Avery Drawings & Archives Collections

Peter Marcuse papers, 1947-2017

Series II: Professional Papers

Subseries 1: Publications

Box 5: Folder 1-3 1965-1975 1965-1975

"The Anti-Poverty Program: Attack on the Symptoms or Attack on the Source?"; "Equality"; "Scholarship and Burning Issues"; "Housing Policy and Social Indicators: Strangers or Siblings?"; "Homeownership for the Poor: Economic Implications for the Owner/Occupant"; "How to Have Your Cake and Eat It Too"; "The Legal Attributes of Homeownership for Low and Moderate Income Families"; "The Financial Attributes of Homeownership for Low and Moderate Income Families; "Tenure and the Housing System: The Relationship and the Potential for Change"; "Mass Transit for the Few: Lessons from Los Angeles"; "Residential Alienation, Home Ownership and the Limits of Shelter Policy"

Box 5: Folder 4 1976-1980 1976-1980

"Mass Transit for the Few"; "Housing Advice Centers: They Work in Great Britain; How Viable Are They for the United States?"; "Housing Policy and the Myth of the Benevolent State"; "Housing Subsidies for New Construction and Renewal in the Fed. Rep. of Germany";Rental Housing in the City of New York: Supply and Condition 1975-1978; "West Germany's Housing Non-Profits--Lessons for the U.S.?"; "For Housing: Public Responsibility with Tenant/Community Control"; "Housing in Early City Planning"

Box 5: Folder 5-7 1981-1985 1981-1985

With Emily Achtenberg, "Housing and Neighborhoods: Network Position Paper"; "Reagan Taglia la Spesa"; "The Contradictions of Housing"; with Peter Medoff and Andrea Pereira, "Triage as Urban Policy"; with Emily Achtenberg, "The Causes of the Housing Problem"; "The Size of New York's Housing Emergency"; A review of Donald A. Krueckeberg'sIntroduction to Planning History in the United States; with Jacqueline Leavitt, "The New York Experience"; "A Luxury Housing Tax"; translated by G. Loudierè, "Histoire Du Logement Ouvrier Dans La Ville De New York: Elements Pour Une Hypothese de Travail"; "To Control Gentrification: Anti-displacement Zoning and Planning for Stable Residential Districts"; "'Red' Vienna: Housing Program Flourish"; "'Red' Vienna: Lessons and Warnings for the Housing Movement"; "Gentrification, Abandonment, and Displacement: Connections, Causes, and Policy Responses in New York City"; "New York's Housing Crisis: The 1985 Edition"; "A chi é destinata la zona litoranea"; "The Homefront"; review of Schill's and Nathan'sRevitalizing America's Cities: Neighborhood Reinvestment and Displacement

Box 5: Folder 8-9 1986-1990 1986-1990

"New York in the Year 2000"; "The Beginnings of Public Housing in New York"; "The Uses and Limits of Rent Regulation"; "The Grid as City Plan: New York City and Laissez-faire Planning in the Nineteenth Century"; "Who Will Pay the Piper?: Zoning for Justice in New York City"; "A Shame of the City: Why Are They Homeless?"; "Neutralizing Homelessness"; "New York City Builds on Division"; "Isolating the Homeless"; "Perspective on Homelessness"; "On Ethics, History, and Planning Practice"; "Today's Lessons from Yesterday's Research: The Case of the GDR"; "Homelessness and Democracy"; with Raun Rasmussen and Russell Engler, "Off-site Displacement: How the Changing Economic Tide of a Neighborhood Can Drown Out the Poor"; "Who/What Decides What Planners Do?"; "Plädoyer für ein 'Bescheidenes' Berlin"

Box 5: Folder 10 1991-1995 1991-1995

"Today's Lessons from Yesterday's Research: The Case of the GDR"; "Brainwashing in East Germany: 'De-Stalinization' as Ideological Colonization"; "East Europe's Changing Housing Policy"; "Alternatives in the Choice of Housing Policy"; "Die Stasi-Debatte von auBen betrachtet: Individuelle Moral und die Wiederholung der Geschichte"; "Empowering New York"; "Globalisation's Forgotten Dimension"; "Race, Space, and Class: The Unique and the Global in South Africa"; "Report from South Africa";"Transition in South Africa: To What?"; "Herbert Marcuse on Real Existing Socialism: A Hindsight Look at Soviet Marxism"

Box 5: Folder 11 1996-2000 1996-1999

"Is Australia Different? Globalization and the New Urban Poverty"; with Ronald Van Kempen, "A New Spatial Order in Cities?"; "The Ghetto of Exclusion and the Fortified Enclave: New Patterns in United States"; "Sustainability is not Enough"; "Reply to Campbell and HäuBermann"; "Housing Movements in the United States"

