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Clyde Dorsett papers, 1940-1991, bulk 1952-1982

Series III: Reference Files

This series comprises of miscellaneous reference materials by others (or by Dorsett and others) gathered by Dorsett over the course of his career, with most in some way relating to his professional life at the NIMH and beyond. These include books, journal articles, pamphlets, case studies, guidelines, legal documents, and standards. The series is arranged alphabetically by title.

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Box 18 Folder 9 Academic Paper, undated

Albert Sabatini, M.D.,Designing A Functional Admitting Office: A Haven in a Storm(Paper concerning Emergency Services)

Box 18 Folder 10 Academic Papers, 1968, 1981, undated

Miscellaneous international academic research into psychiatric facilities / mental disorders: Europe/US (Bartlett, 1968), Beijing (Chinese Medical Journal, 1981), etc.

Box 18 Folder 11 Accreditation Manual, 1974

Acreditation Manual for Psychiatric Facilities Serving Children and Adolescents(Chicago: Joint Commission on Accreditation of Hospitals, 1974)

Box 18 Folder 12 Accreditation Manual, 1976

Principles for Accreditation of Community Mental Health Service Programs(Chicago: Accreditation Council for Psychiatric Facilities, 1976)

Box 18 Folder 13 Architectural Guidelines, undated

Adult Day Treatment

Box 18 Folder 14 Architectural Guidelines, undated

Adolescent Inpatient

Box 18 Folder 15 Architectural Guidelines, undated

Space planning guidelines from Wittenberg, Delony & Davidson, Architect/Engineering, Planning/Interior Design

Box 18 Folder 16 Architectural Guidelines, undated

Acute Care Inpatient Unit, Crisis Stabilization Unit

Box 18 Folder 17 Architectural Guidelines, undated

Considerations of Significance to Architects and Planners abstracted from NIMH Conferences on Environmental Variables as Determinates of MH

Box 18 Folder 18 Article, 1986

Kahi Mohala Psychiatric Hospital, Honolulu (Originally filed adjacent to Hawaii State Hospital project)

Box 18 Folder 19 Article, 1978

Article filed under "Forensic Psychology" by Dorsett: Robert Hughes, "Pictures at an Institution,"Time, January 23, 1978

Box 18 Folder 20 Article, 1989

C.R. Shelton, "Designing Hospitals: Consumers Drive Architectural Trends,"New Jersey Healthcare, May-June 1989

Box 18 Folder 21 Article, 1980

Lucy D. Ozarin, "Notes on the Development of Collaboration Between Architects and Clinicians,"Hospital and Community Psychiatry31 (4): 276-7

Box 18 Folder 22 Articles, 1848, 1966, 1969

"History, Mental Health" general file by Dorsett: Focuses upon history of various treatment environments (e.g. Bloomingdale Asylum)

Box 18 Folder 23 Articles, 1955, 1976

History of Mental Hospitals. Includes articles on "The Kirkbride Plan," "Dorethea Lynde Dix," and Mental Hospitals, Centennial Issue, 1955

Box 18 Folder 24 Book, 1967

Planning, Programming, and Design for The Community Mental Health Center(vol. 1 of 3?), Western Inst. for Research in MH, Calif. (Sponsored by NIMH)

Box 18 Folder 25 Book, c.1967

Architecture for The Community Mental Health Center(vol. 2 of 3), Rice Design Fete III, School of Architecture, Rice University, TX (Sponsored by NIMH)

Box 18 Folder 26 Book, 1967

Wallace McHarg Roberts and Todd,Temple University Health Sciences Center: Interim Report on the Long Range Development Plan(1967)

Box 18 Folder 27 Book, copied sources, 1985

Public Hospital in Williamsburg, Virginia, 1773-1885 (history of); Book and associated articles

Box 18 Folder 28 Booklet, 1975

John Zeisel, "Sociology and Architectural Design,"Social Science Frontiers, 6 (New York: Russell Sage Foundation, 1975)

