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New York Group papers, 1950-2000

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Creator(s) Nʹi︠u︡-Ĭorksʹka hrupa
Title New York Group papers, 1950-2000
Physical Description 33 linear feet (65 boxes)
Language(s) Russian , English .
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Some of Bohdan Boichuk's papers (5 boxes) are closed until after his death.

This collection is located on-site.



Material is arranged into seven series, based on the creator.



Correspondence, documents, manuscripts and typescripts of writings, paintings, photographs, audio tapes, and printed materials. The collection chiefly consists on the Group's writings and research materials.

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You will need to make an appointment in advance to use this collection material in the Rare Book and Manuscript Library reading room. You can schedule an appointment once you've submitted your request through your Special Collections Research Account.

Some of Bohdan Boichuk's papers (5 boxes) are closed until after his death.

This collection is located on-site.

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History / Biographical Note

Biographical / Historical

The New York Group, a circle of Ukrainian avant-garde poets whose creative activity has its beginnings in the mid-1950s in New York City. The original members were Bohdan Boichuk, B.Pevnyi, Mariia Revakovych, and Iurii Tarnavs'kyi. The group grew to include the writers and artists Emma Andiievs'ka, Zenia Vasyl'kivs'ka, Vira Vovk, Bohdan Rubchak, Roman Baboval, Liuboslav Hutsaliuk, Patrytsiia Kylyna, I. Heruliak, and Iurii Solovii.

The New York Group was never united by any artistic credo or manifesto. More a grouping of friends than an organization, it embraced Ukrainians who began their period of creativity in North America and who happened to be living in New York. The group' members had a common émigré heritage and a strong preoccupation with the purity of the Ukrainian language, and were united in a desire to distance themselves from the overly nationalistic poetry of the previous generation. Their creativity provided a much-needed revitalization of émigré Ukrainian literature after the Second World War and robably served also as an impetus for the "shestydesiatnyky" in the Ukraine. The group has never officially ceased to exist, although since the dispersal of its members, who individually remain active, the group has been limited to sporadic publications.

Emma Andiievs'ka: born 19 March 1931 in Donets'k, Ukraine. Poet and prose writer and painter. An emibre since 1943, she now lives in Germany. She has published verse, short stories, and novels.

Roman Baboval: born 2 September 1950 in Liege. A poet, he is the son of Ukrainian immigrants. He graduated from medical school and now lives in Montigny-le-Tilleul in France. He is a member of the International Pen Club and the Writers' Union of the Ukraine. Writing in Ukrainian and French, he has published much poetry.

Bohdan Boichuk: born 11 October 1927 in the village of Bortnyky, Buchach County, Galitsiia and now lives in Kyiv and New York. A poet, literary critic, and translator, he has published several poetry collections and plays, and has translated Spanish and American poetry into Ukrainian, Ukrainian poetry into English, and has edited several books of Ukrainian poetry and memoirs.

Liuboslav Hutsaliuk: born 2 April 1923 in L'viv. A painter and graphic artist, he studied art in Germany, the United States, and Italy. He had exhibitions in Paris, Milan, New York, and Boston, and is a member of Audubon Artists, La Societe des Artistes Independants de Paris, and the Ukrainian Association in the United States. Hutsaliuk also does graphic art, mainly book illustration, and his satirical cartoons and caricatures have been published.

Mariia Revakovych: born 1960 in Poland. In 1982 she emigrated to Canada and then to the United States. A poet, literary and theatrical critic, and translator, she co-founded the art-literary journal Svito-Vyd in 1990. She has published her poetry and has translated various authors from Polihs and English.

Iurii Tarnavs'kyi: born 3 February 1934 in Turka, Sambir County, Galitsiia. A linguist, poet, novelist, and translator, he grew up in a displaced persons camp in Germany and then emigrated in 1952 to the United States. He has worked at IBM on automated language-translation project and artificial intelligence and has published a number of scientific papers on those subjects. He also has worked in developing a natural-language interface for the computer-programming language PROLOG. He began writing in the early 1950s and has published much of his poetry, including a bilingual English-Ukrainian edition, and novels. Iurii Tarnavs'kyi was the cofounder and editor of Novi Poezii (1951-1971) and has made translations from Spanish and English into Ukrainian as well as from Ukrainian into English.

Vira Vovk (pseud. of Vira Selians'ka): born 2 January 196 in Boryslav, Drohobych County, Galitsiia. A writer, literary scholar, and translator, she emigrated to Germany during World War II. From 1968 until 1970 she was professor of comparative literature at the Catholic University of Rio de Janeiro. Since 1980 she has taught at the Federal University in Rio. She writes poetry, prose, and drama, and has published verse, prose, novels, bilingual prose works, and poetic dramas. She has translated poetry of many authors as well as her own into Ukrainian, Portuguese, and German.

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Series I: Papers of Emma Andiievs'ka

Subseries I.1:Cataloged Correspondence:

Box 1 Andiievs'ka, Emma, 1968 -- 1994, 1968, 1994

Box 1 Barka, Vasyl', 1963-1964

Box 1 Bilokin', Serhii, 1990-1992

Box 1 Boichuk, Bohdan, 1960-1995

Box 1 Bondar-Tereshchenko, Ihor, 1992

Box 1 Burghardt, Vol'fram, 1969 April 22, 1969

Box 1 Carynnyk, Marco, 1967 December 2, 1967

Box 1 Chub, Dmytro (AKA Nytchenko, Dmytro), 1963-1964

Box 1 Deich, Ievheniia, 1991 November 12, 1991

Box 1 Dziuba, Ivan, 1991

Box 1 Hnizdovsky, Jackues, 1966-1983

Box 1 Hrabovs'kyi, Leonid

Box 1 Koshelivets', Ivan, 1986 January 22, 1986

Box 1 Kubiiovych, Volodymyr, 1970-1993

Box 1 Kupchyns'kyi, Roman, 1984 January 17, 1984

Box 1 Lawrynenko, Jurij A., 1963-1969

Box 1 Luc'kyj, George Stephen Nestor, 1987

Box 1 Onyshkevych, Larysa

(See: Zales'ka Onyshkevych, Larysa M.L.)

Box 1 Proskurnia, Serhii

Box 1 Rubchak, Bohdan, 1964-1965

Box 1 Selians'ka, Vira

(See Vovk, Vira)

Box 1 Sherekh, Iurii (AKA Shevel'ov, Iurii), 1980-1989

Box 1 Shevel'ov, Iurii

(See: Sherekh, Iurii)

Box 1 Solovii, Iurii, 1963-1968

Box 1 Stefanyk, Iurii (AKA Klynovyi, Iurii), 1973-1985

Box 1 Stekh, Marko, 1986-1994

Box 1 Struk, Danylo Husar, 1979-1995

Box 1 Sverstiuk, Ievhen, 1994 April 27, 1994

Box 1 Tarnavs'kyi, Iurii, 1966-1994

Box 1 Vasyl'kivs'ka, ZH. (Zhenia), 1961

Box 1 Vovk, Vira (AKA Selans'ka, Vira), 1974-1995

Box 1 Zales'ka Onyshkevych, Larysa M.L., 1976-1988

Box 1 Zuievs'kyi, Oleh, 1974-1982

Subseries I.2: Cataloged Photographs

Box 1 Andiievs'ka, Emma

(See: Box 1. Cataloged Correspondence: Folder "Proskurnia, Serhii")

Box 1 Hrabovs'kyi, Leonid, 1988

(See: Box 1. Cataloged Correspondence: Folder "Hrabovs'kyi, Leonid")&

Box 1 Proskurnia, Serhii

(See: Box 1. Cataloged Correspondence: Folder "Proskurnia, Serhii")

Box 1 Struk, Danylo Husar, 1993

(See: Box 1. Cataloged Correspondence: Folder "Struk, Danylo Husar")

Subseries I.3: Arranged Correspondence:

Box 1 Unidentified, (1 folder)

Box 1 A, (2 folders)

Box 1 Andiievs'ka's family (mother, sister, brother)

Box 1 Antonovych, Marko

Box 1 B

Box 1 Beasly, Lisa (including photographs of Beasly's Family), (2 folders)

Box 1 Berkenkamp, Anneliese (including photographs of Berkenkamp's Family)

Box 2 Berkenkamp, Anneliese (cont.) -- 1980th

Box 2 Bohren, Rudol'f

Box 2 Bushmann, Iryna

Box 2 C, (1 folder)

Box 2 Cordoba, Rafael Enrique

Box 2 D, (1 folder)

Box 2 Deichakivs'ka, Nadiia

Box 2 Diebold, Pauline

Box 2 E, (1 folder)

Box 2 Endres, Adolf

Box 2 F, (1 folder)

Box 2 Freiss, Lucy

Box 2 G, (1 folder)

Box 2 Galleries

Box 2 H, (1 folder)

Box 2 I, (3 folders)

Box 2 Ianchykova, Liudmila

Box 2 Iankovs'ki, Arkadii i Tereza

Box 2 Il'nyts'ka, Nina

Box 2 J, (2 folders)

Box 2 Juhre, Arnim

Box 2 K, (1 folder)

Box 2 Kalytovs'ka, Mariia (See also: Shtul', Kateryna)

Box 2 Kostiuk, Hr.

Box 2 L, (1 folder)

Box 2 M, (2 folders)

Box 2 Makarenko, Volodymyr

Box 2 Malanchuk, Mariia

Box 2 Malanchuk, Ol'ha

Box 2 Malanchuk, Roman

Box 2 Malyts'kyi, Andrii

Box 2 Maron, Meva

Box 2 Mulen, Norma

Box 2 Murashko, Taras

Box 2 Murashko, Vasyl'

Box 2 N-O, (1 folder)

Box 2 Oberauch-Mel'nychuk, Marta

Box 2 P, (2 folders)

Box 2 Ponedilok, M.

Box 2 Popovych, Volodymyr

Box 2 Protsiuk

Box 2 Publishing

Box 2 R, (1 folder)

Box 2 Rudnyts'ka, Maryna

Box 2 S, (2 folders)

Box 2 Saporovs'ka, Oksana

Box 2 Saver, Lida

Box 2 Shepko, Tania

Box 2 Schweizer, H.

