland

Box V.39 Little Farm Press

Bath, Pennsylvania

Box V.39 Little Press

McCrea, Jim and Ruth

Box Flat Box 16 Lochner, Johann Christoph

Nürnberg, Germany

Box V.39 Logan Elm Press

Columbus, Ohio

Box V.39 Logbridge-Rhodes

Durango, Colorado

Box V.39 London College of Printing


Box V.39 Lost Cause Press

Box V.39 Lufkin, Raymond (designer)

New York

Box V.40 Mack, Joseph, printing house

Detroit, Michigan

Box V.40 MacMahon, Frederick

Rockville, Connecticut

Box V.40 Macmillan Company

New York ; Chicago ; Boston ; Atlanta ; Dallas ; San Francisco

Box V.40 McMurtrie, Douglas C. (typographer, designer, author)

Box V.40 McPharlin, Paul

Birmingham, Michigan

Box V.40 Mainzer Presse -- Kleukens, Christian

Mainz, Deutschland

Box V.40 Mallette Dean (designer and artist)

Fairfax, California

Box V.40 Mandrake Press

Box V.40 Manor House Press -- Moss, William E.

Surrey, England

Box V.40 Many Names Press

Capitola, California

Box V.40 Maple Press -- King, Howard N.

York, Pennsylvania

Marchbanks Press -- Marchbanks, Hal

New York

Box Flat Box 16 Marchbanks Press -- Marchbanks, Hal

New York

Box V.42 Marchbanks Press -- Marchbanks, Hal

New York

Box V.79 Marchbanks Press -- Marchbanks, Hal

New York

Box V.43 Margaret's Press

Anacortes, Washington

Box V.43 Marion Press -- Hopkins, Frank E.

Jamaica, New York

Box V.43 Maverick Press -- Emmons, Earl H.

New York

Box V.43 Meadow Press

San Francisco

Box V.43 Meadows Press

Northampton, Massachusetts

Box V.43 Meles Vulgaris Press

Madison, Wisconsin

Box V.43 Melville Press

Pacific Palisades, California

Box V.43 Memory Press -- Pisano, Maria G.

Plainsboro, New Jersey

Box V.43 Menhaden Press -- Hegeman, F.

Box V.43 Meow Press

Buffalo, New York

Box V.43 Meriden Gravure Company

Box V.43 Merrymount Press -- Updike, Daniel Berkeley

SEE ALSO: description sheet for Arthur S. Allen Commercial Typography Collection


Box Flat Box 16 Merrymount Press -- Updike, Daniel Berkeley


Box V.80 Merrymount Press -- Updike, Daniel Berkeley


Box V.43 Metacom Press

Worcester, Massachusetts

Box Flat Box 16 Metropolitan Museum, press relating to

New York

Box V.43 Metropolitan Press

San Francisco

Box Flat Box 16 Metropolitan Press

San Francisco

Box V.43 Middle Hill Press -- Phillips, Thomas, Sir

Middle Hill, England

Box V.43 Midnight Paper Sales

Stockholm, Wisconsin

Box V.44 Monotype Corporation

Box Flat Box 16 Monotype Corporation

Box V.44 Montague Press -- Rollins, Carl Purington

Montague, Massachusetts

Box Flat Box 16 Montague Press -- Rollins, Carl Purington

Montague, Massachusetts

Box V.44 Moonkosh Press & Ragpicker Press

Madison, Wisconsin

Box V.44 Moore, Norman R.

Larchmont, New York

Box V.44 Morgan Press

Hastings-on-Hudson, New York

Box V.44 Morland Press, Limited


Box V.44 Morrill Press

Fulton, New York

Box V.44 Mosher Press -- Mosher, Thomas Bird

Portland, Maine

Box V.44 Mother Tongue Press

Salt Spring Island, British Columbia

Box V.44 Movings Parts Press

Santa Cruz, California

Box V.44 Munder, Norman, T. A., & Co.

Baltimore, Maryland

Box V.44 Mutel, Didier


Box V.44 Nadja

New York

Box V.44 Nash, Hope and Ray

Royalton, Vermont

Box Flat Box 17 Nash, Hope and Ray

Royalton, Vermont

Box V.44 Nash, John Henry

San Francisco

Box Flat Box 17 Nash, John Henry

San Francisco

Box V.44 National Bank Note Company

New York

Box V.45 Nelson, Thacher (designer and illustrator)


Box V.45 Never Mind the Press

Berkeley, California

Box V.45 New Directions (publishers)

Norfolk, Connecticut

Box V.45 New Overbrook Press

Box V.45 New Penn Press

Box V.45 New Pyramid Press

Box V.45 Newbegin, John J.

San Francisco

Box V.45 Nexus Press

Atlanta, Georgia

Box V.45 Nightshade Press

Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Box V.45 Nimrod Press

Boston, Massachusetts

Box V.45 Ninja Press

Sherman Oaks, California

Box V.45 Nomadic Press

Box V.47 Nonesuch Press -- Meynell, Francis and Vera ; Garnett, David


Box Flat Box 17 Nonesuch Press -- Meynell, Francis and Vera ; Garnett, David


Box V.45 North Point Press

New York

Box V.45 Nypels, Charles (printer, editor)

Maestricht, Holland

Box V.46 Oak Knoll Books

New Castle, Delaware

Box V.46 Occasional Works

Woodside, California

Box V.46 Ocotillo Press

Iowa City, Iowa

Box V.46 October Mountain Press

Washington, Massachusetts

Box V.46 October Press

Ashland, Oregon

Box V.46 Offhand Press

Swarthmore, Pennsylvania

Box V.46 Officina Bodoni -- Mardersteig, Hans

Montagnola di Lugano, Switzerland ; Verona, Italy

Box Flat Box 18 Officina Bodoni -- Mardersteig, Hans

Montagnola di Lugano, Switzerland ; Verona, Italy

Box V.46 Officina Brindabella

Box V.46 Officina Peregrinis -- Evans, Henry Herman

San Francisco

Box Flat Box 18 Officina Serpentis

Box V.46 Old Print Shop -- Gottschalk, Edward ; Newman, Harry Shaw

New York

Box V.46 Old School Press

Bath, England

Box V.46 Old Stile Press

Llandogo, Monmouthshire, Wales

Box V.46 Oldstyle Press

Lincoln Park, New Jersey

Box V.46 Oliphant Press -- Gordon, Ronald ; Breecker, David

New York

Box V.46 Oliver, Peter and Katharine (printers and publishers)

New York

Box V.46 Orange Mountain Press

South Orange, New Jersey

Box V.46 Oriole Press -- Ishill, Joseph

Berkeley Heights, New Jersey

Box V.48 Oswald Publishing Company -- Oswald, John C.

