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Mary Frances Dunham papers, 1964-2002

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The research files of Mary Frances Dunham relating to her study and recording of Bangladeshi and Bengali folk songs.

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Creator(s) Dunham, Mary Frances
Title Mary Frances Dunham papers, 1964-2002
Physical Description 9 linear feet (12 document boxes and 6 cassette boxes)
Language(s) English , Bengali .

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The reaserach files of Mary Frances Dunham include musical examples with notations, audio cassettes, notes, maps, charts, slides, photographs, and printed material.

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History / Biographical Note

Biographical / Historical

Mary Frances Dunham worked as an ethnomusicologist at Columbia University. She studied music composition in New York and Paris. She earned a Master of Arts degree in Teaching Classical Languages from Harvard University and one in Indic Studies from Columbia University. Dunham wrote articles and co-edited works specializing in the music of South Asia. During the 1960s, Dunham was introduced to jarigan songs when Jasimuddin, an eminent Bangladeshi poet and collector of folk song texts, asked her to make musical notations of songs he was gathering for his book, Jarigan (1968). She received a grant from the Ford Foundation for further field work and research in order to prepare material for her book on Jarigan.

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Series I: Documentation of Twelve Selected Jarigan Songs

(Music, Text Transcriptions, Analyses)

Box 1 Folder 1 Twelve Jarigan Songs From Jasimmudin Recordings, 1964 Original MFD documentation for MFD book: "Jarigan". Includes MFD transcriptions, analysis, and texts of the 12 sample Jarigan tunes recorded (1964) for Jasimuddin's book about Jarigan., 1964

Box 1 Folder 2 Black and white photos with negatives of MFD transcriptions

Box 1 Folder 3 MFD hand written analyses of Jarigan tune structure [Index Cards]

Box 1 Folder 4 Notebook titled "Bengali Fork Song; Example Jari Songs: Sung by a village bard from Dacca district, "E. Pakistan". Recorded in Dacca in 1964 by Jasimuddin and MFD. Listed and annotated for Prof. Willard Rhodes, Columbia U., Spring 1968 including lyrics for the Jari songs in Bengali., 1964, 1968

Box 1 Folder 5 MFD typed analysis of the 12 selected jari songs for MFD's Essay 1972 Part II [Manila folder], 1972

Box 1 Folder 6 MFD hand written descriptions 12 selected Jari Songs describing: rhythm, tempo, melodic structure [Manila folder]

Box 1 Folder 7 Xerox pages from "Bangia Palligiti" by Chittaranjan Dev

Box 1 Folder 8 MFD hand written notations and analyses of 12 selected Jar; songs, 1971-72; includes 12 Xeroxed pages from Jasimuddin's book with diagrams of melodic contours [Red Folder]

Box 1 Folder 9 MFD typed analyses of relationship between the melodies and their words [Manila folder]

Box 1 Folder 10 Newspaper clippings (1996) about MFD Jarigan work [Yellow folder]

Box 1 Folder 11 MFD hand written diagrammatic analyses of 12 selected Jari songs [Manila folder]

Box 1 Folder 12 MFD typed notes showing musical notations, Jari lyrics and Jari structural analysis [Manila folder]

Box 1 Folder 13 MFD typed notes, diagrams, maps, images about taxonomies and genealogies of Jari songs (where they come from) [Manila folder]

Box 2 Folder 14 MFD hand drawn graphed studies of Jari songs [folder]

Printed musical transcriptions of 12 Jari songs in western staff notation (SLS finale) in preparation for MFD book on Jarigan including typed brief verbal description of each song:

Box 2 Folder 15 Jari-Gan Musical Data, August 1995

Box 2 Folder 16 Steve Set #1, October 1995. Staff Notation.

Box 2 Folder 17 Steve Set #2, December 1995. Staff Notation.

Box 2 Folder 18 Old extra notations. Use for practice cut & paste. Not for book final.

Box 2 Folder 19 Enlarged notations of 12 Jari songs. III D. .

