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John Howard Griffin papers, 1920-2004

Series X: The Church and the Black Man

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Box 9 Folder 307; 319-321 The Church and the Black Man, Pflaum Press: Dayton, OH,, 1969, 109 page t.ms. (copy, with ms. corrections

[Griffin's follow-up book toBlack Like Me

Box 9 Folder 308 Ahmann, Mathew "The Church and the Urban White", [n.p.], [n.d.], 16 page t.ms. (copy, with ms. corrections

[Epilogue I toThe Church and the Black Man

Box 9 Folder 309 Black Priests' Caucus "The Position of the Catholic Church in the Black Community", [n.p.],, January 1969, 14 page t.ms. (copy, with ms. annotations

[Epilogue II toThe Church and the Black Man

Box 9 Folder 310 John J. McHale To John Howard Griffin, Pflaum Publishers: Dayton, OH, 7 Nov. 1966 - 10 Oct. 1969, 11 t.l.s.

[With a press release and memo re. publicity program for the book

Box 9 Folder 311 Correspondence regarding the French edition:     Original Typescripts of Letters by Rosica Colin, Griffin's foreign agent (3 Letters)    Typescript carbon of Griffin letter to agent    Original Typescripts of 3 Letters from Pflaum editor

Box 9 Folder 312 Permissions letters regarding materials quoted in the book

Box 9 Folder 313 Rev Emanueli Clarizio, Apostolic Delegate of Canada To John Howard Griffin, Ottawa,, 29 April 1969, 1 page t.l.s.

[With carbon of Griffin's t.l. to Clarizio

Box 9 Folder 314 William O. Broderick To John Howard Griffin, Department of State, Washington, D.C.,, 27 July 1970, 2 page t.l.s.

[Broderick, Director of Caribbean Affairs, had published a study about urban problems that was circulated to federal and Catholic organizations, as well as to such individuals as Griffin, whoseBlack Like MeandThe Church and the Black ManBroderick greatly admired

Box 9 Folder 315 R. Fentener van Vlissingen To John Howard Griffin, Rotterdam, 1 April 1970

[Dutch psychiatrist, aboutThe Church and the Black Man; letters from Thomas Merton; and Griffin's work on the Merton biography.

Box 9 Folder 316 Bishop Harold Perry To John Howard Griffin, New Orleans, 28 November 1969, 1 page t.l.s.

[Thanking Griffin for a copy ofThe Church and the Black Man, which the Bishop calls an "open, frank and dynamic treatment of the weak points and the strong points of our apostolate to integrate the Black Man into the main stream of Catholic living is excellently presented and should be productive of good results."

Box 9 Folder 317 Paul Hilsdale To John Howard Griffin, Los Angeles, 7 June 1964, 2 page t.l.

Box 9 Folder 318 Ralph Goman To Marian B. De Lollis, Union City, NJ, 14 July 1966, 1 page t.l.s. (copy

[Regarding the use of Griffin's article, "The Racist Sins of Christians".