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Mary Frances Dunham papers, 1964-2002

Series II: Mary Frances Dunham Jarigan Related Research

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Essays and Academic Papers Related to Jarigan (not by MFD):

Box 3 Folder 32 Typed academic paper by Mushtaque Nasir for Prof. Barbara Miller 12/1975 Columbia University. Titled "Jarigan". Includes color photos and based on MFD Jarigan research. Oriental civilization v3357 x; prof. Barbara Miller; Dec 10, 1975 includes translation of Jasimuddin's, 1975

Box 3 Folder 33 Typed academic paper by Mary Elaine Hegland titled "A Mixed Blessing: Majles-Shi'a Rituals of Mourning in North-West Pakistan" for publication in book, "MIXED BLESSINGS" (Routledge 1995); 38 pages followed by references cited page 63-75

Box 3 Folder 34 Typed academic paper by Manju Seal. Master of Music Ethnomusicology thesis titled "Representing Vaishnava Kirtan: A Bengali Genre of Performance", Univ of Wisconsin, 1993

Box 3 Folder 35 Typed academic paper by Rebecca Manring titled U Hagiographical Process as Exemplified in the Biographies of Advaitacarya". For American Institute of Bangladesh Studies.

Box 3 Folder 36 Typed academic paper by Regula Qureshi titled "Islamic Music in the Indian Environment: The Shi'a Majlis" published in Ethnomusicolgy 25:41-71,1981

Academic papers published by Learning Resources in Bengali Studies, 1974:, 1974

Box 3 Folder 37 Heyat Mamud: War history poem

Box 3 Folder 38 Clinton Seely: The Jari Song Of Kasem And Sakhina (translation)

Box 3 Folder 39 Md. Sagir: lusufjalikha,

Box 3 Folder 40 Edward Dimock: Campavati Kainyar Palagan (translation)

Box 3 Folder 41 Kanika Sircar: Madhu-Malati (translation)

Box 3 Folder 42 Alaol, Mannan & Seely: Padmabati (Translation)

Box 3 Folder 43 Edward Dimock: Muslim Vaisnava Poets of Bengal

Box 3 Folder 44 Ralph Nicholas: Vaisnavism and Islam in Rural Bengal

Box 3 Folder 45 J.T. O'Connell: The Impact of Devotion upon the Societal Integration of Bengal

Box 3 Folder 46 Edward Dimcok: The city in pre-British Bengal according to the mangala-kavya 2

Folk Songs other than the 12 Jarigan songs from Jasumuddin Transcriptions in staff and indian notation by MFD:

Box 3 Folder 47 Marsiya songs: Photos copies with Urdu text and English translations, various chapters from books related to Marsiya song

Box 3 Folder 48 Karbala songs and articles

Box 3 Folder 49 Mymensingh folk songs

Box 3 Folder 50 Shulipur Folk Songs

Box 3 Folder 51 MFD interview with Mustafa Zaman Abassi (famous Bangladeshi musicologist) about Bengali folksongs 9/1994

Box 3 Folder 52 Newspaper clippings relevant to Bengali Folk Songs (1995-6)

Box 3 Folder 53 Book Excerpts: about Jarigan & Marsiya songs & Bengali folk songs

Box 4 Folder 54 Bengali Folk Songs.

Box 4 Folder 55 Songbook of Md. Ali Akbar Miah. (Photocopy "thanks to Lenin's freiend Bushon in Brahmanbaria")

Box 4 Folder 56 Folkmusic and Folklore an Anthology. Vol I. October 1, 1967 (Photocopy)

Jarigan Events:

Box 4 Folder 57 Gorpara Celebrations (in 1995 attended by MFD), 1995

Box 4 Folder 58 Gouripur Jari Contests

Box 4 Folder 59 Jatras (Bangladeshi dramas)

MFD descriptions of "Bishad Sindhu" performances in Dhaka, 1990s. Includes: newspaper clippings, programs and hand notes [manila folder]

Box 4 Folder 60 Newspaper clippings about Bangladeshi Jatras 1995-6

Box 4 Folder 61 Hossaini Oalan Ilmambara (Descriptions, Photographs, Drawings)

Box 4 Folder 62 Folk Musical Instruments

Box 4 Folder 63 Jasimuddin (Articles pertaining to Jasimuddin including obituary)

Box 4 Folder 64 Covers for professional recordings of Bengali folk songs

Box 10 Muharram:

Box 4 Folder 65 Photo copies book: by Shaidur on Muharram, 1988

Box 4 Folder 66 Newspaper clippings on Muharram

Box 4 Folder 67-69 Marsiya Songs. texts