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Peter Marcuse papers, 1947-2017

Series IV: Rent Control Study

Box 20: Folder 1 "The Uses and Limits of Rent Regulation" 1986

Final report by Peter Marcuse titled "The Uses and Limits of Rent Regulation: A Report, with Recommendations to Improve its Effectiveness in Meeting the Basic Needs of Tenants"

Box 20: Folder 2 Bibliographies 1966-1967

Bibliographies by W. Dennies Keating and Urban Studies Program, San Francisco State University

Box 20: Folder 3 Clippings 1981-1989
Box 20: Folder 4 Collected Papers and Reports: 1963-1977 1963-1977

Organized Tenants, Inc., "An Analysis of Rent Control from the Tenants' Viewpoint"; "New York City and State Rent Control with Respect to Vacancy Rates and Classes of Housing Accommodations"; George Fallis and Lawrence B. Smith, "Uncontrolled Prices in a Controlled Market: The Case of Rent Controls"; Joseph S. DeSalvo, "Reforming Rent Control in New York City: Analysis of Housing Expenditures and Market Rentals"; Ira S. Lowry, "Reforming Rent Control in New York City: The Role of Research in Policy Making"; Development Economics Group, Center for Urban Policy Research, Krooth and Altman, "Rent Control in the District of Columbia"; The Potomac Institute of Washington, D.C., "Rent Control in North America and Four European Countries"; An Analysis of New York City Rent Guidelines Board Order No. 10"; and excerpts

Box 20: Folder 5-6 Collected Papers and Reports: 1978-1982 1978-1982

John Ingram Gilderbloom (ed.), "Rent Control: A Source Book" featuring Peter Marcuse, "The Strategic Potential of Rent Control"; "Supplementary Report of Commissioners", Phillip Weitzman, "Economics and Rent Regulation: A Call for a new Perspective"; John N. Drobak, "Constitutional Limits on Price and Rent Control: The Lessons of Utility Regulation"; Kenneth Baar and Dennis Keating, :Fair Return Standards and Hardship Appeal Procedures: A Guide for New Jersey Rent Leveling Boards"; and excerpts

Box 20: Folder 7 Collected Papers and Reports: 1983 1983

Kenneth K. Baar, "Guidelines for Drafting Rent Control Laws: Lessons of a Decade"; J. R. Miron and J. B. Cullingworth, "Rent Control: Impacts on Income Distribution, Affordability and Security of Tenure"; Richard P. Appelbaum and John I. Gilderbloom, "Housing Supply and Regulation: A Study of the Rental Housing Market"

Box 20: Folder 8 Collected Papers and Reports: 1984 1984

Roger Sanjek, "Crowded Out: Homelessness and the Elderly Poor in NYC" (excerpt); Association for Neighborhood & Housing Development, "When the City Forecloses: Community and Owner Options"; Kenneth Baar and Richard LeGates, "Rental Housing Under the Berkeley Rent Stabilization Ordinance: A Survey of Tenants and Landlords"; J. David Hulchanski, "Market Imperfections and the Role of Rent Regulations in the Residential Rental Market"

Box 20: Folder 9-12 Collected Papers and Reports: 1985 1985

Richard J. Devine, "Who Benefits From Rent Control?"; Senate Democratic Task Force on Rental Housing, "1984 Annual Report of the Senate Minority Task Force on Rental Housing"; Community Development Department City of Los Angeles, "1984 Rental Housing Study Executive Summary"; Victor Bach, "Housing and the Poor: An Overview of Current Trends and Alternative Interventions"; Arthur D. Little, "New York: How Well it is Housed?" and "The Owners of New York's Rental Housing: A Profile"; W. Dennis Keating, "The Elmwood Experiment: The Elmwood Experiment: The Use of Commercial Rent Stabilization to Preserve a Diverse Neighborhood Shopping District" and "Landlord Self-Regulation: New York City's Rent Stabilization System 1969-1985"; New York State Tenant and Neighborhood Coalition, "Submission to the New York City Rent Guidelines Board"; Community Council of Greater New York, "Housing in New York City: Recent Findings and Implications of the 1984 Housing and Vacancy Survey"; New York State Division of Housing and Community Renewal, "Report to the Legislature on the Management of the Office of Rent Administration"; Office of Policy and Economic Research, "Dependency: Economic and Social Data for New York City"; Urban Law and Policy, Volume 7 No.4/5; Richard A. Epstein, "Takings: Private Property and the Power of Eminent Domain" (excerpt)

