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James Marston Fitch papers, 1933-2000, 1933-2000

Series VI: General Correspondence

Information in this series may also relate to other series in this collection.

Box 07: Fol 13 Beyer Blinder Belle. 1978-1990

Includes materials relating to contract; Richard L. Blinder; Marilyn Marullo; and John Belle.

Box 08: Fol 01 Cleo's Festchrift. [1 of 2] 1995

Includes materials relating to Cleo Rickman Fitch; condolence cards following the death of Cleo Rickman Fitch; Festschrift; symposium on Cosa; Wayne State University; and American Academy in Rome.

Box 08: Fol 02 Cleo's Festchrift. [2 of 2] 1995

Includes materials relating to Lux Ex Cosa: A Cleo Rickman Fitch Italian Symposium (program drafts and final version).

Box 08: Fol 03 Correspondence. 1954-1966

Includes materials relating to Edgar Kaufman Jr.; Harwell Hamilton Harris; ACSA Cranbrook Seminar; Palisades Parkway Commission; fire fighting museum, John Waite, Sr.; Stanley James Goldstein; John Fleming; Citizens for Preservation and Use of the Huntington Mansion; Bruce J. Graham; Stanley Meltzoff; Rockland Foundation; Robert L. Geddes; TAC (The Architectural Collaborative); and research inquiries.

Box 08: Fol 04 Correspondence. 1965-1966

Includes materials relating to UNESCO; guest lectures and seminars; Serge Chermayeff; Southern Regional Education Board; inter-university correspondence; Jane Fiske McCullough; Huntington Mansion in Rockland County; Bernard Feilden; Nicholas Pevsner; and Augusta Monferini.

Box 08: Fol 05 Correspondence. 1975

Includes materials relating to Miami-Dade Community College Close Range Photogrammetry Technician Program advisory committee.

Box 08: Fol 06 Correspondence. [1 of 3] 1976

Includes materials relating to Nathan Silver;Landscape Architecture Magazine; Smith College Alumnae Gymnasium; Harry Weese; National Museum of the Building Arts; stairs; conferences; The Victorian Society in America; National Trust for Historic Preservation 30th Annual Meeting and Preservation Conference; director of the program in Historic Preservation; American Council of Learned Societies Joint Committee on Eastern Europe; and Barnabas McHenry. Also includes 4 photographs.

Box 08: Fol 07 Correspondence. [2 of 3] 1976

Includes materials relating to John H. Stubbs; Jukka Jokilehto; panels, lectures, and conferences; Crown Hall (Illinois Institute of Technology); Harry Weese; and general university correspondence.

Box 08: Fol 08 Correspondence. [3 of 3] 1976

Includes materials relating to Sailor's Snug Harbor; National Museum of the Building Arts; Samborn, Steketee, Otis, & Evans, Inc.; panels, lectures, and conferences; Anthony C. Antoniades; Dion Neutra; Miami-Dade Community College Close-Range Photogrammetry Program; Historic Richmond Foundation (includes 1 photograph); ICOMOS; Oleg Shvidkovsky; Institute of Art History, Ministry of Culture of the USSR; and Carol Clark.

Box 09: Fol 01 Correspondence. [1 of4] 1977

Includes materials relating to Gwendolyn Wright; James Levin; ICOMOS; Elliot Carroll; Bernard Feilden; Susan Faxton; Garrett Eckbo; James Biddle; Charles Peterson; St. Boniface Roman Catholic Church (Pittsburgh); Serge Chermayeff; National Conservation Advisory Committee; South Street Seaport Museum; Newburgh Revisited by Barry Benepe and Arthur Channing Downs, Jr.; Landmarks Preservation Commission; and Dan Vieyra.

Box 09: Fol 02 Correspondence. [2 of 4] 1977

Includes materials relating to Miami-Dade Community College Close-Range Photogrammetry Program; National Museum of the Building Arts; German National Committee for the Preservation of Monuments and Historic Buildings; National Trust for Historic Preservation; Jane Jacobs; Soviet architecture; Dr. Peter Lizon; Bernard Feilden; Dirksen Senate Office Building; Harwell Hamilton Harris; and Society of Architectural Historians 1977 annual meeting.

Box 09: Fol 03 Correspondence. [3 of 4] 1977

Includes materials relating toChicago 1893: A Fair to Remember; Mary Dierickx; Preservation Alumni; John H. Stubbs; National Conservation Advisory Council; and Engineering Foundation Conference.

