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David Hamburg papers, 1949-2003

Series I: Carnegie Corporation of New York, 1965-2003

This series contains the materials relating to dr. Hamburg's activities as a President of the Carnegie Corporation of New York, the title he assumed in 1982. His corporation files frequently contain earlier background material on various subjects, or fragments of his own earlier writings, which he edited and used as building blocks for subsequent projects. The files reflect five formal program areas, established by Carnegie Corporation : Avoiding Nuclear War (ANW); Education: Science, Technology and the Economy; Prevention of Damage to Children; Strengthening Human Resources in Developing Countries (HRDC); and Special Projects The materials in this series are closely related to the Carnegie Corporation of New York Records collection, held in the RBML. . For official records, such as Board of Trustees documents and grant information, please see the Carnegie Corporation of New York Records. In cases, when holdings, such as agenda books, or printed materials, duplicated between the two collections, the items, already held in the Carnegie Corporation of New York Records were weeded from the Hamburg papers.

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Subseries I.1: Carnegie Corporation of New York Board Materials

The series contains chronologically arranged files related to the Board of Trustees meetings of the Carnegie Corporation of New York, including minutes, materials of Agenda Committee, Finance and Administration Committee, Executive Committee, Nomination Committee, and others), meeting preparation materials, background reading, and related correspondence, including some correspondence from the Corporation's trustees. Box 15 contains notes and background materials for Hamburg's Presidential report to the Board. For official Board of Trustees documents please see the Carnegie Corporation of New York Records collection, Series I.A.3. The materials in Subseries I.1, duplicating the ones, already held in Carnegie Corporation Records Series I.A.3, have been discarded.

Box 1 Folder 1-45 Board Meetings, April 1983-October 1985

Box 2 Folder 1-35 Board Meetings, October 1985-June 1986

Box 3 Folder 1-49 Board Meetings, July 1986-October 1987

Box 4 Folder 1-56 Board Meetings, November 1987-January 1989

Box 5 Folder 1-42 Board Meetings, April 1989-January 1990

Box 6 Folder 1-41 Board Meetings, March 1990-January 1991

Box 7 Folder 1-40 Board Meetings, April 1991-October 1991

Box 8 Folder 1-40 Board Meetings, September 1991-October 1992

Box 9 Folder 1-49 Board Meetings, October 1992-October 1993

Box 10 Folder 1-31 Board Meetings, Presidential Search Committee materials,, January 1994-1997

Box 11 Folder 1-41 Board Meetings, January 1995-October 1995

Box 12 Folder 1-35 Board Meetings, October 1995-June 1996

Box 13 Folder 1-24 Board Meetings, DAH retirement project, January 1996-December 1996

Box 14 Folder 1-21 Board Meetings, Vartan Gregorian's appointment,, December 1996-October 1997

Box 15 Folder 1-54 Board Meetings, President's Report Copies,, April 1983-April 1997

Subseries I.2: Carnegie Corporation of New York Trustees

The series contains lists of Carnegie Corporation of New York trustees, handbook and compensation information; mixed correspondence files, and individual files on trustees, arranged alphabetically by name. Additional information about these individuals can frequently be found in Individual Correspondence files in Series III.2. of this colelction and in Carnegie Corporation of New York Records collection, Series I.E.5 (Trustee Files).

