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Clyde Dorsett papers, 1940-1991, bulk 1952-1982

Series II: Professional Papers

This series comprises of his professional work outside of particular projects, including historical research, case studies, reports, guidelines, lecture notes, articles, and papers. The series is arranged alphabetically by title.

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Box 16 Folder 36 AIA relations, 1967, 1973

Lecture by Dorsett to Mississippi chapter (Feb. 3, 1967); AIA letter of appointment to Architecture for Criminal Justice Comm. (Dec. 21, 1973)

Box 16 Folder 37 Article, 1970

Dorsett, "Broader Goals for the Architect and Government in Community Planning,"AIA Government Affairs Review70:10, November 1970

Box 16 Folder 38 Article, 1964

Clyde H. Dorsett and James Falick, "Designs link Mental Health Facilities with Community Activities"(Hospitals: Journal of the AHA, 1964)

Box 16 Folder 39 Article, 1964

Dorsett, "New Directions in Mental Health Facilities,"AIA Journal, November 1964 (Includes two unattributed loose photos kept by Dorsett in original file)

Box 16 Folder 40 Article (?), undated

Dorsett,Furniture for the Community Mental Health Center

Box 16 Folder 41 Article, undated

Dorsett, "The Suicidal Patient and their Treatment Environment" (Journal?)

Box 16 Folder 42 Articles on Dorsett, various

Articles on Dorsett

Box 16 Folder 43 Binder, 1980

Dorsett, Design for Psychiatric Emergency Facilities (Draft document); includes loose notebook pages on history of mental health services in America

Box 16 Folder 44 Book review by Dorsett, undated

"Handbook/ Changing Places & Settings,"Architecture/Research/Construction

Box 16 Folder 45 Book review by Dorsett, 1976

Dorsett, Review: "Handbook: Changing Places and Settings,"Hospital and Community Psychiatry27 (8): 590-1

Box 16 Folder 46 CMHC Act, Regulations, various

Dorsett's letter on CMHC regulations; published guide to ammended Act; Recognition of Dorsett's contribution to (cash award recommendation)

Box 16 Folder 47 Copied sources, undated, 1892

Brice Hospital (formally Alabama Insane Hospital, 1852-1861). Includes history of the hospital (2 copies) and plan

Box 16 Folder 48 Copied sources, excerpts, 1966, 1980, 1989

Folder entitled: "NIMH: Community Program History;" Excerpts from journals

Box 16 Folder 49 Copied sources, excerpts, 1962, 1964, undated

Folder entitled: "Fort Logan: A Community-Oriented Program" (history of); includes Dorsett's notes on history of Fort Logan

Box 17 Folder 1 Design Report, 1980

Clyde H. Dorsett and Constance M. Callahan, "Design for Psychiatric Emergency Facilities;" includes "Attachment 'C' Environmental Patterns"

Box 17 Folder 2 Document, 1972

Dorsett, "Request for a Sabbatical Position" submitted 28 Sept. 1972. 2 copies

Box 17 Folder 3 Draft Guidelines, 1969

Dorsett, LaRue Jones, Wittman, "Draft Guidelines … for CMHC: Environmental Support (Architecture)," Dec. 1969

Roll A092M.10b Drawings, undated

Country House Project (unlabeled, by Dorsett)

Box 17 Folder 4 Environ. Design Objectives, undated

Matrix sheet. Dorsett writes: "Jake, this is a list of those environmental design objectives which I used in cosidering the children's well-being"

Box 17 Folder 5 Environ. Design Research, 1977

Environ. Design Research Project, Care and Treatment Facilities for Mentally Ill, University of Washington, Ontario, Canada

Box 17 Folder 6 Environmental Patterns Kit, 1968-70

Annotated and expanded version ofA Pattern Language Which Generates Multi-service Centers, by Christopher Alexander et al.

