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American College for Girls records, 1880s-1979

Series IV: Records of the Secretary and Bursar

These records deal with administrative and financial matters, but many transactions between the college campus and the New York Office were directly affected by policies of the Turkish Government. Finances were complicated by the fact that tuition rates had to be adjusted to fluctuations of the Turkish lira. Faculty salaries were affected by conditions during World War I, particularly when the Turkish Government imposed a personal tax on college personnel in April 1915.

Mary Patrick's letters to Susan Olmstead, secretary and bursar, while largely administrative, are sprinkled with comments about life at the college as well as about events in Turkey. Patrick's fundraising trips to the United States also involve correspondence with the New York Office. She continued to be active in raising funds after her retirement in 1924 and thus continued to correspond through 1926. The records contain information on teachers' salaries, currency rates, scholarship awards, and travel arrangements.

Kathryn Adams, Patrick's successor, writes about the effect of Ataturk's reforms. For example, the college was asked not to distinguish any longer among the nationalities of the Republic when identifying students, unless their legal residence was outside Turkey. The Government also required that the teaching of the Greek and Armenian languages be dropped.

Adams also kept Olmstead informed as to how new faculty members adjusted to life at ACG, along with writing about the difficulties involved in filling the places of longtime members of the faculty who retired. Olmstead in turn reported to Adams regarding decisions by the trustees and the state of financial support.

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Box 24 Folder 1 Correspondence to Olmstead from Patrick, 1912

Box 24 Folder 2-15 Correspondence Olmstead/Patrick, 1915-1924

Box 25 Folder 16-17 Correspondence Olmstead/Patrick, 1925-1926

Box 25 Folder 18-32 Correspondence Olmstead/Burns, 1916-1930

Box 25 Folder 33-34 Correspondence Olmstead/Adams, 1924

Box 26 Folder 35-45 Correspondence Olmstead/Adams, 1926-1927

Box 26 Folder 46-47 Correspondence Olmstead/Marion Talbot, acting president, 1927-1928

Box 26 Folder 48-55 Correspondence Olmstead/Adams, 1928-1930

Box 27 Folder 56 Correspondence from Olmstead to Walker re fundraising trip to the United States,, 1913

Box 27 Folder 57-60 General correspondence to Olmstead, 1914-1924

Box 27 Folder 61 Olmstead; general, 1925

Box 27 Folder 62 Correspondence to Olmstead from Briggle, 1922

Box 27 Folder 63-64 Copies of Olmstead's correspondence to Williams, chairman, Instruction Committee,, 1919- 1920

Box 27 Folder 65-66 Correspondence between Olmstead and William S. Murray, 1919-1925

Box 27 Folder 67 Copies of Olmstead's correspondence to Elizabeth Ingersoll, field secretary,, 1919

Box 27 Folder 68-69 Correspondence Olmstead/Professor Isabel Dodd, 1919-1926

Box 27 Folder 70-78 Correspondence Olmstead/Wallace, 1914-1929