Box 2 Folder 20 MFD typed notes of her studies of Jari song tempos.

Box 2 Folder 21 MFD analysis of syllabic and melodic relationships in 12 Jari songs

Hand written original translations to the Jari songs by local Bengalis:

Box 2 Folder 22 Translators: Individual Accounts

Box 2 Folder 23 Translators: List

Box 2 Folder 24 Khalida

Box 2 Folder 25 Professor M.T.H. Khan

Box 2 Folder 26 "Moshin" and "Kartik"

Box 2 Folder 27 Priscillam

Box 2 Folder 28 Hand written preliminary musical and text transcription of Jarigan song

Box 2 Folder 29 MFD hand written first draft musical notations with text of 12 Jari songs

Box 2 Folder 30 Pulak Gupta's Indian musical notations with Bengali text of 12 Jasimuddin Jari songs and other folk songs (not part of Jasimuddin collection

Box 2 Folder 31 12 Jari Songs. Notations (Pulak Gupta)

Series II: Mary Frances Dunham Jarigan Related Research

Essays and Academic Papers Related to Jarigan (not by MFD):

Box 3 Folder 32 Typed academic paper by Mushtaque Nasir for Prof. Barbara Miller 12/1975 Columbia University. Titled "Jarigan". Includes color photos and based on MFD Jarigan research. Oriental civilization v3357 x; prof. Barbara Miller; Dec 10, 1975 includes translation of Jasimuddin's, 1975

Box 3 Folder 33 Typed academic paper by Mary Elaine Hegland titled "A Mixed Blessing: Majles-Shi'a Rituals of Mourning in North-West Pakistan" for publication in book, "MIXED BLESSINGS" (Routledge 1995); 38 pages followed by references cited page 63-75

Box 3 Folder 34 Typed academic paper by Manju Seal. Master of Music Ethnomusicology thesis titled "Representing Vaishnava Kirtan: A Bengali Genre of Performance", Univ of Wisconsin, 1993

Box 3 Folder 35 Typed academic paper by Rebecca Manring titled U Hagiographical Process as Exemplified in the Biographies of Advaitacarya". For American Institute of Bangladesh Studies.

Box 3 Folder 36 Typed academic paper by Regula Qureshi titled "Islamic Music in the Indian Environment: The Shi'a Majlis" published in Ethnomusicolgy 25:41-71,1981

Academic papers published by Learning Resources in Bengali Studies, 1974:, 1974

Box 3 Folder 37 Heyat Mamud: War history poem

Box 3 Folder 38 Clinton Seely: The Jari Song Of Kasem And Sakhina (translation)

Box 3 Folder 39 Md. Sagir: lusufjalikha,

Box 3 Folder 40 Edward Dimock: Campavati Kainyar Palagan (translation)

Box 3 Folder 41 Kanika Sircar: Madhu-Malati (translation)

Box 3 Folder 42 Alaol, Mannan & Seely: Padmabati (Translation)

Box 3 Folder 43 Edward Dimock: Muslim Vaisnava Poets of Bengal

Box 3 Folder 44 Ralph Nicholas: Vaisnavism and Islam in Rural Bengal

Box 3 Folder 45 J.T. O'Connell: The Impact of Devotion upon the Societal Integration of Bengal

Box 3 Folder 46 Edward Dimcok: The city in pre-British Bengal according to the mangala-kavya 2

Folk Songs other than the 12 Jarigan songs from Jasumuddin Transcriptions in staff and indian notation by MFD:

Box 3 Folder 47 Marsiya songs: Photos copies with Urdu text and English translations, various chapters from books related to Marsiya song

Box 3 Folder 48 Karbala songs and articles

Box 3 Folder 49 Mymensingh folk songs

Box 3 Folder 50 Shulipur Folk Songs

Box 3 Folder 51 MFD interview with Mustafa Zaman Abassi (famous Bangladeshi musicologist) about Bengali folksongs 9/1994

Box 3 Folder 52 Newspaper clippings relevant to Bengali Folk Songs (1995-6)

Box 3 Folder 53 Book Excerpts: about Jarigan & Marsiya songs & Bengali folk songs

Box 4 Folder 54 Bengali Folk Songs.

