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James Marston Fitch papers, 1933-2000, 1933-2000

Series IV: Correspondence and Travel

Information about related subjects and activities may also be found in other series in this collection.

Box 02: Fol 10 Ankara and Turkey, Vernacular Binocular lectures. 1982

Ankara, Turkey; travel itineraries; Istanbul; Vernacular Binocular; Henry Glassi; Safranbolu; vernacular architecture; MC Moutsopoulos; Mete Turan; and Paul Oliver.

Box 02: Fol 11 Budapest. 1970-1973

Includes materials relating to America-Turkish Dental Association Tour; Anatolia; Ankara; Athens; Bucovina; Cevat Erder; Gordion; Greece; ICOMOS General Assembly; ICOMOS lecture; Nevzat Ilhan; integration of old and new; lecture outlines; Raymond Lemaire; Romania; Rome; Split; and travel arrangements. Also contains 6 color slides.

Box 02: Fol 12 Cairo, Yugoslavia. 1969-1973

Includes materials relating to Cairo Town-Planning Round Table; Ministery of Culture, United Arab Republic; Mario Salvadori; Grandville Sewell; Phelps Warren; and Christopher Wright.

Box 02: Fol 13 China. 1982-1983

Includes materials relating to People to People Architecture Delegation; People's Republic of China; travel receipts; business cards; travel brochures and informational booklets; Ming Tombs; maps; Shan Shiyuan; Forbidden City; Adele Chatfield-Taylor; and Chinese buildings.

Box 02: Fol 14 Cuban Trip. [1 of 2] 1991-1997

Includes materials relating to Cuban Trip; Center for Cuban Studies; Clinton's transition plan; 3rd International Conference on Cultural Heritage Context and Conservation (conference program); Victor Marin; Comite Panamericano de Patrimonio Historico; "Havana's Historic Architecture: An Endangered Species?"; and Restoration of Old Havana.

Box 02: Fol 15 Cuban Trip. [2 of 2] 1997-1998

Includes materials relating to Cuba; Havana; Cuartilla Informativa; Preserving the Architecture of Cuba dinner; James Marston Fitch Charitable Trust; National Design Museum; "In Every Neighborhood, Tourism: Cuba's New Revolutionary Goal: 2 Million Tourists by 2000" by J.P. Slavin; literature concerning tourism in Cuba; "Havana Always: Challenges and Opportunities at the Turn of Millennia" by Mario Coyula; and "About Schemes, Plans and Master Plans for Havana" by Mario Gonzalez.

Box 03: Fol 01 Czechoslovakia. [1 of 2] 1962-1971

Budapest; Prague; F. Novak; Jiri Hruza; Validmir Nvotny; Jiri Kostka; Chalupecky- Homes & Philosophy (paper); Jan Danielis; CSSR travel itineraries with notes; Czechoslovak Ministry of Culture; Hilda Lass; Jaroslav Vesely; Adolph Loos; Tugendhat; and Florence.

Box 03: Fol 02 Czechoslovakia. [2 of 2] 1971-1974

Includes materials relating to Conference on the Architectural History of Central and Eastern Europe; Jiri Hruza; Shaker Village of Pleasant Hill, Kentucky; Society of Architectural Historians; and Society of Architectural Historians Eastern European Architectural and Preservation Conference (List of speakers).

Box 03: Fol 03 English Trip. 1991-1992

Includes materials relating to travel arrangements; Paternoster Square; Page Cowley; medical diagnoses; Bernard Feilden; Nathan Silver; and Oxford University.

Box 03: Fol 04 Haiti. 1977-1978

Haiti; Citadel (Port-au-Prince); Palace (Port-au-Prince); Albert Mangones (Conservateur des Site et Monuments Historiques); Patrick De La Tour; Eric N. Delony; Historic American Engineering Survey (HAER); and Historic Steam Engines. Also contains photographs.

Box 03: Fol 05 Leningrad Trip. 1975

Includes materials relating to itinerary; Preservation of the Historic Character of the Contemporary City with Focus on Harmonizing of Old and New Buildings (seminar in Leningrad): program participants; The Technology of the American Home exhibit; travel receipts; United States Information Agency (grant).

Box 03: Fol 06 Middle Eastern-Russian Trip. 1964- 1971

Includes materials relating to Edward P. Alexander; Colonial Williamsburg; Nevzat Ilhan; Iran; newspaper clippings; sabbatical; and UNESCO: Iran conservation and restoration of historic monuments.

Box 03: Fol 07 Moscow, Prague. 1970-1971

Includes materials relating to Cevat Erder; International Congress of the History of Science (bulletin); International symposium on the measurement of history monuments, Brno June 28-July 2, 1971; A. Michailov; Sofia, Bulgaria; visa application Czechoslovakia; and K.V. Zhukov.

Box 03: Fol 08 Passports. 1962-1999

Includes business cards, address book, and passports.

Box 03: Fol 09 Peru. 1975

Includes materials relating to American Specialist Program Office of Inter-American Programs; Peru; Guatemala; and grant.

Box 03: Fol 10 Quito. [1 of 2] 1973-1975

United States Aid Mission to Ecuador;Preservation, Rehabilitation and Touristic Development of the Historic Core of Quito; and contracts.

Box 03: Fol 11 Quito. [2 of 2] Fitch, James Marston. Preservation, Rehabilitation and Touristic Development of the Historic Core of Quito. Final Report for the Division of Housing, Industry, and Urban Affairs of the A.I.D. Mission in Ecuador, 15 April 1974. 1974 Apr

Final draft.

Box 04: Fol 01 San Francisco Trip. 1990-1991

Includes materials relating to Roger Sturtevant Collection of Photographs; Sturtevant archives; and San Francisco trip itinerary.

Box 04: Fol 02 World Monuments Fund. 1991

Includes materials relating to World Monuments Fund; John Stubbs; "Some parameters for the conservation of The Templete"; Mudejar Cloister of the Royal Monastery of Guadalupe in Spain; itinerary; objectives and agenda; historical background; and "Zubaran's Paintings in the Sacristy of the Monastery of Guadalupe" by Jonathan Brown.

Box 04: Fol 03 Yugoslavia. 1969-1970

Includes materials relating to Dr. Tomislav Marasovic; International Symposium on Historic Preservation in Urban Centers (1969); Historic Preservation in Urban Centers- City Planner's View; Jiri Hruza; American-Yugoslav Project in Regional and Urban Planning Studies; and "Preserving Historic Urban Centers: Problems and Techniques."