Rare Book & Manuscript Library

David Hamburg papers, 1949-2003

Series XIII: Audiovisual Materials, 1974-2000

This small series, described on folder and item level, consists of photographs, slide and transparencies, audio, video, and digital materials from David Hamburg collection. Audio and video materials primarily represent conference presentations and addresses, many of them were digitized for preservation and access purposes, including reel-to-reel audio tapes of a Hamburg-Goodall presentation during the Burg Wartenstein Conference #62 "The Behavior of Great Apes" organized by David Hamburg and Jane Goodall in August of 1974.

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Box 440 Recording by/of D. Hamburg and J. Goodall at Burg Warstein Symposium #62: The Behavior of Great Apes, 1974 July

Formerly 10 Reel-to-Reel Audio Tapes, 1/4", separated from Series IV.1 box 440

Box 128 Potential Material for WPI

Formerly on Audio Cassette. Separated from Series I.7.A Box 128

Box 42 Voice of America Africa Division Program Sampler, 1994-10-01

Formerly on Audio Cassette. Separated from Series III.2, Box 42 and digitized

Preventing Deadly Conflicts, February 4, 1993

Preventing Deadly Conflicts, March 3, 1993

Preventing Deadly Conflicts, March 15, 1993

Preventing Deadly Conflicts, April 26, 1993

Box 807 Undated photos of Beatrix and David Hamburg

Box 807 Stanford Primate Research program - chimpanzee photos with letter to Jane Goodall, 1972

15 b&w prints, 8x10

Box 807 Photo of Members of Carnegie Task Force on Meeting the Needs of Young Children, 1994-04-01

Color print, 5" x 7". Separated from Series I.6, Box 87

Box 807 Photographs of David Hamburg and Al Gore from PCAST Meeting, 1995-03-01

2 color 8x10 prints, Separated from Series II.1, box 207

Box 807 Photographs from The Culture of Peace Program in Jordan, [circa May 1998-1999]

7 color prints, 4" x 6", Separated from Series I.7.B., box 142

Box 807 Stanford Biology Presentation Slides, 1965

Box 807 Slides for Preventing Deadly Conflict overview presentation, [circa 1996-1997]

8 slides separated from Series I.7.A., Box 112

Box 807 Disk labeled "Int. Foundation" related to projects with E. Velikhov, [ca. 1988-1989]

5 1/4" Floppy Disk, Separated from Series I.8.C

Box 807 Disk labeled, "Global Warming Impacts and Solutions", [ca. 1990-1991]

3.5" Floppy Disk, Separated from Series I.8.C

Box 807 Research for Better Schools, Thinking and Rural At-Risk Student, produced by PBS, 28 Min., 1990

VHS Videotape, Separated from Series I.6 Box 92

Box 807 Northwestern University Annenberg Washington Program of Communication Studies, Electronic Library of Program Publications, 1983-1996, 1996


Box 807 Cassette titled, White House Conference on Teenagers, May 2, 2000, with Hilary Clinton, 2000 May

VHS, Separated from Series I.6, Box 87