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American College for Girls records, 1880s-1979

Series VIII: Publicity, Official Events and Historical, General

This series contains some printed materials--pamphlets and newspaper articles pertaining to ACG and major events in the Near East. News clippings date from the early 1900s to the late 1940s and include portrait photographs with brief biographical data on some faculty members (Box 33, Folders 1-2). There are fundraising pamphlets and brochures dating to 1907 and 1909. Materials relating to official events at the college include a richly detailed scrapbook containing Charter Day speeches, extracts from letters, commencement programs, news clippings and memorabilia covering the period from the 1880s to 1907 (Box 34, Folder 1: This material is fragile).

There is a 46-page typescript copy of a journal kept by Nettie Dodd from 1866 -1868. Her sister was Isabel Dodd, a longtime faculty member at ACG, her brother, William S. Dodd, was a medical missionary in Turkey.

Several articles by Mary Mills Patrick and others focus on the work of the college and the education of women. They span the period from 1908 to 1955.

Finally, there are a number of studies of the college including doctoral dissertations, M.A. theses and historical essays on the general subject of education in Turkey. Most are in typescript. A brief account by Dr. Floyd Black, written in 1944, relates his experiences with ACG while teaching at Robert College, and during the first year of his presidency.

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Box 33 Folder 1-2 Photo reprints of faculty and campus, 1920s

Box 33 Folder 3 Xerox of a photo collage titled, "Constantinople Woman's College Telescope",, 1931

Box 33 Folder 3a "College Magazine" (one issue), 1913

Box 33 Folder 4-5 Newspaper articles (alphabetical by subject), 1917-1922

Box 33 Folder 6-10 Newspaper articles (miscellaneous), 1906-1954

Fundraising: Reports and Brochures

Box 33 Folder 11 Fundraising brochures, 1907-1909

Box 33 Folder 12-13 Pamphlets and articles, 1907-1919

Box 33 Folder 14 Brochure titled "Constantinople College", 1917

Box 33 Folder 15 Brochures, 1914, 1919, 1914, 1919

Box 33 Folder 16 Pamphlets with descriptions of ACG, 1916-1921

Box 33 Folder 17 Brochure, "Constantinople Woman's College/Medical Work", [1920s]

Box 33 Folder 18 Pamphlets published by the Near East College Association, [1930s]

Box 33 Folder 19 "Ten Year Development Fund," a statement concerning the American College for Girls,, 1958

Box 33 Folder 20 "The Second Century Development Plan, Progress Report and Future Goals",, 1961

Official College Events

Box 33 Folder 21 Commencement address given by James B. Angell, 1898

Box 33 Folder 22-23 Commencement descriptions, 1904;1908

Box 33 Folder 24 Document written by Peet for laying of cornerstone ceremony, 1914

Box 33 Folder 25-26 Program invitations, 1912-1923

Box 33 Folder 27 25th commencement program, 1915

Box 33 Folder 28 Program of commencement exercises for preparatory department, 1924

Box 33 Folder 29 Commencement programs, 1913-1952

Memoirs, Theses, Articles

Box 34 Folder 1 ACG Scrapbook; clippings, invitations, letters l880s­ca.1907

Box 34 Folder 1a "From Home," xerox of journal written by Nettie Dodd in Turkey,, 1866

Box 34 Folder 2 "Constantinople Home," reprint of article by Caroline Borden, 1890

Box 34 Folder 3 "Women of the Orient," paper prepared by Borden, 1911

Box 34 Folder 4 "Echoes of the New Ottoman Constitution," booklet written by ACG students,, 1908

Box 34 Folder 5 "The Emancipation of Mohammeden Women," by Patrick (reprint from The National Geographic Magazine ), 1909

Box 34 Folder 5a "Constantinople College Under the Present War Conditions," by Patrick (reprint from The New York Evening Post ), 1915

Box 34 Folder 6 "Asia Minor in the Time of the Seven Wise Men," by Patrick (reprint from The National Geographic Magazine ), 1920

Box 34 Folder 7 "An Oasis of Peace," reprint of an article written by Patrick,, 1920s

Box 34 Folder 8 Articles relating to archaeological findings in Turkey written by Professor A.H. Sayce,, 1910

Box 34 Folder 9 "American Education for Girls in Turkey," reprint of article by Alice Lawton,, 1912

Box 34 Folder 10 "Constantinople College, The American College for Girls at Constantinople," by Eveline A. Thomson (reprint of article from the Journal of the Association of College Alumnae ), 1916

Box 34 Folder 11 "Glimpses of Bulgaria during the Present Crisis," article by Mary M. Haskell,, 1918

Box 34 Folder 12 Address to the Forum," by Dean Louise B. Wallace (reprint from the Mount Holyoke Alumnae Quarterly ), 1919

Box 34 Folder F13 "Constantinople College for Women and Homemaking Education," typescript by Eda Lord Demarest,, 1927

Box 34 Folder 14 "Constantinople College," typescript, author unknown, 1900s

Box 34 Folder 14a "College on the Bosphorus," by Virginia Voss reprint from Mademoiselle magazine, 1900s

Box 34 Folder 15 "Flap-Jack Alley in Constantinople," typescript by Eda Lord Murphy, [undated]

Box 34 Folder 16 List of books catalogued at the Anne Taylor Case Library (ACG),, 1920s


Box 35 Folder 1 "The American College for Girls," 2l-page typescript of ACG's history written by Floyd Black,, 1950s

Box 35 Folder 2 "Social Sciences in Turkish Elementary Education," written by Behidje Sadik, class of 1931 (78-page manuscript published by the Trustees), 1931, 1931, 1931

Box 35 Folder 3 "Development of the American College for Girls at Istanbul in Turkey During Twenty-Five Years of the Turkish Republic," M.A. Thesis by Marjorie Leslie McKillop,, 1948

Box 35 Folder 4 "Turkey for the Turks," paper written by Grace Kellogg, 1952

Box 35 Folder 5 10-page outline for a history of ACG by Ruth Bradley, 1968

Box 35 Folder 6 Unidentified manuscript of RC/ACG history, with appendix of "firsts" (alumni/ae achievements),, 1970s

Box 35 Folder 7 History of RC/ACG, ms. Fincancl, 1970s

Box 35 Folder 8 "Mary Mills Patrick and The American College for Girls at Istanbul in Turkey," ms. of published dissertation by Ethel Nichols Thomas,, 1979

Box 36 Caroline Borden typed manuscript: "The American College for Girls at Constantinople in Turkey. 1871-1921"