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Ferenc Nagy Papers, 1940-1979

Series IV: Arranged Manuscripts

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Box 36 Anonymous--About Tibor Eckhardt

Box 36 Anonymous--Amerikai-Magyar Intezet

Box 36 (American-Hungarian Institute)

Box 36 Anonymous--[Alaska]

Box 36 Anonymous--Briefing prepared for Mr. Divinus, U.S. Consulate

Box 36 Hungarian Refugees in Austrian Camps

Box 36 Anonymous--Briefings-Hungarian Minority in Czechoslovakia

Box 36 Anonymous--Briefings-A Magyar gyaripar nyugatra helyezett ertekeirol (Hungarian Industrial Capacity)

Box 36 Anonymous-Briefings-A Magyar Kerdes Genf man (The Hungarian Question after Geneva)

Box 36 Anonymous--Briefings-Miscellaneous

Box 36 Anonymous-Briefings-Nemetorszagi Helyzetkep (German Situation)

Box 36 Anonymous--Briefings-Nemetorszagi uthoz feljegyzesek (Hungarians in Germany)

Box 36 Anonymous--Briefings-The Neutralization of Eastern Europe

Box 36 Anonymous--Briefings-1948

Box 36 Anonymous--Briefings-Possibilities of the Hungarian Emigration

Box 36 Anonymous--Briefings-[Proposal for a Hungarian Ethnic Policy]

Box 36 Anonymous--Briefings-The Return of Imre Nagy and American Policy

Box 36 Anonymous--Briefings-Riportok es hirek Magyaarrorszagrol (Reports and News from Hungary)

Box 36 Anonymous--Briefings-Russian Relations in Budapest

Box 36 Anonymous--Briefings-Transylvanian Situation

Box 36 Anonymous--Briefings-A Truman-Sztalin talalkozo (Truman-Stalin Meeting)

Box 36 Anonymous--Budapest-1952

Box 36 Anonymous--Criminal Defamatory libel

Box 36 Anonymous--Emigr&is Sors, Emigrins Hivat£s!

Box 36 Anonymous-Excerpts from book "This is the Way the Grave

Box 36 Diggers of the Hungarian Nation Looked"

Box 36 Anonymous--Excerpts from Magyar Nemzet on Imre Nagy's

Box 36 Reforms of Hungarian Agriculture

Box 36 Anonymous--Excerpts of Hungarian Radio Broadcasts

Box 36 Anonymous--A francia es az olasz kormany

Box 36 (French and Italian Government Crisis)

Box 36 Anonymous--Genie Civil (Hungarian Infrastructure)

Box 36 Anonymous--Geza Soos/Pal Lizkr Case

Box 36 Anonymous--Hungarian Woman of Swiss Citizenship-On the

Box 36 Hungarian Situation, late 1940 (The Nation and its Refugees), 1940

Box 36 Anonymous--The Neutralization of Eastern Europe

Box 36 Anonymous--On the Deposition of Hungarian Wealth Captured by the Nazis

Box 36 Anonymous--Operation Boots and Tails

Box 36 Anonymous--Request in Favor of Hungarian Refugees in Italy

Box 36 Anonymous--[Slavs and Hungarians in the Slavic Press]

Box 36 Anonymous--State of Collectivization in Hungary, October 6,1953-January 7,1954

Box 36 Anonymous--Turkish Hungarian Manifesto

Box 36 Anonymous--U.S. Policy vs. USSR

Box 36 Anonymous--"We Can Aid Czechoslovakia"

Box 36 Arnold, Matthew--To the Hungarian Nation (typed copy)

Box 36 Barankovics, Istvan--Egysegtdrekvesek es Magyarorszag

Box 36 Barankovics, Istvan--Kossuth Lajosrol

Box 36 Barankovics, Istvan--Sorsdonto Elhatarozasokk S6rsdonto Evek

Box 36 Elott (Crucial Decisions Before Crucial Years)

Box 36 Betkeffy, Laszlo--Keserii 'Oda (Bitter Ode)

Box 36 Bialer, Seweryn--I Chose Truth

Box 36 Boko vies, Laszlo--Jovonk

Box 36 Csicseri-Ronay, Istvan--Lapszemle (Newspaper Digests)