Box 4 Folder 55 Songbook of Md. Ali Akbar Miah. (Photocopy "thanks to Lenin's freiend Bushon in Brahmanbaria")

Box 4 Folder 56 Folkmusic and Folklore an Anthology. Vol I. October 1, 1967 (Photocopy)

Jarigan Events:

Box 4 Folder 57 Gorpara Celebrations (in 1995 attended by MFD), 1995

Box 4 Folder 58 Gouripur Jari Contests

Box 4 Folder 59 Jatras (Bangladeshi dramas)

MFD descriptions of "Bishad Sindhu" performances in Dhaka, 1990s. Includes: newspaper clippings, programs and hand notes [manila folder]

Box 4 Folder 60 Newspaper clippings about Bangladeshi Jatras 1995-6

Box 4 Folder 61 Hossaini Oalan Ilmambara (Descriptions, Photographs, Drawings)

Box 4 Folder 62 Folk Musical Instruments

Box 4 Folder 63 Jasimuddin (Articles pertaining to Jasimuddin including obituary)

Box 4 Folder 64 Covers for professional recordings of Bengali folk songs

Box 10 Muharram:

Box 4 Folder 65 Photo copies book: by Shaidur on Muharram, 1988

Box 4 Folder 66 Newspaper clippings on Muharram

Box 4 Folder 67-69 Marsiya Songs. texts

Series III: Mary Frances Dunham Field Notes, and Photos and Slides, 1995-1996

Field Notes for her Jarigan Research, 1995-56:

Box 5 Folder 70 Book 1: Field Notes, 3-10 June 1995

Box 5 Folder 71 Book 2: Field Notes, 12-18 June 1995

Box 5 Folder 72 Book 3: Field Notes, 19 June-4 July 1995

Box 5 Folder 73 Book 4: Field Notes, 5-31 July 1995

Box 5 Folder 74 Book 5: Field Notes, 1-21 August 1995


Music diagrams; Duldul; Muharram; Jarigan; Lathi Khela; Jatra; Jarigan singers; Boat race; Bengal music.

Box 5 Folder 75-78 Lecture slides


Jarigan, Muharram, Bishad Sindu, etc.

Box 6 Folder 79 19th Century Muharram Painting

Box 6 Folder 80 Jhuhilpur Brahmanbaria, 18 July 1995

Box 6 Folder 81 Bishad Sindhu

Box 6 Folder 82 Muharram, Calcutta, 1969

Box 6 Folder 83 Jarigan photographs

Box 6 Folder 84 Muharram, 1969 / Singing beggars / Instruments at Mustafa Abassi's house, 1996. Negatives.

Box 6 Folder 85 Color photographs of Muharram in Gorpara, 9-10 June 1995

Box 6 Folder 85 Photographs for slides

Box 6 Folder 86 Folksingers at Ambrosia Guest House, Dhaka, Summer 1995

Box 6 Folder 87 B&W printx, Gouripur, 1995 / Gouripur Jarinac competition, 12 June 1995 (Negatives)

Box 12 Index cards for bibliographic resources revevant to Jarigan

Series IV: Music Recordings Relevant to Jarigan

Box 13 History of Bengali Music in Sound. Boxed set of 10 cassettes.

See also the pamphlet for this boxed set in Box 9, Folder 145.

Jarigan recordings from, 1964

Box 13 Modern movie songs (3x1 1/2 Acetate 150 ft. Reel).

Box 13 Bangladesh, Dhaka, 1964 (Cassette).

Box 13 RS: IA Final (Cassette).

Box 13 RS: Cassette IIA Final (Cassette).

Box 13 RS: Cassette IIIA Final (Cassette).

Box 13 Jarigan: II songs 15-18 (Cassette).