Box 5: Folder 12 2001-2005 2001-2005

"Urban Life Will Change: Reflections on the Consequences of September 11"; "The Liberal/Conservative Divide in the History of Housing Policy in the United States"; "Urban Form and Globalization after September 11th: The View from New York"; "Really Existing Globalization After September 11"; "Depoliticizing Globalization: From Neo-Marxism to the Network Society of Manuel Castells"; "Herbert Marcuse's 'Identity'"; "The 'Threat of Terrorism' and the Right to the City"; "Katrina, "Disasters" and Social Justice

Box 6: Folder 1 2006-2010 2006-2009

"Tradition in a Global City?"; "The Production of Regime Culture and Instrumentalized Art in a Globalizing State"; "Other Cities are Possible"; "Social Justice in New Orleans: Planning after Katrina"; "The U.S. Social Forum: Major Success for Networking"; "An Urban Vision - Space and Social Relations"

Box 6: Folder 2 By Others 1981-2010

"Washington's Influence: An Interview with Peter Marcuse, Columbia University, and Frank Nero, Federal Regional Council";Heights & Valley, "Rent Report Blasts Myth"; Alison Mitchell, "Saving Neglected Communities"; Hillel Levin, "The Rent Battle"; Frank Kristof, a review ofHousing Abandonment: Does Rent Control Make A Difference?; Ariane Sains, "City Warned by Planner on Growth";Jydske Tidende, "50 Lejligheder Forsvinder Hver Dag: New York Hærges af Boligdøden"Lihis Roundup, "NYC Conference Explores Off-Site Displacement"; Martha Rosler quoting Marcuse in "Homeless: The Street and Other Venues"; interview by Sabine Nöbel, "Gefahren eines privaten Wohnungsmarktes";Newsline, "Peter Marcuse"; "The Challenge of City Planning History: 'Planning Trans-Atlantic,' Oxford, England, July 1991"; "Individualität in Gemeinschaft"; Umit Yilmaz, a review ofOf States and Cities: The Partitioning of Urban Space; "Recognizing Peter Marcuse Progressive Planner"; promotional pamphlet of "Searching for the Just City: Debates in Urban Theory and Practice"; Progressive Planning No. 182, "Peter Marcuse and Critical Planning"; Judith Allen, a review ofGlobalizing Cities: A New Spatial Order?

Subseries 2: Topical

Box 6: Folder 3 197-a I 1929, 1970-1987

Drafts titled "Is Planning Possible in New York?" discussing Section 197-a of the 1975 Charter with reference materials

Box 6: Folder 4 197-a II 2004

197-a plan prepared by Manhattan Community Board 9 (CB9) with a particular focus on Manhattanville

Box 6: Folder 5 Aachen 1987

Correspondence, notes, and collected papers regarding a conference at Rheinisch-Westfälische Technische Hochschule Aachen

Box 6: Folder 6 Aesthetics 2007-2010

Includes a draft, notes, and correspondence

Box 6: Folder 7 Barcelona 2004-2007

Includes correspondence, conference schedules, and collected papers regarding a seminar in 2005 and a conference in 2007, both in Barcelona

Box 6: Folder 8 Berlin 2004-2009

Includes a draft, notes, reference materials, and correspondence regarding a panel talk and seminar at the Center for Metropolitan Studies Berlin

Box 6: Folder 9 Blogs 2010-2017

Drafts, notes, and clippings regarding Marcuse's blogposts

Box 6: Folder 10 Bonn Paper - The Competitive City 1984-1991

Collected papers and clippings

Box 6: Folder 11 Book - Madden 2015

Correspondence, notes, outlines, and book proposals about Peter Marcuse's work, edited by David J. Madden

Box 6: Folder 12 Borders 2003

Includes a draft titled "Planners, 'September 11' and the New Borders of Globalization"

Box 6: Folder 13 Camilo Jose Vergara 1989

"The Breakdown of Public Housing Communities in New York City" by Camilo Jose Vergara

Box 6: Folder 14 Charter Revision Commission 1989

Reference materials and correspondence regarding Charter Revision Commission's hearing on Local Voice in Government about the operation of community boards

Box 6: Folder 15 CHPC 1989-2006

Various reports by Citizens Housing and Planning Council

Box 6: Folder 16 Cities for People 2006-2010

Includes drafts, correspondence, and publishing files regarding Cities for People, not for Profit co-edited by Neil Brenner, Peter Marcuse, and Margit Mayer