Box 18 Folder 29 Brochure, undated

Ridgeway Institute (Private Psychiatric Hospital - Brochure)

Box 18 Folder 30 Brochure, undated (ca. 1965)

Work of Charles Schorre (Rice U.), Dubose Gallery, Houston, Texas. Schorre possibly an acquantance of Dorsett viz. the Rice Fete of 1965

Box 18 Folder 31 Building Standards, 1965

Part II - Facilities for Mental Health Services(Canadian Building Standards and Guide Material for Hospitals and Health Facilities)

Box 18 Folder 32 Case study, undated

Forensic Building, Institut Philippe Pinel de Montreal; Copy of plan with address

Box 18 Folder 33 Copied articles, ca. 1991

Two articles from Abitare (Italian Design Magazine), dates uncertain

Box 18 Folder 34 Copied source, 1966

Humphry Osmond, "Some Psychiatric Aspects of Design," from: Laurence B. Holland, Who Designs America? (Doubleday Anchor, 1966) booklet

Box 18 Folder 35 Copied sources, 1975-6

Student paper, U. of Munich, for a community residential model "Transitional Settings for Psychiatric Patients in a Town Sector" (history of, in German)

Box 18 Folder 36 Copied sources, excerpts, 1957, 1965

Folder entitled: "Saskatchewan Plan" (history of)

Box 18 Folder 37 Copied sources, excerpts, 1965

Arkansas State Hospital, history of (article)

Box 18 Folder 38 Copy, 1970

Photocopy ofFortune News(Oct. 1970), article on question of enlisting ex-cons to re-design prisons. (Originally in folder entitled: "Corrections")

Box 18 Folder 39 Data sheet, 1976

R. Bartholemew, "Mental Retardation: Educational Environments,"Man-Environment Systems6: 183-184, 1976

Box 18 Folder 40 Design Guidelines, 1976

Design Guidelines: Intermediate Care Facilities for the Mentally Retarded(Commonwealth of Massachusetts, 1976)

Oversize 01 Folder 6 Drawings, 1940

Carpentry details of John James Croft Jr., Architect, Asheboro, N.C.

Box 18 Folder 41 Excerpts, 1953, 1956

Folder entitled: "1946-1954: Gutterson-Ozarin, Hillburton Prog. 1950 pub" (history of)

Box 18 Folder 42 Guidelines, 1973

CEH, "Mentally Handicapped People Living in Ordinary Houses and Flats: Some Useful Information for Architects," July 1973

Box 18 Folder 43 Journal, 1976

"Architecture and Design of Treatment Environments,"Hospital & Community Psychiatry, November 1976 (American Psychiatric Association)

Box 18 Folder 44 Journal article, 1976

Article by Lawrence R. Good,Hospital & Communtiy Psychiatry(name singled out by Dorsett in his filing) on the Wisconsin State Hospital

Box 18 Folder 45 Journal article, 1976

George Means, Raymond Ackerman,Hospital & Community Psychiatry; Article on "South Carolina's Village System" (Dorsett's filing note)

Box 18 Folder 46 Legal Document, Reprinted 1964

Community Mental Health Centers Act of 1963, Title II, Public Law 88-164, Regulations (Dorsett highlights Appdx. A: General Standards of Construction and Equip.)

Box 18 Folder 47 Miscellaneous, 1970

New Technology Disclosure - management system by Boeing for NASA Saturn V project. From folder labeled "R.M. Jones" (Includes proposal for environ. quality center)

Oversized 01 Folder 7 Miscellaneous, 1982, undated

Historical architecture, villages, furniture - articles and sketches

Box 18 Folder 48 Ordinance Survey, 1971-2

Mahoning County Highway Map with catchment areas (I & II) delineated

Box 18 Folder 49 Pamphlet, 1965

Rice Design Fete III - NIMH: Orientation Conference, Continental Hotel, Kansai City, Missouri, 15-17 March 1965

