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Mary Frances Dunham papers, 1964-2002

Series V: Materials About Indian Theater, Indian Folk Music, Jarigan, Marsiya, Muharram

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Box 6 Folder 88 Re: Taziyeh in India; Greek/Indian Drama Development (Western Version)

Box 6 Folder 89 Taziyeh (Passages from many books)

Box 6 Folder 90 Jari/Huh. Dance Articles in Jari Nach)

Box 6 Folder 91 Marta Nicholas; Calcutta Muharram 1969 (MFD's & Marta's hand written notes), 1969

Box 6 Folder 92 Muharram/ Articles, Dhaka, 1994

Box 6 Folder 93 Muharram: MF's reading notes, 1969-1972

Box 6 Folder 94 MF's Paper on Muharram '71

Box 6 Folder 95 Imam Baras (Also see Folder "illustrations for Jari Book) Includes Hossaini Dalan pictures

Box 6 Folder 96 Muharram III-Many articles describing muharram including encyclopedia

Box 6 Folder 97 Muharram II-Articles and chapters

Box 6 Folder 98 Goswami (Bangladeshi musicologist) collection of folk music on cassetts, 1995

Box 6 Folder 99 Excerpts; Manju Seal's MA Thesis on Kirtan

Box 6 Folder 100 Peter Chelkowski and Frank Korom articleslTrinidad Muharram

Box 6 Folder 101 Jim Wilce (Chapter on Lamentation)

Box 6 Folder 102 Amy Bard (PHD Thesis) Excerpts from book "Urdu Marsiyah Re-examined"

Box 4 Folder 16 Misc. articles (News/literary People/1995-1997 music/dance)

Box 7 Folder 103 Muharram 1-MFD's hand written notes taken from NYPL books 1995 (many), 1995

Box 7 Folder 104 Illustrations for Jari Book (Muharram) MFD's hard written notes from books found in NYPL on Taziyah

Box 7 Folder 105 Prof. Mary Hegland-Article on women flagellants in Peshawar area (Chapters from the books)

Box 7 Folder 106 Mixed Blessings edited by Judy Brink and Joan Mencher (Chapters)

Box 7 Folder 107 Abbasi Aug 1994 MFD notes from meeting him in Dhaka, 1994

Box 7 Folder 108 Hornbostel and music notations of songs (Not MF's Thesis)

Box 7 Folder 109 Mary Hegland to MFD Oct '95 (Long article on flagellation) type written

Box 7 Folder 110 Mary Hegland; one chapter from her book (Polar, Political & Legal Anthropology Review)

Box 7 Folder 111 Ephraim Miller-MFD's hand written notes; Correspondence about Moharram and epic poems; March4,1995

Box 7 Folder 112 History: Bengali folk Literature I (MFD's hand written notes and parts of books)

Box 7 Folder 113 History: Bengali folk Literature II

Box 7 Folder 114 History: Bengali folk Literature III

Box 7 Folder 115 Analogies to Jari Drama & Chansons de geste; Homer. (MFD's notes)

Box 7 Folder 116 Persian, Arabic, Urdu Poetry (Chapters from books; MFD's hand written notes and copies of texts)

Box 7 Folder 117 "Grounds for Play" Kathryn Hansen (portions of her book)

Box 8 Folder 118 Jaril/Historical (MFD's hand written notes)

Box 8 Folder 119 Shiah (Mysticism & Heterodox Islam)

Box 8 Folder 120 Islam (Misc. articles and chapters; folk singer photo)

Box 8 Folder 121 Anthologies (Bengali chapters from books)

Box 8 Folder 122 Non-Bengali Marsiya, Mathnavi, etc. (Section: Jari related texts); chapters from books; Amy Bard's Marsiya thesis

Box 8 Folder 123 Regula Qureshi articles

Box 8 Folder 124 Saaduddin: Articles about Bangladeshi music

Box 8 Folder 125 1970-74 News articles bearing on Jari

Box 8 Folder 126 Jari Versification: MFD's hand written analysis of Jari Verse

Box 8 Folder 127 Translation of Jasimmuddin's introduction of his book (MFD's translation)

Box 8 Folder 128 MFD's studies for translating Jarigan verses (vocabulary & etc.)

Box 8 Folder 129 Dimock & Others transliterating studies;, May 1968

Box 8 Folder 130 Bengal Language (MFD's hand written notes; chapters from books)

Box 8 Folder 131 Ethnomusicology Theory/Analogy; articles, chapters from books; different county folk music related to jari, 1972

Box 8 Folder 132 Indian folk song with ref. to Jari

Box 8 Folder 133 Descriptions of Recordings/Videos by Chelkowski 1995 (MFD's hand written notes), 1995

Box 8 Folder 134 Calcutta & Dalhousie recording ("possible Muharram" 1968-70); Rita Boucher letter, famous lyrics Bengali film song

Box 8 Folder 135 Acceptance of Music in Islam (Hand written notes articles from books)

Box 8 Folder 136 Chants & Ritual vocal inc!. Tsunge articles and other chapters from books

Box 4 Folder 51 Burmese & South Asian music (not India & BD) articles

Box 8 Folder 137 Pakistan, Western India, Middle East music; hand written notes and musical notations

Box 8 Folder 138 Recitation /Performance (photos of village dancer including stick dance)

Box 8 Folder 139 Dance: Chapters for books; typed description of Bengali folk dances in Bangladesh by Anwarul karim, 2/17/95

Box 9 Folder 140 Dhaka 1993-1994 Music News articles, 1993-1994

Box 9 Folder 141 NYPL Oriental Division books; chaps. & pieces fr books Xeroxed in NYPL hand notes. Notes 11/1/1995

Box 9 Folder 142 Mary Hegland-book "A mixed blessing: the majles-shi'a women's rituals of mourning NW Pakistan"

Box 4 Folder 58 Taziyeh: Letters: to Mrs. Ispahani describing Taziyeh performances NYC 7/19/02; Letters from Rachel Cooper to MFD on Taziyeh & Asia Society 6/25/02; Lincoln center stagebill on Ta'ziyeh performance, July 13,2002 p. 18