Box 6: Folder 17 City Definition 2003-2005

Includes drafts, notes, correspondence, and collected papers

Box 6: Folder 18 Class 2002-2008

Includes drafts, notes, schedules, correspondence, and memos

Box 6: Folder 19 Clippings, Memos, Newsletters 1985-2014

Various clippings, memos, releases, and newsletters that were not contained in specific original folders

Box 6: Folder 20 CLPHA 1992

Collected papers and publication by Council of Large Public Housing Authorities

Box 7: Folder 1-4 Collected Papers and Reports: 1977-1990 1977-1990

John F. Bauman, "Safe and Sanitary Without the Costly Frills: The Evolution of Public Housing in Philadelphia, 1929-1941"; Robert Ross and Kent Trachte, "Global Cities and Global Classes: The Peripheralization of the Labor Force in Core Cities"; Harold A. McDougall, "Regional Development: Who Gets the Short End?"; Raymond J. Struyk and Jennifer L. Blake, "Determining Who Lives in Public Housing"; Joan Maynard and Gwen Cottman, "Weeksville: Then & Now"; Don Parson, "Los Angeles' 'Headline-Happy Public Housing War'"; Australian Institute of Urban Studies, "Project 70: Affordable and Available Housing: The Role of the Private Rental Sector in Australia"; Martin Shefter, "Machine and Reform Politics in New York City, 1871-1933"; Ray Forrest and Alan Murie, "Residualization and Council Housing: Aspects of the Changing Social Relations of Housing Tenure"; Office of Policy and Economic Research, "Quarterly Rent Report"; Marcella Della Donne, "Rome the Capital: The Impending Suburbs and Strategies of Integration-Decentralization"; Jacqueline Leavitt and Susan Saegert, "The Tenants Report: A Study of Damp Buildings After Sale"; Forest and Murie, "Restructuring the Welfare State: Privatization of Public Housing in Britain";Public Housing Needs and Conditions in Houston;Public Housing Needs and Conditions in Dallas-Part 2; Marco Cenzatti, "Marxism and Planning Theory"; Allan David Heskin and Dewey Bandy, "The Dialectics of Community Planning"; Joint Housing Task Force, "Community Housing Commitment"; Gloria M. Snider, "Housing Entrepreneurship: The Flame of the Future"; Cross & Brown Company, "1987 Mid-Year Report: Manhattan Office Space Market Analysis"; Forest and Murie, "The Social Division of Housing Subsidies"; a review of Ronald Lawson'sThe Tenant Movement in New York City, 1904-1984;Soziologische RevueJahrgang 13; Richard L. Schaffer, "Planning and Zoning for the '90s: Where Are We Headed?"; Joseph Center and Helene Clark, "The Early Stages of Mutual Housing in New York City"

Box 7: Folder 5-8 Collected Papers and Reports: 1991-2000 1991-2000

The Livable Cityno.15/1, March 1991; UCLA Urban Planning students,Paths For Tomorrow: Nickerson Gardens: A Community Planning for Change; Michael Harloe, "Social Housing and the 'Social Question': The Scope and Limitations of Early Housing Reform Movement"; Department of City Planning, "Planning New York City: 1991-1992"; New York City Rent Guidelines Board, "Rent Stabilized Housing in New York City"; David A. Johnson, "America's Mega-Metropolis: The New York-New Jersey-Connecticut Urban Region"; Michael Harloe, "The Social Construction of Social Housing"; Department of City Planning, "Lower Broadway/Lower Manhattan Mixed-Use District Study"; Marc A. Weiss and John T. Metzger, "The American Real Estate Industry and the Origins of Neighborhood Conservation"; Community Service Society, "An Examination of the 7-A Program"; Office of Policy Management, "On the Waterfront"; Othello W. Poulard, statement presented at hearings on the Public Housing Reform and Empowerment Act"; Anne B. Shlay and Charles E. King, "Beneficiaries of Federal Housing Programs: A Data Reconnaissance"; Alexander van Hoffman, "Vision Limited: The Political Movement for a U.S. Public Housing Program, 1919-1950"; Owners of Last Resort, "The Track Record of New York City's Early Low Income Housing Cooperatives, Created Between 1967 and 1975"; Elliott Sclar, "Urban Renewal and the Transformation of the Upper West Side"; D.G. Shane, review ofPost-Modern Cities and Space; Laksiri Jayasuriya, "Immigration and Settlement in Australia: An Overview and Critique of Multiculturalism"; Alexander von Hoffman, "The Origins of American Housing Reform"; Peter Dreier, "The Politics of Federal Housing Policy: Lessons from the 1949 Housing Act"; Rohit Aggarwala, "What Does New York City Say?"; New York Ascendant, "The Report of the Commission on the Year 2000"