Box 09: Fol 04 Correspondence. [4 of 4] 1977

Includes materials relating to John H. Stubbs; The Ladies' Hermitage Association; Bernard Feilden; ICOMOS; Serge Chermayeff; Theodore H.M. Prudon; Hugh M. Flick; Roger Bartels; Texas Historical Commission; RESTORE, Municipal Art Society; Preservation Alumni; National Museum of the Building Arts; Ada Louise Huxtable; Snug Harbor Cultural Center; S. Julius Lichtenstein Home, Corpus Christi, Texas (includes 1 photograph); Mrs. Walter Gropius; and Columbia University preservation convocation.

Box 09: Fol 05 Correspondence. 1977-1980

Includes materials relating to retirement; Margot Gayle; Garland Bibliographies in Architecture and Planning; Society of Architectural Historians; Frank Lloyd Wright; Rene Dubos; Christian Gimonet; Energy and the Way We Live Forum; Fitch biographical material;The Architectural Review;Journal of the Society of Architectural Historians; "Painted Word, Written Building"; Roxanne Williamson; Thomas J. Gilheany;New York Timesletters; Old Economy Village; The Historical Association of Central Louisiana; Theodore Waddell; Barnabas McHenry; South Street Seaport Museum; Jeanne Teutonico; and Headlands Foundation.

Box 09: Fol 06 Correspondence. 1978-1980

"Includes materials relating to Douglas Haskell; Radio City Music Hall; Perry, Dean, Stahl & Rogers, Inc.; Arthur Ziegler;Rebuilt and Reused; "Lewis Mumford on Architecture" film; Institute for Southern Studies;American Building: The Environmental Forces that Shape It; Theodore Waddell; Carole Rifkind; National Museum of the Building Arts; movie theaters; Peter Blake; US-Israel policy; and television series on design arts. Also contains an unlabeled architectural elevation drawing.

Box 09: Fol 07 Correspondence. 1978

Includes materials relating to The Smithsonian Institution; RESTORE; Arkansas; Ellen Coxe Louis; Navajo reservation; Texas; Atlantic City; Roger Moss; National Architectural Accrediting Board; National Endowment for the Humanities; Snug Harbor Cultural Center; Labelle Prussin; John H. Beyer; employment and fellowship recommendation letters for students; New York State Senate Chamber; ICOMOS; and Nathan Silver.

Box 10: Fol 01 Correspondence. [1 of 2] 1979

Includes materials relating to Columbia University joint program in architecture and preservation; Advisory Committee of the Senate Chamber, New York State Senate; John H. Stubbs; Victorian Society in America; Bernard Feilden; Christopher Alexander, Proposal to the National Science Foundation, "Completion of a new paradigm in architecture and planning, as the culmination of empirical work conducted since 1963"; Nancy Wolf; Otis Pratt Pearsall; Brooklyn Heights Association; The Painted Word (Architectural Review, August 1979); Roger Moss, Biographical Directory of Philadelphia Architects; National Museum on the Building Arts; Adolf K. Placzek; Exchange Court (52 Broadway); South Street Seaport, Schermerhorn Row; interuniversity correspondence; New Perspectives on American Art, 1890-1940 symposium; Society of Architectural Historians; and ICOMOS.

Box 10: Fol 02 Correspondence. [2 of 2] 1979

Includes materials relating to Roxanne Williamson; James Marston Fitch's "US Jewry's Dangerous Assumption,"New York Times, Aug 20, 1979; Daniel Vieyra; Theodore H.M. Prudon; student papers; Robert Sweetser "Proposal for a grant to study architectural conservation"; Louis Gottschalk grave; New York State Senate Capitol building; NEA grant application "Identifying Community Parameters for a Joint Redevelopment Enterprise" (Baltimore); and Carl Book.

Box 10: Fol 03 Correspondence. 1979-1981

Includes materials relating to Landscape Architecture; John Rogers photography; RESTORE; Harwell Hamilton Harris; "Old Chinatown Streets: A New York Chinatown History Project Implementation Grant Proposal" Asian American Research Institute; Robert Venturi.

Box 10: Fol 04 Correspondence. [1 of 2] 1980

Includes materials relating to Carol Clark; William Morgan; Theodore H.M. Prudon; Bernd Foerster; Nathan Silver; NEA grant applications; Ball State University; Winterthur Museum; South Street Seaport; Society of Architectural Historians meeting, Frank Lloyd Wright and the Escape from Eclecticism; itineraries; University of California, Berkeley; Daylighting Summer Institute 1980; International Design Conference; andIndustrial Design(magazine).

Box 10: Fol 05 Correspondence. [2 of 2] 1980

Includes materials relating to Texas; Carol Clark; Guggenheim Memorial Foundation; Barnabas McHenry, William Morgan; travel information for Cuba; Morris-Jumel Mansion; and Bernard Feilden.