Box 13 Jasimuddin, Jarigan examples (Cassette).

Recordings for Jarigan Book. Original Recordings, 1995-1996:

Do Not Use.

Box 14 Abbusuddin Sings Folk Songs of Bengal (Cassette).

Box 14 3 Short Dramas. (Cassette).

Box 14 Brahmanbaria Singers, 7-18-1995. (Cassette).

Box 14 Jatra, June 7, 1995 and Dotara, June 8, 1995. (Cassette).

Box 14 Gouripur/Jari contest, June 6, 1995. (Cassette).

Box 14 Gouripur/Jari contest #1, June 12, 1995. (Cassette).

Box 14 Gouripur/Jari contest #2, June 12, 1995. (Cassette).

Box 14 Gorpara Muharram festival, 9-10 June 1995. (Cassette).

Box 14 Gorpara Muharram festival, 9 June 1995. (Cassette).

Box 14 Womans Majlis, 3 June 1995. (Cassette).

Box 14 Jari by Hatim Vddin Sarkar, Gouripur, 31 May 1995. (Cassette).

Box 14 "Bishad Sindhu", 25 March 1994. (Cassette).

Box 14 "Hasan Hosein" Songs, Dakar, 1967 (Sick tape). (Cassette).

Box 14 Muharram, Hyderabad & "The Blood of Hussein". (Cassette).

Box 14 "Bishad Sindhu". (Cassette).

Box 14 Muharram, 1968 I. (Cassette).

Box 14 Muharram, 1968 II. (Cassette).

Box 14 Sona Miyan Boyati/Aleya. (Cassette).

Recordings for Jarigan Book. Copies, 1995-1996:

Box 15 Group of beggars, Dhaka, 12 February 1996 (Cassette).

Box 15 Jarigan Book. (Cassette).

Box 15 History of Bengali Music in Sound. Copy of Cassette #9. (Cassette).

Box 15 Woman's Majlis, 3 June 1995 & Jari by Hatim Vddin Sarkar. (Cassette).

Box 15 Jarigan 1964 and other songs. (Cassette).

Box 15 Woman's Majlis, 3 June 1995. (Cassette).

Box 15 Dacca tape recordings, 1967. (Cassette).

Box 15 "Udashi hoilo Hasan....", 1967 (Cassette).

Box 15 "Bishad Sindhu" Part I. (Cassette).

Box 15 Gorpara Muharram festival, 9 June 1995. (Cassette).

Box 15 Gorpara Muharram festival, 9 June 1995. (Cassette).

Box 15 "Gunai Bibi", 7 June 1995. (Cassette).

Box 15 Gouripur/Jari contest, June 12, 1995. (Cassette).

Box 15 Gouripur/Jari contest #2, June 12, 1995. (Cassette).

Box 15 Gouripur/Jari contest, June 12, 1995 & Prize giving speeches. (Cassette).

Box 15 Construction workers, singers, Dhaka, 4 August 1995. (Cassette).

Box 15 3 Short Dramas, 8 August 1995. (Cassette).

Bangladeshi Fold Song Recordings on Cassette:

Box 16 Folk Songs of Bengal/LP/N. Chowdhury & Abbasuddin Sings Folk Songs of Bengal (Cassette).

Box 16 Calls to prayer, Dhaka, 10 Feb. 1996 & "Joy Bangla". (Cassette).

Box 16 Bharat Natyam lessons, Calcutta, 1968. (Cassette).

Box 16 Islamic Liturgy (Dervish) & Sufi (?). (Cassette).

Box 16 Sufi Music of India & Pakistan. (Cassette).

Box 16 Excerpts from Muharram cassettes (damaged tape). (Cassette).

Box 16 Music examples for Therapy Conference. (Cassette).

Box 16 Funeral singing ("Kirton"). Elgin Road, Calcutta, 1970. (Cassette).

Box 16 The Music of the Bauls of Bengal, Tape 1, 1986. (Cassette).