New York

Box V.48 Out of Sorts Press and Letter Foundry -- Taylor, Pat

Larchmont, New York

Box V.48 Overbrook Press -- Altschul, Frank

SEE ALSO: New Overbrook Press

Stamford, Connecticut

Box V.49 Pacific Editions

San Francisco

Box V.49 Packet Editions -- Johnston, Paul

Woodstock, New York

Box V.49 Palabra Press -- `

Providence, Rhode Island

Box V.49 Palaemon Press

Winston-Salem, North Carolina

Box V.49 Palisades Press

Jersey City, New Jersey

Box V.49 Palmer & Oliver, Inc.

New York

Box V.49 Pandora Press

Box V.49 Pantheon Books, Inc.

New York

Box V.49 Paradise Press

Venice, California

Box V.49 Parallel Press

Athens, Georgia

Box V.49 Pardes Rimonim Press

Woodmere, New York

Box V.49 Parkgate Press

Hampshire, England

Box V.49 Parley Vale Press

Cincinnati, Ohio

Box V.49 Parnassus Press -- Ney, Lew

New York

Box V.49 Passim Editions

Ann Arbor, Michigan

Box V.49 Payson & Clarke, Ltd. (Victor Gollancz, Ltd.)

New York

Box V.49 Peacock Press -- Underhill, Wanda

Berkeley, California

Box V.50 Pear Tree Press -- Guthrie, James (John Freeman)

Ingrave, Shorne, Harting, Flansham, England

Box V.49 Peccary Press

Tucson, Arizona

Box V.49 Pegasus Press -- Reese, J. Holroyd


Box V.51 Pelican Press -- Meaden, Arthur H. ; Meynell, Francis


Box Flat Box 18 Pelican Press -- Meaden, Arthur H. ; Meynell, Francis


Box V.51 Pelletan, Edouard (editor, printer)


Box V.51 Pendulum Press

Staten Island, New York

Box V.51 Penguin Press (Publishing Co. Ltd.)


Box V.51 Penmaen Press -- McCurdy, Michael


Box V.51 Pennyroyal Caxton Press

West Hatfield, Massachusetts

Box V.51 Pennyroyal Press

SEE ALSO: Book Arts - Illustrator - Moser, Barry

Box V.51 Penstemon Press -- Schallock, Kathleen Gray

Madison, Wisconsin

Box V.51 Pentagram

Markesan, Wisconsin

Box V.51 Penteyegram Press

Atlanta, Georgia

Box V.51 Penumbra Press

Lisbon, Iowa

Box V.51 Peregrine Press

Box V.51 Perimeter Press

Madison, Wisconsin

Box V.51 Peripatetic Press

Santa Cruz, California

Box V.51 Perishable Press

Mount Horeb, Wisconsin

Box Flat Box 18 Perishable Press

Mount Horeb, Wisconsin

Box V.51 Periwinkle Press -- Perry, Louise S. G. ; Katharine Burton

Norton, Massachusetts

Box V.51 Permanent Press

Sag Harbor, New York

Box V.52 Peter and the Wolf Editions

Oakland, California

Box V.52 Peter Pauper Press -- Beilenson, Peter

Larchmont, New York

Box V.52 Petrarch Press

New York

Box V.52 Petri Presse

Box V.52 Pettitt, T., and Co.


Box Flat Box 18 Picart, B.


Box V.52 Piccolo Press

Box V.52 Pichon, Leon (printer, publisher)


Box V.52 Pickering Press

Maple Shade, New Jersey

Box V.52 Pillbox Private Press

Des Moines, Iowa

Box V.52 Pioneers, Press of the

1 prospectus

New York

Box V.52 Plain Wrapper Press -- Rummonds, Richard-Gabriel

Verona, Italy

Box V.52 Plantin Press -- Marks, Saul and Lillian

San Francisco

Box Flat Box 18 Plantin Press -- Marks, Saul and Lillian

San Francisco

Box V.52 Plough Press

Loughborough, Leicestershire

Box V.52 P'nye Press

Los Altos, California

Box V.52 Poeschel & Trepte -- Poeschel, Carl Ernst

Leipzig, Germany

Box Flat Box 18 Poletti, Andrea


Box V.52 Polish Private Press Ptyszkiewicz

Florence, Italy

Box V.52 Poltroon Press

Box V.52 Pomegranate Press

Cambridge, Massachusetts

Box V.52 Poole Press

Berkeley, California

Box V.52 Porte Publishing Co. -- Smith, Frederick W.

Salt Lake City, Utah

Box V.52 Potes & Poets Press

Elmwood, Connecticut

Box V.52 Potlatcxh Press

Williamstown, Massachusetts

Box V.52 Powell

Box V.52 Powers, Frank

Jackson Heights, New York

Box V.52 Powgen Press -- Powers, Frank E. ; Gensamer, Ted

New York

Box V.53 Prairie Press -- Coleman, Carrol D.