Box 11: Fol 01 Correspondence. 1980-1981

Includes materials relating to "The American House" Mary Mix Foley; lectures; Ada Louise Huxtable; Christo's Gates; Daniel Vieyra; Trenton, NJ; 1981 National Convention American Institute of Architects; Project for Public Spaces; Indo-US Sub-Commission on Education & Culture Seminar on Architecture and Community Planning; International Association for Bridge and Structural Engineering symposium on the selection of structural form; and APT.

Box 11: Fol 02 Correspondence. [1 of 2] 1981

Includes materials relating to Andre Schiffrin; Gail T. Guillet; Halcyon House; Russell Versaci; The Katonah Gallery; Shelter; Headlands Foundation; Eric DeLony; Historic American Engineering Record; Barnabas McHenry; Frank Gerard Matero; John Simon Guggenheim Memorial Foundation (candidate evaluations); Suzanne O'Keefe; International Committee of Architectural Critics ; Leonardo:International Journal of Contemporary Visual Artists; Finances; 222 Columbia Heights; Alfredo De Vido; and Indo-US Subcommission on Education and Culture.

Box 11: Fol 03 Correspondence. [2 of 2] 1981

Includes materials relating to South Street Seaport Museum; Barnabas McHenry; and reference materials.

Box 11: Fol 04 Correspondence. 1982

Includes materials relating to Robert Wood; Roger Sturtevant; Council on Architecture; James J. Hansen; Bernard Feilden; Roz Li; International Council for building research studies and documentation; Dan Vieyra; Gerron Hite; Robert Irving; Carol Clark; Charles H. Revson Fellows Program; Asian Cultural Council; Donald Watson; The Architectural History Foundation Inc.; Indo-US Subcommission on Education and Culture; Francesco Siravo; Harwell Hamilton Harris; Victoria Newhouse; Martin Filler; The American House; The Katonah Gallery; Rasalie Dolmatch; Shelter; Joyce Herbert Mann; "Saving Energy in Buildings"; National Building Museum; W. Boulton Kelly; John D. and Catherine T. MacArthur Foundation; Adolf K. Placzek; Restoration Skills Training Program; Lale Vauli; David DeLong; Ivan Zaknic; Luise Margolies; Trevor Roche Burrowes; Gordon B. Simmons, "Workmanship and Building"; Morris Ketchum Jr. ; Lewis Mumford; ACSA Summer Institute; Patti Brown; Metropolis: The Architecture and Design Magazine of New York; Friendship Committee GDR-USA; National Gallery of Art; "Physical and metaphysical in architectural criticism"; John Simon Guggenheim Memorial Foundation; Stanley Meltzoff; Mete Turan; Richard W. Longstreth; Jean Marie Hamilton; US/ICOMOS; William H. Jordy; Warehouses and Warehouse Districts in Mid-American Cities; Leonard K. Eaton; AIA Columbus; "Architectural Moral Majority"; Anne Belle; Enell and Bernd Foerster; Preface for Morris Ketchum book; The Viewer in the Landscape; and Arnold Berleant.

Box 11: Fol 05 Correspondence. 1982-1983

Includes materials relating to Bernard Feilden; bills; The Architect's Collaborative; AIA honorary degree; Oculus; and Donald Baerman.

Box 11: Fol 06 Correspondence. 1983

Includes materials relating to Zaki H. Dawood; HAER; Michael L. Ainslie; Julius Posener; "Anthropological Approaches to the Study of Vernacular Architecture"; Labelle Prussin; The Lamps of Cosa; Bernard Feilden; ACSA/AIA Award for Excellence; Maria Murray; John England; William Chapman; Pieter Claesen Wyckoff House; John Milner Associates, Architects; Walter Gropius; Reader's Digest;Landscape Architecturemagazine;Journal of the Society of Architectural Historians; Michael I. Sovern ; Andrew Scott Dolkart; Meredith H. Sykes; Trigylph; and Metropolis.