Box 16 Folder 1 Trustees List, 1999-

Box 16 Folder 2 Trustee Handbook, 1987-

Box 16 Folder 3 Trustee Compensation, 1990-

Box 16 Folder 4 Trustee Correspondence, 1989-1990

Box 16 Folder 5 CC Trustees, Correspondence and Materials, 2000-

Box 16 Folder 6 Trustee Contribution Fund, 1993-

Box 16 Folder 7 Beatie, Richard I., 1989-1992

Box 16 Folder 8 Celeste, Richard, March 1997-

Box 16 Folder 9-10 Comer, James P., 1988-1996

Box 16 Folder 11-14 Cota-Robles, Eugene H., 1988-1996

Box 16 Folder 15 Fuller, Ellen V., May 1990-

Box 16 Folder 16-20 Heinz, Teresa, 1985-1997

Box 17 Folder 1-6 Johnson, James, 1991-1999

Box 17 Folder 7-14 Kaplan, Helene, 1983-1998

Box 17 Folder 15-18 Kean, Thomas H., 1988-1997

Box 17 Folder 19-20 Mai, Vincent, 1990-1997

Box 17 Folder 21 McPherson, Mary Patterson, 1983-1996

Box 17 Folder 22 Malcolm, Shirley, 1983-1996

Box 17 Folder 23 Minow, Newton, 1995-1996

Box 18 Folder 1-16 Minow, Newton, 1982-1997

Box 19 Folder 1-17 Minow, Newton, 1993-1997

Box 19 Folder 18-19 Muller, Henry, 1992-1994

Box 19 Folder 20-21 Renier, James, 1995-1996

Box 19 Folder 22 Rice, Condoleeza, 1993-1997

Box 19 Folder 23 Tienda, Marta, 1987-1997

Box 19 Folder 24 Tisch, Billie, 1996-1997

Box 19 Folder 25 Tisch, Laurence A., 1985-1994

Box 19 Folder 26-28 Watkins, Admiral James D., 1988-1997

Box 19 Folder 29 Woodruff, Judy, 1995-1996

Subseries I.3: Strengthening Human Resources in Developing Countries

Files relating to Strengthening Human Resources in Developing Countries (HRDC) program area, pursued by the Carnegie Corporation in 1983-1999, which was focused on leadership training for women and underprivilleged groups, supported pioneering research on prevention of maternal mortality, and contibuted to a more robust educational system by, for example, sponsoring the installation of first CD-Rom technologies at University libraries in Tanzania and Zimbabwe. The files include materials on Africa and, to a lesser extent, on other regions, and feature documents from organizations such as Council on Foreign Relations, World Health Organization, etc. Starting in 1986 the HRDC was chaired by the first staff member from Africa, Dr. Adetokunbo Lucas (Nigeria). Related materials can be found in the subseries I.4 (South Africa), as well as in documents from Carnegie Commission for Science, Technology and Development (CCSTG) materials, and Carnegie Commission for Preventing Deadly Conflict (CCPDC).

Box 20 Folder 1-25 HRDC Materials, Program Papers and Memos 1983-1991,, 1982-1984

Box 21 Folder 1-40 HRDC Materials, ODC/CFR materials, 1984-June 1985

Box 22 Folder 1-42 Subject files, August 1985-June 1988

Box 23 Folder 1-42 Subject files, June 1988-March 1990

Box 24 Folder 1-38 Subject files, March 1990-1995

Box 25 Folder 1-11 Subject files, 1997-

Box 25 Folder 12-55 Background materials for HRDC, 1982-1997

Box 26 Folder 1-52 Background materials for HRDC, 1982-1997

Subseries I.4: South Africa

Materials, relating to South Africa, during its period of transition away from the apartaid regime, generated in the course of such Carnegie Corporation projects as HRDC (See subseries I.3) and the Second Carnegie Inquiry into Poverty and Development in Southern Africa. The latter study, based at the University of Cape Town and conducted with participation from the network of scholars and professionals, community leaders, social workers and 20 universities, provided a rare opportunity for research, training, and leadership development for black Africans, and its findings and practical recommendations were widely disseminated. The follow-up to the study included "South Africa: The Cordoned Heart" photo exhibition, and Omar Badsha establishing Centre for Documentary Photography at the University of Cape Town Corporation's grants made under HRDC rubric, led to Women's Charter inclusion in new 1994 South African Constitution in 1994—Carnegie grantees Frene Ginwala became first female Speaker of the National Assembly of South African Parliament and Mamphela Ramphele, first black female Vice Chancellor in South Africa at University of Cape Town.

Box 27 Folder 1-33 Subject files, 1983-1989

Box 28 Folder 1-21 Subject files, 1985-October 1987

Box 29 Folder 1-18 Subject files, October 1985-March 1987

Box 30 Folder 1-34 Subject files, April 1986-April 1988

Box 31 Folder 1-28 Subject files, June 1988-1989

Box 32 Folder 1-12 Subject files, 1990-1996

Box 32 Folder 13-35 Background Materials, 1983-1996

Subseries I.5: Carnegie Commission on Science, Technology and Government (CCSTG)

Materials on Carnegie Corporation sponsorship of projects related to the issues of science and technology, including Carnegie Commission for Science, Technology and Development. (See also the corresponding series IV.B of Carnegie Corporation of New York Records). The Series includes some Science Education files, however ESTE and other Science Education programs for children are filed in Subseries I.6 (Children and Youth). Science, Technology and Development materials relating to the commonwealth countries can be found in Subseries I.3 (HRDC). National Science Foundation and AAAS, as well as Jimmy Carter played active roles in these projects, so the correspondence files (Series III.B) with these organizations can provide additional materials on the subject.