Box 16 The Music of the Bauls of Bengal, Tape 2, 1986. (Cassette).

Box 16 Puppet Show/Wedding/K's ballet class. (Cassette).

Box 16 Mr. Bal modern Bengal songs. (Cassette).

Box 16 Baul & Chandidas songs . (Cassette).

Box 16 Dalhousie: 3rd folk song, May 1970. (Cassette).

Box 16 Lalon songs recorded by Carol Salomon in Kushtia, ca. 1981-1986. (Cassette).

Box 16 Hindi chants/LP. (Cassette).

Box 16 Folk Songs of Bengal/LP/N. Chowdhury & Abbasuddin Sings Folk. (Cassette).

Box 17 Funeral singing ("Kirton"). Elgin Road, Calcutta, 19 January 1970. Master. (Cassette).

Box 17 Boyragi, Calcutta, 17 March 1970. Master. (Cassette).

Box 17 Tazia movie, 13 December 1971. (Cassette).

Box 17 Bharat Natyam/Dalhouie movies/Dalhousie folk songs, Spring 1970. (Cassette).

Box 17 Kirtan, funeral Vol II, Elgin Road, January 1970 & Qawali, Hungerford Street, 1971. (Cassette).

Box 17 Bengal folk songs, Gift from Selina Zaman, Dhaka, August 1994. (Cassette).

Box 17 A recital of Kaikobad Lyrics. (Cassette).

Box 17 Nazrw Git, Dhaka, 1994. (Cassette).

Box 17 A Course in ndian Music taken from a tape obtained in Dacca. (Cassette).

Reel to Reel Recordings:

Box 18 A Course in Indian Music. (7' reel. 1 mil polyester.)

Box 18 Bengali Folk Music [Reel 1]: Examples of Jari songs sung by a village bard from Faridpur district, East Pakistan. Recorded in Dacca in 1964 by Jasimuddin and Mrs. Dunham (7' reel. 1 mil polyester.)

Box 18 Bengali Folk Music [Reel 2]: Examples of Jari songs sung by a village bard from Faridpur district, East Pakistan. Recorded in Dacca in 1964 by Jasimuddin and Mrs. Dunham (7' reel. 1 mil polyester.)

Series V: Materials About Indian Theater, Indian Folk Music, Jarigan, Marsiya, Muharram

Box 6 Folder 88 Re: Taziyeh in India; Greek/Indian Drama Development (Western Version)

Box 6 Folder 89 Taziyeh (Passages from many books)

Box 6 Folder 90 Jari/Huh. Dance Articles in Jari Nach)

Box 6 Folder 91 Marta Nicholas; Calcutta Muharram 1969 (MFD's & Marta's hand written notes), 1969

Box 6 Folder 92 Muharram/ Articles, Dhaka, 1994

Box 6 Folder 93 Muharram: MF's reading notes, 1969-1972

Box 6 Folder 94 MF's Paper on Muharram '71

Box 6 Folder 95 Imam Baras (Also see Folder "illustrations for Jari Book) Includes Hossaini Dalan pictures

Box 6 Folder 96 Muharram III-Many articles describing muharram including encyclopedia

Box 6 Folder 97 Muharram II-Articles and chapters

Box 6 Folder 98 Goswami (Bangladeshi musicologist) collection of folk music on cassetts, 1995

Box 6 Folder 99 Excerpts; Manju Seal's MA Thesis on Kirtan

Box 6 Folder 100 Peter Chelkowski and Frank Korom articleslTrinidad Muharram

Box 6 Folder 101 Jim Wilce (Chapter on Lamentation)

Box 6 Folder 102 Amy Bard (PHD Thesis) Excerpts from book "Urdu Marsiyah Re-examined"

Box 4 Folder 16 Misc. articles (News/literary People/1995-1997 music/dance)

Box 7 Folder 103 Muharram 1-MFD's hand written notes taken from NYPL books 1995 (many), 1995