Box 17 Folder 7 Excerpts, notes, 1980-81

Elements of Mental Health Facilities Design & ephemera

Box 17 Folder 8 Guidelines, undated

Dorsett,Physical Planning Guidelines for Community Mental Health Centers

Box 17 Folder 9 Guidelines, undated

Miscellaneous study of various facility spaces (Inpatient, Outpatient, Community Education, Emergency and Admitting); includes diagram transparencies

Box 17 Folder 10 Guidelines, late 60s/early 70s

Dorsett,A Place for Suicide(Guidelines). Includes Christopher Alexander's Pattern Language components

Box 17 Folder 11 Guidelines, undated

Dorsett,Architectural Directives; (For an unindentified or generic project)

Box 17 Folder 12 Guidelines, 1977

Karalis, Dorsett,Reuse of Buildings for Mental Health Facilities "Workbook,"Rhode Island School of Design Grant No. 1 R12 MH 27596-01 (for New England States)

Box 17 Folder 13 Historical Materials, undated

History of Psychiatric Architecture

Box 17 Folder 14 Itineraries, brochures, 1966

From folder entitled: "Mr. Dorsett's European Trip"; includes unidentified photo contact sheet, various itineraries, brochures, plans

Box 17 Folder 15 Letter, 1977

Community Support Program: Request for Advice (Vanessa M. Dazio, Occupational Therapist, Oct. 7, 1977)

Box 17 Folder 16 Letter to the Editor, ca. 1979

Dorsett-Ozarin,Open Form. Response to Davis Glick Rosow'sThe Architecture Design of a Psychoterapeutic Milieu

Box 17 Folder 17 Letterheads, ca. 1981

Dorsett's letterheads and stationery for his private consultancy practice

Box 17 Folder 18 Letters, 1952-56

Dorsett's letters of employment (application and recommendation) with various architects in North and South Carolina

Box 17 Folder 19 Logo, undated (ca. 1982)

Dorsett: Design of his private consultancy letterhead logo

Box 20 Magnetic Audio Tape, 1961, 1 open reel audiotapes

1 reel : Proceedings of Training Program on Juvenile D.[delinquency], Jan. 17-19, 1961

Box 20 Magnetic Audio Tape, 1967, 6 open reel audiotapes

6 reels : AIA conference Oct. 2, 1967 p.m. Reels 3 & 4; Oct. 3, 1967 a.m. Reels 5 & 6; p.m. Reels 6 & 8 (Reels 1 & 2 missing)

Box 20 Magnetic Audio Tape, undated, 1 open reel audiotapes

1 reel : entitled: "5. A Mental Health Program in Hawaii - Dr. Kendall Wallis"

Box 17 Folder 20 Matrix, undated

Dorsett, Matrix for Planning & Design of Therapeutic Recreation Facilities; includes five slides of parts of the matrix

Box 17 Folder 21 Memo, undated

Buker's paper, revision of current CMHC legislation; includes NIMH organization structure chart. (From folder entitled: "Adv. ADHOC Committee. Environ. for M.H.")

Box 17 Folder 22 Miscellaneous, 1965

Hospital visit reports (various), CMHCs for children (e.g. Fernhook, Delaware), maximum security psychiatric hospitals (Butner, N. Carolina)

Box 17 Folder 23 Miscellaneous, 1996, undated

City map of Norman, Oklahoma, Photo of unidentified hospital, project file card, Vehicle Emissions Inspection Program leaflet

Box 17 Folder 24 Miscellaneous, 1950s

Dorsett's early office projects (1950s)

Box 17 Folder 25 Miscellaneous, various

Miscellaneous from folder entitled "Metropolitan" (lecture notes, journal project notes, photographs)

Box 17 Folder 26 Miscellaneous Photos, 1967, 1970s

From album entitled "Clyde Dorsett 'Superstar'", 2 Buckminster Fuller; 3 of conference c. 1967; 3 copies of Dorsett's portrait; 2 small color photos of Dorsett in 1970s

Box 17 Folder 27 Newsclippings, Articles, 1978

Adamha NewsIV: 4, March 1978. Sent to Dorsett by Steven Sharfstein, MD, Acting Director, DMHSP, NIMH

Box 17 Folder 28 Note, undated

Dorsett,Mental Health and Architecture(handwritten note);The Architecture of Mental Health(typed)

Box 17 Folder 29 Notes, ca. 1986

Historical research on the evolution of the psychiatric hospital; includes index cards on "architectural goals"

Box 17 Folder 30 Notes, undated

Dorsett, environment statement on location and provisions for children/adolescents at MH facilities - to appear in "Fundamental Principles" chapter [book?]

