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Columbia LGBT records, 1961-1990, bulk 1967-1989

Series VII: Subject Files, 1961-1989

Organized into two subseries, this series contains collected fliers, correspondence and informational materials on topics of interest to the gay community.

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Series VII.1: General, 1964-1989

This subseries consists of collected fliers, correspondence, and informational material pertaining mostly to organizations and services which address the social, psychological medical needs of local and national gay communities. The subseries also contain files for Columbia-specific topics, such as the library, as well as Gay People at Columbia (GPC) and Columbia Gay and Lesbian Alliance (CGLA) communications with other publications. Maintaining the original organization of the files, the subseries is arranged alphabetically according to the organization's name or topic. Many of the folders are dedicated to gay student organizations within the United States as well as internationally.

Box 6 Advocate, 1985 January 25, 1985

Alcoholism, 1980-1988

Alpine County (California), 1971

American Lutheran Church, undated

Association of Gay Psychologists, 1975

Bills, Paid, Various, 1970-1972

Bisexuality, 1973-1974

Association of Lesbian and Gay Social Workers, 1982

Books, 1968-1970

Boys in the Band, 1974 October 8, 1974

Butler Library (C.U.), 1970-1971

Center Coordinating Council, 1973-1974

Chicago Resource Center, 1984-1988

Christian Anti-Homosexuality Trash, 1983-1984

Christopher Street Financial, undated

Christopher Street Magazine, 1982 March16, 1982

Community Services Center, undated

Compass -- Chelsea Coordinating Committee on Drug Addiction, Inc., 1975 November 26, 1975