Box 7: Folder 9-10 Collected Papers and Reports: 2001-2012 2001-2012

Howard Gillete, Jr. "A Housing Reformer Worth Knowing"; Rachel G. Bratt, "Housing for Very Low-Income Households: The Record of President Clinton, 1993-2000"; The Centre on Housing Rights and Evictions, "Enforcing Housing Rights in the Americas: Pursuing Housing Rights Claims Within the Inter-American System of Human Rights"; "Caring Capitalism: How Housing Advocates Joined Government and the Private Sector to Create New Low-Income Housing policy, 1968-1993"; Rainer Rilling, "'American Empire' as Will and Idea: The New Grand Strategy of the Bush Administration"; Gretchen Susi, "Represent: The New York City Public Housing Resident Alliance and Its Struggle Against the Imposition of the Neoliberal Agenda--Background, Theoretical Framing and Preliminary Conclusions"; Sean Purdy, "By the People, For the People: Tenant Organizing in Toronto's Regent Park Housing Project in the 1960s and 1970s"; Clara Irazábal, "A Planned City Comes of Age: Rethinking Ciudad Guayana Today"; Joel Andreas,Addicted to War; Jorge Otero-Pailos, "Ethics, Politics and the Origins of Historic Preservation Poetics"; Pratt Center for Community Development, "Public Housing in New York City: building Communities of Opportunity"; Liviu Chelcea, "The 'Housing Question' and the State-Socialist Answer: City, Class and State Remaking in 1950s Bucharest"

Box 7: Folder 11 Columbia - Lincoln 2001-2003

Drafts about the role of Columbia University as a land owner and developer for an edited volume titledThe University as Developerorganized by Lincoln Institute of Land Policy and Great Cities Institute of the University of Illinois-Chicago

Box 7: Folder 12 Community Benefit 2010

Notes and clippings

Box 7: Folder 13 Community Boards 1987-1990

Drafts of "New York City's Community Boards: Neighborhood Policy and its Results" published in an edited volume titledNeighborhood Policy and Programmes

Box 8: Folder 1 Comparative Housing Policy - Western Europe 1977-1980

drafts and reference materials

Box 8: Folder 2 Density undated

Drafts, notes, and reference materials

Box 8: Folder 3 Detroit 2014

Includes drafts titled "Which Way, 'Detroit'" with notes and reference materials

Box 8: Folder 4 Dortmund - Marx 2008

Draft, schedule, and correspondence

Box 8: Folder 5 Drafts 1981-2013

Various drafts that were not contained within specific original folders, including: "Locational Patterns and the Urban Fiscal in the United States"; "The Decline of Cities in the United States: Inevitable or Deliberate?"; "Housing Innovations in the United States"; "Framework Hypothesis: History of Working Class Housing in New York City"; "'Dual City': A Muddy Metaphor for a Quartered City"; "Do We Really Want to House the Community?"; "IMP5B: Skys, Stores, Zones"; "IMP5Alternative: Planning the Greater City"; "'Sudden Cities' and the Social Problems of Class Segregation: The United States Experience"; "China and South Africa--Urban Systems in Transition"; "Housing Movements in the USA"; "The Permanent Housing Crisis: The Failures of Conservatism and the Limits of Liberalism"; an article forArtforumon home and homelessness; "A Challenge for Planning--Write Justice into an Enforceable Code of Ethics"; "Transcript: God in Discussion with Eric Hobsbawn and Others"

Box 8: Folder 6 Dresden 2008-2009

Correspondence, schedules, and publication materials regarding the European Congress for a World Cultural Forum in Dresden

Box 8: Folder 7 East Germany 1982-1995

Includes drafts and published writings related to East Germany, including: "Theses zur vermeindlichen fiskalischen Krise der Städte - U.S.A."; "Der Wiener Gemeindewohnungsbau vor und nach dem Zweiten Weltkrieg"; "Die Bewegung 'Zurück in die Stadt' (New York) gibt es sie üerhaupt?"; "Today's Lessons from Yesterday's Research: The Case of the GDR";Abwicklung in East Germany: Renewal, Destalinization or Suppression?;The Goal of the Wall-less City: New York, Los Angeles and Berlin; and "'Wrapping Up' East Germany" forThe Nationwith reference materials