Box 11: Fol 07 Correspondence. 1984

Includes materials relating to Anthony Alofsin, Anthony; Elizabeth McMillian; Architectural Digest; Architectural History Foundation; Victoria Newhouse; "Billboards in China"; Marco G. Brambilla; Stephany Burell-Malecki; Canadian Institute of Ukranian Studies; Bill Chapman; Leslie Cheek Jr.; Carol Clark; Cuba; Mario Cowley; Denver AIA; Bernard Feilden; Dennis Flanagan;Florida Architecture of Addison Mizner; Bernd Foerster; Glen Gacket; Margot Gayle; get well cards; Vito Girone; Harwell Hamilton Harris; Jean Harris; Joseph L. Herndon; Kem Hinton; Historic Preservation; Honory AIA membership congratulation letters; ICOMOS/ Urban Projects Division/ Aide Memoire; Indo-US Sub commission on Education and Culture, American t Ted Tanen; John Simon Guggenheim Memorial Foundation; G. Thomas Tanselle; William Jordy; Kansas City AIA; James F. Walters; Kent Arts Commission; City of Kent, Washington; Bill N. Lacy; Hilda Lass; Louise du Pont Crownshield Award (1985); Louvre Pyramid; Adolf Placzek; Polly Grchich; Dennis Alan Mann; Phillip C. Marshall ; Barnabas McHenry;Metropolis(magazine contracts); Minnesota Historical Society; William Morgan; David Pass; Philadelphia Atheneaeum; Roger Moss; Receipts- Paris; George C. Skarmeas; Tyler Smith; Society for the Preservation of New England Antiquities/Gropius House; John J. Stonehill ;The Boston Review; Nicholas K. Bromell; Essay on Boston; The Heritage Canada Foundation; Triglyph; Twelve Great Form Makers Revisited; University of Pennsylvania; David G. De Long; University of Washington/Third Annual Design Awareness Symposium; US/ICOMOS; Terry Morton; Victorian Society in America; Marcus Whiffen; Roxanne Williamson; Bob Wood (report on travel); and Bruno Zevi, Prof.

Box 12: Fol 01 Correspondence. 1985

Includes materials relating to Joseph Lucian Herndon; Guy Lacy Schless; Carol Clark; Barnabas McHenry; Harwell Hamilton Harris; Bernard Feilden; US/ICOMOS; David G. De Long; Al Attanasio; Bill Chapman; Polly Grchich; Louvre; Louise du Pont Crownshield Award; New Jersey Institute of Technology; Philip C. Marshall;and Village Nursing Home.

Box 12: Fol 02 Correspondence. 1986

Includes materials relating to National Park Service; The Athenaeum; Harwell Hamilton Harris; University of Pennsylvania; Gropius House; Society for the Preservation of New England Antiquities; US/ICOMOS; Association of Collegiate Schools of Architecture; and Historic Savannah Foundation.

Box 12: Fol 03 Correspondence. 1987

Includes materials relating to John J. Stonehill; US/ICOMOS; Victoria Newhouse; and Travel, France.

Box 12: Fol 04 Correspondence. 1988-1989

Includes materials relating to Dennis Flanagan; Society for the Preservation of New England Antiquities; Walter Gropius House; Robert Wood; Sark Sigorta; East Anatolian Turkey; Nathan Silver; Mark Ryser; The Century Association and The Century Club; John Boogaerts; and Jacqueline Pearl Jackson.

Box 12: Fol 05 Correspondence. 1990-1991

Includes materials relating to Walter Gropius House; Society for the Preservation of New England Antiquities; National Endowment for the Arts; Robert Wood; Peter Davey; Diana Ketcham; Chip Harkness; The Church of the Holy Apostles; Bernard Feilden; Paul Grotz eulogy; Stefan Grotz; Adele Chatfield-Taylor; Chester Liebs; Gwendolyn Wright; and Metropolis.

Box 12: Fol 06 Correspondence. 1992

Includes materials relating to the New Yorker; Scientific American; travel; Lucy G. Moses award; APT; Dorothy Grotz; medical information; Bernard Feilden; University Press of Virginia;Listening to Buildings; and resumes.

Box 12: Fol 07 Correspondence. 1993-1995

Includes materials relating to Cevat Erder; Jane Jacobs; Nathan Silver; Mete Turan; Bernard Feilden; andJournal of the Society of Architectural Historians.

Box 12: Fol 08 Correspondence. 1996

Includes materials relating to Diana Ketchum; Susan Doubilet; Bernard Feilden; and miscellaneous correspondence.

Box 12: Fol 09 Correspondence. 1997

Includes materials relating to honorary Doctor of Fine Arts, New School for Social Research; Margot Gayle; Bruno Zevi;Blueprint for an Architects Trainingby Walter Gropius; and filmJames Marston Fitch: Pioneer in Preservation Education. Also includes 4 black and white slides.

Box 12: Fol 10 Dorothy Dehner, Interview on subject of. 1995

Includes transcript of interview with Fitch regarding sculptor Dorothy Dehner.

Box 12: Fol 11 Miscellaneous correspondence. 1982-1983

Includes materials relating to Bartow-Pell Mansion; Bauhaus Symposium ; Cuba: Architect and Planners Research Trip; George McEneny Historic Preservation Medal; Gropius Centennial; International Garden Club; National Association for Olmstead Parks; Toronto; and World Conference on Olmstead Parks.

Box 12: Fol 12 Preservation school for craftsmen. 1997

Includes materials relating to high school for the restoration arts; and Kate Burns Ottavino.