Box 33 Folder 1-31 Subject files, 1977-1986

Box 34 Folder 1-47 Subject files, 1986-December 1987

Box 35 Folder 1-52 Subject files, 1988-May 1988

Box 36 Folder 1-44 Subject files, May 1988-October 1988

Box 37 Folder 1-37 Subject files, November 1988-March 1990

Box 38 Folder 1-36 Subject files, April 1990-November 1990

Box 39 Folder 1-38 Subject files, December 1990-June 1991

Box 40 Folder 1-35 Subject files, June 1991-March 1992

Box 41 Folder 1-49 Subject files, March 1992-September 1992

Box 42 Folder 1-56 Subject files, October 1992-2002

Box 43 Folder 1-71 CCSTG Background Materials, 1980-1987

Box 44 Folder 1-88 CCSTG Background Materials, 1987-1992

Subseries I.6: Children and Youth

This series included chronologically arranged correspondence, proceedings, meeting minutes, notes and background materials from a number of Children and Youth programs undertaken by the CCNY under David Hamburg's leadership, such as Carnegie Council for Adolescent Development (CCAD), Education and Healthy Development for Children and Youth (EHDCY), Prevention of Damage to Children , Education, Science Technology and the Economy(ESTE), Task Force for Learning in Primary Grades (TFLPG) and Middle Grade School State Policy Initiative. The series also contains correspondence and reports relating to Forum on Education and the Economy, and Project 2061 under the auspices of the American Association for Advancement of Science. The files document and discuss issues of health and public policy, prenatal development, families and communities, child abuse, aggression and violence, schools and educational programs. Materials frequently contain edits of Hamburg's earlier writings, or refer to his related previous work for other institutions. For additional materials on science education see also Subseries I.5 (CCSTG). Official records of CCAD, TFLPG and other special projects by the Carnegie Corporations can be found in the corresponding subseries of the Carnegie Corporation of New York Records, Series IV.

Box 45 Folder 1-25 Early Subject files, 1982-January 1983

Box 46 Folder 1-23 PDC and ESTE program papers; Black Churches conference, February 1983-1984

Box 47 Folder 1-25 Multi-year files 1984-1987; 1984 TV/Media conference, 1984-

Box 48 Folder 1-22 TV & education; Hamburg's "Preventive Orientation" drafts ,, 1985-1997

Box 49 Folder 1-27 ESTE Advisory Council and Forum on Education and the Economy,, January 1985-October 1985

Box 50 Folder 1-18 ESTE Advisory Council and Forum on Education and the Economy, AAAS Project 2061 ,, November 1985-1985

Box 51 Folder 1-32 Forum on Education and the Economy,, 1985-1994

Box 52 Folder 1-31 Children and Youth materials and Hamburg writings drafts, 1986-

Box 53 Folder 1-29 ESTE & CCAD; minorities and the media, January 1986-July 1986

Box 54 Folder 1-29 CCAD establishment; "Way of Viewing Adolescence" papers ,, August 1986-November 1986

Box 55 Folder 1-25 Children and Youth materials, November 1986-1988

Box 56 Folder 1-21 Education, health and behavior linkages; Children and the Media ,, 1986-1989

Box 57 Folder 1-19 Children and Youth materials, 1987-1989

Box 58 Folder 1-30 CCAD first plenary meeting materials, January 1987 -February 1987

Box 59 Folder 1-34 Media Conference; Interventions for Adolescence;, March 1987-May 1987

Box 60 Folder 1-26 CCAD 2nd plenary meeting; Media materials,, June 1987-July 1987

Box 61 Folder 1-33 Children and Youth materials, August 1987-October 1987

Box 62 Folder 1-21 CCAD; Adolescent health & health education,, November 1987-1988

Box 63 Folder 1-21 CCAD, "Turning Points" Correspondence,, 1987-1989

Box 64 Folder 1-35 Education Advisory Council, 1988-March 1988

Box 65 Folder 1-32 Children and Youth CC retreat materials, April 1988-June 1988

Box 66 Folder 1-25 Children and Youth materials, June 1988-August 1988

Box 67 Folder 1-23 Education Advisory Council Meeting, August 1988-November 1988

Box 68 Folder 1-17 CCAD Hamburg writings and notes, December 1988-1989

Box 69 Folder 1-25 ESTE and PDC 5-year program reviews, 1989-April 1989

Box 70 Folder 1-39 Turning Points materials, April 1989-August 1989

Box 71 Folder 1-27 Children and Youth materials, September 1989-1990

Box 72 Folder 1-36 Stanford University materials; Birthstart program, 1990-May 1990

Box 73 Folder 1-31 Children and Youth materials, May 1990-November 1990

Box 74 Folder 1-22 CCAD memoranda 1990-1991, December 1990-March 1991

Box 75 Folder 1-26 Children and Youth materials, April 1991-December 1991

Box 76 Folder 1-22 CCAD memoranda and DAH writings, 1992-April 1992

Box 77 Folder 1-38 Adolescent Health Conference; Fateful Choices; Today's Children; ,, April 1992-September 1992

See also the Jacobs Foundation and Today's Children Series

Box 78 Folder 1-24 EHDCY program paper, DAH papers & talks, October 1992-June 1993

Box 79 Folder 1-26 CCAD meetings, memos, Final report materials;, June 1993-March 1994

Box 80 Folder 1-10 Starting Points Report, Conference Materials & correspondence ,, January 1994-April 1994

Box 81 Folder 1-19 Starting Points, CCAD material; Hillary Clinton Memo prep, April 1994-September 1994

Box 82 Folder 1-22 CCAD report materials; presentation at IOM, 1994-1995

See also the Jacobs Foundation and Today's Children Series

Box 83 Folder 1-11 TFLPG 1994-1996; CCAD Great Transitions final report materials;,, 1994-1995

Box 84 Folder 1-23 includes CCAD final report & meeting materials;, 1995-September 1995

Box 85 Folder 1-36 Great Transitions; TFLPG: Years of Promise, October 1995-February 1996

See also the Jacobs Foundation and Today's Children Series

Box 86 Folder 1-46 Hillary Clinton White house childcare conference;, March 1996-1999

