Columbia University Archives

Columbia LGBT records, 1961-1990, bulk 1967-1989

Series II: Student Homophile League, 1966-1973

This series contains governing documents, membership lists, event flyers, meeting minutes, internal memos and correspondence for the Student Homophile League (SHL), the first collegiate gay student organization in the country, founded in 1967 by Stephen Donaldson (a.k.a. Robert A. Martin). Correspondence includes communications with gay-identified individuals requesting information about connecting to other homosexuals either in their hometowns or in New York City as well as young men interested in information about draft deferment. Also of interest is a letter of support from the critic Eric Bentley, Brander Matthews Professor of Dramatic Literature at Columbia University. At the end of the series is a 1982 letter from Robert A. Martin offering his account of the founding of the Student Homophile League as well as SHL's participation in the 1968 strike at Columbia University. In addition to office records, this series also includes documents relating to the homophile movement outside of Columbia University. These materials include pamphlets, clippings and resolutions addressing the national homophile movement as well as memos, informational fliers and addresses from other chapters of the Student Homophile League established after Columbia's chapter, which operated as the center of the organization.

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Box 1 Student Homophile League -- Governing Documents, 1967-1969

Student Homophile League -- Membership, 1967-1968

Student Homophile League -- Minutes, 1967-1968

Student Homophile League -- Memos, 1967-1973

Student Homophile League -- Other Chapters, 1967-1972

Student Homophile League -- Residence Hall Activities, 1967-1969

Student Homophile League -- Correspondence, 1966-1970

Student Homophile League -- Correspondence, 1967-1972

Student Homophile League -- "The Gay Way," Columbia News, 1968 March27, 1968

Student Homophile League -- Homophile Movement Materials, 1967-1969

Student Homophile League -- Miscellaneous, 1968