Box 8: Folder 8 Enclave 1997-1998

Includes "The Enclave, the Citadel, and the Ghetto: What Has Changed in the Post-Fordist U.S. City" published by Urban Affairs Review in 1997 and drafts titled "Enclaves Yes, Ghettos No: Segregation and the State"

Box 8: Folder 9 Ethics - Gentrification 2014-2016

Includes notes and correspondence

Box 8: Folder 10 Evolution of Planning Thought 2014

Includes drafts, notes, and reference materials regarding a lecture on the evolution of planning thought at the Vienna University of Technology

Box 8: Folder 11 Fair Housing Act 2015, undated

Includes drafts and notes

Box 8: Folder 12 Glasgow 1983, 1987, 1990

Correspondence with Sean Damer, a script for a talk by F. C. Marks on Social Housing in Scotland, and a discussion paper titled "The State, Housing, and the Reserve Army of Labour: Glasgow 1850-1939" by Gerard C. Mooney

Box 8: Folder 13 Globalism - Said 2001-2010

Includes drafts, a book proposal titled+Hyperglobalizing and Deglobalizing Cities, and abstracts by various authors

Box 8: Folder 14 Globalization undated

drafts and reference materials

Box 8: Folder 15 Habitat 1997-1998, 2001

Drafts, correspondence, and reference materials related to UN-Habitat

Box 8: Folder 16 Haifa 2009

Event materials with annotation regarding International Workshop at Technion - Israel Institute of Technology in Haifa

Box 8: Folder 17 Herbert Marcuse 1998

Text titled "Herbert Marcuse's 'Identity'," presented at UC Berkeley in 1998

Box 8: Folder 18 Hochhausentwicklung 1987-1988

Draft about the development of skyscrapers in New York with correspondence

Box 8: Folder 19-23 Homeless 1984-1995

Drafts, notes, and reference materials

Box 9: Folder 1-2 Homeownership 1988-1990

Draft by unknown and collected reports

Box 9: Folder 3 Housing - Germany 1977

Reports of U.S./U.K. Housing Specialists' visit to Federal Republic of Germany in 1977 written by Marcuse

Box 9: Folder 4 Housing Policy 2004, undated

Includes syllabi and schedules regarding "Issue in Public Housing policy: Social Housing" course and drafts regarding housing policy

Box 9: Folder 5 Housing & Planning 2015

Drafts for a talk at International Sociological Association's Research Committee 43 Conference in 2015

Box 9: Folder 6 Human Resources Administration 1986-1987

Reports and bulletins by Human Resources Administration, the City of New York

Box 9: Folder 7 Identity undated

Overheads and drafts titled "The Identity of Towns in an Age of Globalization"

Box 9: Folder 8 Il Manifesto 2009

Transcript and published version of Marcuse's interview by Teresa Pullano forIl Manifesto

Box 9: Folder 9 In Defense of '68 2008

Reference materials and a draft titled "In Defense of the Sixties or From the Sixties to Obama/Clinton"

Box 9: Folder 10 In Rem Housing 1979, 1985, 1996

Collected paper, release, and reports

Box 9: Folder 11 Inclusion 2007

Drafts, slides, clippings, and a pamphlet regarding a keynote lecture in the New York - Berlin Kulturelle Vielfat in Urbanen Räumen conference at Haus Der Kulturen Der Welt in Berlin, 2007

Box 9: Folder 12 Inequality [2016]

Lauren Langman's draft of a preface introducing Marcuse's essay for an edited volume titledTwenty-First Century Inequality & Capitalism: Piketty, Marxism and Beyond(2018)

Box 9: Folder 13 Informal Sector 1997

Paper titled "The Informal Sector As a Structure of Relationship Among Groups" presented at the International Seminar "The Informal Sector Revisited: New Evidences and Perspectives for Public Policies" in Brasilia, 1997 with a draft, collected papers, and conference materials

Box 9: Folder 14 InkriT 1998

Conference materials by Berliner Instituts für kritische Theorie (InkriT)

Box 9: Folder 15 "Interpreting 'Public Housing' History" undated


Box 9: Folder 16 Israel 2011

Correspondence, reference materials, and draft for a talk at Tel Aviv University

Box 9: Folder 17 Issues in Comparative - Hungary 1989

Drafts on comparative housing analysis

Box 9: Folder 18 Jackie Leavitt 2015

Obituaries for Jackie Leavitt written by Marcuse and meeting summaries regarding a proposed conference in honor of Leavitt