Box 2 Shtul', Kateryna

Box 2 Siiak, Dariia

Box 2 Simmon, Cathy and Michael

Box 2 Solohub, Andrii

Box 2 Stekh, Tania (See: Box 1. Emma Andiievs'ka. Cataloged Correspondence. Folder "Stekh, Marko")

Box 2 Syniavs'ka, Nina

Box 3 T, (1 folder)

Box 3 Tkachuk, Stepan

Box 3 Tys-Krokhmaliuk, Iurii (AKA Krokhmaliuk, Iurii)

Box 3 U-Z, (1 folder)

Box 3 Vozniak, Taras

Box 3 Zoshchuk, Stepan

Subseries I.4:Arranged Photographs:

Box 3 Beasly's Family

(See: Box 1. Arranged Correspondence: Folder "Beasly, L.")

Box 3 Saporovs'ka, Oksana

(See: Box 3. Emma Andiievs'ka. Arranged Correspondence: Folder "S")

Ul'ieva, Halia

(inscribed and signed)

Subseries I.5: Art Works by Emma Andiievs'ka

Box 3 Books covers for collection poetry Kuty opostin'

Paintings by Emma Andiievs'ka

Box 64 Baliansyst

Box 64 Kartoplianyi dukh

Box 64 Korabel' blazniv

Box 64 Kvity

Box 64 Kvity i komakhy

Box 64 Malyi snidanok

Box 64 Maty z dytynoiu i kvitamy

Box 64 Namova

Box 64 Para

Box 64 Para

Box 64 Pochuttia vlasnosti

Box 64 Prodavets' ruk

Box 64 Rizni vdachi

Box 64 Spohliadannia

Box 64 Spohliadannia vlasnoi nohy

Box 64 Snidanok

Box 64 Sribni kvity v sribnomu chainyku

Box 64 Uporiadnyky

Box 64 Vidkryttia

Box 64 Vyhliadannia maibutnoho

Box 64 2 posters

Subseries I.6: Subject File

Box 3 Papers from, 1920s

Box 3 witnesses' confirmation on Josef Shapovalov marital status

Box 3 1 autograph letter

Box 3 1 autograph postcard

Box 3 50 karbovantsiv banknote (no date)

Box 3 postcard with St.Vladimir Kathedrale in Kyiv.

Subseries I.7: Printed Materials

Box 3 Catalogues of Emma Andiievs'ka paintings

Box 3 Postcards made by Andiievs'ka (one inscribed by Andiievs'ka), poster, fliers of exhibitions, copy of article on Andiievs'ka's works, business card, (1 folder)

Subseries I.8: Miscellaneous:

Box 3 Bookplates

Box 3 photocopy of the printed text about Emma Andiievs'ka

Box 3 varia

Series II: Papers of Roman Baboval

Box 3 "La Nuit Les Oiseaux" (photocopy of 1972 edition) -- 1 folder, 1972

Series III: Papers of Liuboslav Hutsaliuk

Subseries III.1: Cataloged Correspondence

Box 3 Bazhan, Mykola, 1968-1969

Box 3 Drach, Ivan, 1968

Box 3 Hors'ka, Alla, 1968

Box 3 Korotych, Vitalii Oleksiiovych, 1969

Box 3 Vovk, Vira, 1969

Subseries III.2: Cataloged Photographs:

Box 3 Hutsaliuk, Liuboslav

Subseries III.3: Arranged Correspondence

Box 3 Nadiia

Box 3 Patyk, Volodymyr

Box 3 Petruk, R.P.

Box 3 Sevruk, Halyna

Subseries III.4: Art Works

Box 3 Photographs of Paintings by L. Hutsaliuk

Box 3 Exlibrises

Box 3 Announcements and invitations to L. Hutsaliuk's exhibitions

Subseries III.5: Miscellaneous

Box 3 Articles about L. Hutsaliuk, (1 folder)

Box 3 Business cards, (1 folder)

Series IV: Papers of Mariia Revakovych

Subseries IV.1: Writing by Mariia Revakovych:

Box 3 Poetry (1982-1992)-typescripts, manuscripts, notes, drafts, (5 folders)

Early poems (1982-1984)

Box 3 "Maike E"

Box 3 "Shepotinnia, shepotinnia…"

Box 3 "Z mishka mandrivnyka"

Box 3 Thesis (typescript): "The Phenomen and Poetry of the New York Group: Discourses, Disguises, and Liminality"

Box 3 Anna Revakovych's Art Works: Illustrations and book covers for Maria Revakovych's books, (2 folders)

Series V: Papers of Vira Vovk

Box 3 Varia -- 1 folder (flyer, notes, etc.)

Series VI: Papers of Bohdan Boichuk

Subseries VI.1: Cataloged Correspondence

Box 3 Andiievs'ka, Emma, 1955-2000

Box 3 Andrukhovych, Iurii, 1990-1994

Box 3 Baboval, Roman, 1968-2000

Box 3 Barka, Vasyl', 1956-1997

Box 3 Barskii, Vilen, 1984-1986

Box 5 Boichuk, Bohdan, 1970-1995

Box 5 Bondar-Tereshchenko, Ihor (including some writings), 1994-1997

Box 5 Burakovs'kyi, Oleksandr, 1995 1997, 1995, 1997

Box 5 Burghardt, Vol'fram, 1963-1980

Box 5 Carynnyk, Marco, 1963-1990

Box 5 Drach, Ivan, 1967

Box 5 Dutka, Orest J., 1965-1966

Box 5 Fishbein, Moisei (including typescripts of his poems), 1983-1997

Box 5 Fizer, John, 1963-1990

Box 5 Grabowicz, George G., 1980-1988

Box 5 Herasymiuk, Vasyl', 1973 1994, 1973, 1994

Box 5 Hevryk, Tit, 1973

Box 5 Hirniak, Iosyp, 1964-1966

Box 5 Hnativ, Mykola, 1975

Box 5 Holoborod'ko, Vasyl', 1971

Box 5 Hordyns'kyi, Sviatoslav, 1961-1991

Box 5 Hrabovs'kyi, Leonid, 1995

Box 5 Humenna, Dokiia, 1986

Box 5 Il'nyts'kyi, Mykola Mykolaiovych, 1990

Box 5 Il'nyts'kyi, Oleh, 1985 1996, 1985, 1996

Box 5 Irvanets', Oleksandr, 1990

Box 5 Kachurovs'kyi, Ihor, 1984-1986

Box 5 Karabovych, Tadei, 1987-2006

Box 5 Karavans'kyi, Sviatoslav, 1990

Box 5 Katsnel'son, Abram, 1995 1997, 1995, 1997

Box 6 Keis, Vitalii, 1978-1996

Box 6 Kholodna, Natallia (AKA Livyts'ka-Kholodna), 1982-1990

Box 6 Kholodnyi, Mykola, 1994-1995

Box 6 Kilina, Patricia, 1958-2003

Box 6 Kordun, Viktor, 1993-1998

Box 6 Kosach, Iurii, 1958

Box 6 Koshelivets', Ivan, 1959-1994

Box 6 Kozak, Edvard, 1965

Box 6 Kravtsiv, Bohdan, 1963-1974

Box 6 Kupchyns'kyi, Roman, 1966

Box 6 Kylyna, Patrytsiia: see Kilina, Patricia, 1957-1974

Box 6 Lawrynenko, Jurij A., 1957-1974

Box 6 Livyts'ka, Natallia: see Kholodna, Natallia

Box 6 Luc'kyj, George Stephen Nestor, 1985-1986

Box 6 Luczkiw, John, 1961-1972

Box 6 Lyman, Leonid, 1956 1970, 1956, 1970

Box 6 Lysha, Raisa, 1990-2002, (2 folders)

Box 6 Magocsi, Paul R., 1966

Box 6 Malaniuk, Ievhen, 1954-1963

Box 6 Malkovych, Ivan, 1990

Box 6 Movchan, Pavlo, 1992

Box 6 Naydan, Michael, 1980-2001

Box 6 Neborak, Viktor, 1990-1992

Box 6 Nevrly, Miloslav, 1990

Box 6 Novyts'kyi, Oleksa, 1973-1975

Box 6 Nyzhankivs'kyi, Bohdan (Babai), 1961-1985

Box 6 Odarchenko, Petro, 1985-1998

Box 6 Onyshkevych, Larysa

(See Zales'ka Onyshkevych, Larysa M.L.)

Box 6 Os'machka, Todos', 1957-1958

Box 6a Palii, Lida, 1963-2003, (2 folders)

Box 6a Pavlychko, Dmytro, 1989

Box 6a Pavlychko, S.D. (Solomiia Dmytrivna), 1989-1990

Box 6a Pavlyshyn, Marko, 1985-1999

Box 6a Pelenski, Jaroslaw, 1959-1966

Box 6a Pevnyi, Bohdan, 1962-1987

Box 6a Pidpalyi, Andrii, 1994-2001

Box 6a Pokal'chuk, Iurii, 1990-1993

Box 6a Pomerantsev, Igor', 1986-1987

Box 6a Pritsak, Omeljan, 1972-1972

Box 6a Proskurnia, Serhii, 1991-1993

Box 6a Revakovych, Mariia, 1994-2004

Box 6a Revutsky, Valerian, 1975-1989

Box 6a Rubchak, Bohdan, 1956-1998

Box 6b Rymaruk, Ihor, 1989-1994

Box 6b Samchuk, Ulas, 1985

Box 6b Selans'ka, Vira

(See Vovk, Vira)

Box 6b Sherekh, Iurii (AKA Shevel'ov, Iurii), 1957-1991

Box 6b Shevel'ov, Iurii

(See: Sherekh, Iurii)

Box 6b Shlemkevych, Mykola, 1960-1965

Box 6b Slavutych, Iar, 1958-1985

Box 6b Solovii, Iurii, 1957-1993

Box 6b Stefanyk, Iurii (AKA Klynovyi, Iurii), 1957-1974

Box 6b Stefanovych, Oleksa, 1955-1966

Box 6b Stekh, Marko, 1985-2000

Box 6b Struk, Danylo Husar, 1966-1993

Box 6b Stupka, Bohdan, 1993-1994

Box 6b Taniuk, Les', 1970-1981

Box 6b Tarnavs'ka, Marta, 1969-1992

Box 6b Tarnavs'kyi, Iurii, 1955-2002, (2 folders)

Box 6b Tarnavs'kyi, Ostap, 1957-1987, (2 folders)

Box 6c Vasyl'kivs'ka, ZH. (Zhenia), 1958-1968

Box 6c Vovk, Vira, 1959-2005, (6 folders)

