Avery Drawings & Archives Collections

Peter Marcuse papers, 1947-2017

Series III: Housing Authority

Box 14: Folder 1 Pre-History 1874, 1934, 1947

Clippings, a book excerpt, and a booklet titled "Nonprofit Housing Projects in the United States" by the United States Department of Labor

Box 14: Folder 2 National History: 1934-1945 1931-1987

Collected essays, correspondence with Gail Radford, and clippings

Box 14: Folder 3 National History: 1945-1980 1984-1985

Includes a collected draft written by Rachel G. Bratt with correspondence

Box 14: Folder 4 New York History: 1930's 1984-1986

Includes a draft titled "Public Housing in the United States in the 1930's: The Case of New York City," copies of images related to NYCHA projects, and notes

Box 14: Folder 5-7 New York History: 1934-1945 1934-1946, 1985

Includes clippings, letters, memos, excerpts, and other reference materials

Box 14: Folder 8 New York History: 1946-1980 1946-1980, undated

Includes clippings, letters, memos, excerpts, and other reference materials

Box 14: Folder 9 Administration 1953-1985

Includes profiles of NYCHA administrators, clippings, collected papers, and summary notes

Box 14: Folder 10 Admission 1935-1993

Includes clippings, memos, releases, application forms, charts, collected essays, students' papers, notes, and drafts regarding tenant selection

Box 15: Folder 1 Amalgamated Houses 1962, 1982, undated

Notice of referendum, collected paper, and copies of booklets

Box 15: Folder 2-3 Annual Reports 1934-1987

Various editions of NYCHA annual reports

Box 15: Folder 4-5 Architecture 1972-2004

Includes a draft titled "Does Architecture Matter?" and collected papers and reports, students' papers, clippings, and excerpts

Box 15: Folder 6 Archives 1984-1985, 1991

Includes correspondence, inventory lists, and processing reports regarding the Fiorello H. LaGuardia Archives' acquisition of NYCHA's archive

Box 15: Folder 7 Arson 1983-1996, undated

Clippings and excerpts

Box 15: Folder 8 Bibliographies 1953, 1976, 1984, 1993

Bibliographies on "Public Housing" by Peter Marcuse with notes; "The History of Low-Income Housing in New Yok City, 1900-1984: Bibliography" by Moon Wha Lee; "Reading List on Housing in the United States" issued by the office of the Administrator; and "Defensible Space and Security: A Partially Annotated Bibliography" by the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development

Box 15: Folder 9 Chronology 1965, 1969, undated

Includes "Housing in New York City: A Chronology," "Highlights of the History of New York City," and "NYCHA Chronology"

Box 15: Folder 10 City Program 1934-1986

Drafts, a NYCHA report titled "Housing without Cash Subsidy," NYCHA's "Survey of 23 Low Rental Housing Projects in New York City," notes, memos, letters, and other reference materials regarding local (city) government provision on housing

Box 15: Folder 11-13 Collected Papers & Reports: 1921-1960 1921-1957

Carol Aronovici, "Housing and the Housing Problem" andAmerica Can't Have Housing"; Edith Elmer Wood,Slums and Blighted Areas in the United States;One-Third of a Nation;What the Housing Act Can Do for Your City; CHPC, "Harlem Housing"; City Planning Commission, "Adoption of a City-wide Map Showing Sections Containing Areas for Clearance, Replanning and Low Rent Housing"; R. G. Tugwell, "Implementing the General Interest"; Federal Housing Administration,A Handbook on Urban Redevelopment for Cities in the United States; Herman T. Stitchman, "The Emergency in Housing" and "Housing Policy in the Expanding Region: A Return to Neighborhood Living"; WNBC, "Housing 1947"; Anthony F. C. Wallace, "Housing and Social Structure"; New York Chamber of Commerce, "Public Housing in New York City"; "Paul Tishman's View on Middle-Income Housing"; Elizabeth Wood, "The Small Hard Core" and "Public Housing and Mrs. McGee"; Robert F. Wagner, "Workable Program for Urban Renewal of the City of New York"