Muscatine, Iowa City, Iowa

Box V.53 Prasada Press

Westbrook, Connecticut

Box V.53 Pratt Adlib Press

New York

Box V.53 Press at Colorado College

Box V.53 Press in Tuscany Alley

San Francisco

Box V.53 Press of Appletree Alley

Box V.53 Press of Elfriede Abbe

Box V.53 Press of the Nightowl

Baton Rouge, Louisiana

Box V.53 Press of the Palace of the Governors, Museum of New Mexico

Santa Fe, New Mexico

Box V.53 Press of Time

Santa Cruz, California

Box V.53 Pressworks

Dallas, Texas

Box V.53 Previous Parrot Press

See here for Hanborough Parrot Press,

Church Hanborough, Oxford, England

Box V.53 Price, Robin

Los Angeles

Box V.53 Primavera Press -- Zeitlin, Jake ; Hanna, Phil T. ; Ritchie, Ward ; Carey MacWilliams

Los Angeles, California

Box V.53 Primrose Hill Press


Box V.53 Printery -- Kramer, Kay Michael

Kirkwood, Missouri

Box V.53 Printing Office at High Loft

Seal Harbor, Maine

Box V.53 Privy Council Press (Typophiles)

New York

Box V.53 Profile Press -- Head, Arthur

Including items appearing under the imprint of Arthur Head, the proprietor, and many poems written under his pseudonym, "Uther Capet"

New Haven

Box V.53 Profile Press

New York

Box V.53 Prospero Presse

Zug, Switzerland & Munich, German

Box V.53 Protean Press

San Francisco

Box V.54 Prumyslova Press

Prague, Czechoslovakia

Box Flat Box 18 Prumyslova Press

Prague, Czechoslovakia

Box V.53 Purgtory Pie Press

New York

Box V.53 Pynson, Richard


Box V.53 Pynson Printers -- Adler, Elmer

New York

Box V.53 Pyracantha Press

School of Art, Arizona State University, Tempe, Arizona

Box V.55 Quail Press

Santa Cruz, California

Box V.55 Quelquefois Press

Berkeley, California

Box V.55 Ragpicker Press

Madison, Wisconsin

Box V.55 Rainbow Press


Box V.55 Raintree Press

Bloomington, Indiana

Box V.55 Rampant Lions -- Carter, Will

Cambridge, England

Box V.55 Ranchos Press

Ranchos de Taos, New Mexico

Box V.55 Random House (publishers) -- Cerf, Bennett A.

New York

Box V.55 Raven Press -- Maynard, Robert Ashwin ; Bray, Horace Walter

Harrow Weald, England

Box V.55 Red Angel Press

New York

Box V.55 Red Dress Press

Los Angeles

Box V.55 Red Hen Press

Byddwn Uchaf Llanhamlach, Wales

Box V.55 Red Howler Press

Lebanon, Pennsylvania

Box V.55 Red Hydra

Box V.55 Red Ozier Press

Box V.55 Red Trillium Press

Williamsburg, Massachusetts

Box V.55 Redcoat Press

Westport, Connecticut

Box V.55 Redfield-Kendrick-Odell Co. Inc. (printers)

New York

Box V.55 Reiss, Morris

New York

Box Flat Box 18 Reichsdrukerei

Box V.55 Riccardi Press (Medici Society) -- Warner, Philip Lee ; De Grey, Nigel


Box V.55 Rice, Franklin P. (private press of)

Worcester, Massachusetts

Box V.56 Ritchie, Ward (Anderson, Caroline ; Simon, Joseph)

Los Angeles

Box V.56 Riverside Press (Houghton Mifflin Company)

Cambridge, Massachusetts

Box V.56 Rob Run Press

Box V.56 Roberts, John


Box V.56 Rocket Press

Box V.57 Rogers, Bruce (printer, designer, typographer ; various presses, Riverside, Rudge, Oxford University Press, et al.)

SEE ALSO: description sheet for Arthur S. Allen Commercial Typography Collection

Box Flat Box 18 Rogers, Bruce (printer, designer, typographer ; various presses, Riverside, Rudge, Oxford University Press, et al.)

Box V.58 Rogers, Bruce (printer, designer, typographer ; various presses, Riverside, Rudge, Oxford University Press, et al.)

Box V.56 Rohse, Otto


Box Flat Box 18 Rollins,Carl P.

Box V.59 Rosa, Guido and Lawrence (designers)

SEE ALSO: description sheet for Arthur S. Allen Commercial Typography Collection

Union City, New Jersey

Box V.59 Rosemary Press -- Offner, Elliot

Northampton, Massachusetts

Box V.59 Roters, Carl G. (designer and illustrator)

New York

Box V.59 Roto

Austin, Texas

Box V.59 Roundstone Press

Toronto, Canada

Box V.59 Roycrofters (Roycroft Shop) -- Hubbard, Elbert ; Hubbard, Elbert, II

East Aurora, New York

Box V.60 Rudge, William Edwin (printer and publisher)

Mount Vernon, New York ; New York

Box Flat Box 18 Rudge, William Edwin (printer and publisher)

Mount Vernon, New York ; New York

Box V.60 Rudge's Sons, William E., Inc.

New York

Box V.61 Rydal Press -- Gentry, Bruce

See here for: Gentry Press

Santa Fe, New Mexico

Box V.61 St. Albans Press -- Hurlbut, Stephen A.

Mount St. Alban, Washington, D. C.

Box V.61 St. Dominic's Press -- Pepler, Hilary D. C.

Ditchling, England

Box Flat Box 19 St. Dominic's Press -- Pepler, Hilary D. C.

Ditchling, England

Box V.61 St. Teresa's Press

Carmelite Monastery, Flemington, New Jersey

Box V.61 Salt House Press

See here for Turner, Lewis McKenzie

Baltimore, Maryland

Box Flat Box 19 Salt House Press

Baltimore, Maryland

Box V.61 Salter, George (designer)

New York

Box V.80 Salter, George (designer)

New York

Box V.61 Samson Press -- Shelmerdine, J. M. ; Grierson, Flora

Stuart's Hill Cottage, England

Box V.78 Samson Press -- Shelmerdine, J. M. ; Grierson, Flora

Stuart's Hill Cottage, England

Box V.61 San Pasqual Press

Pasadena, California

Box V.61 Sand Dollar


Box V.61 Sandstone Press

New York

Box V.61 Santa Susana Press

California State University, Northridge, California

Box V.61 Sarabande Press

New York

Box V.61 Saunders Studio Press -- Saunders, Lynne and Ruth

Claremont, California

Box V.61 Scarab Press

Box V.61 Schiller, Albert (designer and printer)

New York

Box V.61 Schmied


Box V.61 Scholartis Press -- Partridge, Eric


Box V.61 Schoonmaker, W. P. (designer)


Box V.61 Schwarze Kunst


Box V.61 Scolar Press

Ilkley, England

Box V.61 Scorpio Press

Scottsdale, Arizona

Box V.61 Scripps College Press

Claremont, California

Box V.61 Sea Cliff Press

New York

Box V.61 Sea Pen Press & Paper Mill

Seattle, Washington

Box V.61 Senecio Press


Box V.61 September Press


Box V.61 Serpent & Eagle Press

Box V.61 Seton Village Press

Santa Fe, New Mexico

Box V.62 Shakespeare Head Press -- Bullen, Arthur Henry ; Newdigate, Bernard Henry

Stratford-on-Avon, England ; Oxford, England

Box V.62 Shalom Yehuda Press


Box V.62 Sheed & Ward

New York

Box V.62 Shenval Press


Box V.62 Shepard, Henry O., Co.