Box 6c Zabuzhko, Oksana, 1991-1993

Box 6c Zales'ka Onyshkevych, Larysa M.L., 1966-2003

Box 6c Zuievs'kyi, Oleh, 1959-1991

Subseries VI.2: Cataloged Photographs

Box 7 "Berezil'" Theatre

Box 7 Boichuk, Bohdan

Box 7 Buchma, Amvrosii

(4 photographs related to Buchma's professional activity in theatre "Berezil'", also included are B. Bzhes'ka, S. Karhal's'kyi and others (See: Box 28. Editing Activities of Bohdan Boichuk:Spomynyby Iosyp Hirniak, folder "Photographs")

Box 7 Carynnyk, Marco, 1983

Box 7 Chystiakova, Valentyna

Box 7 Dobrovol's'ka, Olimpiia, 1917-1950

Box 7 Drach, Ivan, 1978

Box 7 Herasymiuk, Vasyl', 1994

Box 7 Hirniak, Iosyp, 1965-1985

Box 7 Kravtsiv, Bohdan, 1969

Box 7 Kulish, Mykola, 1927

Box 7 Kurbas, Les', 1917-1930s

Box 7 Lysha, Raisa, 1992

Box 7 "Molodyi Teatr", 1917-1920

Box 7 Palii, Lida, 1983

Box 7 Pavlychko, S.D. (Solomiia Dmytrivna), 1991

Box 7 Revakovych, Mariia, 1987-1994

Box 7 Rubchak, Bohdan, 1958-1991

Box 7 Shevchuk, Valerii Oleksandrovych, 1989

Box 7 Stefanovych, Oleksa, 1921-1940

Box 7 Struk, Danylo Husar, 1983

Box 7 Tarnavs'kyi, Iurii, 1958-1991

Box 7 Uzhvii, Natallia

Box 7 Vorobiov, Mykola, 1994

Box 7 Vovk, Vira, 1970

Box 7 Zuievs'kyi, Oleh, 1991

Subseries VI.3: Arranged Correspondence

Box 7 Unidentified, (1 folder)

Box 7 A, (1 folder)

Box 7 Antonovych, M.

Box 7 Arzamasova, Larysa

Box 7 B, (6 folders)

Box 7 Babenko-Woodbury, Viktoriia

Box 7 Bacha, I.

Box 7 Bakun, Raisa S.

Box 7 Balei, Virko

Box 7 Balk, Aero

Box 7 Baltarovych, Oksana

Box 7 Baran, Bohdan

Box 7 Baranates'kyi

Box 7 Bardyn, Ihor

Box 7 Batiuk, Viktor

Box 7 Bazhans'kyi, Mykhailo

Box 7 Benin, Mark

Box 7 Bilaniuk, Oleksa

Box 7 Biliaiv, Volodymyr

Box 7 Biss-Zilyns'ka, Ieva (AKA Byssova-Zilyns'ka)

Box 7 Blyzniak, Uliana

Box 7 Bobrovs'kyi, Ihor

Box 7 Bodnar-Balahutrak, Lidiia

Box 7 Bodnarchuk, I.

Box 7 Bodnarets', Stepan

Box 7 Bohonos, Ol'ha

Box 7 Bohush, Dmytro

Box 7 Boichuk, Anna

Box 7 Boichuk, Kalyna

Box 7 Boichuk, Lev

Box 7 Boichuk, Mariia

Box 7 Boichuk, Mykhailo

Box 7a B, (10 folders)

Box 7a Boichuk, Mykola

Box 7b B, (8 folders)

Box 7b Boichuk, Oleh

Box 7b Boichuk, Olia

Box 7b Boichuk, Roman

Box 7b Boiko, M.

Box 7b Boiko, Nadiia

Box 7b Boiko, Stepan

Box 7b Bondarenko, Halyna

Box 7b Bozhel'skyi, Bohdan

Box 7b Bruslinovs'kyi, Ievhen

Box 7b Bryttan, Andrii

Box 7b Buchyns'kyi, Dmytro

Box 7b Bulavits'ka, Nina

Box 7b Burevii, Oksana (aka Iatsenko)

Box 7b Buriakivets', Iurii

Box 7b Burmas, Liuba

Box 7b Burmas, Mykhailo

Box 7b Burmas, Oksana

Box 7b Burmas, Stefaniia

Box 7b Burmas, Stepan

Box 7b Butovych, M.

Box 7b C, (3 folders)

Box 7b Chaban, Mykola

Box 7b Chaikovs'ka, Liudmyla

Box 7b Chaplenko, Vasyl'

Box 7b Chechel', Natallia

Box 7b Chehut, B.

Box 7b Chekh, Myroslav

Box 7b Chernenko-Rudnyts'kyi, O.

Box 7b Cholhan, Ilarion

Box 7b Chornobyts'ka, O.

Box 7b Chumachenko, Viktor

Box 7b Ciapalo, Roman T.

Box 7b Cornestian, Nicolae

Box 8 D, (4 folders)

Box 8 Dal'nyi, M.

Box 8 D'Ambrosio, Vinnie-Marie

Box 8 Danison

Box 8 Deichakivs'ka, Nadia

Box 8 Deichakivs'kyi, M.

Box 8 Demko, Oleksandr

Box 8 Demus, Volodymyr

Box 8 Devdiuk, Taras

Box 8 Diak, Oles'

Box 8 D'iachuk, Uliana

Box 8 Dnistrovyi, Anatolii

Box 8 Dobrians'kyi, Mykhailo

Box 8 Dorosh, Daria

Box 8 Dorozyns'kyi, Pavlo

Box 8 Dozars'kyi, Volodymyr

Box 8 Dragan, Myroslaw

Box 8 Drozd, Roman Illia

Box 8 Dunov, Esti

Box 8 Duts', Olena

Box 8 Dybko-Fylypchak, Iryna (AKA Fylypchak, Iryna)

Box 8 Dyvnyi, Br.

Box 8 Dziuba, Serhii

Box 8 Dzyndra, Mykhailo

Box 8 E, (1 folder)

Box 8 Eliiashevs'kyi, I.

Box 8 Epstein, Eline

Box 8 Eskhovych, Lidiia

Box 8 F, (1 folder)

Box 8 Fedoriv, Myron

Box 8 Fomichev-Dovzhenko, Valentyn

Box 8 Freeman, Jane

Box 8 Fylypovych, Ol.

Box 8 G, (1 folder)

Box 8 Galay, Ted

Box 8 Gavur, Liuba

Box 8 Goy, P.

Box 8 Graubart-Ignatow, Rose

Box 8 Grinval'd, Borys

Box 8 Gudzyk, V.

Box 8 H, (4 folders)

Box 8 Haida, Ihor

Box 8 Haidarivs'ka, S.

Box 8 Haidarivs'kyi, V.

Box 8 Haiuk, Zoia

Box 8 Halii, Marta

Box 8 Halushchak, E.

Box 8 Havryliak, Nadia

Box 8 Havryliuk, Ievheniia

Box 8 Havryliuk, Iurii

Box 8 Havryliuk, Volodymyr

Box 8 Heller, Michael

Box 8 Henderson, Archie

Box 8 Henning, Wayne L.

Box 8 Hirna, Iaroslava

Box 8 Hirna, M.

Box 8 Hirniak's family (Iosyp Hirniak's family)

Box 8 Hnatyshak, Iaroslava

Box 8 Hnizdovs'kyi, Iakiv

Box 8 Holod, Mariia

Box 8 Holubnycha, L.

Box 8 Holubnychyi, Vsevolod S.

Box 8 Horbach, Katharina

Box 8 Horbenko, O.

Box 8 Hordasevych, Halyna

Box 8a H, (5 folders)

Box 8a Hoshovs'kyi, B.

Box 8a Hrechko, Ivan

Box 8a Hrinval'dt, Ievheniia

Box 8a Hrushkevych, Volodymyr

Box 8a Hrylyn, Volodymyr

Box 8a Hrytsenko, Zorianna

Box 8a Hrytsyn, Volodymyr

Box 8a Huk, Bohdan

Box 8a Humets'ka, Asia

Box 8a Hunchak, Olia

Box 8a Hunenko, Aleksander

Box 8a Husar, Doriia

Box 8a Husar, Natalka

Box 8a Huseinov, H.

Box 8a Hutsaliuk, Liuboslav

Box 8a I, (1 folder)

Box 8a Iakevych, Lev

Box 8a Ianishevs'kyi, Vasyl'

Box 8a Iarema, Ivan

Box 8a Iatsiv, Lidiia

Box 8a Iavna, Dzvinka

Box 8a Iavny, Liubko

Box 8a Iekel'chyk, Serhii

Box 8a Ignatov, David

Box 8a Illia, Valerii

Box 8a Isaiev, I.

Box 8a Izars'kyi, Ol.

Box 8a K(3 folders)

Box 8a Kachurovs'kyi, Vasyl'

Box 8a Kalytovs'ka, Marta

Box 8a Karpenko-Krynytsia, Petro (Horban, Peter)

Box 8a Kashka, Volodymyr

Box 8a Kas'ianenko, Zoia

Box 8a Kates, James

Box 8a Kazymyra, Nadiia

Box 8a Keeton, Darra

Box 8a Kernyts'kyi, I.

Box 9 K, (11 folders)

Box 9 Kheilyk, Ilarion

Box 9 Khom'iak, R.

Box 9 Khramaia, Liudmyla

Box 9 Khraplyva, L.

Box 9 Khreptovs'kyi, A.

Box 9 Kiianovs'ka, Mariana

Box 9 Kinal', Iaroslava

Box 9 Kindras', K.

Box 9 Kirshak, Vadym L. (AKA Lesych)

Box 9 Klymovs'kyi, Iaroslav

Box 9 Kmeta-Ichnians'kyi, Ivan

Box 9 Kobeliak, Anatolii

Box 9 Kobzei, Ivan

Box 9 Kolens'ka, Khrystia

Box 9 Kolisnyk, R.

Box 9 Kolo-Ky, (10 folders)

Box 9 Kolomyiets', George (aka Kolomaiets')

Box 9 Konoval, Iaroslav

Box 9 Kopstein, Bracha

Box 9 Kordun, Roman

Box 9 Korniiaka, Vitalii

Box 9 Korniienko, Nelia

Box 9 Koropets'kyi, Ivan

Box 9 Korovyts'kyi, Ivan

Box 9 Kostets'kyi, Ihor

Box 9 Kostiuk, Hryhorii

Box 9 Kostryts'kyi, Vasyl'

Box 9 Kots, M.P.

