Rare Book & Manuscript Library

Carnegie Corporation of New York records, circa 1872-2015

Series X: Graphic Materials

Includes photographs, posters, drawings, and prints. While some photographs in this series were removed from other series, many photos can still be found in the other series, especially the Grant Files (III.A) and the Staff and Trustee Files (I.E).

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Subseries A: Andrew Carnegie

Box X.A.1 Folder 1 Cartoon "Les rois des trusts", by Fornaro, Le rire N°043,, 28 nov. 1903

Box X.A.1 Folder 1A Flag of Peace, presented by National Society of the Daughters of American Revolution, April 16, 1907

Box X.A.1 Folder 1B Landscape Window for Dunfermline Abbey, Scotland

Box X.A.1 Folder 1C Photographs (25) from Carnegie Anthology Collection, 1915

Box X.A.1 Folder 1D Photograph of portrait by Oscar Velasquez, commissioned by Erskine College, SC

Mapcase 14-D-6 Folder 2 Photographs - Portrait (Oversize)

Box Flat Box 526 Folder 1 Photographs - Portraits

Box Flat Box 526 Folder 2 Photographs - At desk

Box Flat Box 526 Folder 3 Photographs - Quarter Century Celebration, Aberdeen University, Sept 1906

Box Flat Box 526 Folder 4 Photographs - Family convention, Pittsburgh, April 1910

Mapcase 14-D-6 Folder 3 Sketch portrait by Charles Barmore, Paterson, NJ

Box Curator's office Facsimile of portrait by F. Luis Mora (ask archivist)

Box Flat Box 526 Folder 5 View on the lake, Skibo (Photograph), Sept 1931

Box 14-D-6 Folder 4 Invitation, Dinner for AC, Lotos Club, 1909 March 7

Subseries B: Carnegie Centenary

Box Flat Box 526 Folder 6 Concert at Carnegie Hall (Photograph), 1935 Nov 24

Mapcase 14-D-6 Folder 5 Posters (4)

Mapcase 14-D-6 Folder 5 Best Fields for Philanthropy Poster , 1935

Subseries C: Staff and Trustees

Box Flat Box 526 Folder 7 Staff, 1931 Nov 19

Box Flat Box 526 Folder 8 Staff, 1941 Nov 18

Mapcase 14-D-6 Folder 5 Board of Trustees, [first meeting], 1911

Mapcase 14-D-6 Folder 6 Board of Trustees, 20th Annual meeting, 1931 Nov 19

Box Flat Box 526 Folder 9 Board of Trustees, 30th Annual meeting, 1941 Nov 18

Box X.C.1 Folder 2 Retreat - Staff Retreat, 1965

Box X.C.1 Folder 3 Retreat, 1974

Box X.C.1 Folder 4 Ames, Amyas, 1965-1975

Box X.C.1 Folder 5 Arbuthnot, Thomas S., [1933]

Box X.C.1 Folder 6 Bacher, Robert, 1959-1977

Box X.C.1 Folder 7 Baker, Newton D., 1936

Box X.C.1 Folder 8 Bancroft, Harding F., 1965-1978

Box X.C.1 Folder 9 Bertram, James

Box X.C.1 Folder 10 Burdock, Eugene

Box X.C.1 Folder 11 Burgess, W. Randolph, 1932-1978

Box X.C.1 Folder 12 Bush, Vannevar, 1932-1959

Box X.C.1 Folder 13 Butler, Nicholas Murray, 1925-1945

Box X.C.1 Folder 14 Cabot, Luis W., 1966-1979

Box X.C.1 Folder 15 Campbell, James W, 1953-1969

Box X.C.1 Folder 16 Carmichael, Oliver C., 1945-1965

Box X.C.1 Folder 17 Carty, John J., 1923-1932

Box X.C.1 Folder 18 Church, Samuel Harden, 1914-1943

Box X.C.1 Folder 19 Coffman, Lotus Delta, 1936-1938

Box X.C.1 Folder 20 Dollard, Charles

Box X.C.1 Folder 21 Eaton, Frederick M., 1961-1981

Box X.C.1 Folder 22 Evans, Eli, 1965-1976

Box X.C.1 Folder 23 Farrell, Joseph, 1964-1971

Box X.C.1 Folder 24 Fisher, Aiken W., 1966-1978

Box X.C.1 Folder 25 Franks, Robert A.

