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Clyde Dorsett papers, 1940-1991, bulk 1952-1982

Series IV: Personal Papers

This series, the shortest, comprise generally of work and personal miscellany conducted outside of his life at the NIMH and later consulting life. It includes student work, referral letters, certificates, awards, and various ephemera. The series is arranged alphabetically by title.

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Box 19 Folder 21 Album - referral letters, 1953-62

Dorsett's early working career charted through referral letters - as preserved by Dorsett

Box 19 Folder 22 Biographical Sketches, 1967, undated

Biographical Sketches of Dorsett; Profile of his "experience in residential environments for the mentally handicapped"

Box 19 Folder 23 Thank you letters, various

Box 19 Folder 24 Greetings Cards, various

Box 19 Folder 25 Invitation Cards, various

Box 19 Folder 26 Miscellaneous Ephemera, various

Miscellaneous ephemera ; includes citation certificate and special achievement award (1977) in honor of Dorsett

Box 19 Folder 27 Notes, 1962-63

Dorsett. Class notes on hospital design modules. 'Hospitals and Public Health Facilities Planning and Design' program, Columbia University

Box 19 Folder 28 Referral Letter, 1952

Dorsett as a student draftsman: Referral letter from Louis E. Jallade, Architects and Engineers, Dec. 31, 1952

Box 19 Folder 29 School essay, 1942

Dorsett,Backgrown [sic] of our Democracy. (Bound, handwritten and illustrated school history essay, May 1, 1942)

Box 19 Folder 30 Student Papers, 1963

Dorsett: 2 student papers from the "Hospital and Public Health Facilities Planning and Design" program, Columbia University

Box 19 Folder 31 Student Work, Photographs, 1951 and onward

Miscellaneous photographs of student work: catenary models/studies, construction projects, etc.; newspaper article on Raleigh catenary arch. of early 50s

Roll A092M.08a Student Work, Drawings, 1953

Fuller Research Project: Experimental Greenhouse (School of Design, North Carolina State College, Raleigh, N.C., January - March 1953)

Drawer X Folder 204 Student Work, ca. 1952-3

Dorsett "A Low Cost Housing Redevelopment", Student Project at North Carolina State College (Panel 6 of 8 missing)

Box 20 Folder 1 Study, undated (ca. 1952)

Dorsett,A Housing Study(4th Year student design study?).

Box 20 Folder 2 Study, undated (ca. 1950?)

Dorsett: Catenary Studies (as student with Buckminster Fuller?)

Box 20 Folder 3 Study, 1962-3

Dorsett et al., "A Study for the development of Kings County Medical Center," 'Hospitals and Public Health Facilities Planning and Design' program, Columbia University.

Box 20 Folder 4 Study, ca. 1962-3

Dorsett, "The Investigation of a Nursing Unit" (presumably for) 'Hospitals and Public Health Facilities Planning and Design' program, Columbia University

Box 20 Folder 5 Study, 1949

Dorsett, "Marriage of Sculpture to Architecture." (Student essay)

Box 20 Folder 6 Training and Accreditation, various

Requests for training, certification and accreditation issues. (Includes plan scheme of hospital by Dorsett while a student at Columbia, 1963)