Box 36 Eckhardt, Tiber--AmerikatxSluj hangokat hozz felenk a szeli

Box 36 Ehrenburg, Bya--A Termeszet Torvenye (The Law of Nature)

Box 37 Fabry, Paul--Propaganda: The Art and Science of Persuasion

Box 37 Farkas, Laszlo--Report of Berlin Trip to the East Berlin World

Box 37 Youth Conference, August 3-17, 1951

Box 37 Gafencu, Grigore--Address, May 7, 1948

Box 37 Gyula, Matusz--Swiss Press Digest

Box 37 Hogye, Mihaly--Kiizdelem a magyar iigyert (Struggle for the

Box 37 Hungarian Cause)

Box 37 Howell, Charles R.--Magyar Szabadsig unnepely

Box 37 Humphrey, Hubert h.--Proposal for Strengthening American-

Box 37 Hungarian Cultural Relations, July 10, 1960

Box 37 Intelligence Reports from Hungary

Box 37 Interview of Three Hyngarian Border Gurads (in German)

Box 37 Kallay, Miklos--Mit Tegyunk?

Box 37 Kapocs, Ferenc--(Report)

Box 37 Kiss, Sandor--Briefing (July 23, 1957)

Box 37 Kiss, Sandor-The Hungarian Peasantry

Box 37 Kiss, Sandor--Hungary Ten Years Ago

Box 37 Klotz, Istvan--Az Europai Meybekeles Alapfeltetelei (Basic Conditions for European Peace), (2 folders)

Box 37 Klotz, Stephan Wilhelm-Memorandum to the British Prime Minister

Box 37 Klotz, Stephan Wilhelm-Transcript of secret "New Czechoslovakia" Congress in Bavaria,, July 5, 1946

Box 37 de Kornfield, M.--A Szamuzottek (The Exiles)

Box 37 Kossuth--Arnerikai utjanak idorendje

Box 37 Koszorus-Varsa--Notes of the Artist

Box 37 Kovacs, Bela--Questions and Answers of Kovacs' Interrogation After Arrest,, March27, 1947

Box 37 Kovacs, Imre--Synopsis of Conspiratorial Warfare

Box 37 Kozi Horvath, Jozsef--Address

Box 37 Lazar, Miklos--"Jew Question in Hungary, 1949)

Box 37 Lazar, Miklds--"This is Popular Democracy"

Box 37 Laszlo, Istvan--Radio Bulletin Extract of Mindszenty Trial

Box 37 Laszlo, Sandor--Az Ember

Box 37 Legal Proceedings--Ferenc Gordon and the Hungarian Government (under Nagy) Assets in Switzerland

Box 37 Libel

Box 37 M.T.I. (Hungarian News Agency)-Report on Bela Kovacs Confession

Box 37 Mate, Imre--Amit Tudnuk Kell

Box 37 Matzankieff, D.--Speech, April, 1952

Box 37 McCarthy, Joe--Speech, July 20, 1955

Box 37 Miscellaneous Religious Manuscripts

Box 38 Nacy, Ferenc--Manuscripts

Box 38 After the London Conference

Box 38 Aide Memoire

Box 38 Appeal to the Governments of the Free Nations

Box 38 Appeal to the U.N., August, 1958

Box 38 Asian Peasantry and the West

Box 38 A Balance Sheet of 50 Years of Communism

Box 38 The Bankruptcy of the Communist Ideology

Box 38 Central and Eastern Europe Today

Box 38 Co-Existence: Is it Possible?

Box 38 The Cold War and Land Reforms

Box 38 Commentray on Zako Radio Address

Box 38 Communisn in World Trade

Box 38 Nagy-Cseplo Contract Regarding Farm

Box 38 Eastern Europe Tomorrow

Box 38 The Effect of the Sino-Soviet Conflict in Central-Eastern Europe

Box 38 Emigre Duties

Box 38 The Future of East-Central Europe

Box 38 Geneva Conference, 1955

Box 38 Honored by Radio Moscow

Box 38 Husz Ev Elott (20 Years Before)

Box 38 Hungarian Agriculture and Peasantry

Box 38 Hungarian Democratic Working Team

Box 38 Ideals in Political life

Box 38 The Ideology of Free Nations

Box 38 Independence Day Declaration of the Free Representatives of Eastern European Nations

Box 39 India Vis-a-Vis Communism

Box 39 Is Communism Progressive?