Box X.C.1 Folder 26 Frew, William N., 1911-1914; 1943-1948

Box X.C.1 Folder 27 Gardner, John

Box X.C.1 Folder 28 Gordon, Mrs Phyllis, 1971-1978

Box X.C.1 Folder 29 Hadley, Morris, 1940-1968

Box X.C.1 Folder 30 Hamburg, David A.

Box X.C.1 Folder 31 Herring, Pendleton

Box X.C.1 Folder 32 Holland, William J., 1922-1932

Box X.C.1 Folder 33 Houston, David F., 1929-1934

Box X.C.1 Folder 34 Jackson, C.D., 1958-1965

Box X.C.1 Folder 35 Jackson, Frederick, 1955-1980

Box X.C.1 Folder 36 Jacquette, F. Lee, 1968-1976

Box X.C.1 Folder 37 James, Henry, 1947

Box X.C.1 Folder 38 Jessup, Walter

Box X.C.1 Folder 39 Josephs, Devereux C., 1945-1964

Box X.C.1 Folder 40 Kelley, Nicholas, 1934-1962

Box X.C.1 Folder 41 Keppel, Frederick

Box X.C.1 Folder 42 Keppel, Frederick; Photos of bust by Eleanor Platt, 1944

Box X.C.1A Folder 1 Lee, Philip, 1971-1980

Box X.C.1A Folder 2 Leffingwell, Russell C., 1921-1953

Box X.C.1A Folder 3 Lester, Robert M., 1926-1975

Box X.C.1A Folder 4 MacIntyre, Malcolm, 1959-1980

Box X.C.1A Folder 5 Marshall, George C., 1946

Box X.C.1A Folder 6 Marvel, William W., 1952-1978

Box X.C.1A Folder 7 McDermott, Catherine, 1969-1978

Box X.C.1A Folder 8 Merriam, John C., Dec. 28, 1938; 1921-1938

Box X.C.1A Folder 9 Morrisett, Lloyd N., 1959-1969

Box X.C.1A Folder 10 Osborn, Frederick, 1936

Box X.C.1A Folder 11 Page, Arthur W., 1934-1949

Box X.C.1A Folder 12 Pifer, Alan

Box X.C.1A Folder 13 Poynton, John A., 1916-1934

Box X.C.1A Folder 14 Price, Gwilym A., 1952-1968

Box X.C.1A Folder 15 Pritchett, Henry S., 1928; 1911-1930

Box Flat Box 526 Pritchett, Henry S.; Sketch & Photo of Bust, 1928 (sketch)

Box X.6 Folder 16 Radloff, Barbara, 1969-1974

Box Flat Box 526 Folder 15 Root, Elihu

Box X.C.1A Folder 17 Root, Elihu

Box X.C.1A Folder 18 Root, Elihu Jr., 1937

Box X.C.1A Folder 19 Rowan, Helen, 1955-1974

Box X.C.1A Folder 20 Ruml, Beardsley

Box X.C.1A Folder 21 Russell, John M., 1930-1981

Box X.C.1A Folder 22 Samuel, Howard, 1970-1978

Box X.C.1A Folder 23 Sheffield, Frederick, 1956-1971

Box X.C.1A Folder 24 Shepardson, Whitney A. (3)

Box X.C.1A Folder 25 Singer, Arthur, 1963-1968

Box X.C.1A Folder 26 Spofford, Charles M., 1952-1975

Box X.C.1A Folder 27 Stackpole, Stephen H., 1938-1981; 1949-1953

Box X.C.1A Folder 28 Suzzalo, Henry, 1930-1933

Box X.C.1A Folder 29 Taylor, Charles L., 1911-1922

Box X.C.1A Folder 30 Thomas, Charles A., 1951

Box X.C.1A Folder 31 Valle, Marta, 1971-1976

Box X.C.1A Folder 32 Viederman, Stephen

Box X.C.1A Folder 33 Ward, Robertson

Box X.C.1A Folder 34 Wert, Robert

Box X.C.1A Folder 35 Wilson, Leroy A., 1948

Box X.C.1A Folder 36 Woodward, Robert S., 1911-1920

Box X.C.1A Folder 37 Wriston, Walter B., 1963-1971

Box X.C.1A Folder 38 Corporation Presidents, [1990s]