Box 7 Folder 104 Illustrations for Jari Book (Muharram) MFD's hard written notes from books found in NYPL on Taziyah

Box 7 Folder 105 Prof. Mary Hegland-Article on women flagellants in Peshawar area (Chapters from the books)

Box 7 Folder 106 Mixed Blessings edited by Judy Brink and Joan Mencher (Chapters)

Box 7 Folder 107 Abbasi Aug 1994 MFD notes from meeting him in Dhaka, 1994

Box 7 Folder 108 Hornbostel and music notations of songs (Not MF's Thesis)

Box 7 Folder 109 Mary Hegland to MFD Oct '95 (Long article on flagellation) type written

Box 7 Folder 110 Mary Hegland; one chapter from her book (Polar, Political & Legal Anthropology Review)

Box 7 Folder 111 Ephraim Miller-MFD's hand written notes; Correspondence about Moharram and epic poems; March4,1995

Box 7 Folder 112 History: Bengali folk Literature I (MFD's hand written notes and parts of books)

Box 7 Folder 113 History: Bengali folk Literature II

Box 7 Folder 114 History: Bengali folk Literature III

Box 7 Folder 115 Analogies to Jari Drama & Chansons de geste; Homer. (MFD's notes)

Box 7 Folder 116 Persian, Arabic, Urdu Poetry (Chapters from books; MFD's hand written notes and copies of texts)

Box 7 Folder 117 "Grounds for Play" Kathryn Hansen (portions of her book)

Box 8 Folder 118 Jaril/Historical (MFD's hand written notes)

Box 8 Folder 119 Shiah (Mysticism & Heterodox Islam)

Box 8 Folder 120 Islam (Misc. articles and chapters; folk singer photo)

Box 8 Folder 121 Anthologies (Bengali chapters from books)

Box 8 Folder 122 Non-Bengali Marsiya, Mathnavi, etc. (Section: Jari related texts); chapters from books; Amy Bard's Marsiya thesis

Box 8 Folder 123 Regula Qureshi articles

Box 8 Folder 124 Saaduddin: Articles about Bangladeshi music

Box 8 Folder 125 1970-74 News articles bearing on Jari

Box 8 Folder 126 Jari Versification: MFD's hand written analysis of Jari Verse

Box 8 Folder 127 Translation of Jasimmuddin's introduction of his book (MFD's translation)

Box 8 Folder 128 MFD's studies for translating Jarigan verses (vocabulary & etc.)

Box 8 Folder 129 Dimock & Others transliterating studies;, May 1968

Box 8 Folder 130 Bengal Language (MFD's hand written notes; chapters from books)

Box 8 Folder 131 Ethnomusicology Theory/Analogy; articles, chapters from books; different county folk music related to jari, 1972

Box 8 Folder 132 Indian folk song with ref. to Jari

Box 8 Folder 133 Descriptions of Recordings/Videos by Chelkowski 1995 (MFD's hand written notes), 1995

Box 8 Folder 134 Calcutta & Dalhousie recording ("possible Muharram" 1968-70); Rita Boucher letter, famous lyrics Bengali film song

Box 8 Folder 135 Acceptance of Music in Islam (Hand written notes articles from books)

Box 8 Folder 136 Chants & Ritual vocal inc!. Tsunge articles and other chapters from books

Box 4 Folder 51 Burmese & South Asian music (not India & BD) articles

Box 8 Folder 137 Pakistan, Western India, Middle East music; hand written notes and musical notations

Box 8 Folder 138 Recitation /Performance (photos of village dancer including stick dance)

Box 8 Folder 139 Dance: Chapters for books; typed description of Bengali folk dances in Bangladesh by Anwarul karim, 2/17/95

Box 9 Folder 140 Dhaka 1993-1994 Music News articles, 1993-1994

Box 9 Folder 141 NYPL Oriental Division books; chaps. & pieces fr books Xeroxed in NYPL hand notes. Notes 11/1/1995

