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Howard Stoner Course Materials Collection, 1994-2017

Series I: Art History, 1994-2005

This series consists of syllabi, bibliographies of recommended readings, hand-outs from lectures and museum visits, slide lists, and instructions for written assignments and exams. In a few instances, Stoner also collected syllabi from years other than the one he when he had enrolled. The courses represented in the series primarily consist of undergraduate lectures but also includes graduate lectures and graduate seminars. The curriculum concentrates but does not exclusively focus on classical art and European painting until 1900.

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Box 1 American Art and Culture, 2002 Fall, 2002

(BC3642, Elizabeth Hutchinson)

American Painters in England in the Eighteenth and Nineteenth Centuries, 1997 Spring, 1997

(W4580, Allen Staley)

Archaeological Theory and Practice, 2001 Spring, 2001

(W4001, Joanna S. Smith)

Archaic Greek Art and Architecture, 2004 Fall, 2004

(G6247, Clemente Marconi)

Art in the Age of Reformation, 2000 Spring, 2000

(W4480, Keith Moxey)

Art Humanities: Masterpieces of Western Art, 2000 Spring, 2000

(C1121, Caroline Wamsler)

Art of the Later Middle Ages, 2004 Spring, 2004

(BC3342, Thomas Dale)

Collecting, 2004 Spring, 2004

(W4850, Anne Higonnet)

Dutch Art and Society in the Seventeenth Century, 1996 Spring, 1996

(W3505, Thomas Dale)

Early Christian and Early Medieval Art, 1995 Fall, 1995

(BC3551, Jane Rosenthal)

Early Victorian Painting, 1837-1861 1995 Spring, 1837-1861, 1995

(G4623, Allen Staley)

From Neoclassicism to Romanticism: German Painting and the Politics of Identity, 1763-1848 2003 Spring, 1763-1848, 2003

(G4560, Cordula Grewe)

Greek Art and Architecture, 1996 Fall, 1996

(V3249, Richard Brilliant)

Hellenistic Art, 1998 Spring, 1998

(G4225, Andrew Stewart)

History of Photography, 2005 Spring, 2005

(BC3673, Benjamin Buchloh)

Impressionism, 2003 Spring, 2003

(BC3663, Anne Higgonet)

Italian Renaissance Painting I: The Fifteenth Century, 1997 Fall, 1997

(V3400, James Beck)

Italian Renaissance Painting II: The Sixteenth Century, 1995 Spring, 1995

(V3437, David Rosand)

Modern Art and Tradition, 2000 Fall, 2000

(G6642, Theodore Reff)

Nineteenth-Century Painting, 1994 Fall, 1994

(W3600, Allen Staley)

Painting in Britain, 1860-1914 1998 Spring, 1860-1914, 1998

(unknown course number, Allen Staley)

Box 2 Post-Impressionism, 1999 Fall, 1999

(G6335, Theodore Reff)

Pre-Raphaelitism, 1995 Fall, 1995

(unknown course number, Allen Staley)

Realism and Impressionism, 1998 Fall, 1998

(G4680, Theodore Reff)

Renaissance Venice, 1997 Fall, 1997

(G6460, David Rosand)

Roman Art and Architecture, 1997 Spring, 1997

(V3250, Natalie Kampen)

Roman Art II: August us to the Flavians, 1996 Fall, 1996

(G6271, Richard Brilliant)

Roman Art III: Trajan to Constantine, 1997 Fall, 1997

(G6273, Richard Brilliant)

Seventeenth-Century Art, 1997 Fall, 1997

(V3200, Alexander Vergara)

Twentieth-Century Art, 2002 Spring, 2002

(W3650, Rosalind Krauss)