Box X.C.1A Folder 39 Robinson, David Z - retirement party, 1996

Box X.C.1A Folder 40 Various staff, [1989-1990s]

Subseries D: From Grants

Box X.D.1 Folder 20 Adefarasin, J.A., 1965

from Box 382

Box X.D.1 Folder 21 American Academy in Rome - Founder's tablet, 1929

from Box 9

Box X.D.1 Folder 22 American Association of Adult Education - Experimental Community Project in the Red Hook Housing Project

from Box 12

Box X.D.1 Folder 23 American Foundation for the Blind - Development of a Braille typewriter

from Box 27

Box X.D.1 Folder 24 American Shelf

Box X.D.1 Folder 25 Arasaratnam, S., 1965

from Box 415

Box X.D.1 Folder 26 Asheville School, 1939-1948

from Box 45

Box X.D.1 Folder 27 Atlanta University - Library conference, 1941 March

from Box 50

Box X.D.1 Folder 28 Axelson, Eric, 1966

from Box 27

Box X.D.1 Folder 29 Bisheuvel, Simon

from Box 432

Box X.D.1 Folder 30 Boart, E.E., 1965

from Box 27

Box X.D.1 Folder 31 Bracey, Edward Nicholas

from Box 438

Box X.D.1 Folder 32 Brenner, Sydney

from Box 61

Box X.D.1 Folder 33 Bruce, Edward

from Box 66

Box X.D.1 Folder 34 Byzantine Institute - Mosaics of the Mosque of Santa Sofia, 1934

from Box 68

Box X.D.1 Folder 35 Campbell, Arnold E.

from Box 70A

Box X.D.1 Folder 36 Carnegie Institute of Technology Scholarship Aid - Alan Bessemer

from Box 83

Box X.D.1 Folder 37 Carnegie Institution of Washington - Chichen Itza

from Box 84

Box X.D.1 Folder 38 Carnegie United Kingdom Trust - John Malcom Mitchell

from Box 89

Box X.D.1 Folder 39 Cartwright, Morse A.

from Box 90

Box X.D.1 Folder 40 Clarke, F.

from Box 104

Box X.D.1 Folder 41 Coady, M.M. (Father)

from Box 105

Box X.D.1 Columbia University -Teachers College

Box X.D.1 Folder 42 Afro-Anglo-American program in teacher education

from Box 563

Box X.D.1 Folder 43 Support of Conference on educational probelms of spec. cultutral groups

from Box 115

Box X.D.1 Folder 44 Commercial Museum, The (Philadelphia)

from Box 117

Box X.D.1 Folder 45 Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organization - Division of radion physics

from Box 120

Box X.D.1 Folder 46 Conant, James B.

from Box 523

Box X.D.1 Folder 47 Converse College - Resident Artist (Lucille Blanch)

from Box 122

Box X.D.1 Cornell University

Box X.D.1 Folder 48 Development of photography as an aid to the field

from Box 125

Box X.D.1 Folder 49 Studies of the impact of technological change on non-industrialized societies

from Box 526

Box X.D.1 Folder 50 Crnickshank, Eric, K.

from Box 125

Box X.D.1 Folder 51 Cyprus - Preservation of ancient monuments

from Box 128

Box X.D.1 Folder 52 De Loor, B., Mr.

from Box 131

Box X.D.1 Folder 53 Denning, Arthur

from Box 131

Box X.D.1 Folder 54 Elliott, Brian

from Box 138

Box X.D.1 Folder 55 Ellis, C.G.S.

from Box 138

Box X.D.1 Folder 56 England, B.D.

from Box 140

Box X.D.1 Folder 57 Enoch Pratt Free Library

from Box 140

Box X.D.1 Folder 58 ETS - Computer assisted guidance system for junior colleges

from Box 565

Box X.D.1 Folder 59 Ericksen, Stanford C.

from Box 569

Box X.D.1 Folder 60 Fiji - Carnegie Library

from Box 144

Box X.D.1 Folder 61 Fieldhouse, A.E.

from Box 144

Box X.D.1 Folder 62 Fine Arts Committee of Manitoba

from Box 144

Box X.D.1 Folder 63 Flexner, Abraham, Dr.

from Box 575

Box X.D.1 Folder 64 Gandar, Laurence, Dr.

