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Mary Frances Dunham papers, 1964-2002

Series VI: Printed, 2002

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Box 9 Folder 145 History of Bengali Music in Sound (10 cassettes and booklet by Karunamay a Goswami). 47 pages

See boxed set of cassettes in Box 13 of the collection.

Box 10 Folder 146 Book of Bengali songs "gan koro nobo git"; songs collected by Father Antoine (collection of many songs with bangla words and Indian musical notations. Calcutta 1218/1963)

Box 10 Folder 147 Bengali Khata (Notebook) of MF when she attended the School or Oriental Music in Barishal., 1965

Box 10 Folder 148 Songit (small book about Indian classical music in Bangia). Chottogram. 6/29/63. ca. 130 pages. bound by DCD in Dhaka style

Box 10 Folder 149 "Pratic ... Shikka" summer school of Bengali music by Rev. Fr. P. Demers. C.S.C and Sushil Baroi. 3 chapters of tabla lessons. Ca., 1950s-1960s

Box 10 Folder 150 Allaudin Git (about 123 song lyrics in Bangia) 1995. printed soft paper cover in Dhaka. with picture of singer and instruments)

Box 10 Folder 151 Jonoprio Jarigan 0 Polligiti (lyrics of jari songs collected by Badul Gani Boyati. Borishal 1995. inside title page has picture of Abdul Gani Boyati. paper cover)

Box 10 Folder 152 Jariganer Pala (lyrics of jari songs collected by Goron Kobi Moslemuddin Boyati. Barishal1989 many jari songs. paper cover with photo of famous Boyati)

Box 10 Folder 153 Harano Shur (Film song lyrics. Chittagong 1959.6 pages. paper cover with scene from the film)

Box 10 Folder 154 Gitistan. Gitanjam, Antorika 0 Kushumika (Collection few song lyrics and poems, Dhaka. April 1963. no cover)

Box 10 Folder 155 Booklet-Libretto (translations of 5 poems sung by the Sabri Brothers on their "Qawwali music from Pakistan" tour of the US March1-Arpil5, 1975 the Asia Society), 1975

Box 10 Folder 156 Shwaro Sur (64 page manual of Indian classical music), rebound in Dhaka by Dan, Chittagong, 1961

Box 11 Folder 157 Shwaro Sur(88 page manual of Indian classical music) includes Indian notation, no date, rebounded in Dhaka by Dan

Box 11 Folder 158 Nobogitika tenth part by Rabindranath Tagore. 81 pages rebounded in Dhaka by Dan

Box 11 Folder 159 Raagparichay first year theory by the Catholic Education Center, Barishal, 35 pages bounded by Dan 1960 ? English text. Indudes historical and theoretical notes by Fthr. Edmond (M.A. B. T. in Hindustani Music) also includes 2nd year, 1960

Box 11 Folder 160 Academy of Oriental Music, Barishal by Shushil K. Baroi Vol. 1. No.1, printed in Chittagong, bounded in Dhaka by Dan, indudes notation and words for hymns in Bengali (both staff notation and Indian notation and Bengali texts), follows the Catholic mass, added pamphlet inside

Box 11 Folder 161 Sangit Sopan by Shri Krisnodash Gosh sign by hand by author December, '58, Calcutta, 157 pages, rebounded, Indian notations with Bangia words

Box 11 Folder 162 Jug Sangit, large paperback book by Srihadoy Ronjun Roy, includes hand written note by the author in Bengali, Clacutta, 1963 34 pages, 1963

Box 11 Folder 163 Banglay Marsiya Sahitya by Golam Sakalayen, 1962