Box V.62 Sherbow, Benjamin (typographer)

New York

Box V.62 Sherwin Beach Press


Box V.62 Shiver Mountain Press -- Amberger, Fritz

Washington Depot, Connecticut

Box V.62 Shoestring Press

Box V.62 Shuffaloff Press

Buffalo, New York

Box V.62 Shulamis Press

Venice, California

Box V.62 Sign of the Blue-Behinded Ape, At the -- Beilenson, Peter and Edna

SEE ALSO: Peter Pauper Press

Larchmont, New Rochelle, and Mount Vernon, New York

Box V.62 Sign of the Boar's Head Press -- Sandford, Christopher and Lettice

Heathercombe and London, England

Box V.64 Sign of the Dolphin, At the -- Jones, George W.


Box V.64 Sign of the George -- Winship, George P.

Cambridge, Massachusetts

Box V.64 Sign of the Gosden Head -- Annand, George

New York

Box V.64 Sign of the Pike & Ring

Maple Shade, New Jersey

Box V.64 Sign of the Rose -- Craig, Edward Gordon

Hackbridge, England

Box V.64 Silve, David (typographer, also with Pynson Printers)

New York

Box V.64 Silver Hands Press

New York

Box V.64 Singleton, Fred T. (printer and author)

Hempstead, New York

Box V.64 Sixth Chamber Press

Leamington Spa, England

Box V.63 Skelton's Press

Box V.63 Sky Blue Press

Huntington, Woods, Michigan

Box V.63 Smellie's Printing Office


Box V.63 Society of Printers


Box Flat Box 19 Society of Printers


Box V.63 Society of Private Printers

Box V.63 Sol Invictus

New York

Box V.63 Solitarian Press -- Flower, J. Howard and Donald M.

Hartland, Vermont

Box V.63 Soncino Press


Box V.63 Southworth-Anthoensen Press -- Southworth, Constant ; Anthoensen, Fred

Portland, Maine

Box V.63 Sparrow Press

West Lafayette, Indiana

Box V.63 Spiral Press -- Blumenthal, Joseph ; Hoffman, George

New York

Box V.77 Spiral Press -- Blumenthal, Joseph ; Hoffman, George

New York

Box V.78 Spiral Press -- Blumenthal, Joseph ; Hoffman, George

New York

Box V.63 Spottiswoode & Co.


Box V.63 Springer, Winton L. (typographer and inventor)

Clinton, Wisconsin

Box V.63 Springer, John (printer and author)

Iowa City, Iowa

Box V.63 Squamata Press

Box V.65 Stamperia del Santuccio -- Koch, Paul

Lexington, Kentucky

Box V.65 Stamperia Valdonega

Verona, Italy

Box Flat Box 19 Stamperia Valdonega

Verona, Italy

Box V.65 Stanbrook Abbey Press

Callow End, England

Box V.65 Stanton Press -- Stanton, Richard ; Lambert, Elinor

Wembley Hill, England ; Dodona, England

Box V.65 Steiner-Prag, Hugo (publisher and designer)

Leipzig, Germany

Box V.65 Stephen Greene Press

Box V.65 Stern & Faye, Printers

Sedro-Woolley, Washington

Box V.65 Still Point Press

Box V.65 Stillson, Robert L., Co.

New York

Box V.65 Stinehour Press -- Stinehour, Roderick

Lunenburg, Vermont

Box V.65 Stokes, Frederick A., Co. (publishers)

New York

Box V.65 Stone & Kimball -- Stone, Herbert S. ; Kimball, Hannibal Ingalls, Jr.

Cambridge, Massachusetts ; Chicago

Box V.65 Stone House Press

Roslyn, New York

Box V.65 Stone Printing and Manufacturing Co. -- Stone, Edward L.

Roanoke, Virginia

Box V.65 Stone Wall Press (subsidiary of Cummington Press) -- Frazier, Katherine

Iowa City, Iowa

Box V.65 Stratford Press -- Gleason, Earl F.

Cincinnati, Ohio

Box V.65 Strawberry Hill Press -- Walpole, Horace, Sir

Twickenham, England

Box V.65 Street of Crocodiles Printery

Sedro-Woolley, Washington

Box V.65 Stricker, Thomas Perry (printer and author)

Los Angeles

Box V.65 Sub Rosa Press

See here for: Cameron, Carol

Madison, Wisconsin

Box V.65 Sumac Press

La Crosse,Wisconsin

Box V.65 Sun-Stone Press

Accokeek, Maryland

Box V.65 Sutton Hoo Press

La Crosse,Wisconsin

Box V.65 Swamp Press

Oneonta, New York ; Amherst, Massachusetts

Box V.65 Sylvan Press


Box V.65 Symposium Press

Los Angeles

Box V.66 Tabard Press

Blackwell's Rare Books, Oxford, England

Box V.66 Table-Talk Press

Santa Barbara, California

Box V.66 Tamalpais Press -- Levenson, Roger

Berkeley, California

Box Flat Box 19 Tamalpais Press -- Levenson, Roger

Berkeley, California

Box V.66 Tanner, Wesley B.

Box V.66 Taylor, W. Thomas

Austin, Texas

Box V.66 Taylor Press


Box V.66 Taylor & Taylor (printers and publishers)

San Francisco

Box Flat Box 19 Tefferode, N.