Box 9: Folder 19 Jerusalem 2000

"Report on Jerusalem Municipal Issues," 2000

Box 9: Folder 20 Johannesburg 2003

Drafts, notes, correspondence, collected papers, and conference materials related to African Migration and Urbanization in Comparative Perspective in Johannesburg, 2003

Box 9: Folder 21 Juarez 2013-2014

Includes drafts for talks at Colef and at the Planners Networks Conference with notes, correspondence, and a collected paper

Box 9: Folder 22 Just City 2009-2011

Includes drafts ofSearching for the Just City: Debates in Urban Theory and Practiceco-edited by Peter Marcuse, James Connolly, Johannes Novy, Ingrid Olivo, Cuz Potter, and Justin Steil

Box 9: Folder 23 Justice 2008-2010

Includes a draft titled "Justice in Planning," written for Oxford Handbook of Urban Planning

Box 9: Folder 24 Kennedy School of Government 1985, 1998

Collected papers (case programs) published by Kennedy School of Government

Box 9: Folder 25 Lectures on U.S. in G.D.R. 1989

Includes outlines, notes, and reference materials

Box 9: Folder 26 Left Forum 2012-2016

Includes drafts, conference materials, collected writings related to Left Forum

Box 9: Folder 27 London - RGS 2006

Conference materials regarding RGS-IBG Annual International Conference 2006 in London

Box 9: Folder 28 London - UCL 2009

Drafts, notes, and correspondence regarding a talk at UCL about Critical Urban Theory and Critical Urban Practice

Box 9: Folder 29 Lower East Side 1990

Outlines and bibliographies for an edited volume by Janet-Abu Lughod, tentatively titledContested Turf(it was published asFrom Urban Village to East Village: The Battle for New York's Lower East Side)

Box 9: Folder 30 Manhattantown, Inc. 1954, 1956, 1989

Includes reports by Women's City Club of New York, Inc. and an answer to the report by Manhattantown, Inc. regarding tenant relocation at West Park

Box 10: Folder 1-2 Maps - New York 1916-2006
Box 10: Folder 3 Miscellaneous 1984-2013

Various notes, correspondence, pamphlets, etc. that were not contained in specific original folders

Box 10: Folder 4 Missing Marx 1994

Reviews of Marcuse'sMissing Marx

Box 10: Folder 5 MIT 2016, undated

Includes notes and drafts

Box 10: Folder 6 Montreal 2009-2010, 2012

Talk notes, correspondence, and reference materials

Box 10: Folder 7 Nairobi 1985-1987

Excerpt of a report and brochure by NGO forums in Nairobi

Box 10: Folder 8 New York City 1993-2013

Includes writings and drafts related to New York City

Box 10: Folder 9 Newsday 1986

Drafts on New York city planning written forNewsday

Box 10: Folder 10 North-Atlantic Left Dialogue 2009

Publication related to North-Atlantic Left Dialogue in New York, 2009, featuring Peter Marcuse

Box 10: Folder 11 Occupy Wall Street 2011-2012

Drafts titled "'We Are the 99%': The Slogan and the Reality" and "Keeping Space in its Place, in the Occupy Movements" with memos, pamphlets, and clippings

Box 10: Folder 12-13 Overheads undated
Box 10: Folder 14 Post-war 1984-1985

Collected papers on post-war housing in Europe and the U.S.

Box 10: Folder 15 Poverty undated


Box 10: Folder 16 Race 1989, 2012

Correspondence with John M. Goering and an an edition ofPoverty & Race, Volume 21 No. 6, 2012

Box 10: Folder 17 RC21 2013

Drafts titled "Socially Just Gentrification? Theory and Practice," prepared for a talk at RC (Resourceful Cities) 21 Conference 2013 at Humboldt-University Berlin

Box 10: Folder 18-19 Reform & Reality 1985-1993

Outlines, notes, correspondence, and drafts of a volume titledReform and Reality: Essays in the History of Housing in New York Cityedited by Peter Marcuse

Box 10: Folder 20 Resident Alliance 1998, 2003, 2005

Pamphlets and memos published by various organizations of public housing residents

Box 11: Folder 1 Richard Plunz 1989

Draft of Richard Plunz'sA History of Housing in New York City

Box 11: Folder 2 RTTC Platform 2008-2009

Drafts, correspondence, and collected articles and reports related to Right to the City discussion group and policy platform

Box 11: Folder 3 Salisbury 2015

Draft for a talk at 2015 International Herbert Marcuse Society Conference with conference materials and selected Peter Marcuse's blogposts

Box 11: Folder 4 Sanders 2016

Various materials related to Bernie Sanders' presidential campaign in Waterbury

Box 11: Folder 5 Scherer - Housing 2016-2017

Drafts and correspondence with Andrew Scherer regarding a conference on housing rights at New York Law School in 2017