Box 16: Folder 1-3 Collected Papers & Reports: 1961-1980 1962-1979, undated

City Planning Commission, "1962-3 Urban Renewal Study Program"; Citizens Union and CHPC, "A Program for Community District"; Community Renewal Program, "New York City's Renewal Strategy"; Elizabeth Wood, "Social Planning: A Primer for Urbanists"; Institute of Public Administration, "Developing New York City's Human Resources: Volume II"; Pratt Planning Papers Volume 4 No.2 (March 1966); David A. Crane, "Planning and Design in New York"; William L. Rafsky, "Publicly Assisted Housing"; Institute of Public Administration, "'Let There Be Commitment': A housing, Planning and Development Program for New York City"; Walter Goodman, "The Battle of Forest Hills--Who's Ahead?"; The Massachusetts Union of Public Housing Tenants, "Your Rent & The Brooke Amendment" and "Leases and Grievance procedures for Public Housing"; Sherry Ann Suttles, "Reactions of Public Housing Tenants to the Design of Their Projects"; New York Urban Coalition's Housing Rehabilitation Task Force, "Report and Proposal"; Department of City Planning, "Proposed Fifth Year Community Development Program: Housing Assistance Plan"; a draft by L. H. Spence

Box 16: Folder 4-6 Collected Papers & Reports: 1981-1996 1982-1996, undated

Department of City Planning, "City Assistance for Small Manufactures"; Congressional Budget Office, "Federal Subsidies for Public Housing: Issues and Options"; "At Home in the New City: Housing in New York 1910-1983"; Cooper Square Committee, "Celebrating 25 Years of Cooper Square 1959-1984"; Norman I. Fainstein and Susan S. Fainstein, "The Politics of Urban Development: New York City Since 1945"; Douglas S. Massey and Adam Bickford, "The Effect of Public Housing on Black Segregation in U.S. Metropolitan Areas"; "Means Historical Cost Indexes 1988"; "1988 Dodge Square Foot Cost Data"; Doug Turetsky, "Neighborhoods Rising"; Sally-Hernandez-Pinero, "The Homeless and Public Housing in New York City"; Douglas S. Massey and Shawn M. Kanaiaupuni, "Public Housing and the Concentration of Poverty"; Nadia Venturini, "Nascita di un Complesso di Edilizia Popolare A New York: East River Houses"; David P. Varady, "Determinants of Neighborhood Satisfaction Among Public Housing Residents: Implications for the New Public Housing Program"; The National Center on Addiction and Substance Abuse at Columbia University, "Public Housing and Substance Abuse: Access to Treatment"

Box 16: Folder 7 Construction Management 1986

Memos from NYCHA officials

Box 16: Folder 8-9 Contracts 1984-1988

Contracts between Peter Marcuse, the Fiorello H. LaGuardia Archives, and NYCHA with correspondence and notes

Box 16: Folder 10 Correspondence 1984-1993
Box 16: Folder 11 Crime 1994-1996

Includes collected papers and clippings

Box 16: Folder 12 Determinants - Economic 1935-1936, 1987-1988

Collected papers, excerpts, clippings, and notes

Box 16: Folder 13 Determinants - Political undated

Notes and drafts

Box 16: Folder 14 Determinants - Social Control 1986

Correspondence with and a draft by Christian Topalov with notes

Box 16: Folder 15 Drugs 1989

Memo, report, and clipping regarding drug traffic in public housing

Box 16: Folder 16 Evaluation 1968-1969, 1984-1987

Includes copies of a paper titled "The Public Housing Program: Private Pacification or Public Purpose? A Cost-Benefit Analysis," notes, memos, correspondence, and collected papers

Box 16: Folder 17 Financial 1988

Excerpt from "New York City's Housing Crisis: Public Spending and Its Results, 1984-1987" by Citizens Budget Commission, September 1988