Box 87 Folder 1-23 Children and Youth materials, 1999-2001

Box 87 Folder 24-47 undated materials and notes, -

Box 88 Folder 1-27 undated materials and notes, undated-

Box 89 Folder 1-53 Children & Youth Background Materials, 1982-1986

Box 90 Folder 1-38 Children & Youth Background Materials, 1986-1987

Box 91 Folder 1-14 Children & Youth Background Materials, 1987-1988

Box 92 Folder 1-35 Children & Youth Background Materials, 1989-1990

Box 93 Folder 1-32 Children & Youth Background Materials, 1991-1993

Box 94 Folder 1-37 Children & Youth Background Materials, 1993-1996

Box 95 Folder 1-60 Children & Youth Background Materials, 1997-2001

Box 843 Clarke-Stewart Early Childhood Education

Box 843 Research on Children with Mental, Behavioral & Developmental Disorders (Institute of Medicine, 1989)

Box 843 Journal of Adolescent Health Care, Vol 11 No 5, 1990

Box 843 Arnold J. Sameroff "Prevention of Developmental Psychopathology"

Box 843 "Prevention of Schizophrenia" US Dept. of Health and Human Services

Box 843 "Prevention of Depression" US Dept. of Health and Human Services

Box 843 "Prevention of Conduct Disorder" US Dept. of Health and Human Services

Box 843 Youth to Work Transition (Eccles)

Box 843 Prevention Model Programs (Clipping)

Box 843 Adolescent Medicine, 1992

Box 843 Parents & School Achievement (Heather Weiss)

Box 843 Refs - Aggression - Development

Box 843 SRCD Newsletter

Box 843 Memoranda "Successful Adolescent Research Group", 1992

Box 843 "The Urban Poverty Crisis: An Action Agenda for Children and Youth"

Box 843 "Advances" Newsletter of the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation

Box 843 "Crisis in Education" (Popular Science, August 1992)

Box 843 "Horton Hatches the Egg"

Box 843 "Mind and Brain" Scientific America, 1992

Box 843 McArthur--Action Plan

Box 843 Youth Violence (clipping)

Box 843 Disadvantaged Youth (Edna McConnell Clark Foundation, 1989)

Box 843 CAD Working Paper -- Adolescent Decision-making, 1989

Box 843 Decision-making -- Rational -- "Utilities"

Box 843 Stresses Social Learning

Box 843 Life Skills -- Community Interventions (Girls Club of America)

Box 843 Adkins -- Life Skills for the Disadvantaged

Box 843 BAH/"Teaching Coping Skills" To Adolescents

Box 843 Stanford University MTGS/Calif. trip ticket, Nov. 10-11, 1989

Box 843 Life Skills--Penz; Botvin; Weissberg

Box 843 Life Skills -- Furman, W. "Enhancing Peer Relations in School Systems"

Box 843 Adolescents -- Work/Apprenticeship

Box 843 International Perspectives on Research in Adolescent Development -- Rainer K. Silbereisen

Box 843 Early Adolescent Health

Box 843 School Based Health -- R.W. Johnson

Box 843 CAD -- Violence Workshop

Box 843 "Drug Prevention in Jr. High" Science

Box 843 "Risk Taking in Adolescence" -- Lita Furby, Ruth Marom

Box 843 Infants in Day Care

Box 843 "Head Start Enters Adulthood" Science

Box 843 American's Family Support Programs

Box 843 Workshop on the Prevention of Violence in Young Americans, 1989

Box 843 Social Supports/Resilience/Day Care/Cognitive Development/DME/SSN

Box 843 Violence

Box 843 Working Group Responses/Life Skills

Box 843 BAH -- Calendar/CC Events

Box 843 Biologic Factors In Growth and Development

Subseries I.7: Preventing Deadly Conflict (PDC)

Preventing Deadly Conflict (PDC) series documents the cluster of CCNY programs, relating to conflict prevention, including Avoiding Nuclear War (ANW) program, Cooperative Security Program, and Carnegie Commission for Preventing Deadly Conflict (CCPDC) of 1994-1999. ANW program on national security and weapons of mass destruction reintroduced and enlarged focus on Russia though reviving Russian policy studies in key US universities, and establishing new ties with think tanks and policy makers in U.S., Eastern and Western Europe and the Soviet Union. Related material can also be found in the Correspondence (Series III) of this collection and in the Carnegie Corporation of New York Y Records Series IV.A (CCPDC). The series includes pre-CCNY materials used as the basis for CCSTG, multi-year subject files through 1989, and collection of Hamburg STG-related talks and writings 1980-1989. The series contains correspondence, event handouts, Hamburg's writing and speeches; materials from other organizations such as NAS, Stanford, Harvard, WHO, Pugwash, etc. It includes correspondence with Mikhail Gorbachev and other Soviet officials, US congressmen, such as Senators Nunn and Lugar, documents legislation and activity on nuclear arms reduction. Most materials specifically related to projects in USSR/Russia and the Eastern Bloc countries have been separated into Subseries I.8

Sub-subseriesI.7.A: PDC Chronological Files

Subject files related to Preventing Deadly Conflict issues, arranged chronologically by the date of the earliest document in a folder/box. ANW program started in 1982/3-1991; then Coop. Sec. starts 1991; PDC proper starts 1995). The files contain materials on the Gulf War of 1990, the International Court of Justice, Prevention of Proliferation (PoP) program, International Peace Academy, correspondence with Robert Rubin, Al Gore, Bill and Hilary Clinton.