Box 20: Folder 13-15 Collected Papers and Reports: 1986 1986

New York State Division of Housing and Community Renewal, "Report to the Legislature on the Management of the Office of Rent Administration"; Arthur D. Little, "A Tale of Two Cities"; the Community Service Society, "Housing: Problem Analysis and Policy Direction" and "The Unintended Beneficiaries of Housing Policies: The Potential for Redistribution"; Christine Minnehan, "The Effects of Moderate Rent Controls" and "Effects of Costa on Rent Control"; Richard P. Appelbaum, "Regulation and the Santa Barbara Housing Market"; Blake Fleetwood & Kurt Eichenwald, "There's Nothing Liberal About Rent Control"; Housing Studies Vol. 1, No. 3; Kenneth Baar, "The Debate over California's Rental Housing Crisis Analysis, Ideology, or Avoidance?" and "Facts and Fallacies in the Rental Housing Market"; Stephen Malpezzi and C. Peter Rydell, "Rent Control in Developing Countries: A Framework for Analysis"; Michael J. Mandel, "Does Rent Control Make Tenants Better Off?"; Eugene J. Morris, "Report on Rent Control and Recommendations for Modifications"; Brad Schide, "A Proposal in Favor of Rent Control in the Province of British Columbia"; The Rent Stabilization Association of New York, "New York City: Housing Solutions"

Box 21: Folder 1-2 Collected Papers and Reports: 1987 1987

Hamilton, Rabinovitz & Alschuler, "From Management Support to Policy Analysis" and "How We Got Here from There: The Validity of the Biennial Adjustment to the Maximum Base Rent Formula"; Richard P. Appelbaum and John I. Gilderbloom, "The Impact of Modern Rent Control on Landlords and Tenants"; Arthur D. Little, "Housing Gridlock in New York"; W. Dennis Keating, "Landlord Self-Regulation: New York City's Rent Stabilization System 1969-1985"; Joint Assembly Committees' Investigation of Rent Administration in New York State, "Bleak House: DHCR at the Crossroads"; C. Peter Rydell, Michael P. Murray, "Rent Control in Los Angeles"; Edgar O. Olsem "What Do Economists Know about Rent Control?"; Ned Levine and Gene Grigsby, "The Impacts of Rent Control on Santa Monica Tenants"

Box 21: Folder 3-4 Collected Papers and Reports: 1988-1991 1988-1991

A. D. H. Crook, "Deregulation of Private Rented Housing in Britain: Investors' Responses to Government Housing Policy in the 1980s"; "The Impact of Modern Rent Control on Landlords and Tenants"; The World Bank, "Measuring the Costs and Benefits of Rent Control: Case Study by Design"; Brooklyn Law Review, Vol. 54, No. 3; Peter Salins, "Reflections on Rent Control and the Theory of Efficient Regulation"; Margery Austin Turner, "Rent Control and the Availability of Affordable Housing in the District of Columbia: A Delicate Balance"; Michael J. Burke, "Rent Control in new York City: A History and Analysis"; Richard P. Appelbaum et al., "Does Rent Control Really Cause Homelessness?"; William Tucker, "It's a Rotten Life: Rent Control and the Loss of Civility"; Citizens Budget Commission, "Reforming Residential Rent Regulations"

Box 21: Folder 5 Contract 1986

Includes consultant's agreement with the New York State Division of Housing and Community Renewal

Box 21: Folder 6 Correspondence 1985-1989
Box 21: Folder 7 Letters 1984-1988

Letters, memos, releases, and bulletins by governmental agencies

Box 21: Folder 8 Hardship 1984-1986

Reference materials on rent increase based on hardship (fair rate of return)

Box 21: Folder 9-10 Legal 1975-1987

Acts, publications by the District of Columbia Rental Accommodations Office, proposed codes on rent stabilization, a syllabus of a court case relating to rent control, testimonies

Box 21: Folder 11 NGOs 1985-1988

Memos and fact sheets

Box 21: Folder 12 MCI 1986

Tabulations, memos, releases, collected papers, and notes on Major Capital Improvements

Box 21: Folder 13 Statistics 1985-1987, undated

Tabulations, graphs, and notes

Box 21: Folder 14 Working Papers 1985-1986

Includes drafts, notes, summaries, fact sheets, outlines, and timelines