Box 9 Kovach, Ivan

Box 9 Kovach, Mykhailo

Box 9 Koverko, Oleh

Box 9 Koverzniev, Kostiantyn

Box 9a K, (4 folders)

Box 9a Kovzan, Marian S.

Box 9a Kozak, Stepan

Box 9a Kozoris-Bilets'ka, Ia.

Box 9a Krat, Anatolii

Box 9a Kravchuk, Petro

Box 9a Kravets', Iarema

Box 9a Kravets', S.

Box 9a Kravtsiv, H.

Box 9a Kravtsiv, Roman

Box 9a Kruk, H.

Box 9a Krupa, Liubomyra & Theodosii

Box 9a Krushel'nyts'ka, Lidiia

Box 9a Kryk, Roman

Box 9a Kryshtal's'kyi, Iaroslav

Box 9a Kul'chyts'kyi, Volodymyr

Box 9a Kunitz, Stanley

Box 9a Kurbatov, Serhii

Box 9a Kurylas, Bohdan

Box 9a Kushnir, Iurii

Box 9a Kutsenko, Leonid

Box 9a Kuz'movych, Mykola

Box 9a Kuzyshyn, Oksana

Box 9a Kvitkai, Vitalii

Box 9a Kiryziuk, Ivan

Box 9a Kytasta, Liuba

Box 9a L, (3 folders)

Box 9a Laniuk, Iurii

Box 9a Laps'kyi, Ostap

Box 9a Lashchenko, Halyna

Box 9a Lasovs'kyi, V.

Box 9a Laturyns'ka, Oksana

Box 9a Lazard, Naomi

Box 9a Lebed', Mykola

Box 9a Levchenko, Nadia

Box 9a Levyts'ka-Hirka, Tetiana

Box 9a Levyts'kyi, Iurii

Box 9a Lewis, Harry

Box 9a Ling Chin

Box 9a Logush, Mariia

Box 9a Luchak, Emilia

Box 9a Luchkiv, Stakh

Box 9a Luchuk, Ol'ha & Taras

Box 9a Luchuk, V.

Box 9a Luhovyk, Mykola

Box 9a Lykholai, Mykola

Box 9a Lymarenko, Pavlo

Box 9a Lyshena, Natalia

Box 9a Lysko, Zenovii

Box 9a Lysniak, V.

Box 10 M, (5 folders)

Box 10 Maistrenko, Lev

Box 10 Makarevych, Ivan

Box 10 Makaryk, Iryna

Box 10 Malar, Pavlo

Box 10 Malyts'kyi, Oleksandr

Box 10 Markus, Vasyl' and Dariia

Box 10 Masiuk

Box 10 Masny, Diana

Box 10 Maziar, Liuba

Box 10 Mazurenko, Hala

Box 10 Mel'nychuk, Askol'd

Box 10 Miiakovs'kyi, V.

Box 10 Milonadis, K.

Box 10 Mishchenko, George

Box 10 Mishchenko, Leonila

Box 10 Monchak, Bohdanna

Box 10 Morenets', V.

Box 10 Moroz, Osyp

Box 10 Moss, Stanley

Box 10 Motyl', Oleksander

Box 10 Mudrak, M.

Box 10 Mukhina, Halyna

Box 10 Muts', Olia

Box 10 Myhal', Mykhailo

Box 10 Myronenko, H.

Box 10 Mys'kiv, Iurii

Box 10 N, (4 folders)

Box 10 Nakonechna, Anna

Box 10 Nakonechna, Mariia (aka Kindrat, Mariia)

Box 10 Nakonechna, Olia

Box 10 Nakonechnyi, Stepan

Box 10 Navrots'ka, Khrystyna

Box 10 Nebelak, M.

Box 10 Nemzer, Paul

Box 10 Nenadkevych, Mykola

Box 10 Neptyts'kyi-Hranovs'kyi, Ol.

Box 10 Nyzankivs'ka, Daria

Box 10 O, (1 folder)

Box 10 Oleiko, Volodymyr

Box 10 Oleksandriv, B.

Box 10 Olens'ka, Mariia

Box 10 Olesiuk, Andrii

Box 10 Onuzhyk, Ioan

Box 10 Orans'kyi, Iurii

Box 10 Orel, A.

Box 10 Orlovs'ka, Dzvinka

Box 10 Orr, Gregory

Box 10 Oryshkevych, Osyp

Box 10 Osgood, Ievheniia and Charles

Box 10 Ozarkiv, Khrystyna

Box 10a P, (8 folders)

Box 10a Pachovs'kyi, Borys

Box 10a Padokh, Iaroslav

Box 10a Pazuniak, Nataliia

Box 10a Panchyshyn, Osyp

Box 10a Pelens'ka, Ol'ha

Box 10a Pereima, Ievhen

Box 10a Petryshyn, Vladko

Box 10a Petryshyna, Arkadiia (AKA Olens'ka-Petryshyna)

Box 10a Picknicki-Morski, Jeff

Box 10a Pines, Paul

Box 10a Pomirko, Kalyna

Box 10a Pollitt, Katha

Box 10a Popovych, V.

Box 10a Posivnych, Ol'ha

Box 10a Prokop, L.

Box 10a Prokopovych, O.

Box 10a Prykhod'ko, Maryna

Box 10a Pylypiuk, Nataliia

Box 10a Pylypovych, Nadia

Box 10a Pylypovych, Volodymyr

Box 10a Pylyshenko, Volodymyr

Box 10a Pyziur, Ievhen

Box 10a R, (3 folders)

Box 10a Rachkovs'kyi, Mykola

Box 10a Radysh, Oksana

Box 10a Rais, E.

Box 10a Ratych, Ivanna

Box 10a Reavy, George

Box 10a Revakovych, Anna

Box 10a Revakovych, Roman

Box 10a Riabchuk, Mykola

Box 10a Rich, Vera

Box 11 R, (6 folders)

Box 11 Roienko, Petro

Box 11 Romanenchuk, Bohdan

Box 11 Romaniuk, Pavlo

Box 11 Romaniuk, Viktor

Box 11 Romaniv, Semen

Box 11 Romanyshyn, Tamara

Box 11 Rosenfeld, Zack

Box 11 Rozumnyi, Iaroslav

Box 11 Rudakevych, Olha

Box 11 Rud'ko, Vasyl'

Box 11 Rudman, Mark

Box 11 Rudnyts'ka, Maryna

Box 11 Rudnyts'kyi, Leonid

Box 11 S, (3 folders)

Box 11 Sachko, Zosia

Box 11 Salak, Irena

Box 11 Savchak, V.

Box 11 Savka, Mariana

Box 11 Schwartz, Paula

Box 11 Senyk, Ol.

Box 11 Serafyn, Oleksandr

Box 11 Shablii, Mykola

Box 11 Shchur, L.Kh.

Box 11 Shelegon, Iu.

Box 11 Shelest, Lina

Box 11 Shevchuk, Odarka & Petro

Box 11 Shkandrii, Myroslav

Box 11 Shmovs'kyi, Ia.

Box 11 Shnaider, Borys

Box 11 Shokh, P.

Box 11 Shtan'ko, Iu.

Box 11 Shtohryn, Dmytro M.

Box 11 Shuhai, Ol.

Box 11 Shuvars'ka (Shumolovych), Iryna

Box 11 Shymchuk, Ievstakhiia

Box 11a S, (7 folders)

Box 11a Siiak, Dariia

Box 11a Siryk, Hryhorii

Box 11a Skorups'ka, Marta

Box 11a Skrypnyk, Iarko

Box 11a Slupchyns'kyi, Orest S. and Marichka

Box 11a Sluts'kyi, Arkadii

Box 11a Smith, William Jay

Box 11a Smolii, Ivan

Box 11a Smotrych, Oleksandr

Box 11a Snihurovych, T.

Box 11a Sokil, Cathy

Box 11a Solovei, Oksana

Box 11a Sonevyts'ka, Natallia & I.

Box 11a Soroka, Petro

Box 11a Sorotiuk, Mariia

Box 11a Stakhiv, Natallia & Ievhen

Box 11a Stakhiv, Volodymyr P.

Box 11a Stakhura, Roman

Box 11a Starosol's'ka, Uliana L.

Box 11a Starovoit, Iryna

Box 11a Stebel's'ka, Ariadna (Shum-Stebel's'ka)

Box 11a Stefaniuk, Myroslava

Box 11a Stefanivs'ka, Lidiia

Box 11a Stekura, R.

Box 11a Stets'kiv, Ievhen

Box 11a Stoiko, V.

Box 11a Stoliar, Mariia

Box 11a Strand, Mark

Box 11a Strumins'kyi, Bohdan

Box 11a Struts', Roman

Box 11a Sukhoparov, Serhii

Box 11a Syvenko, Arkadii

Box 11a Szul', Andrii

Box 11a Szwarc, K.

Box 11a T, (1 folder)

Box 11a Tamrazov, Atour

Box 11a Tarasiukova, Nina (Tarasiuk)

Box 11a Tarnavs'ka, Lidiia

Box 11a Teitelbaum, Jully and Dody

Box 11a Terefenko, Oksana

Box 11a Terlets'kyi, N.

Box 11a Terris, Virginia

Box 11a Tkach, Virliana

Box 11a Tkachuk, Stepan

Box 11a Trokhanovs'kyi, Petro

Box 12 T

Box 12 Tsehel's'ka, Marta

Box 12 Tsukanova, Mariia

Box 12 Tsybul's'kyi, Borys

Box 12 Tsymbalistyi, Bohdan

Box 12 Tsyshkevych, Ihor

Box 12 Tudorkovets'ka, Iaryna

Box 12 Tymkevych, R.

Box 12 Tys-Krokhmaliuk, Iurii (AKA Krokhmaliuk, Iurii)

Box 12 U (1 forlder)

Box 12 Urban, Mykhailo

Box 12 V, (6 folders)

Box 12 Varkhol, Roman

Box 12 Varvariv, Tamara

Box 12 Vasylenko, Rostyslav

Box 12 Vasyl'kevych, Zenon

Box 12 Viktiuk, Iurii

Box 12 Vincenz, A.

Box 12 Vinhranovs'kyi, Mykola

Box 12 Vintoniv, Mykhailo

Box 12 Vivtash, Iurii

Box 12 Volians'ka, Liudmyla

Box 12 Volyniak, P.