Conferences, 1972

Council on Religion and the Homosexual, 1966-1967

Counseling, undated

CUNY-Richmond College, 1973 December, 1973

Drag Affairs, undated

Film, 1974

G & C Merriam Company, 1965-1971

Gay Academic Union, 1975

Gay Community Services -- Los Angeles, 1973

Gay and Lesbian Student Union, undated

Gay Media Coalition, undated

Gay Men's Health Care Center, 1974 October 16, 1974

Gay People of Brooklyn College, 1973 December, 1973

Gay People's Alliance, 1972

Gay Resource Center (Olumpia, Washington), undated

"Gay Scene,", 1974

Gay Scene (NYC), 1971

Gay Student Conference, 1986

Gay Students Council (GSC), 1973

Gay Students' Guide to the Colleges, 1987 March1, 1987

Gay Studies, 1974

Gay Switchboard (S.F.), 1971 August 12, 1971

Gay Switchboard (N.Y.), 1973

Gay Teachers' Organization, undated

Gay Travel Resorts, 1982-1983

Gay Synagogue = Gay Jewish Activities, 1971-1983

GPU (University of Wisconsin -- Milwaukee), 1971-1972

Gyspy Feet (travel service), 1973

Halifax, 1972

Health, undated

High School Project, undated

Box 7 Homofiel Studenten Dispuut (Netherlands), 1968

Homosexual Community Counseling Service, 1977

Homosexual Community Counseling Center, 1972-1974

Homosexual Information Center, 1974-1975

Homosexuality, 1966-1974

Homosexuality as a Problem, 1964-1970

Homosexuals Intransigent, 1973-1974

Hunter Fine Arts Society, 1974 October 8, 1974

IBM Selectric, 1975 May 21, 1975

Identity House, undated

In Magazine, 1969

Institute of Human Freedom Dobbs Ferry, 1973

Institute for Human Identity, 1973-1975

Janus Film Society, 1973

Joint Committee for Student Life, 1972-1973

Katosi's Sarcoma Project -- Michael Lange and Hardy Kornfield,, 1981

Kean College (NJ) Gay Coalition, 1973

Knoxville Lesbian Collective, 1973

Kt. Vermeulen, undated

The Lavender People, Venice California, 1971-1972

Lesbian Resource Center -- Minneapolis, 1973 January 3, 1973

Liberation House Gay Collective (NYC), 1971

Library, 1970-1974

Louisiana State University, 1984-1985

Low Library, 1971-1973

Low Life, 1984

Mandrake Society (St. Louis), 1972 May 29, 1972

Manford, Morty, 1972

Marriages -- Gay, 1970

Mattachine Midwest, undated

MCC (SF), 1971 August 13, 1971

Memphis Tennessee, 1970 November, 1970

Metropolitan Gay Community Council, 1972

Midwest Services Center, 1971

Minnesota Gay Community, 1975 May, 1975

National Gay Student Center, 1971-1974

National Council of Teachers of English (NCTE), 1977 October 10, 1977

NELGSU, 1987-1989

New Mexico University, 1970 December, 1970

New York City Gay Men's Chorus, 1982 July 18, 1982

New York University, 1979-1984

New York Times, 1971-1975

NY Times, 1971

NY Post, 1971-1977

Ninth Street Center, undated

NYC Gay Events, undated

Oberlin College, 1972 October, 1972

Office of the Student Advocate, undated

OGRC, 1977

ONE Institute of Homophile Studies, 1968-1972

Oscar Wilde Bookshop, 1974

Out (Magazine), 1974

Paolella, Edward, 1983

Parents of Gays, 1975-1983

Parents of Gays, 1973-1977

Patchwork Majority, 1975

Poetry -- Paollela, Ed., 1983

Poetry at the Riverside Church/Washington Square Church, 1982

PMLA, 1978 May, 1978

Population Control, undated

Poster -- Advertisement, 1972

Religion, 1967-1977

Religion and GPCB, 1973

Religious Institutions, undated

Renaissance House, 1973-1974

Residence Halls, 1973-1982

Santa Barbara (UC) Library, 1970

Rutgers -- Newark, undated

Senior Action in a Gay Environment, 1982 December, 1982

Southern California Council on Religion and the Homophile, 1968 March1, 1968

Spanish Speaking Gays, 1974

Stein and Day, undated

Stonewall, 1971-1973

Stonewall, 1982-1983

SUNY -- Stonebrook, 1982 November, 1982

Theatre, 1968-1974

TOSOS, 1974

Trans-sexuals, 1969-1973

Tyler, Robin, undated

Union Theological Seminary, 1972 January 10, 1972

University of Connecticut, undated

University of Florida -- Gainesville, 1974

University of Michigan, 1973 February, 1973

Vanguard Magazine, undated

Vector, 1974

Vice Chairperson and Earl Hall Representative, 1973-1974

Village Voice, 1971-1974

WBAI, 1972-1974

WCBS -- FM, 1971-1972

West Side Discussiong Group, 1967-1974

York University Homophile Association, 1970-1971

Subseries VII.2: Politics and Activism, 1961-1989

This subseries consists of collected fliers, memos, correspondence, and news clippings pertaining to activism on behalf of gay rights and political recognition. Maintaining the original organization of the files, the subseries is arranged alphabetically according to topic or organization. The collected material focuses on the AIDS crisis, New York City Pride (especially the activities of the Christopher Street Liberation Committee in the 1970s), the Gay Liberation movement, legal reform (especially discrimination laws and sodomy laws), local New York City politics, and the Vietnam War (especially draft deferments and anti-war protests). Some of the fliers and memos indicate Gay People at Columbia-Barnard (GPCB) and Columbia Gay and Lesbian Alliance (CGLA) involvement in political advocacy.

Box 7 Academic Freedom, 1965-1983

AIDS Literature, 1985-1989

Anti-war Marches, undated

Armed Services, 1967-1974

Austin Gay Liberation, 1970-1971

Brown, Howard, 1975

Bryant, Anita, 1977

Coalition for Lesbian and Gay Rights, 1982 March15, 1982

Campaign, 1971-1972

Canadian Conference -- York U, 1972

Christopher Street Liberation Day Committee, 1973-1982

Christopher Street Liberation Day, 1971-973

Christopher Street Parade, 1982-1984

Civil Rights, 1967-1974

CLU, undated

Coalition for Lesbian and Gay Rights, 1987-1989

Comptroller, 1986

Box 8 Discrimination, 1963-1974

Divestment, undated

DOB (NYC), 1970

Draft, 1970

Draft, 1967-1970

Eulenspiegel Society (S/M Liberation Group), 1974 March14, 1974

Family Protection Act, undated

FBI, 1975

Federal Government, 1971

Flyers, 1982

GAA (NYC), 1970-1975

Gay Activists Alliance of New York, 1971-1974

Gay and Lesbian Independent Democrats (GLID), 1982

Gay Liberation, undated

Gay Liberation of Westchester GLOW, 1973-1974

Gay Marches, 1971-1974

Gay People's Alliance, 1974

Gay Political Caucus (NYC), 1972

Gay Rights Action Coalition, 1974

Intro I (Gay Rights Bill), undated

Intro 2 (Gay Rights Bill), 1974

Intro #475 (Gay Rights Bill), 1971-1974

Intro #554 (Gay Rights Bill), 1977

Gay Sunshine, 1971-1973

Help, Inc., 1972

Homophile Action League (Philadelphia), undated

Homophile Social Services (SF), 1971 October 19, 1971

Homosexual Action Forum, Oakland, CA, 1971

International Gay and Lesbian Conference, 1987-1988

International Gay Rights Congress, 1974-1976

Kalos Society, 1971

Kentucky Courts -- Hartford, New Haven, 1975

Lambda Legal Defense and Education Fund, 1982

Law Reform, 1966-1969

Laws, 1961-1971

Legal Papers, undated

Legal Papers, undated

Lesbian Feminist Liberation, 1973-1974

Lesbians, 1973-1977

Mattachine Society of New York, 1967

May or -- NYC (Koch, Edward), 1983

May or -- NYC (Lindsay, John), 1970-1972

Michigan Gay Liberation, 1974

Ministry and Homosexuality, 1965-1973

Modern Political Movements, 1971-1973


National Coalition of Gay Activists (NCGA), 1975-1976

National Gay Mobilizing Committee, 1973

National Gay Task Force, 1969-1977

National Peace Action Coalition, undated

NYC Department of Health, 1987

New York Civil Liberties Union (NYCLU), 1982 August, 1982

New York Gay Legal Caucus, 1972

New York State Coalition of Gay Organizations, 1972-1975

NYSCGO, 1975-1977

NGTF Info, 1976-1982

Police, undated

Political, 1973

Politicians (Cuomo, Rotherberg, Moynhan), 1977-1988

Political Correspondence, 1983

Political Endorsements of GPC, 1977

Political Letters and News, 1981

Queens Liberation Front, 1973

Religion -- Gay Rights Congress Statement, 1974 December 22, 1974

S.I.R., 1968-1973

Socialism, undated

Society for Psychological Study of Social Issues (SPSSI), 1981-1982

Society for Individual Rights, 1973 May 23, 1973

Third World Gay Revolution (NYC), 1971

United Front of Gay Organizations (Chicago), undated

Village Voice, 1975

Wisconsin Non-discrimination Law, 1980-1982

Women's Action Alliance, undated

Women's Liberation, 1971-1973

Young Socialist Alliance, undated