Box V.66 Tenfingers Press -- Thomas, Frank J.

Los Angeles

Box V.66 Tern Press

Market Drayton, Shropshire, England

Box V.66 Thaumatrope Press

Special Collections Department, Rivera Library, University of California, Riverside, California

Box V.66 Theodore Press

Box V.66 Third & Elm Press

Newport, Rhode Island

Box V.66 Thistle Hill Press

North Brookfield, Massachusetts

Box V.66 Thomas, Peter and Donna

Santa Cruz, California

Box V.66 Thomas Todd Company (printers)


Box V.66 Thomson & Co. (printers, designers)

New York

Box V.66 Thornwillow Press

New York

Box V.66 Three Birds Press -- Hunt, Lee

New York

Box V.66 Thursday Night Press -- Forgue, Norman W. ; McCarthy, Robert ; Mauger, John


Box V.67 Tideline Press

Tannersville, New York

Box V.67 Times-Mirror Printing and Binding House -- Stuff, Harry Spencer

Los Angeles

Box V.67 Timothy Press -- Anderson, Gregg ; Hugo, Harold

Meriden, Connecticut

Box V.67 Tintern Press -- Stuart, Vincent Graham

Brockweir, England

Box V.67 Tomato Press

Stillwater, Maine

Box V.67 Toothpaste Press

Kornblum, Allan and Cinda

Box V.67 Topia Press

Bradford, England ; New York

Box Flat Box 19 Tournes, family of printers


Box V.67 Toyme Press


Box V.67 Toyon Press

Box V.67 Tragara Press

Edinburgh, Scotland

Box V.67 Trenholm, George F. (designer and printer)


Box V.67 Treparrot Press

Church Hanborough, Oxford, England

Box V.67 Triangular Press

Brookston, Indiana

Box V.67 Trianon Press

ChΓteau de Boissia, France

Box V.67 Trovillion Private Press -- Trovillion, Hal and Violet

Herrin, Illinois

Box V.67 Tryst Press

Provo, Utah

Box V.67 Turkey Press

Isla Vista, California

Box V.67 Turtle Island Press


Box V.67 Tusar, Slavoboj

Box V.67 Two Dog Press

Deer Isle, Maine

Box V.67 Two Pears Press

Santa Cruz, California

Box V.67 Twowindows Press

Berkeley, California

Box V.68 Underfoot Press


Box V.68 Unicorn Press

Santa Barbara, California

Box V.68 United States. Bureau of Engraving and Printing.

Box V.68 United States. Government Printing Office.

Washington, D. C.

Box V.68 University of Amherst

Amherst, Massachusetts

Box V.68 University of California Press

Berkeley, California

Box Flat Box 19 University of California Press

Berkeley, California

Box V.68 University Press, Cambridge -- Lewis, W.

Cambridge, England

Box V.68 University Press, Columbia

New York

Box Flat Box 19 University Press, Columbia

New York

Box V.68 University Press in Dallas

Southern Methodist University, Dallas, Texas

Box V.69 University Press, Harvard

Cambridge, Massachusetts

Box V.69 University of Iowa -- Ernst, Shirley

Iowa City, Iowa

Box V.69 University Press, New York

New York

Box V.69 University Press, Oxford

Oxford, England ; New York

Box Flat Box 19 University Press, Oxford

Oxford, England ; New York

Box V.69 University Press, Princeton -- Tomlinson, Paul ; Warde, Frederick

Princeton, New Jersey

Box V.70 University Press, Yale -- Rollins, Carl Purington ; Rudge, William E. ; et al.

New Haven, Connecticut

Box Flat Box 19 University Press, Yale

Box V.71 Uphill Press

Box V.68 Upstairs Press

Pullman, Washington

Box V.70 USC Fine Arts Press

University of Southern California, Los Angeles

Box V.71 Vale Press -- Ricketts, Charles


Box V.71 Van Krimpen, Jan (typographer)

Box Flat Box 19 Varrentrapp, Franz

Frankfurt, Germany

Box V.71 Verdigris

Herault & Octon, France

Box V.71 Viking Press -- Heinemann, William

New York

Box V.71 Vine Press -- Royce, Charles, Mrs. ; Neuberg, Victor B.

Steyning, Sussex, England

Box V.71 Vindobonensis, Officina -- Koch, Paul

Vienna, Austria

Box V.71 Virgil Press -- Crossett, John

Enosburg Falls, Vermont

Box V.71 Vixen Press

Winnetka, Illinois

Box Flat Box 19 Vogeler

Box V.71 Vojtech Preissig

Prague, Czech Republic

Box V.71 Volk, Kurt H., Inc. (typography)

New York

Box V.72 Walpole Printing Office -- Beilenson, Peter ; Thompson, Edmund

New Rochelle, New York

Box V.72 Warde, Beatrice (typographer, scholar)


Box V.72 Warde, Frederick (typographer, printer)

New York ; Princeton, New Jersey

Box V.72 Warwick Press

Easthampton, Massachusetts

Box V.72 Watch Hill Press -- Gaige, Crosby ; Hendrickson, James

Peekskill, New York

Box V.72 Waverly Press

Baltimore, Maryland

Box V.72 Wayside Press

Charlottesville, Virginia

Box V.72 Wayside Press -- Bradley, Will H.

Springfield, Massachusetts

Box V.73 Wellesley College Library Press

Box V.73 Westerham Press

Box V.73 Westminster Press


Box V.73 Westgate Press

San Francisco

Box V.73 Wheldon & Wesley Ltd. (publishers)


Box V.73 White, Irvin (printer, author)

Madison, Wisconsin

Box Flat Box 19 White, Irvin (printer, author)

Madison, Wisconsin

Box V.73 Whittington Press

Manor Farm, Andoversford, near Cheltenham, Gloucestershire, England

Box V.73 Wild Carrot Press

Box V.73 Wild Hare Press

Box V.73 Williams, Gordon

Zelzah, California

Box V.73 Williams Press -- Lyon, J. B., Co.