Box 12 Vorob'iova, Alla

Box 12 Voronevych, Orest L.

Box 12 Voronka, Roman & Zirka

Box 12 Vorsklo, Vira

Box 12 Vovk, Anatol'

Box 12 Vovkun, Vasyl'

Box 12 Vozniak, Walter

Box 12 Vynnykiv, Daria

Box 12 Vynnyts'kyi, Andrii

Box 12 Vyrsta, Temistokl'

Box 12 Vyshneva, Natalia (AKA Madiievs'ka)

Box 12 Vytvyts'kyi, Bohdan

Box 12 Vytvyts'kyi, Vasyl'

Box 12a W, (1 folder)

Box 12a Weiss, Aaron

Box 12a Winter, Bob

Box 12a Wolf, Helen

Box 12a Y-Z, (2 folders)

Box 12a Yurieff, Zoya

Box 12a Zaiats', Ivan

Box 12a Zawadiwsky, Christina

Box 12a Zhenin, Oleksandr

Box 12a Zhulyns'kyi, Mykola

Box 12a Zhurba, Halyna

Box 12a Zhyla, Volodymyr

Box 12a Zilyns'kyi, Eva & Orest

Box 12a Zinkevych, Osyp

Box 12a Zmokhytelenko, Vadym

Subseries VI.4: Correspondence with organizations

Box 12a American Friends of Ukraine

Box 12a Bookstore W. Mogun

Box 12a Boundary 2

Box 12a Canadian Institute of Ukrainian Studies Press

Box 12a Columbia University, Rare Book and Manuscript Library

Box 12a Continuum

Box 12a Cooke&Davis

Box 12a Embassy of Ukraine

Box 12a Entsyclopedia Ukrainoznavstva

Box 12a FAM Book Store

Box 12a Federation of Ukrainian Student Organizatiopns of America

Box 12a Foundation in Support of Diplomatic Missions of Ukraine (Fundatsiia pidderzhky dyplomatychnykh

Box 12a predstavnytstv Ukrainy)

Box 12a Fudge &Co. Ltd

Box 12a Guild Hall

Box 12a Harper & Row, Publishers, Inc.

Box 12a Harvard College Library, 2003

Box 12a Harvard University Ukrainian Research Institute, 1998

Box 12a Humanitrarno-literaturna asotsiatsiia H.Skovorody, 1997

Box 12a Instituto Informativo-Editorial Ucranio (Ukrains'kyi informatyvno-vydavnychyi instytut)

Box 12a International Biographical Center

Box 12a International PEN Club

Box 12a Kanads'ko-Ukrains'ka mystets'ka fundatsiia (Ukrainian Canadian Art Foundation)

Box 12a Kenyon Review

Box 12a Kiev Printers Ltd.

Box 12a Kino-Teatr

Box 12a Ksiaznica Podlaska im. Lukasza Gornickiego

Box 12a Library of Congress

Box 12a Literary Journal of Long Island University

Box 12a Martha Graham Center of Contemporary Dance, Inc.

Box 12a Meest-Ameryka

Box 12a Mystets'ke stovaryshennia "Kozub"

Box 12a National Endowment for the Arts

Box 12a New England Poetry Club

Box 12a New York Art Theatre

Box 12a Ob'iednannia Mysttsiv Ukrains'koi Stseny (Association of Ukrainian Theatre Artists)

Box 12a Oseredok seredovyshcha ZP UGVR v Niu Iorku

Box 12a Parokhiia Sv. Volodymyra UAPTs (Paroquia Sao Waldomiro da Igreja Ortodoxa Autocefala Ucraniana)

Box 12a Poets House

Box 12a Polish American Congress

Box 12a Politics and Prose

Box 12a Prolog Research and Publishing Association

Box 12a Public Archives Canada

Box 12a Sheep Meadow Press

Box 12a Shkola ukrainoznavstva v Niuarku

Box 12a Shliakh peremohy

Box 12a Slovenske Pedagogicke

Box 12a Stezhky kul'tury

Box 12a Stony Wold Sanatorium

Box 12a Symon Petlura Insitute (Instytut im. Symona Petliury)

Box 12a Tovarystvo zv'iazkiv z ukraintsiamy za mezhamy Ukrainy (Association for contacts with Ukrainians living outside Ukraine)

Box 12a Ukrainian Academic Press

Box 12a Ukrainian Academy of Arts and Science in the U.S. (Ukrains'ka Vil'na Akademiia Nauk)

Box 12a Ukrainian Book Store

Box 12a Ukrainian Canadian Committee (Komitet Ukraintsiv Kanady)

Box 12a Ukrainian Engineers' Society of America (Tovarystvo ukrains'kykh inzheneriv Ameryky)

Box 12a Ukrainian Institute of America

Box 12a Ukrainian Mission at the United Nations

Box 12a Ukrainian National Women's League of America (Soiuz ukrainok Ameryky)

Box 12a Ukrainian Publishers, Ltd (Ukrains'ka vydavnycha spilka v Londoni)

Box 12a Ukrainian Students Club

Box 12a Ukrainian Writers' Association in Exile "Slovo" (Ob'iednannia ukrains'kykh pys'mennykiv "Slovo")

Box 12a Ukrains'ka knyha

Box 12a Ukrains'ke Slovo

Box 12a Ukrains'kyi instytut modernoho mystetstva (Ukrainian Institute of Modern Art)

Box 12a Ukrains'kyi literaturnyi fond (Ukrainian Literary Fund)

Box 12a Ukrains'kyi muzei

Box 12a Ukrains'kyi narodnyi soiuz (Ukrainian National Association)

Box 12a Ukrains'kyi pravoslavnyi kul'turnyi oseredok Sv. Volodymyra (St. Vladimir's Ukrainian Orthodox

Box 12a Cultural Centre Library and Archives)

Box 12a Ukrains'kyi students'kyi kliub pry Rutgers University

Box 12a University of Alberta Library

Box 12a Unviversity of Ottawa

Box 12a University of Toronto Libraries

Box 12a University of Wisconsin

Box 12a Univerzitna Kniznica

Box 12a Vataha burlakiv

Box 12a Zephyr Press, 1996-1999

Subseries VI.5: Boichuk's Writings

Short Stories

Box 13 Drafts, Pieces

Box 13 "A viter sushyv sliozy"

Box 13 "Aniorek"

Box 13 "Fundament"

Box 13 "Kremezni"

Box 13 "Krukova hora"

Box 13 "Ostannia zustrich"

Box 13 "Poiasny meni vse"

Box 13 "Rab zhyttia"

Box 13 "Rekviiem"

Box 13 "Shliakh Iskariota"

Box 13 Syla kamenia"

Box 13 "Tuzhu

Box 13 "Burkhlyvyi shliakh" (manuscripts)

Box 13 "Dvi zhinky" (manuscript, drafts, notes, typescripts), (3 folders)

Box 13 "Khronika … tyhra" (handwritten book illustrated by Bohdan Marushchak)


Panopticum D.P." ("Displaced Persons")

Box 14 "Panopticum D.P." Novel (manuscript of the novel, drafts, notes, 3 folders

Box 15 Novel (Final version of the novel; Plan of the trilogy), 2 folders

Box 15 Movie script (materials related to the movie script: manuscript, typescript, drafts, notes,

Box 15 Certificate of Cooperate Registration), 3 folders

"Myryn notatnyk abo Hrishnyky v raiu"

Box 15a Version 1: Manuscript, drafts, plan, (3 folders)

Box 15a Version 2 of 1991 (2 notebooks), 1991

Box 15a Revised version of 1985 (typescript; 3 folders), 1985

Box 15a "Myra mizh dvoma dzerkalamy", 1997 (manuscript)-1 notebook, 1997

Box 16 English translation

Box 16 Final version (bound typescript)

Box 16 Ukrainian typescript with holograph interlinear translation, (3 folders)

Box 16 English typescript with holograph notes, (3 folders)

Box 16 "Myra's Book" (English version: typescript with notes and final version)-4 folders

Box 17 "Borys i Anneta"


Box 17 "Chas boliu" -- notebook; bound galleys with manuscript corrections; reviews

Box 17 Love poems and prayers (manuscript drafts)

Box 17 "Mandrivka til"-bound galleys with manuscript corrections; reviews

Box 18 "Podorozh z uchytelem"-manuscript; bound galleys with manuscript corrections; manuscript; reviews, (4 folders)

Box 18 "Spomyny liubovy"/ "Memories of Love"-bound galleys of Ukrainian edition with manuscript corrections; reviews on Ukrainian and English editions

Box 18 "Virshi dlia Mexiko"(1 notebook)

Box 18 "Virshi vybrani i peredostanni"-drafts, manuscripts and typescripts of related poems; reviews, (6 folders)

Box 19 "Zemlia bula pustoshnia"-bound galleys with manuscript corrections; reviews, (1 folder)

Box 19 Drafts and manuscripts of unpublished and rejected poems and verse,, 1951-1995, (3 folders)

Box 19 Drafts and manuscripts of published and unpublished poems and verse, 1982-2006 undated, 1982-2006, undated, (3 folders)

Plays and Librettos

Box 20 "Druha smert' Lazaria"-manuscript and typescript, (1 folder)

Box 20 "Dvi dramy"-bound galleys with manuscript corrections

"Holod". Play

Box 20 manuscript and typescript of first version, (1 folder)

Box 20 manuscript, typescript and printed text of final version, (1 folder)

Box 20 photographs of performance (19 items)

Box 20 other related items (flyer, reviews, etc.) -- 1 folder

Box 20 "Holod". Opera Libretto-manuscript, (1 folder)

Box 20 "Hunger". Play translated by Vera Rich-typescript, (1 folder)

Box 20 "Ihryshcha v raiu"-manuscript, drafts, 2 copies of typescript, (2 folders)

Box 21 Improvizaitsii dlia stseny -- manuscripts; typescript, (1 folder)

Box 21 "Korotka rozmova"-typescript, drafts, (1 folder)

Box 21 "Mario i mahik" Libretto-manuscript, typescript of Ukrainian version and printed copy of English version, (1 folder)%

Box 21 "Podviinyi monoloh"-manuscript, drafts, (1 folder)

Box 21 "Poet, shcho buv khrushchem i zhyv na vyshniakh"-manuscript, (1 folder)

Box 21 "Polamani stezhky"-galleys (Suchasnist' No 8, 1961) with manuscript corrections, (1 folder)