Box 96 Folder 1-23 DAH writings; ANW & PDC Program Papers, 1983-January 1984

Box 97 Folder 1-27 Harvard JFK school, IOM, AAAS, Materials, June 1984-June 1985

Box 98 Folder 1-25 PDC (General -Chron) Materials, July 1985-February 1986

Box 99 Folder 1-21 CISAC (Stanford), March 1986-1987

Box 100 Folder 1-39 PDC (General -Chron) Materials, January 1987-February 1991

Box 101 Folder 1-41 PDC (General -Chron) Materials, August 1989-February 1991

Box 102 Folder 1-37 PDC (General -Chron) Materials, March 1991-January 1992

Box 103 Folder 1-27 Ethnocentric Violence drafts & other DAH writing, 1992-January 1993

Box 104 Folder 1-45 PDC meetings, Vance-Hamburg commission, and youth violence, March 1993-December 1993

Box 105 Folder 1-25 Carnegie Commission on Prevention of Deadly Conflict (CCPDC) creation and members, 1994-1996

Box 106 Folder 1-28 CCPDC grants & meetings;, 1994-October 1994

Box 107 Folder 1-32 CCPDC activities, Harvard democracy discussion, November 1994-April 1995

Box 108 Folder 1-18 CCPDC meetinggs & conferences;, April 1995-August 1995

Box 109 Folder 1-40 CCPDC meetinggs & conferences; PCAST, September 1995-1996

Box 110 Folder 1-27 CCPDC final report material, South Africa issues, January 1996-June 1996

Box 111 Folder 1-33 CCPDC final report, July 1996-December 1996

Box 112 Folder 1-19 PDC Chron (India/ Pakistan & China), 1996-1997

Box 112 Folder 20-52 Subject files, 1997-

Box 113 Folder 1-38 CCPDC final report, UNHCR and Kofi Annan;, 1997-April 1997

Box 114 Folder 1-44 CCPDC final report, UNHCR and Kofi Annan;, April 1997-June 1997

Box 115 Folder 1-39 CCPDC final report and materials, July 1997-

Box 116 Folder 1-46 CCPDC final report and materials, August 1997-September 1997

Robert Rubin/Hilary Clinton Correspondence

Box 117 Folder 1-40 CCPDC final report and materials, October 1997-December 1997

Hilary Clinton Correspondence

Box 118 Folder 1-30 CCPDC final report and launch materials, December 1997-

Box 119 Folder 1-21 CCPDC final report and launch materials, 1997-1998

Box 120 Folder 1-35 CCPDC final report presentations, Kofi Annan and United Nations meetings, January 1998-February 1998

Box 121 Folder 1-40 CCPDC and United Nations, March 1998-April 1998

Box 122 Folder 1-34 Subject files, May 1998-September 1998

Box 123 Folder 1-25 [and 44-48] Preventive Diplomacy & Preventive Defence (PD2) Conference with Stanford;, August 1998-January 1999

Box 123 Folder 26-51 United Nations meetings, September 1998-November 1998

Box 124 Folder 1-47 Subject files, essays and publications, November 1998-March 1999

Box 125 Folder 1-54 Conference reports; ccpdc publications & closing/farewell letters;, April 1999-2000

Al Gore & Bill Clinton; UN Security Council retreat;

Box 126 Folder 1-38 Subject files, January 2000-February 2001

Box 127 Folder 1-47 Margaret & Eric Hamburg materials; United Nations projects, March 2001-2003

Box 128 Folder 1-47 undated materials, -

Box 129 Folder 1-12 Meeting Materials and Briefing Books, 1994-1995

Box 130 Folder 1-8 Meeting Materials and Briefing Books, 1996-1997

Box 131 Folder 1-8 Meeting Materials and Briefing Books, comments, 1996-1997

Sub-subseries I.7.B: PDC Background

Series consists of clippings with manuscript notes by Hamburg, journal articles, notes, and typescripts of work by others, such as papers by Joseph Nye, Sidney Drell and other prominent scientists. This group of documents also includes general materials on conflict prevention, war and ethnic conflict, including materials on specific conflicts/countries. It includes materials on conflict resolution and terrorism from Dr. Hamburg's pre-Carnegie projects.