Albany, New York

Box V.73 Wilson, Adrian

SEE ALSO: Centaur Press

San Francisco

Box V.73 Wind River Press

Box V.73 Windell Press

Lexington, Kentucky

Box V.73 Windflower Press

Lincoln, Nebraska

Box V.73 Windhover Press

Iowa University, Iowa City, Iowa

Box V.73 Windowpane Press

Seattle, Washington

Box V.73 Windsor Press -- Johnson, C. A. and J. S.

San Francisco

Box V.73 Winter Harbor Press

Biddeford, Maine

Box V.73 Wolfensberger, J. E.

Zⁿrich, Switzerland

Box V.73 Women's Studio Workshop

Rosendale, New York

Box V.73 Wood Clarke Press


Box V.73 Wood Lea Press

Woodbridge, Suffolk, England

Box V.74 Woolly Whale, Press of the -- Dwiggins, W. A.

New York

Box Flat Box 19 Woolly Whale, Press of the -- Dwiggins, W. A.

New York

Box V.73 Woolmer/Brotherson Ltd.

Revere, Pennsylvania

Box V.73 World's End Press


Box Flat Box 19 World's End Press


Box V.73 Wrongtree Press

San Francisco

Box V.73 Wurth, Joseph

Darmstadt, Germany

Box Flat Box 19 Wust, Balthasar Christoph

Frankfurt, Germany

Box V.75 Yellow Barn Press

Council Bluffs, Iowa

Box V.75 Yolla Bolly Press

See here for: Robertson, Carolyn and James

Covelo, California

Box Flat Box 19 Yolla Bolly Press

Covelo, California

Series VI: Publishers

Box VI.1 Ars Typographica (New York)

Box VI.1 Art et Pensée (Paris)

Box VI.1 Black Cat Press (Monkstown, Dublin, Ireland)

Box VI.1 Boni, Alfred & Charles

Box VI.1 Boni and Liveright (New York)

Box VI.1 Book Trade Associations

Box VI.1 Bowker, R. R., Company (New York)

Box VI.1 Bröderna Lagerströms Förlag (Stockholm)

Box VI.1 Burt, A. L., Company (New York)

Box VI.1 Calmann-Lévy (Paris)

Box VI.1 Campbell, William J. (Philadelphia)

Box VI.1 Canson et Montgolfier (Annonay, Ardèche, France)

Box VI.1 Cape, Jonathan, firm (London)

Box VI.1 Carteret, L. (Paris)

Box VI.1 Century Company (New York)

Box VI.1 Champion, Honoré (Paris)

Box VI.1 Clarion Publishing (Alton, Hampshire)

Box VI.1 Clark, Arthur, H. & Co. (Cleveland)

Box VI.1 Clarke, W. B., Co. (Boston)

Box VI.1 Constable and Co., Ltd. (London)

Box VI.1 Coq, André (Paris)

Box VI.1 Crowell, Collier, Macmillan (New York)

Box VI.1 Daily Times Steam Printing Establishment (Troy, New York)

Box VI.1 D'Alignan, E.-F. (Paris)

Box VI.1 Dawson Publishing

Box VI.1 Delteil, Leo (Paris)

Box VI.1 Delteil, Loys (Paris)

Box VI.1 Deutscher Verein für Buchwesen und Schrifttum (Leipzig)

Box VI.1 Doubleday, Doran & Co., Inc.

Box VI.1 Doubleday, Page & Co., Inc.

Box VI.1 Dreadnaught (Toronto)

Box VI.1 Droz, E. (Paris)

Box VI.1 Dunbar, E. M. (Boston)

Box VI.1 Dunster House (Cambridge, Massachusetts)

Box VI.1 Dutton, E. P., and Co. (New York)

Box VI.1 Editions Belles Feuilles (Zürich)

Box VI.1 Editions Boudet (Paris)

Box VI.1 Editions du Souvenir et de l'Amitié (Paris)

Box VI.1 Editions Kra (Paris)

Box VI.1 Eggimann, Charles (Paris)

Box VI.1 Faber and Faber Limited (London)

Box VI.1 Faksimile Verlag (Lucerne, Switzerland)

Box VI.1 Ferroud, A. and F. (Paris)

Box VI.1 Figuière, Eugène (Paris)

Box VI.1 Fitz Gerald, Vincent (New York)

Box VI.1 Floury, H. (Paris)

Box VI.1 Flying Fame

Box VI.1 Four Walls Eight Windows (New York)

Box VI.1 French Publishing Corporation (Midland, Texas)

Box VI.1 Garden Way Publishing Co.

Box VI.1 Geering, Rudolf (Basel, Switzerland)

Box VI.1 Godine, David (Boston)

Box VI.1 Granary Books (New York)

Box VI.1 Graphic Arts Co. (Boston)

Box VI.1 Grassby, Percy

See here for: Kertesz, André

Box VI.1 Guirlande (La Guirlande) (Paris)

Box VI.1 Gutenberg Gesellschaft (Mainz)

Box VI.1 Harcourt, Brace & Co.

See here for: Pantheon Books; Pegasus Press

Box VI.1 Harper and Brothers (New York)

Box VI.1 Hawthorn House

Box VI.1 Helleu, R. (Paris)

Box VI.1 Hiersemann, Karl W. (Leipzig)

Box VI.1 Hill, Walter M. (Chicago)

Box VI.1 Hof- und Staatsdruckerei (K. K. Hof- und Staatsdruckerei) (Vienna)

Box VI.1 Hoffman, Julius (Stuttgart)

Box VI.1 Howell, John (San Francisco)

Box VI.1 Houghton Mifflin Company (Boston and New York)

Box VI.1 Huntington Library and Art Gallery (Henry E. Huntington Library and Art Gallery) (San Marino, California)

Box VI.1 I. M. Imprimit (London)

Box VI.1 Jess, Wolfgang (Dresden)

Box VI.1 JHW Editions (New York)

Box VI.1 Journal des Dames et des Modes (Paris)

Box VI.1 Kner, Isidor (Gyoma, Hungary)

Box VI.1 Knopf, Alfred A. (New York)

Box VI.1 Kryl, Karel (Nový Jičín, Czech Republic)

Box VI.1 Kühlen, B. (Cologne)