Box 21 "Pryiniattia ne vidbulosia"-typescript, manuscripts, notes, notebooks; final version, (4 folders)

Box 21 "Pryrecheni liubyty"-typescripts of the Ukrainian and English versions and galleys the Ukrainian version, (1 folder)

Box 20 "Rehit" / "Laughter"-manuscript, drafts, typescripts of the Ukrainian and English versions and related items (flyers, reviews, clippings, etc.)-5 folders

Box 20 "Ritual bez nazvy"-typescript with notes, (1 folder)

Box 20 "Staromodni nochi kokhannia"-manuscript, drafts, notes and typescript, (1 folder)

Box 20 "Toiaod" (manuscript of synopsis/libretto)-1 folder

Box 20 "Zmiiebii" ("Dvobii iz zmiiem")-manuscript, drafts

Box 20 Photographs of unidentified performance (14 items)

Articles and Interviews

Box 21 Articles on literature, 1957-2006 (bound photocopies), 1957-2006

Box 21 Articles on theatre, ballet and painting, 1950s-2000s (bound photocopies), 1950s-2000s

Box 21 Published and unpublished articles (manuscripts, drafts, clippings, typescripts and photocopies):

Box 21 undated, (1 folder)

Box 21 1946-1965, (2 folders)

Box 22 1966-1984, (8 folders)

Box 22a 1985-2006, (9 folders)

Translations into English

Box 23 Antonych's, B. writings (typescript, drafts, notes, introduction)-4 folders

Box 23 Boichuk's poems translated by himself and other translators (manuscript, drafts, typescript)-3 folders

Box 23 Boichuk's and others' translated poems published in American literary magazines (photocopies), 1 folders

Box 23 Revakovych's, M. writings (manuscript, typescript)-1 folder

Translations into Ukrainian

Box 24 Cummings, E. E. writings-manuscripts, typescripts, (3 folders)

Box 24 Ignatow, David writings-drafts, notes, (1 folder)

Box 24 Kunitz, Stanley writings-drafts, notes, introduction, galleys, (2 folders)

Box 25 Becket, S. "Aktivka bez sliv" (manuscript)

Box 25 "Chekaiuchy na Hodo"-notebooks, typescript, (1 folder)

Box 25 Khimenes, Khuan Ramon. "Pliatero i Ia" -- notebook with manuscript; typescript; reviews; 11

Box 25 photographs of the illustrations, (4 folders)

Box 25 Kudsar, Marta. "Shevchenko's "Varnak": Rhetoric and "Roundedness" / "Shevchenkiv

Box 25 "Varnak": rytoryka i "zaokruhlennia" (typescript, drafts)

Box 25 Terranella, Ron. "Silent Interstices: The Poetry of David Ignatow" / "Movchazni tsilyny: poeziia

Box 25 Ihnatova" (typescript with manuscript notes)

Various authors writings (manuscripts, drafts)-1 folder

Box 25 Andrade, Khorkhe Karrera

Box 25 Bly, Robert

Box 25 Borges, Jorje Luis

Box 25 Eskudero, Honzalio

Box 25 Hemingway, E.

Box 25 Keremel, Anjel Mijuel

Box 25 Murgava, Frenk

Box 25 Parra, Nikanor

Box 25 Rannit, Aleksis

Box 25 Ubarborou, Juan de

Box 25 Verlaine

Miscellaneous Writings

Box 26 "Zarys avtobiohrafii" -- manuscript, typescript

Box 26 Diaries, 1956-1962 -- 3 notebooks, 1956-1962

Box 26 Notes -- 2 folders

Box 26 Bibliography of Boichuk's works -- manuscript, typescript

Editing Activities

Box 27 Bohdan Kravtsiv. Zibrani Tvory

Box 27a Bohdan Kravtsiv. Zibrani Tvory

Box 27a Oleksa Stefanovych. Zibrani tvory

Box 27a Koordynaty. Antolohiia suchasnoi ukrains'koi poezii na Zakhodi

Box 28 Poza tradytsii. Antolohiia ukrains'koi modernoi poezii v diiaspori

Box 28 Iosyp Hirniak. Spomyny

Box 29 Teatr-studiia Iosypa Hirniaka ta Olimpii Dobrovol's'koi

Box 30 Materials related to the editions of "Novi Poezii"

Box 30 Manuscripts (poems and translations by V.Barka, B.Boichuk, P.Kilina, I.Tarnavs'kyi, V.Vovk) (1folder)

Box 30 Reviews, (1 folder)

Box 30 "Novi Poezii", No. 1, 1959 -- some manuscripts, 1959, (2 folders)

Box 30 "Novi Poezii", No. 2, 1960-some originals manuscripts by I.Tarnavs'kyi and P. Kilina

Box 30 "Novi Poezii" No. 6, 1964-original artworks, original manuscripts; reviews, (1 folder)

Materials related to the New York Group's activities

Box 30 Poetry readings of B.Boichuk, other NYG's members and authors close to them (clippings, notes, invitations, etc.) -- 2 folders

Box 30 NYG's and related events, 1950th-1980th (flyers, invitations, clippings)

Box 30 Exhibitions of painters close to NYG, 1950th-60th (catalogs, flyers)

Writings by Others

Box 30a Articles about Bohdan Boichuk by various authors, 1957-2005 (bound photocopies), 1957-2005

Box 30a "Bohdan Boichuk as a representative of the Theatre of Absurd" -- photocopy of typescript

Box 30a Hrushets'kyi, Nevan. "Taborovyi spomyn (vstup do radioprohramy, pryznachenoi pam'iati Oksany

Box 30a Liaturyns'koi na radiostantsii 3 EA v Mel'borni, 26.3.1984) -- printed copy

Box 30a Hryts'kovian, Iaroslav. "Dorohi brattia!!!" -- photocopy of typescript

Box 30a Humets'ka, Asia. "Krov'iu skam'ianiloho sertsia: pro poeziiu Bohdana Boichuka" (photocopy of printed article in "Suchasnist"', 3/1973)

Box 30a Ihnatov, Davyd. "Poeziia iak vypravdannia sebe" (typescript with manuscript corrections)

Box 30a Ivanenko, Vasyl'. "Podorozh z poetom"-photocopy of typescript

Box 30a Kolesnychenko-Bratun, Natalia. "Poetychna triada N'iuiorks'koi Hrupy" (photocopy of printed article)

Lavrynenko, Iurii (Iurii Dyvnych) -- photocopies of printe articles:

Box 30a "Andiievs'ka, Kilina, Iurii Tarnavs'kyi: krytychni notatky"

Box 30a "Novyny do desiatylittia molodoi poezii za kordonom"

Box 30a "Z knyzhkovykh novyn"

Box 30a Shankovs'kyi, Ihor. "Literaturni monolohy do tykh, khto khoche mirkuvaty" (photocopy of printed article)

Box 30a Shlemkevych, M. "Slovo" i novi slova" (photocopy of printed article)

Box 30a Makaryk, Ivan. "Bohdan Boichuk" (typescript)

Moroz, Valentyn

Box 30a "Do ukrains'koi hromady" (photocopy of typescript)

Box 30a "Krapka nad I: vidkrytyi lyst do Ukrains'koi Hel'sins'koi Hrupy z pryvodu tak zvanoho "Zakordonnoho Predstavnytstva" Petra Hryhorenka" (photocopy of typescript)

Box 30a "Trokhy smishnoho" (photocopy of typescript)

Box 30a Panasiuk, S. "Z tvorchosti ukrains'kykh poetiv modernistiv" (radioscript)

Box 30a Revakovych, Mariia. "Deshcho pro N'iu Iorks'ku Hrupu" -- typescript

Box 30a Tarnavs'kyi, Ostap. "Molode -- moderne" (photocopy of printed article)

Box 30a Tychyna, Pavlo. Poems (Bohdan Boichuk's handwritten copy-1 notebook

Box 30a Zhulyns'kyi, Mykola. "I v sertse vrizalosia slovo" -- typescript


Box 30a Interviews (clippings, printed materials)

Box 30a Book reviews on B.Boichuk's books

Box 30a Clippings

Box 30a Documents: Sertificate of Registration of the "Svito-vyd"

Subseries VI.6: Oversized Material

Box 64a Drawings and Art Works of Various Artists

Box 64a Herulak, Slava-illustrations for Bohdan Boichuk's book "Mandrivka til"

Box 64a Hutsaliuk, Liuboslav-drawings for books and "Novi Poezii", portraits, invitations, etc.

Box 64a Pachovs'kyi, Borys-drawings for "Novi Poezii"

Box 64a Slupchyns'kyi, O. (Hoho)-invitations

Box 64a Solovii, Iurii-invitations

Box 64a Various artists-book covers for books of Bohdan Boichuk and other authors.

Box 64a Playbills

Subseries VI.7: Restricted Material

Box 31 Material closed until Boichuk's death

Box 32 Material closed until Boichuk's death

Box 33 Material closed until Boichuk's death

Box 34 Material closed until Boichuk's death

Box 35 Material closed until Boichuk's death

Series VII: Papers of Iurii (George) Tarnavs'kyi

Subseries VII.1: Cataloged Correspondence

Box 36 Andiievs'ka, Emma, 1955-1996

Box 36 Andrukhovych, Iurii, 1991-1992

Box 36 Baboval, Roman, 1969 1994, 1969, 1994

Box 36 Baley, Virko, 1999

Box 36 Barka, Vasyl', 1958-1963

Box 36 Boichuk, Bohdan, 1957-1990

Box 36 Burghardt, Vol'fram, 1961-1978

Box 36 Carynnyk, Marco, 1969-1994

Box 36 Dibrova, Volodymyr, 1991

Box 36 Drach, Ivan, 1967

Box 36 Drozd, Volodymyr, 1994

Box 36 Dziuba, Ivan, 1991

Box 36 Herasymiuk, Vasyl', 1991

Box 36 Holoborod'ko, Vasyl', 1991-1994

Box 36 Hordyns'kyi, Sviatoslav, 1963

Box 36 Hrabovs'kyi, Leonid, 1998

Box 36 Irvanets', Oleksandr, 1990-1993

Box 36 Kochur, Hryhorii, 1968

Box 36 Korotych, Vitalii Oleksiiovych, 1967-1968

Box 36 Koshelivets', Ivan, 1955-1965

Box 36 Kylyna, Patrytsiia, 1972

Box 36 Lawrynenko, Jurij A., 1957-1981

Box 36 Luc'kyj, George Stephen Nestor, 1960-1978

Box 36 Lysha, Raisa, 1991-2000

Box 36 Moskalenko, Mykhailo, 1990-1995

Box 36 Movchan, Pavlo, 1990

Box 36 Mushketyk, Iurii, 1992

Box 36 Neborak, Viktor, 1996

Box 36 Onyshkevych, Larysa

(See Zales'ka Onyshkevych, Larysa M.L.)