Box 9 Folder 142 Mary Hegland-book "A mixed blessing: the majles-shi'a women's rituals of mourning NW Pakistan"

Box 4 Folder 58 Taziyeh: Letters: to Mrs. Ispahani describing Taziyeh performances NYC 7/19/02; Letters from Rachel Cooper to MFD on Taziyeh & Asia Society 6/25/02; Lincoln center stagebill on Ta'ziyeh performance, July 13,2002 p. 18

Series VI: Printed, 2002

Box 9 Folder 145 History of Bengali Music in Sound (10 cassettes and booklet by Karunamay a Goswami). 47 pages

See boxed set of cassettes in Box 13 of the collection.

Box 10 Folder 146 Book of Bengali songs "gan koro nobo git"; songs collected by Father Antoine (collection of many songs with bangla words and Indian musical notations. Calcutta 1218/1963)

Box 10 Folder 147 Bengali Khata (Notebook) of MF when she attended the School or Oriental Music in Barishal., 1965

Box 10 Folder 148 Songit (small book about Indian classical music in Bangia). Chottogram. 6/29/63. ca. 130 pages. bound by DCD in Dhaka style

Box 10 Folder 149 "Pratic ... Shikka" summer school of Bengali music by Rev. Fr. P. Demers. C.S.C and Sushil Baroi. 3 chapters of tabla lessons. Ca., 1950s-1960s

Box 10 Folder 150 Allaudin Git (about 123 song lyrics in Bangia) 1995. printed soft paper cover in Dhaka. with picture of singer and instruments)

Box 10 Folder 151 Jonoprio Jarigan 0 Polligiti (lyrics of jari songs collected by Badul Gani Boyati. Borishal 1995. inside title page has picture of Abdul Gani Boyati. paper cover)

Box 10 Folder 152 Jariganer Pala (lyrics of jari songs collected by Goron Kobi Moslemuddin Boyati. Barishal1989 many jari songs. paper cover with photo of famous Boyati)

Box 10 Folder 153 Harano Shur (Film song lyrics. Chittagong 1959.6 pages. paper cover with scene from the film)

Box 10 Folder 154 Gitistan. Gitanjam, Antorika 0 Kushumika (Collection few song lyrics and poems, Dhaka. April 1963. no cover)

Box 10 Folder 155 Booklet-Libretto (translations of 5 poems sung by the Sabri Brothers on their "Qawwali music from Pakistan" tour of the US March1-Arpil5, 1975 the Asia Society), 1975

Box 10 Folder 156 Shwaro Sur (64 page manual of Indian classical music), rebound in Dhaka by Dan, Chittagong, 1961

Box 11 Folder 157 Shwaro Sur(88 page manual of Indian classical music) includes Indian notation, no date, rebounded in Dhaka by Dan

Box 11 Folder 158 Nobogitika tenth part by Rabindranath Tagore. 81 pages rebounded in Dhaka by Dan

Box 11 Folder 159 Raagparichay first year theory by the Catholic Education Center, Barishal, 35 pages bounded by Dan 1960 ? English text. Indudes historical and theoretical notes by Fthr. Edmond (M.A. B. T. in Hindustani Music) also includes 2nd year, 1960

Box 11 Folder 160 Academy of Oriental Music, Barishal by Shushil K. Baroi Vol. 1. No.1, printed in Chittagong, bounded in Dhaka by Dan, indudes notation and words for hymns in Bengali (both staff notation and Indian notation and Bengali texts), follows the Catholic mass, added pamphlet inside

Box 11 Folder 161 Sangit Sopan by Shri Krisnodash Gosh sign by hand by author December, '58, Calcutta, 157 pages, rebounded, Indian notations with Bangia words

Box 11 Folder 162 Jug Sangit, large paperback book by Srihadoy Ronjun Roy, includes hand written note by the author in Bengali, Clacutta, 1963 34 pages, 1963

Box 11 Folder 163 Banglay Marsiya Sahitya by Golam Sakalayen, 1962