Box VI.1 Lafaire, Heinz (Hannover)

Box VI.1 Lane, John (London and New York)

Box VI.1 Lautenbach, Eduard (Berlin)

Box VI.1 Lee and Shepard's

Box VI.1 Left Hand Books (Barrytown, New York)

Box VI.1 Lemercier (Paris)

Box VI.1 Librairie de France (Paris)

Box VI.1 Librairie de la Collection des Dix (Paris)

Box VI.1 Librairie Ollendorff (Paris)

Box VI.1 Lier, R. & Co. (Milan)

Box VI.1 Little, Brown and Co. (Boston)

Box VI.1 Liveright, Horace (New York)

Box VI.1 Longman House (Harlow, Sussex)

Box VI.2 McKay, David, Co. (Philadelphia)

Box VI.2 Macmillan Company (Chicago and New York)

Box VI.2 Macmillan and Co., Ltd. (London)

Box VI.2 Mathews, Elkin

Box VI.2 Maxwelton Company (Lexington, Kentucky)

Box VI.2 Nijhoff, Martinus (Uitgever, Netherlands) (The Hague, Netherlands)

Box VI.2 Offset Verlag GmbH (Leipzig)

Box VI.2 Oliphant Anderson & Ferrier (Edinburgh & London)

Box VI.2 Open Court Publishing Company (Chicago)

Box VI.2 Paclot, Paul, et Cie, Librairie (Paris)

Box VI.2 Panini, Franco Cosimo (Modena, Italy)

Box VI.2 Piazza, H., et Cie (Paris)

Box VI.2 Plon-Nourrit et Cie (Paris)

Box VI.2 Pressworks (Dallas, Texas)

Box VI.2 Propyläen Verlag (Berlin)

Box VI.2 Putnam's Sons (G. P. Putnam's Sons) (New York and London)

Box VI.2 Regan Publishing Corporation (Chicago)

Box VI.2 Rodker, John

Box VI.2 Rosenbach Company (Philadelphia and New York)

Box VI.2 Rosenthal, Jacques (München)

Box VI.2 Routledge, George & Sons (London, Glasgow and New York)

Box VI.2 Schroll, Anton & Co. (Vienna)

Box VI.2 Simon, Joseph

Box VI.2 Simon & Schuster

Box VI.2 Skira, Albert (Geneva)

Box VI.2 Société Française d'Editions d'Art (Paris)

Box VI.2 Sylvester & Orphanos (Hollywood, California)

Box VI.2 Thibaudeau, F. (Paris)

Box VI.2 Thoms and Eron, Inc. (New York)

Box VI.2 Tree Garden Workshop (San Francisco)

Box VI.2 Turret Books (London)

Box VI.2 Tuttle Company (Rutland, Vermont)

Box VI.2 Van Oest, G. & Cie (Brussels)

Box VI.2 Verlag der Münchner Drucke (München)

Box VI.2 Verlag für Einbandkunst

Box VI.2 Vinson, Michael (Austin, Texas)

Box VI.2 Visel, Curt, Edition (Memmingen, Germany)

Box VI.2 Ward, K. A. (Loughton, Essex, England)

Box VI.2 Wasmuth, Ernst (Berlin)

Box VI.2 Welter, Hubert (Paris)

Box VI.2 Wessels, A., Co. (New York)

Box VI.2 Whitney Museum of American Art, Library Fellows (New York)

Box VI.2 Wiley, John, and Sons, Inc. (New York)

Box VI.2 Winged Lion (London)

Box VI.2 Zachrisson, Wald (Gothenburg, Sweden)

Box VI.2 Zeitlin & Ver Brugge (Los Angeles)

Series VII: Subjects

Samples of, and ephemeral publications about, a wide range of printing subjects and history

Box VII.1 Almanacs

Box VII.1 Adhesive paper

Box VII.2 Advertising -- Miscellaneous

SEE ALSO: description sheet for Arthur S. Allen commercial typography collection; SEE ALSO: Trade cards

Box VII.2 Advertising -- Ad agencies

Box VII.2 Advertising -- Arts

Box VII.2 Advertising -- Automobiles

Box VII.2 Advertising -- Banks

Box VII.2 Advertising -- Clothing

Box VII.2 Advertising -- Education

Box VII.2 Advertising -- Home furnishings

Box VII.2 Advertising -- Real estate

Box VII.2 Advertising -- Restaurants

Box VII.2 Advertising -- Travel

Box VII.2 Advertising -- Publishing

Box VII.2 Advertising -- Valentine & Company -- Varnishes -- Valentine's varnishes

Box VII.1 Alphabets

Box Flat box 20 Alphabets

Box VII.1 Alphabets -- Chinese

Mapcase 14-G-12 American Antiquarian Society Poster by HIDY, Lance, 1987

Purchased by Jennifer B. Lee in 2012

Box VII.1 American Printing History Association -- Conferences

Box VII.1 American Printing History Collection -- Miscellaneous

Box Flat box 20 American Printing History Collection -- Miscellaneous

Box VII.1 American Printing History Association -- Keepsake -- 1st annual conference, October 2, 1976

Box VII.1 American Printing History Association -- Keepsake -- 5th annual conference, September 27, 1980

Box VII.6 American Type Founders Company -- Advertising -- Types

Box VII.4 American Type Founders Company -- Advertising -- Machinery

Box VII.3 American Type Founders Company -- Advertising -- Miscellaneous

Box VII.3 American Type Founders Company -- ATF idea file

Box Volume 4 American Type Founders Company -- Book of Layouts

Box VII.3 American Type Founders Company -- Booklets

Box Flat box 20 American Type Founders Company -- Equipment

Box VII.3 American Type Founders Company -- Exhibits

Box Flat box 20 American Type Founders Company -- Exhibits

Box Volume 35 American Type Founders Company -- Miscellaneous publications -- Cut-cost cut storage system