Box 36 Pavlychko, Dmytro, 1967-1990

Box 36 Pavlyshyn, Marko, 1993

Box 36 Pomerantsev, Igor', 1979-1981

Box 36 Prokop, Myroslav, 1976

Box 36 Proskurnia, Serhii, 1997

Box 36 Revakovych, Mariia, 1988-2000

Box 36 Rubchak, Bohdan, 1955-1991

Box 36 Rymaruk, Ihor, 1989-1994

Box 36 Sherekh, Iurii (AKA Shevel'ov, Iurii), 1960-1978

Box 36 Shevchuk, Valerii Oleksandrovych, (2 folders)

Box 36 Shevel'ov, Iurii

Box 36 Slavutych, Iar

Box 37 Solovii, Iurii (3 folders of correspondence and 1 folder of related items such as invitations, drawing, flyers, exhibition announcements),, 1959-1993

Box 37 Stekh, Marko, 1986-1989

Box 37 Struk, Danylo Husar, 1988-1993

Box 37 Tarnavs'kyi, Iurii (outgoing correspondence; arranged chronologically),, 1957-2000

Box 37 Vasyl'kivs'ka, ZH. (Zhenia), 1958-1963

Box 37 Vovk, Vira, 1959-2000

Box 37 Zales'ka Onyshkevych, Larysa M. L., 1966-1991

Box 37 Zuievs'kyi, Oleh

Subseries VII.2: Cataloged Photographs

Box 37 Andiievs'ka, Emma, 1958

Box 37 Barka, Vasyl', 1958

Box 37 Boichuk, Bohdan, 1957-1967

Box 37 Drach, Ivan, 1967

Box 37 Hirniak, Iosyp, 1966

Box 37 Kilina, Patrytsiia, 1957-1967

Box 37 Pavlychko, Dmytro, 1967

Box 37 Rubchak, Bohdan, 1957-1967

Box 37 Solovii, Iurii, 1958

Box 37 Struk, Danylo Husar, 1993

Box 37 Tarnavs'kyi, Iurii, 1953-1975

Box 37 Vasyl'kivs'ka, Zhenia, 1958

Box 37 Vovk, Vira, 1966

Subseries VII.3: Arranged Correspondence

Box 37 A (1 folder)

Box 37 Anthology Film Archives

Box 37 Avramenko, Olesia

Box 37 B, (1 folder)

Box 37 Babiuk, Zenon (see: Box #57. Folder "L.Kravchuk visit: Correspondence")

Box 37 Belville, Lance

Box 37 Borowsky, Bruce

Box 37 Briukhovets'ka, Larysa

Box 37 Budnyi, Borys

Box 37 Butler, Eleanor

Box 37 C, (1 folder)

Box 37 Cherches, Peter

Box 37 Chopivsky Benson, Lydia (see: Box #57. Folder "L.Kravchuk visit")

Box 37 Columbia University (see also: materials related to Tarnavs'kyi's work at Columbia University)

Box 37 Coover, Bob

Box 37 D, (2 folders)

Box 37 Dashkevych, Iaroslav

Box 37 Debues, Caroline

Box 37 Delgado, Mauricio

Box 37 Dotsenko, Rostyslav

Box 37 Dubovyk, Oleksandr (with related materials: photographs, exhibition catalog, applications, etc.)

Box 37 E-F, (1 folder)

Box 37 Economou, George

Box 37 Ericson, Richard (see: Box #57-58. Harriman Institute)

Box 37 Felshman, Neil (see: Box #57. Folder "Project "The International Center for Narrative Development /

Box 37 Theater Project")

Box 37 Fiction Collective

Box 37 G

Box 37 Gracious Thyme (see: Box #57. Folder "L.Kravchuk visit: Correspondence")

Box 37 H, (1 folder)

Box 37 Hirabayashi

Box 37 Hnenna, Larysa (see: Box #57. Folder "Project "The International Center for Narrative Development /

Box 37 Theater Project")

Box 37 Horbach, Katia (see also: Box #55. Movie synopsis "Patterns")

Box 37 Hrabovs'kyi, Volodymyr

Box 37 Huk, Bohdan

Box 37 Hundorova, Tamara

Box 37 Hutsaliuk, Liuboslav

Box 38 I-J, (1 folder)

Box 38 Iakubovych, Dariia

Box 38 Iamniak, Petro

Box 38 Illia, Valerii

Box 38 Jacyk, Oksana (see: Box #57. Folder "Fundraising Project")

Box 38 Jacyk, Peter (see: Box #57. Folder "Fundraising Project")

Box 38 K, (2 folders)

Box 38 Kadyrova, Larysa (see: Box #57. Folder "Project "The International Center for Narrative Development /

Box 38 Theater Project")

Box 38 Kolomyiets', Iurii

Box 38 Komitet po derzhavnym premiiam Ukrainy imeni T.G.Shevchenka

Box 38 Konovets', Oleksandr

Box 38 Korohods'kyi, Roman

Box 38 Kostash, Myrna

Box 38 Kostets'kyi, Ihor

Box 38 Kots, Marian

Box 38 Koverko, Oleh

Box 38 Kuchyns'kyi, Volodymyr (see: Box #58. Folders "Les' Kurbas Theater")

Box 38 L, (2 folders)

Box 38 Lang, Herbert

Box 38 Lekh, Iurii

Box 38 Lesych, Vadym

Box 38 Library of Congress. Copyright Office

Box 38 Lykhach, Lidiia (see: Arranged Correspondence / "Rodovid")

Box 38 Lypovets'kyi, Mykola

Box 38 M, (2 folders)

Box 38 Makaryk, Irena

Box 38 Marshall Childs

Box 38 Matsyk, Iurii

Box 38 Mel'nychuk, Askol'd

Box 38 Morenets', Volodymyr

Box 38 Moruza, Margaret

Box 38 Motyl, Alexander (see: Box #57-58. Harriman Institute)

Box 38 Moyle, Natalie

Box 38 N-O, (1 folder)

Box 38 Naukove Tovarystvo im. Shevchenka (signed by Dariia Siiak)

Box 38 Naumenko, Volodymyr

Box 38 Neale, Dorothea

Box 38 Newark College of Engineering

Box 38 Oleiko, Volodymyr

Box 38 Olmos, Viktor

Box 38 Onuch, Jerzy

Box 38 P, (2 folder)

Box 38 PEN International

Box 38 Piasets'ka, Oksana (University of Ottawa)

Box 38 Pritsak, Omelian

Box 38 Publishers (A-Z) -- 4 folders

Box 39 R, (4 folders)

Box 39 Riabchenko, Inna

Box 39 Riabchuk, Mykola

Box 39 Rich, Vira (including her translations of T.Shevchenko's poems made for "Horizons. Ukrainian Student

Box 39 Magazine")

Box 39 "Rodovid" (with related materials: flyers, clippings)

Box 39 Rohova, Pavla

Box 39 Rozumnyi, Iaroslav

Box 39 Rudko, Vasyl

Box 39 Rudnyts'kyi, Leonid

Box 39 S, (2 folders)

Box 39 Samotos, Natalia

Box 39 Selective Service System

Box 39 Shevchuk, Myroslava (with materials related to 1995 trip to Ukraine), 1995

Box 39 Slupchyns'kyi, Hoho

Box 39 Slupchyns'kyi, Orest

Box 39 Swan, Jim and Lauren

Box 39 Syvachenko, Halyna (with related materials)

Box 39 T, (2 folder)

Box 39 Tarnavs'ka, Bohdanna

Box 39 Tarnavs'kyi, Ivan

Box 39 Tarnavskyi, John (with a copy of family tree)

Box 39 Tarnavs'kyi, Roman

Box 39 Todoruk, Ihor

Box 39 U, (1 folder)

Box 39 Ukrainian Book Store

Box 39 Ukrainian Publishers, LTD (Ukrains'ka Vydavnycha Spilka v Londoni)

Box 39 Ukrainian Research Program at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

Box 39 Ukrainian Scientific Association

Box 39 Urban, Mykhailo

Box 39 Ustianych, Evhen P.

Box 39 V

Box 39 Viddil kul'tury vykonkomu Moskovs'koi raivykonkomu m. Kyiva (see: Box #57. Folder "Project "The

Box 39 International Center for Narrative Development / Theater Project")

Box 39 Vivtash, Iurii (Box #36: Cataloged Correspondence. Folder "Lysha, Raisa")

Box 39 Von Hagen, Mark (see: Box #57-58. Harriman Institute)

Box 39 W-Z, (1 folder)

Box 39 Wandycz, Piotr Stefan (see: Box #56 Articles "With Camera and Actors")

Box 39 Warner, Sara

Box 39 Who's Who in U.S. Writers, Editors & Poets

Box 39 Zabuzhko, Oksana

Box 39 Arranged Photographs

Box 39 Personal Documents

Subseries VII.4: Writings

Box 40 Poetry

Box 40 "Bez Espanii"-manuscripts, drafts, (3 folders)

Box 40 "Idealizovana biohrafiia"-manuscripts, notes, (2 folders)

Box 41 "Ikh nemaie" -- typescript, galleys with autograph corrections, related materials (clippings, reviews, announcements, etc.) -- 4 folders

Box 41 "They don't Exist" -- typescript of English version -- 1 folder

Box 42 "Misto Kyiv i Iam"-manuscripts, typescript, (2 folders)

Box 42 "U Ra Na"-typescripts, drafts and notes, reviews, (4 folders)

Box 42 "Zeo pivonii" -- typescripts, photocopy of print, (1 folder)

Box 42 "Zhyttia v misti" -- 1 notebook

Box 42 Early writings-drafts and notes of mostly poetry, and some prose and translations, (2 folders)

Box 42 Poetry notes (1970s-1990s)-5 folders

Box 42 Clippings with newspaper publications of poems, (1 folder)


Box 42 Belville, Lance. "Marked to Be Shot". Play, based on a short story by Mykola Khvylovyi "Ya", translated by Iurii Tarnavs'kyi-typescript

Box 42 Harsiia Lorca, Federico. "Iak kokhavsia don Perimplin z Belisoiu v sadu."-manuscript, typescript, (1 folder)

Box 42 "Ukrainian Dumy" -- translations by Iurii Tarnavs'kyi and Patrytsiia Kilina (materials related to the translations of "Dumy": corrections, receipts, etc.)-1 folder

Box 42 Spanish poems translated by Iurii Tarnavs'kyi and other translators-manuscripts, typescripts, drafts, notes, (1 folder)


Early Short Pieces

Box 44 "Branch On Despair" (draft)

Box 44 "Molytva" (clipping)

Box 44 "Nepryiemna istoriia" (manuscript, typescript)

Box 44 "Paramity" (typescript, clipping)

Box 44 "Proiekt na akademiiu brodiv (typescript)

Box 44 "Rivnyna" (clipping)

Box 44 "Romul i Rem" (typescript)

Box 44 "Bosonizh dodomu. Korotka literaturna avtobiohrafiia" (printout)

Box 44 Children's Stories "For Ustia"

Box 44 "Hipocrite"-typescript of final version; selected chapters

Box 44 "Innocent in Paris"-typescript, (1 folder)

Box 45 "Meningitis"

Box 45 Ne znaiu" -- Selected prose.

