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David Hamburg papers, 1949-2003

Series VIII: Early Career, 1941-1966

Materials dated from 1941-1961 relating to Hamburg's work as a clinical and research psychiatrist at Walter Read Medical Center, Michael Reese Hospital, and NIMH prior to Stanford appointment. Of particular interest is the body of notes, memos, and papers relating to the NIMH research, which sheds light not only on Hamburg's biography but also on the history of medicine, especially psychiatric research practices, in the mid-20th century US. Series includes also background materials on mid-century medical and social science, and notes on patients which will be sealed for 50 years. Series organized into four subseries: General/Chronological, background, NIMH r esearch, and patient files to be sealed; sub-series are organized chronologically, except the backround, which is thematically organized, and follows Hamburg's reference sub categories put in chronological order

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Box 596 Clinical & Research Psychiatry Files, 1952-1953

Box 597 Clinical & Research Psychiatry Files, 1952-1958

Box 598 Clinical & Research Psychiatry Files, 1953-1962

Box 599 Clinical & Research Psychiatry Files, 1955-1964

Box 600 Clinical & Research Psychiatry Files, 1956-1961

Box 601 Clinical & Research Psychiatry Files, 1958-1962

Box 602 Clinical & Research Psychiatry Files, 1941-1962

Box 603 background, 1941-1962

Box 604 background, 1941-1962

Box 605 background, 1941-1962

Box 606 background, 1941-1962

Box 607 background, 1941-1962

Box 608 background, 1941-1962

Box 609 background, 1959-1960

Box 610 NIMH research, 1960-1962

Box 611 NIMH research, 1949-1962

Box 612 Patient Files: Correspondence and Notes, 1957-1966

RESTRICTED until 2060

Box 613 Patient Files: Correspondence and Notes, 1948-1960

RESTRICTED until 2060

Box 614 Patient Files: Therapy Session Notebooks, 1958-1961

RESTRICTED until 2060

Box 615 Patient Files: Therapy Session Notebooks, 1958

RESTRICTED until 2060