from Box 584

Box X.D.1 Folder 65 George Peabody College - Recruitment and training of teachers

from Box 151

Box X.D.1 Folder 66 George Washington University - Radio series on education

from Box 586

Box X.D.1 Folder 67 Ghana University of - Conference on University adult education in Africa

from Box 589

Box X.D.1 Folder 68 Goldie, G.N.T.

from Box 153

Box X.D.1 Folder 69 Gregory, Elizabeth, Dr.

from Box 155

Box X.D.1 Folder Unknown Harvard University

Box X.D.1 Folder 70 Basic science course under the auspics of the School of Public Health

from Box 598

Box X.D.1 Folder 71 Graduate School of Education - Support of study of additional factors causing reading disability

from Box 164

Box X.D.1 Folder 72 Haskins Laboratories

from Box 167

Box X.D.1 Folder 73 Hibbert, Harold, Dr.

from Box 170

Box X.D.1 Folder 74 High School for Girls (Montreal, Canada)

from Box 170

Box X.D.1 Folder 75 Hooker, Davenport, Dr.

from Box 173

Box X.D.1 Folder 76 Howard University - Collge art service

from Box 173

Box X.D.1 Folder 77 Ibadan, University of - Institute of Librarianship

from Box 615

Box X.D.1 Folder 78 Ibadan, University of - Nutritional studies

from Box 176

Box X.D.1 Folder 79 Illinois University of - Disadvantaged students at the Graduate School of Library Education

from Box 619

Box X.D.1 Folder 80 Institute of Forest Genetics

from Box 179

Box X.D.1 Folder 81 Institute of International Education -Grants-in-aid for research in art and music (Hoopes and Partch)

from Box 627

Box X.D.1 Folder 82 Reconaissance study in Africa

from Box 180

Box X.D.1 Folder 83 Inter-University Council for Higher Education - Conference of principlas and vice chancellors (Gould House), 1958 Aug 19-22

from Box 634

Box X.D.1 Folder 84 Inter-University Council for Higher Education - Overseas meeting of colonial and dominion principals

from Box 185

Box X.D.1 Folder 85 Jeanes Conference

from Box 188A

Box X.D.1 Folder 86 Johns Hopkins University - Conference of British and American Legislators

from Box 638

Box X.D.1 Folder 87 Johns Hopkins University - New Graduate Program for Adults

from Box 639

Box X.D.1 Folder 88 Johnson, L.W.

from Box 641

Box X.D.7 Folder 12 Boston University - technical assistance and publications on young children's healthy development (B6636) 32 color slides)

from Box 1742.19

Box X.D.7 Folder 29 Constitutional Rights Foundation - integrating youth service into the middle school curriculum (B6021, B5667), 8 4x6 color prints

from Box 1803.6

Box X.D.7 Folder 31 Cooney, Joan Ganz, 1978, 1 4x5 b&w print

from Box 1804.4

Box X.D.7 Folder 32 Corcoran Gallery of Art - documentary photography exhibition and public education program on runaway children (D95038), 1994, 40 slides, b&w and color

from Box 1804.7

Box X.D.7 Folder 39 Educational Broadcasting Corporation - production and educational outreach for teens 'In the Mix' special programs (B6529), 1996, 2 4x6 b&w prints on one 8/5x11 sheet)

from Box 1818.2

Box X.D.7 Folder 9.A Lawrence-Leiter and Company - photo of Charlton Reed Price, 1983, 1 b&w 5x7 print

from Box 1873.18

Box X.D.2 Folder 1 Johnston, Frances B.

from Box 190

Box X.D.2 Folder 2 Kadri, Z.N.

from Box 642

Box X.D.2 Folder 3 Kalamazoo College - Artsist in residence (Philip Evergood)

from Box 193

Box X.D.2 Folder 4 Kenya Colony - Library development

from Box 196

Box X.D.2 Folder 5 Keppel, Frederick - Travel and Misc

from Box 197

Box X.D.2 Folder 6 Kotei, S.I.A.

from Box 646

Box X.D.2 Folder 7 Kufor, F.A.

from Box 646

Box X.D.2 Folder 8 Lagos University of

from Box 647

Box X.D.2 Folder 9 Lauder, Ian, Dr.

from Box 200

Box X.D.2 Folder 10 Library of Congress - Phonograph records of American folklorre

from Box 202

Box X.D.2 Folder 11 Loram, C.T.