Box 17: Folder 1 First Houses 1934-1986

Includes letters, memos, releases, key plans, clippings, and summary notes

Box 17: Folder 2 Future Trends 1939-1997

Includes reference materials on Marine Drive Apartments, Buffalo, and collected papers, memos, releases, and clippings on public housing ownership

Box 17: Folder 3 Grant 1954-1973

Releases, lists, tables, and a fact sheet regarding General Grant Houses

Box 17: Folder 4 Graphs ca. 1985

Includes graphs on number of units, ethnic composition, application, and other matters in public housing between 1935 and 1985

Box 17: Folder 5 Harlem River Houses 1934-1988

Letters, reports, memos, key plans, collected papers, summary notes, and a draft

Box 17: Folder 6 Home Ownership 1984-1992

Collected papers, clippings, and memos

Box 17: Folder 7 Hope VI 1999-2002

Correspondence regarding Community Renaissance Fellows Program Conference discussing "Learning from Hope VI" at Yale University, March 2000, with a bibliography, a collected paper, clippings, and notes

Box 17: Folder 8 HUD 1994-1996, undated

Memos, reports, and clippings regarding the Department of Housing and Urban Development's (HUD's) programs

Box 17: Folder 9 Human Interest 1964, 1983-1988

Booklets by NYCHA, clippings, governmental reports, and Neighborhood journals

Box 17: Folder 10 Journal Article 1985

Drafts of "The Beginnings of Public Housing in New York" written for the Journal of Urban History

Box 17: Folder 11 Lectures 1989-1992

Teaching outlines for "PhD Seminar" and for "Seminar on the City"

Box 17: Folder 12 Legal 1951-1986

Excerpts, collected papers, and a booklet

Box 17: Folder 13 Management 1986-1993

Collected papers and clippings

Box 17: Folder 14 Manhattantown 1951

Copy ofManhattantown: Slum Clearance Plan Under Title I of the Housing Act of 1949

Box 17: Folder 15-19 Manuscript 1986-1989

Drafts of a book manuscript on the history of public housing in New York

Box 14: Folder 11 Maps 1982-1988

General maps of New York and specific maps regarding public housing, including maps published by the NYCHA and the Department of City Planning, City of New York

Box 18: Folder 1 Mayor's Committee for Better Housing 1955

Various reports written by the Mayor's Committee for Better Housing of the City of New York

Box 18: Folder 2 Middle Income 1935-1986

Notes, collected papers, clippings, memos, and letters

Box 18: Folder 3 Miscellaneous 1967-1998

Clippings, pamphlets, bulletins, etc. that were not contained within specific original folders

Box 18: Folder 4 Moses 1986-1989

Drafts titled "Robert Moses and Public Housing: Contradiction In, Contradiction Out," index of archival materials, correspondence, memos, transcripts, and releases related to Robert Moses' involvement as the Chairman of the City Committee on Slum Clearance

Box 18: Folder 5 National Tenants Organization 1989-1991

Includes a copy of a reprint of "The Rise of Tenant Organizations" published by The Nation, July 19, 1971, and materials from or on the National Tenants Organization

Box 18: Folder 6 Notes undated

Various notes that were not contained within specific original folders

Box 18: Folder 7 Other Programs 1987-2000

Notes, clippings, a booklet on programs by NYCHA

Box 18: Folder 8 Photos 1942-1984

Photographs (17) of various NYCHA projects and a set of photographs (6) regarding "New York City Housing Authority: Fifty Years of Photographic History, 1934-84" with press release

Box 18: Folder 9 Problem Estates 1994-1997

Includes reference materials regarding housing privatization primarily in Estonia

Box 18: Folder 10 Project Data 1977-1991

Various editions of NYCHA Project Data

Box 18: Folder 11-12 Projects 1937-2015

Notes, clippings, letters, memos, maps, and collected papers on various NYCHA projects including Jacob Riis Houses, Red Hook, Vladeck Houses, Lillian Wald Houses, Edwin Markham Houses, Forest Hills, Chelsea Houses, Bushwick Houses, and Queensbridge Houses

