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Howard Stoner Course Materials Collection, 1994-2017

Series VI: Classics, English, and Comparative Literature, 2005-2017

This series consists of syllabi, reading guides, class outlines, lecture hand-outs, and instructions for exams and essays for lecture courses on the British and European novel, Classical literature and Shakespeare. A majority of the courses covered by the series were taught in the English department, but courses from Classics, Comparative Literature, and Russian appear as well.

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American Modernism and Anti-Modernism, 2013 Spring, 2013

(W4604, Austin Graham)

The American Novel, 1865-1914 2009 Spring, 1865-1914, 2009

(unknown course number, Amanda Claybaugh)

American Writers and Their Foreign Counterparts, 2015 Spring, 2015

(BC3187, Mary Gordon)

Classical Myth, 2007 Fall, 2007

(CLLT V3132, Elizabeth Scharffenberger)

The Classical Tradition, 2012 Fall, 2012

(CLLT W4300, Nancy Worman)

Dickens, Thackeray, Eliot, 2013 Fall, 2013

(W4405, Nicholas Dames)

History of the English Novel II, 2017 Spring, 2017

(W4802, James Eli Adams)

Literature and Empire: The Reign of the Novel in Russia, 2015 Fall, 2015

(RUSS UN3320, Cathy Popkin)

Opera As Literature, 2008 Spring, 2008

(CPLS BC3125, James Crapotta)

Post-1945 American Fiction, 2006 Fall, 2006

(W3283, Ross Posnock)

Shakespeare I, 2011 Fall, 2011

(W3335, Molly Murray)

Shakespeare II, 2012 Spring, 2012

(W3336, Julie Crawford)

Tolstoy, Dostoevsky, and the English Novel, 2015 Fall, 2015

(CLRS W4011, Liza Knapp)

Virginia Woolf, 2014 Spring, 2014

(W4225, Sarah Cole)