Box 17 Folder 31 Notes, 1970-71

Slide Show for APA Conference, May 12-15, 1970, San Francisco

Box 17 Folder 32 Notes (for speech?), undated

Dorsett,Hospital for the Insane of the Army & Navy and the District of Columbia(Handwritten notes)

Box 17 Folder 33 Notes, copied sources, undated

Folder entitled: "Kirkbride: Hospitals for the Insane" (history of); includes handwritten (lecture?) notes and copy extract (unidentified book), historic souvenir

Box 17 Folder 34 Office Records, ca. 1995

Matrix of Past Projects (Aborted attempt at organizing past project files. First page only filled in)

Box 17 Folder 35 Paper, undated

Dorsett,Architectural Aspects of HALFWAY HOUSES for the mentally ill

Box 17 Folder 36 Paper, undated

Dorsett, "A Responsive Environment: Two Designs in Better Care for the Mentally Impaired." (Originally labeled: Paper - A responsive Environ. NIMH/HSQB Contract)

Box 17 Folder 37 Paper, 1977

Dorsett, "CMHC and Architecture: The CMHC and its Total Environment" (Prepared for the Workshop on Primary Prevention, Nat. Council of CMHCs, Inc., 1977)

Box 17 Folder 38 Papers, undated

Dorsett, Proposals (various)

Box 17 Folder 39 Photo, letter, 1966

Folder entitled: "Eastern State Hospital, Knoxville, Tennessee" (history of); Letter enclosing photo of façade

Box 17 Folder 40 Photos, undated

Study Trip to London (and Scotland?); Includes sketch

Box 17 Folder 41 Photos, ca. 1960

Photos of the partners of Dorsett & Smyre (Dorsett's short-lived practice); includes small unidentified photograph of a project - presumably by the practice

Box 17 Folder 42 Photos, undated

Photos entitled "Photos - Centers: Boston & Fla. [Florida?]"

Box 17 Folder 43 PIA Conference, 1978

Dorsett, "Patterns of Abuse and Change in Facilities for Mental Health Services" (PIA Design and Planning of Psychiatric Facilities, 1978)

Box 17 Folder 44 Presentation Boards, undated

History of Asylums, hospitals, institutions - 1855-1965

Oversized 01 Folder 5 Proceedings (Copy Edit of), 1967,68

Copy Edit: Ludwig and LaRue Jones (eds), Proceedings from two AIA/NIMH workshops entitled "Programming the Community Mental Health Center"

Box 17 Folder 45 Regulations, undated

Inpatient Regulations PHS Act - psychiatric inpatient unit

Box 17 Folder 46 Report, 1978

Report of the Task Panel on Role of the Arts in Therapy and Environment, Submitted to President's Commission on Mental Health, Feb. 15, 1978

Box 17 Folder 47 Report, 1977

Preliminary Report to the President from The President's Commission on Mental Health

Box 17 Folder 48 Seminar / Conference, 1973

Dorsett as panel moderator at seminar conference: "Humanizing Ambulatory Care in the Hospital Setting" Massachusetts (June 7-8, 1973)

Box 17 Folder 49 Sketch Book, ca. 1950s

Clyde Dorsett's (student?) sketch book

Box 17 Folder 50 Space Relation Planning, undated

Program and Architectural Relationship to Services ("Ohio" handwritten on top right hand corner of document)

Box 18 Folder 1 Standards, undated

Inpatient Units: Architectural Directives(Dorsett's original bound sketch sheets). Includes space planning notes of AMI Gonzales Psy. Hospital, Louisiana

Box 18 Folder 2 Studies, 1977

PHS Act - Subpart of 42CFR, sect. 1602. Review of proposed regulations 8/5/77

Box 18 Folder 3 Study (dwgs + photos), undated

Dorsett's study of Moravian 18th C. hooded entrace to house, Salem, North Carolina

Box 18 Folder 4 Study by Dorsett, 1964

Saint Mary's Hospital, McAuley Institute, San Francisco 17, California; includes Sister Mary de Paul's introductory notes

Box 18 Folder 5 Symposium Paper, 1991

Dorsett,The Community Mental Health Center Environments for Psychological Rehabilitation(Symposium Paper, 1991)

Box 18 Folder 6 Systems Theory, 1970

Dorsett's methodological theory - State mental health program as a looped "cybernetic information system"

Box 18 Folder 7 Trip Report by Dorsett, 1963

Einstein Medical Center, Bronx, New York; includes Dorsett's diagrammatic studies in report

Box 18 Folder 8 Various, 1970

Alcoholism Grants: Treatment and Rehabilitaion Grants; Comprehensive Community Services for Alcoholics (The Williamsburg Papers); 1963 Acts, etc.