Avery Drawings & Archives Collections

Peter Marcuse papers, 1947-2017

Series I: Faculty Papers

Box 1: Folder 1 Determinants of Housing 1977-1989

Syllabi, schedules, teaching notes, bibliographies, reference materials, and student works regarding "The Determinants of Housing Policies" course in 1977-1988 and "Comparative Housing Policies" course in 1989

Box 1: Folder 2 Equity in the City 1976

Syllabi, schedules, and teaching notes regarding "Equity in the City" course in Fall 1976

Box 1: Folder 3 Ethics, Justice, and the City 2008-2009

Includes syllabus, student responses, and reference materials regarding "Ethics, Justice, and the City" co-taught with Laura Kurgan

Box 1: Folder 4 Evaluation of Housing 1976

Syllabi, schedules, teaching notes, reference materials, and student works regarding "The Evaluation of Housing Quality" course in Fall 1976

Box 1: Folder 5-6 Foreclosures 2010-2012

Outlines, clippings, drafts, notes, and student works regarding "Issues in Housing Policy: Foreclosures" course

Box 1: Folder 7 Highway 1973

Schedules, teaching notes, and correspondence regarding lectures for "Social and Urban Environmental Issues in Transportation" course at the California Division of Highways, UCLA, in Fall 1973

Box 1: Folder 8 History of Housing in New York City 1988

Syllabi, notes, and student works regarding "Seminar on Housing: History of Housing in New York City" course instructed by Peter Marcuse and Richard Plunz

Box 1: Folder 9 Housing Policy 1980-1990

Syllabi, schedules, teaching notes, and examination prompts regarding "Seminar in Housing Policy" course in 1980-1985

Box 1: Folder 10 Introduction to Housing 1986-1995

Syllabi, schedules, teaching notes, and examination prompts regarding "Introduction to Housing" course in 1986-1995

Box 1: Folder 11 Introduction to Planning 1974-1983

Syllabi, schedules, teaching notes, reference materials, bibliographies, and examination prompts regarding "Introduction to the Planning Profession" course in 1974-1983 and "Theory and Practice of Urban Planning" course in 1982-1983

Box 1: Folder 12 Law 1987

Syllabus and schedules regarding "Planning Law and Administration" course in Spring 1987

Box 1: Folder 13-15 Planning Education 1968-1974

Collected papers and articles regarding planning education and curriculum

Box 1: Folder 16 Planning New York City 1984, 1987

includes a syllabus, schedules, teaching notes, reference materials, and slide index regarding "Planning New York City" course In Spring 1984

Box 1: Folder 17 Reader - Globalization and Urban Policy 2000

Course reader for "Globalization and Urban Policy" course in Fall 2000

Box 1: Folder 18 Reader - Globalization: The Issues and Policies 2002, 2004

Course readers for "Globalization: The Issues and the Policies" course in Fall 2002 and Spring 2004

Box 1: Folder 19 Reader - Housing Policy undated

Course reader for "Housing Policy Seminar: Public Housing"

Box 2: Folder 1 Reader - Introduction to Housing 1997

Course reader for "Introduction to Housing" course in Fall 1997

Box 2: Folder 2-3 Reference 1968-1995

Bibliographies and syllabi from external sources

Box 4 Reference Cards undated

Reference cards on various themes in urban planning

Box 2: Folder 4 Social Policy 1985

Syllabi, bibliographies and teaching notes regarding "Comparative Urban Social Policy" course in Spring 1985

Box 2: Folder 5 Urban Studies 1993

Syllabi, schedules, teaching notes, outlines, reference materials, and student works regarding "Urban Studies Senior Seminar" in 1993

Box 2: Folder 6 Yale - Planning Notes 1966-1968

Notes and reference materials regarding Marcuse's study at Yale School of Architecture, Department of City Planning, in 1966-1968

Box 2: Folder 7 Advocacy Planning 1966-1968

Reference materials on advocacy planning and Urban Planning Aid with correspondence

Box 2: Folder 8 Alienation 1972

Paper titled "Residential Alienation" prepared for the Annual Meeting of the Society for the Study of Social Problems, New Orleans, August 28, 1972, with comments and a booklet about the event

