John Howard Griffin papers, 1920-2004

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Series IV: Nuni Street of the Seven Angels Passacaglia

These are the three novels drafted by Griffin during the 1950s while he was still sightless. Only Nuni was published, in 1956. One chapter from Street was published as a short story in 1957.

Subseries IV.1: Nuni

Box 3 Folder 121 Griffin, John Howard Nuni , Texas, 14 December 1955, 243 page (carbon) in, 1 volume

[The final draft of the novel, complete with the author's changes and comments in longhand.. The original manuscript, as well as the manuscripts forThe Devil Rides OutsideandLand of the High Sky(all published between 1952 and 1959) have not survived. The publishers have indicated that the original manuscripts were returned to Griffin. Yet it is the carbons he kept in his archives which reveal his working process. . The carbons reveal all of his changes. Either he used these carbons for his own purposes, to catalog the changes made on the originals or even on the galleys (for no galleys survive either), or the typesetting of the galleys was made directly from these carbons

Box 3 Folder 123 Mosely, Hardwick To Clyde P. Holland [Griffin's business manager], Houghton Mifflin Co., Boston,, 3 January 1956, 1 t.l.s.

Box 3 Folder 124 Hawkes, Wendy To Elizabeth Griffin-Bonazzi, Houghton Mifflin Co., Boston,, 7 December 1984

[ With photocopy of renewal document from Houghton Mifflin.

Box 3 Folder 125 News stories and book reviews of Nuni, 4 pages photocopy

Box 3 Folder 126 Eugene McNamara Offprints of articles about Nuni and Devil

[Canadian critic

Box 3 Folder 127 Griffin, John Howard To Eugene McNamara, Mansfield, Texas, 5 February 1962, 1 t.l.s. (carbon

Box 4 Folder 138 Griffin, John Howard Grand Chief Vutha, 5 page, with autograph corrections

Box 4 Folder 139 Grand Chief Vutha To John Howard Griffin, Tutumu[?], 7 July 1944, 2 page a.l.s.

Box 4 Folder 140 Griffin, John Howard Floridan dialect, [n.p.], [n.d.], 6 pages (with photocopy

[A list of words and phrases "used by the natives of a group of islands in the South Pacific".

Box 3 Folder 128 Griffin, John Howard Journal entries re. Nuni, 3 pages (photocopy

Box 3 Folder 129 Daniels, Brad Notes re. Nini, 3 page (photocopy

Box 3 Folder 130 Nuni, Boston: Houghton Mifflin Co., 1956, 1 vol. Galley proofs (uncorrected

Subseries IV.2: The Street of the Seven Angels

Concerning Griffin's novels,The Street of the Seven AngelsandPassacaglia, it is necessary to outline the genesis of his creative process as regards these works begun in the mid-1950s. . Initially, all of this material was intended for one large novel, tentatively entitled "Point, Counterpoint," but when Griffin heard that Huxley had published a novel with that title, he began to rethink his concept. His journals indicate that the large novel was really made up of alternating chapters with two sets of characters (although a few characters cross from one story to the other). One, which becameStreet, focused on the character of Chez Durand, a bookshop owner, who becomes involved in an obscenity trial; this story features a large cast of characters and is comic in intent. The second novel,Passacaglia, is a serious work about a concert pianist and his illegitimate son--also a pianist. . The manuscript herein calledPassacaoliais actually the remnants of the larger novel (207 pages of typescript carbon) which was never completed. The manuscript ofStreet of the Seven Angelsis a 221 page typescript, an original he revised from portions of the carbon, from 1966-1972. He intended to publishStreetas his third novel and even though he came under contract with Houghton Mifflin for the work, it was never published. He never returned to do a revision ofPassacaglia. A reading ofStreetwill reveal that it has been revised and completed, but a reading of the carbon ofPassacaolia--which has gaps in pagination, as well as many adjustments (as many as five changes on some pages)--never received any revision.

Box 3 Folder 131 & 132 Street of the Seven Angels , Texas, 1966-1972, 221 page

Subseries IV.3: Passacaglia

Box 3 Folder 133 & 134 Passacaglia , 207 page (carbon

[Incomplete. Pages from an unfinished novel

Box 4 Folder 135 Griffin, John Howard Precis of Street of the Seven Angels, 1960s, 8 page (carbon

[There is also a hand-drawn map by Griffin of the quarter of Paris in which the action takes place. [missing 11/20/2000-PL]

Box 4 Folder 136 Griffin, John Howard Precis of Passacaqlia, 1950s, 8 page

[Features two page plot outline, and three page character sketches of both the main characters.

Box 4 Folder 137 Griffin, John Howard "Chez Durand" , New World Writing, 1957, 10 page photocopy