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Howard Stoner Course Materials Collection, 1994-2017

Series V: History, 1994-2016 [2006-2016], 1994-2016

This series consists of syllabi, lecture hand-outs, and instructions for written assignments and exams from a diverse set of lectures in the History department. Included in the series is a syllabus and detailed set of field trip instructions for Kenneth Jackson's popular History of the City of New York lecture, though Stoner ultimately dropped the course.

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Box 4 A City's History: New York, 1994 Summer, 1994

(S3605D, James Shenton)

History of the City of New York, Fall, 2016

(UN2535, Kenneth Jackson) (dropped)

Introduction to European History: French Revolution to the Present, 2016 Spring, 2016

(BC1302, Deborah Coen)

The Making of the Modern American Landscape, 2007 Spring, 2007

(W3441, Elizabeth Blackmar)

Nineteenth-Century Britain, 2016 Fall, 2016

(W2323, Matthew Wyman-McCarthy)

The Romans and Their Empire: 745 BC to 565 AD, 2006 Spring, 2006

(W1020, Myles McDonnell)