Box 11: Folder 7 Shelterforce 1978-2010

Various editions ofShelterforce

Box 11: Folder 6 Shrinking Cities 2005

Script for a talk titled "In Defense of Housing: For the Broader Political Engagement of Housing Research in Today's Global Urban Context" for European Network for Housing Research International Conference in Reykjavik with reference materials

Box 11: Folder 8 Single 1987, undated

Housing Single, Low-Income Individualsby Cynthia B. Green andHousing the Single-Parent Family: A Resource and Action Handbookby the State of New Jersey

Box 11: Folder 9 Social City 2005

Comments by Marcuse as a discussant for the DAAD-Wayland Collegium Conference at Brown University about "Social Integration in the New Berlin," accompanied by correspondence with and papers by the speakers

Box 11: Folder 10 Socialist City 1988

Correspondence, notes, and a referential excerpt related to the Socialist Scholars Conference in New York, 1988

Box 11: Folder 11 Socialist Scholars 2000

Correspondence regarding aMonthly Reviewpanel titled "After Seattle: A New Internationalism?" in the 2000 Socialist Scholars Conference

Box 11: Folder 12 Socialist Planning 2005-2009, undated

Includes drafts for talks and articles, reference materials, correspondence, and bibliographies of Marcuse's works

Box 11: Folder 13 De Soto 2003-2004, 2010

Comments on Donald A. Krueckeberg's "The Lessons of John Locke or Hernando de Soto: What If Your Dreams Come True?" with correspondence and reference materials; a draft titled "The Myth of Wealth Accumulation through Home Ownership

Box 11: Folder 14-15 South Africa 1993-2000

Drafts titled "Globalization and Local Development: A Comparative Perspective," "Mainstreaming Public Housing: For a Comprehensive Approach to Housing Policy," and "Thoughts on Integrations" written for various conferences in South Africa and or during his visiting professorship at the University of Witwatersrand, Johannesburg, with correspondence, and reference materials

Box 11: Folder 16 Soviet Marxism 1993

Drafts titled "Herbert Marcuse on Real Existing Socialism: A Hindsight Look at Soviet Marxism" with correspondence

Box 11: Folder 17 Spatial Justice I 2001-2008

Notes for a talk in the Spatial Justice Conference at Université Paris X-Nanterre in 2008 with reference materials and schedules

Box 11: Folder 18 Spatial Justice II 2016

student responses on "Spatial Justice: Derivative But Causal of Social Injustice," the first series ofPlanning Ideas that Matter: 5 Faculty Debatesat MIT

Box 11: Folder 19 Sustainability 1994-1998, 2004, undated

Drafts titled "Sustainability is not Enough," correspondence, an article submission (by unknown) with reviews, and reference materials

Box 11: Folder 20 Sweden I 1981-1987

Reference materials on housing in Sweden

Box 12: Folder 1 Sweden II 2010

Drafts for talks at Göteborgs Universitet with correspondence and reference materials

Box 12: Folder 2-3 Talks 1996-2017

Drafts and outlines for various talks with reference materials

Box 23 Talks - Tapes 1987-2004

VHS tape: "Homelessness & Housing," New York Hotline #408, December 2, 1992; "Environmental Justice & Sustainable Development," 1st Annual Freedom Colloquium, Jackson State University, April 7, 2000; "Ground Zero," Kulturzeit, undated; "Um-Welt-Film," April 7, 2004; Cassette tape: "The Homeless People," Community Program Innovations, June 1987

Box 12: Folder 4 Tea Party 2009-2011

Drafts, collected papers, and clippings about Tea Party and everyday life

Box 12: Folder 5 Tel Aviv 2008

Drafts for a talk titled "What is to be sustained? The City for a Common Humanity?" in a conference at Tel Aviv University with notes, reference materials, correspondence, and brochures

Box 12: Folder 6 Toronto I 2006-2011

Drafts, workshop materials, and correspondence regarding a talk at "Policy Options for Maintaining Inclusive Neighbourhoods" Workshop (2006) by Community University Research Alliance and "Neighbourhood Inequality, Diversity, & Change: Research Challenges" symposium by Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council of Canada (2011), both in Toronto

Box 12: Folder 7 Toronto II 2016-2017

Drafts, conference materials, and correspondence related to International Herbert Marcuse Society Conference (2017)

Box 12: Folder 8 Tradition 2006

Draft and outline of a paper for International Association for the Study of Traditional Environments (IASTE) with reviewer's comments