Box VII.5 American Type Founders Company -- Miscellaneous publications

Box VII.7 American Type Founders Company -- Miscellaneous publications

Box VII.3 American Type Founders Company -- Offices -- Views

Box VII.8 American Type Founders Company -- Related material

Box Flat box 21 American Type Founders Company -- Related material

Box VII.9 American Type Founders Company -- Shelf list

Box VII.8 American Type Founders Company -- Specimens

SEE ALSO: Specimens--Types--U. S.; SEE ALSO: Book Arts--Portrait and Biography--Bullen, H. L. and Miscellaneous group portraits

Box Flat box 21 American Type Founders Company -- Specimens

Box VII.1 Aperture Foundation (New York)

Box VII.1 Apprentices

Box VII.1 Aquatints

Box VII.1 Artists' books

Box VII.1 Artists' books -- Exhibitions -- Canada

Box VII.1 Artists' books -- Exhibitions -- United States

Box VII.1 Auctions

Box VII.10 Bank note printing

Box VII.10 Baxter prints

Box Flat box 21 Baxter prints

Box VII.10 Bible -- Manuscripts -- Europe

Box Flat box 21 Bible -- Manuscripts -- Europe

Box VII.10 Bible -- Manuscripts -- Germany

Box Flat box 21 Bible -- Manuscripts -- Germany

Box VII.10 Bible -- Manuscripts -- Greek

Box VII.10 Bible -- Manuscripts -- Hebrew

Box VII.10 Bible -- Manuscripts -- Ireland

Box Flat box 21 Bible -- Manuscripts -- Ireland

Box VII.10 Bible -- Manuscripts -- Near East

Box Flat box 21 Bible -- Manuscripts -- Near East

Box VII.10 Bible -- Publication and distribution

Box Flat box 21 Bible -- Publication and distribution

Box VII.10 Bible -- Publication and distribution -- United States

Box VII.10 Bible -- Publication and distribution -- England

Box Flat box 21 Bible -- Publication and distribution -- England

Box VII.10 Bibliographical Society (London)

Box VII.10 Bibliographical Society of America

Box VII.10 Book collecting

Box VII.10 Book collecting -- England

Box VII.10 Book collecting -- Germany

Box VII.10 Book collecting -- Hungary

Box VII.10 Book collecting -- United States -- Conferences

Box VII.10 Book dealers -- United States -- California -- Berkeley

Box VII.10 Book dealers -- United States -- New York -- Kraus, H. P.

Box VII.10 Book design

Box VII.10 Book design -- Germany

Box VII.10 Book design -- United States -- Competitions -- Carl Hertzog book design award

Box VII.11 Book fairs

Box VII.11 Book fairs -- England -- London

Box VII.11 Book fairs -- Switzerland -- Zurich

Box VII.11 Book fairs -- United States -- New York

Box VII.11 Book illustrations

Box VII.11 Book shops -- Miscellaneous

Box VII.11 Book shops -- Chiswick Book Shop

Box VII.11 Book worms

Box Flat box 21 Book worms

Box VII.12 Bookbinding

Box Flat box 22 Bookbinding

Box VII.131 Bookbinding

Box VII.12 Bookbinding -- Conferences

Box VII.12 Bookbinding -- Hand -- United States

Box VII.12 Bookbinding -- Machinery

Box VII.12 Bookbinding -- Materials -- Headbands

Box VII.12 Bookbinding -- Materials -- Miscellaneous -- Cloth

Box VII.12 Bookbinding -- Materials -- Miscellaneous -- French Levant leather

Box VII.12 Bookbinding -- Materials -- Miscellaneous -- German Morocco leather

Box VII.12 Bookbinding -- Materials -- Miscellaneous -- Goat skin

Box VII.12 Bookbinding -- Materials -- Miscellaneous -- Miscellaneous leather samples

Box VII.12 Bookmarks

Box VII.12 Bookplates

Box VII.12 Bookplates

SEE ALSO: Description sheets for bookplate collections

Box VII.12 Booksellers

Box VII.12 Boxes, book

Box VII.12 Braille printing

Box VII.12 Brass rule machinery

Box Flat box 22 Broadsides -- France

Box Flat box 22 Broadsides -- Great Britain

Box Flat box 22 Broadsides -- Holland

Box Flat box 22 Broadsides -- Italy

Box Flat box 22 Broadsides -- United States

Box Flat box 22 Broadsides -- United States -- New York

Box VII.13 Calendars

Box Flat box 22 Calendars

Box VII.13 Calendars

SEE ALSO: Almanacs

Box VII.13 Calligraphy -- Conferences

Box VII.13 Calotype

See here for: Talbotype

Box VII.13 Canadian Bookbinders and Book Artists Guild (Toronto, Ontario)

Box Flat box 22 Cartography

Box VII.13 Cartoons and caricatures

Box Flat box 22 Cartoons and caricatures

Box VII.13 Cartouches

Box Flat box 23 Catholic Church -- Lithurgy -- Printing

Box VII.13 Cave drawings

Box VII.13 Celebrations

Box Flat box 23 Celebrations

Box VII.13 Censorship

Box VII.13 Center for Book Arts (New York)

Box VII.13 Champlain Society (Toronto, Ontario)

Box VII.13 Christmas books

Box Flat box 23 Christmas books

Box VII.13 Christmas cards

Box VII.13 Chromolithography

Box VII.13 Chronology of printing

Box VII.13 Chuck (Wilcox's circloidal chuck)

Box VII.14 Codex Foundation, Berkeley, CA

Box VII.14 Collotype

Box VII.14 Color management

Box VII.14 Color photography

Box VII.14 Color printing

Box Flat box 23 Color printing

Box VII.14 Color reproduction -- Agfa Cristalraster technology

Box VII.14 Color reproduction -- Hi-Fi process

Box VII.14 Color reproduction -- Multiple impression perfecting press

Box VII.14 Color technology -- Periodicals -- Agfa inter:face

Box VII.14 Commercial art

Box VII.15 Composing machines

Box VII.15 Composing machines -- Photographic -- ATF typesetter

Box VII.15 Composing machines -- Photographic -- Fotosetter

Box VII.15 Composing machines -- Photographic -- Linofilm

Box VII.15 Composing machines -- Photographic -- Photon

Box VII.15 Composing machines -- Photographic -- Rotofoto

Box VII.15 Composing room furniture

Box VII.15 Composing sticks