from Box 206

Box X.D.2 Folder 12 Lunn, Betty

from Box 672

Box X.D.2 Folder 13 Lutheran Medical Center - Development of a community health program

from Box 672

Box X.D.2 Folder 14 Macbeth, A. Killeu

from Box 208

Box X.D.2 Folder 15 McCaskill, L.W.

from Box 214

Box X.D.2 Folder 16 McCaul, Kathleen, Miss

from Box 214

Box X.D.2 Folder 17 Malherbe, E.G.

from Box 209, 675

Box X.D.2 Folder 18 Malta - Preservation of megalithic temples at Tarxien

from Box 209

Box X.D.2 Folder 19 Markham, N.P.

from Box 666

Box X.D.2 Folder 20 Massachusetts Institute of Technology - High voltage nuclear project

from Box 213

Box X.D.2 Folder 21 Medical College of Virginia - Mural

from Box 218

Box X.D.2 Folder 22 Melbourne Boys' High School, 1934-1940

from Box 218

Box X.D.2 Folder 23 Michigan, University of, 1926-1938

from Box 221

Box X.D.2 Folder 24 Center for Japanese Studies

from Box 686

Box X.D.2 Folder 25 General Systems, Research on

from Box 687

Box X.D.2 Folder 26 Milam, Carl H.

from Box 222

Box X.D.2 Folder 27 Millikan, Robert A.

from Box 3

Box X.D.2 Folder 28 Milne, Lorus J.

from Box 223

Box X.D.2 Folder 29 Nairobi Welfare Center

from Box 235

Box X.D.2 Folder 30 Nebraska, University of - Traveling srt exhbit

from Box 260

Box X.D.2 Folder 31 New Brunswick Museum

from Box 261

Box X.D.2 Folder 32 New Mexico, University of - Kenneth Adams

from Box 262

Box X.D.2 Folder 33 New York School of Social Work- Carnegie House Properties

from Box 737

Box X.D.2 Folder 34 New Zealand League for Hard of Hearing

from Box 271

Box X.D.2 Folder 35 New Zealand Library Association

from Box 271

Box X.D.2 Folder 36 New Zealand Museum Project

from Box 272

Box X.D.2 Folder 37 Nigeria Museum Development at Ife

from Box 272

Box X.D.2 Folder 38 North American India - Conference...

from Box 274

Box X.D.2 Folder 39 North Carolina, University of - Education and race relations

from Box 276

Box X.D.2 Folder 40 O'Hagan, Charles G.

from Box 758

Box X.D.2 Folder 41 Odeleye, A.D.

from Box 758

Box X.D.2 Folder 42 Olaitan, Funlayo

from Box 760

Box X.D.2 Folder 43 Oliver, WRB

from Box 281

Box X.D.2 Folder 44 Olivet College - Resident artist (Milton Horn)

from Box 281

Box X.D.2 Folder 45 Oregon, University of

from Box 282

Box X.D.2 Folder 46 Parker, Robert S.

from Box 286

Box X.D.2 Pennsylvania State University - 1925-1955

from Box 288

Box X.D.2 Folder 48 Pennsylvania State University - Instructional research program

from Box 288

Box X.D.2 Folder 49 Pennsylvania, University of - University Museum

from Box 290

Box X.D.2 Folder 50 Pim, Howard

from Box 293

Box X.D.2 Folder 51 Potter Metabolic Clinic

from Box 296

Box X.D.2 Folder 52 Princeton University - Creative arts program for undergraduates

from Box 299

Box X.D.2 Folder 53 Progressive Education Association - Program in art for Indians

from Box 300

Box X.D.2 Folder 54 Pryce Lewis, Owen

from Box 300

Box X.D.2 Folder 55 Puerto Rico, University of

from Box 02

Box X.D.2 Folder 56 Raum, O.F.

from Box 305

Box X.D.2 Folder 57 Robertson, H.M.

from Box 310

Box X.D.2 Folder 58 Robinson, Victor L.

from Box 310

Box X.D.2 Folder 59 Rogers, Frank H.

from Box 696

Box X.D.2 Folder 60 St. Olaf College

from Box 319

Box X.D.2 Folder 61 Sandall, F.A.