Box 12: Folder 9 Troubled Project 1993-1998

Drafts titled "Misreading the Problems of Public Housing: The Political, Legal, and Social Issues in the united States" and "Troubled Housing Projects, East and West: Proposal for a Comparative Policy-Oriented Study" with notes, collected papers, and clippings

Box 12: Folder 10 Trump 2016-2017

Drafts for blogposts on Trump

Box 12: Folder 11 Urbino 2015

Drafts, reference materials, and correspondence for a talk at The RC (Resourceful Cities) 21 Conference in Urbino, 2015

Box 12: Folder 12 Uprising 2012

Correspondence, conference materials, and drafts for blogposts related to Urban Uprising Conference in 2012

Box 12: Folder 13 Utopias 2003, undated

drafts and reference materials

Box 12: Folder 14 Vacancy 2010

Notes and reference materials

Box 12: Folder 15 Vancouver 2015

Drafts, notes, and conference materials regarding "Housing for All: A Series of Events on the Future of Public Housing" in Vancouver

Box 12: Folder 16-21 Vienna 1948-1985

Drafts titled "A Useful Installment of Socialist Work: Housing in Red Vienna in the 1920s" (final title) published inCritical Perspectives on Housingedited by Rachel Bratt, Chester Hartman, and Ann Meyerson with reference materials

Box 13: Folder 1 Wacquant 2004-2007

Correspondence and reference materials related to a research by Loïc Wacquant

Box 13: Folder 2 Waterbury 1972

Waterbury Housing Revitalization Program: A Report by Community Consultants, Inc. to Inner City Housing Corporation

Box 13: Folder 3 World Social Forum 2002-2007

Booklet, brochures, and correspondence related to World Social Forum

Box 13: Folder 4 World Urban Forum 2010

Draft, booklet, notes, correspondence, and other materials related to World Urban Forum in Brazil

Box 13: Folder 5 WTC - Center for an Urban Future 2001-2003

Newsletters and papers published by the Center for an Urban Future

Box 13: Folder 6 WTC - Civic Alliance 2002-2004

Reports, releases, and memos related to Civic Alliance to Rebuild Downtown New York

Box 13: Folder 7-9 WTC - Clippings 2001-2006, 2011
Box 13: Folder 10 WTC - Collected Papers 2001-2008

Mike Davis, "The Flames of New York"; Edward L. Glaeser and Jesse M. Saphiro, "Cities and Warfare: The Impact of Terrorism on Urban Form"; Robert W. Burchell et al., "The Regional Economic Consequences of 9/11: New York, New Jersey, and Connecticut"; Paul Kantor, "Terrorism and Governability in New York City: Old Problem, New Dillema"; Robert A. Beauregard, "Mistakes Were Made: Rebuilding the World Trade Center, Phase 1"; Jean-Michel Duclos, "The Impact of 9/11 on Paris and London"; Peter Eisinger, "The American City in the Age of Terror: A Preliminary Assessment of the Effects of 9/11"; Michael Sorkin, "The Center Cannot Hold (Everything)"; Susan S. Fainstein, "Ground Zero's Landlord: The Role of the Port Authority of New York and New Jersey in the Reconstruction of the World Trade Center Site"; Igal Charney, "Reflections on the post-WTC skyline: Manhattan and Elsewhere"; Setha M. Low, "Spaces of Reflection, Recovery, and Resistance: Re-Imagining the Post-Industrial Plaza"; Robert Warren, "Situating the City and September 11: Military Urban Doctrine, 'Pop-Up' Armies, and Spatial Chess"

Box 13: Folder 11-12 WTC - Collected Reports 2001-2005

Reports, releases, memos, and transcripts by various private and public institutions

Box 13: Folder 13 WTC - Correspondence 2001-2011
Box 13: Folder 14 WTC - LMDC 2002-2006

Releases, reports, and presentation printouts created by the Lower Manhattan Development Corporation

Box 13: Folder 15 WTC - Mosque 2010

Drafts, correspondence, and clippings regarding the construction of Islamic cultural center and mosque planned near Ground Zero

Box 13: Folder 16 WTC - Overheads 2002, undated
Box 13: Folder 17 WTC - Writings, Drafts, and Notes 2001-2011

Includes "The Architectural Competition for the World Trade Center Site," "The Failure of U.S. Planning - The World Trade Center Case," and "The Tabooed After-Life of 9/11"

Box 13: Folder 18 York Avenue Estate 1989

Statements by various figures to support the designation of the City and Suburban Homes Company's York Avenue Estate as a landmark