Box 39 Is Communism Reactionary or Progressive?

Box 39 The Conquest of Hungary: A Lesson for Today

Box 39 Is the Danger of a Communist World Revolution Still Present?

Box 39 Keleteuropa a Kozelgo memzetkozi T&gyalisokban (Eastern Europe in the Forthcoming International Discussions)

Box 39 Ki ellen delgezik as ido? (On whose side is time?)

Box 39 Kommunista vezetoemberek Magyarorsza'gon

Box 39 Kozep-keleteun3pa Felt&nadasa (The Resurrection of Central Eastern Europe)

Box 39 Let's Place Stalin Right

Box 39 London Utan

Box 39 Megjegyzesek a mai amerikai politikahoz (Comments on Current U.S. Policy)

Box 39 Memo to Bela Varga regarding the Eckhardt Question

Box 39 Memos to USSR

Box 39 Miscellaneous Manuscripts

Box 39 Miscellaneous, (2 folders)

Box 39 The Mistakes of the Free World at the Time of the Hungarian

Box 39 Revolution

Box 39 Nagy-Macek Dialogue

Box 39 New Tasks in International Politics

Box 39 1945-1947

Box 39 Notes (1)

Box 39 Notes (2)

Box 40 Notes (3)

Box 40 Notes (4)

Box 40 Notes (5)

Box 40 Notes for Speeches

Box 40 Notes on Berlin Conference

Box 40 On Hungarian Emigration

Box 40 Peasantry and Nation

Box 40 The Peasantry Shall Survive

Box 40 A Program for Democracy

Box 40 Radio Transcripts

Box 40 Reactionary Communists in Hungary

Box 40 Reader's Digest Article on European Trip

Box 40 Recommendations for activity by the Hungarian Emigration prior to the Summit Conference

Box 40 The Reform Aspirations of the Underprivileged Nations and Communism (with audio recording)

Box 41 A Regional Union of East-Central Europe

Box 41 Relationship of Soviet and Hungarian Governments in, 1945

Box 41 Religion in Central and Eastern Europe

Box 41 Report on Events, 1946-1947

Box 41 Report on Events in Hungary, June 5, 1947

Box 41 Significance of East-Central Europe

Box 41 The Soviet Colonization of Eastern Europe

Box 41 The Soviet's Cold War on Christianity

Box 41 The Statesman in the Free World and in Communism

Box 41 Struggle Behind the Iron Curtain

Box 41 A Szatelita Kulugyminiszterer Moszkvaban (Satellite Foreign

Box 41 Ministers in Moscow)

Box 41 Szelig Kerdes

Box 41 Thoughts and Recommendations on Central and Eastern Europe

Box 41 Thoughts on the International Situation

Box 41 Truma-fele Loyalty-vizsgalat

Box 41 USA keleteuropai politikaja (U.S. Policy in Eastern Europe)

Box 41 Utazas a Vasfuggony Kortil (Journey Around the Iron Curtain)

Box 41 We Can Conquer Communism Without War

Box 41 What Do I Do at Age 70?

Box 41 What is Behind the Soviets1 Behavior?

Box 41 The Worst Criminal in History

Box 41 Zako Briefing

Nacy, Ferenc--Speeches

Box 42 Address at St. Joseph, MO, January 24, 1957

Box 42 Address in Pulaski, VA, January 16, 1957

Box 42 American Legion, April 9, 1948

Box 42 BBC, August, 1976

Box 42 "Crusade for Freedom", October 8, 1950

Box 42 Defense of the Constitution of Japan

Box 42 Eastern Europe Tomorrow...

Box 42 Fairfax County Schools, Fairfax, VA, November 3, 1959

Box 42 Has the Breakup of the Red Empire Begun?

Box 42 I like It Here . . .