Box 46 "Ne znaiu"

Box 46 "Sadness" -typescript, (1 folder)

Box 47 "Shliakhy", (5 folders)

Box 48 Short Tails -- manuscripts, typescripts, (9 folders)

Box 49 "Three Blondes and Death" -- 4 folders

Box 50 "Three Blondes and Death"(cont.)-5 folders

Box 51 "Three Blondes and Death"(cont.)

Box 52 "The Trip South"-typescript, (1 folder)

Box 52 "Two Trips Through Paris and Pleasures" (manuscript)


Box 52 "Chotyry proiekty na ukrains'kyi prapor" -- manuscript, drawings, notes

Box 52 "Dva metaforychni etiudy" -- typescript

Box 52 "Try metaforychni etiudy" -- drafts; typescript

Box 52 "Hamleta" -- drafts of various versions; notes; final version, (4 folders)

Box 53 "Karlyky"-drafts of various versions; notes; typescript of final version, (4 folders)

Box 53 "Koni"-drafts of various versions; notes; typescript of final version, (3 folders)

Box 53 "Ne Medeia"-drafts of various versions; notes; typescript of final version, (4 folders)

Box 54 "Ne Medeia" -- materials related to "Ne Medeia" staged at the Mabou Mines Theater, New York

Box 54 (correspondence, photographs, reviews, programs, flyers, documents, receipts, etc.) -- 3 folders

Box 54 "Suka (skuka)-rozpuka"-drafts of various versions; notes; typescript of final version, (5 folders)

Box 55 "Tearing Down" -- manuscript, typescript

Box 55 "Trykutnyi kvadrat" -- foreword, comments, drawings, (1 folder)

Box 55 "Zhinocha anatomiia"-drafts of various versions; notes; typescript of final version, galley, (4 folders)

Box 55 "6 x 0: dramatychni tvory" -- 4 folders

Movie Scripts

Box 55 "Iguanas of Heat" (synopsis, typescript)

Box 55 "Patterns" (synopsis, related correspondence, notes)

Box 56 Articles

Box 56 "Deshcho pro "Poezii pro nishcho"

Box 56 "Jurij Solovij: 50 Years of Creative Work"

Box 56 "For the 100th anniversary of the death of Taras Shevchenko" (was written for "Horizons. Ukrainian

Box 56 Student Magazine")

Box 56 "Literatura i mova"

Box 56 "Die Literaturansichten des Katers Yur"

Box 56 "Tagging Techniques for Incorporating Microglossaries in an Automatic Dictionary"

Box 56 "Teatr i text" (see: Box 55)

Box 56 "Temna storona miciatsia" (with related correspondence)

Box 56 "The Ukrainian in Him"

Box 56 "With Camera and Actors" (with related correspondence)

Theatre Reviews

Box 56 "Hamlet 2000"

Box 56 "Hohol story staged at the Les Kurbas Center in Kyiv"

Box 56 "Poperedni dni"

Box 56 "Trahediia chy ne trahediia"

Box 56 "Troianky" v teatri La Mama" (with related items)

Box 56 "Tsymbelin" u postanovtsi Serbana" (with related items)

Lectures & Talks

Box 56 Lecture at Rutgers University -- notes and abstract

Box 56 "Artificial Intelligence and Linguistics" -- Talk delivered at the Linguistics Department at NYU in Conjunction with the NYU Centennial Celebration

Box 56 Interviews & Questionaries

Box 56 Dissertation "Knowledge Semantics"

Box 56 Poetry and Prose Reading (1970-2000)-announcements, invitations, clippings, (1 folder)

Box 56 Reading (including other authors of the New York Group) and interview on audiotapes -- 3 tape reels; 5 audiotapes

Box 56 Labels for the Exhibit from the archive of the New York Group held at the Rare Book and Manuscript Library at Columbia University

Subseries VII.5: Tarnavs'kyi's Professional Activities

Box 57 "Novi Poezii" edition

Harriman Institute / Ukrainian Studies Program

Box 57 Directories & Addresses -- 1 folder

Box 57 Business directories -- 1 folder

Box 57 Memos -- 1 folder

Box 57 Telephon bills -- 1 folder

Box 57 Various Documents-1 folder


Box 57 Fundraising Project (documents with related correspondence) -- 1 folder

Box 57 Establishing of the Graduate Program -- 1 folder

Box 57 Project "The International Center for Narrative Development / Theater Project" -- (project description, documents, correspondence) -- 1 folder

Box 58 L.Kravchuk visit to Columbia University (itinerary, schedules, questions; related

Box 58 "Les' Kurbas Theater" at the Miller Theater (info on the Theater, director, actors; correspondence;

Box 58 photographs; tour timetable; programs; tickets; reviews, interviews; Miller Theater info; Hryhorii Skovoroda "Blahorodnyi Erodii") -- 10 folders

Box 58 Various Projects: CEC; ITAP; Globalern, Inc.; Black Sea (documents, correspondence) -- 1 folder

Teaching at Columbia University

Box 58 "Directed Research in Ukrainian Literature, I and II (1994-1995 1995-1996)--Course approval and announcement

"Contemporary Ukrainian Poetry" course

Box 58 Course outline

Box 58 Course script

Box 58 Weekly Lectures

Box 58 Student records; Grade rosters

Box 58 Course announcements; course evaluation

Box 58 Student papers

Box 58 Students' letters

Box 58 Miscellaneous

Box 59 Required readings (reading list; schedule by week; printouts and photocopies of texts) -- 6 folders

"20th Century Ukrainian Prose"

Box 60 Course approval; course outline

Box 60 Course announcements; academic calendar 1994/95 class schedule 1994/95, 1994/95, 1994/95

Box 60 Syllabus

Box 60 Weekly lectures

Box 60 Class roster; Grade roster; Student list; Course evaluation

Box 60 Student papers

Box 60 Miscellaneous

Box 60 Required readings (4 folders of texts photocopies)

Box 61 Course outline

Box 61 Weekly lectures

Box 61 Course approval; Class & Grade rosters

Box 61 Student list; student papers; miscellaneous

Box 61 Required readings (2 folders of texts photocopies)

"Cultural Currents and their Political Context in 20th-Century Ukraine"

Box 61 Course announcement, approval, evaluation

Box 61 Student list; class & grade roster

Box 61 Reserve reading & movie list; equipment request; classroom application

Box 61 Course outline

Box 61 Weekly lectures, (2 folders)

Box 62 Miscellaneous

Box 62 Required readings (3 folders of texts photocopies)


Box 62 Applications for Assistant Professor Position, 1993-1996 (correspondence, CVs, Rezume), 1993-1996

Box 62 Department of Slavic Languages Staff and Student Directories,, 1995/96

Box 62 Various courses' class rosters & student papers

Subseries VII.6: Drawings

Box 63 Drawings

(including I.Tarnavs'kyi's selfportret with inscription)

Subseries VII.7: Subject Files

Box 63 Appartment in Spain (materials related to I.Tarnavs'kyi apartment in Spain: photographs, correspondence, documents)

Box 63 Virko Baley (CVs, resumes; Articles by V.Baley; Programs; Productions; Reviews; miscellaneous)

Box 63 International Eastern European Theater Festivals, 1995-1996 (programs; letters; "Suzir'ia" materials), 1995-1996

Writings by others

Box 63 Boichuk, Bohdan. "Rizdvo u Kyievi bez novoi radosty" -- typescript

Box 63 Budnyi, Borys. "Synie, zhovte i inshi koliory…" (play, typescript)

Box 63 Kilina, Patricia (verse; autobiography; clippings)

Box 63 Myskiv, Iurii. "Podorozh u sumerky" ("Journey into Dusk") -- typescript, with related materials

Solovii, Iurii

Box 63 "Liudy "Z pervorodnym hrihom" (clipping)

Box 63 "Ne dlia publikatsii" (manuscript)

Box 63 "Obernemo kozhnyi kamin' i kaminchyk" (manuscript)

Box 63 "Pro vystavku "5 x10 + 1x13" (typescript of English version and manuscript of the Ukrainian version"

Box 63 "Vidnosno odnoho pam'iatnyka zhertvam holodu 1933 roku" (typescript), 1933

Box 63 Tsybul'ko, Volodymyr. "The Pyramid"; "Text No.1"

Applications for various grants, fellowships, and residencies (letters, documents, business cards, catalogs)

Box 63 Ledig House International Writers' Colony / ART-OMI, 1996

Box 63 Neporany Research and Teaching Fellowship, 1994/95

Box 63 Black Sea Studies

Box 63 Pepsico

Box 63 IREX

Box 63 Materials related to publication of "Poezii pro nishcho" (notes, receipts, etc.)


Box 63 Clippings (reviews, theater reviews, etc.)

Box 63 Addresses/Telephone/Business cards; Notes; receipts;

Box 63 Exhibit Invitations; programs

Box 63 Digital materials (Ukrains'ka poeziia; final "U RA NA") -- 2 floppy discs

Box 63 Varia

Subseries VII.8: Oversize Materials

Box 64 Emma Andiievs'ka: Paintings

Box 64 Iurii Tarnavs'kyi: Posters

Box 64a Drawings and Art Works of Various Artists

Box 64a Playbills