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John Howard Griffin papers, 1920-2004

Series V: Land of the High Sky

This is Griffin's working carbon of the first draft, containing his hand-written changes and cuts. The 336 page manuscript, initially entitled A Land Full of Sky is more than 100 pages longer than the published book. The story of how this book project came into being can be found in the notes by Bradford Daniel.

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Box 4 Folder 141 Daniel, Bradford Notes on Land of the High Sky, 2 page photocopy

Box 4 Folder 142-152 Griffin, John Howard Land of the High Sky, 366 page t.ms.

[The following are brief textual notes on the manuscript: The "Preface" was reprinted inThe John Howard Griffin Reader. It also discusses the genesis of this unique project. . "Eighteen Covered Wagons" (Chapter I of the manuscript) was cut by one-third for the published book. This book version was reprinted inThe Readerand in the anthology,A Part of Space(TCU Press).. "The Frontier Fights West" (Chapter 2 of the manuscript) was divided into four chapters in the book: "Comanche Country" (2), "Frontiersmen Move West" (3), "Struggle to Survive" (4), and "Cattle Country" (5). . "Windmill Town" (Chapter 3 of the manuscript) became Chapter 6 of the book--without any major changes, except that the final 22 mss. pages became Chapter 7 ("Cowboy") in the published version. This chapter about cowboys was reprinted inThe Reader. . "The Love Letters of Bessie Love" (pages 228-249 of the manuscript) was cut from the published book. That chapter was published for the first time inThe John Howard Griffin Reader.. "Shepherds and Bankers" (Chapter 4 of the manuscript) became Chapter 8. "No Need to Steal" (Chapter 5 of ms.) became Chapter 9 of the book. Both these chapters were published without major cuts and maintained their original titles. . "The Impossible" (Chapter 6 of the manuscript) became Chapter 10 of the book . "Three Booms and A City" (Chapter 7 of the manuscript) became Chapters 11 and 12 of the book; Chapter 12 was entitled "Today and Tomorrow."

Box 4 Folder 153 Griffin, John Howard Journal entry re. Land, 7 page photocopy

Box 4 Folder 153A Cochran, W. C. Memoir, [Palo Pinto County, TX], [n.d.], 74 page t.ms.

[With Griffin's ms. annotations

Box 4 Folder 154 First National Bank of Midland To Bradford Daniel, Midland, Texas, 16 November 1965, 1 page t.l.s.

[With related material

Box 4 Folder 155 Bloom Advertising To John Howard Griffin, Dallas, Texas, 1 September 1965, 1 page t.l.s.

Box 4 Folder 156 Butler, John To Beverly Frank, [n.p.], 23 June 1987

Box 4 Folder 157 Press release, [n.p.], [n.d.], 2 page t.ms.

Box 4 Folder 158 Rosenfield, John Notes on Land, [n.p.], [n.d.], 2 page t.ms.

Box 4 Folder 159 Texas Christian University Press Ten Texas writers, Fort Worth, Texas, [n.d.], 1 brochure

Box 4 Folder 160 Letters and related material sent to John Howard Griffin re. Land of the High Sky, Texas, 1960-1970, 1 a.l.s., 2 t.l.s., 1 t.l., 1 article