from Box 320

Box X.D.2 Folder 62 Sheffield, E.F.

from Box 324

Box X.D.2 Folder 63 South African Council for Scientific and Industrial Research - Mobile testing laboratory for research on mentality, 1952-1960

from Box 331

Box X.D.2 Folder 64 South Australian Museum, 1936-1942

from Box 334

Box X.D.2 Folder 65 Stellenbosch, University of , 1935-1955

from Box 340

Box X.D.2 Folder 66 Talladega College

from Box 345

Box X.D.2 Folder 67 Tompkins. J.J., Rev.

from Box 847

Box X.D.3 Folder 1 Trotter, G.J.

from Box 849

Box X.D.3 Folder 2 Tufts University - Research on the pyschophysiology of posture

from Box 350

Box X.D.3 Folder 3 Turnbull Library

from Box 351

Box X.D.3 Folder 4 Tuskeegee Institute

from Box 352

Box X.D.3 Folder 5 U.S. Military Academy- Fourth student conference on United States affairs, 1952-1953

from Box 355

Box X.D.3 Folder 6 Upper Canada College

from Box 356

Box X.D.3 Folder 7 Vassar College - Development of program of field work

from Box 359

Box X.D.3 Folder 8 Vatican Library

from Box 359

Box X.D.3 Folder 9 Virgin Islands, College of the

from Box 863

Box X.D.3 Folder 10 Visual Perception, Educational Program (Ralph Steiner)

from Box 864

Box X.D.3 Folder 11 Ward, Clarence (photos of cathedrals by)

from Box 363

Box X.D.3 Folder 12 Welter, Georges, Professor

from Box 366

Box X.D.3 Folder 13 West, F.J.

from Box 874

Box X.D.3 Folder 14 Westbrook, E.

from Box 876

Box X.D.3 Folder 15 Western Reserve University - Brush Foundation, study of social and biological implications of feeblemindedness for a community

from Box 367

Box X.D.3 Folder 16 Wilke, Ufert

from Box 369

Box X.D.3 Folder 17 Yale University - Microphotography in library service

from Box 377

Box X.D.3 Folder 5.A University of North Carolina, Chapel HIll, 1 microfiche

from Box 2046.9

Box X.D.3 Folder 5.B University of the West Indies, 1988, 5 4x5 color prints

from Box 2051.1

Box X.D.3 Folder 15.A WGBH Educational Foundation - production of a television program on scientific discovery and related outreach activities (B6523), 13 color slides

from Box 2060.4

Box X.D.3 Folder 16.A WNYC Foundation - production and educational outreach for 'In the Mix,' a national public television series for teenagers (B5642, B5882, B6177)

from Box 2069.2

Box X.D.3 Folder 19 U.S. Department of Education - National Commission on Excellence in Education (Nation at Risk) B4486

Box X.D.3 Folder 20 Travel Grantees, New Zealand

from boxes 131, 133

Box X.D.3 Folder 21 Travel Grantees, South Africa

from box 131

Subseries E: Miscellanous

Box X.D.3 Folder 18 Ms. Foundation for Women - Take our daughters to Work Advisory Board Meeting, 1992 Dec 2 (Photograph)

Mapcase 14-D-6 5 Large Photos from the office of Avery Russell

Box X.E.7 Folder 16 Vanderbilt University, Naval Science Building

Subseries F: Photographic Plates

These plates are not available for use. Positive prints of most of these images are available.

Box X.F.4 Carnegie House (2 East 91st Street)

Box X.F.4 Shadowbrook (1 of 2)

Box X.F.4 First meeting of Corporation Trustees

Box X.F.4 Dr. Pritchett

Box X.F.4 Corporation trustees, 1931

Box X.F.5 Seals of Carngie Agencies

Box X.F.5 Andrew Carnegie

Box X.F.5 Andrew Carnegie - Photographic portrait

Box X.F.5 Monochrome guache on paper, "Andrew Carnegie ain't going to work no more" , 1901

Box X.F.5 Andrew Carnegie - Dictating to Bertram

Box X.F.5 Andrew Carnegie - With friend and dog

Box X.F.5 James Bertram

Box X.F.5 Elihu Root

Box X.F.5 Robert Franks

Box X.F.6 Shadowbrook (2 of 2)

Box X.F.6 Frederick Keppel

Box X.F.6 Walter Jessup