Box 2: Folder 9 Community Boards 1989

Drafts titled "Community Self-Government in New York and the Private Market: Recipe for Permanent Conflict" with notes

Box 2: Folder 10 Cost Benefit - Public Housing 1959-1969

Includes a paper titled "The Public Housing Program: Private Pacification or Public Purpose? A Cost-Benefit Analysis," dated March 1969, with notes and materials

Box 2: Folder 11 Ecology undated

Draft and notes

Box 2: Folder 12 Equity in the City 1972-1978

Notes, drafts, and reference materials

Box 2: Folder 13 Ethics 1975-1976

Includes a draft titled "The Planning Profession & the Status Quo: Professionalism, Ethics, and Planning Theory" and copies of a published article titled "Professional Ethics and Beyond: Values in Planning" dated July 1976 with reference materials

Box 2: Folder 14 Ethics - Cases 1972-1974

Includes correspondence and reference materials for a casebook on ethical problems of professionals with correspondence

Box 2: Folder 15-16 Ethics - Other Professionals 1972-1977

Includes notes, correspondence, and reference materials on professional ethics beyond planners

Box 2: Folder 17 Ethics - Planners 1972-1974

Includes reference materials about the American Institute of Planners

Box 1: Folder 18 Ethics - Unused Ideas 1973-1992

Includes drafts titled "The Ethics of the Planning Profession: The Need for Role Differentiation" and "Urban Planning's Ethical Dilemmas," with notes, comments, and correspondence

Box 2: Folder 19 Fanshen Paper undated

Includes a paper on Chinese Communist Party in Long Bow Village possibly written by Peter Marcuse's student

Box 2: Folder 20 History of Planning paper undated


Box 2: Folder 21 Housing Advice Centers undated


Box 2: Folder 22 "Housing as a System" 1973

Paper for the Housing Section in New Towns In-Town (NTIT) Report, September 25, 1973

Box 3: Folder 1 "Indicators to Guide Housing Policy" [1971?]

Drafts titled "Indicators to Guide Housing Policy: A Semi-Heuristc Matrix" with reference materials

Box 3: Folder 2 Lectures - Miscellaneous 1972-1977

Includes various teaching and lecture notes and outlines with correspondence

Box 3: Folder 3 "The Myth of the Benevolent State" 1977

Paper and drafts titled "The Myth of the Benevolent state: Notes Towards a Theory of Housing Conflict" for Urban Change and Conflict Conference, York University, 4-7 January 1977

Box 3: Folder 4 New Housing Theory 1970

Narrative outlines of Peter Marcuse's dissertation on home ownership at the University of California, Berkeley

Box 3: Folder 5 "The Planner As Lackey" 1974, undated

Copies of a paper titled "The Planner As Lackey: Intellectual Mush and the Future of the Profession" with notes and reference materials

Box 3: Folder 6 Radical Planning Ethics undated


Box 3: Folder 7 Rent Control - Connecticut 1983-1984

Materials regarding Peter Marcuse's testimony on the issue of rent control before the Judiciary Committee of the Connecticut General Assembly in November 14, 1983, including reference materials, correspondence, and clippings featuring Peter Marcuse

Box 3: Folder 8 "Revitalization of Inner Cities" 1989

Includes drafts titled "Revitalization of Inner Cities: Causes, Implications, Alternatives for Housing Policy" written for "Housing Problems in the 1990's: Social and Economic Problems" International Conference in Prague, September 18-22, 1989, with notes and reference materials

Box 3: Folder 9 Specialism 1989

Includes comments on Willem van Vliet's paper on homelessness and specialism titled "The Limits of Social Research" with correspondence

Box 3: Folder 10 Style undated

Notes on writing style

Box 3: Folder 11 Tocks Island 1972

Includes a paper titled "The Delaware Water Gap National Recreation Area and Its Environs: Regional Planning in the Local Interest"

Box 3: Folder 12 Urban Conflicts 1976-1977, undated

Includes drafts on urban conflicts with notes and reference materials