Box 18 Folder 50 Pamphlet, 1964

Concepts and Challenges: The Comprehensive Community Mental Health Center, NIMH (U.S. Dept. of Health, Education and Welfare)

Box 18 Folder 51 Pamphlet, 1977

A Citizen's Guide to the Community Mental Health Centers Act, NIMH (US Dept. of Health, Education and Welfare)

Box 19 Folder 1 Planning Aid Kit, 1970

NIMH Planning Aid Kit(Reprinted for the Session on Environmental Architecture and Psychiatry, 123rd Annual Meeting, SF, May 12, 1970)

Box 19 Folder 2 Program / invite, 1965

Rice Design Fete III- Small program for film show/conference on mental health, Rice University, 6 June 1965 to 18 June 1965

Box 19 Folder 3 Publications by others, undated (post 1970)

4-sheet bibliography entitled: "Papers and Articles Available Through Architectural Consultation Section"

Box 19 Folder 4 Publications by others, 1951-59

Articles on converted isolation suites, physical therapy dept., and mental hospitals. Includes one photo of State Hospital, Illinois

Box 19 Folder 5 Reference Book, 1965

Lawrence R. Good, et al,Therapy by Design: Implications of Architecture for Human Behavior(Illinois: Charles C. Thomas, 1965)

Box 19 Folder 6 Reference Book, 1964

Raymond Glasscote, et al,The Community Mental Health Center: An Analysis of Existing Models(NAMH: Washington D.C., 1964)

Box 19 Folder 7 Reference Book, 1968

Matthew Dumont,The Absurd Healer: Perspectives of a Community Psychiatrist(New York: Science House, 1968)

Box 19 Folder 8 Reference Book, 1961

Action For Mental Health: Final Report of the Joint Commission on Mental Illness and Health, 1961(New York: Science Editions, 1961)

Box 19 Folder 9 Reference materials, 1967-68

Charles F. Read Zone Center, Chicago, Illinois ; includes John P. Ready's earlier concepts of "Zone Mental Health Centers" (1964)

Box 19 Folder 10 Reference materials, undated

"CMHC Project Kit" (as stated on original folder). OR IS IT "Ket" (Kentucky?)

Box 19 Folder 11 Regulations, 1964

Public Health Service Regulations - Part 53: Pertaining to the Constructin and Modernization of Hospital and Medical Facilities

Box 19 Folder 12 Regulations, 1969

Regulations for P.L. 88-164 Mental Health Center Construction Projects (various)

Box 19 Folder 13 Standards, 1972

Accreditation Manual for Psychiatric Facilities1972(Chicago: Joint Commission on Accreditation of Hospitals, 1972)

Box 19 Folder 14 Studies, 1970

NASMHPD (National Assoc. State Mental Health Program Directors) Studies - various.

Box 19 Folder 15 Study, 1982

I. Jakab,Environmental Impact on Disturbed Mentally Retarded Children(Toronto: APA, 982). Contains note: "Clyde, from Lucy O. At APA meeting Toronto"

Box 19 Folder 16 Suicide in MHF - articles on, various

Various articles by others on suicide in mental health facilities

Box 19 Folder 17 Survey Questionnaire, 1972

Survey Questionnaire: Accreditation Council for Psychiatric Facilities(Chicago: Joint Commission on Accreditation of Hospitals, 1972)

Box 19 Folder 18 Thesis, 1977

Karl Joachim Habermann,Bautypologische Entwicklungslinien des psychiatrischen Krankenhauses(Technischen Universitat Munchen, 1977)

Box 19 Folder 19 Trip Report by others, 1964

Report of Visit to Hudson River State Hospital, Poughkeepsie, New York, January 31, 1964

Box 19 Folder 20 Trip Reports by others, 1965

Includes visits to Menninger Foundation; Agnews State Hospital, CA; Fort Logan, CO; Topeka State Hospital