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James Marston Fitch papers, 1933-2000, 1933-2000

Series III: Committees, Conferences, and Associations

Information about related subjects and activities may also be found in other series in this collection.

Box 01: Fol 07 American Academy. 1997

Includes materials relating to James Marston Fitch Resident in Historic Preservation; American Academy in Rome; Adele Chatfield-Taylor; and David G. De Long.

Box 01: Fol 08 APT, Washington, Meeting of Engineers. 1992

Includes materials relating to Kress Foundation; The Octogon;Evolution of the Restoration Process: New Directions symposium; Tony Hiss; clippings on embodied energy; Forum/APT; Marlene Heck; and International Association for Bridge and Structural Engineering.

Box 01: Fol 09 Columbia University. 1953-1984

Includes materials relating to appointment as professor;Architecture and the Esthetics of Plenty; Leopold Arnaud; health benefits; Talbot Hamlin; William J. McGill; James Stewart Polshek; Italy; sabbatical 1976; and salary.

Box 01: Fol 10 Columbia University. 1977

Includes materials relating to First Preservation Convocation.

Box 01: Fol 11 Columbia University. 1978

Includes materials relating to Historic Preservation Program; Preservation Alumni of Columbia University; Carol Clark; James Stewart Polshek; search committee for director of Historic Preservation Program; and Avery extension project.

Box 01: Fol 12 Finland. 1972-1975

Includes materials relating to Society of Architectural Historians; Eastern European conference; Helsinki; Rainer Knapas; Maija Kairamo; and Palladian ideals.

Box 01: Fol 13 G.D.R. 1972- 1981

Includes materials relating to Ludwig Deiters; Eastern European conference; German Democratic Republic National Committee of ICOMOS; Edmund Happold (University of Bath); Institut für Denkmalpflege; Christian F. Otto; Hermann G. Pundt; Society of Architectural Historians; itinerary; and US Committee for Friendship with the German Democratic Republic.

Box 01: Fol 14 Harvard Conference on Landscape Architecture History. 1976

Includes materials relating to Conference biography; Conference Papers; Neil Harris; Peter Hornbeck; Invitational Seminars on the Role of History in Landscape Architecture Education and Practice; Carl Steinitz; "The Historian and the History of Landscape Architecture"; Roy Lubove; Albert Fein; Diane Kostial McGuire; Graduate School of Design, Harvard University; "On the Roles of Precedent: A Personal View"; and Anthony Walmsley.

Box 01: Fol 15 Hungary. 1974-1982

Includes materials relating to Geza Entz; Mihaly Zador; Conference on Preservation of Historic Architecture in Middle and Eastern Europe; Anna Zador; McGraw Hill royalty statement; Palladianism in Hungary; Dunbarton Oaks; Peter Wirth; "Special Historical aspect of the development of medieval architecture in Hungary"; and Istvan Deak.

Box 01: Fol 16 ICOMOS Second General Assembly. 1969

Includes list of participants.

Box 02: Fol 01 ICOMOS trip. 1977-1977

Includes materials relating to conference paper drafts; Suzy Grote; Robert Harling; ICOMOS Ditchley Park Meeting; Sharon Liebert; Nathan Silver; travel itinerary for Italy; and travel receipts.

Box 02: Fol 02 Kiley Symposium at Harvard. 1997-1997

Includes materials relating to Dan Kiley Symposium; Harvard; Dan Kiley, Landscape Artist: The First Two Decades; and exhibition catalog.

Box 02: Fol 03 Kress Foundation. 1990-1996

Includes materials relating to James Marston Fitch Charitable Trust; crafts training program; and grant applications.

Box 02: Fol 04 Moscow. 1977-1978

Includes materials relating to conservation problems of vernacular architecture; Middle East Technical University (Ankara); USSR Committee of ICOMOS; Professor S. Zemtsov; Raymond Lemaire; travel arrangements for ICOMOS conference in Moscow and Suzdal (1978); ICOMOS statutes and amendments (Warsaw 1965 to Rothenburg 1975); Bernard Feilden; and Vth General Assembly of ICOMOS.

Box 02: Fol 05 Poland. 1972- 1981

Includes materials relating to Bertram Bassuk; Dr. Jan Bialostocki; clippings: Journal of Architectural Education;Architectural Forum; Stanislaw Lorentz; Alfred Majewski; Society of Architectural Historians; Society of Architectural Historians' Conference on the Architecture of Middle and Eastern Europe; Helena Syrkus; Warsaw; and Prof. Jan Zachwatowicz.

Box 02: Fol 06 Romania. 1972-1976

Includes materials relating to architecture of Central Europe; Society of Architectural Historians; Vladimir Gvozdanovic; Morovic (Churches); Palladianism; correspondence; Eugenia Greceanu; and Vasile Dragut.

Box 02: Fol 07 University of Virginia symposium. 1996

Includes materials relating to the James Marston Fitch Fund; "Authenticity and Replication in Modern Architecture and Historic Preservation" symposium; William A. McDonough; Kenneth A. Schwartz; Robert Lasher; Richard Guy Wilson; and Daniel Bluestone.

Box 02: Fol 08 USSR. 1972-1976

Includes material relating to Society of Architectural Historians; Oleg Shvidkowsky; Palladianism; Central Europe; Eastern Europe; Ministry of Culture of the USSR; Institute of Art History; Institutue of the History of Arts Moscow; KV Zhukov; and Society of Architectural Historians Conference on Architecture of Middle and Eastern Europe.

Box 02: Fol 09 Yugoslavia. 1972-1975

Includes materials relating to Yugoslavia; Society of Architectural Historians Conference on Preservation of Historic Architecture in Middle and Eastern Europe; Sena Gvozdanovic; Palladianism; and Tomislav Marasovic.