Box 132 Folder 1-34 Background Materials, 1972-1983

Box 133 Folder 1-58 Background Materials, Eastern Bloc, 1983-1988

Box 134 Folder 1-40 Background Materials, 1989-1991

Box 135 Folder 1-72 Background Materials, 1991-1992

Box 136 Folder 1-18 Background, AST book summary memos, 1993-1994

Box 137 Folder 1-45 Background Materials, 1993-

Box 138 Folder 1-57 Background Materials, 1994-October 1996

Box 139 Folder 1-20 Background Materials, November 1996-1997

Box 139 Folder 21-51 Background India, Pakistan & China materials, 1997-2000

Box 140 Folder 1-56 Background Materials, 1997-November 1997

Box 141 Folder 1-51 Preventive Diplomacy & Preventive Defence (PD2) Conference background materials, December 1997-April 1998

Box 142 Folder 1-71 Background Materials including Culture of Peace Program in Jordan, May 1998-1999

Box 143 Folder 1-71 Background Materials, 2000-July 2001

Box 144 Folder 1-57 Background Materials, International Crisis Group, etc., August 2001-2003

Box 144 Folder 58-69 Background Materials, undated materials-

Box 145 Folder 1-45 Background Materials, undated materials-

Sub-subseries I.7.C: PDC Stages

This group of files was organized into subjects ("stages" of dealing with the problem of conflict resolution) by Hamburg; filed in original order including background. The series contains some undated folders throughout, and some materials may have later been removed and included the PDC general, chronological series.

Box 146 Folder 1-11 PDC stages: "The Predicament" ("new wine in old bottles," proliferation, escalation, etc.), 1984-1993

Box 146 Folder 12-15 PDC stages: "How did we get into it? Evolutionary perspective, historical developments, recent history", 1992-1993

Box 146 Folder 16-37 PDC Stages: "How can we get out of it? Principles and techniques of conflict resolution (CR)", 1989-1993

Box 147 Folder 1-15 PDC Stages: "How can we get out of it? Principles and techniques of conflict resolution (CR)", 1987-1993

Box 147 Folder 16-21 PDC Stages: "Cure II --Dissemination through education, CBOs, media, etc…", 1986-1993

Box 147 Folder 22-37 PDC Stages: "Cure III--Cold War: Lessons learned for CR", 1983-1993

Box 148 Folder 1-31 PDC Stages: "Cure III--Cold War: Lessons learned for CR", 1983-1993

Box 148 Folder 32 PDC Stages: Cure V (Ethnocentric Violence), 1993-

Box 148 Folder 33-42 PDC Stages: "Cure VI--SDI2 (including LDC and/or LDC in INC)", 1990-1993

Sub-subseries I.7.D: PDC Alphabetical Files

Alphabetical subject files in original order by Hamburg, including background files. Some subjects overlap with non-PDC series, such as Developing Human Resources in Developing Countries. The voluminous "Democracy" file includes "Ray Marshall Papers", "Renewing the Agenda for Democracy" with Hilary Clinton, and non-CCNY materials.

Box 149 Folder 1-7 Africa, 1995-1997


Box 149 Folder 8-11 Aggression, 1965-1988

Box 149 Folder 12-21 Bosnia, 1993-1997

Box 149 Folder 22-35 Business, 1996-1997

Box 150 Folder 1-8 Causes of War, 1983-1998

Box 150 Folder 9-11 China, 1996-1996

Box 150 Folder 12-13 Conflict Resolution and Psychology, 1995-1995

Box 150 Folder 14-22 Constituency for Prevention, 1995-1997

Box 150 Folder 23-60 Democracy, 1994-1997

Box 151 Folder 1-34 Democracy, 1984-1997

Box 152 Folder 1-50 Democracy, 1990-1997

Box 153 Folder 1-36 Democracy, 1988-1997

Box 153 Folder 37-42 Development, 1994-1996

Box 154 Folder 1-32 Education for Conflict Resolution, 1988-1997

Box 155 Folder 1 Evolution, 1997-1997

Box 155 Folder 2-5 Genocide, 1995-1997

Box 155 Folder 6-29 Graham Allison (GTA) Related, 1994-1997

Box 155 Folder 30-35 Gorbachev State of the World, 1993-1996

Box 155 Folder 36-40 India/Pakistan, 1995-1996

Box 156 Folder 1-5 International Law, 1996-1997

Box 156 Folder 6-27 Leadership, 1987-1997

Box 156 Folder 28-42 Media, 1994-1997

Box 157 Folder 1-10 Mideast, 1988-1990

Box 157 Folder 11-14 Military, 1996-1996

Box 157 Folder 15-17 Nationalism/ Ethnicity, 1995-1995

Box 157 Folder 18-39 Preventive Diplomacy, 1993-1996

Box 157 Folder 40-49 Proliferation [Prevention of Proliferation (PoP)], 1992-1997

Box 158 Folder 1-38 Proliferation [Prevention of Proliferation (PoP)], 1984-1997

Box 158 Folder 39 Religion, 1983-1996

Box 158 Folder 40-52 Russia, 1993-1995

Box 159 Folder 1-45 Russia/FSU [Former Soviet Union], 1990-1996

Box 160 Folder 1-51 Russia/FSU, 1992-1995

Box 161 Folder 1-40 Russia/FSU, 1990-1996

Box 161 Folder 41-43 Sanctions/Incentives, 1993-1996

Box 162 Folder 1-4 Science and Technology, including Velikhov-Hamburg Project, 1996-1997

