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Clyde Dorsett papers, 1940-1991, bulk 1952-1982

Series I: Project Records

By far the largest component of the collection, this principally covers the 'raw material' received by Clyde Dorsett throughout his architectural consultation work: projects undertaken by various architects for their medical authority clients across the United States, and sent to the NIMH for comment. These date from 1963 to 1982 – the period of Dorsett's administration. There are also a number of further documents after that date sent to Dorsett during his extensive later period as a private consultant. Most work is related either directly or indirectly to hospital or CMHC design. A few of these contain hand-drawn or written comments by Dorsett, while a number contain letters of correspondence between the NIMH and other participants. The series comprises of drawings, files (written material) and photographs. The working and presentation drawings are mostly reproductions (blueprints, diazotypes, photostats) occasionally marked up by Dorsett or others. The files includes reports, correspondence letters, notes, often with their counterpart drawings. The project photographs form only a very small part of Series I. The Project Records Series is catalogued alphabetically first by state and within each, by project name – with drawings, files and/or photographs pertaining to each project kept in sequence. A few projects are unidentifiable by either title or state and have been placed at the end of the series.

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