Box 18: Folder 13 Protest 1954-1976

Clippings, excerpts, memos, newsletters, and other reference materials

Box 18: Folder 14 Public Housing 1976-2000, 2015

Includes drafts titled "Interpreting 'Public Housing' History" and "Public Housing locational decisions," correspondence regarding journal and book contributions, and notes for a discussion on the evolution of NYCHA in 1999

Box 18: Folder 15 Publishing 1988-1991

Includes correspondence with publishers--including Columbia University Press, Temple Press, and Oxford University Press--about a book on the history of public housing in New York

Box 18: Folder 16 Race 1954-1993

Clippings, collected papers, and notes

Box 18: Folder 17 Rand 1968-1971

Various reports by the Rand Corporation

Box 18: Folder 18 Redevelopment undated

Draft titled "The Development of Redevelopment: Class Struggle and the 'Housing Question'"

Box 18: Folder 19 Rehabilitation undated

Contains notes

Box 18: Folder 20 Rent Levels 1987

Correspondence and data tables regarding rent levels in NYCHA housing

Box 18: Folder 21 Reorganization 1942-1960, undated

Notes, letters, memos, and clippings regarding the reorganization of the NYCHA

Box 19: Folder 1 Services 1947-1966, 1991

Clippings and a collected paper written by Richard Funderburg on community services provided by NYCHA

Box 19: Folder 2 Siphon 1982, 1988

Draft titled "Divide and Siphon: Housing Policy in New York City since the War," notes on the siphon effect in housing, and an edition of the Manhattan Report on Economic Policy, vol II. no. 6

Box 19: Folder 3 Site Selection 1936-1989

Includes articles, letters, maps, collected papers, notes, and correspondence regarding site selection in NYCHA projects

Box 19: Folder 4 Slums Undated, 1994

Drafts titled "Reforming the Space of the City" with a clipping

Box 14: Folder 12 State Public Housing 1938-1986

Includes letters, reports, articles, clippings, and collected papers primarily on Mitchell-Lama Housing

Box 14: Folder 13 Statistics 1946-1983

Tabulations showing racial distributions ("White," "Black," "Puerto Rican," and "Other") in NYCHA's housings

Box 19: Folder 5 Submission of Sites [1962]

Four booklets ofSubmission of "Authority" Sites to the City Planning Commissionby the NYCHA

Box 19: Folder 6-7 Tenant Data 1988, 1991

Tenant Data: Characteristics of Tenants as of January 1, 1988andTenant Data: Characteristics of Tenants as of January 1, 1991created by NYCHA Research and Policy Development

Box 19: Folder 8 Tenant Management 1984-1987

Report titled "Tenant Participation and Tenant Management Projects at the Cuyahoga Metropolitan Housing Authority: Preliminary Assessment and Observations co-written by Harry J. Wexler and Peter Marcuse, collected papers and reports, clippings, and correspondence

Box 19: Folder 9 Tenant Selection 1976, 1984, undated

Audit report, manual, and text material regarding NYCHA tenant selection policies, procedures, and practices

Box 19: Folder 10 Tenants 1972-2004

Includes a published paper titled "Housing Movements in the USA" (1999), correspondence, notes, clippings, a booklet, and collected papers on tenants organizations

Box 19: Folder 11 Veterans 1946-1971, undated

Includes memos, letters, and clippings

Box 14: Folder 14 Vladeck Houses 1938-1989

Letters, basic information, clippings, and tabulations

Box 19: Folder 12 Welfare 1985

Correspondence with NYCHA administrator George Gross

Box 19: Folder 13 Williamsburg Houses 1934-1937

Key plans, letters, a booklet published by Public Works Administration

Box 19: Folder 14 William Reid 1958-1961

Drafts and transcripts of speeches, addresses, and talks by William Reid

Box 19: Folder 15 Women 1988

Notes and a collected draft on women's managerial roles in NYCHA housings