Box 162 Folder 5-14 Terrorism, 1996-1997

Box 162 Folder 15-19 UNHCR, 1996-1997

Box 162 Folder 20-48 United Nations, 1993-1997

Box 163 Folder 1-39 United Nations - conflict resolution, 1992-1997

Box 163 Folder 40-46 World Transformed/ Globalization, 1989-1997

Subseries I.8: Eastern Block

Materials relating to conflicts in/with Eastern Bloc Countries and assistance to them from various CCNY programs, including Avoiding Nuclear War, Cooperative Security, and partially Preventing Deadly Conflict (mostly covered in Series I.7). The Eastern Bloc subseries also documents Hamburg's activities, writings and communications relating to the former Soviet Union and its Eastern European allies, the Carnegie Corporation's sponsorship of work with these countries performed by other institutions, such as Harvard, Stanford, United Nations Association of the United States of America, Aspen Strategy Group, AAAS, IREX, IOM, and others. Materials on Committee on International Security and Arms Control (CISAC) are described in separate Series I.10.

Sub-subseries I.8.A: General

Administrative and general subject files pertaining to the Soviet Union and its satellites in the context of Avoiding Nuclear War, East-West Security Studies and Preventing Deadly Conflict programs, projects in science, technology and educations, and building democratic mechanisms after the fall of the Soviet Union. The subseries contains materials about meeting, conferences, Carnegie-supported IREX projects in Russia, and Dr. Hamburg's visits to Moscow, and other Soviet and Eastern European locations. It also covers Nunn-Lugar Task Force to work with Belarus, Kazakhstan, Ukraine and Russia on dismantling their nuclear weapons. The subseries documents the period of rapid changes and eventual dissolution of the Soviet system, and includes eyewitness accounts and materials on and by Soviet leaders, including Mikhail Gorbachev (see also Correspondence series). The files are arranged in loose chronological order.

Box 164 Folder 1-23 CCNY International Conflict & Cooperation Working Group, writings on Soviet Union, 1982-June 1983

Box 165 Folder 1-20 Various project files, including IREX and ANW, August 1983-March 1988

Box 166 Folder 1-24 Various project files, including IREX and ANW, April 1984-1985

Box 167 Folder 1-17 Various project files, Hamburg Moscow trip, 1985-February 1985

Box 168 Folder 1-26 Various project files, including IREX and CISAC, March 1985-November 1985

Box 169 Folder 1-29 Eastern Bloc materials, December 1985-February 1986

Box 170 Folder 1-22 East-West Security Studies, Conferences, March 1986-October 1986

Box 171 Folder 1-22 East-West Security Studies, Conferences, November 1986-January 1987

Box 172 Folder 1-30 East-West Security Studies, Conferences, Moscow meetings, January 1987-August 1987

Box 173 Folder 1-22 Various project files, August 1987-1988

Box 174 Folder 1-35 CCNY Moscow Trip on CISAC, January 1988-March 1988

Box 175 Folder 1-24 Conferences and memoranda, April 1988-August 1988

Box 176 Folder 1-24 Various project files, September 1988-1989

Box 177 Folder 1-41 Various project files, 1989-July 1989

Box 178 Folder 1-32 Meetings in Russia and Eastern Europe, September 1989-December 1989

Box 179 Folder 1-31 Arms Control Conference and Carnegie grants, 1990-May 1990

Box 180 Folder 1-36 Aid to Soviet Union, Cooperative Security program, June 1990-February 1991

Box 181 Folder 1-42 Harvard Files and Moscow Trip Reports, March 1991-October 1991

Box 182 Folder 1-45 Dissolution of Soviet Union, October 1991-February 1992

Box 183 Folder 1-34 Harvard Memoranda and subject files, March 1992-September 1992

Box 184 Folder 1-42 Project on Ethnic Relations, Moscow Trip and Yugoslavia, September 1992-August 1993

Box 185 Folder 1-41 Various project files, September 1993-November 1996

Box 186 Folder 1-51 Nunn Task Force, conferences, December 1996-February 1998

Box 187 Folder 1-31 Nunn-Lugar Task Force, US-Russia Dialogue;, March 1998-1999

Box 188 Folder 1-26 Nunn-Lugar Task Force, US-Russia Dialogue;, 2000-2002

Box 188 Folder 27-44 Gorbachev Leadership draft, notes and writings;, undated-

Sub-subseries I.8.B: Background

The subseries contains news clippings, printed matter, conference materials, notes, and typescripts of third-party papers and memoranda, includes Kennan Institute and Harriman Institute materials, on the issues of Eastern Bloc and its leadership, possible impact of Nuclear War; U.S.-Soviet perceptions of each other, security concerns, and so on.

