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Ferenc Nagy Papers, 1940-1979

Series V: Subject Files

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Box 45 Advertising

Box 45 Air Travel

Box 46 Automotive

Box 46 Dulles Toll Road

Box 47 Farm-Related

Box 48 Farm-Related

Box 49 Real Estate

Box 50 Real Estate

Box 51 Financial Papers-Bank Statements

Box 51 Financial Papers-Bills

Box 52 Financial Papers-Insurance

Box 52 Financial Papers--Tax Documents

Box 53 Financial Papers

Box 54 Financial Papers

Box 55 Financial Papers

Box 56 Financial Papers

Box 57 Financial Papers

Box 58 Human Rights

Box 58 Hungarian Emigres

Box 58 Hungarian Emigres-Resumes

Box 58 IKKA Parcels

Box 58 Medical

Nagy, Ferenc

Box 59 Address Books

Box 59 Addresses -- Miscellaneous

Asia Trips

Box 59 Bandung Conference

Box 59 Business Cards

Box 59 Clippings

Box 59 Correspondence

Box 60 Hogye, Mihaly Report

Box 60 Hungarian National Council Report

Box 60 India-Correspondence

Box 60 India-Reports

Box 60 Invitations

Box 60 Japan

Box 60 Map

Box 60 Notebook

Asia Trip--Speeches

Box 60 Assembly of the Captive European Nations

Box 60 Century Club, January 26, 1955

Box 60 Defense of the Constitution in Japan

Box 60 The Effect of the Soviet Colonization in Europe on the

Box 60 Development of the Asiatic Nations

Box 60 How Have Eastern European Countries Been Sovietized?

Box 60 Hungary Since World War II

Box 60 Miscellaneous

Box 60 Notes for Japan Speeches

Box 60 Speeches on World Communism

Box 60 We Have Not Lost the Initiative

Box 60 VOA Report

Box 60 Welcoming Addresses

Box 61 Bibliography Cards

Box 61 Biography

Box 61 Biographical Materials-Brochures

Box 61 Biographical Materials-Obituaries and Tributes

Box 61 Biographical Materials-Immigration

Box 61 Biographical Materials-50th Wedding Anniversary

Box 61 Biographical Materials-Tributes

Box 61 Birthday Greeting from Sandor Kiss

Box 61 Business Cards

Box 61 Calendars

Box 62 "Face the Nation" Broadcast

Box 62 Honorary Awards

Box 62 Honorary Dinner Menu

Box 62 Identification Cards

Box 62 Memorabilia -- Handkerchief

Box 62 Publications -- Macmillan--Struggle Behind the Iron Curtain

Box 62 Publications -- Readers' Digest

Box 62 Publications-Saturday Evening Post

Box 62 Radio Free Europe Broadcast

Box 62 Radio Interviews

Box 62 Resignation

Box 62 Swiss Itinerary

Box 62 Voice of America

Box 63 Nagy Family

Box 63 Death of Ferenc Nagy's Father

Box 63 Family Tree

Box 63 Miscellaneous

Box 63 Nagy, Ferenc, Jr.-Government Documents

Box 63 Nagy, Julianna (mother)--Correspondence on Sale of Property in Hungary

Box 63 Nagy, Julianna (daughter)-School Notes

Box 63 Nagy, Julianna-Diener Distributors Affair

Box 63 Nagy, Laszlo-School-related

Box 63 School Notebooks (French grammar)


Box 64 Action Committee For A Free Slovenia-Slovenian Declaration

Box 64 Allied Control Commission for Hungary

Box 64 American Hungarian Federation

Box 64 American Hungarian Relief, Inc.

Box 64 Amerikai Magyar Nepszava (The American Hungarian People's Voice)

Box 64 Assembly of Captive European Nations

Box 64 Assembly of Captive European Nations-Correspondence

Box 64 Assembly of Captive European Nations -- Hungarian Legation

Box 65 Assembly of Captive European Nations-Members

Box 65 Assembly of Captive European Nations-Polish Delegation

Box 65 Assembly of Captive European Nations-Speeches

Box 65 Association of Hungarian Journalists in Exile

Box 65 Baltic Committees

Box 65 Central and Eastern European Commission

Box 65 Central-Eastern European Committee-Program

Box 65 Central and Eastern European Conference

Box 65 Central and Eastern European Emigre Organizations

Box 66 Central and East European Committee

Box 66 Churches

Box 67 Committee for Free Asia, Inc.

Box 67 Committee for Hungarian Independence

Box 67 Crusade for Freedom

Box 67 Democratic Representativess of Central and Eastern European Countries

Box 67 East European Inquiry

Box 67 Estonian Students Association

Box 67 Free Europe Committee:

Box 67 Gabor Bethlen Association of Exiled Hungarians

Box 68 Hungarian Churches

Box 69 Hungarian Committee

Box 69 Hungarian Council in Germany

Box 69 Hungarian Freedom Fighters

Box 69 Hungarian Fund (1852)

Box 69 Hungarian Handicraft Shop

Hungarian National Council

Box 69 Appeals

Box 69 Committees

Box 69 Correspondence

Box 70 Correspondence

Box 71 Executive Committee

Box 71 Financial

Box 71 Information

Box 71 Incompatibility Committee

Box 71 Notes

Box 71 Hungarian Peasant Association

Box 71 Hungarian Press

Box 71 Hungarian Refugee Committees

Box 71 Hungarian Social Democratic Party

Box 71 Hungarian Symposium

Box 71 Independent Hungary

Box 71 International Hungarian Defense Organization

Box 72 International Peasant Union

Box 72 Correspondence

Box 72 Declaration

Box 72 Memo

Box 73 Programs

Box 73 Speeches

Box 73 International Rescue Committee

Box 73 Kossuth Foundation

Box 73 Latvian Legation

Box 73 Media/Press-Correspondence

Box 73 Mid-European Studies Center

Box 73 Miscellaneous

Box 73 Miscellaneous Lists of Names

Box 73 National Committee for a Free Albania

Box 73 National Representation of Free Hungary

Box 73 Radio Free Europe

Box 73 United Nations Organization (General Assembly)

Box 73 U.N.O.-International Refugee Organization

Box 73 United States Government Agencies

Box 73 Venezuelan Hungarian Refugee Association

Box 73 Who's Who in America

Box 73 World Council of Churches

Box 74 Permindex

Box 74 Pulaski Day

Box 74 St. Stephen's Crown