Box 42 The Impact of the New Soviet Regime (1953)

Box 42 In Memory of an Election Day

Box 42 Incomplete Speeches

Box 42 Magyar dub, June 17, 1972

Box 42 Membership Banquet of the Pulaski County Chamber of Commerce,

Box 42 Pulaski, VA, January 16, 1957

Box 42 Miscellaneous (1)

Box 42 Miscellaneous (2)

Box 42 Nagy Ferenc Beszel (audio cassette)

Box 42 A reakcios kommunistak Magyarorszdgon

Box 42 Statement at Press Conference, June 17, 1947

Box 42 Szovetseg Kriszbssab

Box 42 Staunton Junior Chamber of Commerce, Staunton, VA, June 14, 1961

Box 42 Tenth Anniversary of Hungarian Elections

Box 42 To Captain Smith

Box 42 Total Soviet War Against God and Religion

Box 42 Who is Responsible for Hungary?

Nacy, Ferenc--Statements

Box 43 Statement on Article in Volonte

Box 43 Evolution in Post-War Hungary, June 2, 1947

Box 43 House Committee on Un-American Activities, February6, 1948

Box 43 Khrushchev Visit

Box 43 Macartney Broadcasts

Box 43 Press Conference, June 17, 1947

Box 43 Senate Committee Hearings on Displaced Persons Law

Nacy, Ferenc--Tributes

Box 43 Bartha, Albert

Box 43 Dimitrov, George, December 2, 1972

Box 43 Hodza, Milan, June 24, 1954

Box 43 Jekelyi,Uszlo

Box 43 Keresztes, Tamas (?)

Box 43 Kossuth, Louis, March15, 1952

Box 43 Kovacs, Bela, June 25, 1959

Box 43 Mikolajcik,S.

Box 43 Moricz Komfield

Box 43 Tildy, Zoltan, August 9, 1961

Box 43 Nagy, Ferenc, Jr. -- Miscellaneous, (2 folders)

Box 44 Official Data of the Ministry of Justice

Box 44 Palinay, Ferenc--"The Tribe That Lost Its Head" ("Es Ami Utana Kovetkezik)

Box 44 Peyer, Charles--A Magyar szocialdemokrata part (Hungarian

Box 44 Social Democratic Party Program)

Box 44 Pishky, Fred S.,--Potential Future Conflict Environments: North

Box 44 Africa and the Middle East

Box 44 Pishky, Fred S.,--Summary Report on Forced Labor in Hungary

Box 44 Psalms and Hymns

Box 44 Quittenton, R.C.--Our Lost Hands

Box 44 Reviews of Struggle Behind The Iron Curtain

Box 44 Rogers, B.A.--On The John Birch Society

Box 44 Rostow--U.S. International Prospects under the New President

Box 44 Sadiak, Antoni N.--Remarks

Box 44 Sayre, Francis B., Jr.--Sermon

Box 44 Smedley, Frederick C.--The Declaration of Bermuda

Box 44 Social Democratic Party--Manifesto

Box 44 Soos, Geza--Bylaws of Proposed Hungarian Intellectual Labor Collective

Box 44 Soos, Geza--Lapszemle

Box 44 Soos, Geza--State Department Analysis of the Hungarian Situation

Box 44 Soos, Geza--Synopsis of Talks Between Nagy and Kullmann (I.R.O. Legal Bureau Chief in Geneva),, September 9, 1948

Box 44 Szabo, Pal--Moscow's Great Southern-Central European Antagonist (Outline of Nagy Portrait)

Box 44 Szabo, Tamas (alias Thomas Taylor)-Synopsis of Redtown USSA

Box 44 Szasz, Sandor--Practical Thoughts on the New Hungarian Emigration

Box 44 Szekeres, Laszlo--Vienna Briefing

Box 44 Szombati, Sdndor-Open Letter in Volonte

Box 44 Toth, Sandor-Small Holdings in Switzerland

Box 44 Vajta, Francis--Open Letter to Mr. Francis Nagy, June 26, 1947

Box 44 Varga, Bela--Pro Memoris (Turkish Representatives of Hungarian Emigration),, April 28, 1956

Box 44 Varga, Bela--Remarks

Box 44 Varga, Bela--Response to Bela Falridn, January 15, 1953

Box 44 Vincze, Istvan--Independent Hungarian Labor Union Manifesto to the Workers of the World

Box 44 Vincze, Istvdn--Proposal of the Hungarian Refugee Workers' Union

Box 44 Wallace, Henry--Radio Speech

Box 44 Zeke, Zoltan--"Szivet Csereljen Az… "