Box 189 Folder 1-25 U.S.-Soviet perceptions of each other; Medical impact of Nuclear War;, 1965-1983

Box 190 Folder 1-44 Eastern Bloc Background Materials, 1983-1985

Box 191 Folder 1-66 Kennan Institute reports and background on Gorbachev speeches;, 1985-1987

Box 192 Folder 1-60 Harriman Institute materials; Condoleeza Rice; etc., 1987-1989

Box 193 Folder 1-50 Harriman Institute materials; Condoleeza Rice; etc., 1989-1990

Box 194 Folder 1-40 Conference papers, 1990-1991

Box 195 Folder 1-30 Press Clippings re: Moscow Conference, 1991-

Box 196 Folder 1-67 Former Soviet Union:3rd party papers & memoranda, 1991-1997

Box 197 Folder 1-42 Program on New Approaches to Russian Security; etc., 1997-2002

Sub-subseries I.8.C: Velikhov-Hamburg

Materials document the projects, including VelHam Computer Project and International Foundation for the Survival and Development of Humanity, undertaken in collaboration with Yevgeny P. Velikhov, a physicist, a vice president of the Soviet Academy of Sciences, and a frequent adviser to Secretary General Mikhail S. Gorbachev, who was considered one of the most influential scientists in the Soviet Union

Box 197 Folder 43-69 Background Materials General, undated-

Box 198 Folder 1-26 Materials, December 1985-1987

Box 199 Folder 1-19 Project files, 1988-March 1988

See also box 205

Box 200 Folder 1-39 Project files, April 1988-1989

See also box 205

Box 201 Folder 1-18 Project files and email, 1990-1991

Box 202 Folder 1-6 Email, January 1992-February 1992

Box 203 Folder 1-7 Email & email directory, March 1992-April 1992

Box 204 Folder 1-6 Email, May 1992-July 1992

Box 204 Folder 7-9 Project files, undated-

Box 205 Folder 1-23 Project files, 1985-1988

Subseries I.9: General and Administrative

Internal memoranda, reports, notes, correspondence and other materials related to general administration of Carnegie Corporation of New York, grants, mixed program area materials, staffing and personnel issues etc. The subseries also contains correspondence relating to Hamburg assuming the presidency of Carnegie Corporation and his retirement from presidency.

Box 616 Cumulative lists, new program areas, 1979-1995

Box 617 Carnegie Presidency, 1982-1983

Box 618 Administrative and subject files, 1983-1988

Box 619 Administrative and subject files, 1984-1985

Box 620 Administrative and subject files, 1984-1985

Box 621 Administrative and subject files, 1984-1991

Box 622 Administrative and subject files, 1985-

Box 623 Administrative and subject files, 1985-1986

Box 624 Administrative and subject files, 1985-1987

Box 625 Administrative and subject files, 1985-1988

Box 626 Administrative and subject files, 1986-1987

Box 627 Administrative and subject files, 1986-1988

Box 814 Administrative and subject files, 1986-1997

Box 628 Administrative and subject files, 1987-1988

Box 629 Administrative and subject files, 1987-1988

Box 630 Administrative and subject files, 1987-1988

Box 631 Administrative and Latin America files, 1987-1988

Box 632 Administrative and subject files, 1988-

Box 633 Administrative and subject files, 1988-

Box 634 Administrative and subject files, 1988-1990

Box 635 Administrative and subject files, 1988-1992

Box 636 Administrative and subject files, 1988-1995

Box 637 Administrative and subject files, 1989-1994

Box 638 Administrative and subject files, 1989-1996

Box 639 Administrative and subject files, 1990-1991

Box 640 Administrative and subject files, 1991-1992

Box 641 Administrative and subject files, 1991-1993

Box 642 Administrative and subject files, 1992-

Box 643 Administrative and subject files, 1992-1994

Box 644 Administrative and subject files, 1994-1995

Box 645 Administrative and subject files, 1995-1996

Box 646 Administrative and subject files, 1995-1996

Box 647 Administrative and subject files, 1997-1998

Box 648 Administrative and subject files, 1998-1999

Box 649 Administrative and subject files, 1997-1998

Subseries I.10: Committee on International Security and Arms Control (CISAC)

The National Academy of Sciences (NAS) formed the Committee on International Security and Arms Control (CISAC) in 1980 as a permanent committee to bring the resources of the Academy to bear on critical problems of international security and arms control. CISAC's security dialogues with Russia (since 1981) and China (since 1988) addressed technical and potentially sensitive issues in international security, arms control and disarmament. David Hamburg served on CISAC board during his tenure as the Carnegie Corporation president, and facilitated numerous "linkages" between CISAC and the Corporation's efforts in avoiding nuclear war and preventing deadly conflict. The subseries has an overlap with Subseries I.7 (PDC) and I.8 (Eastern Bloc), particularly IOM/NAS/NRC/CISAC materials from 80s contain substantial amount of material relating to the USSR. NOTE: Be careful not to confuse Committee on International Security and Arms Control with Stanford's "CISAC" (Center for International Security and Arms Control, whose name was later changed to Center for International Security and Cooperation).

Box 650 Subject files, 1982-

Box 651 Subject files, 1982-1984

Box 652 Subject files, 1984-1986

Box 653 Subject files, 1985-1987

Box 654 Subject files, 1985-1987

Box 655 Background Materials, 1980-1987